REQ 1/18. List, Hillary Term 38 Eliz I (1595/6) - Part2

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 866 - 920 of orders, decrees & memoranda from Volume REQ 1/18 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests).

For further details of the whole volume and conventions used, see REQ 1/18.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
866 [1] 18-Feb John Kelley Clement Fenne & others
866 [2] 18-Feb William Frampton Thomas Dewy & Richard Barnes Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law
866 [3] 20-Feb Thomas Bray John Wood Mem: £10 paid to Thomas Coundon, servant to John Vavasor, Gent, attorney for the deft, as per order
867 [4] 23-Jan Harman Duman & others Roger James & Elizabeth, late the wife of Henry James now decd, and now the wife of Francis Harvie, Esqr Ordered that £4 12s 5d & 8 small rings coupled together left in court by the defts, are to be delivered to the complts
867 [5] 24-Jan Alman Mutton, Merchant Stranger Margaret Godfrey, widow Covenant made by John Godfrey, late husband of the deft, to build a house in Mayden Lane, London one story higher, and to make a cellar. Confirmation of decree of 3 June 34 Eliz. Regarding lease from complt to deft.
867 [6][7] 26-Jan William Mothe & diverse others, churchwardens & inhabitants of Odyham, Hants Robert Vause, Richard Vause & George Vause Complts title to lands called Beenelands in Odyham, which they claim to support a ring of bells in the church. Defts action of eviction at Common Law, and creation of new lease. Ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law
868 [8] 27-Jan John Harris, Henry Tabbe & others of the Parish of Aventongifford, Devon Roger Wakeham & Johan Wakeham, widow Exchange of lands claimed to have been made by defts father, and a rent which the complts claim for the parish. Ref to Bill at High Court of Chancery which covers the same matter, and hence dismissed from this court.
869 [9] 27-Jan William Holdernesse William Hawden Customary or copyhold messuage etc called Ives Place & 57 acres, part of the manor of Ives, Berks and other lands called Hollandes. Complt claims via a surrender in will of William Chamber, late of London, Goldsmith. Deft claims only one tenement in Maydenhead or Maydenheath & lands called Hollandes. Ordered that the dispute over Hollandes be referred to trial at Common Law.
869 [10] 27-Jan John Griffin John Ironmonger Complt to deliver rent due to deft.
870 [11] 27-Jan John Aubrey Henry Bell & others Dismissed as complt has not proceeded
870 [12][13] 28-Jan Richard Childes & Rabage his wife Edmund Ludlowe, Esqr & William Edwardes Manor of Buckland, Dorset and reversion of messuage called Beoligh als Beoligh Wood and other property (detailed description), granted to complt Rabage & Mary her sister 26 March 3 Eliz., for the terms of their lives, which at the time was in possession of Richard Gunwyn. Ordered to be tried at Common Law at next Dorset assizes.
871 [14][15] 28-Jan Edmund Gardiner & Dorothy his wife Thomas Foxgill & William Weddall Dismissed as complt has not proceeded
872 [16] 29-Jan William Cade of London, Gent John Fox als Oxton & Thomas Briscoe Messuage called Wheelers & 30 acres in Aldenham, Herts, promised to the complt for the life of deft Fox, but which custom only allowed to be leased for 3 years & defts proceedings at Common Law against William Stephens servant to the complt who currently occupies. Defts ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law.
872 [17][18] 29-Jan William Harrison Stephen Offwood 2 1/2 acres of pasture and cutting down of woods previously growing there, and defts proceedings at Common Law. Dismissed as complt has failed to proceed.
873 [19] 30-Jan Johan Paine & Alice Paine Thomas Bennett & Morgan Senior 1 acre in St James in Shaston, Dorset and a messuage in St Peters, Shaston which complts claim as daughters and heirs of Richard Payne & Edith his wife (in the right of Edith). Ordered that the possession of the acre be established with the complts as per verdict already had at Common Law. Ordered that the defts pay 5 marks in respect of the messuage and the matter to be dismissed, the complt Johan referred to seek remedy in Court of Exchequer.
