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1701 C78/, no. []
1701 13 John Roberts son and only child of Eleanor Roberts his late mother decd who was the wife of John Roberts decd his father, an infant by Henry Roberts his uncle v Eleanor Greene, William Chitty, Richard Joyce, Caleb Paine and Mary his wife and John Smither Marriage settlement of bonds and personal estate C78/1180, no. 2 [2]
1701 10 Jan Daniel Thurgood, eldest son and heir of Daniel Thurgood & Susan his wife v. Samuel Thurgood; and others (sic) re. marriage agreement betwixt complt's mother and father, Daniel Thurgood & Susan; messuage or tenement called ?'Ponsters', with houses, buildings, orchards etc. in par. High Roothing [High Roding], Essex. C78/1623, no. 9 [3]
1701 27 Jan 13 James Earl of Dalkeith, Lord Henry Scott, Anne Duchess of Bucclugh and Isabella Scott spinster, and infant by the said Duchess her mother v Sir Stephen Fox, William Duncombe, John Lord Ashburnham and Charles Lord Cornwallis Trusts created by the late Lord Cornwallis. Manor of Wilton in Cleveland, Yorks, including Wilton, Lakenby, Lazenby, West Cowling als West Cotham and Pinchinthorp. C78/1340, no. 1 [4]
1701 27 Jan 13 John Scudamore, esq & Martha his wife; Elizabeth Scudamore; Margaret Scudamore; and Martha Scudamore, children of the said John Scudamore and Martha his wife, being infants, by their said father; and Katherine Whitcomb spinster, daughter of William Whitcomb, gent, deceased, former husband of said complainant Martha Scudamore, the mother and of her the said Martha and also Henry Guile, gent v. Susan Purdue, widow, relict, and administratrix of John Purdue re. will 29 Oct 1677, of Joseph Gyle [or Guile] (father of complt. Martha the mother); bequests and conditions. C78/1142, no. 4 [5]
1701 28 Jan 13 George, lord Bergavenny [c.1659 – 11 March 1720/21] v. Edmond Chambers; Thomas Corbett; Francis Fremd; Henry Blakeford; William Parsons; Covart Dews alias Court Dews; William Dale; Thomas Field; John Melton; William Chambers; Richard Gauderton; Henry Hawkins; Henry Maunder; John Lewis; Charles Ayres; Henry Milburne; William Harper; Richard Harper; Robert Bayley; John Corke; Thomas Slipper; George Smart; Henry Heydon; Henry Shakespeare; and Thomas Hart re. title to manor or reputed manor of Studley Hay alias Mappleborough Green, Warks.etc., following death of lord Bergavenny [1665-1695, complt's distant cousin] 'about four years since', without issue. C79/21, no. [6]
1701 4 Feb 13 Sir William Glynne [1663-1721]and William Glynne an infant [1698–1719], eldest son of Sir William Glynne[1638-90] by Dame Mary Glynne his late wife decd, Stephen Glynne and Sophia his wife, Mary Hill and Edward Hill both infants v Sir Joseph Alston and Dame Penelope his wife, Joseph Alston, Evelyn Alston, Penelope Alston, Mary Alston, Cornelius Alston, Sophia Alston and Elizabeth Alston infants and children of the said Sir Joseph Alston, Sir James Clerk and Robert Pocok Clerk Will of Sir Edward Evelyn [1626-92] late of Long Ditton, Surrey. Legacies due to his 3 daughters, Dame Mary Glynne, Dame Penelope Alston and Anne Hill decd. C78/1359, no. 3 [7]
1701 7 Feb 13 Joseph Davies of Little Towerhill, Middx, linen draper v Nicholas Cross, Phillip Shepheard and Francis Williamson. Mortgage of lands and tenements in parish of St. Paul Shadwell, Middx C78/1211, no. 1 [8]
1701 11 Feb 13 Sir Nathaniel Curzon, baronet [4th Baronet 1676–1758] v. Nicholas Barborn, doctor in phisick [Dr Nicholas Barbon or Barebone, c.1640–c.1698]; John Bland; Sir Stephen Fox; Nicholas fenn; and John Kent, sr, surviving executors and devisees for the payment of debts of Richard Kent; John Kent, jr; Henry Cherry; and William Pointz re. £12,000 debt of Richard Kent to complt. secured by bond 15 Jan 1688, penal sum £24,000 and by two closes called Brookes Fields, parcel of bailiwick or manor of Saint James, in the pars. of St Martins and St James in the Fields, Middx. and also of two markets and one fair granted by Letters Patent to be kept on part of the two closes...Lambs Conduit fields or Conduit close... C78/1586, no. 1 [9]
1701 12 Feb 13 William Yardley esq v. The Master and Wardens and Brethren and Sisters of the Guild or Fraternity of the Blessed Mary the Virgin of the Mystery of the Drapers of the City of London; George Inyce, esq; and Henry Woodgate re. demise 28 Feb 1683, for term of 99 years, by sir William Boreman [or Bowerman] of East Greenwich to complt., a messuage and tenements with several parcels of lands in pars. Brenchly [Brenchley], Horsmonden, ?Valden and ?Malden, Kent; will 3 Feb 1684, of sir William Boreman... C78/1794, no. 11 [10]
1701 12 Feb 13 Stephen Bateman of St Austins, London, gent, son and sole executor of Stephen Bateman his father v. Ralph Hardwick; and Henry Bateman, gent re. loan £200 30 Mar 1686, by Ralph Hardwick from Stephen Bateman, the father, secured on all that parcel of ground, garden or garden plot & the several yards and backsides with sheds, outhouses, edifices and buildings... in the pars. of St Mary Matfelon alias St Mary's, Whitechapel, Middx. and St Buttolph Without Aldgate [St Botolph's Aldgate, EC3], London, or one of them... C78/1782, no. 2 [11]
1701 14 Feb 13 John Harris of Ilfordcombe, Devon, mariner v John Somers and John Bennet als Wheake. Bill [Mich term 1697] alleging loss of rights to use Compasse or Common Hill (part of the waste of the manor of Ilfordcombe [Ilfracombe], Devon) for drying fish nets, because of illegal enclosure of the hill C78/1224, no. 2 [12]
