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E1300 A: Petition of Abbess and convent of Canonleigh to king and his council in parliament (Hilary 29 Edw I): The abbess and convent request satisfaction of the sum of £672 5s 10d 1 ob given to them by the countess of Gloucester, their foundress, but confiscated by King Edward I -for which they have letters of obligation [1]- King's manors of Bredenach and Kenton mentioned. Note: according to TNA website a similar petition [SC 8/97/4839] is "firmly dated to 1330 by reference to Rot. Parl. Hac. Ined., pp.192-3" SJ

E1300 B: Petition of Nicholas de Pereshute (Spershete), sheriff of Oxfordshire, to Lincoln Parliament. Reference to account rolls for manor of Stratton which were destroyed in a house fire [2]. According to a Wiltshire Record Society publication [3] the account rolls for 1298-9 and 1299-1300 are missing and this petition might tell us why. See also TNA, PRO SC 8/134/6680. SJ

E1300 C: Petition of Walter de la Barre to Lincoln Parliament [4] SJ

E1304 A: Parliamentary expenses. Suffolk. Thomas de Bavent & Hugh Pecche v. Robert Hereward sheriff of Suffolk. [5]

T1304 A: Order from king in parliament to proceed in Abbot de Monte Burgi v. William le Henge, Nicholas Paye, et al. [6]

H1305 B: Illegal appeals to Rome. Rex v. Gilbert de Segrave, archdeacon of Oxford. Mainperned for parliament. [7]

E1305 A: Petition of Henry de la Pomeray and Peter Corbet concerning the castle and manor of Tremington. [8]

E1305 B: Rex v. Almaric de Sancto Amando, Master John de Sancto Amando, William de Montacute, Richard Atte Hawe constable of Oxford castle et al., for escapes from the castle and resistance to escheator and sheriff who were under orders to take the castle into the king's hands. [9]

E1305 C: Rex v. Nicholas de Segrave, for raising contentions in the army in the war with Scotland. [10]

E1305 D: In a claim of the liberty of the bishop of Ely in king's bench, the claim was allowed notwithstanding the negligence of the vacancy guardians in claiming before; that determination had been made in parliament. [11]

T1305 E: Procedatis. Ireland. Trespass without writ. Geoffrey de Morton late mayor of Dublin v. Richard de Bereford treasurer of the exchequer of Ireland. [12]

M1305 A: Inquest on lands held by John de Moneinne, hanged for felony. [13]

M1305 B: Petition concerning ejection from a prebend. Ireland. Master Richard de Nugent v. Thomas Cantoke chancellor of Ireland. [14]

E1306 A: Petition of Robert de Borghersh. [15]

T1306 B: Procedatis. Durham. Complaints of the Prior of Durham. [16]

E1307 A: Petition of Hugh de Courteney [17]

E1307 B: Petition concerning Robert de Godesfeld of Sutton. [18]

E1307 C: Petition of Bishop of Durham. [19]

E1307 D: Parliamentary expenses. Northumberland. John de Camhou, knight of the county. [20]

T1307 A: Petition of John Ferrers v. Bishop of Chester, treasurer. [21]

T1307 B: Petition of John, bishop of Chichester concerning prebends of Hastings. [22]

T1307 C: Petition of Thomas de Multon and Thomas de Lucy. [23]

T1308 A: Procedatis. Justices itinerant (31 Edward I). Cambridgeshire. Novel disseisin. William de Befolde v. John, bishop of Worcester, Peter de Leycester, Thomas le Waleys, Bartholomew Osmund, William le Harpur, Simon, parson of Horsethe, & William Niker. Problem had arisen concerning Magna Carta. Eventually to parliament. [24]

E1309 A: Parliamentary expenses. Nottinghamshire. Thomas Malet knight of the county v. William de Chelardeston late sheriff. [25]

M1309 A: Inquisition post mortem on John Walrand. [26]

M1313 A: Concerning prosecutions for the death of Piers Gaveston. [27]