873 [20][21] 30-Jan Thomas Walker William Walker Messuage etc in Cartmell, Lancs. Court shown a decree from the court of the Duchy of Lancaster in favour of the deft. Dismissed from this court.
874 [22] 31-Jan Edmund Bridges of Collingborne Sunton, Wilts, Esqr executor of Jane Harecort als Dame Jane Bridges, widow decd William Heycroft, Gent Annuity of £11 10s granted by William Heycroft & Joane his wife from lands in Mooredon, Mooredon Redbourne, Redborne Cheney, Haydowne & Haydowne Weekes in Wilts. Ordered & decreed that deft pay £5 15s unpaid annuity.
875 [23] 31-Jan John Dyer Thomas Aylett & others Manor of Barnishall in Barners Rothing in Essex. Court is informed that at the assizes at Chensford, Essex of 28 July last past a bill was preferred against Raffe Dyer, one of the defts, for forcible entry. Dismissed from this court as complt has defaulted, and would appear to be seeking remedy at Common Law.
875 [24] 31-Jan James Holwell William Tanner & others Manor of Great Holwell & Little Holwell, Tiverton, Devon. This cause is depending at High Court of Chancery, and as priority of suit is within that court, dismissed from this court.
875 [25][26] 31-Jan Edmund Bunchley George Dyer, Gent Promise of £10 for the complt to persuade William Jenny, Gent to visit the defts house in order to meet Anne Spencer, servant to Mr Leventhorpe, with a view to marriage. Ordered to be dismissed as Complt defaulted, and also brocage not deemed fit to be tried in this court.
876 [27] 31-Jan Robert Mason, Gent & John Pinge Richard Loder Messuage in Blandford For[um], Dorset called the Greyhound, and of ancient time called the Egfordes Inne. To be referred for trial at Common Law.
876 [28] 31-Jan Henry Finche John Glascock Dismissed as complt has not proceeded
877 [29] 03-Feb William Tottenham Cutberte Browne & William Marshe Concerns sundry accounts. To be referred for determination by Andrew Grey & Anthony Irby, Esqrs.
877 [30] 03-Feb John Gibson & Margaret his wife, Thomas Patteson & Jane his wife & Barbara Whitfeild, widow, sisters and coheires of Lawrence Troydall decd Thomas Baker, Thomas Ellis, Esqrs, Thomas Mitchell, John Lewes, William Baughe, Richard Harrison, Jennett Yerbone & Alice Carter 10 messuages & 60 acres of land, claimed by the sisters as coheirs of Lawrence Troidall. To be dismissed as bill also in High Court of Chancery which has priority of suit.
877 [31][32] 04-Feb John Woodman & William Merry Thomas Parker, Gent, executor of Edward Parker, Gent, decd Refs John Chambers, brother in law to Edward Parker. Concerns obligations made to Edward Parker.
878 [33][34] 04-Feb Samuel Robinson Jordan Robinson Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law against complt on an obligation of £26 to pay £13 on the defts return from Brasile, in the parts beyond the seas.
879 [35] 04-Feb William Wilkes Martin Burrell Several causes between the parties. Concerns £50 lent by Ellen late wife of William Wilkes to Martin Burrell. Defts claim that the part remaining unpaid was willed by Ellen to Thomas Hayes, Richard Curteis & Martin Burrell. Ordered & decreed that deft pay the remainder to the complt, as even if Ellen had willed the money, it was during her coverture and the complt had not permitted her so to do.
880 [36] 04-Feb Alexander Routh Robert Osborne, Gent Defts proceedings at Common Law demanding £125 as administrator of John Osborne (his late brother), decd, and guardian to his children, a debt for the delivery of fruit sold to the complt. Refs decree of Court of Wards whereby deft has been replaced by Mr Thomas Wardaker & Mr Robert Lyford, to whom the complt has already paid some of the debt. Deft ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law.
