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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1680 32 C78/, no. []
1680 3 Jan 31 Sir Thomas Beckford, knight; John Butterfield; William Kendall; and Nathaniel Haggett, esqs v. George Beckford C78/1161, no. 1 [2]
1680 15 Jan 31 James Baker, gent; and Thomas Panton, esq v. Edward Panton; and Nicholas Cooke, esq C78/1086, no. 4 [3]
1680 19 Jan 32 Thomas Butler and Edward Butler, executors of John Butler, their late father v. John Rooke C78/984, no. 2 [4]
1680 23 Jan 31 Walter Lister of Ripon, Yorks, esq; John Drake, clerk, subdean of the Collegiate Church of Ripon; and Cuthbert Chambers of Ripon, alderman v. Beatrix Ullithorne, widow; and John Ullithorne C78/884, no. 2 [5]
1680 27 Jan 31 William Oldfield, esq, son and heir of William Oldfield, esq; and Samuel Oldfield, gent, second son of said William Oldfield, an infant of about 20 years and upwards, by Elias Aston of London, merchant, his guardian v. Robert Thompson, esq C78/984, no. 5 [6]
1680 29 Jan 31 John Botts, Dame Elizabeth his wife v Thomas Done & others (not named) Debts of Sir John Botts. C78/865, no. 10 [7]
1680 29 Jan 31 Edward Bland, son and heir of James Bland v. Richard Middleton since deceased, & Dorothy his wife; and Thomas Middleton, father of said Richard C78/1607, no. 12 [8]
1680 29 Jan 31 Robert, earl of Sunderland; Sir John Pelham baronet; Algernon Sydney; and Henry Sidney esqs the two younger sons of Robert, late earl of Leicester, exexcutors of said late earl v. Phillip, earl of Leicester; Robert, lord Lisle his son; Phillip Smith lord viscount Strangford who married Issabella one of the daughters of said late earl; Joseph Cart; and the lady Anne his wife another the said late earl's daughters; Sir Edward Abney knight; Mathew Pindar; William Parkins; and William Westbrooke esqs; and Gilbert Spencer gentleman C78/1929, no. 1 [9]
1680 3 Feb 32 John Clarke of St Pauls, Covert Garden, Middx, gent v. George Perryer of London, scrivener C78/1727, no. 8 [10]
1680 4 Feb 32 William Tyler & Dorothy his wife v. William Young C78/2040, no. 20 [11]
1680 4 Feb 32 Richard Bousey of Horsell, Surrey, yeoman v. John Scotcher C78/1912, no. 6 [12]
1680 5 Feb 32 Knightley Purefoy, esq v. Richard Jones, esq C78/1021, no. 7 [13]
1680 6 Feb 32 Katherine Bland, widow, administratrix of Thomas Bland; Sir Henry Heron, knight; and Sir William Boreman, knight, executors of Dame Mary Spencer, widow (who was sole executrix of Richard Spencer, esq) v. John Venables, esq, who married one of the daughters and coheirs of said Richard Spencer & Mary his wife C78/1114, no. 7 [14]
1680 7 Feb 32 Margaret Wells and Frances Wells, two of the daughters of Thomas Wells late of Godlingstone, Dorset v George Penny Portions payable from trust settlement of the manor of Codlingtone [Godlingston Farm] in Purbeck and lands in Gatford Magna, Gatford Parva [Upper Clatford] and Spetsbury [Spetisbury], Dorset. C78/920, no. 10 [15]
1680 7 Feb 32 Thomas Erle of Charlborough [Charborough], Dorset, esq; and Frances Erle, a minor daughter of said Thomas Erle, by said Thomas Erle her father and guardian v. Sir William Wyndham of Orchard Wyndham [near Williton], Som, knight and baronet; Sir Edward Hungerford of Farley Castle [Farleigh Hungerford Castle], Som, Knight of the Bath; and Thomas Wyndham of Witham, Som, esq C78/1061, no. 13 [16]
1680 10 Feb 32 John Berney of Westwick, Norf, esq v. Benjamin Church, esq; William Short; Marke Bell; Richard Bates; Thomas Phillipps; Nicholas Scottow; William Worth; and Henry Fuller C78/984, no. 4 [17]
1680 11 Feb 32 Thomas Harryot, eldest son and heir of Edward Harryott, who was eldest brother of Lawrence Harryott v. Anne Harryott, widow and relict of said Lawrence Harryson; Thomas Everard; Richard Huson; James Clements; Thomas Walupp; and John Phillipps C78/1179, no. 6 [18]
1680 12 Feb 32 Jeremiah Kersteman and Sarah Kersteman infant by Richard Richardson their guardian v. Peter Kersteman; Chrisostom Hambleton; George Cornish & Sarah his wife; Lewis Vaubell; and Aron Derrick alias Richardson C78/1893, no. 9 [19]
1680 16 Feb 32 Dame Rebecca Litton, widow, the relict and executrix of Sir Rowland Litton v Sir John Sabine; Alfred Sabine; Phillip Sabine; Robert Smith; Edward Hildeyard; John Bird; Edward Baber; Gerrard Usher; and Edward Greene Trust and mortgage of lands in Heme and Chistlett, St Nicholas Atwade Mouncton, and St Gyles in Thanet, Kent. C78/1229, no. 2 [20]
1680 17 Feb 32 John Fanshaw; and John Ayliffe, gent, executors and trustees of Katherine Jerrard v. George Beaton; and Jerrard Newcourt, gent; and Katherine Walton, widow C78/1597, no. 8 [21]
1680 18 Feb 32 Edward Eve innholder v. Mary Satchwell administratrix of Henry Satchwell her late husband C78/2040, no. 16 [22]
