REQ 1/18. List, Michaelmas Term 36/37 Eliz I (1594) - Part3

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 101 - 150 of orders, decrees & memoranda from Volume REQ 1/18 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests), covering dates 27 November - 10 December 1594 in the first sequence (with one entry for 10 Jan 1594/5), and 9 October - 5 November 1594 in the second sequence.

For further details of the whole volume and conventions used, see REQ 1/18.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
101 [1] 27-Nov William Astlett Robert Sherlock & others ref order of 19 May 35 Eliz.
101 [2] 27-Nov Edward Jowkes, esqr William Gardiner, esqr
101 [3] 28-Nov Thomas Blunt, esqr Thomas Marshall, gent
101 [4] 28-Nov William Colston William Godwin Complt has delayed his own cause, therefore dismissed
101 [5] 28-Nov John Taylor Giles Davie
101 [6] 28-Nov Thomas Strowde (or Stroude) & Nicholas Blake Phillip Carter, Alice his wife & William Godwin
101 [7] 28-Nov John Cage Ellen Niccholls Both complt & deft in severall causes
102 [8] 28-Nov Daniel Owtred William Langridge & Edward Drewe
102 [9] 28-Nov Isabel Fosberie, widow Robert Mason & others
102 [10] 28-Nov Vincent Wyndsor & Johan his wife Rowland Wynter
102 [11] 28-Nov George Bassett Richard Sutton Concerns Debt. Ref to defts proceedings at Common Law. Complt counsel is also Mr Bassett.
102 [12] 28-Nov Henry Strannge William Pearce & Anne his wife
102 [13] 28-Nov Alice Corbett, widow Thomas Preston Ordered that case dismissed unless complt shows ...
103 [14] 28-Nov John Sedgewick (or Sedgwick) John Jackson
103 [15] 28-Nov Raffe Myles Nicholas Bishoppe (or Bishop) & others
103 [16] 28-Nov Peter Mutton, gent John Conway, esqr
103 [17] 28-Nov William Astlett Robert Sherlock & others
103 [18] 28-Nov Phillip West Osmonde Bushenell Injunction awarded for stay of defts suits at Common Law
103 [19] 28-Nov George Boydell, esqr, Sergeant of her Majesty's Larder Roger Goddard & Cicelie his wife mem: sum of £5 paid to Roger Goddard as per order
104 [20] 28-Nov Thomas Wilcox the elder, Thomas Wilcox the younger & Andrew Wilcox Thomas Snell, gent, Isaac Taylor & Edith his wife
104 [21] 28-Nov Phillip Jones Alice Smith, widow Dismissed, unless complt proceed before 5th day of next term
104 [22] 28-Nov Thomas Playstowe Lancelot Gibbons & others Mem: £10 paid to Lancelot Gibbons as per order
104 [23] 28-Nov George Bagehott, gent & Rose his wife John Chamberleyn, esqr mem: £9 19s paid to Charles Bagehott, brother of the complt, as per order
104 [24] 28-Nov Robert Moncke George Hall, gent Commission to be held at Horsham, Sussex
105 [25] 28-Nov Phillip Cottington, gent Richard Holloway & others
105 [26] 28-Nov Harman Dewman & others Roger James & Elizabeth James now the wife of Francis Harvie, gent
105 [27] 28-Nov Robert Forthe, esqr Elizabeth Forthe, widow & Henry Jernegan, esqr
105 [28] 28-Nov John Pasley & Elizabeth his wife John Neale Concerns land, and deed made by Martin Barber, father of the complt Elizabeth
105 [29] 28-Nov John Hewett & Gilbert Wayte John Eyre & others
105 [30] 28-Nov Thomas Hall, gent Simon Mawe, gent
106 [31] 28-Nov Roger Ashe, gent Thomas Gurling Injunction awarded for stay of defts suits at Common Law
106 [32] 28-Nov John Gooche William Davie (or Davye) & others Breach of decree & Injunction. Attachment awarded for the arrest of the complt and his Assign for their contempts
106 [33] 28-Nov Richard Collins John Richardson & others
106 [34] 28-Nov Lawrence Goffe Elizabeth Howe, widow Mem: writing & evidence delivered to Lawrence Goffe the elder, father of the complt, as per order
106 [35] 28-Nov Judith Marton Richard Whittingham, gent House & Land
106 [36] 28-Nov Gawen Smith, gent Elizabeth Smith the separated wife of the said Gawen, Henry Porder & others Dismissed, unless complt shows ...
