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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1685 1 C78/, no. []
1685?? Sir Henry Heron knight of the Bath and George Heneage esq v. Edmond Chipsham and others (sic) Redeem a mortgage of the manor of Cadeby [in Wyham-cum-Cadeby par.], LIncs. C79/197, no. [2]
1685 2 Jan 1 Edmund Gibbon & Frances his wife v. John Mercer C78/1017, no. 4 [3]
1685 4 Jan 36 Mathew Cocke an infant by Mary Cocke, widow, his mother v. William Wren, esq surviving executor of Mathew Wren, esq C78/2033, no. 9 [4]
1685 13 Jan 36 Sigismund Stidolfe, esq v. Ralph Thicknesse; Nicholas Wilde; and Hercules Countudor, executors of Thomas Bostocke; and William Bostocke, his son; Jerman Ireton, esq & Mary his wife, daughter of said Thomas Bostocke; Jeffery Elwes, executor of Jeremy Elwes; Charles Wind & Winfred his wife, the relict and administratrix of John Evams; John Harlow; Henry Sporstow; Solomon Cole; and Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies C78/873, no. 1 [5]
1685 13 Jan 36 Aldred Seaman the elder, gent v. Aldred Seaman the younger, gent C78/985, no. 4 [6]
1685 13 Jan 36 Margaret Churchill, daughter of Sir John Churchill v. John Speke, esq, executor of Margaret Prideaux, widow C78/942, no. 6 [7]
1685 15 Jan 36 Sir John Maynard, knight, serjeant at law to the King v. Sir William Courtney, baronet C78/1055, no. 5 [8]
1685 21 Jan 36 John Defoe v. Anthony Hamond esq C78/2034, no. 9 [9]
1685 23 Jan 36 John Wharrow of London, taylor v. Sir Adam Browne baronet; Sir John Oglander; Arthur Onslow, esq; George Woodroff; John Clerk; Henry Muschamp; Sir William Clerke baronet; and Phillipp Burton C78/2030, no. 1 [10]
1685 26 Jan 36 Mathew Disney, clerk, & Sarah his wife, one of the daughters of Judith Ironside, who was one of the daughters of Richard Doggett, gent; and Martha Ironside the other daughter of said Judith Ironside, which said Sarah and Martha are the only issue and coheirs of said Judith Ironside, which said Judith and Deborah her sister both deceased were the only issue and coheirs of said Richard Doggett, the said Martha Ironside being an infant, by Jacob Pennington, gent v. Elizabeth Doggett, widow, relict, and executrix of said Richard Doggett, gent; Francis Winton; Thomas Turney; Robert Turney; John Marsh; William Pawlett; and Richard Pawlett, gent C78/808, no. 11 [11]
1685 26 Jan 36 Alexander Fytton, esq v. Charles, earl of Macclesfield C78/819, no. 8 [12]
1685 27 Jan 36 William Hardie; George Plucknett; John Warren; Samuel Doble & Grace his wife, administratrix of Samuel Putt, merchant v William Brooke; John Johnson; John Mole; Miles Marsh; Robert Langley; Arthur Shallett; Robert Bretton; Barnes Peacocke & Doctor Peacocke Costs re recovery of bankrupt estate. C78/910, no. 8 [13]
1685 27 Jan 36 Gerrard Russell of Wickhambrook, Suff, esq & Susan his wife the said Susan being a native of the city of Hamburgh and one of the daughters of John Baptist Juncker deceased late a merchant there and one of the sisters of Peter Juncker deceased late also a merchant there v. the Right Honorable Charles Bodvell Roberts lord viscount Bodmin and Sir William Russell of Langhorne, Carm, baronet C78/2070, no. 12 [14]
1685 27 Jan 36 William Hardie; George Plucknett; John Warren; Samuel Doble & Grace his wife, administratrix of Samuel Putt, merchant v William Brooke; John Johnson; John Mole; Miles Marsh; Robert Langley; Arthur Shallett; Robert Bretton; Barnes Peacocke & Doctor Peacocke Charges and costs in recovery of bankrupt estate. C78/920, no. 11 [15]
1685 28 Jan 36 Francis Ranun v. John Pilkington, gent; and Dorothy Ranun, widow C78/1712, no. 7 [16]
1685 29 Jan 36 Richard Peters v. Henry Corser, & Anne his wife C78/1747, no. 2 [17]
1685 29 Jan 36 Francis Burr of the parish of Pancras, Soper Lane, London, hosier son of James Burr late of the parish of St Clement Danes, Middx, and also of Penelope Burr late relict of the said James Burr both deceased by William Wall v. William Phillipps; Thomas Harding & Penelope his wife; and Parthenia Burr C79/167, no. [18]
1685 31 Jan 37 George Arnold, esq v. Jane Tregonwell, widow, relict, and executrix of John Tregonwell of Milton Abbas, Dorset, esq; Samuel Pitt; and Robert Freake, gent; and Mary Tregonwell, widow, relict, and executrix of John Tregonwell of Anderson, Dorset, esq C78/1192, no. 4 [19]
1685 4 Feb 37 William Perrier v. Abraham Stock C78/2012, no. 1 [20]
1685 9 Feb 37 Elizabeth Bennington, an infant, by John Bennington her father v. Susanna Parker, widow; and William Parker, clerk C78/819, no. 7 [21]
1685 10 Feb 1 John Reeve of St Paul, Covent Garden, Middx, cordwainer v. Robert Winington, gent; and Richard Ryder C78/1087, no. 5 [22]
1685 11 Feb 1 Patience Bishopp, executrix of John Bishopp; Humphrey Bishopp and Frances Bishopp, infants, the children of John Bishopp & Patience v Thomas Bennett; William Bennett; Margaret Bishopp, infant; Robert Foyle; Edward Foyle Marriage settlement of manor and advowson of Chilcombe, Dorset. C78/910, no. 6 [23]
1685 11 Feb 1 John Agar, gent, son and heir of John Agar of Stockton, Yorks, gent; Thomas Agar of York, gent; George Betson; and Anthony Betson of Holtby, Yorks; James Grune of the said city; and William Welt of Harthill, Yorks v. Tobias Jenkins, esq; Henry Howlett, clerk; Richard Mountaigne; William Harrison; George Davy; John Day; Mathew Popleton; Tristram Champley; John Tindall; Jeremiah tindall; John Cattle; Robert Castle; Richard Grune; James Day; John Kirkman; William Gunman; and Mathew Lazenby Enclosure of the common fields & waste of manor of Holtby, Yorks. C78/1600, no. 1 [24]