1680 19 Feb 32 Jeffery Boys esq & Anne his wife and Susannah Ady two of the sisters of James Ady late of Barhamin, Kent, esq v. Henry Marsh esq & Leah his wife; John Wilkinson esq & Mary his wife; William Huggeson esq & Elizabeth his wife; George Elcocke & Rosamund his wife; Henry Eve & Dorothy his wife; and others (sic) C78/2069, no. 13 [23]
1680 19 Feb 32 Samuel Fournes and John Fournes, sons of Joseph Fournes, gent v. Abraham Briggs C78/881, no. 3 [24]
1680 22 Feb 32 John Hillersden v Martha Dewaymore Mortgage of unspecified land. C78/915, no. 11 [25]
1680 23 Feb 32 William Thompson, esq; Edward Ward, esq; Hugh Chamberlein; John Chamberlein, doctor in phisicke; Humfrey Hetherington, esq; James Bucke, esq; George Lowe, esq; Rowland Woodyer; and John Coggs for themselves and others, the builders, tenants and inhabitants of Essex buildings in St Clement Danes, Middx v. Nicholas Barbon, doctor in phisicke; Samuel Vincent, esq; Thomas Taylor; and John Radford C78/984, no. 3 [26]
1680 23 Feb 32 Francis Henry Cary, clerk, administrator of Lettice his wife, one of the daughters of Thomas Appletree, esq v. Thomas Appletree, esq, eldest son and heir of the said Thomas Appletree, esq; John Cary; Ambrose Holbech; and Richard Kilby, executors and trustees of said Thomas Appletree; William Draper, an infant, by William Gannock his guardian, son of Jane, the other daughter of said Thomas Appletree; and the said William Gannock, administrator of said Jane during her sons' minority C78/1061, no. 15 [27]
1680 26 Feb. 32 John Wright and Andrew Oglethorpe and Cecilia his wife v Daniel Hall and Anthony Wright and others (not named) Payments due from trust settlements of lands in Maltby, Neffield [Nesfield in Ilkley], Ickley [Ilkley], Addingham and Cadeby, Yorks. C78/1010, no. 17 [28]
1680 27 Feb 32 John Danby; and Francis Danby, gent v. Margaret Danby, widow; Christopher Danby, esq, an infant; and Francis Hows, gent; and (added later:) Christopher, duke of Albemarle; and Mathew Locke, esq C78/1598, no. 6 [29]
1680 27 Feb 32 Sir Thomas Orby, knight and baronet; Sir Thomas Mackworth, baronet; John Wingfield, esq; Lucy Wingfield, widow and relict of Francis Wingfield, esq; John Combe, esq; Anthony Palmer, esq; Charles Hutchinson, gent; Elizabeth Palmer, spinster, executors of said Francis Wingfield; Beverley Wingfield, esq, an infant and son and heir of said Francis Wingfield; Charles Rich, esq; Anthony Oldfield, clerk; Robert Southwell; William Richmond; Godfrey Wildbore; John Hawkins; Richard Burnam; John Harper; Samuel Kendall; Valentine Harvey; John Kempe; George Kempe; William Miller; William Ashby; Abraham Bayly; George Bagnely; Richard Ashby; John Carrington; John Sunsher; James Hampson; John Halloe; Mark le Plaw; Elizabeth Maltby, widow; Thomas Colle; John Flohoe; Peter Vandebecke; Hugh Wyth; William Grant; William Spencer; John Cockleer; John Foveargue; Jacob Llesey; Thomas Worrell, sr; Thomas Worrell, jr; Richard Maskne; Jeremiah Bracer; Martin Heaton, clerk; Josias Burroughs; John Averton; Joseph Elam; John Andrew; John Markley; Peter Egill; Peter Degree; John Rooe; Isaack Flohoe; Daniel Deboo; David Fovargue; Isaack Monkey; John Katchoe; John Dora; Edward Slograne; Thomas Holland; David Izarby; Samuel Bracer; Thomas Coleman; William Yates; William Stewartson; William Fillingham; Thomas Carrington, sr; Thomas Carrington, jr; Peter Ansoe;Jacob Flohoe; John Barber; David Henry; Cuthbert Hudson; John Bayly; Jonas Llehoy; Anthony Depin; Walter Bird; Michael Lloasby; James Callitt; and James Markeley C78/1133, no. 8 [30]
1680 2 March 32 John Boughton; Robert Osborne; Elizabeth Fowkes; William Greene; and Thomas Carpenter v. John Butler, esq; John Nedham, esq; Samuel Preston; William Smallbone; John Curtis; Thomas Smith; William Leeke; John Phipps; Thomas Checkley; Charles Neale; John Preston; Joseph Warwicke & Dorcas his wife; and Dorothy Preston; and others (sic) C78/994, no. 1 [31]
1680 2 March 32 John Pepper, gent v. Cuthbert Garth & Margaret his wife; Anne Pepper; Christopher Smithson; Benjamin Purchas; and Mathias Hunter, gent C78/1021, no. 3 [32]
1680 2 March 32 John Pepper, gent v. Cuthbert Garth & Margaret his wife; and Anne Pepper; Christopher Smithson; Benjamin Purchas; and Mathias Hunter, gent C78/1021, no. 5 [33]
1680 2 March 32 John Hodges, esq, executor of Sir Edward Barkeham, knight v. Jane Allured, widow and relict of John Allured and now wife of Robert Knight AND v. Elizabeth Huxley, widow, relict, and executrix of James Huxley, esq C78/1021, no. 6 [34]
1680 2 March 32 John St Leger of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, esq; and Aphra St Leger his wife, one of the two daughters and coheirs of Thomas Harfleete of Trapham, Wingham, Kent, esq, and sister and sole heir of Jane Harfleet, the other daughter and coheir of said Thomas Harfleet and Margaret Harfleet of Trapham, widow and relict of said Thomas Harfleet v. Sir Arnold Breames of Bridge, Kent, knight; John Thurbarne of the town and port of Sandwich, esq; and Elizabeth Felton C78/1075, no. 3 [35]
