REQ 1/18. List, Easter Term 37 Eliz I (1595) - Part2

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 410 - 460 of orders, decrees & memoranda from Volume REQ 1/18 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests), covering dates 23 May - 6 June in the first sequence & 7 May - 21 May in the second sequence.

For further details of the whole volume and conventions used, see REQ 1/18.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
410 [1] 23-May Tertullian Pyne Doctor of Law William Alman mention of witnesses Francis Monndeforde, Gent & Thomas Stanes, clerk.
410 [2] 23-May Edward Jewkes, Esqr William Gardiner, Esqr
410 [3] 23-May William Chapman & William Angell Baptist Hickes & Oliver Roe ref defts suits at Common Law
410 [4] 23-May Thomas Dorney Richard Feild & Walter Eyre
410 [5] 23-May Richard Stock Richard Pamphilon & William Pamphilon
411 [6] 23-May Agnes Crawley Richard Crawley
411 [7] 23-May Richard Mulford & others Peter Mulford & Robert Eyton
411 [8] 23-May Elias Jermin Stephen Edgrave
411 [9] 24-May Adam Hatgill John Core & Thomas Core ref to order in this cause made before Her Majesty's Council established in the North & case dismissed
411 [10] 24-May Robert Bacon, gent Robert Woodroffe, gent
411 [11] 24-May Clement Herne & others Robert Secker & others
411 [12] 24-May Arthur Dandy Thomas Needham
411 [13] 24-May Robert Monck George Hall, Gent
411 [14] 24-May John Blackborne Joyce Carter
412 [15] 24-May Henry Slingesbie, Esqr James Moyser Attachment awarded against the deft for his contempts
412 [16] 24-May John Cotton, esqr Giles Reade, Esqr & Phillip Waters
412 [17] 24-May William Smith William Holland
412 [18] 24-May John Toppe Henry Ritche ref defts suits at Common Law
412 [19] 24-May Robert Greaves John Greaves
412 [20] 24-May Johan Wall, widow Mathew Wall
412 [21] 24-May John Cannon Robert Maryott
412 [22] 24-May John Sotherne & Johan his wife John Hall & others ref to defts need for writings in the County of Essex 'far distant from hence'
413 [23] 27-May Thomas Cartwright, clerk & others George Ognell, Gent Concerns annuity to a hospital
413 [24] 27-May John Nalson & Richard Burton James Maire
413 [25] 27-May Bartholomew Cowper John Hedge & John Little Dismissed unless complt proceed by Saturday next.
413 [26] 27-May Richard Oldfeild, gent Edward Lapworth & Edward Walter
413 [27] 27-May Peter Britten Walter Britten
413 [28] 27-May Thomas Kent Edward Kent & others
413 [29] 27-May Thomas Pomfrett Peter Grace & Avelin his wife
413 [30] 27-May Roger Hull Thomas Rogerson
413 [31] 27-May Richard Cragge Thomas Thorne als Abraham
414 [32] 27-May Agnes Otway, widow Henry Gill
414 [33] 27-May Thomas Dewe & Johan his wife John Wallis
414 [34] 27-May Thomas Pettit, Gent Thomas Kempe, Esqr & others Lands
414 [35] 27-May Richard Coningesbie, Esqr John Spurling, Esqr sergeant at Law
414 [36] 27-May Frideswide Norwood, widow John Norwood
414 [37] 27-May John Woodward als Smith Anthony Yate
414 [38] 27-May Arthur Dandie Thomas Needham
415 [39] 27-May Peter Rosse, Esqr Francis Roades, Gent, Elizabeth his wife & Marmaduke Kendall, Gent mention also of Henry Kendall
415 [40] 28-May Robert Monck George Hall, Gent
415 [41] 28-May Robert Bacon, Gent Robert Woodroffe, Gent, & Mary his wife
415 [42] 28-May John Androwes John Hopkins
415 [43] 28-May Edward Lewes, Gent John Watkin & others
415 [44] 28-May William Hullock & Thomas Hullock Robert Corbold