1685 11 Feb 1 William Jeanes v. Peter Rich, esq; Christopher Peryn; Edward Cutler; and Henry Hyett C78/877, no. 2 [25]
1685 11 Feb 1 Alice Dodford, widow v. John Fisher & Elizabeth his wife C78/887, no. -- [26]
1685 11 Feb 1 Nicholas Harding gent v. Christopher Withers, gent C78/909, no. 4 [27]
1685 12 Feb 1 Charles Leighton, gent v. Richard Earle of Tyrone alias Power C78/887, no. -- [28]
1685 12 Feb 1 Gardner Hewett, esq v. Abigall Richardson, relict and executrix of William Richardson, Serjeant at Law; and Margaret, countess dowager of Marleburgh C78/1087, no. 7 [29]
1685 17 Feb 1 Thomas Smith of Harnhill, Gloucs, gent v. Thomas Packer; Andrew Packer; Robert Packer; Thomas Gore; Robert Constable; and Samuel Twyford C78/762, no. 4 [30]
1685 17 Feb 1 Richard Hale of King's Walden, Herts, esq & Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Isaac Meynell, esq, by said Richard Hale v. Robert Read, esq; and Gilbert Whitehall C78/876, no. 8 [31]
1685 18 Feb 1 Richard Gay esq v. Martha Gay widow and Sir Halswell Tynte baronet C79/134, no. [32]
1685 18 Feb 1 Randolph Wyard, gent v. Robert Sterling C78/803, no. 7 [33]
1685 After 18 Feb 1 Margaret Corr of Gloucester, widow, late wife of Robert Corr of Gloucester, surgeon, and administratrix with the nuncupative will annexed of Thomas Williamson of Gloucester, surgeon and also Administratrix of Robert Corr who was also administrator with the will annexed of said John Williamson as thereby ready to be produced must appear v. Thomas Pearce; and Sampson Bacon of Gloucester, executors of John Cromwell of Gloucester C78/1275, no. 2 [34]
1685 19 Feb 1 George Vernon of Sudbury, Derbs, esq, & Katherine his wife v. Godfrey Meynell, esq, & Margaret his wife; merriall Vernon; Richard Meynell, & Katherine his wife; Mary Vernon; and Henretta Francia Vernon, daughters of the complainant George by his first wife; Thomas Kinnersley, esq; Thomas Boothby, esq; George Faunt, esq; William Whalley, esq; and Samuel Cotton, esq, the surviving trustees in the complainant George's first settlement AND v. Thomas Vernon, esq; Sir George Vernon, knight; George Vernon his son; Sir William Inwood, knight now deceased; and William Falkener, esq, trustees in and by the complainant George's last settlement; and Anna Katherina his now wife C78/1587, no. 12 [35]
1685 20 Feb 1 Mary Jenkins, by Henry Shelley, esq v. George Jenkins; Richard Heath; Roger Gillingham, esq; Thomas Templer; and Thomas Darwyn C78/1166, no. 3 [36]
1685 21 Feb 1 William Wickham and Frances his wife; James Wrentmore; George Wrentmore & Anne Wrentmore, infants v William Sperring. Testamentary settlement of lands in East Brent, Mark [in Axbridge par.] and Axbridge, Somerset. C78/920, no. 5 [37]
1685 21 Feb 1 Thomas Crispe and Thomas Lownes executors of William Spencer decd v. Doyly Michell Assignment of the farm of East Kingstead [Ringstead], Osmington, Dorset to Bernard Michell and Thomas Bromfield as security for the debts of the deft. C78/1425, no. 5 [38]
1685 23 Feb 1 John Duvall esq & Elizabeth viscountess Purbeck his wife; Sir Robert Southwell knight; and Sir James Butler knight v. Sir John Edwards knight; Sir Richard Dereham knight and baronet; Heath Edwards esq; Richard Steevens esq; and Thomas Edwards gentleman C78/1912, no. 10 [39]
1685 24 Feb 1 Matthias Grismond v John Maund and Anne his wife, Mary Grismond and Judith Grismond infants by the said John Maund their guardian and James Curran Estate of Henry Grismond decd, complts brother and father of the defts Anne, Mary and Judith. Messuage called Blackhall in Ashton, parish of Kingsland, Herefords. C78/1313, no. 1 [40]
1685 24 Feb 1 Roger Coke; and Anthony Freeston, esq v. William Crane, gent; and one Ciriat Coke C78/803, no. 9 [41]
1685 26 Feb 1 Robert Romsey of Hoxne, Suffolk and Mary his wife administratrix of Phillip Watling her late husband decd v John Borrett Mortgage to the late Phillip Watling of 2 closes of land in Horham, Suffolk. C78/1402, no. 1 [42]
1685 26 Feb 1 John Pape; John Lakin, jr; Thomas Flathers; Edmund Drury; Anne Chapman; William Richardson; John Peircy; Lancelott Thorpe; George Harrington; Thomas Mace; Joell Savile; Benedict Horlley; William Welbourne; and John Coates, creditors of John Nary of New Malton, Yorks, gent for themselves and for all other creditors of said John Nary v. Richard Cholmeley, esq; Thomas Langley; and Richard Stockham, gent, executors of said John Nary; Elizabeth Sandford, the wife of Edward Sandford; Dorothy Sandford; Mary Sandford; and Katherine Sandford, infants; James Sandford; and Elizabeth Sandford C78/1600, no. 2 [43]
1685 26 Feb 1 Stephen Barnes; and Thomas Barnes, grandchildren of John Barnes of Hornsey, Middx, gent, deceased, viz, sons of John Barnes, deceased, who was at his death eldest son of said John Barnes the grandfather, both infants, by James Allen v. James White & Mary his wife; Thomas Parker & Elizabeth his wife; and Thomas Norris C78/1171, no. 4 [44]
1685 27 Feb 1 Thomas Basden; Robert Mauris; John Serieant v Peter Hussey, since decd; Thomas Tuckfeild; Samuel Aylmer, since also decd & Mary his wife Legacies payable from personal estate of Richard Pepys and his messuage in Threadneedle St, London C78/1223, no. 1 [45]
1685 27 Feb 1 Thomas Leman, merchant v. William Dandy; Thomas Taylor; and James Taylor C78/1641, no. 10 [46]
