REQ 1/18. List, Trinity Term 37 Eliz I (1595) - Part3

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 583 - 619 of orders, decrees & memoranda from Volume REQ 1/18 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests).

For further details of the whole volume and conventions used, see REQ 1/18.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
583 [1] 03-Jul William Colston William Godwin
583 [2][3] 04-Jul Henry Lewes, Gent, executor of Bridgett Kyrbie Richard Cox, mayor of the City of Gloucester & the Burgesses of the said City & Roger Prichard Concerns Bridgett Kyrby being bound in the sum of 200 marks (about 12 years past) to the Mayor & Burgesses with condition that her son, Thomas Kyrby should marry one Christian Romney, daughter of Peter Romney decd., before the feast of St Michaell 1590, or pay 100 marks to Christian Romney. At the time of the bond, Thomas Kyrby was aged about 8, and Christian Romney about 3. In 1589, though, Christian (then aged about 14) married Roger Prichard, leading to a claim of forfeiture of the bond due to non performance. Ordered that the defts shall stay any proceedings at Common Law, and deliver the bond to the court, and thus to the complt.
584 [4] 04-Jul Christopher Tylman Mark Berry Complt has failed to enter bond as per former order, therefore dismissed.
585 [5] 04-Jul William Beardseley of Darden, Warks William Chetwin of Grindon, Warks defts proceedings at Common Law against the complt concerning a bond, also Richard Beardesley his brother & Richard Tewe and Sibell his wife late the daughter & administratrix of the goods and chattells of Richard Otley, sureties to the bond. Ordered that complt should pay into court unpaid rent & compensation for unsatisfied conditions of the obligation, and deft to stay proceedings at Common Law, until further order is made.
586 [6] 05-Jul George Turnor Robert Webbe & Gyles Leete Concerns Leete's action of debt at Common Law.
586 [7] 05-Jul John Tirrell, Esqr Thomas Taylor, Gent, John Peas, John Arthure & John Hatchman Concerns trespass on land to which complt is heir in reversion following the death of his mother, dismissed as more appropriate to be heard at Common Law
587 [8] 06-Jul Nicholas Radishe, Gent Humfrey Gunter, Gent Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law. Concerns bond for the performance of an agreement regarding the payment of tythes.
587 [9] 07-Jul Richard Bigge William Winslowe the elder and William Winslowe the younger Concerns messuage & yardland in manor of Lannton, Oxon, late in the occupation of Christian sometime wife of William the elder. Dismissed as shown that a judgement has already passed at Common Law in an action of trespass brought by Henry Doyley, to whom the complt had leased the premises.
588 [10] 07-Jul John Hull of Newton Bewley, Co. Durham Richard Rogerson Defts proceedings at Common Law regarding title to lands at Newton Bewley. Deft claims a lease granted by the Dean & Chapter of Durham, however, complt claims as son & heir of his father. Reference is made to recent order made by the Lord of the Privy Council & Lord President of York regarding the rights of the heirs of tenants of the Dean & Chapter.
589 [11] 07-Jul Richard Parne son & heir of John Parne decd George Broome, Esqr Concerns complts desire to be admitted tenant to certain copyhold premises, previously tenanted by his father, in the Manor of Hedington, Oxon, which the deft holds in Fee Farm. Complt has offered customary heriot & fines, deft wishes to levy increased charges. Messuage & half yardland called Copces & messuage & half yardland called Lyverans. Ref to judgement of defts suit at Common Law. Deft ordered to admit complt as tenant.
589 [12][13] 07-Jul Henry Frowick, Gent & Robert Dabbes administrators to one Thomas Dabbes decd. John Taylor, John Banckes, Richard Wilkinson & Henry Lewgier Concerns performance of a covenant to maintain a school in Endfield[Enfield], Middx, made many years past, and agreement to lease to Thomas Dabbes, since decd, messuage & lands called Poynettes in Essex. Dismissed as more appropriate to be heard at Common Law.
590 [14] 07-Jul Thomas Knyveton Robert Hawley Concerns defts supposed contempt in breach of previous decree of this court.
591 [15] 07-Jul John Herbert, Dean of the Cathedral Church of Wells, Somerset Henry Duport & William Sprake Concerns customary rent service on the tenants of the Manor of Streate & Lye, Somerset, payable to the Lord of the Manor of Wynsham, Somerset. Paid for the last 80 years, and recently paid by Thomas Duport, decd, father of deft Henry Duport. Ref to action of trespass at Common Law by deft Sprake (bailiff to Duport) against Guy Wallis (servant to Complts bailiff), which is ordered to be stayed.