416 [45] 28-May John Gold (now deceased) William Fayrechild, clerk, & John Walden mention of Elizabeth Gold, widow & administratrix of the decd complt
416 [46] 28-May Richard Coller Dame Isabel, Countess of Rutland
416 [47] 28-May Henry Yeldam Thomas Yeldam
416 [48] 28-May John Diccons, Gent William Marshe & others ref to box of evidence delivered into the court by Thomas Wilford, chamberlain of the City of London
416 [49] 28-May Thomas Cartwright, clerk & others George Ognell, Gent
417 [50] 28-May Thomas Townesend & Agathe his wife Thomas Wake Attachment awarded against deft for breach of former order of 9 June last past
417 [51] 28-May Richard Stock Richard Pamphilon & William Pamphilon
417 [52] 28-May James Cole William Symonds Dismissed unless complt proceed by the 6th day of the next term
417 [53] 28-May Roger Hull Thomas Rogerson
417 [54] 28-May William Fawkener (or Fawknor) John Gregorie
417 [55] 28-May John Gent & others Rebecca Geywood, widow
417 [56] 28-May William Punsonbie Elizabeth Stagge
418 [57] 28-May John Bolle, Esqr & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Baker
418 [58] 30-May William Kingeswell, Esqr Richard Kingeswell, Gent several causes where parties are both complt & deft
418 [59] 30-May Thomas Trafford & others Hugh Tottie & Judith his wife ref defts suits at Common Law
418 [60] 30-May George Hunt & Elizabeth his wife George Ireland & John Maulthowse
419 [61] 30-May Bennett Cappe & Marie his wife Robert Elliott & others ref order of 8 Feb last past & mention of Thomas Hardie als Jeffrey. Mention also of James Hunt of Swanthorpe, Hants, husbandman, and Mathew Awston of London, Bricklayer, to whom John Elliott has been apprenticed.
419 [62] 30-May Thomas Roe, clerk Edward Wood ref former order of 10 Feb last past
419 [63] 30-May William Higginson & Johan his wife John Fagge
420 [64] 30-May Richard Bigge William Winslowe the elder & William Winslowe the younger If, as is claimed, there has already been a trial for this cause at Common Law, then case will be dismissed
420 [65] 30-May Francis Cookson Thomas Parker, Gent Dismissed as it has been shown that judgement has already been passed at Common Law
420 [66] 31-May John Chettle als Cowper Thomas Mitchell & Isabel his wife
420 [67] 31-May Francis Whitton, Gent & Elizabeth his wife Elizabeth Meverell, now the widow of Sir Edward Laighton, Knight ref order of 8 July 32 Eliz.
420 [68] 31-May Franncis Vanacre & Mary his wife Paul Pinchion
421 [69] 31-May Henry White Robert Cheyney & others
421 [70] 31-May Richard Hatchman John Pope
421 [71] 31-May Daniel Owtred William Langridge & Edward Drewe Previous decree & injunction stayed as it appears that judgement & execution has been had at Common Law. Plt to show on 7th day of the next term why this matter should not be dismissed
421 [72] 31-May John Chambers, Gent Tristram Gorge, Esqr Upon consideration of an affidavit made by the complt it appears that a witness, Mathew Roydon, Gent, is about to leave the realm on a voyage with The Right Honorable the Earl of Essex. Ordered that the complt be at liberty to examine this witness before he departs
421 [73] 31-May Thomas Brace Thomas Reading
422 [74] 31-May Thomas Coxe Cuthbert White Ordered that an injunction be awarded for the complts quiet enjoyment of the house & land in question until further order be taken in this court.
