SP Anno 1 Elizabeth

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Anno 1 Eliz 1558/59

  • BL MSS La 3, 79. Names of the Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal from 7 Hen. VIII. to Q. Elizabeth. 1558.
  • BL MSS La 3, 82. An account of the subsidy of the Lords. and what remains unpaid.
  • BL MSS La 3, 83. An account of subsidies from the 3d of Hen. VIII. to the 1st of Q. Elizabeth.
  • BL MSS La 3, 84. The names of the noblemen assessed for the payment of the first subsidy.
  • BL MSS La 3, 90. A confirmation of the privilege for Havering to be exempted from the Queen's Purveyors.

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