SP 1572 September

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September 1572, Anno 14 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 89 are here [1]

Sep 1

  • TNA SP12/89, 4. Letter, some of St. Mary's College, Winchester, to Lord Burghley, "founders' kin" dispute
  • TNA SP12/89, 5 Proofs, Humfrey Wickam, St. Mary's College, Winchester, "founders' kin" dispute

Sep 4

  • TNA SP12/89, 6 Oration, Oxford University, on the arrival of the Earl of Leicester and Lord Burghley
  • TNA SP12/89, 7. Letter, Lord Audley to Burghley, compliments and thanks with congratulatory verses on his visit to Oxford

Sep 13

  • TNA SP12/89, 8. Estimate of charges of ships appointed to ride off Sheerness for protection of the ships in Gillingham Water

Sep 16

  • TNA SP12/89, 9. Proclamation for restraint of transportation of grain beyond the seas
  • TNA SP12/89, 10. Memorial, for things to be done in the Tower of London
  • TNA SP12/89, 11. Copy of TNA SP12/89, 10

Sep 25

  • TNA SP12/89, 12. Muster Certificate, Havering atte Bower, Essex
  • TNA SP12/89, 13. Muster Certificate, Hinckford, Essex

Sep 29

  • TNA SP12/89, 14. Declaration by Chidiock Wardour, receipts in the Exchequer for the year ending Michaelmas Anno 14 Eliz
  • TNA SP12/89, 15. Memorandum, by Burghley, to be done for defence against invasion
  • TNA SP12/89, 16. Note of English rebels and papists in the Low Countries

September undated

  • TNA SP12/89, 17. Muster Certificate, Aylesford, Kent
  • TNA SP12/89, 18. Muster Certificate, Cranbrook, Barkley, Blackburn, Marden, Selbrickenden, Rolvenden, and Great Barnfield, Kent
  • TNA SP12/89, 19. Muster Certificate, Lower Sutton at Hone, Kent
  • TNA SP12/89, 20. Muster Certificate, Upper Sutton at Hone, Kent

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