1701 17 Feb 13 Sir John Bland, baronet [of Kippax Park, 1663-1715] & Anne [c.1662-1734] his wife, daughter and heir and administratrix of Sir Edward Moseley, knight and administratrix of Dame Meriel Moseley v. Richard Blomley; Nathaniel Corles; William Latus; and Dorothy Latus; Richard Blomley; Nathaniel Corles; William Latus; and Dorothy Latus re. mismanagement and lack of accounts by defndt. Richard Blomley when he acted as steward to the estate of sir Edward Mosley


C78/1038, no. 4 [13]
1701 18 Feb 13 Edward Body v. Henry Body; and Thomas Ashley re. purchase by the defndt. Henry Body of 5 acres and 3 roods of land in Beetley, in the nature of gavelkind, in co, of Norf. from his kinsman the complt. Edward Body, who also owned a messuage and several pieces of arable, meadow and pasture ground in Gressenhall, Norf. C78/1718, no. 11 [14]
1701 19 Feb 13 Thomas Kentish gentleman v. Susanna Kentish widow and Thomas Herson an infant re. will 20 April 1699, of Robert Kentish, complts' late brother and the late husband of defdnt. Susannah; bequests of several estates in Herts. C78/2044, no. 11 [15]
1701 19 Feb 13 Michael Woodward; Edward Vernon; and John Geree clerks v. Dame Magdalen Morley [apparently same as below] will of George, late Bishop of Winton [George Morley, bishop of Winchester,1598-1684] and his bequest of £1,000 to purchase £50 p.a forever in freehold lands, of which £20 p.a to the churches of the Holy Trinity and St. Mary, Guildford when united, and £20 p.a to the vicarage of Farnham, Surrey forever; failure by defendant to pay the bequests. C78/2016, no. 1 [16]
1701 19 Feb 13 Michael Woodward; Edward Vernon; and John Geree clerks v. Dame Magdalen Morley [apparently same as above] will of George, late Bishop of Winton [George Morley, bishop of Winchester,1598-1684] and his bequest of £1,000 to purchase £50 p.a forever in freehold lands, of which £20 p.a to the churches of the Holy Trinity and St. Mary, Guildford when united, and £20 p.a to the vicarage of Farnham, Surrey forever; failure by defendant to pay the bequests. C78/2008, no. 2 [17]
1701 19 Feb 13 ___ Barnavelt of St James, Westminster, Middx, apothecary v. Thomas Hodges, citizen and joiner of London re. loan £350 2 March 1695, by complt.?Dirck Barnavelt to defndt. Thomas Hodges, secured on messuages and tenements & parcel of ground called Bradshaws in Stebenheath alias Stepney, Middx; Doctor Horneck C78/1514, no. 1 [18]
1701 21 Feb 13 John Webb of Butleigh, Som, esq v. Elizabeth Henry; and another (sic) re. loan £120 29 Sept 1695, by William Ball of Lamport [?Langport], Soms. from complt. John Webb, secured on several messuages and lands in Weeke Packham [?Wick Perham], Soms. C78/1007, no. 4 [19]
1701 22 Feb 13 Robert Hall of Newcastle upon Tyne, tanner v. William Punshon; Timothy Punshon; and John Punshon Trust settlement, on John Punshon, the defts father, of half a farm of copyhold land at Monkseaton, in the manor of Tinmouth [Tynemouth], Northumberland by Thomas Hall, the complts father, for the provision of his daughters Jane & Isabell C78/1747, no. 3 [20]
1701 25 Feb 13 Jonathan Simonds; Thomas Simonds; Willliam Simonds; Ann Simonds; and Lydia Simonds, sons and daughters of Jonathan Simonds of Tamworth, Warw, mercer, infants (Jonathan of about 16 years; and the others younger) by Edward Simonds; and Thomas Voughton of Tamworth v. Mary Simonds, widow and relict of Joshua Symonds of Atherstone, Warw, mercer C78/1571, no. 6 [21]
1701 25 Feb 13 Francis Courtnay, esq, & Mary his wife, executrix of Dame Anne Smith, who was executrix of Sir James Smith her late husband; John Bovey, son of said Dame Anne Smith; Elizabeth Courtnay; Mary Courtnay; Lucy Courtnay; and Isabella Courtnay, daughters of the said Francis and Mary Courtnay, all infants by said Francis Courtnay their father v. Anne Courtnay; William Beale; Richard Dixon; John Thurston; John Warkehouse; Richard Parke; Peter Vansittart; John Blackman; John Cloebury; Hugh Stafford; and Robert Manley C78/828, no. 1 [22]
1701 26 Feb 13 Winifred Clerke, spinster, an infant v. John Ward, clerk C78/1619, no. 17 [23]
1701 27 Feb. 13 Richard Mansfield of West Leake, Notts v Mayor and Commonalty of City of London and Thomas Mansfield Jointure for City of London orphan on her marriage C78/1080, no. 5 [24]
1701 27 Feb 13 John Maudson; John Bainton; Joseph Anderton; William Burrell; Clement Meggison; James Smith; Robert Parrott; Denton Middlebrooke; John Dawber; John Robinson; William Fox; Robert Harrison; Robert Lacy; Mathew Hannah; William Overdale; Robert Bernard; Isabell Atkinson; George Johnson; Elianor Adams; John Bernard; John Lacy; Thomas Berridge; and James Cressey, landholders and freeholders of Waddingham, Lincs v. James, bishop of Lincoln; Sir Thomas Trevor, Attorney General; James Thompson, gent; Thomas Hardey, clerk; William Burnett, jr; Hannah Smith, widow; William Brumby; Robert Hannah; Mary Atkinson; Henry Waterland; and the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln re has the effect of validating an enclosure agreement in respect of about 2075 acres of par. Waddingham, Lincs. C78/1096, no. 2 [25] Transcript [26]
1701 28 Feb 13 Sir John Somers, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of and for The Society of Grays Inn; George Oxendon, doctor of Laws, Master of Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge; and the Masters, Fellows, and Scholars of the same college; John Jeffreson, esq, serjeant at law; George Pinckney, merchant, then Mayor of Richmond, Yorks; John Cartwright, clerk, then commissary of Richmond; Richard Godsalve, clerk, rector of Richmond, for the poor people there; Richard Baddeley; Daniel Richardson, gent; Robert Pattison; and Clement Kafield, then churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the North Bayly in Durham for the poor people there; George Rippon; William Atkinson; John Hogg, then churchwardens and overseers of the poor of Witton upon Weare, Durham; Margaret Bowes, widow; Sir William Chaytor, baronet; and Dame Peregrina his wife; Mary Bowes, spinster; Frances Sutton, spinster; Anne Sutton, spinster; William Bontflower, merchant; Elizabeth Bontflower, spinster, an infant, by said William Bontflower, her father; George Bowes, gent; Margaret Bowes; and Mary Bowes, daughters of George Bowes, infants, by their said father; Henry Savile, esq; Elizabeth Obaldino, widow, countess of Mountfeltro, Italy; Anne Savile; and Mary Savile, spinsters; Sarah Hurry, spinster; and Joseph Robson, jr, gent; and Benjamin Robson; John Robson; Thomas Robson; and Elizabeth Robson, infants, by Joseph Robson the elder, their father; William Cradock, merchant; Rachell Cradocke; Elizabeth Cradocke; Jane Cradocke, spinster; Anne Allen; Edward Tongue, gent; John Meaburne; George Viccars; Valentine Heariside; and William stephenson, then churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the chapelry of St Helen Awkland in the parish of St Andrew, Awkland; Francis Hanby of Durham, gent; James Amos; and John Dent

v. Ralph Hutton, gent; Thomas Bowes, gent; and Dorothy Cradock, widow, executors of Thomas Cradock, esq; Nicholas Heath; and Barbara Heath

re. will 5 Sept 1689, of Thomas Cradock [of Durham 1633-1689]; very great personal estate in ready money, mortgages and other securities & leases; legacies and bequests... C78/1038, no. 3 [27]
1701 1 Mar 13 William Lloyd v. John Cardy, merchant Complt's agreement, as Colonel of Her late Majesty's Regiment of Dragoons, for the deft to supply cloaks, suits, stockings, swords, cartridge boxes, gloves and other items to the regiment. C78/1418, no. 12 [28]
1701 1 March 13 Joan Barton, widow, administratrix of Michael Scrimshire, during the minority of Margaret and Susanna Scrimshire, daughters of said Michael Scrimshire; and the said Margaret and Susanna Scrimshire; and the said Margaret and Susanna Scrimshire, by said Joane Barton, their guardian; and Charles, lord Cheney, & Gertrude his wife, executrix of the Honorable Elizabeth Pierpont, her mother; the Honorable Jervase Pierpont, esq as well in his own right as executor of the Honorable Elizabeth Pierpont, widow, for themselves and other creditors of said Michael Scrimshire, who signed and sealed the indenture or deed of covenant in the case v. James Boardman; Robert Seymour; John Greene; Thomas Alston, esq; Anthony Parsons; Sir George Hutchins, knight, serjeant at law; and TanfieldLemon, esq C78/1569, no. 4 [29]
1701 4 March 13 William Hodges, gentleman v. John Jones C78/2014, no. 11 [30]
1701 4 March 13 Marshall Brydges, esq v. Robert Blachford, sr; Robert Blachford, jr & Anne his wife; and Richard Munfye C78/1242, no. 2 [31]
1701 6 March 13 William Ash of Paston, Northt, gent v. Richard, bishop of Peterborough; and George Gascoigne, clerk C78/1175, no. 2 [32]
1701 7 March 13 Edward Langford mariner v Anthony Bezeley Refs decrees of 18 Nov last & 10 Feb last (1700). Bonds and accounts between the parties. C78/1369, no. 1 [33]
1701 7 March 13 Richard Diddlesfold & Mary his wife v. John Worsfold & Elizabeth his wife and Richard Trower C78/2014, no. 10 [34]
1701 7 March 13 Sir Thomas Trevor, knight, Attorney General at the relation of Sir Wolstan Dixie, baronet, son and heir of Sir Beaumont Dixie, baronet, son and heir of Sir Wolstan Dixie,baronet, son and heir of Sir Wolstan Dixie, knight, citizen and heir of Sir Wolstan Dixie, knight, late alderman of London, informant v. The Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Emanuel College, University of Cambridge C78/1038, no. - [35]
1701 8 March 13 Elizabeth Strode of Shepton Mallett, Som, spinster; Francis Windham of Carmarthen, Carm, esq, & Mercy his wife; Joseph Browne of Shepton Mallett, & Jane his wife, which said Elizabeth, Mercy, and Jane were the only sisters and heirs of John Strode their late deceased brother who was the son and heir of Joane late the wife of Edward Strode of Downside, Som, esq v. Dame Elizabeth Langton, widow C78/1651, no. 7 [36]
1701 10 March 13 Elizabeth Workeman, spinster, eldest daughter of Thomas Workeman late of Hawkesbury, Gloucs, gentleman by Elizabeth his second wife; and Sarah and Margaret Workeman two younger daughters of said Thomas Workeman by Elizabeth his said second wife and infants by said Elizabeth their sister and guardian v. Elizabeth Workeman; Thomas workeman; John Workeman; Richard Thyn; and John Rous C78/1994, no. 3 [37]
1701 11 March 13 James Cooke an infant v Thomas Row son and heir of Sir Thomas Row decd, Dame Alice Row widow of Sir Thomas, Robert Duck and Walter Farr and also Dame Alice Row widow and Ebenezar Bonnd v Thomas Row, Jane Row spinster, James Cooke, Jaine Nesthorpe, Joseph Blissett and Anthony Row Jointure payable from estate of lands in Stepney and Hornsey, Middx C78/1100, no. 1 [38]
1701 11 March 13 Elizabeth Godden; Anne godden; Judith Godden; and Frances Godden, daughters of Richard Godden, esq, infant, by Francis Wheeler, esq; Charles Godden, younger son of said Richard Godden; and Humfrey Hide, esq v. Sir George Wheeler, knight; John Godden; said Richard Godden; Thomas Robins, clerk; and William Dokenham, esq C78/1514, no. 3 [39]
1701 11 March 13 Burrell Massingberd, esq, eldest son and heir of Sir Drainer Massingberd of South Ormsby, Lincs, knight, an infant, viz, of 16 years, by Sir William Massingberd of Gunby, Lincs, baronet; and the said Sir William Massingberd v. William White, jr; and Dame Anne Massingberd his wife; Edward Hyrne & Elizabeth his wife; Henery Massingberd; and Ann Massingberd C78/1096, no. 1 [40]
1701 12 March 13 Sir Thomas Abney, knight, Lord Mayor of the City of London, & Dame Mary his wife, late Mary Gunston, widow, one of the sisters and sole executrix of Thomas Gunston; John Borrett, gent; William Bellamy, gent; Jonathan Greene, merchant; and Oliver Marton, gent v. Nicholas Waddesworth, esq C78/1537, no. 5 [41]
1701 14 March 13 Sarah Gregory wife of Charles Gregory of London merchant by George Bagnall v The said Charles Gregory, John Bigg and Henry Collett Agreement upon the marriage of the deft Charles Gregory and the complt, daughter of John Steventon late of London merchant decd. Manors of North Gosforth and South Gosforth in Northumberland and messuages in the City of London and County of Middx. C78/1357, no. 1 [42]
1701 14 March 13 Robert Fowler v. Thomzaine Davy widow; Richard Davy; John Burridge esq; and John Davy C78/2014, no. 9 [43]
1701 17 March 13 John Darell, esq v. Justinian Champnies the elder, esq; Justinian Champnies the younger, esq, & Sarah his wife; John Lynch, esq; Samuel Short, esq; and James White, gent: Justinian Champnies, eldest son of said Justinian Champnies the younger and Sarah his wife; William Champnies; Henry Champnies; and Sarah Champnies younger children of said Justinian Champnies the younger and said Sarah his wife C78/1514, no. 4 [44]
1701 20 March 13 John St John v Elizabeth Halford widow, Elizabeth Halford spinster now the wife of Thomas King, Edward Draper and Frances his wife, Richard Bourne, Mary Hewer widow, Patrick Connolly and Frances his wife late Frances Hewet, Shuckborough Ashby als Shuckburgh Ashby, Richard Boothby, Samuel Heathcoate, Francis Garrat, George Brownsord als Brownsworth, Joseph Brownsord als Brownsworth, Laurence Carter, Jonathan Hooker and Blanch his wife, Elizabeth St John, Lucy St John, Lewis Monox, Ralph Palmer and John Thorpe the younger. Mortgage and incumbrances on lands in Cold Overton, Leics. C78/1030, no. 1 [45]
1701 25 Mar 13 Marmaduke Berry v. Robert Redhead and Ebenezer Kemp Annuity payable out of the manor of Coleby, Hathby & Wallcotts [Walcot in par. Alkborough], Lincs. C78/1435, no. 4 [46]
1701 31 Mar. 13 John Doble of Calverleigh, Devon v John Clothworthy the elder and John Clothworthy the younger. Mortgage of messuages in Burrington, Devon. C78/1224, no. 1 [47]
1701 1 April 13 Dame Elizabeth Hobart, widow and relict of Sir Henry Hobart, baronet; and Sir John Hobart, baronet, an infant, by the said Dame Elizabeth Hobart, his guardian v. Thomas, earl of Stamford, & Mary his wife; Maynard Colchester; John Leigh; and Robert Leigh re. will 21 Mar 1689 and codicil 10 July 1690, of sir John Maynard [1602-1690] (g-father of complt. Dame Elizabeth & g-grandfather of complt. Sir John), and devise to his wife Mary, then (sic) wife of Henry, Earl of Suffolk [Henry Howard, 5th Earl, 1627-1709] the capital house and manor of Gunnersbury alias Gunnarsbury and all his lands, tenements and hereditaments in the pars. of Yealing [Ealing], and Acton, Middx... C78/1651, no. 4 [48]
1701 18 April 13 William Pratt, Samuel Keeble, Henry Hooper, Henry Axe v William Dyer, Anne Rogers, Baldurn Mallett, John Pippen and others Estate of Darwell Rogers: Rectory and Church of Withiel, Somerset. Sale of rectory lands to William Selleck. C78/805, no. 4 [49]
1701 20 April 13 John Silvester; Thomas Silvester; Edward Hubard alias Hubbard; and Thomas Gilbert, executors of Edward Silvester of the Tower of London, blacksmith; and John Young of London, merchant v. Obediah Sedgwick of London, merchant, & Anne his wife; Richard Milner of Lincoln, gent; and Mary Farmerye, widow, relict, and executrix or administrator of William Farmerye of Thavies Inn, London, gent C78/1566, no. 3 [50]
1701 6 May 13 Elizabeth Parker an infant by William Lindsey v John Biggs senr and John Biggs junr, Lucy Biggs and Elizabeth Biggs infants by the said John Biggs their father Legacy payable from real (unspecified) and personal estate of Robert Pedley late of Grafham, Hunts the complts reputed father C78/1200, no. 6 [51]
1701 8 May 13 Thomas Mansell v Margaret Lloyd, John Lloyd and Daniel Morrice Title to Alt Yago and Teore Mawre in the parish of Llandilo Talybont C78/1370, no. 12 [52]
1701 10 May 13 Mary Smith widow, relict, and executrix of Jonathan Smith jr v. Robert Reynolds and Jonathan Reynolds C78/1897, no. 21 [53]
1701 12 May 13 John Merry captain & part owner of the ship called Fleet Frigatt in the service of the Governors & merchants of London trading to the East Indies v Robert Norman mariner and Peter Joy merchant Defts failure to satisfy agreement to crew the ship for a return charter voyage to the Port of Madrasse C78/1370, no. 11 [54]
1701 15 May 13 William Bliss and Anne his wife v William Blake and Anne his wife Legacies payable from personal estate of Daniel Ellis, the plaintiff Anne's father, whose will was proved in the Court of the Bishop of Gloucester by the deft Anne, his widow. C78/1200, no. 5 [55]
1701 17 May 13 Annas Bampfield and Arabella his wife; Amos Crymes and Sarah his wife; Christabella Windham; Joanna Windham; Frances Windham; Elizabeth Windham; and Carolina Windham the seven sisters and coheirs of Edmund Windham decd v Sir William Hayman; Mary Windham; Richard Beauchamp; Sir John Trevillian; Edward Colston; Thomas Drew; Shem Bridges; James Sheppard; Sir Charles Windham; Thomas Windham; Carolina Windham widow; Henry Waldron; William Squire and Elizabeth his wife; and John Northcott and Ursula his wife Refs decree of 10 November 11 William. C78/1393, no. 4 [56]
1701 17 May 13 Richard Jackson gentleman administrator of Barbara Jackson his late wife v. William Watkinson; John Watkinson; and Bryan Ferrand, which said Ferrand was then an infant by the said William Watkinson his guardian C78/2063, no. 3 [57]
