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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1702 C78/, no. []
1702 12 Jan 13 Richard Orlebar, gent & Elizabeth his wife; John Whitfield, esq; Elizabeth Orlebar, widow and relict of Cowper Orlebar, gent; Margaret Orlebar; Judith Orlebar; and Susannah Orlebar, sisters of said Cowper Orlebar v. Elizabeth Orlebar, sole daughter and heir of said Cowper Orlebar C78/1025, no. 4 [2]
1702 12 Jan 13 Elizabeth Alporte, widow and executrix of Ralph Alporte, her late husband v. Robert Massey, administrator de bonis non (by Mary Welbee, his widow and relict and executrix) of John Welbee and executrix of said Mary Welbee C78/1242, no. 4 [3]
1702 26 Jan 13 Thomas Ambrose, citizen and brewer of London v. Thomas Nutts, citizen and cook of London C78/1599, no. 6 [4]
1702 27 Jan 13 James, earl of Dalkeith; the Lord Henry Scott; Anne, duchess of Buccleuch; and Isabella Scott, spinster, an infant by the said lady duchess of Buccleuch her mother v. Sir Stephen Fox, knight; William Duncombe, esq; John, lord Ashburnham; and Charles, lord Cornwallis C78/1719, no. 14 [5]
1702 3 Feb 13 Henry Townshend, esq v. John Reynolds C78/1718, no. 4 [6]
1702 4 Feb 13 Leonard Pilkington, gent, & Priscilla his wife, who was second daughter of Benjamin Clark of Stanley, Yorks, & Priscilla his wife v. Robert Watson, & Priscilla his wife; Benjamin Clark; Margaret Clark; Alice Clark; and Mary Clark C78/1599, no. 5 [7]
1702 9 Feb 14 Thomas Kentish v. Susan Kentish and Thomas Kentish C78/1906, no. 4 [8]
1702 13 Feb 14 John Thurgood of High Easter, Essex, gentleman; George Dauson of Langley, Essex, gentleman; Henry Gaylour of Manuden, Essex, butcher; and John Nicholls of King's Hatfield [Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex], yeoman v. Peter Tom sr & Mary his wife; Peter Tom jr; Phillip Tom; William Henry Tom; Mary Tom children of said Peter Tom sr & Mary his wife being infants by said Peter Tom sr their father and guardian; and Samuel Hobbs C78/1897, no. 15 [9]
1702 13 Feb 14 Mary Orton, spinster v. Gervas Bradgate; Willliam Bird, esq; Thomas Seagrave; Frances Hull, widow; and Edward Sprigg C78/1651, no. 3 [10]
1702 14 Feb 14 James Burfield the elder; James Burfield the younger; John Jaques; and Charles Waugh v. William Hayton; and others (sic) C78/1561, no. 1 [11]
1702 17 Feb 14 Stephen Penford v. William Jerman, & Joane his wife; and Daniel Chandler C78/1621, no. 15 [12]
1702 19 Feb 14 John Osgood and Obediah Osgood sons of John Osgood infants by John Staploe; and Francis Platt & Rebecca his wife daughter of said John Osgood v. Salem Osgood; Theodore Ecclestone; and John Hall executors of John Osgood C78/1906, no. 2 [13]
1702 20 Feb 14 Susanna Southerne, widow v. Mary Robinson, widow C78/1718, no. 6 [14]
1702 24 Feb 14 William Norton v. Francis Moult; Ellen Bromley; Frances Chaddeston, widow; and Elizabeth Parsons, widow C78/1571, no. 8 [15]
1702 25 Feb. 14 Nicholas Beare v Henry Usticke and Judith his wife the only daughter and heir of John Hancock decd and Margery Hancock the widow of the said John Hancock. Mortgage of lands in Comb Martin, Devon C78/1160, no. 7 [16]
1702 25 Feb 14 Abraham Morrice of Lincoln, mercer; and Thomas Nicholson of Lincoln, apothecary on their own behalves and other creditors of Nathaniel Clerke of Lincoln v. Peter Richier doctor of phisick; Stephen Lodington; Susanna Bee; and Winifred Clarke C78/1773, no. 7 [17]
1702 25 Feb 14 Elizabeth Morley; and Charlett Morley, son and daughter of said Richard Morley and Elizabeth his wife, infants by said Elizabeth their mother; Thomas Morley esq eldest son and heir of said Richard Morley; and Sir George Browne, baronet, & Dame Gertrude his wife one of the daughters of said Richard Morley infants, by Edmund Webb, esq v. Thomas Morley, esq C78/1618, no. 12 [18]
1702 25 Feb 14 Ann Howard of the parish of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, spinster v. Henry Bowes Howard, esq, an infant; Sir Robert Burdett, baronet, his guardian; and the Right Honorable Edward, earl of Jersey C78/1074, no. 5 [19]
1702 27 Feb. 14 Thomas Turner of Lincoln's Inn, Middx v Thomas Lowfield, John Turner and Hannah his wife Bonds in connection with marriage settlement. C78/1040, no. 4 [20]
1702 27 Feb 14 William Whitchurch v Thomas Pope Complts distraint of the goods of James Biggs of Bath, in his office of Sherriff of the County of Somerset at the suit of the deft. C78/1360, no. 5 [21]
1702 27 Feb 14 John Fortescue esq & Amy his wife eldest daughter of Sir Peter Fortescue baronet by Dame Amy his late wife v. Dame Amy Fortescue Fortescue Turbervile esq & Bridgett his wife second daughter of the said Sir Peter Fortescue; Mary Fortescue; Hugh Fortescue; Hugh Boscowen; ___ Clobery; Francis Calmady; Richard Langworthy; George Parker; and John Quick C79/188, no. [22]
