REQ 1/18. List, Trinity Term 37 Eliz I (1595) - Part2

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 542 - 582 of orders, decrees & memoranda from Volume REQ 1/18 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests).

For further details of the whole volume and conventions used, see REQ 1/18.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
542 [1] 07-Jul Thomas Roe Arden Waferer, Gent & Thomas Adams ref to defts 2 bills depending in High Court of Chancery against the complt (See Chancery Final Decree C78/84, no. 14). Mention of matter of £460.
542 [2] 07-Jul John Gent Rebecca Geywood, widow ref defts proceedings at Common Law.
542 [3] 07-Jul John Dorney Henry, Lord Barkley, Sir Richard Barkley & others Noted that there are several causes between these parties
542 [4] 07-Jul Gabriel Shirrif John Draper ref defts proceedings at Common Law.
542 [5] 07-Jul John Reines, Gent Richard Wattes
543 [6] 07-Jul John Woodman & William Merry Thomas Parker, Gent
543 [7] 07-Jul Henry Arrosmith & Johan his wife Thomas Hodd & others
543 [8] 07-Jul Daniel Owtred Edward Drewe & William Langridge Complt at liberty to prefer a new bill into court & make the lessee of William Langridge a party therein
543 [9] 07-Jul William Tottenham William Marche
543 [10] 07-Jul Edward Sollers Roger Sollers Ordered that annuity & arrears to be paid to complt
543 [11] 07-Jul Robert Westwood Henry Lygon Injunction to be awarded for the stay of defts proceedings at Common Law
544 [12] 07-Jul Henry Finche John Glascock
544 [13] 07-Jul John Good William Cooley Concerns obligation for payment of £45 10s in October 34 Eliz.
544 [14] 07-Jul Roger Warde Kenelme Neale Concerns debt. Ref defts proceedings at Common Law
544 [15] 07-Jul Robert Ellis & Lidia his wife George Ryder & others
544 [16] 07-Jul Agnes Corner & others John Bowyer, Gent complts to deliver into safe keeping of the court the rents due, until the matter be heard, and to have quiet enjoyment of their corn & profits without interruption of the defts
544 [17] 07-Jul Robert Edwardes John Thinne, Esqr
545 [18] 07-Jul John Taylor Giles Davy/Davie
545 [19] 07-Jul Richard Childes & Rabage his wife Edmond Ludlowe, Esqr & William Edwardes
545 [20] 07-Jul Richard Charlton William Sanderson ref defts proceedings at Common Law.
545 [21] 08-Jul Anne Goldingham, widow George Brooke, Esqr & Elizabeth his wife
545 [22] 08-Jul William Beardsley William Chetwinde, Esqr ref defts proceedings at Common Law.
546 [23] 08-Jul Thomas Barnes John Bulman & Martin Jurden ref former order of 24 May last past
546 [24] 08-Jul William Woodcock & others Nicholas Finche
546 [25] 08-Jul Arthur Hyde, Esqr executor of Arthur Robins, decd George Robins & Alexander Robins, Gent Concerns execution of will & payment of legacies. Refs defts proceedings at Common Law
546 [26] 08-Jul Richard Grace John Allen Injunction to be awarded for the stay of defts proceedings at Common Law
546 [27] 08-Jul Richard Mulford & others Robert Alliston & Peter Mulford
547 [28] 08-Jul Thomas Parrishe John Battisford, Esqr deft cannot make his answers without reference to a lease & writings which are in the County of Cambridge 'farre hence'
547 [29] 08-Jul William Kingeswell, Esqr Richard Kingeswell, Gent
547 [30] 08-Jul Arthur Hewett George Catchmayde
547 [31] 08-Jul John Fludd Thomas Britten & Elizabeth his wife
547 [32] 08-Jul George Castelowe William Lownde & others
547 [33] 08-Jul Ambrose Hill & others John Hill the elder
548 [34] 09-Jul Anthony Boothe Robert Curties Mem: 20s paid by complt to the use of the deft as per order of 1 June last past
548 [35] 09-Jul Johan Paine Thomas Bennett & Morgan Senyor Concerns title to a house. Ref to a lease for 40 years made 30 Sept 12 Eliz.