1701 17 May 13 Lewis Jervaize; Peter Lanze; and Stephen Noguire v. Stephen Seignorett; and Reve Bandoum C78/1651, no. 5 [58]
1701 20 May 13 Owen Wynne esq v. Hugh Griffith and John Parry C78/2013, no. 11 [59]
1701 24 May 13 Peter Perchard v. Budd Wase esq; Thomas Pilling; John Carter an infant by the said Thomas Pilling his guardian assigned by the court; and John Wilkes C79/3, no. [60]
1701 27 May 13 George Randall eldest brother and heir of Robert Randall of the parish of Stepney, Middx, gentleman v. Thomas Randall; Thomas Washington & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Talbott; Elizabeth Bookey widow; Richard Taylor; John Abbington; William Young & Francis his wife C78/1906, no. 6 [61]
1701 28 May 13 William Hockmore v Mary Hockmore wife of the complt, William Hockmore Mary Hockmore Jane Hockmore Honora Hockmore Alioce Hockmore and Prestwood Hockmore children of the complt, George Prestwood, Gilbert Yard, John Ridgley, Dorcas Pearson and others (not named). Administration of lands in Devon and Somerset, subject to a marriage settlement after marital separation. C78/1160, no. 9 [62]
1701 28 May 13 Robert Holmes, esq; and Brooke Joyce, his wife v. Mary Dowell; John Baker Dowell; Thomas Edwards; Robert Yates; Robert Henly; and John Yeamans C78/1131, no. 3 [63]
1701 31 May 13 Nicholas Trist of Dorseley, Devon v. Elizabeth Trist, an infant by Edward Owens her guardian; the said Edward Owens, & Sarah his wife C78/1784, no. 14 [64]
1701 31 May 13 Sir Thomas Trevor, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Thomas Duken, clerk, vicar of Walsall, Staffs; Robert Henn; Thomas Payner; and Thomas Wilson, churchwardens of the said parish; Nicholas Parker, esq; Samuel Stone; William Scott; and Thomas Harris, gent, inhabitants of the parish v. The Master and Wardens of the Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St John Baptist, London C78/1774, no. 7 [65]
1701 31 May 13 William Talbott, now the Reverend Father in God, William Lord Bishop of Oxford, executor of Elizabeth Powell, widow decd v. Richard Leighton; John Leighton jun an infant by his guardian John Holland; William Leighton; and Charles Leighton Trust settlement of Hacklett Farm, Herefs by Alexander Gretton late father of the testatrix Elizabeth. C78/1453, no. 4 [66]
1701 3 June 13 The Honorable Henry Bowes Howard, esq, an infant, son and heir of The Honorable Craven Howard, esq, & Mary his wife, also deceased, by Thomas Gresley, esq, his guardian; Mary Howard; and Dorothy Howard, daughters of said Craven Howard, & Mary his said wife, also infants, by said Thomas Gresly, their guardian v. Sir Robert Burdett, of Bremcoate, Warw, baronet C78/1569, no. 1 [67]
1701 4 June 13 John Hartley of St Andrews Holborne, Middx, stationer and Anne his wife one of the daughters of Samuel Collins decd v Samuel Collins son and heir of Samuel Collins decd and Elizabeth his wife, Samuel Collins the younger their son and Richard Leach Doctor in Divinity Will of Samuel Collins. Real estate in Irechester, Chester, Kineston, Farndich & Winnington in Northants & Beds charged with payment of legacies. C78/1359, no. 4 [68]
1701 4 June 13 John Butterworth and Jane Lawrence both infants by Henry Coxed citizen and clothworker of London; and George Campenett of Deptford, Kent, joiner; and said Henry Coxed; and George Campenett v. John Yeomans & Jane his wife C78/1993, no. 4 [69]
1701 4 June 13 Joseph Venables, gent; and Joseph Bloodworth for themselves and other creditors of John Worsley v. John Worsley; Thmas Worsley; and John Houghton C78/1131, no. 2 [70]
1701 6 June 13 Jane Price als Edwards als Davies widow of Robert Davies decd v Evan Davies and John Jones Will of Robert Davies decd. Lands in the County of Denbigh. C78/1370, no. 10 [71]
1701 6 June 13 George Parker esq son and heir of Edmund Parker esq and also administrator with the will annexed of said Edmund unadministered by Wyke Parker deceased another son v. Theodore Parker & Hester his wife; Phillip Shobbrooke & Mary his wife; and Pascho Foote C78/1935, no. 14 [72]
1701 6 June 13 Peter de Largvy and Anne his wife; Peter Harnable and Susanna his wife; John Carnable and Elizabeth his wife; Daniel Paine; and David Paine v. John Bragmor Will of Elias Paine late of London, merchant. Note that the finding aid IND 1/16955 gives the names as Peter de Largny & ux, Peter Larnable & ux, Jno Carnable & ux, Payne Danll & David v. John Bagnior C78/1421, no. 3 [73]
1701 6 June 13 John Sandyes, gent v. Robert Steynor, esq; and Mary Harris, widows C78/1774, no. 12 [74]
1701 7 June 13 Sir Thomas Trevor knight Attorney General at the relation of William Hawtame a poor scholar in Trinity College, Oxon, an infant by George Thorpe v. Charles Fortescue & Elizabeth his wife; the President, Fellowes; and Scholars of Trinity College in the County of Oxford and Robert Harris clerk C78/1896, no. 6 [75]
1701 20 June 13 Adam Dutton, citizen & blacksmith of London v. Mary Martin, widow; Miles Martin; Thomas Jacob; John Culburne; Heedler Webb; Robert Clines; Martin Martin junr; Christian Martin; and Hannah Martin Mortgage of properties in the parish of St Michael Querne, London, formerly the estate of Miles Martin, citizen & merchant taylor of London decd C78/1418, no. 7 [76]
1701 25 June 13 William Sumers of Colchester, Essex, weaver; William Sumers; Henry Sumers; and Thomas Sumers infants and sons of said William Sumers their father by him the said William Sumer their father v. Godfrey Webster of London packer; Joseph Wolfe; John Pendeeke; and John Sumers eldest sons of the complainant William Sumers the father; Joseph Sumers; and Joseph and Jeffery Sumers the sons; Nathan Sumers and Nathan his sons and John Sumers of Witham, Essex, weaver C78/1993, no. 2 [77]
