REQ 1/18. List, Michaelmas Term 37/38 Eliz I (1595) - Part4

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 771 - 814 of orders, decrees & memoranda from Volume REQ 1/18 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests).

For further details of the whole volume and conventions used, see REQ 1/18.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
771 [1] 17-Nov William Alston Thomas Alston
771 [2][3][4][5][6][7] 18-Nov Ludolph Englesteed, Merchant Stranger Gyles de Vissher Refs contract of 19 September 1589 between Her Majesty & the complt regarding the importation of salte peter & delivery to the Tower of London, payment to be made in cast iron ordinance. The deft was appointed the complts attorney or representative in England. Entry contains detailed breakdown of the trade in cast iron ordnance for the years 1589 - 1594. Claimed that the deft has with held large amounts of money, and has then made himself bankrupt, and is living (at ease) in the prison of the Kings Bench. Ordered that the deft pay to the complt £1133 1s 7d & stay proceedings at Common Law.
776 [8] 18-Nov Arthur Hyde of Hyde Castle, Co. Cork, Ireland George Robins & Alexander Robins. Gent
777 [9][10] 18-Nov Anthony Crosse & Prudence his wife one of the daughters of Richard Gilbert decd Richard Toller & Alice Richardson, Widow, late wife & executrix of the said Richard Gilbert Legacy of £80 debt (due from Valentine Kett) by Richard Gilbert to 4 of his children. Henry & Andrew, 2 of the children have since died. The debt was paid to Richard Toller. Ordered that Richard Toller pay £40 to the complts
778 [11] 18-Nov John Beck of Ham, parish of Waddesdon, Bucks, Yeoman Henry Howell, Edward Mullins als Millions & others Title to a third part of all the lands in Ham, claimed by the complt by heir in tail of Mawde, daughter and sole heir of William Franklin & Agnes his wife, who were seised thereof in about the fifth year of Henry the Fifth. Trial has already been had at Common Law, with judgement against the complt, therefore ordered to be dismissed.
778 [12] 19-Nov Thomas Sullyard, Gent & others John Russell & Edward Boddy
779 [13][14] 19-Nov Josephe Filder Edward Grove Claim that Raffe Grove, late of Dorking, Surrey, shereman, now decd was indebted to the complt. Rent of a house in West Street, Dorking was promised to the complt as part payment, but before the first payment Raffe Grove died intestate, leaving two sons William Grove the elder & Edward Grove the younger. The deft retains the rent, claiming to have a will written by his father. Ordered & decreed that the property should be subject to the payment of the sum of £25 by means of the yearly rent of 30s.
780 [15] 19-Nov Raffe Whittle William Jowre Close of arable called Ramshornes, c. 3 acres in Great Finborrowe, Suffolk, from William Jowre (father of the deft) to William Taylor decd, whose interest the complt has. William Jowre the father married Sisley, sister of the said William Taylor.
781 [16] 19-Nov John Bedford Richard Spier, Gent 1 1/2 yardland, c. 45 acres, in Warborrowe & Shillingford, Oxon., held of Her Majesty's Manor of Bensington. Claimed by the complt as heir of William Bedford his great grandfather. Testimony of witnesses has shown that Luke Bedford surrendered the land to Richard Spier, father of the deft, therefore dismissed.
781 [17] 19-Nov Leonard Wase Richard Stafferton, Gent Promise of the deft to lease lands to the complt. Currently depending at the High Court of Chancery, therefore dismissed from this court.
782 [18][19] 19-Nov Edward Pensound, Gent John Pensound, Gent Parties are brothers. Tenement in Cornwall called Sage Downe which the parties' late father is said to have asked the deft to convey to the complt for his life. Arbitrated by Richard Chamon the younger, Gent & Leonard Yeo, Gent.
783 [20] 21-Nov Henry Owtred, Esqr Robert Harcourt, Gent & diverse others, tenants unto Rowland Lacon, Esqr Refs Bill in High Court of Chancery, Rowland Lacon vs Henry Owtred, John Tappe & others.
