Connerton Data Tables

From Waalt

Note that this text is a template and will not appear again on the edit page. This page will accommodate data tables. Such tables would naturally be tables containing inhabitant lists, official lists for multiple years, financial details, or any other material collected in table form that cannot easily be entered in the other columns. The process for uploading such tables is as follows:

  • convert your table into HTML. This option should appear in your software under the file menu. If you have difficulty with this step, contact
  • create your appropriate date entry below. To do this you will have to create a new cell. A cell begins with a vertical line and ends with a vertical line followed by a minus. In between those vertical lines type first the date or date range of the material followed by a colon and then a brief description of the material in the table. Conclude by putting in a link to where the table will be. Do this by enclosing in double brackets an absolutely unique file name, beginning with town name, date, dattab (for data table), and a letter not yet used (start with an A if there are no other tables for your date).
  • save this page, and then click on the link you have created.
  • copy and paste the HTML version of your table into the fresh page.
data tables: