SP 1573 October

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October 1573, Anno 15 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 92 are here [1]

Oct 5

  • TNA SP12/92, 33. Letter, Grindall to Burghley, false slanderous printed libels, published by rank traitorous papists

Oct 6

  • TNA SP12/92, 34. Complaint, by John Fortescue against Lord Grey, hunting at Salden, uncivil language in the Chamber of Presence
  • TNA SP12/92, 35. Examination, Mr. Fortescue's men, affray with Lord Grey's men, for hunting at Salden.
  • TNA SP12/92, 36. Lord Grey's declaration to PC, dispute between him and Mr. Fortescue, hunting rights, Salden

Oct 7

  • TNA SP12/92, 37. Letter, Mayor, &c., of Southampton, to PC, Relative to the return of Musters for that town. Inclosing,
  • TNA SP12/92, 37. 1. Certificate of Musters of able men and armour for the town and county of the town of Southampton.

Oct 10

  • TNA SP12/92, 38. Letter, Mayor, &c., of Exeter, to PC, Specify the result of Musters for the county of the City of Exeter.

Oct 14

  • TNA SP12/92, 39. Extract of an Exchequer record relating to the manors of Clerkenwell, Newington Barrowe, Friern Barnet, and Hackney, formerly belonging to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.

Oct 21

  • TNA SP12/92, 40. Commission for restraint of transportation of corn and grain, and for bringing it into public market.
  • TNA SP12/92, 41. Copy of the above; with the names of the Commissioners in certain counties for that purpose.

Oct 27

  • TNA SP12/92, 42. Letter, Rafe Lane to Burghley, for a pension for Capt. Byngham

Oct 28

  • TNA SP12/92, 43. Letter, Earl of Huntingdon to Sir Thomas Smith, Musters for the County of York
  • TNA SP12/92, 43. 1. Muster Certificate, Yorkshire

Oct 30

  • TNA SP12/92, 44. Letter, Lionell Duckett to Burghley, for letters to the King of Sweden for the liberation of old John Dymock

October undated

  • TNA SP12/92, 45. Petition, of Acerbo Velutelli, non-payment of insurances on two ships captured by the inhabitants of Flushing
  • TNA SP12/92, 46. Reasons why the English merchants trading with France do not desire to have any staple towns

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