880 [37][38] 04-Feb William Browne William Hobbes, David Keyne & Cossenden Slaughter Title to lands etc in Westwickham, Bucks & copyhold lands held of Manor of Vinges, Bucks. Complt has failed to demonstrate proof of title therefore dismissed.
881 [39] 04-Feb John Wadington & Agnes his wife late wife of Nicholas Norton decd Francis Westley Concerns 25s 8d & 1 load of wood to be paid yearly from lands in Deptford, Kent, supposed to have been bought by Thomas Johnson, a previous husband to Margaret, now wife of deft. Ordered that deft pay 40s to complt 'in charity' 'for quyetnes sake and not for any other cause', and that complt to make a general release to the deft.
881 [40] 05-Feb Edward Reignoldes, Gent & Rose his wife Lyonell Ferrington & Edward Rosse Refs an indenture of separation between Edward Reignoldes & Rose his wife. Previous decree of 22 November last past ratified & confirmed.
882 [41] 05-Feb William Christmas, Gent George Powlett, Esqr & Alice his wife Lease of manor house of Holbury, Hants to the complt. Since the granting of the lease it has been seized into Her Majesty's hands for a debt of £650 & complt has been expulsed, yet defts commenced suit at Common Law on the original obligation. Ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law.
882 [42] 05-Feb Thomas Townesende & Agathe his wife Thomas Wake
883 [43] 05-Feb John, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury & Raphe Hayman, Esqr Stephen Hatche Parcel of land, part of glebe of Selling, Kent. Refs decree of 10 May 35 Eliz. Deft has commenced suit at Common Law against the farmers of the complts. Ordered to stay proceedings.
883 [44][45] 06-Feb John Hampshier of Eynsham, Oxon, one of Her Majesty's Servants Thomas Box Parties are brothers in law. Concerns recompense from the deft for the assignation to him of title to property called Berry Croftes in the tything of Haley, Oxon, which had been granted by Her Majesty to the plt for a number of years. Also defts actions at Common Law on an obligation of £300 & another of £500
884 [46] 06-Feb Thomas Buckingham & Daniel Buckingham Mary Cornewell, widow Bonds for payment for delivery of corn which was not delivered. Defts proceedings at Common Law. Order that deft stay proceedings at Common Law until she has answered in this court.
885 [47] 06-Feb Cuthbert Crooke the elder Cuthbert Crooke the younger (son of the complt), Thomas Holt & Henry Holt Deft Thomas Holt is father in law to deft Cuthbert Crooke. Complt gave all his livings, goods & chattells in return for a bond for £500 that he and Henry Holt would provide the complt with his maintenance & an annuity of £20, which they have neglected to do, and also took from a chest in his house money, jewels & the above bond. The son refuses to perform a previous agreement to restore the father's goods & annuity. Son ordered to perform, and injunction issued for perfomance on pain of £300.
885 [48][49] 06-Feb Alexander Stock of Kirkheaton, Yorks, Clerk William Ramsden Defts suit at Her Majesty's Court of Her Bench against complt, as surety for payment of £50 by James Stock. Complt has delivered into court the remaining arrears, deft ordered to stay proceedings.
886 [50][51] 06-Feb John Goodchilde Richard Walker, Gent Concerns goods & chattells formerly the property of Robert Goodchilde, son of the complt late of Heringswell in Bury St Edmund, Suffolk, who was convicted & condemned of felony. Court requires to know whether Lord Thomas Howard or Sir Nicholas Bacon have the right to felons goods in the liberty of Heringswell. Ordered that the complt be referred out of this court to prefer his petition to Howard or Bacon.
887 [52] 06-Feb William Askewe Henry Tapps & Sara his wife executrix of Roger Millington her late husband Complt requires bonds held by defts which he claims have been satisfied, but which they threaten to put to suit at Common Law. Deft refuses to answer & has commenced at Common Law, therefore is ordered to stay proceedings.
887 [53] 06-Feb John Heydon, Gent Edward Ewer & William Ewer, executors of Raphe Heydon, Gent Complt ordered to pay £10 which appears to be outstanding, and defts to stay proceedings at Common Law.
