STAC 5/A11/28

From Waalt

STAC 5/A11/28 - A - 39 Eliz - AG v John Latham et al see STAC Latham

Transcribed by Helen Good

10 Junij Anno 39 Elizabeth Regina

The Answer of John Latham gentleman beinge of the Defendantes To the Informacion of Edward Cooke Esquire our soveraigne Ladie the Queenes Majesties Attorney generall into this most honorable Court against him and others exhibited.

The said Defendant by protestacion not Confessing or acknowledging anie thinge or matter in the said Informacion against him and the other defendants therin named into this most honorable Court exhibited and materiall or effectuall to be answeared unto to be trewe and saving to himself the Benefitt and Advantage of Excepcion to the uncertainty insufficiency and imperfeccions of the said Informacon and the matters therin Contaigned to so much therof as concerneth him this said Defendant saith That as to anie Corrupcion Extortion Combination unlawfull taking of money or Converting and imploying therof or anie part therof to this Defendant his pryvat use or refusing to pay to anie Souldior his dewe wages or anie part therof or anie other offences or mysdemeanors in the said Informacion mencioned or anie part therof he this defendant for himself severally saith That he is not of the same nor anie part therof guiltye in such maner and forme as in the said Informacion is supposed and alleaged And most humbly prayeth that therfore he may be dysmyssed out of this Honorable Court.