1702 28 Feb 14 Thomas Husband; Robert Highgate; Thomas Pitchford; and Richard Boswell v. Elizabeth Stanton, widow and relict of William Stanton; Thomas Bradly; William Wells, Elizabeth Pippin; Francis Stanton; Mathew Symonds; William Bird, esq; John Wright; Robert Hall; William Abnett the elder; William Abnett the younger, an infant by his guardian; Richard Stanton; Daniel Piper; Elizabeth Boswell; Randall Simptox alias Stanton; and Mary Hindson an infant by her guardian C78/1619, no. 13 [23]
1702 2 March 14 Thomas Bond, eldest son and heir of John Bond of Wendlebury, Oxon, clerk v. Thomas Bond; Susanna Bond; and Sarah Bond C78/1514, no. 5 [24]
1702 3 March 14 John Pearse; Joseph Willis; William Moore; and Edward Jerman v. Cesar Chamberlain, esq, the countess of Orrory; Christopher Monk, esq; John Hutchinson; and Thomas Trevillian, gents; John Bolger, & his wife; William Blackford; and Thomas Partridge C78/1794, no. 9 [25]
1702 3 March 14 Wenman Wynniatt v. Thomas Wynniatt Rights to a customary messuage called Bowkers als Bulkers and Hoopers als Whopers in the manor of Little Dymocke [Dymock] als Gamage Hall, Gloucs. Custom of the manor. Tenants to temp. Phillip & Mary. C78/1453, no. 5 [26]
1702 3 March 14 Nathaniel Hawes v. Anne Warner, widow; Sir John Rous, baronet; William Bell; and Edmund Warner C78/1619, no. 14 [27]
1702 4 March 14 Robert Radford v Joseph How, John Radford the younger and Katherine his wife, John Bath and Hannah his wife and Henry Anderson Refs previous bill of the complt against John Radford the elder, spectacle maker, concerning possession of land and houses in Lichfield, and decree of 13 July 1699. C78/1359, no. 2 [28]
1702 10 March 1 Nicholas Lepell, & Mary his wife; and Hanna Brook, spinster; and William Poyntz, which said Mary and Hannah were the only surviving children, daughters, and coheirs of John Brooke, esq, and sisters and coheirs of Thomas Brooke, esq, eldest son of said John Brooke and of Robert Brooke, esq, younger son of the said John Brooke, both likewise deceased and also administratrices of said John Brooke and also of goods unadministered by said Robert Brooke, and which said Mary was sole executrix of said Robert Brooke, who was sole executor of said Thomas Brooke v. John Mole, gent; Clemence Palmer, widow; and Mathew Palmer an infant (eldest son of said Clemence) C78/812, no. 5 [29]
1702 10 March 1 Jane Hungerford, spinster, one of the daughters of Sir Edward Hungerford, Knight of the Bath, and sister of Anthony Hungerford, esq; Edward Hungerford and Frances Diana Skeffington, infants by said Jane Hungerford v. said Sir Edward Hungerford, knight; John Pollexfen, esq; Dorothy Mellish, widow and relict of William Mellish; Francis Marsh; Richard Marsh; Edward Marsh; John Dew; Nicholas Sandford; John Williams; Nicholas Charlton, esq; Sir Jeremy Sambrooke, knight; and others (sic) C78/813, no. 5 [30]
1702 11 March 1 John Betts the younger & Mary his wife v. William Harly and Daniel Smith the executors of Francis Rigs and Elizabeth Smith wife of said Daniel Smith; Edward Searle & Elizabeth his wife C78/2043, no. 7 [31]
1702 17 March 1 Theodora Meredith; Mary Meredith; Anne Meredith; and Jane Meredith, daughters of Sir William Meredith, infants, by George Meredith their guardian v. said Sir William Meredith; William Falkner; William Dixon; and Thomas Rock, gent, executors of William Thursdby, esq C78/1025, no. 6 [32]
1702 18 March 1 Robert Patton of the parish of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, esq & Anne his wife; and Charles Shawe of Belthorpe [?Felthorpe], Norf, esq & ELizabeth his wife v. John Harbord esq C78/2071, no. [33]
1702 25 March 1 George lord Bergevenny and Benedict Richards and William Guise esqs executors of George late lord Bergevenny v. Sir James Herbert knight C79/22, no. [34]
1702 18 April 1 Robert Grove, gent v. Francis Simpkins; and Abraham Barbour, gent C78/1242, no. 3 [35]
1702 18 April 1 James Dobson, Robert Williamson and Jane Dobson widow, executors of James Dobson decd v Ezekiell Lampen of London merchant Several mortgages of Domians als Damians [Damyns Hall] and Smoakehall, both in Rayneham [Rainham], Essex, by the deft. C78/1359, no. 1 [36]
1702 18 April 14 George Jones v. Joseph Maddocks C78/1142, no. 3 [37]
1702 25 Apr. 1 Robert Wolley v Richard Kitchin and Anne his wife, Stephen Wesenbache and Elizabeth his wife and Sir Roger Hill. Bonds in connection with purchase of plantation in Jamaica. C78/1250, no. 7 [38]