783 [21] 22-Nov Henry Starke William Starke & others
784 [22] 22-Nov William Knaplock, Gent William Fulford
784 [23] 22-Nov Phillip John Paul Stonarde, Gent
785 [24] 22-Nov Edward Reignolde, Gent & Rose his wife Lyonell Ferrington & Edward Rosse
785 [25] 22-Nov Gabriel Sherrif John Draper executor of John Draper his late father Claim for legacy of 40s. Complt has failed to proceed, therefore dismissed.
786 [26] 22-Nov John Pell, Gent & Jane his wife Richard Tompkins, Esqr & Thomas Hyatt Diverse messuages, lands etc in Woombridy & Howton, Co. Hereford. Complt has failed to proceed, therefore dismissed.
786 [27] 24-Nov John Mugworthe of Newbery, Berks, weaver Robert White, Esqr & Alice Edwardes, Widow Claim to 2 freehold tenements etc in Holliborne, Hants. Complt has failed to proceed, therefore dismissed.
786 [28] 24-Nov Harman Duman, Agnes his wife, Edward Symons & Rebecca his wife & John Dirrickson Roger James & Elizabeth late the wife of Henry James decd now wife of Francis Harvy, Esqr
786 [29][30][31][32] 25-Nov Thomas Reade Thomas Brighte & Mary his wife Messuage etc in a street called Cookerowe in Bury St Ede, Suffolk now in occ of Thomas Reade & his assigns. Claimed by deft that his father Thomas Brighte died seised of the property, but awarded to the complt.
789 [33] 25-Nov Harman Duman & Agnes his wife, Edward Symons & Rebecca his wife late wife of Thomas Ramsey decd & John Dirrickson Roger James & Elizabeth late the wife of Henry James decd now wife of Francis Harvie, Esqr £200 which Roger Dirrickson decd, late brother to the said John, Agnes & Rebecca, lent to Roger James. Ordered that the following be examined as witnesses: Mathias Rutten als Tise, William Nookes, Alexander Beale, Gilbert Seager, Nicholas Weblyn & Barnard Garker
790 [34] 25-Nov John Chettle als Cowper administrator of Margaret his late wife Thomas Mitchell & Isabel his wife Legacy to the said Margaret from Thomas Smith decd.
790 [35][36] 26-Nov Thomas Pettit, Gent Thomas Kempe & George Wyat, Esqrs, Nicholas Beare, Thomas Death, Thomas Dimche & Robert Nicholson Diverse Manors, lands etc in Kent & houses in Thames Street, London, claimed to be due to the complt as son & heir of William Pettit, who was son & heir to John Pettit, sometime one of the Barons of the Exchequer, who was son & heir to Willm Pettit & Elinor his wife, which Elinor was sister & sole heir to Edmond Bain who was lawfully seised. This Edmond had issue only one daughter called Joane, who had issue one son called Thomas by her husband Henry Stafforde, which Thomas had one son called Thomas who about ten years last past died without issue.
791 [37][38] 26-Nov John Woodward als Smith Anthony Yate Deft, in about 32 Eliz had let certain lands etc for Anne Lupton, widow, his wife's mother, which she was seised for term of her life, for which the complt covenanted to pay him rent, but the said Anne expelled the complt & the deft is pursuing complt at Common Law for the covenant. Ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law.
793 [39] 26-Nov Thomas Townesend & Agathe his wife Thomas Wake Tenement & 80 acres of land in Cosington, Somerset. Ref to order of 9 June 36 Eliz. Following awarding of attachment against the deft 28 May last past, he resisted the Sheriff's officers, beat them & discharged a Colyver upon them. Messenger of the court ordered to apprehend the deft & bring him to court.
794 [40] 26-Nov Walter Legatt James Smith & Richard Rushall Plt took certain rooms in a tenement in Pepper Alley, Southwarke of the said Rushall, which was rented from Smith. Rushall did not pay rent, and Smith destrained the plts goods for Rushall's rent.
794 [41] 26-Nov Simon Skerrowe John Hacke & Jane Phillips Plts claim for goods which he delivered to Hack in trust. Judgement from Court of Common Pleas shown to this court and therefore ordered to be dismissed.