107 [37] 28-Nov Thomas Hobbie, esqr Sir John Higford, knight & others
107 [38] 28-Nov Edward Walwyn & Agnes his wife Thomas Stanton Mem: 40s costs paid to deft, release made to complt
107 [39] 28-Nov John Davis Francis Atkins
107 [40] 28-Nov Thomas Barnes & Edith his wife John Derrick, gent
107 [41] 28-Nov Nicholas Bibie & Katherine his wife John Davies
107 [42] 28-Nov William Gomersall Henry Williams & others
107 [43] 28-Nov Clement Hyrne, Mayor of Norwich & others Robert Secker
108 [44] 28-Nov George Hunt & Elizabeth his wife George Ireland & John Malthowse
108 [45] 28-Nov Abraham Copwood & John Davenett Roger Clarck ref: former order of 30 April last past that this cause to be tried at Common Law. The verdict of that trial is for the deft, hence case dismissed from this court unless complt shows...
108 [46] 28-Nov Thomas Hawen William Lullingden & others
108 [47] 28-Nov John Stuprarde Barbara Stuprarde, widow deft to stand bond of £1200, with condition not to leave this Realm without license.
108 [48] 28-Nov Elizabeth Boothe, widow John Evans als Owtridge the younger
109 [49] 28-Nov William Fawconer John Gregorie
109 [50] 28-Nov William Baynham, esqr Richard Brooks, gent
109 [51] 28-Nov John Connon & Katherine his wife Robert Maryott
109 [52] 28-Nov John Ledgeard the younger John Ledgeard the elder
109 [53] 07-Dec John Palmer Thomas Gonnell als Gonvile & others Mem: £4 paid to Elizabeth Palmer wife of the complt in presence of Richard Baldwyn citizen and Stationer of London
109 [54] 10-Dec Richard Coningesbie, esqr John Spurling, esqr, Seriannt at Law Mem: £60 paid to John Fletcher, servant to Mr Spurling
110 [55] 10-Dec Lawrence Pake & Richard Wittam Thomas Moore, gent
110 [56] 10-Dec Nicholas Bybie & Katherine his wife John Davies
110 [57] 10-Jan John Reston Elizabeth Remching, widow & Richard Remching her son Mem: £36 13s 4d paid to Richard Remchinge for the use of his mother.
110 [58] 28-Nov John Bolle, esqr & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Baker ref order of 6 June last past
111 [59] 09-Oct Walter Goodwin Anne May, widow & Elizabeth Lowe Goods of Margaret Sharples, decd, who died in the house of Anne May. Goods now the property of complt, and Anne May preventing him taking possession. Mention of the plague.
111 [60] [61] 10-Oct Elinor Nones, widow & Ferdinando Alvares, merchant stranger Andrew Brome, merchant Ordered that the matter be referred to the determination of Robert Ley, Alderman of the City of London
112 [62] 10-Oct Richard Cheale & Thomasin his wife Jane Broade, widow Evidences in a leather bag or satchel delivered to the complt, and case thus dismissed.
112 [63] [64] 10-Oct John Goylmer Charles Cornewallis, esqr, Humfrey Burton, gent, Phillip Keble & Richard Franncis Yearly rent of £40 formerly paid by Richard Franncis decd. Agnes Franncis, widow of the decd subsequently married the complt. Outlines final order.
113 [65] [66] 11-Oct Edmond Palmer John Berte & Thomas Goades
114 [67] [68] 11-Oct George Bonde, gent Francis Jolliff & Charles Hollier, Alice Hollier & William Hollier complt acting on behalf of Alice Knight, an infant, claiming a sum of £5. John Newman, decd, and Francis Jolliff were overseers of the will of Alice Knight's father. Alice through extreme poverty was driven to beg for her relief until taken in by the complt. Deft Alice Hollier is now dead. Ordered that £5 5s be paid to Alice Knight. Injunction upon pain of £200 directed to defts for performance of this decree
115 [69] 11-Oct Lawrence Sill Thomas Gibson & Isabel his wife executrix of John Mason decd Agreed by all parties that there will be no further proceedings in this cause. Defts discharged from all former orders of contempt etc.