1702 25 Apr 1 Simon Harcourt of the Middle Temple, London v. Dame Mary Anderson, widow; Henry Harcourt; Richard Harcourt; Elizabeth Harcourt; Margaret Harcourt; Arabella Harcourt; Sir Edward Seabright; and John Hatcher Will of Dame Elizabeth Anderson, mother of the complts wife Elizabeth, by Sir Richard Anderson decd. Manor of Sheeping, in Sheeping & Harlow, Essex & Herts, mortgaged by Sir Richard Anderson. C78/1429, no. 11 [39]
1702 1 May 1 Sampson Pett v James Dennick Estate of Henry Pett only brother to Sampson Pett decd the complts father. C78/1360, no. 3 [40]
1702 2 May 1 Humphrey Nedham, gent & Elizabeth his then wife now Elizabeth Nedham, widow, late Elizabeth Reddish, widow in right of said Elizabeth and Joshua Oldham & Mary his wife in right of said Mary v. Samuel Birch, esq; and John Birch; and Samuel Birch, son of said John Birch C78/1142, no. 1 [41]
1702 6 May 1 William Prewett, esq v. Andrew Innys, gent; and others C78/1635, no. 1 [42]
1702 7 May 1 Anne Loyd, widow v. William Viner and Thomas Jervoice Marriage settlement of Henry Jervoice late of Combes Court, Wilts decd, and the complts late mother, widow of Thomas Downes of London. C78/1418, no. 9 [43]
1702 7 May 1 Thomas Cowslade an infant by Joseph Cowslade, esq, his father v. William Sealy C78/1794, no. 10 [44]
1702 12 May 1 Elizabeth Stoakes, wife of James Stoakes v. said James Stoakes; Christopher Tillier; and Edward Carter C78/1651, no. 2 [45]
1702 13 May 1 Humphry Arscott; John Leigh & Anne his wife, lately Anne Hobbs widow v. George Channon C78/1165, no. 1 [46]
1702 13 May 1 Humphry Arscott; John Leigh & Anne his wife lately called Anne Hobbs, widow v. George Channon C78/1279, no. 3 [47]
1702 19 May 1 William Cotton, clerk & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of Sir Thomas Halford, baronet, deceased v. Sir Richard Halford, baronet; William Welby, esq; and Richard Welby, gent C78/1025, no. 5 [48]
1702 21 May 1 Mayor, bailiffs and commonalty of City of Exeter v John Fownes, George Gould, Peter Woodley and Mary his wife and Peter Woodley, John Woodley, James Woodley, Hugh Woodley, Henry Woodley, Mary Woodley and Katherine Woodley their children. Mortgage, interest and rents due from meadows in parish of St. David, Exeter. C78/830, no. 2 [49]
1702 21 May 1 Sir Thomas Willoughby of Wollaton, Notts, baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife wife one of the daughters and coheirs of Sir Richard Rothwell late of Stapleford, Lincs, baronet v. William Eastland; Thomas Markall; Edward Watson; Christopher Hannahdowne & his wife; Thomas Wilson; Robert Sherbrooke; Thomas Robinson; William Burt; Richard Bonner junior; John Abbott & his wife; Mary Parry widow; Bartholomew Markall; Margaret Ward; Barat Browne, John Ward; George Burbidge; Edward Pridgeon; Richard Bonner sr; Thomas Bonner; Francis Martin; David Bonner; Abigale Toler widow; Elizabeth Dalton widow; Elizabeth Watson widow; John Watson; William Anderson & his wife; John Stubbs; Sir Thomas Skipwith baronet; Robert Neave & his wife; Richard Bacon; William Rawlinson; Robert Finn; Edward Phillipps; Samuell Harwar clerke; Robert Patman an infant; John Toler an infant; Samuell Harmston an infant; Robert Dalton an infant; Elizabeth Patman an infant; John Bonner an infant; and Elizabeth and Ann Moor infants C79/192, no. [50]
1702 21 May 1 Thomas Barnard of Petworth, Sussex, gent v. John Dee; Francis Mose; John Barnard; Richard Barnard; Henry Barnard; Thomas Barnard; Barnard Smith; Frances Smith; John Barton & Joane his wife; Richard Mills & Susan his wife; and Barbara Barnard C78/1037, no. 3 [51]
1702 22 May 1 Charles Griffith v Rowland Pritchard, Richard Pritchard his son and heir Mortgage of messuages called Tyr Llwyne y vron and Tyr Achaith Vawr and several parcels of land (named) in Llanthoysant, Carmarthen. C78/1346, no. 1 [52]
1702 22 May 1 William Elliott, & Amy his wife, late the wife of William Jones, gent v. Robert Drinkwater C78/771, no. 5 [53]
1702 2 June 1 Richard Daston and Henry Aluutt v Francis Russell and Katherine Lady North and Grey his wife, executrix of Charles Lord North and Grey decd, Sir Thomas Trevor and Sir William Cowper Annuity, secured by the manors of Burwell and Saxton Hall, and other property in Wooditton, Chevely, Stetchworth, Kirtling, Newmarket, Ashley, all in Cambs. C78/1316, no. 2 [54]
1702 2 June 1 Francis Jordan one of the sons of John Jordan late of Witney, Oxon, gentleman v. Hannah Jordan widow; Ralph Trumball clerke; and Thomas Jordan C79/21, no. [55]
1702 6 June 1 William Taylor v. John Fox C78/1626, no. 3 [56]
1702 6 June 1 Richard Welby, gent v. John Thornhagh, esq & Elizabeth his wife; and others (sic) C78/1107, no. 2 [57]