592 [16] 07-Jul John Pryor John Robinson complt is son of William Pryor, decd. Concerns action of debt at Common Law. Ref to agreement of delivery of 91 stone of wool to the deft about 23 years ago. Claimed that wool was delivered by Walter Turnor, also since decd, and by whose neglect the bond was left with deft, who has only commenced suit at Common Law since the death of the original parties. Deft ordered to stay his proceedings at Common Law.
592 [17] 07-Jul Sir Thomas Pulleston, Knight John Blofeild Concerns defts suit at Common Law, contrary to agreement & decree of 29 Jan last past.
593 [18] 08-Jul Jevan ap Robert Owen John Lewes Gwin, Gwen his wife, Robt ap John Lewes Gwin, Jevan ap Rees Winne, John ap Jevan ap Rees Winne & others Concerns bill of Revivor after a decree made between the said complt & Rees Winne ap Jevan ap Griffith, deft, concerning a messuage etc called Tythin y Pandy on 9 November 34 Eliz. Shown that the premises were conveyed from Lewes Gwin to Sir Rees Griffith, who conveyed to Agnes Griffith for life, with remainder to Agnes Lewes mother to the complt, in tail. Original decree confirmed granting possession to the complt, but ordered that the titles of the lands held by both parties be tested at Common Law.
594 [19] 08-Jul George Channcey, Gent Henry Nevill als Glanvile the elder Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law.
594 [20] 08-Jul Robt Aske, Citizen & Goldsmith of London Lord Mayor of the City of London; Richard Gurney, Alderman; Thomas Wilford, Chamberlain; Humfrey Huntley; Edward Bates; Oliver Godfrey; John Taylor; John Boughe & John Dalby Accounts etc concerning the Bridge House within the City of London.
595 [21] 09-Jul Agnes Corner, widow; Alice Baylie, widow & diverse other widows & sundry other persons, tenants & copyholders of the Manor of West Luccombe, Somerset John Bowyer, Gent Deft has recovered at Common Law 1/8 part of the said manor from Charles Harrison, and not being satisfied with the currently reserved rents & services threatens to put his cattle on their lands & carry away their corn. Ordered that complts shall have quiet enjoyment, until deft show reason etc.
595 [22] 09-Jul Mary Jucent Thomas Redman & others
596 [23] 09-Jul John Streete George Streete the younger Complt is executor to [blank] Streete, who in his lifetime is supposed to have promised £300 to the deft. Ref to defts proceedings at Common Law. Ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law.
596 [24] 09-Jul William Smith William Holland Deft is admin & governor of John Smith, second son & executor of Ellis Smith decd, father of the complt. Concerns money which the complt is said to have owed the decd.
597 [25] 09-Jul Arthur Hyde of Hydecastle, Co. Cork in Ireland, one of the undertakers for the repeopling of the waste province of Munster George Robins & Alexander Robins, Gent Defts proceedings at Common Law ordered to be stayed. Complt is executor of Arthur Robins decd, son of deft GR, and brother of deft AR. Manor of Pollokerry, Co. Cork, bequeathed to Arthur Hyde the younger, son of the complt. Defts suit at Common Law concerns non payment of legacies.
598 [26][27] 09-Jul Robert Wheeler, Clerk Richard Reddam Proclamation of rebellion directed to the sheriff of Sussex to apprehend the deft, who continues his contempt and disobedience, therefore ordered that Hughe Barbon, one of the Messengers of Her Majesty's Chamber be authorised to go to Hastings in Sussex, to the defts house, and apprehend him.
598 [28] 09-Jul William Grimbold Henry Draper Defts proceedings at Common Law in an action of debt ordered to be stayed.
599 [29] 09-Jul William Furley & Margaret his wife Christopher Kendall, Gent Complt's claim to tenement & yardland and a half in Blackthorne, Oxon., and defts proceedings at Common Law to evict. Ordered that deft should be at liberty to proceed at Common Law to try his title, but whatever the verdict, the complt shall enjoy peaceful possession until such time as the equity of the cause has also been heard in this Court.
599 [30] 09-Jul Robert Edwardes John Thinne, Esqr Concerns the lease of the farm of Little Hornesham in Wilts, and dispute over changes to agreed terms.