115 [70] [71] 12-Oct Robert Bacon Robert Woodroffe & Mary his wife Goods belonging to the complt in the defts house at Bishops Upton
116 [72] [73] 14-Oct William Goe John Somersett, gent Concerns stay of defts proceedings at common law upon a bond of £22
117 [74] 15-Oct Robert Heather Robert Taylor Concerns messuage or tenement in Derby. Complts father was Thomas Heather, decd. Dismissed, and referred to be heard at the Court of Exchequer
117 [75] [76] 15-Oct William Bent of London, Haberdasher Elizabeth Banaster, widow, Johan Fisher, widow, William Illedge & Hugh Edwards Concerns 4 messuages or tenements & grounds of c. 3 acres in Kylne Lane, near to the church of St Chadds in Shrewsbury, in tenures of Johan Fisher, William Illedge, Anthony Bancks & Richard Clarcke. Claimed by the complt as per the will of Mary Bent his mother. Defts Fisher & Illedge state that they hold the properties from Elizabeth Banaster, and pay rent to her, and state that the complts eldest brother conveyed the premises to Robert Allen father of Elizabeth Banaster. Ordered that complt to have possession.
119 [77] [78] 15-Oct Dame Elizabeth Weston, widow late wife of Sir Henry Weston, Knight Francis Repps Concerns annuity of £27 which the deft bound to pay the complt for his preferment in marriage, in return for her releasing to him messuages etc. in Tilmer & Walpoole in Norfolk, which had been left to the complt for her life by a previous husband Henry Reppes esqr. Deft is their youngest son. Also concerns a debt of £40. Deft ordered to pay the annuity & arrears, but this suspended pending determination referred to Gregorie Lovell, esqr, Cofferer of her Majesty's Household, brother of the complt
120 [79] 16-Oct John Bedford Richard Spier, gent Cause resumed, as previous dismissal was due to the complts solicitor (Thomas Bullock, gent) being overseas on the Queens business.
120 [80] [81] 16-Oct William Vaughan the younger, esqr Thomas Watkins Concerns bond of £20 covering debt of £10 owed by complt to deft, and claim of sharp practice on defts part, and his proceedings at common law.
121 [82] 17-Oct William Westerne Christopher Humfrey & George Chambers
122 [83] 17-Oct Margaret Dale of the City of Westminster, widow William Alderne the younger & William Ingram Concerns title to messuage or tenement in the township of Pudvert in the Parish of Martley, Worcestershire, in tenure of William Alderne. Claimed by complt as sister & sole heir of Edward Parkins of Martley, decd. Deft has shown deeds etc., case dismissed.
122 [84] [85] 17-Oct Peter Britten Walter Britten Concerns pl & defts joint title to a tenement etc. in [?Bytton?] Gloucs. Complt cannot enjoy possession of his part due to the disturbance of the deft.
123 [86] 17-Oct John, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury & Ralph Hayman, esqr. Stephen Hatche Concerns c. 3 acres of pasture land, part of the glebe of the parsonage or rectory of Sellenge, Kent. Refers decree of 10 May 35Eliz. In defiance of this decree, deft has commenced proceedings of trespass at Common law. Ordered that deft be forced to attend to receive punishment for his contempt
124 [87] 18-Oct Humfrey Robinson Thomas Fletcher Concerns the Office of Principal Register within the Diocese of Bangor, which the complt claims to hold for life by grant from Nicholas, late Bishop of Bangor deceased. Complt is under age, and lives with his Mother (his guardian) in the precinct of the Commission established in the Marches of Wales. Case dismissed, as complt has failed to show reason why not
124 [88] 18-Oct Mathew Lock, Esqr William Parsons & others William Parsons of London, Grocer, has shown great contempt in disobeying a previous decree dated 9 Feb 33Eliz. Ordered to be apprehended and brought for punishment.
124 [89] [90] 18-Oct Henry Kettlewood Steven Proctor, gent Claim of complt for £20 owed by Thomas Proctor, father of the deft. Agreed that case dismissed once deft has paid £16 which he will pay when he receives it following other actions pending at common law.
125 [91] 18-Oct Jasper Colmer, gent, administrator of Richard Colmer, merchant adventurer decd George Leycester Concerns £60 claimed as wages, and £17 15s 1d expenses, due to the decd, late servant to the deft.
126 [92] [93] 18-Oct William Barbett & Jane his wife administratrix of William Mussered her brother Thomas Cobbe and Agnes his wife executor of John Mussered William Mussered decd was brother to John Mussered decd. John Mussered possessed of Manor of St Nicholas Court, Isle of Thanet, Kent, and had a son William Mussered. John willed his lease to his brother in return for annuity of £20 for his son. William died soon after proving the will of John, leaving Agnes (the deft) as his executrix. Dispute concerns non payment of annuity.
