REQ 1/18. List, Hillary Term 37 Eliz I (1594) - Part2

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 270 - 310 of orders, decrees & memoranda from Volume REQ 1/18 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests), covering dates 8 February - 22 February 1594/5 in the first sequence and 27 January - 6 February 1594/5 in the second sequence.

For further details of the whole volume and conventions used, see REQ 1/18.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
270 [1] 08-Feb Robert Goldock William Morse Concerns Tottington Wood (no county specified)
270 [2] 08-Feb Richard Twyford, gent Sir William Moore, knight Property. Complt at liberty to amend his bill to include William Harding as a party (to whom the deft has granted a lease).
270 [3] 08-Feb Thomas Wilcox John Paxston & Ellen his wife
270 [4] 08-Feb Thomas Pomfrett Peter Grace & Avelin his wife
270 [5] 08-Feb Edward Jewkes, esqr, sergeant of Her Majasty's Backhowse William Gardiner, esqr
270 [6] 08-Feb John Bulman John Fawkner
271 [7] 08-Feb Lawrence Pake Thomas Moore
271 [8] 08-Feb Roger Fly John Sheppard complt at liberty to amend his bill by making John Lawarde a party (to whom a grant of the office in question was heretofore made by the Bishop of Winchester & others)
271 [9] 10-Feb Raffe Bowes, esqr Alice Watkinson, widow
271 [10] 10-Feb Edmond Day John Cutler Attachment awarded against complt for his contempt in having the deft arrested.
271 [11] 10-Feb John Comedowe Henry Eggleston & others deft is licensed to continue with his suits at common law.
271 [12] 10-Feb Simon Kelway, gent John Ackland, esqr
271 [13] 10-Feb Richard Coller Dame Isabel, Countess of Rutland
272 [14] 10-Feb John Bulman John Fawkner
272 [15] 10-Feb Richard Twyford, gent Sir William Moore, knight Offer by complt to submit to arbitrement of Right Hon Sir John Wolley (one of Her majesty's Privy Council) & George Manwaring, Esqr, sons in law to the deft.
272 [16] 10-Feb Merrick Spender Richard Bromwiche & Thomas Adlam Mem: as per order of 21 Nov last past, two obligations of £44 each paid to William Scott, gent for the use of the complt
272 [17] 10-Feb Thomas Smith Nicholas Long
272 [18] 10-Feb William Ritche Thomas Leighe & others
273 [19] 10-Feb Thomas Hawle, gent Simon Mawe, gent
273 [20] 10-Feb Thomas Evans, gent Edward Eyton, esqr
273 [21] 10-Feb John Goodchilde Richard Walker
273 [22] 10-Feb Thomas Dennie Katherine Wrott, widow & others
273 [23] 10-Feb Roger Hill & Susan his wife Richard Cole & Susan his wife
273 [24] 10-Feb John, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury & Raffe Heyman, esqr Stephen Hatche Concerns title of lands. Def at liberty to proceed with his suit at common law unless complt show ...
274 [25] 10-Feb John Carter John Turnor Dismissed unless complt show ...
274 [26] 10-Feb John Androwes John Hopkins Dismissed unless complt show ...
274 [27] 10-Feb Richard Belworthie Marke Delves
274 [28] 10-Feb William West Michael Harris, esqr & others
274 [29] 10-Feb Thomas Tixall & John Tixall William Acourt Claim that the deft has submitted a frivolous demurrer
274 [30] 10-Feb Thomas Hawen William Lullingden Dismissed if it can be demonstrated that the complt has sued the said deft for the same cause at common law.
