REQ 1/18. List, Hillary Term 37 Eliz I (1594) - Part3

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 311 - 353 of orders, decrees & memoranda from Volume REQ 1/18 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests), covering dates 6 February - 26 February 1594/5, with one each from April & May out of sequence.

For further details of the whole volume and conventions used, see REQ 1/18.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
311 [1][2] 06-Feb William Williams, gent, & William Watkin Morgan Hughe, Henry Lewes, esqr, & Hugh Watkins Lease of farm called Brodwell Farm, messuage & c. 80 acres in Runston, Monmouth. Previously granted to Watkin Williams, decd, by Henrie Lewys, esqr, decd. Lease assigned by Agnes, widow of Watkin Williams to complt, William Williams. Deft Hughe Watkins, having possession of original lease is proceeding at common law against the complt William Watkin.
312 [3] 07-Feb John Germin Mathew Sutcliff, Dean of Exeter, John Leeche, Thomas Hamlin & others
312 [4][5] 07-Feb Marke Ive, gent William Gilling als Gillam of London, taylor Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Debts/bonds for suits of apparel, claimed to be at very unreasonable rates.
313 [6][7] 07-Feb Thomas Keigell John Hale & Thomasin his wife administratrix of John Harding late of Stratford, Middx, Oatmeal maker, decd Stay of defts proceedings at common law, obligation to decd, and claim of agreement with the decd regarding the same.
314 [8][9] 07-Feb Thomas Kerry, esqr, one of the Clerks of Her Majesty's Privie Seale Francis Pinck & Robert Madgwick Conveyance from deft Pinck to complt of messuage etc. in Alton, Hants, previously in the occupation of deft Madgwick. Also mention of proceedings brought at common law by Thomas Smith who had been granted a lease to the premises by deft Pinck.
315 [10] 08-Feb Jerman Richardson, now lately decd. George Hanger Debt. Money paid in by the complt to be paid to the deft, on condition the deft enters bond to repay money if ordered following the exhibition of a bill of complaint by the executors/administrators of the complt.
315 [11] 08-Feb John Palmer Thomas Gonnell als Gonvill & others debt
316 [12] 08-Feb Bennett Cappe & Mary his wife Robert Elliott & diverse other defts Rents of certain properties belonging to John Elliott, an infant, whose guardians are his next of kin (on the mother's side) Mary, the wife of the complt & Grace the wife of Thomas Hardie als Jeffrey.
316 [13][14] 10-Feb Edward Jones & David Edwardes Humfrey Davys Bond of £40, complt surety for Griffith Jones. Complt claims to have been saitisfied in provision of 'diet' & lodging of the deft & his son at Griffith Jones'. Appears that the deft is arrested for the debt at the Court of the Marshalsea at the suit of John Nicholas, administrator of goods & chattells of Griffith Jones. Dismissed as ruled the deft should not be 'double vexed'
317 [15] 10-Feb John Nicholson Elizabeth Nicholson, widow Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Parties dwell within the jurisdiction of the Council in the North, hence dismissed.
317 [16] 10-Feb William Higginson & Johan his wife John Fagge
318 [17] 10-Feb Thomas Carow, gent Richard Lovelace, gent & John Fulham Lease of Manor called Losthall & 300 acres in Navestock, Essex by William Sidley of Southfleet, Kent, esqr
318 [18] 10-Feb Phillip John Poll Stonard
318 [19][20] 10-Feb Roger Golde (or Gold) Thomas Earle & others Although previously dismissed for lack of proceedings, cause resumed as shown by affidavit of George Pope, gent, that the complt had been very sick, and both counsel & Solicitor had died.
319 [21] 10-Feb Evan ap Robert Owen Rice Wynne ap Jevan ap Griffith Deft arrested by sheriff of Merioneth, but reported he has been seen at liberty. Order to bring to London.
320 [22] 10-Feb Roger Ashe Thomas Gurling Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Failure to perform covenant. Impost or custom on wine. Unable to serve previous injunction as deft cannot be found, previously resided at Bankside in County of Surrey.
