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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1672 24 C78/, no. []
1672 (bill) Hilary Term Richard Player and Walter Thorner both of Malmsbury, Wilts, mercers and Robert Webb of Malmsbury, glover v. Thomas Davis gentleman C79/38, no. [2]
1672 17 Jan 23 James Percy of Horton, Northts, gentleman v. Elizabeth, countess dowager of Northumberland Complts claims to the title of Lord Percy and Earl of Northumberland. C79/38, no. [3]
1672 24 Jan 23 William White executor of Anne White, widow v Edward Eldridge; John Pottinger; Anthony Elmes Bonds and debts. C78/700, no. 1 [4]
1672 26 Jan 23 John Dolman of Ratcliff, Middx v William Martin; and Richard Reade executor of Richard Longman Debts from partnership of trade with Virginia. C78/730, no. 15 [5]
1672 27 Jan 23 George Banister an infant by James Perry v William Deacon. Title to lands in Hindon, Wilts. C78/730, no. 14 [6]
1672 27 Jan 24 George Peirson of York, Yorks, cordwainer & Emott his wife v. Thomas Slacke & Elizabeth his wife Complts Emott's rights to a messuage in Cargate, York, formerly property of her grandmother Emott Cundy. C78/1266, no. 10 [7]
1672 29 Jan 23 Simon Bennett v Francis Ingoldsby the elder and Francis Ingoldsby the younger Mortgage of pasture lands in Lambrough [Lenborough], Bucks C78/741, no. 11 [8]
1672 29 Jan 23 Lettice Tredway, spinster v. Francis Bagshawe, esq; Sir Thomas Clarges, knight; Sir Ralph Bancks, baronet; Sir William Turner, knight; Thomas Barker, gent; and Henry Stafford, esq C78/848, no. 11 [9]
1672 29 Jan 23 Francis Cotton & Dorothy his wife v. Thomas Harris & Anne his wife; and Roger Wilkes, alias Wheeler C78/1002, no. 4 [10]
1672 5 Feb 24 Richard Hoper v Robert Wigmore; John App Thomas Wigmore son & heir apparent of the said Robert Debts on security of the manor of Lucton and Licton, Heref C78/741, no. 6 [11]
1672 5 Feb 24 John Hord ____ v. ____ and Elizabeth Peacock relict and executrix ____ C78/1928, no. 5 [12]
1672 5 Feb 24 Sir Ralph Cole, baronet v. Ralph Halsall, esq; and Ralph Stourefield, gent Bill of Hilary term 1671. Debt on an accounting. C78/895, no. 12 [13]
1672 5 Feb 24 Edward Pickering, esq v. Sir Phillipp Parker, baronet C78/953, no. 11 [14]
1672 6 Feb 24 Dame Elizabeth Kempe the relict of Sir Robert Kempe knight v. Thomas Kempe the father; Thomas Kempe his son; Ruth Kempe: Mary Kempe; Joseph Choate; Edward Lunn; Andrew Fuller; Abraham Kent; Edward Chaplin; and George Barnard C79/30, no. [15]
1672 6 Feb 24 Dame Elizabeth Kemp, the relict of Sir Robert Kemp, knight v. Thomas Kemp the father; Thomas Kemp his son; Ruth Kemp; Mary Kemp; Joseph Choate; Edward Lunn; Andrew Fuller; Abraham Kent; Edward Chaplyn; and George Bernard C78/964, no. 1 [16]
1672 7 Feb 24 Francis Turner v. John Style; William Prior; John Fisher & Mary his wife; Thomas Patenam & ELizabeth his wife; Anne Lloyd; Katherine Lloyd; Frances Lloyd; Elizabeth Molyn; Thomas Molyn and Thomas Johnson C78/1926, no. 18 [17]
1672 7 Feb 24 John Lee the elder of London, esq; George Lee of Lincolnes, esq; and John Lee the younger, gent v. John Boys, esq; and Nicholas Boys, gent, his son and heir apparent C78/858, no. 6 [18]
1672 9 Feb 24 Abigail Felton relict & executrix of John Felton decd v Nicholas Bell. Costs of rebuilding burnt buildings in St. Swithins Lane, London. C78/729, no. 4B [19]
1672 9 Feb 24 Susan Holford daughter and heir of Thomas Holford esq, said Susan being an infant by Dame Susan Crane widow her aunt v. James Holford C78/1913, no. 14 [20]