H1315 A: Parliamentary expenses for William Lanwe burgess of Wilton. William Lanwe burgess of Wilton v. Richard Boleiaumbe mayor of Wilton, William Virgo, & William de Button bailiffs of Wilton. [28]

E1315 A: Petition of David earl of Atholl. [29]

E1315 B: Master Thomas de Gerdeston archdeacon of Norfolk and Master Richard de Ryngestede his official made a summons in a case of divorce within the palace of Westminster. [30]

T1315 A: John de Hertpol v. Thomas de Sancto Albano tableter, Roland de Norfolk tableter, William de Norwich tableter, Walter de Rumpayne of Oxford, Richard le Clerk tableter, and Thomas de Yerdele cotiller. Trespass assault. Went to outlawry, and Richard le Clerk was discovered in Westminster Hall. Since malice was alleged in the prosecution, however, the case was adjourned into parliament. [31]

E1316 A: Petition of Peter Corbet and Henry son of Henry de la Pomery, cousins and heirs of Roger de Vautort. [32]

T1316 A: Rex . Walter le Freman of York, Richard de Sifeld, William de Abbey, and Simon le Clerke of York for taking various charters and muniments from the Prior of Malton on his return to York from the parliament at Lincoln. [33]

M1316 A: Petition of Matilda de Rabayn. [34]

M1317 A: Petition of Prior of St. Frideswide, Oxford. [35]

E1318 A: Parliamentary expenses. Kent knights: Henry de Cobeham sr; John Malemeyns de Hoo. [36]

E1318 B: Parliamentary expenses. Dorset knight: John de Alneto. Whereas other knights received 5s/day or at least 4s, the sheriff allowed Alneto only 16d/day. John de Alneto v. John de Kyngeston sheriff of the county. [37], [38]

M1318 A: Parliamentary expenses. Dorset knight: John de Launeye. [39]

H1319 A: Delegation to earl of Lancaster. [40]

H1319 B: Petition of Richard de Tilly and James de Tilly, executors of Thomas de Tilly. [41], [42]

E1319 A: The matter of the heirs of Edmund Comyn. [43]

H1320 A: Pardon of Ralph de Drayton et al. [44]

E1320 A: Parliamentary expenses of Thomas (Gamel?) and Henry Stoyl, citizens of Lincoln, as representatives of the city at the Parliament at York from three weeks after Michaelmas 12 Edward II to December 9; allegation that they had agreed to a daily rate of half the regular rate of 2s per day. [45]

E1324 A: Petition of Robert de Wulsley. [46]; [47]

E1324 B: Petition of John de Claverying. [48]


