REQ 1/18. List, Michaelmas Term 36/37 Eliz I (1594) - Part4

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 151 - 228 of orders, decrees & memoranda from Volume REQ 1/18 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests), covering dates 5 November - 31 December 1594.

For further details of the whole volume and conventions used, see REQ 1/18.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
151 [1][2][3] 05-Nov Henry Beale Richard Lock & Thomas Worsham Possession of a copyhold messuage in wood called Great Inhams & closes called Inhams in Manor of Moulcourte, [?Bensteede?], Hants. Complt is son of Robert Beale, decd, and grandson of Thomas Beale & Agnes his wife, both decd, who previously held. Thomas Worsham claims right to grant premises, and has leased to Richard Lock. Complt granted possession, injunction in £300 directed to defts to ensure performance.
153 [4][5] 06-Nov Thomas Pyper/Piper & Millicent his wife Robert Heigham Bequests in Will of Robert Amye of Great Abington, Cambs. 3 daughters Barbara, Alice & Isabell. Supervisors: Robert Heigham & William Amye, who retain money allocated for the 3 daughters. Executor: Millicent, the complt, to whom he left 9 small children, and who later married Thomas Pyper.
154 [6][7][8] 06-Nov John Scott, esqr Nicholas Wakefeild, John Cooke, John Davies, John Paty, Elizabeth Tyse, widow, Richard Goode, Robert Hitchcotte, William Stafford, John Thomlyn, Richard Ferris, Thomas Smithe, Stephen Abbott, William Towler, John Belman & others Lease for 60 years of 20 messuages etc. in Golding Lane, St Gyles without Cripplegate, London (Middx) called Mrs Carewes Rents. Claimed that William Wakefeild, father of deft Nicholas, sold to Thomas Hodgeson 16 December 2Eliz., passed to his wife Elizabeth (who later married William Carewe, and died about 2 yrs past), then his son William Hodgeson, who sold to Robert Mayne, who in turn sold to the complt 23Eliz. Ref to orders of the Court of Chancery in the same matter, 4Eliz & 35Eliz. Ref also to a hearing in the Court of Exchequer
157 [9] 07-Nov John Jones & Katherine his wife Peter Wright & John Dewe Mention of heirs of Henry Howeman, now decd & a lease
157 [10] 07-Nov Robert Wheeler Jasper Stone £43 which had been paid into court by the complt is to be returned to the complt as deft is proceeding at common law.
158 [11] 07-Nov Thomas Pettit, gent Thomas Kempe, esqr & others
158 [12] 07-Nov Walter Hawkesworth Michael Jobson, gent, John Baynes & James Dryver Title to a messuage etc. in the Parish of St. James at Clarkenwell, Middx. Leased by the complt, but Michael Jobson has re-possessed for non payment of rent, and re-leased to James Dryver. Mention of case in Court of Marshalsey, therefore dismissed from this court.
159 [13] 08-Nov Rowland Jenkes Edward Pensex
159 [14] 08-Nov John Haynes, esqr Edward Page, esqr & William Page, gent
159 [15][16] 08-Nov Francis Cotton, esqr Pexall Broccas, esqr, & Richard Walter Lease from complt to deft of 1/12 part of Manor of Barroper Stevington & Broxhed to replace a previously incorrectly drawn up lease of the same. Deft has proceedings at Common Law, contrary to previous order of this Court, Sherriff of Hants authorised to apprehend the deft for his contempt
160 [17][18] 08-Nov William Taylor & Elizabeth his wife, John Bryer & Anne his wife Jane Wavell & Thomas Wavell Dismissed Easter last past, but now resumed.
161 [19] 09-Nov John Neave executor of Edward Neave, decd Walsingham Mitchell, widow & Edward Mitchell executors of Thomas Mitchell, gent, decd Debts owed by Thomas Mitchell to Edward Neave.