320 [23] 11-Feb Richard Stone administrator of William Stone his late father, decd. William Gardiner, esqr refs order of 14 June last past.
321 [24] 11-Feb John Bolle, esqr & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Baker
321 [25] 11-Feb Henry Perman Thomas Fenne & Elizabeth his wife Action of covenant brought by complt against deft at common law. Complt Elizabeth is executrix to Raffe Lullam, her late husband decd. Dismissed as most apt to be tried at common law.
321 [26][27] 11-Feb William Barbett & Jane his wife administratrix of William Mussered, her brother Thomas Cobbe & Agnes his wife executrix of William Mussered, executor of John Mussered Mention of Edmund Cobbe, son of deft. deft has failed to provide bond as per previous order, but deft lives within the liberties of the Cinque Ports, where attachment cannot be served. Ordered he be arrested and brought before the Court for punishment for his contempts
322 [28][29] 11-Feb John Scott, esqr Nicholas Wakefeild, John Cooke, John Patye, Elizabeth Tyse, widow & others Lease of twenty messuages etc. in Goulding Lane, Parish of St Giles without Cripplegate, Middx, called or known by the name of Mrs Carowes Rents. Despite Decree of 6 Nov last past, tenants continue to refuse to pay rent to complt. Ordered that Sheriff of Middx & the warden of the prison of the Fleet apprehend tenants for their contempts in breach of decree.
323 [30][31] 11-Feb Richard Belworthie Marke Delves Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Bond/covenant & mortgage. Also mention of Thomas Peeters.
324 [32] 12-Feb Thomas ap John ap Llewellyn Thomas Wynne ap Richard, esqr, now High Sheriff of Denbigh, Robert ap Lewes ap Jevan, John ap Perderhaughe and Robt ap David ap Griffith
324 [33] 12-Feb Barthram Orde of Newcastle upon Tyne Henry Anderson, esqr, Thomas Orde, Oliver Ogle, George Orde & Henry Orde, gent Title etc to Manors and Lordships of Orde, Newbeginne & Borodine, Northumberland. Dismissed as parties and lands fall within jurisdiction of Her Majesty's Commission established in the North parts where the said complt may aswell seeke his remedy.
325 [34] 12-Feb Thomas Barnard Richard Barnard
325 [35][36] 12-Feb John Golde William Fairchilde, clerk & John Walden refs order of 25 April last past
326 [37] 12-Feb Roger Preston, gent Richard Arnold Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Obligation, complt surety for William Worthiall & John Thorne. Copyhold lands in manor of Rawridge, Devon
326 [38][39] 12-Feb William Savage, gent Thomas Sherwin Also counter suit. Debt.
327 [40] 12-Feb Edward Gibson Henry Norton, gent & Edward Eves 2 Closes in Barton in Clare, Beds, let to complt for 20 years from Nov 35Eliz. Deft claims default on rent & has relet to Edward Eves.
328 [41] 12-Feb Robert Aske, citizen & goldsmith of London John Spencer, Lord Mayor of London, Richard Gurney, alderman, Thomas Wilford, chamberlain of London & diverse others Concerns Office of keeping the greene yarde & receiving the profits of Leaden Hall, which had by law been granted to the complt for his life.
328 [42] 12-Feb Thomas Stone William Ritche Stay of defts proceedings at common law. refs order of 10 May last past.
329 [43] 12-Feb Daniel Owtred William Langridge & Edward Drewe Mortgage of 2 burgage tenements at East Grinstead, Sussex. Stay of defts suits at common law.
329 [44][45] 12-Feb Henry Seckford, esqr, one of the Grooms of Her Majesty's Privie Chamber, executor of Humfrey Seckford, esqr, decd. Benedict Grove, Thomas Hall, gent, & [blank] Nicholson, widow Stay of defts proceedings at common law. 3 Obligations: 1. Humfrey Seckford bound with Symon Mawe, gent unto Benedict Grove; 2. Humfrey Seckford bound with William Cornewallis, esqr, unto Thomas Hall, gent; 3. Humfrey Seckford with William Bloyes, merchant unto [blank] Nicholson. Seckford had made arrangements within his lifetime to extend obligations, paying 2s in the £. Has many other debts, including to Her Majesty.