127 [94] 18-Oct Richard Barnard Anthony Ratcliffe, Alderman of the City of London & Edward Glover Concerns lease of one messuage or tenement in St Martin's in the Vintrie, London, leased from the Merchant Taylors of London. Dismissed.
128 [95] [96] 19-Oct Emanuell Barnes, doctor in divinitie, John Barnes, Barnabie Barnes, Timothy Barnes, Margaret Barnes & Ann Barnes executors of the late Richard, Lord Bishop of Durham Jane Barnes late wife of the said Lord Bishop & Edward Ewbanck Concerns division of late Bishop's estate: Tenement called Newe Parke in Stanhope Parke in the County of Durham, coalpits of Hargill, Co. Durham, lease of Sowerby, Co. York, lands in Holdenshire, bond for 1,000 marks, lands in Lancashire.
129 [97] [98] 19-Oct Richard Payne of Este Twyforde, Middx, Esqr one of her Majestys Gentlemen Pensioners Richard Paramor, esqr Concerns £160 due for c. 12 acres of meadow which the complt purchased along with capital messuage called Este Twyford & diverse lands.
131 [99] 19-Oct Robert Burrowe Nathaniel Smith & Alice his wife, Henry Pole & Margaret his wife Messuage & 4 acres in Ketteringham, Norfolk, sometime Walter Parker's. Tenement in Ketringham & Hithersett, Norfolk, sometime Payne's. Claimed by complt as son & heir of John Borowe decd. Ordered that the matter be referred to trial at Common Law.
131 [100][101] 20-Oct John Hawes John Finche complt has not exhibited a bill of complaint. Dismissed. 20s costs.
132 [102] 21-Oct Thomas ap John ap Llewellyn Thomas Wyn ap Richard, John Tudder, Robert ap Lewes ap Jevan, John ap Ritherick, Robt ap David ap Griffin & Kadwallader ap Robert Title to lands in Llanrost, Denbigh. Ref previous bill of complt against Kadwallader ap Robert, dismissed 21 May 35Eliz. Deemed more appropriate to be heard by Her Majesty's Commission established in the Marches of Wales, hence dismissed.
132 [103][104] 21-Oct Alice Willon, widow Richard Gomersall Complt has not procured Richard Latham to be examined as per order of 8 June last past, hence ordered to be dismissed
133 [105] 21-Oct Thomas Pettit Thomas Kempe, esqr, John Beare & George Wyott, gent
133 [106][107] 21-Oct John Haynes, esqr, Sergeant of her Majesty's Caterie Edward Page, esqr & William Page his son, gent re: action of debt at Common Law. Mention of William Haynes & Nicholas Haynes, brethren of complt
134 [108][109] 22-Oct Henry Bowers, gent Richard Eaman Debt.
135 [110][111] 22-Oct Thomas Mawe John Knapp Debt owed by complt to def for wine. Defects in accounting common account, referred to arbitration. A number of suits pending at common law.
136 [112] 23-Oct Almon Mutton Margaret Godfrey, widow Covenant for a lease between complt & John Godfrey decd, late husband of deft.
136 [113][114] 23-Oct Thomas Goughe & George Goughe William Stamford Lease of a manor (not named) claimed to be from complts father to George Penruddock, from Penruddock to one Bedford, and from Bedford to the defts father.
137 [115] 24-Oct Nicholas Radishe of Sowth Fawley, Barks, gent Humfrey Gonnter, gent Debt & Bond.
137 [116][117][118][119] 24-Oct John Shereman Thomas Crompton, esqr, Thomas Boller, Joane his wife, Thomas Funge, Thomas Wellicombe, Thomas Wotton & Andrew Edmonds Messuage & 1/2 yardland called Pallins & 6 other cottages in Princes Risboroughe, Bucks, formerly possessions of Nicholas Carter, grandfather of complt, and his son Thomas, who died without issue. Thomas's sister Joane married Richard Shereman, parents of the complt, both decd. Thomas Crompton, lord of the manor, and the other defts refuse to admit the complt to the lands. Defts claim to hold from previous Lords of Manor, such as William Windsor & Sir Lyonell Duckett, and of a surrender from Thomas Carter to Robert Coker to the use of John Rainer, father of Joane Boller. Decreed that complt should be admitted tenant to the premises.