1702 6 June 1 John Scudamore, esq & Martha his wife; Elizabeth Scudamore; Margaret Scudamore; and Martha Scudamore, children of said John Scudamore & Martha his wife, being infants, by their said father; and Katherine Whitcombe, spinster, daughter of William Whitcomb, gent, former husband of said complainant Martha Scudamore the mother and of her the said Martha and also Henry Girle, gent v. Susan Purdue, widow, relict, and administratrix of John Purdue C78/1142, no. 2 [58]
1702 9 June 1 Elizabeth Moodie, widow, sole executrix of Charles Moodie late purser of His Majesty's ship the Yarmouth, her late husband v. Captain James Moody (her testator's late brother) C78/1626, no. 2 [59]
1702 10 June 1 Sir Thomas Smith, baronet v. William Smith; Peregrine King, clerk; William King; Thomas King; Peregrine King, jr; John King; Robert King; Dorothy Wythers, widow; Charles Wythers; Henrietta Maria Wythers; and Humphry Hall, clerk C78/1628, no. 4 [60]
1702 19 June 1 Robert Dodd gentleman & Anne his wife; Thomas Vivian of London merchant & Elizabeth his wife v. Carleton Whitelock esq; Humfry Hetherington esq; Henry Hussey; and William Hussey gentleman; Joseph Settle & Cilitia his wife; and Thomas James gentleman C78/2043, no. 8 [61]
1702 19 June 1 Bastian Bayar; and Rachel Tudway relict & widow of Clement Tudway decd v. George Turney and [?Sarah?] his wife; Sarah Turney; Anthony Turney; John Thurlby; and Thomas Saunders C78/1492, no. 5 [62]
1702 22 June 1 Dame Elizabeth Elwes, widow v. Frances Keate, widow; George Keate; and John Keate infants by said Frances Keate their mother and guardian C78/1993, no. 3 [63]
1702 26 June 1 Henry Wood v. James Dunning; Nathaniel Pinney; Thomas Abbot; and Thomas Studley C78/2009, no. 2 [64]
1702 26 June 1 Sir John Percivall baronet and Phillip Percivale his brother infants by Phillip Percivale esq; and the said Phillip Percivall esq; and others (sic) v. Sir Robert Southwell knight; and others (sic) C78/1904, no. 3 [65]
1702 26 June 1 Thomas Starke of London, merchant v. Catherine Arnall, widow; and William Bates C78/1716, no. 1 [66]
1702 20 June 1 Sir John Chester of Chickly, Bucks, baronet & Anne his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of William Woolaston of ____, Leics, esq v. William Maesmore, gent; Robert Fowle; and Robert Gower C78/1234, no. 9 [67]
1702 26 June 1 Thomas Oades, gent v. John Jacob, surviving executor of Edward Turner; Thomas Smith; and Anne Turner, only child and heir of the said Edward Turner C78/1651, no. 1 [68]
1702 27 June 1 John Stone of Rusper, Sussex, gent; and John Ward of West Grinstead, esq v. Peter Courthope esq C78/1719, no. 6 [69]
1702 29 June 1 Henry Golding; William Golding; Temperance Golding; Thomas Golding, infant, by Henry Golding hteir father and guardian v. Francis Dade, clerk, & Sarah his wife C78/1532, no. 3 [70]
1702 29 June 1 Sir Thomas Powis, knight, King James's Attorney General, for the king and at the relation of Munster schoolmaster, poor, and inhabitants of Barningham in the North Riding, Yorks [now Co.Durham] v. Thomas Appleby; and Richard Hardy; and Robert Hadden C78/1148, no. 1 [71]
1702 3 July 1 Christopher Baron and William Baron administrators of George Baron decd v. Sir William Haward; Gyles Spicer and Elizabeth his wife; Blandine Spicer; Hannah Spicer; Penelope Spicer; Anthony Barksdale; Richard Golson; and James Puckle Mortgage by John Burrough to George Baron of a number of leases, including the cisterns, caver and engine place of store or receipt of water at the waterhouse at Broken Wharf, London C78/1413, no. 4 [72]
1702 3 July 1 Henry Townshend, esq v. John Reynolds C78/1718, no. 5 [73]
1702 3 July 1 Thomas Button, esq & Diana his wife v. John Price; Herbert Westfaleing; and Herbert Masters, esq C78/1242, no. 1 [74]
1702 4 July 1 George Wilson; Francis Haynes; Richard Carwardine; Nathaniel Browne, esq; James Stanton; Margaret Woodhouse; Sarah Mence; John Pinner; Michael Wyatt; Richard Long; Francis Bromly,esq; Anne Millward; and William Elcox v. John Shelton, esq & Hester his wife; Edward Trovell; Anthoney Ashfield, gent C78/1007, no. 1 [75]
1702 6 July 1 Sir Richard Cocks; Thomas Goodinge; Charles Cocks; Kinard Delavere; Peter Gelsthrop; John Bruges; John Cocks; Peter Cocks; John Buckle; William Turbervill; Robert Hobbs; John Taylor; Thomas Beale; Anthony Barnes; John Townsend; Richard Hobbs; Hopewell Hayward; Sarah Spencer by Andrew Spencer; William Beard; John Yates; Richard Smith; Timothy Barnes; Thomas Keare; Mary Hobbs; Jacob Moulder; Nicholas Rayer; Richard Webb; Thomas Hiett of Cleve; Andrew Spencer; John Stollard; James Yend; and John Barnes v. James Reeve; Thomas Hiett of Southam; Joane Hawling Failure to implement an agreements for the exchange of parcels of land in the common fields of Sotham and Woodmancott in the parish of Bishopps Cleeve, Gloucs. C78/1451, no. 1 [76]
1702 6 July 1 David Powell, & Elizabeth his wife v. William Pleydell; and Robert Colepeper C78/1652, no. 5 [77]