795 [42] 27-Nov Mary Davies, widow Margaret Sellen, Widow & Oswall Durant & Mary his wife Complts demands for certain goods which were delivered by her mother, Tacy Wallon, widow, to Bennet de la Corte, a Merchant Stranger, for the use of the complt. Bennett long since died without making delivery. Anne his widow got administration of his estate, but died soon after, making Gwilliam Sellen & Nicholas Founteine her executors. Shortly after the said Gwilliam & Nicholas died, and the deft Margaret Sellen, Danyell Sellen & Lewys Rannon, former husband to the said deft Mary administered Gwilliam's goods. Ordered that a commission should establish the value of the goods, and that value should be paid by the defts to the complt
795 [43][44] 27-Nov Hugh Armestronge William Brewer & John Harris Refs order of 16 November 36 Eliz.
796 [45] 27-Nov Margaret Hewett, widow Thomas Fermor, Leonard Mapes & Spencer Peterson Messuage etc in Parish of St Martin's at the Palace Gate in Norwich, sometime in the tenure of Mrs Wotton, Widow, which the complt claims was demised to her by William Walpole for life, and goods of hers remaining there. William Walpole died, having made the deft Thomas Farmer his executor, who sold messuage & goods to Leonard Mapes, who conveyed to Spencer Peterson.
797 [46] 27-Nov Richard Goddard John Goddard Deft to stay proceedings at Ecclesiastical Court. Complt is administrator of his decd brother's goods, who had married the widow of one Curtis, whose administrator she was. Deft is Complts nephew.
797 [47] 27-Nov Thomas Linne Richard Mawle messuage etc & 1/2 yardland in parish of Mylton & Alderbury, Oxon. Complt has not proceeded therefore dismissed.
798 [48] 27-Nov Henry, Lord Seamor Roger Holland & others Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law regarding obligation of £50.
798 [49] 28-Nov John Allen John Cornewall Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law.
799 [50] 28-Nov Raffe Chambers, Richard Chambers, Gent, Thomas Cowper, William Brownsell & Thomas Downes Leonard Chamberlyn, Gent, executor of Robert Chamberlyn his brother decd Claims that the deft is detaining sundry discharged obligations, and suing some of the complts at Common Law. Also concerns conveyance of property called Antilles & Wrightes in Attilborough, Norfolk.
800 [51] 28-Nov Richard Crosley & Margery his wife late the wife of Robert Storre decd Simon Storre Messuage etc in Burford, Oxon, devised to the complt Margery for life in the will of her late husband.
800 [52] 28-Nov William Higges William Lluellyn, Gent & Walter Belsher One close of pasture called Wiswell, c. 6 acres & one piece of wood called Tylers Wood, c. 4 acres in the Manor of Pucklechurch, Gloucs. Defts live in precincts of council established in Marches of Wales, where also the lands in question lie, and before which the parties have already proceeded to issue, therefore dismissed from this court.
801 [53] 28-Nov Robert Whitney of Burnam Ulpe, Norfolk William Armiger, Gent a messuage etc called the White Lyon in Burnam Ulpe, lands belonging & goods remaining in the house, left in trust with the deft. Complt has not proceeded, therefore dismissed.
801 [54] 28-Nov William Grimbold Henry Draper
801 [55] 01-Dec George Ognell, Gent. John Ferrers, Gent & others
801 [56][57] 09-Nov John Chapman, Gent Christopher Preston, Gent
802 [58][59][60] 26-Nov Edward Russell of Micham, Surrey, Gent, one of Her Majesty's Servants, and Barbara his wife late the wife and executrix of John Picke her late husband decd Henry Whitney, Esqr Refs deed of 23 Henry VII whereby the prior & convent of the late dissolved Monastery of Martin in the said county demised to William Pratt the Manor of Biggin & Tamworth in Surrey. Pratt died in possession and the lease was conveyed to John Pike, and which following his death came to his executrix the complt Barbara. By letter patent dated 19 May 36 Henry VIII, the Manor was granted to Robert Wilford & Johan his wife, with the rent reserved on the lease, whose estate the deft claims by 'some secrete conveyance'. Refs order of 31 & 32 Eliz. and injunction directed to Henry Whitney. Since then Henry Whitney has decd, and Ann his widow, and Henry Whitney their son have entered the premises. Previous decree ratified & confirmed.