140 [120] 24-Oct Oliver Sheare of London, Merchant William Harrison of the County of York, Clothier Action of debt commenced at Common Law by the deft. Dispute over quality of goods (50 + pieces of Northerne Kerseys). Deft to answer for his contempt in continuing proceedings at Common Law contrary to a previous agreement.
141 [121] 26-Oct Emanuell Barnes, doctor in divinitie, John Barnes, Barnabie Barnes, Timothy Barnes, Margaret Barnes & Ann Barnes Jane Barnes, widow & Edward Ewbanck
141 [122] 26-Oct John Yerbury the younger Agnes Poore, widow & [blank] Wilkins
141 [123][124] 28-Oct Thomas Lane & Elizabeth his wife Mathias Rutton Elizabeth, one of the pls, executrix of John Wyman decd, who was suretie in a bond with his brother Samuell Wyman (also now decd) to the deft. Although only £6 claimed to be outstanding against this covenant, deft is to claim for bond of £100 at common law against the compl as executrix of John Wyman, as claims that John Wyman owed him (separately) £63.
142 [125][126] 29-Oct John Wrixson William Butler One yardland held of the manor of Grendon, Bucks. Claimed by complt as son & heir to Richard Wrixson, decd., according to the customs of the Manor. Deemed to be more appropriate to be heard at Common Law, hence referred out of this Court for trial at Common Law.
143 [127] 29-Oct Mathew Lock, esqr William Parsons & Thomas Smith Deft Parsons to enter bond of £400 for delivery to the complt of possession of the house in question as per previous decree of 9 Feb 33Eliz.
143 [128][129] 29-Oct Robert Foster John Freeman Title to pasture in the Manor of Goldingham, Suffolk. Previous trial at Common Law has found for deft. Refers to an exemplification under the Seal of the Court of Common Pleas. Dismissed from this court, 20s costs
144 [130] 29-Oct Thomas Wenniff executor of Thomas Wenniff, gent decd. George Wenniff Bonds entered into by Thomas Wenniff decd & debt of deft to complt. Dismissed.
144 [131][132] 29-Oct William Ponsonbie, gent Elizabeth Stagge, widow, administrator of Edward Stagge decd. Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law re: dispute over payment (or not) of Bond entered into by William Ponsonbie, his brother John & the decd Edward Stagge for payment of a sum to Henry Ryves.
145 [133] 30-Oct John Baron John Shortred & Thomas Scoles refers decree of 19 November 34Eliz. £3 to be delivered to deft Scoles.
146 [134][135] 30-Oct Thomas Arnett & Anne his wife Thomas Nasshe (or Nashe), William Dallie & John Gardiner Title to messuage etc. called Fowles & a grove called Clerks Grove, customary lands of the Manor of Ambersley, Worcs, claimed by the complt in the right of the said Anne, by custom of the Manor. William Bell, Steward of said Manor. Agreed to take dispute to the Court of the Manor, and dismissed from this court.
147 [136] 31-Oct John Carter John Bancks, gent Messuage etc. called Braggs & 40 acres in Little Shelford, Cambs. Claimed by complt according to custom of the Manor of Little Shelford. Deemed more appropriate to be tried at Common Law, therefore referred to the Court of King's Bench
147 [137][138] 31-Oct Richard Burton Edward Bancks, gent Debt & bond. Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law. Complt jointly bound with Thomas Wareley of Finchley, Middx., decd.
148 [139] 31-Oct Edward Batham George Whetecroft (or Whitecroft), gent ref: bills also exhibited at High Court of Chancery, & also previously dismissed from this court 22 April last past. Dismissed.
149 [140] 04-Nov Richard Dixie of Barnewell, Northants., yeoman Willm Hickman, gent & Dame Agnes Dixie now his wife & William Farmedoe Legacy in will of Sir Wolstane Dixie, Knight, decd
149 [141] 04-Nov Phillip Carter Thomas Strowde & Nicholas Blake ref to Bill of Complaint exhibited by deft Strowde against the complt
149 [142][143] 04-Nov George Channcie, gent John Jenkenson, gent Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Concerns debt.
150 [144] 05-Nov Thomas White, esqr Christopher Chapman & [blank] Gawpyn Moitie of farm called Quyntons, Eberton, Dorset. Demised by Sir John Rogers to Thomas Chapman als Hayne & John Chapman his brother. Edward Chapman son of said Thomas Chapman.