161 [20][21] 09-Nov Roger Blagden the elder John Helsden Proceedings of deft against complt at common law. Sale of messuage etc. Mention of John Blagden the younger
162 [22][23] 09-Nov Francis Bohun of Westhall, Suffolk, esqr William Reade, esqr Messuage etc. held of the Manor of Westhall called Wingfeilds and of Westhall Barringtons, Suffolk., now or late in tenure of Thomas Bunting. Deemed more appropriate to be heard at Common Law, therefore dismissed.
163 [24] 11-Nov Thomas Hulse & George Hulse, gent Hugh Hulse, gent ref order of 19 June last past & decree of 8 May last past. Lands etc. in Bewmaris
164 [25] 12-Nov Thomas Brace Thomas Reading Deft has proceeded at common law. £8 returned to complt.
164 [26] 12-Nov William Hudson Garret Hollander Deft is dead. £4 5s 6d returned to complt.
164 [27][28] 12-Nov Jevan ap Robert Owen John Lewes Gwinne (or Gwynne) & others
165 [29] 12-Nov Edmond Warde, gent Thomas Bynde Complt executor to John Warde, gent, his brother, decd. Debt/bond of John Warde decd.
166 [30] 13-Nov Thomas Tresse William Jasper Claim of £6 for Wallnutt tree timber. Also mentions Thomas Crowherst. Cause has already been tried at Common Law, therefore dismissed
166 [31] 14-Nov Anthony Cleere Thomas Manley Messuage etc. called The Falcon, Parish of St. George the Martyr, Southwarke. Dismissed as the complt has not proceeded.
167 [32] 14-Nov Raffe Bowes, esqr one of her Majesty's Gentlemen Pensioners Alice Watkinson Administratrix of John Watkinson, her late husband decd. Debt/bond & defts proceedings at common law.
167 [33][34] 14-Nov Robert Webbe, gent, Thomas Beamys, clerk & Paul Rydnall George Turnor & Elizabeth Bonde, widow Arrears of rent for tenement called Betts
169 [35] 14-Nov William Savage, gent Thomas Sherwin Several suits. Debt & conveyance of messuage etc.
169 [36][37] 15-Nov Alice Peache, widow, late wife of Edward Peache, decd & Daniel Peache, their son & heir Willm Daniell, esqr, John Lovell & John Hitchcocke messuage & 2 yardlands in Manton, Wilts, mortgaged to William Daniell by John Peache, decd, father of Edward Peache. Also land at Clatford, Wilts & 400 sheep.
171 [38][39] 15-Nov John Weston Richard Hyde, esqr 60 quarters of malt due to the deft yearly for tithes in Wickfeild & Calcott, Parish of Sutton Courtney, Berks. Also Meadow in Pudmore called Pudmore Home & Chadwell Home. Ref decree of 20 April 34Eliz. ref lease from Dean & Canons of the King's free chapel at Windsor to defts father, John Hyde, in 30HenVIII. Dismissed as more appropriate to be dealt with at Common Law.
172 [40] 16-Nov Richard Johnson John Jones, Thomas Batten, Thomas Prin & William Vawer Lease of 2 messuages etc. in St Michaell churchyard, Bristol, granted to complt by Roger Jones, gent, of London, decd
172 [41][42] 16-Nov Robert Tattersall, clerk, Vicar of Yardly, Herts George Chancy, gent, farmer of the manor & parsonage of Yardley, Herts Concerns the defts performance of an agreement made 28 May 1593 to settle a previous dispute. Defts obligation to provide 3 loads of wood yearly to the vicarage, 5 Marks for the keeping of two kine, 50s for tythes & 4 loads of wood out of Yardley Bury.
173 [43][44] 16-Nov Hugh Armestronge William Brewer & John Harris Lease of 4 fulling or tucking mills, mortgage, bond due to Henry Ellacott, gent.