1680 2 March 32 Roger Jones & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Cole C78/1148, no. 9 [36]
1680 3 March 32 Frances Fisher, relict of Henry Fisher, esq, who was son and heir of William Fisher of Liddington, Wilts, esq; and William Fisher, an infant, son and heir male of the body of said Henry on the body of the said Frances Fisher, by said Frances Fisher, his guardian v. Phillipp Brace of Furnivalls Inn, London, gent C78/1057, no. 13 [37]
1680 4 March 32 Elizabeth Axtell and Frances Axtell by their guardian v. Elizabeth Axtell widow and Andrew Karne executors of James Axtell C79/182, no. [38]
1680 5 March 32 James Sloane of the Inner Temple, London, esq, & Mary his wife, the eldest daughter of William Rumbald, esq, & Mary his wife, deceased v. The Honorable Andrew Newport, esq; James Halsall, esq; George Nicholas; Henry Rumbald; and Henry Norwood, esqs; Thomas Kynnaston, gent; and Edward Rumbald; Jane Rumbald; and Elizabeth Rumbald C78/1592, no. 6 [39]
1680 1 April 32 John Houblon v. Thomas Bathorne & Katherine his wife; Elizabeth Whitfield widow; Mary Phipps widow; Mary Finch spinster; Robert Dent the elder & Anne his wife; and Robert Dent the younger; Isaac Aylett; William Althorne clerk; and Ellen Phipp C78/1912, no. 4 [40]
1680 28 April 32 William Grinfield gentleman v. Joseph Gilmore and William Gilmore gentlemen C78/2040, no. 19 [41]
1680 4 May 32 Nicholas Barbon v Samuel Vincent; John Wilson; Henry Doyley; and John Hayes Purchase of old tenements on site of Essex House, St Clement Danes, Middx for re-development with new houses and roads. C78/1210, no. 1 [42]
1680 5 May 32 Mary Burrowes of Twickenham, Middx, widow v. Mary Sherwood, daughter and heir of Richard Sherwood, late citizen and merchant taylor of London C78/1069, no. 4 [43]
1680 5 May 32 Sarah Gurney of Nether Winchenden, Bucks, widow, the relict and executrix of John Gurney the younger of Aylesbury, Bucks, gent v. Sarah Gurney, widow, relict, and executrix of John Gurney the elder; Edward Plampyn & Hannah his wife; and Thomas Farrer, esq C78/1149, no. 2 [44]
1680 7 May 32 Fitz William Southcote, gent; James Butter; Dorothy his wife; Elianor Thomas; and Mary Thomas, said Dorothy, Elianor, and Mary being the daughters and coheirs of John Thomas v. Grace Lome, widow; William Thomas; Thomas Barter; Elizabeth his wife; Rebeccah Fortescue; and William Humfrey C78/1260, no. 8 [45]
1680 11 May 32 John Morecroft, esq v. Dame Mary Mallory; George Ayslaby & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Mallory; Jane Mallory; Sir Solomon Swale, baronet; and Thomas Redshawe C78/1097, no. 6 [46]
1680 13 May 32 William Taylor v. Marke Hildesly C78/2040, no. 17 [47]
1680 14 May 32 Stephen Wrag & Sarah his wife v. Lazarus Page gentleman and Simon Winch heir of Richard Wynch who survived James Wynch deceased C78/2040, no. 18 [48]
1680 17 May 32 The Master, Wardens, and Commonalty of the Art or Mystery of Tallow Chandlers of London v. Katherine Sydenham; and Elizabeth Buckler C78/1607, no. 8 [49]
1680 18 May 32 Sir Robert Henley v John Morgan; Gawen Turner and Anne his wife; Edward May; and James Zouch Performance of agreements re purchase of manor of Grewell or Greywell, Hants C78/1229, no. 3 [50]
1680 18 May 32 Edward Merryweather v. John Gibbons; Richard Gibbons; and the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St Peter, Exeter C78/1912, no. 3 [51]
1680 19 May 32 Henry, earl of Thomond, Ireland; and Henry, lord O'Brien his son by the said Earl Henry his father v. Donnorth O'Kearney esq and others (sic) C78/1941, no. 11 [52]
1680 19 May 32 Abraham Edwards, gent v. Alexander Luxford; Richard Stiles; Edward Luxford; and Anne Luxford, said Edward and Anne being infants by said Alexander their father and guardian C78/1727 no. 9 [53]
1680 19 May 32 Thomas Bretton, merchant v. John Duvall; and Elizabeth, viscountess Purbeck his wife; Richard Derham; John Edwards; Thomas Browne; Thomas Robson; William Cherry; and Henry Cherry C78/1149, no. 1 [54]
1680 22 May 32 The President, Fellows, and Scholars of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in the University of Oxford of the foundation of Sir Thomas Pope knight v. Sir Thomas Pope Blount baronet C79/146, no. [55]
1680 22 May 32 The President, Fellows, and Scholars of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in the University of Oxford of the Foundation of Sir Thomas Pope, knight v. Sir Thomas Pope Blount, baronet C78/972, no. 8 [56]
1680 22 May 32 John Thornton, esq v. John Cooper the elder; Thomas Thornton alias Mathew; John Barnes & his wife; Thomas Leeson; Nathaniel Hickman; Thomas Cox; Henry Sutton; William Leeson; John Rushall; Richard Wright; Thomas Rushall, jr; Henry Church; Thomas Rushall; Henry Hickman, jr; Samuel Rushall; Henry Hickman, sr; Alice Hickman; Thomas Smith; Thomas Boddill; John Smith, jr; Joseph Wills; Thomas Hinde; Henry Cooke; Henry Nutt; Richard Hickman; Elizabeth Hedge, widow; and John Cooper the younger C78/994, no. 2 [57]