1672 9 Feb 24 Honor Baxter, widow, relict of John Baxter, gent; Robert Hamond, gent & Honor his wife, sole daughter and heir of said John Baxter of the body of the complainant Honor Baxter v. Susan Moore, widow; Elizabeth Moore; Mary Moore; Susan Morre th eyounger; and Sarah Moore, an infant C78/953, no. 12 [21]
1672 10 Feb 24 Nicholas Isaack esq v. William Davy gentleman and Gilbert Davey gentleman executors of James Davy gentleman; and Agnes Magent widow the relict and executrix of Thomas Magent C78/1913, no. 15 [22]
1672 10 Feb 24 Elizabeth Hopton the late wife of William Hopton decd; John Blagden; and John Hopton brother of the said William Hopton v. William Hopton; William Litton; and Edward Webb Will of William Hopton of Cam, Gloucs. Estate in Dursley, Woodmancote, Uley and Northeinbly, Gloucs. C78/1412, no. 1 [23]
1672 10 Feb 24 John Eldred; and Thomas Eldred, infants by Charity Eldred, widow, their mother and guardian; and Thomas Eldred the elder v. George Arnold, esq C78/858, no. 4 [24]
1672 10 Feb 24 Thomas Eldred the younger, one of the sons of John Eldred, by Charity Eldred, his mother and guardian v. George Arnold, esq C78/858, no. 5 [25]
1672 12 Feb 24 John Duncombe v Peter Salmon; Thomas Tomlins; Samuel Burrell; John St Loe; Lancelot Johnson; Edward Cooper Agreement to purchase lands in Albury and Northchurch, Herts for an increase in the charity of Lancelot, former bishop of Winchester, to support the poor C78/713, no. 6 [26]
1672 12 Feb 24 John Hamond v John Johnson and Katherine his wife; Susan Rogle als Ruggle; and Lewis Rogle an infant Mortgage of lands in Eastham, Essex C78/724, no. 1 [27]
1672 12 Feb 24 Levin Fludd of Maidstone, Kent, doctor in phisicke and Ralph Fludd son of the said Levin Fludd v. Thomas Fludd of Ocham, Kent, esq; and Alabaster Fludd esq eldest son and heir apparant of said Thomas Fludd C78/1930, no. 23 [28]
1672 13 Feb 24 Mary Raynor, widow and executrix of John Rayner, esq v. Thomas Wildbore, gent, & Jane his wife; Thomas Bristow; and Henry Walter; Elizabeth, countess dowager of Clare; Monntague Cholmley; and Sir John Hartopp, baronet C78/1594, no. 5 [29]
1672 15 Feb 24 Anne, Vicecountess Saltinglasse v John Jeffes Trust settlement of manor of Thorneborough and lands in Luffield, (no county given) C78/740, no. 2 [30]
1672 17 Feb 24 Thomas Hord esq & Barbara his wife; and Charles Hord infant son and heir apparent of said Thomas Hord by said Thomas Hord his father v. Sir William Coventry knight, the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St Peter in Exeter; Stephen Gascoigne, gentleman; Dorothy Hauckes; Sir Charles Yate, baronet; Thomas Medhopp, gentleman; Tompson Hauckes; Robert Prior; John Clarke; Thomas Cery; Richard Keene; Edward Rickettes the elder; Edward Rickettes the younger; John Ricketts; John Carter; Richard Townsend; John Brookes; William B___; William Tommas; John Robinson; Richard Clinch; Robert Linsey; Alice Alder; Richard Alder; William Hiett; John Williams the elder; John Williams the younger; John Moulden; Edward Moulden; Ralph Burnett the younger; James Stone; William Young; John Troughton & Rebecca his wife; Joane Martin; Tompson Fox; Thomas Sparkes; Bartholomew Battenton & Joan his wife; William Blackwell; Robert Pincott & Katherine his wife; Richard Rawlins & Cecily his wife; William Keene; and Marke Brickland; Elizabeth Baston, widow; Giles Coles & Elinor his wife; Thomas Godfrey; John Young; Edmund Bartlett; Robert Hunwood; Elizabeth Sparrowhawke; Robert Sparrowhawke; Richard Moulden; John Hunwood, William Collingwood, Richard Beechy; William Baseley; Thomas Richettes; Thomas Jordan, gentleman; Anne Newman; Clement Townsend; Katherine Shepheard; Alice Alder; Eleanor Arpud; Mary Curtis; Anne Ford; Richard Eldridge; Robert Linsey; WIlliam Linsey the elder; Thomas Dale; Henry Newman; William Bartlett; James Mathew; Richard Westley; Thomas Tomerlyn; William Slatter; John Bartlett the younger; William Sparrowhawke; Robert Wallis; Edward Carter; George Cooke; Robert Noke; William Baston; Robert Patient; William Moore; Roger Fox; John Williams son of the said John Williams the younger; John Stone; Alexander May; William Venfield; John Buckner; and John Townsend C78/2018, no. 1 [31]