1701 27 June 13 Peter Warburton esqs v. John Warburton; Alice Warburton; Hester Warburton; Mathew Henry & Mary his wife; Peter Warburton; Thomas Handes; and John Fincher C79/159, no. [78]
1701 27 June 13 Edward Grace; and Edward Hooker the elder, gent v. Maurice Abbott, esq C78/1131, no. 1 [79]
1701 1 July 13 William Shepherd of London, goldsmith v Peter Henriques the younger of London, merchant Loan from deft to complt, with transfer of capital stock in the Bank of England as security. C78/1359, no. 6 [80]
1701 1 July 13 Bennett Dewe, gent, & Sarah his wife; John Wightwicke, esq, & Mary his wife, which Sarah and Mary were two of the daughters and coheiresses of John Harding of Charlton, Berks, gent v. William Merry, & Eleanor his wife; Benjamin Tomkyns, & Eleanor his wife C78/771, no. 4 [81]
1701 2 July 13 James Gray v Robert Scot Balance of accounts on sale of a library of books and collection of prints, manuscripts and drawings for The Earl of Mulgrave and Richard Lord Maitland. C78/1374, no. 12 [82]
1701 7 July 13 Gerard Cater of Castle Rising, Norfolk v Henry Marsh and Elizabeth his wife and Joyce Sawyer widow. Tithe to lands in Sutton and Ripley, Kent C78/1040, no. 3 [83]
1701 7 July 13 Edmund Baker, executor of Dorothy Baker, who was the widow and relict of George Baker v. Robert Clarke, & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Salter; Richard Bowes, clerk; and George Salter C78/1537, no. 4 [84]
1701 8 July 13 Sarah Powell widow and executrix of Edward Powell; and John Watters an infant son and heir of John Watters decd by Sir Jeffrey Jeffreys his guardian v Marshall Bridges Will of Edward Powell. Messuages and lands in the parishes of Llanvigan and Llanthetty, Brecon C78/1374, no. 15 [85]
1701 9 July 13 Sir Jeremiah Sambrooke of London, knight, administrator of George Arnold of London, esq v. John Hodges, esq; Martha Smith; John Taylor & Margaret his wife; Francis Hungerford; Sir George Strode, knight; Sir Richard Reynes, knight; Mary Edwards; Richard Hinde; Thomas Sturmy, esq; Dorothy Barlee; Mathew Lant, esq; Mary Green; and Sir Robert Barkham, knight C78/1074, no. 3 [86]
1701 10 July 13 Thomas Dassell of Bridport, Dorset eldest son & heir of Thomas Dassell then late of Bridport, Innholder v. John Thresher; Arthur Payne; Lewis Allford; and Richard Waddon C78/1479, no. 5 [87]
1701 12 July 13 John Perkes by the name of John Perkes of Walsall, Staffs, gentleman & Elizabeth his wife late the wife of Benjamin Fowler; Benjamin Fowler & ELizabeth Fowler children of the said Benjamin Fowler and of her the said Elizabeth infants by the said John Perkes their guardian C79/31, no. [88]
1701 14 July 13 Francis Bowater, & Mary his wife, the only daughter and heir of Elizabeth Elly, by John Elly her husband, both deceased, which John Elly was son and heir of John Elly, clerk, also deceased v. John Elly; Andrew Archer; John Williams; Edward Willes; Walter Wilson; Catharine Hippesley; and John Green C78/1656, no. 3 [89]
1701 14 July 13 Nicholas le Pell, & Mary his wife; and Hannah Brooke, spinster; and William Poyntz, which said Mary and Hannah were the only surviving children, daughters and coheirs of John Brooke, esq and sisters and coheirs of Thomas Brooks, esq, eldest son of the said John Brooke and of Robert Brooke, esq, younger son of the said John Brooke, both likewise deceased, and also administrators of said John Brooke their father of goods unadministered by said Thomas Brooke and also unadministered by said Robert Brooke and which said Mary was sole executrix of said Robert Brooke who was sole executor of said Thomas Brooke v. John Mole, gent; Clemence Palmer, widow; and Mathew Palmer, eldest son of said Clemence Palmer C78/812, no. 4 [90]
1701 18 July 13 William Cotton of Crakemarsh, Staffs, esq v. Dorothy Howe, widow; Lettice Pratt, widow; Startyn Wood, gent; and The Dean and Chapter of Windsor C78/1561, no. 7 [91]
1701 21 July 13 Simon Llidiat chaplain of the foundation of Richard, lord Rich [Richard Rich, 1st Baron Rich, 1496–1567], in the parish of Felsted, Essex, for the sustentation of the poor and ornament of the parish church of Felsted and the parishioners and wardens of said parish v. Sir John Forth knight re. school endowed with revenues of several manors, lands, tenements and hereditamants; corporation of Felstead school in 1636 had become poor 'by reason of dearness of provisions', so raised rents or revenues when leases of estates were renewed... C78/1901, no. 3 [92]
1701 21 July 13 Attorney General at the relation of the Society of Grays Inn; The Masters, Fellows, and Scholars of Trinity Hall, the University of Cambridge; Henry Savile, esq; Elizabeth Obaldino, widow, countess of Mountfeltro, Italy; Anne Savile and Mary Savile, spinsters; Joseph Robson the younger; Benjamin Robson; John Robson; Thomas Robson; and Elizabeth Robson, infants, by Joseph Robson, sr, their father and guardian; and other legatees of Thomas Cradock of Durham, esq v. Ralph Hutton and Thomas Bowes, gent, and Dorothy Cradock, executors of said Thomas Cradock C78/1038, no. 5 [93]
1701 23 July 13 Francis Hall, son and heir and administrator of Lodowick Hall, esq v. Mary Blakiston; Dorothy Blakiston; and Francis Blakiston, executors and legatees of Robert Blakiston, gent; William Farrow; Dame Elizabeth Gerard; and Thomas Owen, esqs; Henry Jackson; William Wilkinson; Margaret Longstaffe; Francis Marshall, gent; John Doubleday; and Martin Nicholson Trust settlement of manor of Newsham, Co Durham & land in Great Chilton by Christopher Hall, grandfather of the complt. Marriage of Christopher Hall, complts elder brother and Dorothy his wife C78/1782, no. 1 [94]