1702 9 July 1 John Bold, gent; William Symons; Elizabeth martin, widow, surviving executrix of Nicholas Martin; John Allen the younger, son of James Allen, gent, an infant, by Mary Allen his mother; Anne Allen; Mary Allen; Elizabeth Allen; Philadelphia Allen; Margaret Allen; and William Allen, the five daughters and youngest son of William Allen the younger, gent, which William Allen was the eldest son of said James Allen, all infants by Margaret Alfray, widow v. William Symond; James Allen; Thomas Gravett; William Gravet; Sarah Gravett, widow, relict, and administratrix of John Gravett; James Gravett; George Gravett; William Blackmore, & Mary his wife; and Samuel Newington, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1718, no. 1 [78]
1702 10 July 1 Henry Dottin v John Beare Mortgage of lands called Bearscombe at Woodmaston, Buckland ToutSaints, Devon. C78/830, no. 7 [79]
1702 10 July 1 John Curtis, Henry Wilder, William Thompson and James Chamberlain v Thomas Crawley, Pritchard Loader and John Smith Also cross cause Thomas Crawley, John Smith and Pritchard Loader v John Curtis, William Thompson, James Chamberlain, Henry Wilder, Maurice Abbott and Richard Crick. Refs decree of 1 March 1698. C78/1354, no. [8?] [80]
1702 10 July 1 John, duke of Newcastle knight of the Order of the Garter and Joseph Welsh v. Richard Hawson and Thomas Gibson gentlemen; and William Jessop esq C79/51, no. [81]
1702 11 July 1 Frances Browne widow and administratrix of Stephen Browne decd her late husband v John Thompson, William Taylor, William Close, John Bolt, William Falkner, William Stennett, John Burton and John Browne an infant. Legacies payable from lands in Fosdike, Frampton, Kirton, Boston, Butterwick and Wainfleet, Lincs in the will of John Browne the said Stephen Browne's late brother. C78/1160, no. 5 [82]
1702 13 July 1 Thomas Martin v. John Bestlesse; Richard Barret; and John Pope C78/2009, no. 3 [83]
1702 15 July 1 The Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London v. Richard Richmond; Peter d Lannoy; Gabriel Glover; Richard Bowater; William Monson; Urban Hall; John Crichton; John Houghton; Joseph Cope; John Tyrack; Charles Blount; John Blunt; Joseph Tayler; Thomas Houghton; and Robert Aldersey C78/1534, no. 1 [84]
1702 17 July 1 James and Elizabeth Towers v Sir James Houblon Legacies payable from debts due from East India Company. C78/1250, no. 5 [85]
1702 17 July 1 John Chance v. William Grove; Mary Grove, widow; Jonathan Sherwood; Mary Sherwood; John Cox; and Humfry Saunders C78/1718, no. 7 [86]
1702 21 July 1 John Bowes son & heir of Thomas Bowes younger brother of Charles Bowes and great grandson of Richard Bowes decd as also administrator of Susan Bowes widow of the said Charles decd v John Fenton executor of the last w & t of Edward Kirlewe decd Manor of Hagthorpe and tithes of Brackenholme in Hemingbrough, Yorks. Refs deft Kirlewe's bill of complaint of 1662. C78/1308, no. 5 [87]
1702 24 July 1 Robert Rowland and Nicholas Purse v William Masemore, Robert Fowle, Robert Gower, Hugh Cholmley and John Cholmley. Interest due for sale of diamonds, payable by the executors of John Cholmley decd. C78/830, no. 6 [88]
1702 24 July 1 Andrew Mathews youngest son of Thomas Mathews decd v John Kinnsey, David Jenkin, Cecill Mathews spinster, Cecill Mathews widow, Sir Edward Mansell, Gwenllan Lewis widow, Anne Treharne widow, John Windham serjeant at law and Margery Lewis widow Wills of complt's father Thomas Mathews, great grandfather William Thomas and grandfather Robert Williams. Legacies of property in parishes of Llanblithian, Llanharan, Welsh St Donnats and Yestradowen, within the lordships of Llanblithian and Tallavan, Gloucs C78/1306, no. 1 [89]
1702 24 July 1 Charles, Lord Ossulstone, Baron of Ossulstone, Middx, executor of John, Lord Ossulstone his late father decd v Ralph Hardwick and Daniel Hough Deft Hough, as trustee for the deft Hardwick, mortgage of a lease of several houses and lands in Spilefeilds and Holdsworth als Spitlehope in the parish of Stebenheath als Stepney, Middx. C78/1385, no. 15 [90]
1702 24 July 1 Mary Bathurst, widow, relict, and sole executrix of Anthony Bathurst of Itchill, Hants, gent v. Edward Bathurst; Charles Wither; William Porter; and John Browning C78/1618, no. 11 [91]
1702 24 July 1 Sir Thomas Trevor, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Robert Bernard, clerk, vicar of Thaxted, Essex; and Thomas Winterflood; and Cromwall Thornton, churchwardens of the parish; and William Osboston; Robert Clayden; Francis Clayden; and John Reynolds, overseers of the said parish; and John Rayner, gent; Nathaniel Westely, gent; Richard Turner, gent; Laurence Porter; John Piggott, sr; John Chaplin; Thomas Bedlow; Richard Stubbing; John Piggot, jr, some of the inhabitants of said parish v. Banistre, lord Maynard, baron of Estaines ad turrim C78/1617, no. 10 [92]