1685 27 Feb 1 Jeremiah Copping, citizen and fishmonger of London v. Lyonell Copley, esq, son and heir of Lyonell Copley, esq, deceased; William Simpson, gent, executor of said Lyonell Copley; Sir George Cooke, baronet; and Benjamin Staveley C78/803, no. 8 [47]
1685 27 Feb 1 William Bennett of Hampsted, Middx, gent v. Sir Mawrux Berkely, baronet, lord viscount FitzHarding, Ireland; William Clarke, esq; and Richard Nelmes C78/897, no. 5 [48]
1685 27 Feb 1 Thomas Foster & Mary his wife, one of the daughters of Margaret Lewis, widow, deceased; Sir Anthony Deane, knight; and Thomas Firman v. Erasmus Norwich & Sarah his wife, another of the daughters and one of the executors of said Margaret Lewis; and John Gould, another of the executors of said Margaret C78/1017, no. 3 [49]
1685 28 Feb 1 Peter Scott of Camberwell, Surrey, doctor of law; Francis Scott of the same, gent; William Wyndham of Felbricke [Felbrigg], Norf, esq; Thomas Austin of Hockston, Middx, esq; Robert Wilson of Merton, Surrey, esq; and Edmund Bowyer; Katherine Bowyer; Frances Bowyer, children of Sir Edmund Bowyer of Camberwell, knight, deceased, by Dame Martha Bowyer his wife and by Sir John Cropley of Richmond, Surrey, baronet, their guardian and next of kin v. said Dame Martha Bowyer, widow and relict of said Sir Edmund Bowyere of Camberwell C78/1046, no. 2 [50]
1685 3 March 1 John Fowke and wife v Margaret Lewen, widow; Edmund Lewen; Daniel Lewen; Margaret Willcox, widow; John Cooper & Elizabeth his wife Orphanage part of personal estate of Edmund Lewen C78/1000, no. 2 [51]
1685 3 March 1 George Gay v. John Ansell esq C78/1892, no. 6 [52]
1685 3 March 4 George Gay v. John Ansell, esq C78/1610, no. 4 [53]
1685 4 March 1 Luke Talcott, an infant, son of Robert Talcott, by Thomas Austin v. James Bowyer & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Talcott C78/874, no. 4 [54]
1685 5 March 1 Sir Richard Grahme, Christopher Driffield, John Atkinson v Dorothy Atkinson, widow; Henry Atkinson, Dorothy Atkinson, Jane Atkinson, Mary Atkinson, Elizabeth Atkinson & Frances Atkinson, infants, children of the said Dorothy Atkinson; Phillip Mantus & Jane his wife; John Batty & Peter Browne Estate of Henry Atkinson. Messuage called 'Ripon Park' - held of the Archbishop of York. C78/885, no. 6 [55]
1685 (bill) Easter term 1 Edward Hawley of London esq executor of Francis lord Hawley his father v. Robert Comens an infant executor of Robert Comens of Huish Champflower, Som, yeoman their late father; Thomas Comens of Huish Champflower, yeoman; William Putham of Wreeliscombe, Som, yeoman; William Good of the same, yeoman; and Hugh Perratt of Skilgate, Som, yeoman C78/1909, no. 1 [56]
1685 9 April 1 Thomas Lanyon, gent v. Thomas Williams & Elizabeth his wife; John Barrett; Charles Trevanion; Francis Herle; Dorothy Bohenvow; Luke Thomas; Jane Leane; Luke Williams; and Mary Rowe C78/973, no. 1 [57]
1685 10 April 1 John Greene v Sir William Dolben; Giles Greene; William Greene; John Hunt & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Atkins & Katherine his wife (the said William & Katherine being infants) Shares in New River Water Workes, bringing stream from Chadwell and Amwell to London C78/1223, no. 2 [58]
1685 30 April 1 Mary Lawrence alias Dyer, widow and relict of William Lawrence alias Dyer v. Richard Lawrence; Mary Lawrence, mother of said William and Richard Lawrence; Edmond Blake & his wife; John Day; Anne Day; Andrew Dibble; Anne Sindercombe; William Griffen & his wife; and Mary Lawrence, an infant C78/1259, no. 14 [59]
1685 8 May 1 Edward Marling v. Richard Norris; Henry Norris; and John Gore C78/887, no. [60]
1685 9 May 1 Robert Blakiston; Dorothy Blakiston; William Newhouse; and Stephen Thompson v. Lodowick Hall; John Morland; and George Morland, esqs; and Martha Porter, widow Debts of Lodowick Hall, money held in trust for the complt Dorothy, & mortgage of the manor of Newsham, Co Durham C78/1017, no. 2 [61]
1685 12 May 1 Gabriel Webb v. Henry Hemsley C78/881, no. 7 [62]
1685 13 May 1 James Pierce, an infant, by Elizabeth Pierce, his mother v. Elizabeth Troutes, widow, executrix of Marke Trout, now since married to Mr William Hendly C78/1004, no. 5 [63]
1685 13 May 1 Susannah, lady Poulett, widow, late wife of John, lord Poulett, baron of Henton St George, Som and administratrix of Vere Poulett her daughter, deceased, her daughter v. John, lord Poulett; The Honorable Francis Poulett, esq; Sir John Sidenham, baronet; Sir Thomas Putt, baronet; Edward Cooke; and Edward Strode, esqs C78/1264, no. 2 [64]
1685 14 May 1 Thomas Hobbs v. John Chaplin esq & Elizabeth his wife; Porter, Anne, Francis, John, and Thomas Chaplyn children of said John and Elizabeth Chaplyn; Francis Asty; Cresherd Draper esq; Robert Chaplyn; and Robert Chaplin; Thomas Pendleton; Henry Hatley; Dame Elizabeth Hamby and Dane Anne Chaplyn C78/2012, no. 6 [65]
1685 16 May 1 Mary Gee, widow & administratrix of William Gee decd; Richard Gee, eldest son of the said William Gee by the said Mary his second wife; Robert Gee, second son of the said William by the said Mary v William Gee, son & heir of the said William Gee decd by his first wife Title and settlement of the manor of Thomymball and lands in Beverley, Haselskew, Carleton, Camerton and Thrickleby, Yorks C78/922, no. 10 [66]
1685 16 May 1 John Preston v Francis Jervis and Thomas Swinerton Purchase of tenement "Green Drake" in Old Brentford, Middx. C78/1228, no. 1 [67]
1685 18 May 1 Henry Gellibrand & Nicholas Gellibrand by Mary Gellibrand their mother; John Gellibrand and Edward Gellibrand v Samuel Gellibrand; John Kinis; Thomas Barnesley Shares in alleged gavelkind lands in Footscray, Kent C78/1000, no. 1 [68]
1685 20 May 1 Isaac Fordham of Orsett, Essex, yeoman & Elizabeth his wife and Anne Sawkins an infant by Ralph Convers her guardian (said Elizabeth and Anne were the daughters and coheirs of William Sawkins late of Dunton, Essex, yeoman) v. Anne Savell C79/167, no. [69]
1685 20 May 1 H(enry?) Kinge since deceased v. Ralph Delavall baronet; the lady Elizabeth Delavall, widow the relict and late wife of Robert Delavall; the Honorable Barnard Howard esq; Henry Slingsby; Henry Colt; Henry _____; and Ralph Bates esq Marriage settlement of Robert Delavall, son & heir of Sir Ralph Delavall & Elizabeth, the daughter of the late Earl of Newburgh. Debts of the late Robert Delevall & mortgage of several of the estates controlled by the settlement. C78/2034, no. 20 [70]
1685 20 May 1 James Tillie; Henry Forth, an infant, by said James Tillie his uncle; Mary Seaward; Elizabeth Hooke an infant, by George Inice her cousin; Hugh Courtney; and Katherine Vane v. William Kendall; William Scott; and William Vane C78/819, no. 5 [71]
1685 21 March 1 Dame Joyce King, executrix of Sir John King, knight; Robert, John, and Elizabeth King, infants, by said Dame Joyce King their mother and guardian; and Edward Hales; William Longuevile; and John Powell v. John King, doctor in physick C78/909, no. 3 [72]
1685 21 May 1 Poyntz Porter, gent v. Richard Porter, esq, the complainant's father; John Fisher, esq; and William Phillipps, gent C78/1134, no. 4 [73]
1685 22 May 1 Richard Corbett and Thomas Midwinter, churchwardens of St Bartholomew the Great v. Hugh Bantock C78/1800, no. 4 [74]
1685 22 May 1 Sir Robert Sawyer, knight, Attorney General, for the churchwardens, inhabitants, and parishioners of St Michael, York, in or near Upper Ousegate and for John Bradley clerk, now preaching minister of said parish v. John Corlas, & Rebecca his wife; Henry Hetherington, gent; Robert Hetherington, an infant; and Alice Scott, widow C78/1607, no. 11 [75]
1685 22 May 1 David White of London, gent; Robert Vigorous of Arlesey, Beds, esq; and John Underwood of Artleborrough, Northt, gent, executors of Thomas White of Pirton, Herts, esq v. Thomas White, gent, son of said Thomas White C78/1237, no. 3 [76]
1685 25 May 1 Phillipp, lord Wharton, baron of Wharton, Westmorland v. Edmund Milner; John Wharton; Anthony Milner; Thomas Calvert; James Coates; Ralph Keerton; John Kearton; Alexander Raw; William Kearton; William Arundell; Henry Clardson; James Fryar; and Thomas Raw; and others (sic) C78/1605, no. 1 [77]
1685 25 May 1 Samuyel Gooday v. John Lucas, gent C78/808, no. 9 [78]
1685 26 May 1 Sir Thomas Doleman v Sir Edward Hungerford; Sir John Pretyman; Sir George Pretyman; William Pretyman; Sir Robert Clayton; John Morris; Robert Morris; Henry Coventry; Edward Progers; Sir Allan Apsley; Sir Winston Churchill & others (not named) Dispute over value of property, manor of Loddington, Leics, to be sold. C78/930, no. 4 [79]
1685 26 May 1 John Arscott, esq v. George Carusew; and Richard Carusew, gent C78/819, no. 6 [80]
1685 27 May 1 John Forshow and William Lawne executors of Joseph Gregson; George Bird; and Willictis (?) Mathewes executors of Woolston Geare, butcher; Alban Parkinson; Robert Dixon & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Woolmer; and Lucy Prince widow v. John, lord Ballasyse; Robert Villars, esq otherwise called lord viscount Purbeck since deceased; and the lady Margaret his wife; Robert, earl of Cardigan; and Sir Rowland Bellasyse C78/2033, no. 14 [81]
1685 30 May 1 Benjamin Farrand v. John Hartley & his wife; Richard Hartley & his wife; and others (sic) C79/11, no. [82]
1685 30 May 1 William Neile, clerk, vicar of the vicarage of North Allerton, Yorks v. Samuel Cooke; Nicholas Villett; Thomas Carter; and Jane Flower C78/808, no. 8 [83]
1685 3 June 1 Gamaliel Chester v. Sir Charles Cleaver, knight, & Dame Frances his wife; Edward Chester, esq; and Robert Chester C78/808, no. 10 [84]
1685 3 June 1 John Wright, gent v. Henry Smith, esq & Katherine his wife; Anne Palmer, widow; Edward Willes, gent; William Challoner, gent; Anne and Katherine Palmer, infants, daughters of said Anne Palmer C78/888, no. 6 [85]
1685 4 June 1 Henry Meux, gent; and ___ Brightwell, esq v. Anthony Barren; Agnes Sayer, widow; Philadelphia Sayer, widow; and John Sayer, an infant C78/1237, no. 1 [86]
1685 5 June 1 James Shaftoe the elder, gent, since deceased; and James Shaftoe the younger v. William Ward; Henry Shaw; and one Samuel Forrester Sale of wood, trees etc on the complts grounds at Tanfeild Leigh[Tanfield Lea], Co Durham, to the deft Forrester, except a thousand oak trees which the complt had already sold to Robert Beckwith. Forrester became insolvent having only paid part of the purchase price. C78/981, no. 11 [87]
1685 16 June 1 Ralph Eure of Washingborough, Lincs v Charles Guidott. Mortgage payments and others debts due from salt works in Pennington, Milford, Hants C78/1214, no. 4 [88]
1685 16 June 1 Thomas Hilliard citizen and carpenter of London v. Francis Savill and Anne Savill C78/2070, no. 8 [89]
1685 19 June 1 Elizabeth Mun, sr, widow, executrix of Katherine Mun; Elizabeth Mun, jr; Thomas Flud & Paulina his wife; Anne Mun; and Mary Mun v. Thomas Mun C78/1558, no. 1 [90]