600 [31] 09-Jul John Gent & Johan his wife & George Binckes Rebecca Gaywood, widow & Thomas Berry complts Johan & George are executors of John Binckes decd. Deft RG's proceedings at Common Law claiming that she had delivered £145 of butter & cheese to the deft Berry at the request of the testator, and for which he was surety for payment. Ordered that proceedings be stayed as deft has ignored previous order to enter bond into this court.
600 [32] 09-Jul John Hewett & Gilbert Waight John Eyre & others Concerns defts proceedings at Common Law over title to lands which the complt holds in Orcheston St Mary, Wilts.
601 [33] 09-Jul Anne Goldingham, widow, late wife & executrix of William Goldingham, Doctor of Law decd, who was executor of Henry Reignoldes decd George Brooke, Esqr & Elizabeth his wife Deft Elizabeth was wife of Henry Reignoldes the deceased. Concerns leases which Henry Reignoldes had at the time of his death in Little Belstead, Suffolk, and also silver & other goods which the deft Elizabeth was supposed to have given to Henry Reignolds, son of Henry Reignoldes decd. Ref to counter suit at Chancery ( C 33/87 f.853 & C 33/88 f.706 & 845, and possibly C 21/B49/9), and the fact that current complt has refused to comply with an order of that Court, for which she remains a prisoner. Also claimed that the complt has attempted to "beguyle & deceave" HR the son concerning his legacy of £1800. Ordered to be dismissed & referred back to Chancery.
601 [34] 09-Jul Francis Crispe of Boughton, Northants, Gent & Maude his wife & Anne Marmyon John Longe, Gent Ref order & decree of 26 May last past, and defts failure to comply
602 [35] 09-Jul Robert Westwood Henry Lygon Ref defts proceedings at Common Law on 2 actions of debt owed to Roger Lygon, deceased, uncle to the deft. But which the complt alleges were satisfied 13 years past. Ordered that defts proceedings be stayed.
602 [36] 09-Jul Charles Baylie John Bulkeley, Esqr & others (his tenants) ref previous order of dismissal, and order of 10 June 36 Eliz for resumption. Complt has failed to proceed so once again dismissed.
603 [37] 09-Jul William Wedgett Edward Bradfold & William Bird Concerns certain customary lands of the Manor of Boseham in Sussex. Dismissed as deft has produced copies of the court roll for the manor.
603 [38] 09-Jul Daniel Barnard James Wilcox Concerns a mortgage of holland & rambrick clothes & debt & bond. Deft ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law.
604 [39] 09-Jul Robert Kimberley Sir William Catesby, Knight
604 [40] 09-Jul Mary Scoles, Widow Robert Beckles the younger Deft having previously been apprehended by the Sheriff of Norfolk for his contempts, entered bond of £40 to appear before this court. He has failed to appear therefore the obligation should be transmitted into Her Majesty's Court of Exchequer for Her Majesty's use.
604 [41] 11-Jul Elias German Stephen Edgrave Deft was granted costs as per order of 4 July. On demanding the same, he was beaten by the complt with a carpenter's ruler, causing bruising which was shown to the Court. Attachment awarded for the apprehension of the complt to the sheriff of Middx & the Warden of the Fleet.
605 [42] 15-Jul William Ramsey & Peter Fyrmin Robert Gittins, Robert Tuddenham & William Besse
605 [43] 15-Jul Rice Sutton Richard Glanfill & Francis Glanfill Although defts reside in the City of London, they have failed for 3 terms to make answers. Ordered that warrant be issued for the messenger of the court to apprehend them.
605 [44] 15-Jul Henry Thwaites Isaac Morley & others
606 [45] 16-Jul George Hanger John Randall
606 [46][47] 28-Jul Robert Hope Richard Cole & Susan his wife Concerns costs of redemption of mortgage of messuage called The Three Kinges in Canterbury & other goods. Detailed and complex background. Susan Cole was previously wife to John Fuller, now decd. Robert Hope has since decd, and his daughter, Susan, has married Roger Hill, and they have exhibited a bill of revivor. Ref decree of 18 Nov 30 Eliz.
607 [48][49] 08-Jul Henry Topcliffe, Gent Richard Goodrick, Esqr Concerns annuity claimed to be devised to complt by Richard Goodrick, Esqr, decd.
608 [50] 09-Jul Thomas Roo, Gent Arden Waferer, Esqr Refs pending trial at Common Law. Concerns the defts purchase from the complt of the Manor of Clapham & Okeley (county not stated).