1672 19 Feb 24 Rebecca Phillipps relict & executrix of John Phillipps decd v Thomas Jones and Jane his wife; William Haughton and Sarah his wife Legacies and bequests of money to purchase lands in Longdon, Salop, in trust C78/730, no. 7 [32]
1672 (bill) 19 Feb Sir John Williams baronet v. Rinshee Wentworth esq; George viscount Hallifax; Edward Peake & Elizabeth his wife now Sir Edward Peake knight & Dame Elizabeth his wife C79/30, no. [33]
1672 22 Feb 24 Thomas Trever of ____, Surrey, knight of the Bath and baronet and Sir Charles Wheeler of Westminster, Middx, baronet v. Sir William Bromley, knight; Charles Leigh; and John Parkehurst esqs; Edward Boughton baronet; WIlliam Dorner, esq; Thomas Flint serjeant at law; Thomas Meddams; Ambrose Holbech; Thomas Clarke; John Carye; Francis Crooke; Richard Kilby; Richard Gill; John Gill; Robert Harvey; and Edward Stratford C78/2021, no. 4 [34]
1672 23 Feb 24 Francis Moore of Bexley, Kent v William Nicholls and Mary his wife late the widow & relict of Thomas Randall late of the parish of Eastham, Essex decd; and Mary Randall the younger an infant, daughter and heir of the said Thomas Randall Quiet possession of lands in Bexley, (No county given). C78/1228, no. 7 [35]
1672 29 Feb 24 Thomas Colepeper esq son and heir of Sir Thomas Colepeper late of Hackington alias St Stephens near Canterbury, Kent, knight v. George Curtis esq now Sir George Curtis knight; Henry Colepeper clerk; and others (sic) C79/38, no. [36]
1672 1 March 24 Sir Francis Burdett v. Sir Henry Hudson; and Edward Hudson C78/1297, no. 3 [37]
1672 13 March 24 Samuel Ingram v. John Osborne; Rachaell Osborne, widow; and Henry Church C78/996, no. 8 [38]
1672 16 March 24 Thomas Dodgson v. John Greenupp; and Roger Greenupp C78/873, no. 4 [39]
1672 18 April 24 John Goninge gentleman an infant by Timothy Kivett esq guardian v. Robert Goninge esq; Sir Thomas Langton knight; and Edward Strode esq C78/2022, no. 12 [40]
1672 29 April 24 Robert Hooker and Thomas Jolliffe, executors of John Meredith v. Charles Arthur; and Thomas Sherloe C78/996, no. 6 [41]
1672 30 April 24 George Markes since decd and Joan his wife one of the daughters of Joan Selfe decd v Richard Deacon and Anne his wife Legacy payable from personal estate of Joan Selfe. Ref to proceedings at Prerogative Court & at Court of Delegates C78/1203, no. 5 [42]
1672 30 April 24 Thomas Henchman merchant and John Hall clerk v Richard Mackerell C79/170, no. [43]
1672 30 April 24 Sir John Underhill, knight v. Alice, baroness Verulam, viscountess St Albans; Sir Richard Young, knight; Sir William Soame; sir William Waller, knight; Stephen Soame; Thomas Stiles; Thomas Meantis; Robert Cunningsby; Thomas Cuningsby, esqs; Sir Edward Underhill, knight; and Thomas Parson, esq C78/873, no. 3 [44]
1672 l May 24 Roger Pettiward; John Pettiward an infant by William Wymondfold; Martha Turner, widow; Richard Fenn and Sarah his wife; and the said William Wymondfold and Anne his wife v John Gardner; John Higdon the elder; John Higdon the younger; and John Childe Interests in trust settlement of messuages in Clerkenwell, St Clements Danes, Chelsey, Kensington and Staynes, Middx. C78/1221, no. 8 [45]