1685 20 June 1 Susanna Manning the sole daughter and heir of Thomas Manning late of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq, an infant by Mary Manning widow and relict of the said Thomas Manning her mother and guardian v. Ambrose Ilsted C79/96, no. [91]
1685 20 June 1 John Beekes v. Richard Kerrington C78/796, no. 9 [92]
1685 20 June 1 Robert Merefield, gent v. Amy Curry; Richard Curry; John Partridge; George Gough; and Robert Johnson C78/1259, no. 12 [93]
1685 22 June 1 James Fearne; and others (sic), the creditors of William Page, esq, deceased v. Bridget Page, widow and relict of said William Page; and Bridget Page the younger, the daughter and only child of said Bridget the mother, by the said William, the said Bridget the daughter being an infant, by said Bridget her mother and guardian C78/1175, no. 8 [94]
1685 23 June 1 Francis Searle v. John Searle; Edward Hayman; Gowen Hayman; Walter Avent; Ambrose Rowse; and Henry Thorneing alias Thorne C78/2070, no. 11 [95]
1685 23 June 1 Grace Walker, widow and executrix of William Harpur, gent v. Thomas Walker, clerk; Peter Radcliffe; John Horsfall, gent, & Anne his wife C78/1565, no. 6 [96]
1685 23 June 1 Thomas Ley & Elianor his wife, administratrix of Hunmfry Bisse v. Mary Gribble; and Edward Gribble C78/897, no. 2 [97]
1685 26 June 1 Charleton Whitlocke esq & Katherine his wife; John Criche; George Little; James Waters; Thomas Freeman; John Powell; Daniel Downes; and Peter Gellthorpe v. Sir Andrew Henley baronet; Sir Robert Henley knight; Thomas Tutt esq; and William Warne C79/44, no. [98]
1685 26 June 1 John Saville, clerke v. Sarah Coleman, the relict and executrix of Thomas Coleman, esq; and Thomas Coleman, son and heir of said Thomas Coleman; and Thomas Fox C78/884, no. 12 [99]
1685 27 June 1 John Huxley of Edmonton, Middx, esq, son and heir of Sir John Huxley of Eaton Bray, Beds, knight v. George Hadley, esq; Thomas Huxley of Skimpans, esq, uncle of said Sir John Huxley, deceased; Sarah Tryon; Dame Honor Huxley, the relict and _____________ Thomas Huxley of Edmonton, gent, the brother of said Sir John Huxley; William Theed & Elizabeth his wife, daughter of said Sir John Huxley; James Huxley; George Huxley, children of said Sir John Huxley C78/974, no. 2 [100]
1685 27 June 1 Stephen Phiser, administrator de bonis non (by Margaret his relict) with the will annexed of John Perryer, citizen and merchant taylor of London and also the administrator of said Margaret v. Amy Barton C78/981, no. 9 [101]
1685 1 July 1 Edward Berkley & Jane his wife an infant by said Edward v. John Marsham baronet and Richard Derbishire C78/2034, no. 7 [102]
1685 1 July 1 William Todd v. Ralfe Heavisides; and Mary Heavisides C78/884, no. 1 [103]
1685 2 July 1 Robert Hutchinson of Doddington, Isle of Ely, Cambs, yeoman v. William Tunnard & Mary his wife; James Granger; Elizabeth Granger; and Cicely Granger C79/13, no. [104]
1685 2 July 1 Thomas List v. William Cutlove C78/796, no. 11 [105]
1685 3 July 1 Mathew Plowman of London, merchant & Mary his wife, one of the daughters of William Strelly of Arnold, Notts, esq & Frances his wife; and Daniel Plowman; and William Plowman, sons of said Mathew Plowman & Mary his wife v. John Cartwright of Mansfield, Notts, gent, brother of said Francis C78/1085, no. 2 [106]
1685 6 July 1 Thomas Blucke, & Alice his wife v. Anne Wright; Thomas Wright; Francis Wright; Samuel Wright; and others (sic) C78/1641, no. 15 [107]
1685 7 July 1 Richard Holford, esq, executor and devisee of John Leman of Bailsey, Som, gent v. Thomas Baynard, esq C78/1594, no. 11 [108]
1685 7 July 1 Thomas Knapton the younger of Dorchester, Dorset, gent, administrator of Frances, his late wife; Jane Hayward, spinster; Timothy Bristow of Salisbury, Wilts, tallow chandler & Anne his wife, which said Frances, Jane, and Anne daughters of Walter Harward of Holwell in the parish of Cranborne, Dorset, yeoman, his only children, by Frances his first wife v. John Harding & Edith his wife; Walter Hayward; George Stillingfleete jr; Maurice Wheeler; and John Floyd C78/1087, no. 6 [109]
1685 9 July 1 Oliver Phillipps of London, merchant v. Joseph Dawson, esq; Joachim Mathewes, esq; and Sir John Mathewes, baronet C78/974, no. 1 [110]
1685 9 July 1 William Bower v. William Gardner; and Richard White C78/999, no. 2 [111]
1685 10 July 1 Holmer Lunne and Elizabeth his wife v Anthony Sambach; John Jephcott; Edward Feild, Mary Feild; & Elizabeth Feild, infants, & Elizabeth Keighley, widow Debts payable from trust settlement of lands in South Littleton, Worcs C78/910, no. 5 [112]
1685 10 July 1 Nicolas Freeman v Mary Mason, widow Alleged appropriation of personal estate of Robert Freeman. C78/1120, no. 11 [113]
1685 13 July 1 Richard Parkinson, administrator of Richard Parkinson his late father decd v Benjamin Whitehead; Anne Walker & Robert Walker Leases and interest in lands at Barinker, Lancs. C78/910, no. 4 [114]
1685 15 July 1 John Rogers, gent v. John Barneby, gent; and John Roberts, an infant by said John Barneby, his guardian C78/963, no. 7 [115]
1685 17 July 1 Henry Stephens; Robert Hurst; John Trape & Mary his wife v Jonas Lambe, executor of Judith darling decd; Martha Audley, Thomas Audley & Elizabeth Audley, infants by Abraham Lamb Legacies payable from personal estate of Rachel Stephens C78/922, no. 6 [116]