548 [36] 09-Jul John Price Rice ap Edward & others
548 [37] 09-Jul John Jaques Giles de Lowe, John Thompson & Robert Newman
548 [38] 09-Jul Margery Paynter, widow & others Henry Roe
549 [39] 09-Jul John Living Thomas Parker
549 [40] 09-Jul Thomas Parsons John Hayter & Hugh Bowringe
549 [41] 09-Jul William Manne Henry Herrenden, Esqr
549 [42] 09-Jul Euble Thelwall, Gent Robert Turbridge, Esqr ref to affidavit of one Nicholas Evans concerning the age of the deft
549 [43][44] 09-Jul Magdalen Hill executrix of William Hill decd Michael Hill, clerk Infers that deft is son to the testator. Mention that he has brothers and sisters yet in their minority. Testator was a freeman of the City of London
550 [45] 09-Jul Thomas Burde William Overton
550 [46] 09-Jul Jeffrey Helwys Robert Redman, Gent & Thomas Masters
550 [47] 09-Jul Edmond Palmer John Beart
550 [48] 09-Jul Robert Weyland John Toogood & others Injunction to be awarded for the stay of defts proceedings at Common Law
551 [49] 09-Jul John Cotton, Esqr Giles Reade, Esqr & others
551 [50] 09-Jul Thomas Monntague Thomas Latham deft requires evidences & writings now in the County of Northants.
551 [51] 09-Jul Edward Sollers Roger Sollers
551 [52] 09-Jul Julyan Hamond William Hamond & Thomasin his wife
551 [53] 09-Jul Raffe Richardes George Fursden
551 [54] 09-Jul Mary Thwaites Dame Adelin Nevell, widow
551 [55] 09-Jul William Slowghe Hugh Throckmorton, Gent & John Bolt
552 [56] 09-Jul Henry Bowers, Gent Richard Eman Mem: £5 19s 3d paid to deft as per order of 3rd July
552 [57] 09-Jul William Reade Richard Pearce
552 [58] 09-Jul Agnes Fowler, widow Frances Fowler, widow
552 [59] 09-Jul William Kingeswell, Esqr Richard Kingeswell, Gent
552 [60] 09-Jul William Smith William Holland Mem: £80 paid to deft as per order
552 [61] 09-Jul Thomas Knyveton, Gent Robert Halley Mem: Obligation for £40 is delivered to the deft to be cancelled, as per order of 7 July
552 [62] 09-Jul Daniel Barnard James Wilcox Concerns mortgage & obligation of £50. Injunction to be awarded for the stay of defts proceedings at Common Law
553 [63] 09-Jul Thomas Megson Edward Horsell & John Duke
553 [64] 09-Jul Mary Jucent Thomas Redman & others Mem: £5 paid to complt as per order
553 [65] 09-Jul Henry Seaman Robert Groome
553 [66] 09-Jul James Kirton John Phillips, Gent & Edward Metcalf
553 [67] 09-Jul Ambrose Stephen Edmond Arthur
553 [68] 09-Jul Raffe Whittle William Joure
553 [69] 09-Jul Giles Pooley Robert Mancolles & Roger Jackson
553 [70] 09-Jul Lawrence Loggin Sir Francis Willoughbie, Knight & others
553 [71] 09-Jul Robert Monck George Hall, Gent Mem: 4 books of accounts & reckonings redelivered to the deft as per order of 28 June last past, the complt having had copies.
554 [72] 09-Jul Reignald Nicholas Edward Harris Injunction to be awarded for the stay of defts proceedings at Common Law
554 [73] 09-Jul Dame Mary Cheeke, widow Christopher Simcockes, Esqr
554 [74] 09-Jul John Sherrard, Gent & others Richard Shute, Gent
554 [75] 09-Jul Randall Hanky John Brerewood & Robert Brerewood
554 [76] 09-Jul Nicholas Johnson Thomas Bigott
554 [77] 09-Jul Elias Germin Stephen Edgrave Mem: 10s which was paid into court by the complt for costs is delivered to the deft
555 [78] 09-Jul Henry Howe Francis Hillarie & Elizabeth his wife
555 [79] 09-Jul Thomas Barnes & Edith his wife John Dirrick & Thomas Westdeane
555 [80] 09-Jul John Allen Thomas Stanley, Esqr
555 [81] 09-Jul William Fidling & Jane his wife Thomas Lambert, Esqr
555 [82] 09-Jul William Carter Anthony Huddleston, Esqr & Raphe Latus
555 [83] 09-Jul Edward Thimble Robert Pope Refers complts action at Common Law, therefore to be dismissed unless complt ...