1680 24 May 32 Thomas Cotton, esq v. Katherine Cotton, widow; Richard Bures, gent; John Mathewes; and John Lench, esq; Thomas Withers, gent; and Dame Elizabeth Lowther, widow C78/884, no. 3 [58]
1680 25 May 32 Robert Mirfield of Leeds, Yorks, merchant v Richard Hopton and Benjamin Baldwin Interests in and title to manor of March, Salop C78/980, no. 7 [59]
1680 25 May 32 Peter Spooner; Thomas Teasdale; John Pycroft; William Chittleburgh; Robert Thompson; Samuel Faucett otherwise Fassett; William Parker; Mary Gooth, widow; Hester Bullocke, widow; Robert Seales; John Crane; Arthur Athill alias Ashill; Hercules Foster; Anthony Browne & Susanna his wife; Henry Prudence; Henry Andrewes; Robert Mollett; Thomas Smith; Robert White; Sarah Wyatt; Leonard Sotherton; ___ Morrell, widow; Peter Scrivener; William Meadowes; Peter Chandler; Robert Bate; Thomas Allen; ___ Mickleburgh, widow; John Rose; Thomas Bell; Robert Money; John Seaman, creditors of William Johnson, gent, deceased; William Brightmeere; Mary Mollett; and Priscilla Rake, legatees of said William Johnson v. William Massey; Robert Tathborne & Anne his wife; Mary Allington; Giles Allington an infant, by said Mary Allington his mother and guardian; Hester Preston; Ellen Wilson, executrix of Thomas Wilson by bill of revivor; John Hall; and others (sic) C78/984, no. 1 [60]
1680 26 May 32 Anthony Smith v. Elizabeth Bromhall widow relict and executrix of Thomas Bromhall esq C79/27, no. [61]
1680 27 May 32 John Aust son and heir of John Aust the elder who was son and heir of Richard Aust long since deceased v. John Aust son of Emanuel Aust C78/2040, no. 15 [62]
1680 28 May 32 Edward Paine esq v. John Constable; Richard Townley; and Nicholas Townley, esq; and Catherine Constable C78/884, no. 4 [63]
1680 28 May 32 Daniel Seymer, executor of Mathew Wright v. William Hawkins & Elizabeth his wife; Henry Pratt & Sarah his wife; Rachell Wright; Anne Wright; Hannah Wright; and Mary Wright, infants, by said Rachell Wright their guardian; and John Punter C78/995, no. 5 [64]
1680 28 May 32 Mary Morley, widow and relict of Thomas Morley; and Thomas Morley; and John Morley, sons of said Thomas Morley v. Christopher Eyon C78/1017, no. 6 [65]
1680 (bill) Trinity term 32 Alexander Popham esq an infant by The Right Honorable Edward Seymour esq; and William Carr esq guardians C78/1910, no. 17 [66]
1680 7 June 32 Richard Hutchinson; and John Dogett, esqs; and Giles Grix, gent v. William Fellowes C78/884, no. 5 [67]
1680 14 June 32 Anthony Dewey v. George Stone & Alice his wife; Thomas Sewer; George Vernon; Robert Moore; John Cooke; and William Simmes C78/876, no. 6 [68]
1680 15 June 32 James Sloane, esq, & Mary his wife, the eldest daughter of William Rumbald, esq, & Mary his wife v. Andrew Newport, esq; James Halsall, esq; George Nicholas; Henry Rumbald; and Henry Norwood, esqs; Thomas Kynaston, gent; and Edward Rumbald; Jane Rumbald; and Elizabeth (sic) C78/1601, no. 6 [69]
1680 15 June 32 John Astley, gent v. Thomas Williamson, gent C78/872, no. 1 [70]
1680 17 June 32 Nicholas Waldegrave, esq v. John Lambert, gent; Richard Wright; Valentine Saunders; and Jerome Stafford C78/801, no. 11 [71]
1680 18 June 32 John Raymond of London brewer and John Taylor of London merchants v. John Baker esq and Thomas Charleton C79/9, no. [72]
1680 19 June 32 William Horne v. Jane Sheffield, widow C78/1497, no. 2 [73]
1680 20 June 32 Mary Hobby, widow v. John Sharpe, doctor in divinity & Elizabeth his wife; John Tillotson, doctor in divinity and Dean of Canterbury; and John Rawlinson, trustees of said Dr Sharpe; William Wogan; and George Hutchins esq C78/872, no. 2 [74]
1680 25 June 32 Christopher Hatton, esq; John Davies, esq & Mary his wife; Richard Orlebar & Jane his wife v. Dame Sarah Hotham; and Cecil Cooper C78/872, no. 3 [75]
1680 25 June 32 Thomas Charnells, gent, lord of the manor of Snareston, Leics, and patron of the church of Swepston, Leics; William Adams; Nicholas Gaddesby; Richard Godfrey; Samuel Mould; Richard Oatey; George Gaddesby; John Wilson; Richard Biddle; William Porter; Richard Sheppard; and thomas Miles, freeholders and landholders in Snareston v. John Geary, clerk, rector of the church of Swepston; John Hodges, clerk, vicar of the church of Shackeston [Shackerstone], Leics; John Hall, gent, patron of the same church and vicarage; Thomas Muxlow, sr; Thomas Muxlow, jr; Thomas Sharpe; Thomas Pym, sr; Edward Abney, knight; and Albian Shreighley, clerk C78/1021, no. 1 [76]
1680 26 June 32 John Saunders v. Mary Deaves, widow Will of Richard Saunders of North Marston, Bucks decd, the complts late uncle. Messuages, lands etc in North Marston and North Crawles [North Crawley], Bucks and in Cranfield, Beds. C78/1425, no. 1 [77]