330 [46] 12-Feb Peter Bushop Robert Luxton & Richard Luxton Whether lands in question are arable or meadow/pasture, and therefore whether an injunction not to plough is applicable.
330 [47] 12-Feb Richard Stringer John Francklin Lease of messuage etc. Parish of Mepsull, Beds.
331 [48] 12-Feb Christopher Cowper & Peter Cowper Christopher Turnor Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Bond/obligation.
331 [49] 12-Feb Richard Bold (or Bolde), esqr John Bryan Mem: As per order, defts obligation of £80 is delivered back to the deft. Thomas Bolde, gent, is son of the complt.
332 [50] 12-Feb Thomas Blunt, esqr & Anne his wife, late wife and administratrix of Christopher Marshall, gent, decd Thomas Marshall, gent Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Bond made by said Anne in her widowhood to deft.
332 [51] 12-Feb Johan Phillips, widow & Thomas Gole John Churchwarde & others Devon.
333 [52] 12-Feb William Whitehall Henry Holcroft, gent Debt.
333 [53][54] 15-Feb Richard Paine, esqr Richard Paramor, esqr Rent etc. due from parcells of land reserved out of a sale to the deft of land etc. at East Twyforde
334 [55][56] 16-Feb John Nicholson Elizabeth Nicholson, widow Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Complts obligation to appear in Court of Wards & Liveries. Complt cannnot receive remedy in the Court of Wards & Liveries, therefore case resumed in this court.
335 [57] 17-Feb Walter Agard Henry Trickett, clerk & others Moiety of tithes of corn & hay in Hutton, Derbys. Dismissed as complt has not shown cause ...
335 [58][59] 21-Feb John Ferrers & others George Ognell, gent, executor of Andrew Ognell, esqr, decd. refs decree of 18 June last past that the deft should pay 800 marks, for breach of which the deft was committed to the Fleet Prison. Also refs counter complaint exhibited by George Ognell against John Ferrers & others.
336 [60] 12-Feb Thomas Trafford & John Edwards, esqr Hugh Tottie of London, mercer, & Judith his wife Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Concerns 2 obligations: 1. complts bound to deft Judith in her widowhood 2. Complt Thomas Trafford bound to the said Hugh Tottie.
336 [61] 10-Feb Thomas Piper & Millicent his wife Robert Higham refs decree of 6 Nov last past. Refs children of Robert Amye.
337 [62] 11-Feb Thomas Drewe John Newton & John Birde exexutors of Olive Burr decd. Concerns claim of promise made by the said Burr in his lifetime. Dismissed and ordered to be tried at common law.
337 [63][64][65] 12-Feb William Kingeswell, esqr Richard Kingeswell, gent, brother of the complt Inhibiting & stay of defts execution of a recognizance of the nature of a statute staple of the sum of £900. Ref to legacies given by William Kingeswell, grandfather of the parties, and to Swithen Kingeswell & Avis, mother and father to the parties.
339 [66][67] 12-Feb William Huggins John Bourne Obligation of £30 due from deft, but complt has lost obligation and therefore cannot gain remedy at common law.
340 [68][69] 03-May John Underell & Clement his wife, sister & administratrix of John Hodges, decd, James Turvie & Thomas Priste Debt of £70 due from defts to John Hodges. Notes Hodges made nuncupative will 1.3.1587. Mention of Tobias Hodges, elder brother to the decd. Deft Clement was previously married to John Wall. Administration had been granted to the complt Clement by the Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and to Tobias Hodges by the Archdeacon of London.
341 [70][71] 10-Feb Sir Horatio Pallavicino, knight Federico Genebelli & others Stay of defts proceedings at common law
342 [72][73] 12-Feb Abraham Copwood and John Davenett Roger Clarck Concerns 20 fatts of madder. Goods of Robert Warner, which dispute had previously been ordered to be tried at common law, 30 April last past. Ordered to be dismissed out of this court as per order of 28 November last past.
