SP 1567 July

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July 1567, Anno 9 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 43 are here [1]

Jul 1

  • TNA SP 12/43, 22. Letter, Lennox to Cecil, solicits a loan of 1,000l. from the Queen

Jul 7

  • TNA SP 12/43, 23. Letter, Keys to Leicester and Cecil, to intercede with the Queen for his pardon, Lady Mary Grey's husband

Jul 13

  • TNA SP 12/43, 24. Letter, Grindall to Cecil, for a licence to make a collection for ransom of captives in Algiers.

Jul 18

  • TNA SP 12/43, 25. Bond, Vaughan, of Talgarth, to Earl of Northumberland for the Lady Eleanor Vaughan.
  • TNA SP 12/43, 27. Letter, Mildmay to Cecil, Throkmorton's legation, Scottish affairs, Irish affairs.

Jul 20

  • TNA SP 12/43, 26. Examination, of Morris Freman about Lord and Lady Strange

Jul 21

  • TNA SP 12/43, 28. Letter, Barham and Wotton to Cecil, foreigners in Maidstone, as in Sandwich

Jul 22

  • TNA SP 12/43, 29. Letter, Grindall to Cecil, articles for foreigners in various towns for trades and manufactures
  • TNA SP 12/43, 29. 1. Petition, foreigners driven from the Low Countries on account of their religion, to settle in towns
  • TNA SP 12/43, 30. Foreigners to Pembroke and Cecil, manufactures to be carried on

Jul 23

  • TNA SP 12/43, 31. Letter, Humfrey to Cecil, The house for manufacturing wire is in readiness for use

Jul 27

  • TNA SP 12/43, 32. Letter, Winchester to Cecil, plans for the tomb of Henry VIII. to be put up at Windsor

Jul 31

  • TNA SP 12/43, 33. Letter, Foedary of the East Riding of Yorkshire to Cecil, repair of Gallow Clowe, Hull, Stapleton wardship. Incloses,
    • TNA SP 12/43, 33. 1. Mayor of Hull to Foedary of the East Riding, repair of Gallow Clowe Hull, Stapleton wardship
    • TNA SP 12/43, 33. 2. Vverdict, finding Stapleton and Hawldenbye liable for the repair of the Gallow Clowe, Hull, Stapleton wardship
    • TNA SP 12/43, 33. 3. Estimate, repair of the Gallow Clowe Hull inheritance of Mr. Stapleton, Stapleton wardship

July undated

  • TNA SP 12/43, 34. Account, collectors of the subsidy from the laity
  • TNA SP 12/43, 35. Note, of the first payment of the subsidy by the clergy

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