1680 26 June 32 George Pitt, esq, executor of Edward Pitt, esq, his late father; and William Pitt, esq, executor of William Pitt, esq, his father v. Elizabeth Parry, widow; and David Parry, an infant, her son and grandson and heir of John Parry, Esq C78/1601, no. 7 [78]
1680 26 June 32 John Coriton, esq, & Elizabeth his wife v. Richard Wynne C78/818, no. 12 [79]
1680 26 June 32 James Tillie, gent; and Francis Howell, gent v. John Graunt; Richard Mayo; and Mathew Meade C78/818, no. 12 [80]
1680 26 June 32 Samuel Wightwick v. John Gifford C78/1497, no. 3 [81]
1680 30 June 32 Charles Fitz William, esq, & Katherine FitzWilliam, widow, relict of William FitzWilliam, esq, deceased, and one of the daughters of George Cracroft, esq, mother of said Charles FitzWilliam v. Charles Cracroft, esq; and John Boswell, esq C78/1597, no. 7 [82]
1680 2 July 32 Richard Burge; Mathew Compton, John Muston, and William Davies, executors in trust of William Muston late of Ash in the parish of Stowepaine, Dorset v William Muston; John Muston; Samuel Muston; Mary Muston; Elizabeth Muston; Anne Muston; Margaret Muston; and Hannah Muston sons & daughters of the said William Muston decd by Elizabeth Muston their mother Debts and legacies payable by will of William Muston from lands in West Ower, Dorset. C78/925, no. 4 [83]
1680 2 July 32 Richard Smith gentleman and Anne Smith his sister infants by Richard Wenman v. Thomas Smith gentleman C79/9, no. [84]
1680 3 July 32 William Cadwell; Henry Fearne; William Colby; Thomas Barton; Anne Thorowood; George Welby; Thomas Foster; Robert Barnes; William Selby; Thomas Elmes; John Staugon; Thomas Allam; Bernard Walcott; Thomas Head; Thomas Adson; Griffin Faulkner; William Katterne; ___ Hull, widow; William Filbridge; James Weston; John Houlbourne; Edward Skerrall; Francis Griffith; John James; John Wyman; William Cuart; Robert Marsh; Edward Sinth; Bernard Farrin; Sir Francis Rainsfod, knight; Katherine Littlemore; Elizabeth Stubbs; The poor of Stibbington; John Boteler; Adelyn Manley; Samuel Hunt; Thomas Worlidg; William Meakins; John Lewis; John Sawyer; John Rogers; Abraham Fothergill; John Langton; and John Todd, creditors of William Page, esq v. Bridget Page the elder, widow, relict, and sole executrix of William Page; and Bridget Pae the younger, an infant, his sole daughter and heir C78/1598, no. 3 [85]
1680 3 July 32 John Richardson, esq v. Katharine Fanshawe; Anne Fanshawe; Elizabeth Fanshawe; and Sir Richard Fanshawe, knight C78/906, no. 2 [86]
1680 6 July 32 Mary Herbert of Hilston, Monm, spinster v. George Lewis of Monmouth C79/8, no. [87]
1680 6 July 32 George Porter, gent, son and heir and also administrator of John Porter, gent v. Robert Scudamore; Edward Porter; Richard Read; Henry Clifford; Mary his wife; and Mary Porter C78/903, no. 3 [88]
1680 6 July 32 William Palmer; Thomas Lupton; Nathaniel Harris and Anne his wife relict of Elias Boyer; and Samuel Boyer, Benjamin Boyer and Rebecca Boyer children of the said Elias and infants by the said Nathaniel Harris v. Thomas Boyer, clerk and Isaac Boyer his son C78/1497, no. 4 [89]
1680 6 July 32 Sir Thomas Mompesson, knight; John Trenchard; and Henry Trenchard, esq, administrators with the will annexed of Walter Clavell and also administrators of William Clavell, son of said Walter, also deceased; Edward Clavell; and Walter Clavell, infants, by said Sir Thomas Mompesson; John Trenchard; and Henry Trenchard, their guardians v. Nicholas Gould C78/1260, no. 4 [90]
1680 7 July 32 Moses Harris & Sarah his wife, administratrix of James Bevan her former husband v James Bevan, son & heir of the said James Bevan decd; William Bidgood; John Corrocke Estate of James Bevan, dyer. Purchase of a messuage and the erection of a dyehouse, at Taunton, Somerset C78/865, no. 8 [91]
1680 7 July 32 John Strode; John Holworthy; George Holworthy; Rebecca Holworthy; and Anne Holworthy v Mathew Holworthy an infant and Ambrose Elton Mortgage of manor of Hashe [?Hazle in Ledbury par.] and other lands in Heref. C78/915, no. 9 [92]
1680 7 July 32 Sarah Garman, spinster v John Corrance; Francis Gregory; Dame Ann Coulston; Robert London; and Bennett Garman and others (not named). Testamentary settlement of lands in Duxford, Cambs, personal estate and East India Co. Stock. C78/980, no. 6 [93]