888 [54] 07-Feb James Slape Mathew Kellett & Margaret his wife, late wife of Peter Medcalf decd Complt, on departure from the White Hart in Highe Holborne, Middx, held from the decd Peter Metcalf, had left goods in his keeping to the value of 100 marks. After Metcalf's decease, they came into the hands of the defts. Mathew Kellett ordered to pay £27 10s to the complt.
888 [55][56] 07-Feb Richard Gomersall Dionize Fisher Debt. Deft ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law until he has made sufficient answer.
889 [57] 07-Feb William Elie William Collier Defts proceedings at Common Law regarding bond of £20 for payment of 30s which had been awarded to the deft in respect of a battery done upon him by the plt. Complt has paid in 30s, therefore deft ordered to stay proceedings.
890 [58] 07-Feb Thomas Cole John Connock the elder, John Connock the younger & others Concerns claim to lease of messuage & lands called Meryfeild in the Parish of St Clere, Cornwall. Ordered to be dismissed, and referred to seek remedy at Common Law. Order includes how the suit should be preferred at Common Law.
890 [59] 07-Feb Agnes Payne, widow William Bereman Ordered to be dismissed as complt has not brought in £10 as previously ordered.
890 [60] 09-Feb Anne Barlee Edward Bullock Deft ordered to pay £30 within 20 days to Anne Barlee at her house in Elsenham, Essex which he had confessed was due to Joyce Barlee (whose administratrix the complt is).
891 [61] 09-Feb Agnes Paine, Widow William Bearman Defts proceedings at Common Law for 10s, residue of debt of £4 10s for wares delivered to the complt. Complt has delivered into court 10s, therefore deft ordered to stay proceedings.
891 [62] 09-Feb Thomas Gonvile als Gonnell & Thomas Spurling Francis Saverne & Marie his wife, Nicholas Oldeman, John Finche & Thomas Finche Defts to have out of court £7 10s, being residue of debt plus £5 costs & to deliver to complts 2 obligations to be cancelled. As to the other bond of £300 the parties agree to stand to the order of the court.
892 [63] 10-Feb Robert Malam, Robert Upton, Robert Uston, Richard Gonnston, Courtney Barrett & Johan Malam, widow of Shelton, Notts Robt Markham of Shelton, Gent Concerns leases of messuages & lands in Shelton, granted by the deft about a year ago for 21 years. Indentures have come into the possession of the deft and he has entered and enclosed certain grounds called Westmore Leyes & Ambure Leyes, and threatens to take away other closes. Ordered that injunction upon £200 be issued for performance of the order that the complts shall enjoy the property until the cause is heard & determined.
892 [64] 10-Feb John Jaques Giles de Lowe, John Thompson & Thomas Newman
893 [65] 10-Feb Thomas Kendall, Gent Walter Kendall, Esqr Stay of defts proceedings in an action of debt commenced in the Court held in the town & borough of Bodmin, Cornwall. Complt claims the sum was expended by him in London as Solicitor to the deft (his nephew). Deft ordered to stay proceedings until he has answered in this court.
893 [66][67] 10-Feb Robert Aske, Citizen & Goldsmith of London John Leake Concerns the office of the keeping of the greene yearde near Leaden Hall in the City of London, and the profits from the stalls, standings & hanging of butchers flesh. Deft, who is currently in possession of the office, has defaulted. Ordered that the office should be sequestered into the hands of an indifferent man, pending the hearing of the cause. Mayor & Court of Aldermen to appoint an indifferent man.
894 [68] 10-Feb John Crooke the elder Thomas Gollop & George Golloppe Concerns a sum of money which Humfrey Golloppe (servant to the complt & son of deft Thomas Gollop) willed his father by letter from the Isle of Canaryes, Spain to deliver to the complt. Dismissed as complt has failed to proceed, and he to pay 10s costs to defts.