422 [75] 31-May Edmond Bridges, Esqr William Heycroft, Gent
422 [76] 31-May George Bassett Rice Sutton deft to stay proceedings at common law
422 [77] 31-May Rice Sutton Richard Glandfeild & Francis Glandfeild
422 [78] 31-May John Maire als Audrey John Kempe
423 [79] 31-May John Griffin John Iremonger
423 [80] 31-May Richard Parne George Brome & John White, Esqr
423 [81] 31-May John Mayhewe Isaac Rudston & Roger Hackett
423 [82] 31-May Anthony Denton, Esqr Edward Williams, Gent
423 [83] 31-May Thomas Dalbie Thomas Bentley
423 [84] 31-May Thomas Cartwright, clerk & others George Ognell, Gent Annuity. Ref to lease granted to deft by Sir Christofer Blount, Knight, and Dame Lettice, Countess of Leicester now his wife
423 [85] 31-May John Parker, Esqr Thomas Digges, Esqr
423 [86] 31-May Roger Hill & Susan his wife Richard Cole & Susan his wife
424 [87] 31-May John Sedgwick John Jackson ref Thomas Jackson, son of deft who enters into bond on behalf of his father
424 [88] 02-Jun Thomas Aldworth Humfrey Frier
424 [89] 02-Jun Henry Parker Richard Turke & [blank] Trappes
424 [90] 02-Jun Jeffrey Holwys Robert Redman & Thomas Masters
424 [91] 02-Jun Hercules Loveden, Gent John Toppe the elder
425 [92] 02-Jun Agnes Fowler, widow Frances Fowler, widow
425 [93] 02-Jun Judith Flower, widow Anthony Harvie & others
425 [94] 02-Jun Richard Paine, Esqr Richard Paramor, Esqr
425 [95] 02-Jun John Gent & others Rebecca Geywood, widow
425 [96] 02-Jun John Bennett, Gent Alice Bennett, widow
425 [97] 02-Jun Henry Seckford, Esqr Thomas Hall & others Mem: as per order six score pounds paid to William Honnywell to the use of the said complt
425 [98] 02-Jun Henry Brady William Adam, Esqr & Richard Stile
426 [99] 02-Jun Richard Bigge William Winslowe the elder & William Winslowe the younger
426 [100] 02-Jun Richard Parne George Brome & John White, Esqr ref order of 18 June last past. Ordered that deft pay 40s to complt for his costs, and then the defts shall be at liberty to proceed to trial at Common Law at the Oxon assises
426 [101] 02-Jun William Gomersall, Gent Henry Williams & others
426 [102] 02-Jun Thomas Dod Thomas Parker Order that a witness John Dodd be at liberty to amend an error in his deposition
426 [103] 02-Jun Thomas Pomfrett Peter Grace & Avelin his wife
427 [104] 02-Jun Christopher Parris John Jorden, John Bray & others
427 [105] 02-Jun John Stephens Edward Wood
427 [106] 02-Jun Edward Stapleton, Esqr Thomas Wilcox
427 [107] 02-Jun Edward Katesbie Roger Mannors, Esqr
427 [108] 02-Jun William Branche Thomas Hill executor of Thomas Russell decd ref defts suit at Common Law
427 [109] 02-Jun Alexander Welshe John Richardes
428 [110] 02-Jun Gyles Rosse John Medford & others
428 [111] 02-Jun Agnes Crawley, widow Richard Crawley Ordered that attachment be awarded against the deft for his contempts
428 [112] 02-Jun James Kirton John Phillips, Gent & Edward Metcalf
428 [113] 02-Jun Edward Hyde John Dyer & George Dyer
428 [114] 02-Jun Hugh Armestrong John Harris & William Brewer
428 [115] 02-Jun Henry Beck William Armiger, Gent
428 [116] 02-Jun Mary Thwaites Dame Adelin Neovill, widow
429 [117] 02-Jun Dorothy Burchley, widow Nicholas Bleake, Yeoman of Her Majesty's Chamber
429 [118] 02-Jun Mary Scoles, widow Robert Beccles
429 [119] 02-Jun Jevan ap Robt Owen John Lewes Gwinne, Gwen his wife & others
429 [120] 02-Jun Richard Paine, Esqr Anne Death, widow Mem: As per decree £7 13s 4d paid to Thomas Death, Gent for the use of the complt
429 [121] 02-Jun Nicholas Martin Walter Harvie & others As per order, a black box of writings brought into court by the complt is delivered to John Bidgood, Gent, for the use of the deft
429 [122] 02-Jun Robt Aske Sir John Spencer, Knight, Lord Mayor of the City of London & others
430 [123] 02-Jun John Griffin Thomas Hudd, Margery Draper, widow & [blank] Martin
430 [124] 02-Jun John Clerke, Gent Agnes Tewesley & others
430 [125] 02-Jun William Williams, Gent & William Watkin Henry Lewes Commission to sit at Caerwent in Monmouth
430 [126] 02-Jun William Reade Richard Pearce
430 [127] 02-Jun John Nicholson Elizabeth Nicholson
431 [128] 02-Jun John Bromwiche als Wood Richard Bromwiche
431 [129] 02-Jun Thomas Box John Hampshier
431 [130] 02-Jun Tristram Mathewe, Gent John Fanston