1701 23 July 13 Benjamin Jeffryes sole executor of Sir Thomas Streete v. Tanfeild Vachell C78/1493, no. 6 [95]
1701 24 July 13 Samuel Hart sr v. John Giles; Charles Giles; and James Boswell C78/1906, no. 7 [96]
1701 25 July 13 Honnor Callow of Collingbourne Ducis, Wilts administratrix of Richard Callow her late husband decd v Bridgman Callow, Thomas Shuckforth, John Ford, Edward Noble and Mary Saunders widow. Legacies payable from lands in Collingbourne Ducis, Wilts C78/1080, no. 4 [97]
1701 28 July 13 John Izard; Anne Chauncy widow; Nicholas Searmer; William Harwood; Edward Godfrey executor of John Godfrey; Richard Love; Thomas Love; Thomas Waters; William Yates; Thomas Jossopp; Elizabeth Dye widow executrix of Hester Hawes widow; Easter Hurst widow; ___ Shaw, widow; ___ Flack; Anne Chapman; Richard Chauncy; Isaac Hurst; Humberston Hurst; ___ Swann; and John Saunders creditors of William Hurst late of Haverill, Essex, gentleman v. John Hurst the son and heir and Mary Hurst the widow and relict of said William Hurst; James Bettes & Mary his wife; Anne Hurst; Richard Booker & Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Hurst; Jane Hurst; Francis Floyer; William Chadwick; John Pyke; John Papworth; Edward Draper; and Edward Laundy executors of Ralph Skinner C78/1906, no. 6 [98]
1701 29 July 13 Anne Howard of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, spinster v. Henry Bowes Howard, esq, an infant; Sir Robert Burdett, baronet, his guardian; Edward, earl of Jersey C78/1074, no. 4 [99]
1701 30 July 13 Joseph Moore v Thomas Isham, Wigbie Isham an infant his son, Arthur Lake, Anthony Duncomb, Thomas Abrathat, Abraham Williams, Abraham Ellis, John Kirkland, [blank] Lucas, William Wood, Abraham Ellis jun, Richard Jewks, George Stead, Edmund Burnham, John Lander, John Wren, Francis Gibson, John Oliver and John Deane Debts of the deft Thomas Isham secured against property in St Clement Danes and St Giles in the Fields, Middx and also in Luton, Beds. C78/1354, no. 4 [100]
1701 1 Aug 13 John Paine of Miltham, Surrey, clerk, & Joane his wife v. Mary Clark, widow; and Thomas Dade C78/1502, no. 3 [101]
1701 4 Aug 13 Richard Sadler of the parish of St Leonards Shoreditch, Middx v Elisha Allen Mortgage by the deft and his wife Elizabeth of a piece of ground on the west side of St John's Street, Clarkenwell, Middx with 4 houses then built or in building. C78/1375, no. 4 [102]
1701 4 Aug 13 Thomas Barrett, son and heir of Thomas Barrett v. Lawrence Hatsell; Mary Barret, widow, the complainant's grandmother; and Arthur Bayley, surviving executors of Thomas Barrett AND v. Carlteon Whitlock, esq; and William Beanes, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1784, no. 15 [103]
1701 4 Aug 13 John Wytham, esq; Ferdinando Ashinall, gent; John Johnson, gent; and Michael Johnson, gent, executors and trustees of Robert Johnson, gent v. Christopher Mickleton, gent; and Elizabeth Taylor, widow C78/1599, no. 4 [104]
1701 6 Aug 13 William Weston of Cobham, Surrey, clerk, administrator of Dame Katherine Inwood his late wife and also administrator de bonis non (by said Dame Katherine) of Sir William Inwood of Cobham, knight and also administrator of William Byers, citizen and leatherseller of London v. The Master, Wardens, and Assistants of the Company and Society of Gardeners, London C78/1037, no. 1 [105]
1701 7 Aug 13 John Betts the younger of London merchant & Mary his wife v. William Harley; Daniel Smith & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Searle & Elizabeth his wife C79/21, no. [106]
1701 8 Aug 13 George Higgons of Hambleton, Hants v. Samuel Brockenborough; Peter Henriques; Thomas Higgons; and Bevile Higgons C78/1479, no. 4 [107]
1701 13 Oct 13 John Halliwell v Elizabeth Davies widow and relict of Joseph Davies decd and John Davies son and heir of the said Joseph Davies Mortgage of a messuage in Allington, Denbigh by Joseph Davies decd. C78/1359, no. 5 [108]
1701 23 Oct 13 Thomas Starke of London, merchant v. Nicholas Cole Spencer; John Spencer; and John Rust C78/1717, no. 6 [109]
1701 24 Oct 13 Robert Shale youngest son of John Shales esq an infant by Henry Richards v. Charles Shales C78/1904, no. 2 [110]
1701 29 Oct 13 Joseph Trueman of the parish of Stepney, Middx, brewer v. Thomas Colthread C79/164, no. [111]
1701 29 Oct 13 Thomas Smith of St Saviors, Southwark, Surrey, carpenter v. John Sutton; and John Veyman C78/1172, no. 3 [112]
1701 30 Oct 13 John Doble v Thomas Cooke Mortgage of tenement in Hartland, Devon C78/1160, no. 8 [113]
1700 7 Nov 13 Daniel Blake; George Carter; John Norris; John England; Thomas Hamersley; Clement Gibbs; and all other creditors of the Right Honorable John late lord Lovelace baron of Hurley who was the son and heir of John lord Lovelace baron of Hurley v. Sir Henry Johnson, knight & Dame Martha his wife; Dame Martha Lovelace widow and relict of the said Lord Lovelace the son; Richard Nevill; John Radford; Thomas Lloyd; James Grey esqs; Peter Walter; and Richard Newman; Anthony Guidott gentleman; Nicholas Pitt; Thomas Pitt; and Thomas Tutt esqs; Francis Stevens clerk; William Johnson; and John Hungerford esqs; Anthony Keck; Henry Nevill; and Henry Fane C79/21, no. [114]
1701 12 Nov 13 Edward Earl of Warwick & Holland v John Fuller, John Williams, Marmaduke Dorsett and John West Right of way associated with agreement to build a street of houses on the complts property at Warwick House, Holborne, Middx and the adjoining property of the deft Fuller. C78/1303, no. 3 [115]