1680 7 July 32 George Chamberlaine assignee of Sir Thomas Chamberlaine; Ursula Cartwright, widow, administratrix of John Cartwright during the minority of Thomas Cartwright grandchild of the said John; Anne Draper, widow relict & administratrix of John Draper; Francis Wadhall; [blank] Jones; Frances Sellers, widow; Anne Lee, widow; Francis Parker; Frances Bentley; John Wodhall; Charles Bentley; John Gardner and Anne his wife heretofore Anne Egerton one of the daughters of Sir John Egerton decd; [blank] Thorogood and [blank] his partner; [blank] Richardson; [blank] Dobson; [blank] Low; Edward Rigby; Jonathan Mathew; Mathew Kent; Joseph Kenell; Thomas Lucas; Thomas Pryor; and Thomas Townesend creditors of Bryan I:anson [Ianson] the elder of Ashby Ledgers, Northants, and of Bryan I:anson the younger, son & heir apparent of the said Bryan I:anson the elder or of one of them; and also Edward, Thomas, George, Charles, William, John, Barbara, Susanna, Anne and Elizabeth younger sons and daughters of the said Bryan I:anson the elder by Robert Clerke v Bryan I:anson the elder; Bryan I:anson the younger; Christopher Goodfellow, serjeant at law; William Palmer; William Shortgrave; Ambrose Holbech; and Edmund Bromwich Mortgage of manor of Ashby Ledgers and lands in Brannson [Braunston], Northants. C78/1180, no. 2 [94]
1680 7 July 32 John Fincham, executor of Richard Nixon, esq v Peter Dyamond, esq; Susan Nixon, widow; and Frances Nixon, spinster AND ALSO v. Dyamond Nixon; Richard Nixon; Susam Nixon; and Robert Nixon, infants by said Peter Dyamond their guardian C78/871, no. 3 [95]
1680 7 July 32 John Fincham, executor of Richard Nixon, esq v. Peter Dyamond, esq; Susan Nixon, widow; Frances Nixon, spinster; AND also v. Dyamond Nixon; Richard Nixon; Susan Nixon; and Robert Nixon, infants, by said Peter Dyamond their guardian C78/909, no. 9 [96]
1680 8 July 32 Dorothy Barney, daughter of John Barney, esq, deceased, an infant, by Densell Onslow, esq, her guardian; Barnard Church esq; Anne James, widow; Israel Long, gent; John Anguish, esq; John Keene, gent; Sarah Andrewes; Mary Weld, widow; Thomas Waller, esq, Serjeant at Law; William Paine, gent; and Michael Wrightson, gent, one of the clerks of Chancery in the office called the Six Clerks, creditors of said John Barney v. Thomas Barney, esq, son and heir of said John Barney; John Hobart; John Mingay; and John Herne, esqs; Elizabeth Barney, widow, relict, and executrix of John Barney; Sir Robert Pallopp, knight; and William Branthwaite, esq C78/1017, no. 1 [97]
1680 8 July 32 Sir Hugh Stewkley of Hinton Anmer, Hants, baronet, administrator of Dame Katherine Stewkley his late wife v. Sir Robert Henley the elder, knight; Richard Ayloffe, esq; Charles Stewkley, esq; and Sir Robert Henley the younger, baronet C78/1075, no. 1 [98]
1680 10 July 32 Sir William Drake, knight; and John Drake, gent, an infant, by Mathew Johnson, esq, his guardian v. James Ravenscroft, esq; Francis Withens, esq; and James Perrott, gent C78/976, no. 9 [99]
1680 12 July 32 John Stokes; John Chapp; Edmond Chapp; Anthony Wickham; Alice Crewe; William Richmond; Richard Beaker; Edmond Roe; Robert Webb & Elizabeth his wife; Hester Codrington jr an infant by said Robert Webb her guardian v. Hester Codrington; Samuel Codrington an infant; Thomas Winstone; Henry Burnell; and John Fisher jr C79/38, no. [100]
1680 12 July 32 George Clare of Topisham, Devon, merchant v. Thomas Newman; Arthur Holdsworth; Richard Newman C78/1149, no. 3 [101]
1680 13 July 32 Robert Gubbs esq, son and heir of Robert Gubbs merchant who was second brother of John Gubbs merchant who was eldest son and heir of Robert Gubbe late of Plymouth merchant the complainant's grandfather v. Anna Gubbs and Margaret Gubbs C79/95, no. [102]
1680 13 July 32 The Honorable Margaret Danby of Malton, Yorks, widow; and Welbury Norton of Sawley, Yorks, esq v. Francis, lord Brudnell & the Lady Frances his wife; Fairfax Overton, esq; and the countess dowager of Sussex, his wife, since deceased; James Hart, gent; John Leigh; Robert Benson; and Thomas Poynes, esq; John Wolfe, gent; William Brent; and Robert Brent C78/1075, no. 2 [103]
1680 14 July 32 Thomas Thynne baronet son and heir of Sir Henry Frederick Thynne knight and baronet; Mary Wilkes; Joan Pope widow; Thomas Pope; Amy Jenner widow; Robert Jenner; Elizabeth Day widow; Edward Day; Robert Bristoll; Walter Edwardes jr; Richard Kinge; Henry Parker sr; and Henry Parker jr and others (sic) tenants, freeholders, and leaseholders of the manor of Kempsford v. John lord Bishop of Gloucester parson and diocesan of the parish of Kempsford and John Scott clarke vicar of Kempsford C79/182, no. [104]
1680 17 July 32 Miles Sandys and Mary his wife, the daughter of William Knipe late of Grays Inn, Middx v George Gay; Thomas Sandys; Richard Appleby and an other (not named) Testamentary settlement of lands in Nether Staveley, Hugill [Howgill], Ulthwaite [Orthwaite], Undermeere [?Windermere], Gayrigg [Grayrigg ] and Lamrigg [Lambrigg], Westmorland C78/980, no. 5 [105]
1680 17 July 32 Petronella Vicars widow relict of Edward Vicars late of Mile End in Stepney, Middx, merchant; Rebecca Vicars; Jane Vicars; and Ann Vicars daughters of him the said Edward Vicars v. Tymothy Vicars C79/182, no. [106]