608 [51][52] 21-Jul Thomas Stanton Edward Denton, Esqr, William Barnes & James Hitchcock Further to previous order that complt shall have possession of messuage etc in Amersden, Oxon, it is ordered that deft Barnes should be allowed to reap corn which he has sown on the lands.
609 [53] 29-Aug Harman Duman & others Roger James & others concerns £200 claimed by deft James to Roger Derickson. Ref to Roger James, father to the deft James.
609 [54] 01-Sep Foulke Emerson & Joane his wife Thomas Rowe & John Hickes
610 [55] 07-Jul Thomas Pomfrett of Wye, Kent, Yeoman. Peter Grace of the Parish of St Swithens in London & Avelin his wife Concerns goods (listed) which complt had left for safe keeping with his uncle George Warde, late of St Swithens, who died in the house of the deft making him his sole executor.
610 [56][57] 07-Jul John Mattock Richard Cole ref to arrangements due to the age of the complts witnesses, and the defts inability to travel.
611 [58] 09-Jul Martin Spragin John Pasmore Complt is a taylor. Concerns obligations, deft is ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law.
612 [59] 09-Jul Humfrey Mitton & Judith his wife Peter Crozat Deft ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law. Concerns obligation associated with the delivery of "confectes and sweete meates" to be delivered by the complt to Scotland for the deft, some of which were delivered to Walter Coningham of Edinburgh.
612 [60][61] 09-Jul Peter Britten Walter Britten Concerns tenement etc at Bytton, Gloucs, supposed to be held jointly by the parties from Lord Barkeley. Refs order of 17 Oct & 20 May last past & affidavit of John Britten of 7 Feb last past
613 [62] 09-Jul William Consett Jane Clarck, widow Deft ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law
613 [63][64] 09-Jul Ludolph Inglestead, merchant stranger Gyles de Vissher Dispute over accounts, ordered to arbitration
614 [65] 16-Aug Robert Harrison of London, Free Mason John Baker & Alice Haynes Concerns defts proceedings at Common Law over a covenant for the delivery of a ship called the Little Amitie of London. Defts as part owners sent it to sea with complts brother Richard Harrison as master & Robert Worship as captain, and it has returned and is at Margate. Attachment directed to the Sheriffs of London & Middx and to the warden of the Fleet to apprehend the deft Baker for his contempts.
615 [66] 20-Aug Julius Caesar, Doctor of Laws, now Treasurer of the Society and fellowship of the Inner Temple London Griffith Williams, Esqr Deft admitted a fellow of the society owes over £50 in dues, charges etc.
615 [67][68] 26-Sep William Ramsey & Peter Fyrmin Robert Gittins, Robert Tuddenham & William Besse All suits at common law to cease, and referred to John Hayward & Robert Brookes, Ministers & preachers of the word of God, for final determination.
616 [69][70] 28-Jun Edmond Robertson, Gent William Browne, Esqr, executor of Judith Underne, administratrix of William Underne, Gent decd. Concerns a promise made by the decd William Underne to give 100 marks to the complt on marriage of the complt to his daughter in law Joyce Holland. Deft had previously been ordered to pay the sum by decree dated 8 June 36 Eliz. Deft claims that administration of the estate of Judith Underne is complete, and there are no g & c left unadministered. Defts accounts to be referred to [blank] Hanbury, one of the Auditors of Her Majesty's Court of Exchequer.
617 [71][72] 07-Jul Master & Brethren of the poor hospital of the late Right Honorable Robert, Earl of Leicester, in Warwick Sir Christopher Blunt Knight & George Ognell, Gent Concerns annuity or rent charge of £20 per annum due from lands called Crifeild als Cruellfeilde in Co. Warwick in tenure of deft Ognell. Deft Blunt is husband of Letice, the widow of Robert, Earl of Leicester, who claims the annuity as part of her jointure. Ordered that the annuity be paid to the complts, including arrears since the death of the Earl in 1588.
619 [73] 25-Jun George Hall of London, Gent & Humfrey Gouson Thomas Jellibrand & Edmond Gray Concerns obligation of £20 for payment of £10 which complt George Hall entered into on condition that deft Jellibrand release Mathew Gray from prison. He did not do so, and Gray died in prison, but Jellibrand now has the bond as it was given by Mathew Gray to the deft Edmond Grey, and threatens complt Hall with suit at Common Law. Ordered and decreed that the obligation should be delivered to the complt for cancellation.