  • T1327 A: Petition of York. [49]
  • M1327 A: Petition of Peter de Brafeld. [50]
  • M1328 A: Petition of John de Barton. [51]
  • H1329 A: Parliamentary expenses: Lincoln City. John de Tame and William de Hakethorn de Lincoln v. Hugh le Tegheler, lately mayor of Lincoln City; John de Munby and William de Humberston, lately bailiffs of Lincoln. [52]
  • H1330 A: Petition of John le Spicer de Abyndon. [53]; [54]
  • M1330 A: Petition of John de Barton. [55]
  • M1330 B: Petition of the parsons and vicars in the Forest of Galtres. [56]
  • H1331 A: Petition of John son of Reginald. [57]
  • H1331 B: Petition of Richard de la Pole and William his brother. [58]; [59]
  • H1331 C: Petition of Richard de Roule. [60]
  • H1331 D: Petition of Thomas, lately earl of Lancaster. [61]
  • H1331 E: Petition of Humfrey de Bassingburn. [62]
  • H1331 F: Petition of John son and heir of Baldwin de Insula Vecta. [63]
  • H1331 G: Petition of John de Vienne, officium contrarotulatoris custume in civitate nostra London' tangentem. [64]; [65]; [66]; [67]; [68]
  • H1331 H: Petitions of Edmund son Edward, lately Earl of Kent and of Margaret, lately wife of the same Earl. [69]
  • H1331 I: Petition of William son of Robert de Plumpton. [70]
  • H1331 J: Petition of Geoffrey Stace & Agnes his wife. [71]; [72]
  • H1331 K: Petition of Alice de la Leyghe. [73]
  • H1331 L: Petition of Richard de Byflete. [74]
  • H1331 M: Petition of Andrew Russel son of John Russel de Etton. [75]
  • H1331 N: Petition of Adam de la Forde. [76]
  • H1331 O: Petition of Ranulph de Dacre and Margaret his wife. [77]
  • H1331 P: Petition of Hasculph de Whitewell. [78]
  • H1331 Q: Petition of William son of Robert de Plumpton. [79]
  • H1331 R: Petition of John, son of Richard Ace of Southampton, cleric. [80]
  • H1331 S: Petition of the Abbot of Mir Valle. [81]
  • H1331 T: Petition of Elizabeth daughter of Sarra, lately wife of William de Chastell. [82]
  • H1331 U: Petition of Joan, daughter of Geoffrey de Gosyngton. [83]
  • H1331 V: Petition of John de Wynslade. [84]
  • E1331 A: Petition of Thomas de la Grane. [88]
  • E1331 B: Petition of John de Hauville. [89]
  • E1331 C: Petition of Edward, son and heir of John son of Osbert Giffard. [90]
  • E1331 D: Petition of Richard de Lufteshull v. Roger Bast, cleric. [91]; [92]; [93]
  • E1331 E: Petition of Robert de Sandford. [94]
  • E1331 F: Petition of Thomas de Folsham & Joan his wife. [95]
  • M1331 A: Petition of Richard de Grey de Godenovere. [96]
  • M1331 C: Parliamentary expenses: Northampton. Simon de Launcehull and Walter de Burgo, burgesses of Northampton v. John le Waydour, mayor of Northampton; John de Lungevill and John Everard bailiffs of Northampton. [102]; [103]
  • M1331 D: Petition of the Abbot of Quarr. [104]
  • M1331 E: Petition of William la Zouche de Haryngworth. [105]
  • M1331 F: Petition of John, bishop of Carlisle and Petition of the Prior of Blessed Mary of Carlisle. [106]
  • M1331 G: Petition of the Communities of Guernsey and Jersey. [107]
  • M1331 H: Petition of Walter de Hampton. [108]
  • M1331 I: Petition of Maurice Draghswerd. [109]
  • M1331 J: Parliamentary expenses: Nicholas de Staunford and William de Byfeld, burgesses of Northampton v. John le Wardour, mayor of Northampton; John de Lungevill and John Everard, bailiffs of Northampton. [110]; [111]
  • M1331 K: Petition of Stephen son of Peter le Baker de Guildford. [112]
  • M1331 L: Petition of the Goldsmiths of London from 1 Edward III. [113]
  • H1332 A: Petition of the Prior of Landa. [114]; [115]
  • H1332 B: Petition of John de Molyns & Egidia his wife. [116]
  • E1332 C: Parliamentary expense. John le Plommer and Geoffrey de Norhampton, burgesses of Northampton v. William Ellys, mayor of Northampton; and Phillip Everard and Gilbert le Bakere, bailiffs of Northampton. [117]; [118]; [119]; [120]
  • T1332 A: Devon. Roger Bile v. John Alwork and John Davy bailiffs of Tavistock. [121]
  • M1332 B: Petition of Prior of L'Anthony Prime in Wales. [128]
  • T1333 A: Petition of John de Harnestede of London. [129]
  • 1334 A: Petition of John, lately wife of Thomas de Gourney. [130]
  • T1334 A: Petition of Henry, son and heir of Henry de Pynkeny. [131]
  • M1334 A: Petition of Thomas de Chillam. [132]
  • H1335 A: Petition of William Shennyn de Brantyngby & Agnes his wife. [133]
  • H1335 B: Petition of Walter de Hemelseye and Alice daughter of Adam Arundell de Erghum. [134]
  • E1335 A: Petition of John de Brumpton. [135]; [136]
  • T1335 A: Petition of William de Baiocis son and heir of John de Baiocis & Joan his wife. [137]; [138]
  • T1335 B: Petition of Adam de Moldeworth. [139]
  • E1336 A: Petition of the men and tenants of the manor of Corsham. [140]
  • T1336 A: Petition of Phillip, son and heir of Phillip le Despenser. [141]
  • T1336 B: Parliamentary expenses. Middlesex. John Wroth and Roger Belet, knights of the Middlesex v. Richard Ponns, lately sheriff of Middlesex. [142]
  • M1336 A: Petition of Griffin de Caunceton, archdeacon of Kermerdyn. [143]
  • H1337 A: Petition of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England. [144]; [145]
  • E1337 A: Petition of John le Botiller de Northbury & Joan his wife; and William le Botiller & Elizabeth his wife. [146]
  • E1337 B: Petition of John de Melburne. [147]
  • E1337 C: Petition of Burgesses of Cambridge. [148]; [149]
  • H1338 A: Petition of Abbot of Biddlesden. [150]
  • E1339 A: Petition of Ralph de Albiniaco. [151]