174 [45][46][47][48][49] 17-Nov Edward Morris, gent Richard Morris, Michael Gardiner & Dorothy his wife Lease of lands etc. in Shipston upon Stour, Worcs, from Dean & Chapter of Cathedral of Worcester, 4&5Phillip&Mary, to Roger Morris, father of complt & of Richard Morris, deft. Partition made between the two sons following grant by Christian, the widow of Roger & their mother. Claim that Richard has taken a new lease which excludes the complt while he was overseas.
178 [50] 18-Nov John Carre & Anne his wife executrix of Thomas Arden decd William Ireland Defts wife is Judith. Complt Anne is widow of Thomas Arden.
179 [51] 18-Nov George De la Hay, esqr Thomas Povy Annuity or rent charge to be paid to deft & his wife Dorothie, in return for payment to complt which has not been satisfied. Complts manor of Watringbury, Kent.
180 [52] 18-Nov John Margery als Margern Edward Onge the father & Edward Onge the son Debt/Bond & deft Edward Onge the son's proceedings at common law.
180 [53][54] 18-Nov William Wallis Anthony Neale & Hugh Hornell messuage etc. & copyhold lands, Manor of Melbourne, Cambs. Complts father & mother (John Wallis & Elizabeth) occupied in right of Elizabeth, and is claimed by the complt as eldest son.
181 [55] 18-Nov Thomas Phetiplace, gent Rowland Phetiplace & Parnell his wife Legacy of £70 bequeathed by Robert Baker, decd (late husband to the said Parnell) to Richard Baker his son. Deemed more appropriate for ecclesiastical court, and complt has not proceeded, hence dismissed
181 [56][57] 18-Nov Nathaniell Bacon, esqr Cicelie Keyne, widow & others Rent. Complt has not proceeded, hence dismissed.
182 [58] 19-Nov Dowsabell Dicconson & others the children of William Dicconson late of London, Skinner & Phillip his wife, decd. Governors of St Thomas Hospital, Southwark, Thomas Henshawe, Edward Kempton & others Lease of messuages etc. ref decree of 28 June 34Eliz.
182 [59][60] 20-Nov Jasper Colmer, gent George Leicester, gent
183 [61] 20-Nov John Griffin & Alice his wife administratrix of Thomas [?Tuny?],decd her late husband John Ironmonger & Willm Rogers Lease which John Ironmonger promised to make of a house in Islington, Middx, called the Flower de Luce, to the decd Thomas [?Tuny?], which he has since leased to William Rogers despite having received the fine from Thomas [?Tuny?]
183 [62][63] 20-Nov John Orphure William Jackson, clerk, parson of the parish of St Swithens in London & others
185 [64] 21-Nov Mathias Rutton Thomas Lane & Elizabeth his wife
185 [65][66] 21-Nov Robert Gouldock William Morse, gent Tottington Wood, Aylesford, Kent, which the complt purchased from the deft. And failure to agree exact acreage.
186 [67][68] 21-Nov John Addam, Peter Osteler & Susan Osteler his wife late the daughter of John Adam decd William Cooke & Margaret his wife Legacies in the last w & t of John Adam, the father of the complts, decd. Legacies received, but not paid, by Nicholas Adam, brother & executor of John Adam, who has also decd, naming the deft Margaret (then his wife) his executrix.
187 [69] 22-Nov John Russell & Anne his wife Robert Wyche, Nicholas Bonde & William Emerson Lease granted by the Queen to Willm Gaby, father of the compl Anne, of messuage, fishing etc in Crowlande & Whaplode, Lincs. Complts claim title in right of Anne as administratrix of John Gaby her brother. Robt Wyche, as trustee of John Gaby & his brother William, also decd, has taken out a new lease. Deemed more appropriate to be tried in Court of Exchequer, hence dismissed.