275 [31] 10-Feb Richard Bigge William Winslowe the elder & William Winslowe the younger
275 [32] 10-Feb John Palmer Thomas Gonnell
275 [33] 10-Feb Alexander Hartley Nicholas Hartley
275 [34] 10-Feb Robert Reade, gent William Armiger, gent Concerns Annuity
275 [35] 10-Feb Walter Agard Henry Trickett, clerk
275 [36] 10-Feb Thomas Roe, clerk Edward Wood Mention of a lease made by John Allen to William Holie of a parcel of ground called Rowe Woodes
276 [37] 10-Feb Thomas Neale Robert Bulwer, gent deft has consented to stay his suit at common law
276 [38] 10-Feb Andrew Howse Thomas Mothold
276 [39] 10-Feb Thomas Reade Thomas Bright & Mary his wife
276 [40] 10-Feb Edward Kitchin Robt Lee, alderman, & others
276 [41] 10-Feb William Hobbie, esqr John Higford, esqr, & Dorothy his wife
276 [42] 10-Feb Richard Maynard John Voell als Hooker & others
277 [43] 10-Feb John Sulyard & others John Russell & Edward Boddie
277 [44] 10-Feb John Copley, gent Margaret Copley, widow & Robert Middlemore, gent
277 [45] 10-Feb Edward Penfound John Penfound
277 [46] 10-Feb Henry Lewes, gent John Coxe, late Mayor of Gloucester & others
277 [47] 10-Feb Thomas ap John ap Llewellyn Thomas Wyn, esqr & others Dismissed unless complt show ...
277 [48] 10-Feb Phillip Cottington, gent Richard Holloway & others
277 [49] 10-Feb Richard Stock Richard Pamphilon & William Pamphilon
277 [50] 10-Feb Richard Paine, esqr Richard Paramor, esqr
278 [51] 10-Feb Alexander Chock, esqr & Francis Chock, gent John Welles & William Richardes refs former order of 6 June last past
278 [52] 10-Feb [blank] Dandy, gent Thomas Needham
278 [53] 10-Feb George Bassett Rice Sutton Debt of £20
278 [54] 10-Feb Peter Britten Walter Britten
278 [55] 10-Feb Thomas Barnes John Derrick & Thomas Westden
278 [56] 11-Feb Johan Steward, widow Robert Seale, gent Deft ordered to stay his suit at common law
279 [57] 11-Feb John Jones & Katherine his wife Peter Wright & John Dewe Mem: that sum of £3 paid to Katherine the complt as per order
279 [58] 11-Feb Daniel Owtred William Langridge & Edward Drewe
279 [59] 11-Feb Thomas Parris John Barnard, gent
279 [60] 11-Feb Edward Jewkes, esqr, sergeant of Her Majesty's Backhowse William Gardiner, esqr
279 [61] 11-Feb Thomas Forman Roger Jenkins
279 [62] 11-Feb Wilmot Hooper Thomas Greed
280 [63] 11-Feb George Bassett Rice Sutton dissolution of previous injunction to stay defts proceedings at common law
280 [64] 11-Feb Francis Greene Thomas Dell
280 [65] 12-Feb John Owting & Thomas Jostling William Withers & others Mem: Obligation of £40 delivered to John Owting as per order
280 [66] 12-Feb Christopher Brooke & Mary his wife Thomas Bagnald
280 [67] 12-Feb Robert Bacon, gent Robert Woodroffe, gent & Mary his wife
280 [68] 12-Feb Henry Seckford, esqr John Rayner & others deft discharged of his contempts
280 [69] 12-Feb William Woodcock & others Nicholas Finche & others
281 [70] 12-Feb Mary Jucent Thomas Redman & others
281 [71] 12-Feb John, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury & Raffe Hayman, esqr Stephen Hatche Ordered that the deft shall be at libertie to proceed to trial at common law.
281 [72] 12-Feb William Hobbie, esqr John Higford, esqr, & Dorothy his wife
281 [73] 12-Feb Randall Carter William Rice
281 [74] 12-Feb Thomas Barnes John Bulman & Martin Jurden
281 [75] 12-Feb William Cowell & others William Wigge & others The matter is one of legacy which has been ordered in the spiritual court, therefore ordered to be dismissed unless complt show ...
281 [76] 12-Feb John Cotton, esqr Giles Reade, esqr & Phillip Waters
282 [77] 12-Feb William Bent William Illedge & others Attachment awarded against defts for their contempts
282 [78] 12-Feb Thomas Robinson John Harman Ordered that injunction be awarded against deft for stay of his suits at common law
282 [79] 12-Feb John Nicholson Elizabeth Nicholson, widow ref to complts proceedings at the Court of Wards & Liveries, and also defts proceedings at common law.