  • T1342 A: Parliamentary expenses: Oxfordshire. John son of William de Oxford v. Richard Kary mayor of Oxford and John le Smyth skinner and William le Irenmonger late bailiffs of Oxford. Expenses for attending Parliament in 15 Edward III for Oxford. Case for 76s.

[152], [153], [154], [155], [156], [157], [158], [159], [160], [ rcp

  • M1342 B: Petition of Ralpf de Albiniaco. [161] rcp


  • H1343 A: Parliamentary expenses: Wiltshire. John de Bokland knight v. John Maudyt late sheriff of Wiltshire. Expenses of 10ps 4s. [162], [163] rcp
  • H1343 B: Petition of Henry de Somerville. [164] rcp

  • E1343 A: Petition of Thomas de Cotes of Ravensrod. [165] rcp
  • E1343 B: Petition of Reginald de Grey. [166] rcp
  • E1343 C: Petition of Isabella de Hoveston. [167] rcp
  • E1343 D: Petition of William de Langeford knight. [168] rcp
  • E1343 E: Parliamentary expenses. Middlesex. Roger de Leukenore & Henry Wyliot v. John de Pelham sheriff of Middlesex. For 13 ps 12s. [169] rcp

  • T1343 A: Petition of John son of Philip de Newenton. [170] rcp

  • T1344 A: Yorkshire. Petition concerning the forest of Knaresborough. [171] rcp
  • T1344 B: Petition of Edmund de Grymesby cleric. [172] rcp
  • T1344 C: Declaration made in Parliament, 17 Edward III [173] rcp
  • M1344 A: Petition of John son and heir of Alice who was the wife of John de Neweton. [174] rcp
  • M1344 B: Petition of Adam Castelok and Matilda his wife concerning their outlawry. [175], [176], [177] rcp
  • M1344 C: Petition of Ralph de Albiniaco. [178] rcp
  • M1344 D: Petition of Roger son of Roger Beler [179] rcp
  • M1346 A: Parliamentary expenses: Kent. John de Hoke and Thomas Darent v. John Elys and Robert de Lincoln bailiffs of the city of Canterbury. Expenses for attending the parliament of 18 Edward III for the city of Canterbury. [184]

H1347 A: Process in parliament concerning the prebend of Banbury against Nicholas de Stretele, Richard de Donewale, and Hugh his son. [185]

E1347 A: Petition of the Abbot of Quarr concerning Hugh de Whitville's grant of the manor of Whitefeld to the abbey. [186] rcp

T1347 A: Further proceedings on the Inquisition Post Mortem of John de Haudlo. [187] rcp

H1348 A: Petition of Gervase de Clifton concerning the flooding of his lands by the River Trent occasioned by the repairs to Nottingham castle. [188]

E1348 A: Petitions of Margaret who was the wife of Ranulph de Dacre and William Langleis concerning the chief bailiwick of the forest of Ingelwood. [189]

E1348 B: Accusation of falsity, sedition, and deceipts against Walter de Jernemuta by Nicholas Bolyet in the handling of royal money; pleading before council; trial in king's bench. [190]

