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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1792 C79/, no. []
1792 29 Jan 32 Sir Gilbert Heathcote baronet and Gilbert Heathcote his son and heir apparent and infant by the said Sir Gilbert Heathcote his guardian v. Richard Roberts; William Pepper; Peter Long; John Beasley; and William Lansdall [vide 1789 C79/298, no. 4 (4)] re. settlement 20 June 1749, Sir Gilbert Heathcote [c.1723-85] and remainder to Gilbert Heathcote [1773-1851], of impropriate rectory of Walcot [in North Kesteven], Lincs; rights to tithe etc. C79/251, no. [2]
1792 7 Feb 32 William Rout of Portsmouth, Hants, victualler v. Elizabeth Dawson; Sophia Dawson; William Morgan; James Webber; and Joseph Wright re. loan £500 Sept 1781 by William Morgan & Edward Dawson & Elizabeth and Sophia Dawson from William Rout (complt), secured on messuage '21 east side of Broad St.', on the Point of Portsmouth, allegedly owned by Dawsons. C79/268, no. [3]
1792 24 May 32 Sir Archibald Macdonald knight Attorney General at the relation of Richard Norbury of the borough of Droitwich, Worcs, esq; Thomas Holbeche esq; and John Amphlett clerk informant; Richard Norbury; Thomas Holbeche; and John Amphlett three of the executors and trustees of Katherine Nash spinster v. Treadway Nash; Richard Amphlett; Rowland Berkeley; and Edward Penrice re. will 12 July 1781, of Katherine Nash, considerable personal estate, but no real estate; endowment to build school for poor boy and girl parishioners in par. St Peter's, Droitwich. C79/228, no. [4]
1792 24 May 32 Francis Dugdale Astley esq; The Reverend John Fletcher; and John Bridgwood surviving executors of Sir John Astley late of Patshull, Staffs, baronet; and John Carr esq v. Charles, earl of Tankerville and Charles Augustus Bennett called Lord Ossulston re. indenture 23 Oct 1716, Sir John Astley [2nd Baronet, 1687–1771] & wife Mary and Sir Robert Jenkinson & John Wallop; property at Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury. C79/227, no. [5]
1792 13 Nov 33 Charles Clowes and Charles Wishaw v. Hans Winstrop Mortimer re. loan 20/21 July 1779 £1,500, by Hans Winshop Mortimer from Thomas Pickering of Lincoln's Inn, Middx., secured on property in manor of Aston [near par. Hope], Derbs. C79/239, no. [6]
1792 11 Dec 33 Sir Richard Pepper Arden [1744-1784], Attorney General at the relation of Richard Whitworth esq v. The Master and Wardens of the Company of Haberdashers of the City of London; Governor of the possessions and revenues of the free grammar school of Newport, Salop of the foundation of William Adams re. indenture 27 Nov 1656, William Adams and Company of Haberdashers; and a grant 7 Nov 1656 by his Late Highness Oliver, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth etc. regarding a free Grammar School in Newport [Salop]. C79/228, no. [7]
1792 18 Dec 33 Francis Creuze and others v. Mary Louth and others AND Robert Michell and others v. Charles Orby Hunter lately deceased; Elizabeth Hunter his widow; Thomas Orby Hunter an infant; the said William Charles Sloper; Richard Brickenden; and William John Brickendon; Charles Shepard; Jacomina Hunter widow; Richard Burn; John Baker; and William Baker; Henry Jones; Robert Woodgate; Edmund Pepys & Sarah his wife; Abraham Burnell; John Beardsworth; William Beaumont and others. Petitioners: William Charles Sloper; Richard Brickendon; and William John Brickendon; Charles Shephard; Jacomina Hunter; Richard Burn; John Baker; and William Baker; Henry David; Robert Woodgate; Edmund Pepys & Sarah his wife; Abraham Burnell; John Beardsworth; and William Beaumont re. orders of the court, following death of Charles Orby Hunter, in Paris in Sept 1791, and of his widow Elizabeth and son Thomas Orby Hunter, who had been left without any provision. C79/220, no. [8]
1792 C79/, no. []