1702 24 July 1 William Tovell of Tannington, Suff v. John Hunt, yeoman C78/1532, no. 1 [93]
1702 24 July 1 John Jackman for Penelope Adams, daughter and heir of John Burgoyne, esq and wife of John Adams, esq v. said John Adams AND v. Richard Lee and Joseph Lee, executors of said John Burgoyne; and John Lestrange; and Sir John Burgoyne, baronet C78/1025, no. 2 [94]
1702 24 July 1 William Weston of Cobham, Surrey, clerk, administrator of Dame Katherine Inwood his late wife and also administrator de bonis non (by said Dame Katherineof Sir William Inwood of Cobham, knight and also administrator of William Byers, citizen and leatherseller of London v. The Master, Wardens, and Assistants of the Company and Society of Gardeners, London C78/1037, no. 2 [95]
1702 27 July 1 Marmaduke Alford of the Parish of St Martin's in the Fields, Middx and Martha Scudamore wife of Barnabas Scudamore of St Clement Danes, Middx by Francis Mills v Barnabas Scudamore, Hugh Hare, Joseph Cressett of London tobacconist, Walter Robert and Robert Weston Trust settlement of lands in Swan Alley, Coleman Street, London and in Bristol, and tenements at Felstead, Essex and Croydon, Surrey C78/830, no. 9 [96]
1702 28 July 1 Samuel Easten v. Anne Benson, widow C78/1008, no. 3 [97]
1702 10 Aug 1 William Thornton an infant only son and heir of Arthur Thornton esq by Richard Longford gentleman v. Phillip Wilkinson & Anne his wife administratrix of said Arthur Thornton C78/2039, no. 5 [98]
1702 13 Oct 1 Gilber East; Robert Marsham, knight and baronet; Sarah Bramston, widow and relict of Francis Barmston, gent; James Bramston, an infant by Dame Sarah Bramston his grandmother v. Thomas Ingham, esq; and Thomas Bramston, gent C78/1619, no. 16 [99]
1702 20 Oct 1 Francis Meadowcroft and Elizabeth Meadowcroft, Richard Meadowcroft, Alice Meadowcroft and James Meadowcroft infants and children of the said Francis Meadowcroft v John Halliwell and Elizabeth his wife, and others (not named) Will of James Lomax decd, father of Alice Meadowcroft, late wife of the complt Francis. Testamentary settlement of tenement in Unsworth and lands in Tottington, Lancs. C78/1190, no. 4 [100]
1702 20 Oct 1 George Lawson and William Glover and other the creditors of Charles Brown decd; Emlyn Brown daughter of the said Charles Brown infant by Catharine Bingley relict and executrix of William Bingley decd v. Edward Carter; Robert Hanslapp; and John Smith (executors of the said Charles Browne) Gould Browne an infant son of the said Charles Brown by his guardian; and Arthur Gould Will of Charles Brown. Debts to the complts. Estate in Wargrave, Berks and Drury Lane, Middx C78/1428, no. 5 [101]
1702 23 Oct 2 Thomas Sclater, esq; and Leonard Thompson, esq v. Mary Wood, widow; and Sarah Wood now the wife of William Wilson C78/1773, no. 6 [102]
1702 24 Oct 1 Sarah Stisted, widow and executrix of Edward Stisted, gent, her late husband v. Francis Burghill, esq; John Wintle; William Smith; and Peregrine King, clerk; and others (sic) C78/1610, no. 11 [103]
1702 28 Oct 1 Sir Thomas Dolman, knight, executor of Humphry Dolman, esq, who survived Anne his wife; Thomas Francklin, administrator of Richard Constable; Thomas Edwards, executor of John Edwards; John Jenner, executor of Anne Symonds, who was executor of Thomas Symonds her late husband; William Powell; James Blagrave; and Mary Wilmot, widow, executrix of William Willmott, esq her late husband, creditors of William Fisher, esq; and Henry Fisher, his son and heir both deceased v. William Fisher, son and heir of said Henry Fisher; Frances Fisher, relict of said Henry, sr; William Juxon, knight; Thomas Chamberlaine; ; Henry Aylworth; Arnold Squibb; Robert Burdett; Samuell Baily; and Elabeth Fisher C78/1619, no. 12 [104]
1702 11 Nov 1 William Walker v. Mary Dowson; Robert Wilkinson & Anne his wife; Elenor Dowson; Ralph Dowson; and John Tiplady C78/1245, no. 8 [105]
1702 17 Nov 1 Emma Milborne widow relict and executrix of John Milborne gentleman v. Nicholas Veele sr; Nicholas Veele jr; John Veele; Mary Keate; and John Coggs gentleman C79/163, no. [106]
1702 18 Nov 1 Sir Wolstan Dixie, baronet, son and heir of Sir Beamont Dixie, baronet v. Dame Dixie, widow, relict, and executrix of said Sir Beamont Beaumont Dixie, esq; John Dixie, clerk; William Dixie, gent; Richard Dixie, gen; Francis Godolphin, esq & Elizabeth his wife; Mary, lady Willoughby of Parham; Gilbert Michell, clerk & Frances his wife; and Margaret Dixie, said Beaumont, John, William, Richard, Elizabeth, Mary, Frances, and Margaret being the younger children of said Sir Beaumont AND v. Wolstan Dixie, esq, first and eldest son of said Sir Wolstan by Dame Rebecca his wife Preceded by a map of the woods within Bosworth Park C78/1029, no. 1 [107]
