REQ 1/18. List, Easter Term 37 Eliz I (1595) - Part3

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 462 - 497 of orders, decrees & memoranda from Volume REQ 1/18 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests), covering dates 22 May - 3 June, but please note that the entries on the final 15 pages of this term are not in any date order.

For further details of the whole volume and conventions used, see REQ 1/18.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
462 [1] 22-May Richard Childes & Rabage his wife Edmund Ludlow, Esqr & William Edwards Concerns 1 messuage at Beolighe als Beolighwood & toft & cottage etc. with 3 acres & 52 acres of meadow & pasture.
463 [2] 22-May Francis Lamberd & Elizabeth his wife Peter Legatt & Myles Dodding, Gent Dismissed as complts failed to attend.
463 [3] 23-May Edward Lewes John Watkin Jenkyn, Edward Thomas, Thomas John Thomas of Llanvayer & Lewes ap Rees Concerns 1 messuage etc & about 20 acres in the parish of Lallover, Monmouth. Dismissed as the same matter is currently before Her Majesty's Council established in the Marches of Wales.
463 [4][5] 23-May William Woodcock, Henry Wethered & Randall Foster Margaret Finche, widow, Nicholas Finche & Thomas Finche Concerns title to copyhold lands in Redborne, Herts, claimed to have been surrendered by Robert Finch decd, father of the defts Nicholas & Thomas, to Thomas Wethered & Elizabeth his wife, and then to have been surrendered back to Robert Finch & Margaret his wife for life, with remainder to Raphe Woodcock, father of the complt William Woodcock. William Woodcock has leased to Henry Wethered & Randall Foster. Claimed that William Woodcock is outlawed, and has surrendered his right to Thomas Prowe. Ref to previous suit in Court of Chancery.
465 [6] 24-May Francis Greene Thomas Dell & Margaret his wife Debt of £20 from Henry Evererd to the complt. Henry Evererd is since decd, and the deft Margaret is his widow & executrix.
465 [7] 24-May Thomas Barnes John Bulman & Martin Jurden Lease of house within the Crosse Keyes at London Wall, an annuity of £5/annum, and arrears of that annuity. Ref to John Soan, decd.
466 [8] 24-May Richard Paine, Esqr one of Her Majesty's Gentlemen Pensioners Anne Death, widow Obligation of the complt to Bartholomew Boughton, Gent, decd, sometime husband to the deft. Ref to Thomas Death, Gent, son of the deft.
466 [9][10] 24-May Richawe Thomas, widow William Weare, Arthur Collins, James Vertewe, Jerman Tynker & John Rawlin Parties dwell in Cornwall.
467 [11] 26-May Raffe Pyers, John Cother, Thomas Lilliewhite & others John Higgins & others Concerns shares of a prize taken at sea by a ship of the defts, in which the complts were officers. This cause is also depending in the High Court of the Admiralty & the High Court of Delegates and is therefore dismissed from this court.
468 [12] 26-May Francis Crispe of Bowghton, Northants, Gent & Mawde his wife and Anne Marmyon of Ayno, Northants sister to the said Mawde John Long, Gent complts Mawde & Anne were daughters of Mary Marmyon sister to Katherine Longe, which Mary & Katherine were the daughters & Coheirs of Rowland Shackerley of Ayno, Esqr, decd. Defts promise to pay the complts Mawde & Anne the sum of £40 in return for diverse lands etc.
468 [13][14] 26-May Christopher Porter one of Her Majesty's Messengers in Ordinary of Her Highness' Chamber Richard Cheyney, Robert Jaques, Thomas Hemington & Dame Mary Judde, widow Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law against complt & Edmund Williamson of London, Grocer for combined debts of several hundred pounds. Cheyney's house is in Lumbart Street, London.
469 [15][16] 27-May Rowland Rive & Richard Clarke of London, Merchants Garrett Williamson, Anthony Victor & Henry Cooke Concerns debt of John de Boyes, a Dutchman & Merchant Stranger who has left the country, to the complts, and defts efforts at Common Law to prevent seizure of 2 rough Kentish clothes belonging to Boyes, claiming that he had sold the clothes to them.
470 [17] 27-May William Cowell & others William Wigge & others
471 [18] 27-May Peter Samborne of London, Gent Richard Samborne & Swithin Samborne, Gent administrators of John Samborne, Esqr decd, late father to the complt, during the minority of the executor of the said John Samborne Concerns legacies bequeathed to the complt in the last w & t of his late father John Samborne. An annuity of £10, in arrears for 8 or 10 years. Accounts to be referred to John Archer, citizen & fishmonger, London & John Birde the elder, citizen & draper, London.
471 [19][20] 27-May Clement Hearne (or Herne), Mayor of the City of Norwich, Robert Blackborne & Augustine Whale, Sheriff of the said City, Thomas Layer, Thomas Gleane, Nicholas Layer & Henry Davie, Aldermen of the said City, on behalf of themselves & of the whole corporation of the said City Nicholas Hare, Esqr, John Howes, Peter Oliver & Robert Secker Concerns rents etc:

lands in Snitterton, sometime Edmund Beckenham's, of the manor of Packenhams.