E1348 C: Petition of John Cobat of Ipswich. [191]

T1348 A: Suffolk. Abbot of St Osith v. Richard son of Richard de Amoundeville. Concerning the fair and market at Stow Market.[192], [193]

M1348 A: Bedfordshire. Petition of Master and Brothers of the Hospital of St John of Bedford. [194] rcp

M1348 B: Extents under a statute merchant. [195] rcp

H1349 A: Petition by the Abbot of Peterborough. [196], [197] rcp

M1349 A: Petition of John Dyme relating to lands acquired by the abbot of Kingsworth. [198]; [199]


H1351 A: Inquiry about escaped prisoners. [200] rcp

T1351 A: Parliamentary expences. Devon. Process against Stephen Northwyk and Robert Northwyk bailiffs of Great Torrington to pay John Molyns and Robert Hele burgesses of the town summoned to parliament 6 p.s. 12s for their expences, that is, for 33 days each at 2s/day. [201], [202] rcp

E1353 A: Petition of men and tenants of Botheby next Navenby. [203] rcp

E1353 B: Petition of Thomas Gouke. [204], [205] rcp

E1354 A: Petititon of Roger de Mortimer. [206], [207], [208], [209], [210], [211], [212], [213], [214], [215], [216] rcp

M1354 A: Petition of the Prior of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England. [217] rcp

M1354 B: Parliamentary expenses. Rex v. Stephen Northwyk and Robert Northwyk bailiffs of Great Torrington. For the expenses of Robert Molyn and Robert Hele, burgesses. [218] rcp

M1354 C: Enrollment of statutes. [219] rcp

  • T1357 A: London. Thomas, bishop of Durham (qui tam) v. Thomas de Snetesham. Distaint of the bishop's cart and five horses contrary to the liberty of those proceeding to parliament. [220], [221], [222], [223], [224] rcp
  • M1359 A: Petition of John son of Robert Hawkyns of Ludlow. [225] rcp
  • M1361 A: Petition of the Bishop of Durham. [226] rcp
  • H1363 A: Enrollment of response to complaints concerning violations of Magna Carta, purveyancing rules etc. [227] rcp
  • H1363 B: Petition of Thomas de la Bere. [228] rcp
  • E1363 A: Petition of John Turk son of Margery late wife of John Malewayn one of the daughters and heirs of Matilda Waleys. [229] rcp
  • E1365 A: Petition of Henry de Lancaster, brother of Henry, earl of Lancaster. [230], [231], [232] rcp
  • 1370 A: Petition of Ranulf de Dacre. [233]
  • 1374 A: Petition of John de Gloucester, lately prior of Lanthony concerning errors in a case from the court of common pleas of Ireland. [234]
  • 1376 A: Petition of the Bishop of Durham. [235]; [236]


  • E1379 A: Petition of John Blaunchard. [237]
  • T1382 A: Parliamentary Expenses. Thomas de Northorp and John de Covenham, burgesses of the town of Grimsby v. Geoffrey Askeby, mayor of Grimsby; and John de Neuland and William Ingeson, bailiffs of Grimsby. [238]; [239]; [240]




  • Parliamentary expenses: Henry Frowyk, armiger and Thomas Luce, gent, knights of the county of Middlesex v. County of Middlesex. Expenses for going to Parliament in 23 Henry VI for 119 days. [241]


  • Parliamentary expenses: Henry Smart and Richard Colnet, citizens of Winchester v. Mayor and bailiffs of the City of Winchester, for expenses for going to Parliament beginning 6 October, expenses for 318 days, 12 Edward IV. [242]
  • Parliamentary expenses: John Aport and Thomas Pury, citizens of Salisbury v. Mayor and Citizens of Salisbury, for expenses for going to Parliament 3 June, 7 Edward IV, for 63 days. [243]
  • Parliamentary expenses: John Aubry, citizen of Norwich v. Community of the City of Norwich, for expenses for going to Parliament 6 October, 12 Edward IV, for 320 days. [244]