894 [69][70] 10-Feb Martha Thurbarne & Robert Thurbarne Christopher Effeild
895 [71][72] 11-Feb Edmund Duffeild, Gent, for the Provost & College of Eaton John Rogers, Robert Chapman & others Complts demands of a yearly pension of 23s out of the Parsonage of Clanfeild, Oxon & 40 years arrears. Grant made 35 Hen VIII. Shown that the defts Rogers & Chapman hold only 2/3, and that for only 5 years. Therefore ordered to pay 2/3 of five years arrears.
896 [73] 11-Feb Jeffrey Whitworth & Anne his wife John Willoughbie, Esqr & Thomas Charlton Concerns a gelding with a woman's saddle & furniture, value of 20 marks delivered into the custody of Katherine Willoughbie (now decd, defts are her executors) to the use of the complt Anne. Refs Ellen Stanfeild, late servant to Mrs Willoughbie. Defts to pay £6 13s 4d.
897 [74] 11-Feb Francis Capper Margaret Gore, Garrett Hayward & John Sandyver Margaret Gore's proceedings at Common Law for £30 claimed for 30 dozen skins sold & delivered, and for which she accepted the bond of William Letherett & William Hoult, citizens of London. Ordered to stay proceedings.
897 [75][76] 11-Feb Francis Whitton, Gent & Elizabeth his wife The Lady Elizabeth Leighton, widow Concerns £20 due to the complt upon his making over to his wife for life, as jointure, the manor of Faynetree, Salop. Ordered that the £20 be paid to the complt & that the complt delliver an obligation in £100 to Gerrard Whorwood & Rowland Odell that the land is discharged of encumbrances.
898 [77] 11-Feb John Jackson & William le Sage John Fisher, Gent & William Mynne Refs order of 10 Nov 32 Eliz.
898 [78][79] 11-Feb Hubert Vandekell William Abthwart Debt. Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law for payment due when he had recovered lands in Yorks which should have descended to Ellen the complts wife (daughter of John Key). Also for money due to the complt for defts diet & board. Deft ordered to stay proceedings until he has made answer to this court.
899 [80] 11-Feb William Saers Bartholomew Taliofero Defts proceedings at Common Law for debt.
899 [81] 12-Feb Thomas Arnett & Agnes his wife Thomas Nashe, Gent, William Dallowe & John Gardiner messuage & lands called Fowles held of Her Majesty's manor of Ambersley, Worcs. Complts claim to have found an ancient court roll of the manor, proving their title. Ordered to be referred to The Court of Exchequer
900 [82] 12-Feb Dame Eleonora Zowche, wife of the Lord Zowche Dame Eleonora Zowche, Widow Refs decree of 5 feb 32 Eliz., and order of 3 July last past. Deft continues to ignore court, therefore obligation of £200 is ordered to be delivered to complt.
900 [83] 12-Feb John Juman & others Thomas Juman & others Concerns title to Chapel of Puxton & Balleys Barne, parcel of the rectory of Banwell, Somerset. Shown to be depending before Court of Chancery, therefore dismissed from this court.
901 [84] 12-Feb John Williams, Master of Arts Erasmus Wright Defts proceedings at Common Law concerning obligation of £40 with condition that William Williams, servant & apprentice to the deft & Anne his wife shall justlie & trulie serve during his apprenticeship. Claimed that he left his apprenticeship due to the hard usage & evill entreatie of the deft & his wife. Deft ordered to stay proceedings.
901 [85] 12-Feb William Smith John Wright Title to 2 Oxgangs of land in Thirske, Yorks. Ordered to be dismissed and referred to Court of Exchequer.
902 [86][87] 12-Feb John Jones John Marrowe, George Dawkes, Jeffrey Hall & others Concerns Registership of the Diocese of Gloucester. Refs decree of Court of Chancery of 4 July 26 Eliz. John Jones vs John Lord Bishop of Gloucester & William Blackleech, chancellor to the Bishop. Ordered that the complt shall enjoy the Office of Scribe & Register.