Lands in the manor of Packenhams, late Fordham's.

Lands in Shropham belonging to the parsonage of Shropham.

Lands in Shropham, belonging to the manor of Brodkerhall.

Deemed appropriate to be tried at Common Law, therefore dismissed

472 [21][22] 28-May Edward Hide (or Hyde) John Dyer & George Dyer Concerns lease of park called Little Haddam Park in the Parish of Little Haddam, Herts, granted by the late Bishop of Ely to William Patmer sometime of London, draper, decd. Passed to John Dyer, who 24 years past sold it to his brother, the other deft, George Dyer, who in turn sold it to Nicholas Dyer & Johan his wife, who later married the complt.
473 [23][24] 28-May Nicholas Marten Walter Harvie & others executors of John Jones late of Lyme Regis, Dorset ref decree of 10 Feb 34 Eliz.
473 [25] 28-May Edmond Cotton, Gent Edmond Prettie, Gent
475 [26] 28-May William Barbett & Jane his wife Thomas Cobbe & Agnes his wife Ordered that Thomas Cobbe & Edmond his son be arrested and brought before the court to answer for their contempts.
475 [27][28][29] 31-May Agnes Ottway (or Otway), widow late the wife of Thomas Ottway, decd & William Domett administrators of the said Thomas Henry Gill Concerns lease of a moiety of the Barton of Southey, Devon, by the deft, and his arrears of an annuity to the complt Agnes.
477 [30] 31-May Thomas Forman, citizen & skinner of London Roger Jenkins of London, Skinner debt. Ref to order of 21 June last past.
478 [31] 31-May George Ognell, Gent John Ferrers, Gent & others Suit attempting to reverse a decree made in a previous matter where the complt & defts were reversed. Ref to order of 21 Feb last past. Deft bound with William Ferrers of Gracious Streete, London, Mercer.
478 [32] 31-May William Higgenson & Johan his wife John Fagge Previous order of dismissal is overturned. Complt had authorised his brother, Thomas Higgenson, to pursue the cause, but he had been unable to do so due to being employed in his masters affairs, and also the complts house had been visited by the smallpox.
479 [33] 31-May Mary Jucent Thomas Jucent, Thomas Redman and John Coston Concerns an annuity due to be paid to the complt by Thomas Redman & John Coston, as appointed by her late father John Jucent, Gent, decd.
479 [34][35] 02-Jun Henry Bradie William Adam, Esqr & Richard Style A messuage etc in Downeham, Norfolk. Mention of Margaret wife of William Adam, and of Henry Brady decd father of the complt.
480 [36][37] 02-Jun Elionor Nones, widow & Fardinando Alvares Andrew Broome Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law with regard to bonds totalling £770. Mention of Hector Nones, late husband of the complt Elionor.
481 [38][39] 02-Jun William Hullock & Thomas Hullock Robert Corbold & John Durrant debt.
482 [40] 02-Jun John Chatborne Anthony Denton, Esqr & Margery Martin Concerns rectory of Fenny Stanton & Chapel of Hilton, Hunts, glebe lands etc. leased to the complt by Thomas Martin, Doctor of Law, decd. Dismissed as complt has failed to attend.
482 [41] 02-Jun William Woodcock, Henry Wetherhed & Randall Foster Margaret Finche, widow, Nicholas Finche & Thomas Finch
483 [42] 02-Jun Henry Seckford, Esqr one of the Grooms of Her Majesty's Privy Chamber Thomas Hall & others
483 [43][44] 03-Jun Thomas Cox & Alice his wife Cuthbert White, John Girdler, James Bisse & John Powell concerns a copyhold messuage, land, 2 closes called Purseclose & Homeclose & meadow called Holfordsham in Christenmalford, Wilts, part of the manor of the rectory of Christenmalford. John Girdler is steward of the manor, James Bisse is parson & Lord of the Manor. Cuthbert White is son of the complt Alice, mention also of another son William.
484 [45][46] 03-Jun John Decons of London, Gent William Marshe, Thomas Wilford, Chamberlain of the City of London & others concerns 2 messuages in Marke Lane, parish of Alhalowes Stayninge, London. Summarises the contents of a number of documents relating to the property , dating back to 27 HenVIII.
485 [47] 02-Jun Marke Ive, Gent William Monox, Gent