188 [70] 22-Nov John Miller & Amye his wife administratrix of John Parris decd, in the behalf of the said Amye & Rebecca Parris & Ann Parris two of the daughters of John Parris John Mantle
188 [71][72] 22-Nov John Parrie (or Parry) Humfrey ap David ap Rees, Hugh ap David ap Rees & Agnes Verghe Morgan messuages lands etc. Called Tythin Siper Kay Hwlkyn Kay yr Eidden & Llany yr Odyn of c. 500 acres in Pengwern, Llanunda, Caernarvon. Commission requires the Sherriff of Caernarvon to uphold a previous decree of this court and put the complt in full possession of the premises & apprehend for their contempt Hughe ap David ap Rees & Richard ap David (husband of the deft Agnes).
189 [73][74] 23-Nov Peter Bishoppe Robert Luxton & Richard Luxton Terms of rent of farmland in return for paying debts.
191 [75] 22-Nov Edward Moore, esqr & Dame Francis Sturton his wife executrix of John, Lord Sturton her late husband decd. Mary Sturton, widow, executrix of William Sturton, esqr, her late husband, decd. legacy of £40 given to John Lord Sturton by Mary Sturton his Aunt, which was appointed to be paid by her brother, the said William Sturton
191 [76][77] 23-Nov Richard Dawes, gent James Walter, gent Debt
192 [78] 24-Nov Lawrence Goffe Elizabeth Howe, widow Writings & evidences delivered to Lawrence Goffe the elder for the use of the complt Lawrence Goffe the younger.
193 [79] 24-Nov Lawrence Pake & Richard Wittam Thomas Moore, gent defts proceedings at common law against Richard Wyttam. 4 acres of customary land called Crispes in Dagnam[Dagenham], Essex, part of the Manor of Barking.
193 [80][81] 25-Nov William Higgenson & Johan his wife John Fagge Previously dismissed 28 June last past. Now resumed.
194 [82] 25-Nov Thomas Sulyard, gent & others John Russell & Edward Boddie
195 [83] 25-Nov George Boydell, esqr, Sergeant of her Majesty's Larder Roger Goddard & Cicelie his wife late the wife of Thomas Boydell son of the complt Non-payment of annuity to be paid to deft Cicelie as per decree of 6 Feb 32Eliz.
195 [84][85] 25-Nov George Bagehott of Prestbury, Gloucs, gent & Rose his wife executors of Dame Anne Chamberleine the late wife of Sir Thomas Chamberleine, Knight, decd. John Chamberleine of Prestbury, Gloucs, esqr Goods etc. formerly of William Pyerson late of London, scrivenor, decd, and thence of Dame Anne Chamberleine, executrix to Willm Pyerson her former husband .
196 [86][87] 25-Nov Amy Turnor, daughter of William Turnor, decd. John Buttivant Messuage & 20 acres of land in Okeley, Norfolk, claimed by the complt as heir to her father. To be tried at common law.
197 [88][89] 25-Nov Bridgett Markedale, widow Eustace Moone, gent Messuage etc. in Christchurche Twyneham, Hants, formerly in possession of Thomas Pettie & Amy, mother and father of the complt. Refers to an agreement between Thomas & Amy Pettie and Sir Richard Rogers 'above 26 years since' whereby the property was to be leased for 60 years. Ref Bill depending in the same matter in the Court of Chancery, thus dismissed from this court.
198 [90][91] 25-Nov William West Michael Harris & George Silver Ode (?Woad?)
199 [92] 26-Nov Thomas Cole John Connock, gent & others
199 [93][94] 26-Nov Thomas ap John ap Llwellen Thomas Wynne ap Richard, John Tuder, Robt ap Lewes ap John, John ap Prederache & Robt ap David ap Griffith Formerly dismissed as defts dwell in the jurisdiction of Her Majesty's Council established in the Marches of Wales, where the land in question lies. Certified by the Lord Admiral that Richard Jones & Hughe Jones, brethren of the complt are his servants & resident here (London?) & therefore the cause resumed.