1680 17 July 32 Dame Mary Jones, widow, the relict of Sir Samuel Jones, knight, an infant, by Thomas Cole, esq; Samuel Jones, esq, an infant, son of Sir William Wake, baronet, the said Samuel taking upon him the name of Jones according to the appointment of the said Sir Samuel last will by said Sir William Wake, the said Sir William Wake and Dame Diana his wife, John Wake; William Wake; Baldwin Wake; Robert Wake; Isaac Wake; Diana Wake; Mary Wake; Elizabeth Wake; and Susanna Wake, children of said Sir William Wake and Dame Diana his wife; Sir Thomas Jones, knight, serjeant at law now of his Majesty's justices of the court of king's bench; Phillipp Prince, esq; The Mayor, Bailiff, and Burgesses of the Town of Northampton for the time being; William Hilliard; and John Seabrooke, overseers of the poor of the parish of Courtenhall; William Brice and Thomas Watson, churchwardens of the same parish for the time being; The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the town of Shrewsbury for the time being; Drue Drury; and Edward Poulter, gent; Thomas Thynn, merchant; and Roger Mill v. Thomas Williams, doctor of phisick now Sir Thomas Williams, baronet; Henry Edmond; and Francis Crane, esqs, executors, and trustees of the said Sir Samuel Jones; Thomas Siderfin esq, overseer of said Sir Samuel Will; Isaac Jones, esq, heir of said Sir Samuel; The Lady Katherine Scott, daughter and administratrix of George, earl of Norwich; Sir Sackvile Crow, knight; and John Crow, esq, trustees of said earl of Norwich; Dionisius Andrewes; Eustace Burnaby; Edward Dodd; Michael Purefoy; and Luke Clapham C78/1597, no. 9 [107]
1680 17 July 32 George Warner, an infant by John Barnet v. Richard Borsley C78/892, no. 5 [108]
1680 18 July 32 Thomas Longe, esq; Richard Hayes & Mary his wife; John Lee; and John Chase, gent; Samuel Reynolds; Edmond Parsons, gent; Mary Isham, infant by said complainant John Chase her guardian; Elizabeth Bayley; and Willliam Phelipps, esq v. Mary Jennings; Thomas Jennings; John Speke; and Thomas Syderfin, esq C78/941, no. 10 [109]
1680 19 July 32 John Dodsworth and Lawrence Baskervile v. John Anderson & Anne his wife C78/2034, no. 17 [110]
1680 20 July 32 Richard Benson v. Susan Benson widow; Samuell Benson; and Joseph Benson infant; and John Smith C79/182, no. [111]
1680 25 Oct 32 Anne Gregory, widow and relict of William Gregory who was son and heir of William Gregory likewise deceased and William Gregory son and heir male of the said William Gregory, the said Anne's late husband and brother and heir male of Thomas Gregory who was son and heir of said William the said Anne's said late husband; and Grace Gregory; Elizabeth Gregory; and mary Gregory infants daughters and coheirs of said Thomas Gregory by said William Gregory their guardian v. Thomas Gregory; Elizabeth Gregory, widow; James Hublon the younger C78/2024, no. 11 [112]
1680 25 Oct 32 Elizabeth Hatcher, widow and relict of John Hatcher, esq, an daughter of Dame Jocabine Anderson, who was sister of Anna Levingston, wife of Thomas Levingstone, esq, both children of Sir Charles Cesar, knight, by Dame Anne his wife, one of the daughters of Sir Peter Vanlore the elder, deceased; Henry Hatcher, second son of said John Hatcher, an infant, by said Elizabeth Hatcher, his mother and guardian; and Charles Cesar, esq, younger son of said Sir Charles Cesar and brother of said Anna Levingstone on the part of said Sir Charles Cesar their father v. Sir Richard Anderson, baronet; John Curteis, gent; and others (sic) C78/976, no. 8 [113]
1680 29 Oct 32 Thomas Bowyer of London, gent, eldest son and heir of Henry Bowyer of London, merchant v. Robert Westerne; and Thomas Westerne C78/1598, no. 2 [114]
1680 4 Nov 32 George Evetts? v. John Dancer & ___ his wife; Elizabeth Smith___; John Carleton; Jane his wife; Rebeccah Smith; Francis Fos__; and William Gore C78/976, no. 14 [115]
1680 5 Nov 32 William Colton & Elizabeth his wife; Jane Nottingham; Bartholomew Sutton; Elizabeth Raper; William Bames & Anne his wife; John Popleton & Isabell his wife v. Christopher Maltus & Anne his wife; and Mary Sutton C78/884, no. 7 [116]
1680 8 Nov 32 Richard Halse gentleman v. John Harris and Thomas Pearce executors and devisees of Hugh Crocker gentleman an attorney of the court of common pleas deceased; John Row; Walter Ingram; John Smaley & Edith his wife neice and heir at law to the said Hugh Crocker and others (sic) C79/95, no. [117]
1680 8 Nov 32 Mathew Lister, & Frances his wife v. Sir John Ernle, knight; Jeoffry Daniel; William Mildmay; John Cressett; and Hendon Dounton C78/1636, no. 4 [118]
1680 15 Nov 32 Dorothy Thurscrofte, widow v. Richard Blanchard the elder; Richard Blanchard the younger & Elizabeth his wife; and John Dent C78/874, no. 10 [119]
1680 15 Nov 32 Francis Bethell of Southwark, Surrey, gent; and Mary Russell of the same, widow, executors of Thomas Russell of Southwark, late her husband v. Charles Hastings & Sarah his wife; Phillippa Russell; Elizabeth Russell; and James Ward C78/1058, no. 2 [120]