1685 17 July 1 Thomas Knapton of Dorchester, Dorset, gentleman, administrator of Frances his late wife; Jane Hayward, spinster; Timothy Bristow of Salisbury, Wilts, tallow chandler & Anne his wife, which said Frances, Jane and Anne were daughters of Walter Hayward late of Hollwell in the parish of Cramborne, Dorset, yeoman his only childre by Frances his first wife v. John Harding & Edith his wife; Walter Hayward; George Stillingfleet jr; Maurice Wheeler; and John Floyd C78/1909, no. 2 [117]
1685 17 July Symon, lord Digby, baron of Geashill, Ireland; Sir Francis Burdett, baronet; and Anne Symond, widow v. Alice, countess dowager of Drogheda, Ireland; Elizabeth, countess dowager of Meath, Ireland; Elizabeth Brabazon; and Katherine Brabazon; and John Humphrey C78/819, no. 4 [118]
1685 18 July 1 Sir William Humble, baronet v. Robert Haldanby, esq C78/819, no. 3 [119]
1685 20 July 1 Hester Kittermaster, spinster v. William Kittermaster, gent C78/888, no. 10 [120]
1685 20 July 1 Jonas Hubbard; Elizabeth Hubbard; and Anne Hubbard, the son and daughters of George Hubbard of Southerye, Norf, gent, all infants , by Daniel Sharpe of Westerham, Norf, yeoman v. Anne Hubbard, widow; Edmond Hamond, clerk; and Richard Hammond, gent C78/981, no. 10 [121]
1685 20 July 1 John Bradley & Elizabeth his wife; Johannah Gartside; John Walker, jr; and Mary Walker; William Taylor; Thomas Clerke; and Reynold Allanson; William Crithley; Henry Sallome; Lawrence Shawe; Robert Shawe; and Elizabeth Sallom, widow; Tabitha Arderne, widow; George Allensen; James Allenson; Thomas Allenson; Robert Allenson; and Edward Allenson v. John Walker, executor of John Fieldman of Sherborne St John, Hants, gent & Anne his wife C78/1085, no. 4 [122]
1685 20 July 1 Elizabeth Garneys of Bowland Hall, Norf, widow v. John Norton, esq; Sir Thomas Proby, baronet; Mathew Johnson; and Edward Harby, esqs; John Lynn, esq; Mary Kirkham, widow; George Welby, gent; and James Marryott C78/1138, no. 6 [123]
1685 21 July 1 Edward Elliotts of Wolverhampton, Staffs, butcher & Elizabeth his wife; and Thomas Elliotts their son and heir apparent an infant by said Edward his father and guardian v. Barbara Hincks widow and James Hincks AND v. Richard Warbutton since deceased C78/2037, no. 4 [124]
1685 21 July 1 Ellis Lloyd of the Inner Temple, London, esq v. Robert Hampson serjeant at law C78/2030, no. 2 [125]
1685 21 July 1 Sir Francis Pemberton knight and serjeant at law v. Edward son and heir of Henry Kempe & Anne his wife and also executor of the said Henry; and Susan Kempe daughter of the said Henry Kempe and Anne and executrix of the said Anne; Charles Yorke; and William Yorke C78/1941, no. 18 [126]
1685 21 July 1 Richard Ducke, esq; and Arthur Ducke, gent, his brother v. Samuel Tanner, esq C78/819, no. 1 [127]
1685 21 July 1 William Hancocke, esq v. Henry Gage, esq; Dorothy Gage; John Smith; Thomas Medley; Richard Hart; William Gage; John Gage; Juliana Gage; Anne Gage; and Henrietta Maria Gage C78/888, no. 9 [128]
1685 July 23 1 Brent Dixwell of Worcester, esq, son and heir of William Dixwell, esq, being an infant, by Sir John Knightley, baronet, guardian v. Thomas Caldecot, esq; William Ebraff; Mary Dixwell; and Elizabeth Dixwell C78/888, no. 3 [129]
1685 4 Sept 1 Nicholas Eagle gentleman v. John Betts and Isaac Egney gentleman C78/2034, no. 5 [130]
1685 24 Oct 1 Edward Stephens of Gillingham, Kent, gentleman administrator with the will annexed of John Parker late of Gillingham gentleman and Katherine Boltwell of Chatham, Kent, widow and Bonham Manser of Chatham, shipwright, creditors of the said decedent; John Parker v. Jeoffery Nightingale of London merchant & Anne his wife; John Winter; Leonard and Edward Meeres C79/167, no. [131]
1685 24 Oct 1 John Grice of London, haberdasher of hats v. Seamur Murry and Tobias Wicker C78/2030, no. 3 [132]
1685 27 Oct 1 Elizabeth Oldfield, one of the daughters and younger children of Sir Anthony Oldfield of Spalding, Lincs, baronet, by Dame Elizabeth Oldfield his wife; and Anthony Oldfield; and Mary Oldfield the younger, children of said Sir Anthony and Dame Elizabeth, infants by said complainant Elizabeth v. Sir John Oldfield, baronet, eldest son and heir of said Sir Anthony and Dame Elizabeth C78/1581, no. 10 [133]
1685 28 Oct 1 Mary Nicholls, widow, relict, and administratrix of Robert Nicholls v. John Holloway C78/963, no. 5 [134]
1685 31 Oct 1 Robert Benson, esq, an infant, son and heir of Robert Benson of Greys Inn, Middx, esq; Elizabeth Benson; and Dorothy Benson, also infants, daughters of said Robert Benson, the father, by William Benson of City of London, merchant v. Sir Henry Bellasis, knight, & Dame Dorothy his wife; and others (sic) C78/1603, no. 2 [135]
1685 3 Nov 1 Robert Richardson, scriviner & Hannah his wife v. Elizabeth Bryant, widow, administratrix of Anthony Bryant; and Charles Bryant, an infant, the youngest son of the said Anthony Bryant by Charles Plummer his guardian C78/1272, no. 16 [136]
1685 4 Nov 1 Jane Brigham, widow of John Brigham v Edward Rich an infant; Elizabeth Oldfield, widow; Henry Browne; Richard Kynastowne; Mathew Simpson; Sir Robert Rich Title to messuage in St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Middx. C78/921, no. 1 [137]
1685 6 Nov 1 Nathaniel Baldill v. William Willis debts of deft to complt. C78/1452, no. 5 [138]
1685 6 Nov 1 Waters Drury, clerk; and William Pawlett, administrators de bonis non (by Anne Gogle) of Thomas Drury, esq v. Samuel Lawrence; AND a second case: said Samuel Lawrence v. said Waters Drury; and William Pawlett C78/979, no. 1 [139]