903 [88] 12-Feb William Beardesley William Chetwinde, Esqr Defts action of debt at Common Law. Deft ordered to cease his suit at Common Law.
904 [89] 12-Feb Paul Pinchion John Heringford Debt. Defts proceedings at Common Law, money due for malt.
904 [90] 12-Feb Walter Legate James Smith
905 [91] 12-Feb Richard Arnolde, Gentleman John Baylie, Gent Debt. Defts proceedings at Common Law. Obligation of Richard Arnolde, late father to the complt, claimed to have been satisfied. Deft ordered to stay proceedings.
905 [92] 14-Feb Thomas Bray John Wood
906 [93] 27-Jan John Levinge Thomas Parker, Gent, executor of Edward Parker, Gent, decd
906 [94] 04-Feb Richard Goddard John Goddard Dismissed.
906 [95][96] 19-Feb John Athenwright, Thomas Johnson, Thomas Pendre, Robert Jackson, John Wilson, Lawrence Pendre, Edward Jackson, William Laborer, John Tompson, Johan Crafoote, John Johnson, Roger Curwyn, Richard Collingson, Jane Preston, Jane Jackson, Alice Tudgill, Elizabeth Carpnell & Joane Crosfeild tenants of the town of Holme in the Barony of Kendal, Westmorland. Thomas Preston, Esqr Lands emparked & enclosed by the deft. Refs previous order for their quiet enjoyment from the Council of the North, which it is claimed he has broken & vexed the complts with multitude of suits in diverse courts. Ordered that they should have & hold the said lands.
908 [97] 28-Feb John Andrewes & Susan his wife executrix of Richard Younge, decd John Hopkins & others
908 [98][99] 28-Feb Robert Davy, Esqr William Partrich, Esqr & Thomas Woodes administrator of Elinor Wotton, widow £20 lent to the decd by the complt, due to have been repaid in 1592. Decd was lodging with deft Partriche, and died possesed of plate, jewels, gold, coach & 2 coach horses etc., but Partriche claims the decd made a deed of gift to him.
909 [100] 01-Mar Thomas Atcheson John Whiting & John Deane Title to messuage & lands in Hanworth & Albye in Norfolk.
910 [101] 12-Mar John Parker the elder one of the Yeomen of Her Majesty's Chamber Alice Parker, widow, John Parker the younger, Fardinando Parker & David Griffin ap Howell Defts proceedings in diverse suits before the Council in the Marches of Wales. Previous order of 27 November last past ordered the stay of defts suits, but since then the Privy Council has written to the Council in the Marches on behalf of the defts Alice & John (mother & brother to the complt) for a speedy resolution, due to her old age. Therefore previous injunction is dissolved & defts licensed to proceed.
910 [102][103] 15-Mar Robert Fludd Robert Sparke & Thomas Sparke Concerns lease of manor or farm called Hoores late in the tenure of Henry Frost, being in Somerton, Hartoft & Boxstedd, Suffolk. Robt Sparke has committed great & manifold contempts to the authorised commissioners. Attachment awarded to apprehend the defts & also George Parker & Edmund Markant.
911 [104] 10-Feb Elizabeth Winter, Widow George Littleton, Esqr Refs former decree of 28 April 34 Eliz.
912 [105] 16-Mar William Wilkes Martin Burrell And also cause where Martin Burrell complt against William Wilkes & Thomas Hayes
913 [106] 18-Mar Johan Spragin Martin Spragin (complts husband), Richard Levens & others Deft Leven's proceedings at Common Law against complt & the deft Martin Spragin for slanderous words & assault and battery by the complt against the deft Levens. The Spragins have been by consent separated before the Ordinary of the Diocese of London, and claimed that the actions are in order to claim damages against the complt, and therefore for Martin Spragin to take goods which are in the possession of the complt. Deft Levens ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law until further order.