282 [80] 12-Feb Francis Crispe & others John Longe
282 [81] 12-Feb [blank] Lyvinge (or Living) Thomas Parker dismissed unless complt proceed by 6 day of next term
282 [82] 12-Feb John Manyver/Maniver George Frampton, gent
282 [83] 12-Feb William Reade Richard Pearce
283 [84] 12-Feb Thomas Dorney Richard Feild & Walter Eyre ordered that defts shall be at liberty to proceed in their suit at common law
283 [85] 12-Feb Thomas Hall, gent Simon Mawe, gent
283 [86] 12-Feb Edward Moore, esqr & Dame Marie Sturton his wife Mary Sturton, widow
283 [87] 12-Feb Edward Bunchley George Dyer
283 [88] 12-Feb Johan Reade, widow George Dent als Barton & John Chidley refs decree of 18 May 35Eliz
283 [89] 12-Feb John Clarck Agnes Tewesley, widow & others dismissed unless complt proceed by 3rd day of next term
283 [90] 12-Feb William Smith William Holland
284 [91] 12-Feb Richard Collins John Richardson
284 [92] 12-Feb Thomas Stone William Ritch Mem: sum of £26 previously delivered into court by the complt is repaid to complt as per order
284 [93] 12-Feb Margery Painter, widow & others Henry Roe
284 [94] 12-Feb Henry Strange William Pearce & Anne his wife
284 [95] 12-Feb Daniel Owtred William Langridge & Edward Drewe Mem: £15 delivered to the complt as per order
284 [96] 12-Feb John Owting & Thomas Jostling Francis Almond & others Mem: £10 paid to Francis Almond as per order
285 [97] 12-Feb Edward Kitchin Robert Lee, alderman & others Mem: 20s paid by the deft as costs to the complt as per order, remaining 20s respited until hearing of the cause
285 [98] 12-Feb Raffe Rotherham, gent Anne Rotherham, widow
285 [99] 12-Feb Willm Wolley (or Woolley) Johan Wolley (or Woolley), widow & Nicholas Woolley
285 [100] 12-Feb Robert Banaster, gent William Musgrave, esqr Commission to be executed at Cockermouth, Cumberland
285 [101] 12-Feb Anne Phillips, widow & Francis Beovand, Doctor of Law Thomas John Phillips
285 [102] 12-Feb John Robins Benedict Winchcombe, gent, & others
285 [103] 12-Feb John Palmer Thomas Gonnell als Gonvile & others Mem: £5 10s paid to the deft as per order
286 [104] 12-Feb Thomas Smith & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Eyton & others
286 [105] 12-Feb Alice Brock & Isabel Brock John Brock
286 [106] 12-Feb Francis Cotton, esqr Pexall Broccas, esqr
286 [107] 12-Feb John Parry Richard ap David & others
286 [108] 12-Feb Thomas Barnard Richard Barnard Mem: £7 13s 4d paid to Nicholas Vavasor, gent, to the use of the complt, as per order
286 [109] 12-Feb William Blacknall, gent Richard Kingesmill, esqr & others Mem: £5 paid to Richard Browne, servant to the deft, as per order
286 [110] 12-Feb John Price Rice ap Edward & others
287 [111] 12-Feb Mem: that this p[re]sent day Hughe Peachie Underbaylif of the Cittie of Westminster was for arresting of Edmund Stanffeild gent (by bill of mi... At the sute of Myles Somerford) in the white hall neere unto this court her mats Counsaill then sitting in the same) comitted by her mats Counsaill to the custodie of the Warden of the Fleete and the said Stanffeild by the same Counsaill delivered from the said arrest
287 [112] 12-Feb Phillip Jones Alice Smith, widow
287 [113] 12-Feb William Baynham, esqr Richard Brooks & others
287 [114] 12-Feb William Williams, gent & William Watkin Morgan Hughe
287 [115] 12-Feb Raphe Whittle William Jour
287 [116] 12-Feb James Slape Mathew Kellett & Margaret his wife
287 [117] 12-Feb Phillip John Powle Stonard Mem: Obligation of £100 paid into court by the deft delivered to the complt as per order
287 [118] 12-Feb John Trohardy Richard Mason & Anne his wife
288 [119] 14-Feb Edward Katesbie & Margaret his sister Roger Mannors, esqr mention of Edward Thurland examined as witness
288 [120] 14-Feb Henry Nevell & Ruth his wife Roger Gregorie
288 [121] 14-Feb Anthony Crosse Richard Towler & others
288 [122] 14-Feb Raffe Richards George Fursden
288 [123] 20-Feb Richard Paine, esqr Richard Paramor, esqr Mem: £117 paid to complts attorney as per order
288 [124] 21-Feb John Parrie Humfrey ap David ap Rees & others
289 [125] 22-Feb Jerman Richardson (now lately deceased) George Hanger Mem: £26 paid to deft as per order
289 [126] 22-Feb Edward Jewkes, esqr William Gardiner, esqr
289 [127] 22-Feb Hugh Armestrong William Brewer & John Harris
290 [128] Page blank
291 [129] 27-Jan Thomas Hall Richard Woods, John Page & Nicholas Moory £305 due from lands purchased by the defts
291 [130] 27-Jan Thomas Goughe & George Goughe William Stanford Lease of the manor or lordship of Stratford (County not specified). Deft has produced lease & conveyance, therefore dismissed.