431 [131] 02-Jun John Harris & others Roger Wakeham & Johan Wakeham
431 [132] 02-Jun Thomas Ellis Henry Glidd
431 [133] 02-Jun Thomas John ap Llewellen Thomas Wynne & others
431 [134] 02-Jun Henry Owtred, Esqr Robert Harecourt & diverse others tenants unto Rowland Lacon Esqr
432 [135] 02-Jun Francis Jones Elizabeth Adams, widow Ordered that complt should discontinue his suit at Common Law
432 [136] 02-Jun John Chapman Christopher Preston
432 [137] 02-Jun William Astlett Robert Sherlock & others
432 [138] 05-Jun George Ognell, Gent John Ferrers, Gent & others mem: as per order £100 paid to John Ferrers
432 [139] 05-Jun Thomas Burde William Overton
432 [140] 06-Jun John Decons of London, Gent William Marshe, Thomas Wilford & others mem: as per order one box of writings is delivered to the complt
433 [141] 02-Jun Christopher Goldingham & others William Greene Ordered that as deft has delayed his answers, and that complts witnesses are aged and 'not lyke longe to live', the complt may proceed to examine his witnesses immediately
434 Page blank
435 [142] 07-May Richard Twyford, Gent Sir William Moore, Knight & William Harding Lease of parsonage & glebe lands of Compton, Surrey, and claimed promise by deft Moore to lease to the complt. Also defts suit against the complt at Common Law concerning the same
435 [143] 08-May William Kingeswell, Esqr Richard Kingeswell, Gent, brother to the complt ref order & decree of 12 Feb last past, which ordered payment of 100 marks to deft, and delivery by the deft of a recognizance of £900 to be cancelled & made void.
436 [144][145] 08-May Daniel Owthred & Thomas Lintott William Langridge & Edward Drewe Concerns messuage or tenement, one kitchin, two portlands and one barne in Eastgrinstede, Sussex. Ordered by arbitrators that Daniel Owthrede pay £40 to William Langridge, and that the property be assigned to Owthrede, he then to lease half of the barne to Langridge for 7 years. Also, if Owthrede should wish to sell the property, then Langridge to have first refusal.
437 [146] 08-May Robert Cotton executor of Thomas King decd, late parson of Clapham , Surrey John Powys (or Powes) Concerns arrears in rent for the parsonage of Clapham. Previous order & decree that deft should pay £14 to complt & discharge him of dilapidations. William Paine, clerk, now parson of Clapham has prosecuted suit against the complt in the Court of Arches in Bowe for dilapidations.
438 [147][148] 08-May Randall Carter William Rice & Margaret his late wife & others Concerns lease of 8 tenements in Grubbe Street and Moore Lane in or near the suburbs of London. Ref decree of 26 April 36 Eliz, which ordered that the complt should enjoy the premises without disturbance form the defts. On breach of that order, the Sheriff of London was required to place the complt in possession, which he did. Deft now claiming to have new evidence to maintain his claim to title, to which end he has now exhibited a new bill.
439 [149] 09-May Edward Kitchin Robert Lee, now Alderman of the City of London & others Concerns lease of a tenement in Colman Street, London. Ordered to be dismissed, as complt has not demonstrated sufficient matter to charge the deft.
439 [150] 10-May Johan Steward, widow Robt Seale one of the yeoman of Her Majesty's Chamber Ordered to be referred to the arbitration of [blank] Wingate, Gent, Clerk of the Checque of Her Majesty's Garde and of John Vavasor, Gent.
439 [151][152] 12-May Raffe Bowes, Esqr, one of Her Majesty's Gent pensioners Alice Watkinson, administratrix of John Watkinson her late husband decd Concerns the stay of the defts proceedings at Common Law. Refers an obligation whereby the complt bound to John Watkinson in £100 to pay £70 & to JW being in trust to sell "India hydes undressed". Complt ordered to pay £70 to the deft, on condition that she enter bond to pay £140 if it is later proved that the hydes were delivered to Raphe Bowes.
440 [153] 12-May John Carter, citizen and brewer of the City of London John Turner Concerned stay of defts procedings at Common Law, but dismissed as judgement has already been made at Common Law.
441 [154] 12-May Edward Wood Richard Grace Ordered that £12 paid in by the deft as per order of 27 Jan last past, be paid to the complt.