200 [95] 26-Nov Richard Chambers, gent & Thomas Cooper Leonard Chamberleine, gent executor of Roberte Chamberleine, gent his brother decd. Mortgage of lands in Attylboroughe, Norfolk called Wrights or Rightes by Richard Chambers & Raffe (his brother) to Robert Chamberleine. Release to be obtained from Elizabeth Beane of Attyleboroughe.
201 [96] 26-Nov Henry Seckford, esqr executor of Humfrey Seckford, esqr, decd John Reyner, Margery his wife & Seckford Hemesbie messuage & 50 acres in Bredfold & Boulge, Suffolk, which defts held by (expired) lease from Humfrey Seckford. Order preventing the defts from felling & selling any further timber.
201 [97][98] 26-Nov Thomas Reade Thomas Bright & Mary his wife Messuage etc. in Bury St Edmond, Suffolk. Granted to Thomas Bright the elder, father of the deft. Complt & Thomas Bright bound unto Agnes Coole, widow & Thomas Short. Thomas Bright the elder survived by his widow Margaret.
203 [99] 26-Nov Christopher Hyde & Johan his wife daughter of Thomas Dowling (or Dowlinge) decd, Richard Woods, John Page & Robert Greene Thomazin Willowey, widow Moiety of the farm, lands & stock of Barkham, Hants which in his lifetime Thomas Dowling (or Dowlinge) was jointly possessed with the deft. & Legacies left by Thomas in his will.
204 [100][101] 26-Nov Robert Reade, gent Richarde Mansure & Elizabeth his wife Messuage etc. near Charing Crosse commonly called Rouncyvalls formerly belonging to Robert Reade decd. Children: eldest son John decd, second son complt, daughter deft.
205 [102] 27-Nov Robert Moncke George Hall, gent
205 [103][104] 27-Nov Mathew Lock, Esqr William Parsons Messuage etc. in St Mary Colchurch, City of London. Ref former decree, and refusal of deft to pay arrears of rent & costs as required.
206 [105] 27-Nov Ambrose Mannington, gent & Anne his wife John Brewdnell & Robert Brewdnell, esqrs Dismissed as complt has not proceeded
206 [106][107] 27-Nov Peter Marchant als Tyler & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Osborne, George Kempe & Simon Browne Bond. One Palmer, first husband of the complt Elizabeth bound to deft Osborne. Ref to order of 8 May 35Eliz & decree of 9 June 33Eliz.
207 [108] 27-Nov William Tooker, Clerk, Archdeacon of Barnstaple & one of her Majesty's Chaplains & Anne his wife Anthony Hidden, gent Bond/Marriage portion. George Castle, gent.
207 [109][110] 27-Nov Raffe Brooke als Yorke one of Her Majesty's Heralds of Arms Gilbert Gardiner and James Banckes Debt. Defts action at common law. Gardiner is servant to Bankes
208 [111][112] 27-Nov Thomas Playstowe Lancelot Gibbons & others Debt. Bond made between complt & his father to the defts brother.
209 [113] 28-Nov John Connington & Henry Connington sons of Allen Connington & others William Burie, Robert Andrewe, Christopher Marshall & Nicholas Holliedge Dismissed as complts have not proceeded.
209 [114] 28-Nov William Colston William Godwyn (or Godwin) Bonds. Note that the Bill of complaint was exhibited 33Eliz. Dismissed as the complt has not proceeded
210 [115] 28-Nov Moyses Jones & Christopher Jones William Grove Estate of Robert Jones, decd.
210 [116][117] 28-Nov John Ferrers, gent & others George Ognell, gent Contempt of George Ognell in breaking a decree of this court of 18 June last past, ordered to be committed to the Prison of the Fleet.
211 [118][119] 28-Nov John Edwards & Christian his wife (surviving executrix of Margaret Knight Smith, widow, decd) Robt Smith, gent(unto whom the administration of the goods etc. of the said Margaret Knight Smith during the minority of the said executors was comitted) Claimed that Deft detains all goods etc. & has not made an inventory.