291 [131][132] 27-Jan Gawin Smith, gent Henry Porder, Raphe Weeks, Elizabeth Smith (wife of the complt) & others Lease of messuage or tenement, Inn called the Three Nunnes in St Buttolphes, Algate, London, assigned to defts when complt was about to depart this realm. Dismissed, as there appeared no just cause to relieve the complt. Both parties at liberty to seek remedy in the Court of Chancery or elsewhere.
292 [133] 27-Jan Thomas Warde of Halifax, Yorks & Mary his wife Richard Kay of Wetherby, Yorks Bills & obligations of £61 10d due to the deft from Thomas Fothergill, late of Halifax, deceased, and other matters (unspecified). Dismissed as has already been heard by the Council in the North, where there are still matters pending
292 [134][135] 28-Jan Gallen Welshe Thomas Overton Leases etc of Norbyn Sett in Glaston, Somerset, given as security for loan of £14. Deemed more appropriate for common law, therefore dismissed out of this court.
293 [136] 28-Jan William Baldrie, Elizabeth Forest & Anne Forest, orphans & children of George Forest of London, Grocer, deceased Roger Tanner Bond concerning defts debts to John Yarrington. Complt Baldrie had married the widow of George Forest.
294 [137] 29-Jan Arnold Hore Richard Lovell, John Hore, William Cooke, Robert Jackson, Alice Tushingham, widow, & Charles Watson Copyhold messuages, lands etc. held of the Manor of Whitchurch, Shropshire. Ref Henry Townesend, steward of the manor & order of 22 April last past. Case dismissed as lands in question lie within the precincts of the Commission established in the Marches of Wales.
294 [138] 29-Jan George Bassett Rice Sutton Complts debt to deft of £20, payment in dispute. Ordered that deft stay his proceedings at common law until he has provided answer to the complts bill.
295 [139] 29-Jan Robert Partriche, gent Joane Taylor, widow Dispute over obligation from the complt to deft to allow her to enjoy a lease (place not specified) peaceably & quietly, which condition she claims (at common law) not to have been fulfilled.
295 [140][141] 29-Jan Thomas Denny, gent Katherine Wrott, widow, Francis Wrott, Augustine Campe, Alice his wife, Rose Baker & others Concerns several suits at common law commenced by the defts. Ordered that they should be stayed until they have answered the complts bill.
296 [142] 29-Jan Dorothy Burchley, widow Nicholas Blake Attachment directed to the Sherriff of Herts to apprehend deft for his contempts
296 [143][144] 29-Jan Edward Wood Richard Grace £80 due to complt following assignation of lease of land called Stockings in Little Brickhill, Bucks, granted by John Robins, gent, to John Wood decd
297 [145][146] 29-Jan Sir Thomas Pulleston, knight John Blofeild stay of defts proceedings at common law. Concerns contract for deft to deliver 300 quarters of Wheat to Clay in Norfolk. Complt did not take delivery due to a restriction by Her Majesty that 'no shippe might passe and carry away anything'. Arbitrators finding that neither the ship nor the wheat arrived at the time appointed, it is ordered that both parties release & discharge the other.