1680 16 Nov 32 George Balch & Mary Balch, infants, by Edward Whitehead v Robert Balch and Roger Hoare the elder. Estate of George Balch, disputed trusteeship of his will and estate C78/865, no. 7 [121]
1680 16 Nov 32 Thomas Taylor of Borden, Kent and Rebecca his wife daughter of John Grove decd v. Robert Grove Will of John Grove. C78/1302, no. 4 [122]
1680 18 Nov 32 Francis Smith, citizen and woodmonger of London & Anne his wife, relict, and administratrix of Abraham Honor; and Isaack Honor; and Anne Honor, infants, children and lawful issue male and female of the bodies of said Abraham Honor & Anne his wife, by said Francis & Anne his now wife their guardians v. Abraham Honor; Elizabeth Reynell; and Roger Garner, esq C78/976, no. 10 [123]
1680 24 Nov 32 Sackford Cage son of Thomas Cage by Cicily his late wife deceased an infant by William Cage his uncle v. Robert Russell esq & Bridget his wife daughter of said Cicily and teh aforesaid Thomas Cage C78/2042, no. 9 [124]
1680 24 Nov 32 Samuel Walker, gent v. John Redshaw; and Mallory Ayslaby, esq, an infant, son and heir of George Ayslaby, esq; and Mary Ayslaby, widow, executrix of said George Ayslaby C78/1598, no. 7 [125]
1680 24 Nov 32 Elizabeth Shakeston, widow; Francis Arrundell, esq; and Charles Wells, esq v. Benedict Errington; Elizabeth Newton; William Cooke; Richard Jopling; James Cooke; and one Robert Johnson, since deceased C78/1022, no. 6 [126]
1680 25 Nov 32 Elizabeth Merryweather v. John Gibbons; Richard Gibbons; and the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St Peter, Exeter C78/1912, no. 5 [127]
1680 28 Nov 32 Sir Lewis Palmer, baronet, son and heir of Sir Jeoffery Palmer, knight and baronet, Attorney General; Robert Palmer; Margaret Palmer; Elianor Palmer; Elizabeth and Jane Palmer, sons and daughters of said Sir Lewis Palmer, infants, by said Sir Lewis, their father; Edward Palmer, esq & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of said Sir Jeoffery Palmer, deceased; Jeoffery Palmer; Anthony Palmer; Edward Palmer; Charles Palmer; John Palmer; Margaret Palmer; Frances Palmer; and Elizabeth Palmer, sons and daughters of said Edward Palmer & Elizabeth his wife, infants, by said Edward their father; and John Delafountaine, esq & Frances his wife, another of the daughters of said Sir Jeoffery Palmer v. Sir Francis North, knight, Sollicitor General and now CJCP; Sir Abell Barker, baronet, since deceased; Mathew Johnson; and Michael Brighouse, esqs, executors of said Sir Jeoffery Palmer C78/1179, no. 5 [128]
1680 6 Dec 32 John Bradbury; Francis Bradbury; William Bradbury; George Bradbury; Mathew Bradbury; and Anne Bradbury, infants, by Francis Bradbury, their father v. Martha James; and Richard James C78/1149, no. 4 [129]
1680 9 Dec 32 Anne Wade, spinster; and William Wade; and George Wade, infants (one 9 and other other 7 years) by said Anne their aunt v. William Stonestreete C78/874, no. 2 [130]
1680 9 Dec 32 Sir Nicholas Stewart, baronet; John Currance, esq; John Goston, esq & Dame Mary Richardson, his wife v. Hester Rogers; Mary Rogers; John Perrocke & Elizabeth his wife, the said Hester, Mary, and Elizabeth being executrices of William Rogers, their late father C78/1097, no. 5 [131]
1680 9 Dec 32 Sir John Bancroft v. Jane Parker, widow C78/1497, no. 5 [132]
1680 11 Dec 32 Pentecost Hoper, an infant by Priscilla Hoper her mother and guardian; and said Priscilla Hoper the relict of Richard Hoper the younger v. John Hoper, gent; and John Houghton, gent C78/1727, no. 11 [133]
1680 13 Dec 32 George Himlock & Sibilla his wife, daughter and heir of John Alabaster the younger, by Bridget his late wife and grandchild and heir of said John Allabaster the father of said John Allabaster the younger v. William Beaumont & Mary his wife C78/1128, no. 6 [134]
1680 15 Dec 32 Robert Jason, baronet, son, heir, and administrator of Sir Robert Jason, baronet v. Anne Raves, widow; Dame Anne Jason afterwards the wife of Sir Christopher Eyre, knight, since deceased, and afterwards the wife of David Warren, esq; John Cary; Ambrose Holbech; Nathaniel Tench & Anne his wife; Thomas Tyther; and Henry Travers C78/952, no. 5 [135]
1680 16 Dec 32 Sir Thomas Hervey, knight, brother, heir, and executor of John Hervey, esq v. The Honorable Elizabeth Hervey, widow; Phillipp, earl of Leicester; Francis, lord viscount Newport; and Sir John Coell, knight C78/952, no. 9 [136]
1680 17 Dec 32 William Lugg; Thomas Lugg; and Sarah Lugg, infants, by Jerome Clutterbuck & Mary his wife, their guardians v. John Githins; and Lawrence Lugg C78/1086, no. 3 [137]
1680 18 Dec 32 Robert Balch v. Andrew Tucker; Reginald Tucker; and William Ostler C78/2040, no. 14 [138]
1680 18 Dec 32 Sir Rowland Alston, baronet, son and heir and also executor of Sir Thomas Alston, knit and baronet v. Sir John Pickering, baronet; and Mary Pheasant, widow, executrix of Stavely Stanton, esq C78/1727, no. 10 [139]
1680 32 C78/, no. []