1701 13 Nov. 13 Elizabeth Jones of Rutlyn, Denbigh widow v Robert and Peter Jones Marriage settlement and annuities payable from lands in Yanvilling, Montgomeryshire C78/840, no. 1 [116]
1701 15 Nov 13 Isaac Weston alias Johnson & Ellen his wife v. Richard Hulme; John Dormer; Thomas Acton & Elizabeth his wife C78/2041, no. 20 [117]
1701 17 Nov 13 Gawden Draper esq son and heir of Crosheld Draper esq; Mary Bodenham; Creselda Bodenham; and William Bodenham infants by John Powsey; Elizabeth Draper widow; Anne Draper spinster; Sir StephenLenard baronet; Thomas Gifford esq; John Pavenham; Thomas Farman; William Dingly; Henry Elwood; Henry Eldred; Charles Adderley; Arden Adderley jr; and John Simmes v. William Loggins esq & Sarah his wife; John Holden; Thomas Fowers; Thomas Ibbersham; John Powsey; Arden Adderley esq; William Bodenham esq & Mary his wife; William Degrett; and Edward Farnham esq; Samuel Browne; Sir Clowdesley Shovell knight; and Samuel Gadden since deceased. C79/3, no. [118]
1701 20 Nov 13 John Sharpe esq v. Daniel Thomas the executor of Elizabeth Thomas; Robert White; and Benjamin White C78/1904, no. [119]
1701 22 Nov 13 John Chance of Casthill in Bromsgrove, Worcs, yeoman v. William Grove, gent, & Mary his wife; and Mary Grove, widow, mother of said William Grove C78/1718, no. 3 [120]
1701 22 Nov 13 Sarah Tudman, the wife of John Tudman, by William gaunt v. Thomas Chambers, esq; Hugh Courtney; John Ward; William Bower; and John Tudman C78/1651, no. 6 [121]
1701 25 Nov 13 Thomas Roberts; Edmond Roberts; and Joseph Roberts v. James Hannell and George Carpenter & Katherine his wife C78/1906, no. 8 [122]
1701 26 Nov 13 John Iveson, an infant, by George Iveson his father as also Thomas Bromley; George Bromley; and John Bromley by Robert Bromley their father v. Ellinor Smithson; Christopher Smithson; Robert Watson; Leonard Robinson, & Dorothy his wife; and Dame Jane Milbanke, widow; John Millbank; Henry Lambton; and Francis Wilkinson, esqs, executors of Sir Mark Milbank, baronet C78/1773, no. 13 [123]
1701 27 Nov 13 Richard Watts of Barnshall, Yorks, clerk; Robert Watts; Benjamin Watts; Francis Watts; John Watts; and William Watts, children and younger sons of Benjamin Watts of Barnshall, esq, by Alice his second wife v. Nicholas Bullas C78/1575, no. 2 [124]
1701 27 Nov 13 Ralph Layton; and Thomas Fryer v. Andrew Derkson, & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Hepburne; and Jane Hepburne by Lionell Wafer their guardian C78/1534, no. 3 [125]
1701 28 Nov 13 John Fincham, esq v. Sir James Chapman Fuller, baronet C78/1635, no. 2 [126]
1701 29 Nov 13 Judith Clarke;; Katherine Clarke; Henry Clarke; Johnson Clarke; and Abraham Clarke sons and daughters of Henry Clarke & Rebecca his wife and grandchildren of Abraham Clarke & Judith his wife infant by Anne Grist their aunt v. Abraham Clarke and John Ball C79/102, no. [127]
1701 1 Dec 13 Thomas Mertin v. Sheldon Mertin; Frances Nicholas; Andrew Looaver; James Hussey; and Frances Earlsman C78/1534, no. 2 [128]
1701 5 Dec 13 Alice Townshend, spinster; and Frances Townshend, an infant, by Dame Mary Townshend, her mother v. Anthony Townshend, esq; George Townshend, esq; Sir John Dugdale, knight; and Thomas Murcott, gent C78/1720, no. 10 [129]
1701 8 Dec 13 Benjamin Wells senr v Master, Warden and poor brothers and sisters of the college of Gods Gift, Dulwich, Surrey, John Pettiward, Edward Leman, James Oades, John Cartlich, John Browne, Benjamin Wells junr and Isaac Wyburne. Leases of messuages in Playhouse Yard, Golden Lane, Whitecrosse St and Old Street, London, and lands near the college in Dulwich, Surrey. C78/1250, no. 6 [130]
1701 9 Dec 13 William Harvey of Wimbourne, Dorset tanner, George Bright of Eyworth Lodge, Hants, Thomas Comely of Bramshaw, Hants carpenter 3 of the creditors of Gyles Dennis late of Bartley Regis, Hants decd and also Thomas Dennis of Landford, Wilts nephew and administrator of Gyles Dennis and also administrator of Anne Dennis decd v Charles Dennis, Thomas Howard and Richard Baker. Bonds in connection with mortgage of lands in Bramshaw, Hants C78/1040, no. 2 [131]
1701 9 Dec 13 Henry Wood v. James Dunning; Nathaniel Pinney; Thomas Abbot; and Thomas Studley C78/2013, no. 12 [132]
1701 10 Dec 13 Robert Blunt gentleman & Dorcas his wife widow, relict, and administratrix with the will annexed of Thomas Michell her late husband v. Sir Cesar Child baronet executor of George Weldon; Henry Hankey clerk; John Michell esq; Edmond Michell gentleman; and Sir Josiah Child baronet, which Sir Josiah Child dying pending the said suite and before the hearing of the cause the said suite as to him was revived against Richard Child gentleman his son and executor C78/1914, no. 13 [133]
1701 15 Dec 13 John Smith; Stephen Smith; and Anne Smith infant by John Smith the elder their father v. William Sheppard and Thomas Stevens C79/22, no. [134]
1701 15 Dec 13 William Chaplaine of Ulescroft, Leics, & Mary his wife, sister of Edward Siston of Whitehall, Middx, yeoman of His Majesty's woodyard v. Richard Miller, steward to Sir Stephen Fox; and Thomas Beard, servant to said Edward Siston C78/1580, no. 2 [135]
1701 17 Dec 13 Moses Goodyer of London, merchant, executor of John Goodyer decd; Moses Goodyer; Aron Goodyer; and the Lady Anne Duckworth, widow v. Henry Stone and John Warren Nuncupative will of John Goodyer, brother and executor of Moses Goodyer decd C78/1418, no. 8 [136]
1701 22 Dec 13 Richard Hopton of Cannon Frome, Heref, esq, an infant by Dame Deborah Hopton, widow, grandmother of said Richard Hopton his guardian; and the said Dame Deborah Hopton; and Charles Hopton, esq v. Robert Clarkson; Benjamin Dryden; William George; and John Perrier; and Samuel Clarkson C78/2003, no. 1 [137]