298 [147] 30-Jan John Gilden, gent Thomas Batten & Henrie Batten £20 lent by complt to defts. Complt has not proceeded, therefore dismissed
299 [148] 30-Jan William Mannder John Rowse the elder & Edward Hancocks Dismissed, all parties live in precincts of Her Majesty's Council in the Welsh Marches
299 [149][150] 30-Jan William Hoby, esqr Sir John Higford, knight & John Higford, esqr, his son & Dorothy his wife Bond for remainder of a sum promised as marriage portion of Katherine (since deceased) daughter of complt, to William Rogers, which it is alledged William Rogers agreed to remit prior to his death. Deft Dorothy is a daughter of William Rogers by previous marriage. Long & detailed entry.
301 [151] 31-Jan William Vaughan, esqr Thomas Watkin Bond of £20. Dismissed as judgement has already been given at common law.
301 [152] 31-Jan John Clarck & Hughe Baines Elizabeth Hunt & Robert Wotton Elizabeth Hunt is widow of Alexander Hunt, gent. Dismissed from this court, as the causes are duplicates of causes already pending at common law.
301 [153][154] 31-Jan John Errington Alice Gawen, widow & Thomas Gawen Bond. Also mention of Walter Gawen. Defts suit at common law
302 [155][156] 31-Jan Thomas Wilson of Furneys, Lancs Rowland Nicholson Messuage or tenement called Gostford & another called the Howes & 7 acres within the Barony of Kendal. Refs former order of 19 June last past & to Court hearing of the Barony of Kendal & dismissed out of this court..
303 [157] 01-Feb Griffin Jones Maryan the wife of the complt, John Rowden & Katherine his wife, Nicholas Hewes, Richard Ferris & Elizabeth his wife, John Leech, Edward Roberts, John Beamont & Francis Gibson Complt has not proceeded by set time, dismissed.
303 [158][159] 01-Feb Edward Newman William Adam, esqr stay of defts proceedings at common law. Obligation of complt & Thomas Newman to the deft for £100. Site of the Manor of Thraplowe, Cambs
304 [160] 03-Feb Richard Maynard John Maynard, John Voell als Hooker & John Levermore Refs former order of 10 June last past
304 [161] 04-Feb John Jones & Katherine his wife Peter Wright & John Dewe refs former order of 11 May last past.
304 [162][163] 04-Feb Thomas Aldworthe Humfrey Fryer Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Deft has recently been in parts beyond the seas.
305 [164] 04-Feb John Ledgyarde the younger John Ledgyarde the elder (the complts father) & Thomas Warde Obligation of £200, complt bound to pay deft £100. Dismissed, complt has failed to proceed, or show good cause why the cause should not be dismissed.
306 [165] 04-Feb Thomas Dod Thomas Parker Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Obligation of complt & John Dod unto Edward Parker, decd. Claims to have paid the decd, but he died before being able to give an acquittance. Deft is executor to the decd.
306 [166][167] 04-Feb John Savell & Anne Savell children of John Savell, citizen & Ironmonger of London decd. Edmund Stile, esqr John Savell the father's will dated 1568. Mention of William Savell, implied brother to the complts. Refs order of the Court of Orphans. Alderman Willam Dane was overseer of will. John Savell's widow married Richard Billam. Alderman Dane since decd, executrix his wife Margaret and she then died making the deft her executor.
308 [168] 04-Feb John Aldredge William King Stay of defts proceedings at common law. Deft is administrator of goods etc. of Alice Beard, widow, decd. Bond for performance of agreement re. Water mills called Andrewes Mills, which were let by Alice Beard to the complt.
308 [169][170] 04-Feb Henry Topclif, gent Richard Goodrick, esqr Annuity of five marks devised to the complt by Richard Goodrick, esqr, decd.
309 [171][172] 06-Feb William Blackwell Richard Kingesmill & Elizabeth his wife, & William Stonehowse Certain water & ground covered with water called Nyetford & the fishing thereon, Manor of Radley, Berks. Ref decree of 6 June 12Eliz. in George Stonehowse, esqr, (one of the Clerks of Her Majesty's Grenecloth) vs William Blackwell & others, and also order of 10 November 33Eliz. Richard Kingesmill has married Elizabeth, the widow of George Stonehowse. Deft William Stonehowse is son of George & Elizabeth. Complt William Blackwell is son of the William Blackwell of the previous decree.
310 [173] 06-Feb John Owting (or Owtinge) & Thomas Jostling William Withers, Sara his wife & Francis Almond debt of £30 on bond of £60 due to John Taylor decd, whose administrators the defts are.