1685 9 Nov 1 Clare Mannay; and Mary Mannay, daughters of Francis Mannay of London, merchant & Clare his wife, and sisters and coheirs of Francis Mannay, son of said Francis Mannay the father & Clare his wife, who was daughter of John Harris of the Inner Temple, esq v. Sir Paule Whichcott, knight and baronet; Sir Francis Pemberton, knight, Serjeant at Law; and Christopher Cratford, esq C78/991, no. 9 [140]
1685 12 Nov 1 Thomas Coke of Tregassow, Corn, esq v. Hugh Boscawen, esq; and others (sic) C78/956, no. 6 [141]
1685 17 Nov 1 William Sellecke, eldest son and heir of Robert Sellecke of Liddeard St Lawrence [Lydeard St Lawrence], Som, gent; Robert Sellecke, another son of said Robert Sellecke; Alice Sellecke, daughter of said Robert Sellecke the father, infants, by George Saffin of Columpton [Cullompton], Devon and Anne his wife, mother of said Robert Sellecke the father and grandmother to the complainants, their guardians v. George Bacon of Langford Undville [Langford Budville], Som, gent; William Sellecke of Rendy [?Rodney Stoke], Som and brother of said Robert Sellecke; John Periam of Milverton, Som, gent; and Henry Ashley of Gusbury, Hunts, tanner C78/1085, no. 3 [142]
1685 18 Nov 1 Richard Peacock widow and relict of Richard Peacocke late of Finchley, Middx, esq and Thomas Peacocke of Finchley esq v. Dame Elizabeth Bacon widow; Elizabeth and Susanna Norborne C79/167, no. [143]
1685 18 Nov 1 Nathaniel Denny v. John Luddington, clerk C78/1641, no. 11 [144]
1685 20 Nov 1 Sir Robert Sawyer, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Thomas Seawell and Henry Byne, churchwardens of Eltham, Kent; and Richard Nunn and Thomas Huddle, overseers of the poor of Eltham; William Staple; and Francis Sperry, churchwardens of Chislehurst, Kent; and William Stretch and Robert Merred, overseers of the poor of Chislehurst v. The Master, Wardens, and Commonalty of Clothworkers of London; Mary Philpott, widow; John Gascoigne; Robert Streete; Richard Browne; and Richard Snow C78/819, no. 2 [145]
1685 20 Nov 1 Edmund Justice; Robert Jennings; Thomas Justice; Francis Justice; and James Justice v. John Fruin the younger C78/1239, no. 6 [146]
1685 23 Nov. 1 Sir Joseph Cradocke, Jane Thweng and Anne Thweng v George Tockett and his wife Jane. lately called Jane Thweng Marriage settlement of manor of Kilton and farm called Neste als Nessa Hagg, Yorks. Marriage of Jane Thweng, widow of Thomas Thweng and daughter of the complt Sir Joseph, and George Tockett. C78/1020, no. 11 [147]
1685 24 Nov 1 Phillipp Smith, esq, viscount Strangford, Ireland v. Sir James Rushout, baronet; Thomas Andrewes, gent; William Gomeldon; and Thomas Gomeldon, his son , gent; John Carpenter, gent; Sir Thomas Westenholme; James Porter, esq; Henry Sydney, esq; William Gouldsburough, esq; William Ellis, gent; James ___, gent; John Symonds; and Edward Symonds, gents C78/1056, no. 4 [148]
1685 25 Nov 1 Edward Alchorne, son and heir of John Alchorne of St Clement Danes, Middx, gent; Anne Knipe, widow; and Elizabeth Hodgkinson, widow, daughters of the said John Alchorne and Anne his wife and executrices of said Anne their moether who was administratrix with the will annexed of said John Alchorne v. Thomas Johnson, esq C78/1592, no. 10 [149]
1685 25 Nov 1 Sarah Mildmay, wife of Humfry Mildmay of Hastlegrove in the parish of Queens Camel, Som, esq, by Edmund Parker, esq, her brother v. Humphry Mildmay; and William Coward, esq C78/1275, no. 3 [150]
1685 27 Nov 1 Henry Hall and Grace his wife v Ambrose Dench, John Davies and Mary his wife, Thomas Ketcheler and Mary his wife, William Roper and Grace his wife, Anne White, John Comber and William Johnson Will of Thomas Bridger decd, great uncle of the complt Grace. Mersh Farm, Binsted, Sussex and manor of Middleton, Sussex. C78/1313, no. 2 [151]
1685 27 Nov 1 Jane Puleston, widow, executrix of Edward Puleston, esq v. Owen Thetwall; Owen Hughes; Henry Banbury; Edward Price; Elizabeth Lloyd; Evan Vaughan; and William Williams C78/1715, no. 5 [152]
1685 27 Nov 1 John Barcroft the younger, esq, & Charlott his wife v. Gilbert Gerard, baronet; Gilbert Gerard, cossine, esq; and Samuel Gerard, esq C78/808, no. 6 [153]
1685 28 Nov 1 Oliver Westland merchant v. Henry Robinson; Henry Uske; John Lisle; and Andrew Hobb C78/2045, no. 6 [154]
1685 30 Nov 1 Thomas Sherman v. Thomas Holland; Mary Aiskew; and Thomas Seviar C78/1148, no. 6 [155]
1685 1 Dec 1 Sampon Evans of Worcester, bookseller v. Thomas Shewring; Thomas Taylor; James Whetham administrator as principal creditor with the will annexed of Richard Ball; and Richard Ball; Elizabeth and Sarah Ball infants by Samuel Baker gentleman their guardian C78/2070, no. 10 [156]
1685 2 Dec 1 Ralph Potter & Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir of Anne Shaftoe, late wife of Thomas Shaftoe v. Sir Ralph Jennison; Lionel Vaine; Thomas Bewicke; William Fenwick; Elizabeth Fenwick; William Ramsey & Margaret his wife Lease of coal mines in Ryton Ryofeild, Co Durham, and sub lease of 1/12 part. Refusal to pay proportional costs of gaining a new lease. C78/913, no. 5 [157]
1685 2 Dec 1 Thomas Pacey, gent v. Richard Pointz C78/1287, no. 4 [158]
1685 2 Dec 1 Robert Napper, esq; James Gould, esq; Robert Wyar, gent; and Elizabeth Whinnell, spinster, creditors of Nicholas Browne, clerk, deceased v. Henry Browne; Nicholas Browne; and Martin Browne C78/1287, no. 5 [159]
1685 3 Dec 1 Mary Gibbons, Jane Gibbons and Margaret Gibbons, daughters of William Gibbons decd who was son of William Gibbons also decd, infants by Mary Gibbons their mother v Richard Maddox and Robert Cox Legacies payable from personal estate of William Gibbons. C78/1240, no. 7 [160]