441 [155] 12-May John Parrie Humfrey ap David ap Rees, Hughe ap David ap Rees & Agnes verche Morgan ref order of 11 feb last past & decree of 3 may 36 Eliz. Ordered that complt shall have peaceful & quiet enjoyment of the lands etc in varyance.
442 [156][157] 13-May Harman Duman & Agnes his wife, Edward Symons & Rebecca his wife, late wife of Thomas Ramsey decd & John Derickson Roger James & Elizabeth late the wife of Henry James decd Complts John, Agnes & Rebecca were brother & sisters to Roger Derickson. Concerns goods chattels etc which they claim by virtue of his last w & t. Also a fourth share in the profits from £1800 invested in brewing & the brewhouse called the Harts Horne in East Smithfield for a period of 8 yeares which were covenanted to Roger Derickson by Roger James decd, father to the deft Roger James.
443 [158] 13-May Alice Brock & Isabel Brock, spinsters John Brock Concerns lands & tenements in Parish of St Peters in St Albans, Herts, now in tenure of the deft. Deemed to be more appropriate to be heard at Common Law, therefore dismissed
443 [159][160] 14-May Richard Wortley, Esqr, guardian & tutor of Robt Hinchclif & others the orphans of Richard Hinchclif late of Carleton in the County of York, Husbandman, decd Thomas Medley Concerns goods of the value of approx £200. Dismissed as both parties dwell within the precinct of the Queen's Majesty's Commission established in the North Parts.
444 [161] 14-May Reignold Ingold Thomas Boreham & Richard Boreham Concerns £7 which the complt lent to Thomas Boreham. Defts claim it was repaid to Reignold Ingold, father of the complt, about 13 years ago.
445 [162] 15-May John Edwards & Christian his wife surviving executrix of Margaret Knight Smith, widow decd Robert Smith, Gent Goods, chattells etc of the testatrix. Ordered & decreed that deft shall pay £20 to the complts as full satisfaction.
445 [163] 15-May Nicholas Erington & Phillip Poore Richard Mody, Esqr Concerns complts obligation of 1000 marks to deft. Deft was High Sherrif of Wiltshire, Erington to be his Under Sherrif. Ref to a decree in Court of Star Chamber (Possibly STAC 5/P47/40:Anthonie Prater vs Richard Moodie, Nicholas Erington & others, see STAC Prater) 2 June 34 Eliz.
446 [164] 16-May Thomas Kerry, Esqr, one of the Clerks of Her Majesty's Privie Seale Francis Pinck & Robert Madgwick Concerns messuage, tenement, garden barns etc in Alton, Hants. Bequeathed by John Pinck decd (late father of the deft) to John Mathewe, Richard Pinck, Agnes Pinck, Elizabeth Pinck, Alice Pinck & Franncis Pinck the deft. Deft FP has agreed to sell to the complt, Robert Madgwick is current occupant. Confirms order of 7th Feb last past that it should be conveyed to the complt.
447 [165] 17-May George Hanger John Randall & Ellen his wife Concerns defts proceedings at Common Law re: payment of £30 by complt, to which complt has shown an acquittance by the deft Ellen. Ordered that Common Law proceedings should be stayed pending defts answers to complts bill
447 [166] 18-May Robert Powell Henrick Updenaker
447 [167][168] 19-May Christopher Parice (or Paryce) Robert Shipwashe, John Jurden, John Bray & others Buckinghamshire. Ref to history back to 32 Eliz.
448 [169][170] 19-May Thomas Tixall, Gent & John Tixall William Acourt deft is/was John Tixall's master. Ref defts proceedings at Common Law against John Tixall for embezzlement & against Thomas Tixall with regard to a bond (of apprenticeship?) of £100 for the service of John Tixall for 7 years.
449 [171][172] 20-May William Wolley/Woolley Johan Wolley, widow, Robert Wolley, Nicholas Wolley & Tutcher Bolte 3 messuages etc in Fryday Streete, Rutherfeild Greys, Henley, Oxon, formerly belonging to Thomas Wolley, grandfather of the complt. One each of which were bequeathed to the complt , Thomas Wolley the elder & Thomas Wolley the younger, all of whom were "brethren and sons to John Wolley sonne to the said Thomas the grandfather". Both the Thomas's having died, it is claimed that their properties should pass to the complt but the defts are preventing this.