485 [48][49] 28-May John Vanderstraten Mary Vanderstraten
486 [50] 02-Jun William Beckett executor of Anselm Beckett his father decd William Sudell Concerns accounts of the decd. Deft had been apprenticed to decd.
486 [51][52] 10-May Richard Croslye & Margery his wife William Fleetewood, Esqr & Thomas East concerns messuage & land in Aston Sanford, Bucks, claimed to have been conveyed to the complt Margery for her life by Richard East decd, father of her former husband Robert East, also decd. William Fleetewood had purchased the property from Robert Somerford, who had purchased from Richard East (decd, the eldest son of the above Richard East), deft Thomas East is executor & heir to this Richard East.
487 [53] 12-May John Jaques of London, Merchant Gyles de Loe, John Tompson & Thomas Newman Deft Gyles' proceedings at Common Law, concerning complts obligation to Andrew (or Andreas) de Loe, his brother, whose executor he is.
488 [54] 16-May Johan Reade, widow George Dent als Barton & John Chidley ref to decree of 18 May 35 Eliz.
488 [55][56] 28-May John Blackborne & Elizabeth his wife Joyce Carter late wife of Thomas Carter, now the wife of Robert Dowe of Endfeild, Maultman. Concerns a third part of lands, houses etc. in Endfeild[Enfield], Middx, late the lands of Richard Wesberie, late husband to the complt Elizabeth. Ref to proceedings both at Common Law & also at Court of Common Pleas.
489 [57] 28-May Adam Hatgill John Core & Thomas Core Concerns a messuage etc called Stancrowes in the County of York, previously occupied by Thomas Hatgill, late father of the complt. Ref to an order made by Her Majesty's Council established in the North Parts referring it to trial at Common Law, this court also dismisses it to be tried at Common Law. Ref to Thomas Core's son Richard Core.
489 [58][59] 30-May Mathias Rutten Thomas Lane & Elizabeth his wife Matter of accounting with regard to brewing and delivery of beer.
490 [60][61] 30-May John Crosse Raffe Norwich, Esqr Complts claim for a weekly allowance for the past 5 years for looking after an infant called Anne Norwich.
491 [62][63] 30-May Percival Hassall of London, merchant Lady Mary Blancke of London, widow & [blank] Pye her Attournee or Sollicitor Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law. Complt is in debt to over £10000, due to the actions of his copartner Phillip Smith, who is currently in prison.
492 [64] 31-May Lewes Hanmer of London, Gent John Hanmer of Hanmer in the County of Flint, Esqr Claim for £59 for the diet & lodging of Jane Hanmer, wife of the deft, and 6 servants at the house of the complt in London for 6 months, and of money lent to her during that stay.
492 [65][66] 01-Jun Anthony Boothe Robert Curtis & Elizabeth his wife
493 [67][68] 02-Jun Thomas Aldworth Humfrey Fryer Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law. Concerns certain articles of agreement & obligations for the discovery of a great quantity of Oade taken by piracy from one Anthony Browne of the Isle of St Michaell in the dominion of Portugal & brought into this realm. Ref to order of 22 Jun 30 Eliz.
494 [69][70] 02-Jun Francis Tirrell Richard Reynolds, William Reasolde & Anthonie Dassell and also counter suit Reynolds & Reasold v. Tirrell. Concerns dispute over joint accounts for wares & merchandise for sale both within England & overseas. Ref former order of 28 April 36 Eliz.
495 [71] 03-Jun Thomas Shinglewood Thomas Reade, Gent, Thomas Walton & John Reade
495 [72][73] 23-May Carewe Reynell, Esqr, one of Her Majesty's Gent pensioners in ordinarie Richard Cowche & Robert Bennett Mention of complts brother Thomas Reynell. Concerns debt of £20 and a colt.
496 [74] 27-May Simon Kelwey, Gent John Acland, Esqr Concerns payments claimed to be due for looking after and curing the defts son in law John Mallett who was dangerously sick.
497 [75][76] 21-May Thomas Smith & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Eaton, Joane his wife, Henry Williams, Nicholas Lambert, Paul Eaton, John Gilbert & John Bonner