1685 4 Dec 1 Sir Harry FitzJames & Dame Jane, his wife, administratrix of Sir Lawrence Smith, administrator with the will annexed of Thomas Hoare v. Dame Abigall Smith, administratrix of Thomas Smith; Francis Pace Smith, only daughter and heir of said Sir Thomas Smith; Katharine Brabazon; Thomas Hoare; and Thomas Weblyn C78/1082, no. 3 [161]
1685 5 Dec 1 Robert Easborne v Thomas Steward and Simeon Steward Mortgage of 8 acres of meadow and pasture in Stuntney, Isle of Ely, Cambs C78/921, no. 3 [162]
1685 7 Dec 1 Anne Strelley widow relict and executrix of George Strelley late of Plymouth esq v. Nicholas Strelley and Francis Strelley C79/13, no. [163]
1685 7 Dec 1 John Annand of the City of London, merchant & Sarah his wife, the relict of William Browne of said city and daughter of Benony Honywood, late freeman and citizen of London v. John Honywood C78/956, no. 4 [164]
1685 8 Dec 1 Jane Tunbridge widow and relict of Robert Tunbridge v. Emanuell Teather and Richard Adams executors of said Robert Tunbridge and John Tunbridge; and Robert Tunbridge C78/2034, no. 6 [165]
1685 9 Dec 1 William Harris gentleman v. James Robyns and Stephen Robins sons of John Robins; and John Whitsey & Bridget his wife executors of William Ollver C78/2034, no. 4 [166]
1685 9 Dec 1 Constance Redman, widow, administratrix of Charles Redman her late husband; and Augustine Dry, one of the creditors of said intestate v. Joyce Redman, widow; and Henry Redman C78/808, no. 7 [167]
1685 9 Dec 1 Margaret Fothergill, widow; John Webster & Lettice his wife; and Mary Fothergill, an infant, which said Margaret, Lettice, and Mary were executors of George Fothergill v. Michael Cocke; John Colston; Edward Walker; Thomas Pare; John Harrison; Thomas Thompson, sr; John Thompson; Edward Richardson; Thomas Colston; Robert Wilson; Christopher Steadman, sr; William Scaife; Thomas Walker; Christopher Steadman, jr; Richard Steadman; and Thomas Steadman, customary tenants of the manor of Blayterne, Westmorland C78/963, no. 4 [168]
1685 11 Dec 1 Richard Yate, esq & Elizabeth his wife; Bridget Price; Bridget Claviato; Sarah Claviato; John Rogers; Thomas, Herbert, Mary and Bridget Rogers (all brothers and sisters, children of Elizabeth Woodward late of Gloucester, widow, and legatees) v. John Price, gent C78/893, no. 7 [169]
1685 11 Dec 1 John Hunt, esq & Elizabeth his wife v. Edward Nosworthy the elder, esq, since deceased; and Edward Nosworthy then the younger, esq C78/981, no. 8 [170]
1685 14 Dec 1 Adrian Beyer, merchant v. Anthony Best, gentleman; Thomas Parker; Thomas Paine; Joseph Moore; Luke Cropsey; and Peter Hoett C78/1607, no. 10 [171]
1685 15 Dec 1 Robert Allanson; Robert Ramsden; Richard Aske & Edward Wildman, creditors of Nathaniel Spencer,merchant v Henry Murgatroid & Thomas & John Murgatroid his sons; Thomas Murgatroid the elder & James & Thomas Murgatroid his sons; Edmund Starkey & the said Nathaniel Spencer Lands in Bingley and Keighley, Yorks used as security for debts. C78/930, no. 2 [172]
1685 15 Dec 1 John Wasse v. John Harrison, & his wife; and Lyffyn Trett C78/1641, no. 9 [173]
1685 15 Dec 1 John Morgan & Frances his wife, one of the daughters of William Morgan of Csindy, Monm, gent v. Winifred Morgan, widow, relict of said William Morgan; Roger Powell & Mary his wife; David Howell & Winifred his wife; Matthew Lewis & Katherine his wife; Jane Morgan; Margaret Morgan alias Cooke; Lucy Morgan; Edward Morgan & Margaret his wife, which said Mary, Winifred, Katherine, Jane, Margaret, and Lucy are the daughters of said William Morgan; John Edmond; John Ayleworth, baronet, son of Sir Edward Morgan, baronet and now the wife of John Grobham now esq; Jane Morgan, widow, relict of William Morgan of Lanvetherin; Anne Morgan; and Frances Morgan, coheirs of Sir Edward Morgan the son; and others (sic) C78/956, no. 5 [174]
1685 16 Dec 1 Tempest Hurband of Kirby Lonsdale, Westm, mercer & Margaret his wife; and Steven Moore of the lodge in the parish of Horton in Ribblesdale, Yorks, yeoman & Mawd his wife, the said Margaret and Mawd being the sole daughters and heirs of Sir James Burton C79/7, no. [175]
1685 16 Dec 1 Christopher Wilkinson sr esq and Christopher Wilkinson jr his son and heir an infant under the age of 14 by William Long gentleman v. William Turner; John Gage; Edward Glest; James Glest; William Leigh; and John Manwood C79/7, no. [176]
1685 18 Dec 1 Josiah Hall clerk; Edward Bernard Gage, gentleman & Frances his wife; Jacob Dancer, gentleman & Dorothy his wife; Richard Dancer, gentleman & Frances his wife; and Mary Holding, widow v. Dame Sarah Freeman, widow and daughter and heir of Dame Sarah Brett, widow C78/2034, no. 19 [177]
1685 18 Dec 1 William Sadler v. Digby Kittermaster; and William Hollioake C78/888, no. 5 [178]
1685 19 Dec 1 Thomas Robinson v. John Gofton, esq, & Dame Mary Richardson, his wife; John Ridges; and John Jones C78/1641, no. 12 [179]
1685 22 Dec 1 William, earl of Devonshire v. Elizabeth, countess dowager of Devonshire; John, earl of Exeter; and Robert, earl of Aylesbury, since deceased, executors of William, late earl of Devonshire; Roger Jackson, gent; Richard Newman, esq; Elizabeth Clarke, executrix of Phillipp Warwick, esq; William, lord Cavendish; Henry Cavendish; and the Lady Elizabeth Cavendish C78/982, no. 4 [180]
1685 31 Dec 1 Roger Clayton, gent v. John Clayton, gent; and Mary Clayton, widow, since deceased C78/808, no. 5 [181]