804 [61] 27-Nov John Parker one of the yeomen of Her Highness' Chamber John Parker the younger, Fardinando Parker, Alice Parker & David Gruff ap Howell Tenement etc in Brenroyde, Mold, Co. Flint which is claimed by the complt by lease from Right Hon Henry late Earl of Derby, and stay of defts suits exhibited to the Council in the Marches of Wales
805 [62] 27-Nov Thomas Stannton Edward Denton, Esqr, William Barnes & others
805 [63] 26-Nov John Beare Richard Nicholson Complt had paid part of £30 due on marriage to Katherine, natural sister of the deft. Deft had later recovered the full £30 through action at Common Law. Has provided witnesses to this court that original payments had been made, ordered that deft bring £15 into court, and is free to submit his bill of complaint to this court touching the same cause.
805 [64][65] 26-Nov William Jones Thomas Stotherd & Nicholas Neale Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law regarding obligation whereby the complt was surety for Morgan Jones of Grays Inn, Gent for money paid to hire a horse, but the horse was lame.
806 [66] 16-Nov Felix Maplesden William Crowe Plts demand for performance of a bargain for 200 quarters of barley. Ordered that deft repay £20, plus £10 costs.
807 [67] 10-Nov William Cowell & others William Wigge & others Although previously dismissed due to complts failure to proceed, cause is resumed.
807 [68] 19-Nov William Smith, Gent William Holland, Gent Bond of complt to his father Elize Smith, now decd, for whom deft is administrator
807 [69][70] 28-Nov Jevan ap Robt Owen John Lewes Gwinne, Gwenne his wife, Robert ap John Lewes Gwinne, Jevan ap Rees Winne, John ap Jevan ap Rees Winne & others Messuage etc called Tythin y Pandy. Refs breach of previous order, attachment awarded to the Sheriffs of the City of London, Middx & Co. Meryoneth & warden of the Fleet for the apprehension of John Lewes Gwinne & Gwen his wife.
808 [71][72] 11-Oct Sibell Dierton, Widow, late wife of John Dierton decd Anne Bourne & Stephen Bourne her son Deft Anne Bourne is daughter & executor of John Dierton. Concerns complts rights as bequeathed in the will. Deft ordered to provide for the complt as set out in the will.
809 [73] 03-Nov William Staughton John Posterne 20 sheep which the complt claims to have bought from Cornelius Rene, but regarding which the deft has brought an action at Common Law. Dismissed as complt has failed to show ...
809 [74][75] 25-Nov Henry Sekford, Esqr, one of the grooms of Her Highness Privie Chamber Eustace Bedingfeild, Gent Assurances which the deft had taken in trust for Alice late wife of the complt, for money lent to Randall Hughes.
810 [76][77] 25-Nov Edmund Emerie Thomas Emerie Messuage etc with 60 acres of land etc in Arlesey, Beds which the complt claims by gift of Edmund Emerie decd, his grandfather & Alice his wife.
811 [78] 28-Nov Michael Keynton & Friswith his wife & Johan Style natural daughters of John Style decd Alice Walley now the wife of Christopher Stone, Esqr messuage etc on the West side of the sign of the Beare in the City of Bath, Somerset, late in the tenure of John Broade. Also £10 paid by the late John Stile to John Walley, late husband of the deft, to provide for the complts & their mother. Court informed that the complts & Robert Withers, now husband of Johan Style, have exhibited 2 bills for the same cause in the High Court of Chancery therefore ordered to be dismissed from this court.
811 [79][80] 29-Nov John Sedley, Esqr Giles de Vissher, Merchant Stranger
812 [81][82] 08-Dec Hugh Armestrong William Brewer & John Harris Lease of 4 fulling mills, mortgaged to the deft & agreement re the fulling of kerseys. Deft has gained a release from the complt by detaining him in prison. Ref also to a bond to Henry Ellacot, Gent.
813 [83] 12-Dec Ludolphe Inglesteed, Merchant Stranger Giles de Vissher
813 [84] 19-Nov Alexander John John Roger Barrow Bargain of Hops, which the deft refuses to deliver.
814 [85] 10-Oct Griffin Bowes als Bowa & Jennett his wife Humfrey Lloid, Gent Ring of gold, sums of money & other things claimed to have been lent to the deft by Jennett Bowa before her marriage to Griffin Bowes als Bowa. Deft claims to have already repaid or satisfied the said Jennett. Complt has not replied as per order of 16 May last past, and as the deft dwells in Glamorganshire within the dominion of Wales, ordered to be dismissed.