212 [120][121] 29-Nov John Jackson, Citizen & Haberdasher of London Jane Mitford, widow, administratrix of Bartram Mitford Citizen & Fishmonger of London decd Debt of complt to decd for soap. Defts proceedings at common law.
213 [122][123] 29-Nov John Palmer Thomas Gonnell als Gonvile & others Bonds. Defts proceedings at common law. Sureties of complt included Richard Baldwyn, Robert Borne, Francis Armiger, Thomas Cosine, John Gooche.
214 [124] 04-Dec Jerman Richardson George Hanger
214 [125] 04-Dec John Davies Francis Atkins
215 [126] 08-Dec Richard Coningesbie, esqr John Spurling, esqr, Sergeant at Law
215 [127] 10-Dec Dame Elionora Zowche wife of Edward, Lord Zowche Dame Elionora Zowche, widow. Ordered that a Commission of Rebellion be awarded against the deft for her contempts, and Sheriff of Derby ordered to apprehend her & bring her to court.
215 [128][129] 31-Dec John Reston of Great Gransden, Hunts. Elizabeth Remching, widow & Richard Remching her son
216 [130] 25-Dec John Gooche William Davie the younger, Robert Belgrave & Henry Buller tenants & inhabitants of the Manor of Bagotte in Barnham, Suffolk Enclosure & usage of c. 30 acres known as East Crofte & tenants rights of common of pasture
217 [131] 27-Dec William Wigge, gent & Francis his wife George Coldwell & others Dismissed, and attachment awarded against the complt for his contempt in exhibiting a Bill solely for the purpose of procuring the arrest of the deft Coldwell.
217 [132][133] 28-Dec Anthony Boothe Robert Curtise & Elizabeth his wife Moitie of the goods etc. of Raynold Boothe decd, in his last w & t. Ref order of 15 June last past. Dismissed as complt has not proceeded.
218 [134][135] 08-Nov Thomas Drewe John Newton & John Bird executors of Olive Bur decd. Tenement called the Blewe Anker in Barmesley Streete, and outstanding obligation of the decd Olive Bur
219 [136][137] 24-Nov Thomas Collins, gent Richard Potman, Jeromie Pett & Sara his wife Debt. Defts proceedings at common law. Sara the deft is sister to Richard Potman.
220 [138][139] 26-Nov Richard Rowthe of Pollington, Yorks, gent. John Thornehaughe, esqr & John Thornehaughe, gent, his son Rent due from a messuage & 3 oxgangs at Pollington & Balne in Yorks.
221 [140][141] 16-Nov Henry Starke John Starke, William Starke & Richard Starke Lands & tenements called Feets in Wickam & Pittestre, Suffolk. Ref the last w & t of John Starke. Complex details of Starke family relationships. To be tried at common law.
222 [142][143] 21-Nov Merrick Spender Richard Bromwiche, gent & Thomas Adlam Debt/Bond.
223 [144] 22-Nov Nicholas Smith & Christian his wife William Preston, gent, son & heir & executor to William Preston, gent, his late father decd. Claim regarding promise of William Preston decd to pay sum of money to William Samon, decd, late husband to the said Christian (whose executrix she is) re: surrender of copyhold messuage etc. in Manor of Childwick, Herts.
223 [145][146] 22-Nov Nicholas Smith & Christian his wife Willm Preston, Thomas Wethered, Richard Wethered, Thomas Wilsher & Roger Carpenter Supposed forfeiture of 3 messuages & 22 acres in Childwick, Herts. Claimed in right of the complt Christian. Close called Halterswick. History of tenure back to time of HenryVIII. Dismissed for hearing at Common Law.
224 [147][148] 22-Nov John Andrewes of the City of Bristol, merchant & Susan his wife executrix of Richard Yonge late of Bristol, merchant, decd John Hopkins & others Fourth part of a ship (c. 200 tons) etc. called the Toby of Bristol, and the profits etc.