555 [84] 09-Jul Thomas Townesend & Agathe his wife Thomas Wake Concerns tythes & land
555 [85] 09-Jul Provost of Eaton & others Robert Newdick Mem: 20s paid for the use of the complt as per order
555 [86] 09-Jul Robert Westwood Henry Lygon, Esqr
556 [87] 09-Jul Sir Walter Leveson, Knight Robert Tomlins & Johan his wife
556 [88] 09-Jul Thomas Lambe Richard Pickaver
556 [89] 15-Jul Elias Germin Stephen Edgrave Order to stay a previous attachment (to Sheriff of Middx & warden of the Fleet), as complt has entered bond of £10
556 [90] 15-Jul Henry Thwaites Isaac Morley Mem: £4 paid to the deft as per order
556 [91] 16-Jul George Hanger John Randall Mem: £20 delivered to the complt as per order
557 [92] 20-Jun William Forth, Dean & Parson of St Buryan, Cornwall John Trelodevas als Legha, Ezechiell Grosse & John Cadg Refs deft EG's proceedings at Common Law. Concerns obligation for £48 which complt bound along with Phillip Wolverston & Christofer Forth & which complt claims should have been cancelled. Ordered that deft stay his proceedings at Common Law.
557 [93] 21-Jun Thomas Adcock of Stonall, Staffs John Adcock & Agnes Hart Concerns messuage etc with lands etc in Shenstone, Staffs, in the tenure of the defts, claimed by complt as heir to John Adcock his late father. Is also pending at Court of Chancery, hence dismissed.
557 [94][95] 21-Jun John Haydon, Gent Edward Ewer & William Ewer Concerns defts pursuit of the complt at Common Law for £50 as executor of Raffe Haydon, Gent.
558 [96] 21-Jun Felix Maplestone one of Her Majesty's Servants William Crowe, Gent Concerns bargain for delivery of corn
558 [97] 23-Jun Vincent Windsor of the Parish of St Clement Danes without Temple Bar, gent & Joane his wife, late wife & executrix of Thomas Smarte late of London, Brewer Rowland Winter of London, Cordewayner Concerns £33 15s 6d claimed to be owing by deft for several barrells and kinderkins of ale. Ordered that deft pay off the sum at 40s per year.
559 [98] 23-Jun William Hullock & Thomas Hullock Robert Corbold & John Durrant Ordered that defts stay proceedings at common law. Concerns a series of obligations entered into by deft RC & the complts
559 [99][100] 23-Jun Ludolphe Englestead, merchant stranger Giles de Vissher, merchant stranger Concerns disputed debts between the two parties, and defts proceedings at Common Law. Deft currently in Prison of the King's Bench. Injunction awarded for stay of proceedings at Common Law under pain of £1000
560 [101] 25-Jun Thomas Evans, an infant within age by Richard Evans, Esqr Edward Eyton, Esqr Concerns manors, messuages etc in Denbigh & elsewhere now in the tenure of the deft as heir to his father William Eyton, Esqr decd. Dismissed, as lies within the jurisdiction of the Commission established in the Marches of Wales. Costs of 10s awarded to defts.
561 [102] 25-Jun Peter Samborne of London, Gent Richard Samborne & Swithin Samborne, Gent, administrators of John Samborne, Esqr decd Decd was father to complt. Defts are administrators during the minorities of his executors. Concerns legacies and an unpaid annuity.
561 [103] 26-Jun William Rumney Lancelot Rumney Previously dismissed per order of 7 July 32 Eliz., now resumed as it is shown that complt has been in prison at the suit of one John Okes & others for about 2 years
562 [104] 26-Jun John Griffin & Alice his wife, late wife & administratrix of Thomas Tuny decd Margerie Draper, widow defts proceedings at Common Law re £8 16s claimed to have been due from the deceased Thomas Tuny. Injunction upon pain of £200 awarded for stay of defts proceedings.
562 [105][106] 26-Jun Henry Nevell, Gent & Ruth his wife administratrix of Robert Shadford her late father decd Roger Gregorie & Edward Fitzwilliams £200 which Gregorie had borrowed from the decd. Gregorie claims it was only £100 and £50 has been repaid. Ordered that £50 be paid in the church porch at Wheateley, Notts.
563 [107] 26-Jun Robert Powell Henry Vydenacre & Giles Smith defts proceedings at Common Law upon a bond of £1000. Injunction awarded for stay of proceedings upon pain of £500. Ref former order of 4 Nov 33 Eliz.