343 [74] 12-Feb John Rodes Thomas Sampson & Robert Carre Bond, which the complt has lost.
343 [75][76] 12-Feb William Baynham, esqr Richard Brooks & others Eviction of the complt from Rectory of Budbrooke & appurtenances in Budbrooke, Hampton Curlewe & Norton Curlewe in Warwickshire, leased from the bailiff & burgesses of the Borough of Warwick. Detailed history of dispute from 30Eliz.
344 [77][78][79] 13-Feb Richard Twyford, gent Sir William Moore, knight, & William Harding Concerns agreement to lease the parsonage house & glebe lands at Compton in Surrey to the complt. Complt had left his inheritance in Shropshire to serve the deft. Mention of complt's son, Thomas Twyford, also Sir John Wolley, knight, & George Manwaring, sons in law to the deft.
346 [80][81] 14-Feb Robert Pettifer & Arnold Colwall, public notaries John, Lord Bishop of Gloucester, William Blackleeche, chancellor to the Bishop, & John Marrow Complts, previously proctors in the consistory & ecclesiastical courts of the Diocese of Gloucester, have been displaced. Refs order of 26 April last past that they should be reinstated.
347 [82][83] 12-Feb Richard Pope John Baylie & John Cannon Mention of Morgan Pope, brother of complt
348 [84] 23-Feb Randall Carter William Rice, Margaret his wife & others 8 tenements etc. in Grubbe Streete & Moore Lane in the suburbs of the City of London. Ref to decree of 26 April last past. Defts have not fully complied, therefore a commission directed to the Sheriffs of the City of London & Middlesex authorising them to put the complt in full & peaceable possession, according to the said decree.
348 [85][86] 26-Feb Dame Eleanora Zowche wife of Edward, Lord Zowche Dame Eleanora Zowche, widow Refs order of 10 December last past. Despite Comission of Rebellion, deft continues disobedience. Ordered that Comission of Rebellion be renewed and that Sheriff of Derbyshire to apprehend the deft.
349 [87] 03-Apr Alexander Welshe John Richards Stay of defts actions of trespass commenced before the Lord Mayor in the Guildhall within the City of London. Appears that the deft has commenced the actions upon malice related to a contract of matrimony between the complt & Mary Castleford a kinswoman of the deft
350 [88] 12-Feb Sir Walter Leveson, knight Walter Nowell, Margaret his wife & others Defts have defaulted to supply answers to bill of complaint, complt fears they are delaying in the hope that his aged witnesses will die.
350 [89] 12-Feb William Colston William Godwin Although complt was ordered to proceed by 19 November last past, affidavit has been provided by Morgan Reade that due to some imperfection of his body he has been unable to travel without great danger of death, thus ordered that he shall be at liberty to proceed in this cause.
350 [90][91] 30-Jan Phillip West Osmond Bushnell Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Eviction from messuage etc. in Corsham, Wiltshire. Def has obtained a lease from William West, the son of the complt.
351 [92] 05-Feb William Taylor & Elizabeth his wife, John Brier & Anne his wife John Wavell & Jane his wife 2 parts of a lease of the capital messuage etc. of Atherffeild in the parish of Brickeston in the Isle of Wighte, Hampshire. Lease made by Sir John Trenchard, knight, decd to John Holbrooke & Agnes his wife for approx 80 years. Lease had been assigned to complts Elizabeth & Anne, and deft Jane, their sister.
352 [93] 10-Feb Nicholas Bybie & Katherine his wife John Davies Debt of £15 10s. Refs defts previous bill of complaint against the complt Katherine & associated decree of 2 July 32Eliz. Mention of defts brother Robert Davies.
353 [94] 16-Feb John Wadington & Agnes his wife Thomas Sheffeld, gent & Ursula his wife
353 [95] 15-Feb Raffe Brooke als Yorke Gilbert Gardiner Mem: £5 33s 4d paid to deft in full payment & satisfaction.