1702 21 Nov 1 Thomas Carpenter v Edmund Buckeridge Mortgage of lands in Hambledon, Meanstocke, Southwich, Dichford, Burnham and Porchester, Hants C78/1250, no. 4 [108]
1702 21 Nov 1 Nicholas James of Bryngwm, Monmouth v William Jones, Anne his wife, Lewis Jones, Morgan Jones, Thomas Powell, Alice Powell, Thomas Morgan and Mary his wife Will of Morgan Jones late of the town of Bergevenny, Monmouth. Estate in Bergavenny and Lantilio Percholy, Monmouth. C78/1344, no. 1 [109]
1702 21 Nov 1 John Havet v. Eli Elisha Phillipps; Christopher Gibbs; John Kendall; and others (sic) C78/1621, no. 16 [110]
1702 24 Nov 1 Conyers Hatton, esq; and Wortley Whorwood, esq v. Richard Rainsford, esq; Thomas Smith, esq; and Sir Thomas Trevor, knight, then Attorney General C78/1784, no. 9 [111]
1702 25 Nov 1 Francis Gwynn of Falmouth, Corn, gentleman v. John Carusew jr; York Trewinnard; Joseph Trewinnard; John Trewinnard; Bennet Dunscombe & Grace his wife; Thomas Banfield & Martha his wife; and Margaret Chinoweth C78/2045, no. 24 [112]
1702 30 Nov 1 John Davies v Daniel Weldy and Deborah his wife; Joseph Parry and Martha his wife; and others (not named) Trust settlement of a tenement in Kenrick, Denbigh by Thomas Davies the complts father, and also of 2 messuages in Wrexham by Margaret Thomas the complts grandmother on his mothers side. C78/1374, no. 13 [113]
1702 30 Nov 1 Thomas Ashley and Amy his wife who was sister and heir of James Hawes jun decd [and] daughter and heir of James Hawes senr decd v John Athill Defts retention of part of the purchase money for messuage and lands in Wood Norton and Guestwick, Norfolk. Formerly the estate of Elizabeth Gawdy, mother of the said James Hawes the elder. C78/1374, no. 14 [114]
1702 30 Nov 1 Thomas Sommers of London, merchant, & Elizabeth his wife v. John Pollexfen, esq C78/813, no. 2 [115]
1702 1 Dec 1 John Holt v Thomas Baskerville, Robert Litchford, Andrew Bury, Joseph Scholefield, Edmund Hill, James Clegg, John Casson and many others (not named) Title to and possession of manor of Spotland [in Rochdale] and lands in Whitworth, Tong End, Norcliffe and Brandwood, Lancs C78/830, no. 5 [116]
1702 2 Dec 1 Henry Haite of Brockham, Surrey v. Elizabeth Borrodale, widow Will of Robert Borrodale late of Mickleham, Surrey decd late uncle of the complt. C78/1420, no. 4 [117]
1702 4 Dec 1 John Antonio Guoyenetta of St Sebastino in Spain v. John Seville of London, merchant C78/1652, no. 4 [118]
1702 5 Dec 1 Ellis Carter; and Robert Carter, his son; and Mary Gardner, daughter of said Ellis and widow and relict of Thomas Gardner; and Mary Gardner, her daughter, an infant, by said mother v. Henry Willis & Susanna his wife, mother of said Thomas Gardner C78/1147, no. 6 [119]
1702 7 Dec 1 John Hayden v. George Fowler; and Peter Paggen Lease of yard at Lymehouse Hole C78/1618, no. 9 [120]
1702 9 Dec 1 Jeffrey Jeffreys, esq; John Hanger; and William Fazakerly for themselves and other creditors of Robert Williamson v. Robert Clarkson; and Faith Clarkson; Dame Ursula Cartwright, widow, the said Robert Williamson and John Reyner, esq C78/1652, no. 3 [121]
1702 7 Dec 1 John Dousben and Beata his wife executrix of John Evans decd v Charles Allanson executor of Sir William Williams decd Debts and will of Sir William Williams. C78/1374, no. 11 [122]
1702 8 Dec 1 Mary Fawcitt, widow and relict of Walter Fawcit, esq; Mary Fawcit; Selina Fawcit; and Elizabeth Fawcitt, infants, daughters and the only issue of said Walter and Mary by the said Mary their mother v. Richard Holford, baronet; and Thomas Boothby, esq C78/1619, no. 3 [123]
1702 10 Dec 1 John Blurton and Jane his wife, Thomas Palmer and Martha his wife, John Hughes and Elizabeth his wife v William Rudeing and Abigail his wife, John Pickering, Dame Jane Smith widow, Sir John Smith, Charles Smith Sarah Smith and Jane Smith children of the said Dame Jane Smith Administration of personal estate of Richard Rudeing. C78/830, no. 1 [124]