913 [107] 18-Mar Robert Sampson, Gent Robert Swanne
914 [108][109] 29-Mar Robert Fludd of Risbie, Suffolk, yeoman Robert Sparke & his son Thomas Sparke Lease of the manor of Hores, Suffolk, granted by Sir William Drewrie, Knight, decd to Henry Frost about 31 Eliz. Frost paid with money lent by Sparke, who retained the lease as security. Loan repaid by Fludd, but Sparke has retained lease. Deft ordered to return lease, bond of £500, minor sub leases to remain in place & Fludd to pay Sparke reasonable costs for Peas & Bullimonge which he has sown.
916 [110] 12-Feb William Baynham, Esqr Richard Brooke & others
916 [111] 26-Feb Thomas Townesend & Agathe his wife Thomas Wake Deft has refused to satisfy previous order for payment of £3, therefore court's messenger is authorised to apprehend the deft & bring him before the court if he again refuses to pay.
916 [112][113] 04-Apr John Athenwright & others, tenants of the manor of Holme in the Barony of Kendall, Westmorland Thomas Preston, Esqr Rights to enclosed land. Refs injunction from this court 16 years last past, and order made by the Council of the North about 7 or 8 years past. Deft shows that since the last order, the cause has been heard several times by the Council of the North, and has been referred to trial by Common Law. Claimed that although some of the complts have surrendered their titles, they have recently pulled down the wall of the enclosure. Ordered that previous injunction be dissolved, and defts answers to be heard.
918 [114] 05-Apr John Mattock Richard Cole
918 [115][116] 17-Apr John Athenwright, Thomas Johnson, Thomas Pendre, Robert Jackson, John Wilson & others tenants of the manor of Holme in the Barony of Kendall, Westmorland Thomas Preston, Esqr Enclosure of land. Since previous order for the taking of the defts answers, he has had some of the complts imprisoned. Ordered that the deft should not only release & discharge the complts, but also to forbear to further molest them until he has made full answer.
919 [117][118] 10-Feb Percyvall Hassall of London, Merchant Phillip Smith, William Burd, Henry Billingesley, Hugh Bullock, Elizabeth Haynes, Edmund Brassy, Richard Lee, William Bowes, Anne Wood, Thomas Burton, Sebastian Harvie, John Segar, Henry Brooke, Ephen Baker, Adrian Deporter, George Wilkinson, John Carell, Robert Hare, Henry Evans, John Stone, John Skott, Oliver Richardson, Arthur Rennoldes & George Sutherton Debt. About 4 years past complt became bound as surety for Phillip Smith of London, merchant, to the other defts for the sum of £4000. Deft Smith is further indebted to the complt for £6600 for the past 17 years. Smith has been arrested & imprisoned & is content to remain there in order to avoid repaying the complt, and also to expose him as surety to the other creditors. Many of the defts are proceeding with suits at Common Law, ordered that they all stay proceedings at Common Law until further order.
920 [119][120][121][122][123] 10-Feb William Diconson of London, Skinner & Phillip his wife, daughter and administratrix of Robert Collins late of London, Skinner. Sir Edward Osborne, Sir George Barnes, Knights & Robert Offley citizen & haberdasher of the City of London Lease to the decd Robert Collins of 4 messuages lying near Budgrowe in the parish of St Anthonies in the City of London from August 1536 by the Master of the Hospital called the Savoy for 64 years. Refs many law suits regarding title to the property with one Wistow. Mayor etc of City of London now governors of the possessions of the Hospital had evicted the complts for being 3 days late with rent, and leased to Lambert Osbaston. Prior to an action of the Mayor's Court, the defts promised that if the complts allow Osbaston to recover the premises, they would have another grant made, which promise the governors have refused to perform. Refs former decree in this court. Both complts have since died leaving issue Dusabell Dickinson & Anne Waters wife of John Waters, Grocer administrators of the goods of Simon Dickinson son & administrator of the goods of the complts, who have issued bill of revivor. Ordered & decreed that Dusabell & Anne shall hold & enjoy the premises for the terme of years yet to come & the governors to pay them the rent received since the eviction of their parents, and any undertenants shall continue as per the meaning of their leases.