563 [108] 26-Jun Henry Atkinson Alice Corner, widow Attachment directed to the Sheriffs of Sussex & Surrey, and the warden of the Fleet prison for the apprehension of the deft
564 [109] 26-Jun William Crowther John Cocking ref defts proceedings at Common Law on an action of debt. Deft refused to make answer, injunction awarded for stay of proceedings upon pain of £200
564 [110] 26-Jun Mary Scoles Robert Beckles Proclamation of Rebellion to be directed to the Sheriff of Norfolk for the apprehension of the deft for his contempts
565 [111] 27-Jun Mathew Herbert Francis Gyles & Robert Gyles defts proceedings at Common Law upon an obligation whereby the complt was bound in £200 for the debts of one [blank] Tredway, which debts are claimed to have been paid. Injunction awarded upon pain of £300 for stay of proceedings
565 [112] 27-Jun Philologus Forthe, Gent George Whetcroft & others Dismissed as complt has not proceeded
566 [113] 27-Jun Richard Collard Lady Isabel, Countess of Rutland Disputed accounts of complt as Collector of the defts Rents. Mention of placename Smythym[er]she.
566 [114] 27-Jun Francis Cockson Thomas Parker, Gent Dismissed
567 [115] 27-Jun Gyles Brewse, Esqr Anthony Felton, Esqr Concerns Fealtie, Suit of court & rent for land in The Manor of Rushmere, Suffolk. Referred to be tried at the Common Law.
567 [116] 27-Jun John Lyne Roger Tanner & Sara his wife Concerns bond of £10. Dismissed as cause is currently also pending at High Court of Chancery.
567 [117][118][119] 28-Jun Robert Bannister, Gent William Musgrave, Esqr Concerns demise by Robert Aldrige, late Bishop of Carlisle, in the time of Edwd VI, of the tythes of Penrith, Nether Crosbie, Ricarbie & the Holme Houses in Cumberland, and subsequent assignments to the complt, but also claimed by the deft as executor of John Dacre. Ordered that complt should have quiet enjoyment of the tythes in question until the deft produces evidence for his claim, and that proceedings at Common Law against his undertenants should cease.
569 [120][121] 28-Jun Robert Moncke George Hall, Gent Obligations of £200 & £400 & defts proceedings at Common Law. Concern accounts of Henry Jenner, late husband to Johan, now wife of complt & excecutrix of her late husband.
570 [122][123] 28-Jun John Ingraham, son of Richard Ingraham late of Long Compton, Warks, yeoman decd & John Harris, his uncle and guardian Anthony Ingraham, Dorothy his wife & others Concerns lease of messuage, tenement & 2 yardlands in Long Compton. Mention of Richard Ingraham decd, brother to the complt.
571 [124] 28-Jun George Ognell, Gent John Ferrers, Gent & others ref decree of 18 June 36 Eliz. In a cause Ferrers v Ognell whereby 800 marks was to be paid to Ferrers.
571 [125] 28-Jun Thomas ap John ap Llewellyn Thomas Wynn ap Richard, John Tudder, Robert ap Lewys ap Jevan, John ap Richwick, Robert ap David ap Griffith & Cadwallader ap Robert claim to tythes & title of lands & tenements in Llancroft, Denbigh. Twice previously dismissed out of this court, in 35 Eliz & 36 Eliz. Ordered again that it be dismissed as complt has failed to show reason ...
572 [126] 28-Jun Richard Waterhouse & John Waterhouse Richard Smith & George Crowther Dismissed as complt has not proceeded, 40s costs to defts.
572 [127][128] 30-Jun Thomas Coxe & Alice his wife Cutberde White, John Girdler, James Bisse & John Powell Concerns messuage, 9 acres, 2 pasture closes called Purseclose & Homeclose & a parcel of meadow called Holforsham in Christenmalford, Wilts & the breaking of a previous order that the complts should have possession. Complt Alice is mother to deft White. Attachment directed to the Sheriff of Wilts for apprehension of White, David Button & Richard Hull, and a commission directed to the Sheriff authorising him to put the complts in possession & to arrest any person who shall interrupt their possession.