1702 10 Dec 1 William Paige esq v. Mary Jones widow; George Thomson; John Berry; William Powe; George Staddon; Richard Ackland; George Trapnell; John Gribble; Phillipp White; Phillipp Baker; George Cooper; Daniel Ash; William Parker; Michael Westacott; John Brayley; William Brayley; Marke Cocke; Samuell Chappell; John Hart; John Nicholls; Agnes Barnacott; Mary Parker; John Willis Somers; Mary Knill; John Wood; John Pille Agnes Ash; George Blake; Judith Penrose; Joane Dawkins; Edward Trapnell; Joane Ellis; Christian Bryant; John Sloley; Anthony Neale; Jeoffry Bagitholl; William Thorne; John Westlade; Susanna Barnacott; John Stephens; Edward Thorne; Thomas Newell; William Bale; John Thorne; John French; Zachary Slowman; George Balch; Honor Nicholls; Richard Browne; John Bowden; Agnes Glasse; Robert Moulton; Oliver Miller; Samuell May; Timothy Lang; Nicholas Hawkins; Roger Jones; Edward Kempe; Anthony Nicholls; William Ford; John Langdon; Andrew May; James Rude; John Eastbrooke; Richard Westlade; Katherine Newbone; William Collibeare; Richard Balch; Humphry Skitch; Richard Dawkins; Thomas Gist; Elizabeth Deane; Alice Giles; Agnes Nash; Richard Cornish; John Fairchild jr; Dannis Wood; Grace Bellew; Agnes Beare; William Buckingham; Sir Arthur Chichester baronet; Elizabeth Basset widow; William Mervin clerke; John Perryman; Willmott Terry; Richard Harding; Joane Coppall widow; Phillipp Barwicke; George Fleing; Jeremiah Taylor; John Randoll; Jane Lloyes; Sir John Rolle knight of the Bath; John Hanmer; Hugh Fortescue esq; Phillipp Furse; and John Suell C78/188, no. [125]
1702 11 Dec. 1 Thomas Langley an infant v William Endacott and Florence his wife, Thomas Clarke and Samuel Kingwell Testamentary trust settlement of lands in Chudleigh, Devon. C78/1160, no. 3 [126]
1702 11 Dec 1 Lewis Allen and Charles Bissell gentleman executors of John White and guardians to John White and Thomas White his children and likewise the said infants by the said Lewis Allen and Charles Bissell; and John Gawler and Symon Antram v. Thomas Jackson; William Pafford; and Richard Hawkes C78/2062, no. 9 [127]
1702 12 Dec 1 Willoughby Chamberlaine son & heir of Edward Chamberlain late before of the Island of Barbados decd v. Robert Chaplin; Richard Hewett; Richard Guy; Boteler Chamberlaine als Hewetson; Christopher Moone and Abigail his wife, Newarke Beckwith and Elizabeth his wife & William Moone the children of the said Christopher Moone Wills and estates of Edward Chamberlaine, his wife Mary, and her second husband Sir John Witham. C78/1421, no. 9 [128]
1702 15 Dec 1 Joseph Willey an infant, son of Thomas Willey decd by John Johnson v Robert Kingston Will of Thomas Willey decd, and the neglect of the deft (the executor) to come to account with the complt regarding his late father's estate. C78/1391, no. 3 [129]
1702 19 Dec 1 Frances Browne widow and administratrix of Stephen Browne her late husband decd v John Thompson, William Taylor, William Close, John Bolt, William Falkner, William Stennett and John Burton. Legacies payable from lands in Fosdike, Frampton, Kirton, Boston, Butterwick and Wainfleet, Lincs C78/1160, no. 4 [130]
1702 19 Dec 1 Joane Boteler spinster, daughter of Sir Oliver Boteler late of Teston, Kent decd by his second wife Dame Anne Boteler v Sir Phillip Boteler, Dane Anne Boteler, Richard Uphill and Godfrey Woodward Manor of Chatham. Marriage agreement between Sir Oliver Boteler and Ann Austen. C78/1360, no. 4 [131]
1702 19 Dec 1 Martha Eyre, the widow and relict of Reginald Eyre and executrix of John Owen, clerke, her late brother; and Jane Owen, spinster, two of the daughters of Edward Owen of Mappington [?Merrington], Salop, gent v. Humfrey Owen; Edward Littleton, esq; Richard Cole & Bridget his wife; and Vincent Owen & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Owen, spinster; Anthony Church, gent; John Gent & Hester his wife; and Dame Anne Littleton C78/1006, no. 1 [132]
1702 19 Dec 1 William Harvey of Wimbourne, Dorset, tanner; George Bright of Eyworth Lodge, Hants, yeoman; Thomas Comely of Bramshaw, Hants, carpenter, three of the creditors of Gyles Dennis of Barcly Regis in the parish of Eling, Hants, yeoman; Thomas Dennis of Landford, Wilts, yeoman, another of the creditors of said Gyles Dennis and his nephew and heir at law and his administrator and also administrator of Anne Dennis who was another creditor of said Gyles Dennis v. Charles dennis; and Charles Smith C78/1037, no. 5 [133]
1702 19 Dec 1 Humphry Needham, gent, since deceased & Elizabeth his then wife, now Elizabeth Needham, widow, late Elizabeth Reddish, widow, in right of said Elizabeth; and Joshua Oldham & Mary his wife, in right of said Mary v. Samuel Birch, son of said John Birch C78/1147, no. 5 [134]
1702 22 Dec 1 John Brumsted, Lucy Brumsted, Charles Brumsted, Mary Touchett and Talbott Touchett the sons and daughters of Martha Touchett the wife of John Touchett of Windsor, Berks, the said Charles, Mary and Talbott being infants by the said John Brumsted their brother v. The aforesaid John Trouchett; Sir Richard Reynell; Henry Reynell; and Elizabeth Dodd, spinster Reversion of the manor of Mooreplace, Berks & the manor of Deddenham, Wilts [Diddenham in Shinfield par., now Berks], formerly the estate of Robert Huntingdon, and jointure of Elizabeth his wife, later the wife of William Gibbons. C78/1442, no. 7 [135]