450 [173][174] 20-May Margaret Hewett, widow Thomas Farmer, Leonard Mapes & Spencer Peterson Concerns 1 messuage etc in Parish of St Martins in the Pallace Gate, Norwich, sometime in the tenure of Mrs Wotton, widow, claimed to be demised to complt for her life by William Walpole. Deft Farmer as executor of Walpole, sold it to deft Mapes, who then conveyed it to deft Peterson.
451 [175][176] 20-May Johan Robie, widow & Robert Robie her son, executors of Edmond Robie late of London Merchant decd Robert Ryvell, citizen & grocer of London Concerns wares & merchandise claimed to have been bought by the said Edmond Robie, and outstanding debts, accounts & leases. Also ref counter suit of Ryvell, and to trading to Deepe or Newhaven in France & with Lewes Lespart a merchant of Roane
452 [177] 20-May Thomas Warwick & Martha his wife Edward Cranwell & Giles Cranwell his son, gent. Defts, or one of them, are attendant upon Her Majesty in Her Court of Dutchie Chamber as Registers there, where the complt may have his remedy, therefore dismissed from this court.
453 [178] 20-May William Ritche Thomas Leighe, Gent, John Colemore & Richard Roberts ref orders of 28 Jan, 7 Feb last past. Dismissed.
453 [179] 20-May Anne Phillips, widow & Francis Bevans doctor of Law Thomas John Phillips
454 [180] 20-May Andrew Wright & Katherine his wife William Savage Complts claim to copyhold lands in Manor of Littlington, Beds through his wife Katherine, by copy of court roll now in possession of the deft.
454 [181][182][183] 21-May Alexander Chock, Esqr, executor of Thomas Darrell, decd & Francis Chock, Gent, administrator of Willm Darrell, Esqr Reignold Scryven, Esqr, John Wells & William Ricards, executor of William Ricards his late father decd. Concerns John Wells debt of £27 10s to Thomas Darell for part of the half yeares rent for Balsdon Parke during 32 Eliz., and also £80 for 1 years rent of lands in Wanborough. Ref to previous order of 19 November 37 Eliz. & of 10 Feb last
456 [184][185] 21-May Dame Eleonora Zowche, wife of the Lord Zowche Dame Eleonora Zowche, widow ref to defts disobeying of decree of 5 Feb 32 Eliz., and also injunction etc, and to Commission of Rebellion of 10 Dec last past, and further order of 26 Feb last past. Ordered once again that a Sergeant at Arms be sent to apprehend her and bring her before Her Majesty's Council.
458 [186] 21-May Thomas Poole & Alice his wife on behalf of John Wyatt, Elizabeth & Agnes Wyatt the children of the said Alice by her former husband John Wyat decd. John Hazard, John Bellamie & others executors of trust of John Jones decd ref previous order & decree of 23 Nov 35 Eliz. Ref to the Mayor of Lynne in Norfolk. Concerns the custody & bringing up of the children as per the will of John Jones, and to documents deeds etc., which are in the hands of the defts.
459 [187] 21-May Thomas Powell Mathew Dubberlowe & James Dubberlow Inheritance title etc to a garden plot of c. 2 acres, St Peter's without the Walls, Hereford, sometime in the occupation of Lewes ap Roffer. Dismissed, as property & parties are within the jurisdiction of Her Majesty's Council Established in the Marches of Wales.
459 [188] 21-May Henry Owtred, Esqr Robert Harcourt & diverse others tenants of Rowland Lacon, Esqr ref to Bill depending at Court of Chancery in this cause at the suit of Rowland Lacon against Henry Owtred, John Toppe & others. Dismissed to be heard in Court of Chancery but ordered that attachment be awarded against John Toppe for his contempts.
460 [189] 21-May Edward Gibson Henry Norton, Gent & Edward Eves Lease of 2 closes of c. 3 acres in Barton in Clay, Beds for 20 years. Complt claims to have paid 1 year's rent, deft denies, and has reentered, and made a separate lease to Edward Eves.
460 [190][191][192] 21-May Thomas Smith & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Eaton, Joane his wife, Henry Williams, Nicholas Lambert, Paul Eaton, John Gilbert & John Bonner Note in margin refers to page 497. Concerns 7 messuages etc. in Southworke near St George's Church (current tenants listed) promised to the complts on their marriage. Complt Elizabeth is the daughter of Thomas Eaton, and prior to marriage was widow with 2 small children.