573 [129] 29-Jun Roger Preston, Gent Richard Arnold refs Henry Preston, son of the complt
573 [130] 29-Jun Marke Delve Richard Belworthie
573 [131][132] 01-Jul Francis Van Aker of London, Merchant Stranger & Mary his wife, late wife & executrix of John Russell late of London, Merchant Stranger & John Colloner of London, Merchant Stranger Paul Pinchion of London, Merchant Stranger Concerns obligation whereby complt Marie Vanacre (sic), in her widowhood, was bound to the deft for £1000
574 [133][134] 01-Jul Thomas Yoowle & Elizabeth his wife George Hatley & Christian his wife complt Elizabeth is daughter of deft Christian. Concerns marriage portion promised by deft Hadley on the marriage of the complts. Deft has defaulted a number of times, so heard in his absence, and decree issued in favour of the complts.
575 [135][136] 02-Jul William Ramsey & Peter Fyrmin Robert Gittins, Robert Tuddenham & William Besse ref defts proceedings at Common Law concerning 2 obligations. Complt Ramsey was churchwarden of St Mildredes in the Pultrie, London. Ordered that proceedings be stayed pending judgement of this court.
576 [137] 02-Jul John Sedgwicke John Jackson complt bound to deft for £30 for payment of £18 & defts proceedings at Common law
577 [138] 02-Jul Robert Burrowe Nathaniel Smith & Alice his wife, Henry Pole & Margaret his wife Concerns messuage etc & 4 acres, sometime Walter Parker's, in Ketringham, Norfolk. Also a tenement, land etc., sometime Payne's, in Ketringham & Hithesett, Norfolk. Refs order of 19 October last past that this should be tried at Common Law, which has been carried out and decided in favour of complt. However, sheriff states defts are not to be found in his liberty. Ordered that unless defts show cause by 12 day of terme of St Michaell, then possession will be granted to complt by this court.
577 [139] 03-Jul John Bolle, Esqr & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Baker Concerns diverse & sundry reckonings & accounts of the complt for such time as the deft was in trust for the complt Elizabeth during her widowhood.
578 [140] 03-Jul Dame Eleonora Zowche wife of Lord Zowche Dame Eleonora Zowche, widow Outlines various orders dating back to Feb 32 Eliz which have been ignored by the deft. Ordered that a Sergeant at Arms be given authority to apprehend her & bring her before the court.
578 [141][142] 03-Jul John Hopkins of the City of Bristowe[Bristol], Merchant Thomas Walwin & John Brenton, executors of Anne Badget, widow Concerns defts proceedings at Common Law against the complt with regard to his custody of a key to the deceased's wine cellar, and dispute over how much of the contents were sold by the decd before her decease. Ordered that proceedings be stayed until such time as defts have appeared to answer before this court.
579 [143] 03-Jul Christopher Parris Barbara Rice widow, Robt Shipwaishe, John Jurden & others Concerns land granted to the complt in the Court of Common Pleas in order to satisfy a debt, but rents cannot be collected due to lack of indentures for the land. Dismissed, as it has been shown that there is a writ of error depending at the court of Common Pleas.
580 [144] 03-Jul Thomas Stanton Edward Denton Esqr, William Barnes & James Hitchcock Concerns 2 customary messuages & 30 acres etc in Amersden, Oxon. Hughe Higdon, deceased, late owner. Refs previous judgement in favour of the complt at Common Law. As defts have failed to appear & show good cause, ordered that deft Denton, Lord of the Manor, shall hold a manor court & grant possession to the complt.
580 [145] 03-Jul Richard James John Jeffrey Concerns 4 score quarters of Wheat which the complt purchased from the deft, only some of which has been received. Ordered to be dismissed, as the complt has failed to show good cause
581 [146] 03-Jul Thomas Duck & Custance his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of Thomas Pattenden, decd John Pattenden, Henry Pattenden, clerk & Thomas Brewer Concerns legacy due to the complts by the will of Thomas Pattenden, the decd. Dismissed as the cause has also been commenced in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
581 [147] 03-Jul Hercules Loveden, Gent, administrator of Walter Loveden decd, his brother John Toppe the elder & Dorothy his wife executrix of Walter Loveden Esqr decd, late husband to the said Dorothy, and father of the complt Hercules Concerns legacy of £200 bequeathed to Walter L. The son by the will of Walter L. the father. Ref to previous order whereby the same cause had previously been dismissed and referred to the ecclesiastical court, where sentence had been granted in favour of the complt, but he claims he can have no remedy there. Ordered to be dismissed unless the complt can provide a note from the judges at the Ecclesiastical Court confirming that he can have no remedy there.
582 [148] 03-Jul Henry Bowers, Gent Richard Eman
582 [149] 03-Jul John God Willm Morse & others Concerns copyhold land in the manor of Taunton Deane, Somerset, mortgaged by the complt to the defts father.