1672 1 May 24 William Wilson and Elizabeth Wilson, infants by Francis Wilson in his own right as administrator during the minority of said William Wilson and Elizabeth Wilson v. George Pickwith; and William Pickwith C78/953, no. 9 [46]
1672 1 May 24 John Beamont the elder of Badeston, Suff, gent v. Sir Samuel Tuke, knight; William Prettyman, esdq; John Evelyn, esq; and Richard Tascard C78/1124, no. 7 [47]
1672 2 May 24 Dame Elizabeth Morgan, widow, the relict of Sir Anthony Morgan v James Butler and Elizabeth his wife (since Sir James Butler and Dame Elizabeth his wife) and others (not named) Payments for lands in Ireland. Bill of Review. C78/706, no. 7 [48]
1672 4 May 24 Marmaduke Darrell, esq v. Sir Jeremy Whitchcott, baronet C78/863, no. 12 [49]
1672 7 May 24 William Bowyer, an infant by Thomas Bowyer his uncle, and Anne his wife v George Bird and George Eaton Legacy payable by will of Richard Dale C78/741, no. 1 [50]
1672 8 May 24 Mary Pigott, only daughter of Walter Pigott by Mary his wife decd one of the daughters of John Danvers, an infant by John Hackett v Anne Piggott, widow; Robert Pigott; Sir John Pickering; John Dryden; William Sueyd; William Lawton; and Richard Sueyd Portions payable from marriage settlement of lands in Chetwyn, Adeveny, Stockton, Newport, Aston and Knighton, Salop and Staffs C78/718, no. 10 [51]
1672 8 May 24 Sir Henry Coker and Dame Elizabeth his wife sole daughter and heir of Edmond Ludlow late of Hill Deverill, Wilts v John Rideout. Delivery of bonds. C78/730, no. 13 [52]
1672 10 May 24 Francis Foliambe, esq v. Edward Gill, esq C78/867, no. 6 [53]
1672 11 May 24 Jeremiah Brigges v. Edward Merriweather; and Nathaniel Luddington C78/863, no. 13 [54]
1672 11 May 24 Ursula Strangwaies of Salisbury, Wilts, spinster v. Frances Wilson, widow, relict, and administratrix of John Wilson of Salisbury, clerk C78/1086, no. 7 [55]
1672 11 May 24 William Thornehal & Katherine his wife, for themselves and other creditors and legatees of Tanfield Vachell, esq who contribute to the suit v. Thomas Vachell, esq; Rebecca Vachell; Sir William Leman, baronet; and Dame Rebecca Leman C78/1124, no. 4 [56]
1672 13 May 24 Jane Goslling widow v. Francis Bradford; Richard Morgan & his wife; Walter Morgan; and Jane Bradford C78/2022, no. 14 [57]
1672 14 May 24 Dame Jane Bacon of Culford, Suffolk, widow, late the wife of Sir Nathaniel Bacon late of Culford aforesaid, and others intrusted for her (not named) v John Miller and John Higdon Accounts of profits of extended premises of unspecified lands and sheepwalk in Suffolk. C78/1228, no. 9 [58]
1672 15 May 24 William Wright yeoman executor of John Wright gentleman v. Scroope Terwhitt gentleman & Susannah his wife C79/38, no. [59]
1672 16 May 24 Baptist Pigott citizen and grocer of London and William Bowell of Lynstead, Kent, gentleman, administrator with the will annexed of Sarah Billy v. Thomas Barton gentleman & Joane his wife and Thomas Reader gentleman & Mary his wife C78/1930, no. 26 [60]
1672 16 May 24 Thomas James of Long Parke; Thomas Gibson of Scaileby; William Goodfellow of Scaileby Hill; Roger James; John Palmer; John Goodfellow; Robert James; John Goodfellow, jr; Thomas Palmer; Rowland Dalton; John Palmer; John Peirson, sr; John Peirson, jr; William James; and John Furnace of Stone Knowe; Robert James; and Edmund James of Long Parke; Peter Grahame; and Michael Furnace, both of Scaileby Towne; Thomas Grayhame of Old Walt; Hugh Linton of Scaileby Hill; William James of Long Parke; John James; William James of Fordsyke, uyeoman, all of them customary tenants of the lordship or manor of Scaileby or Scaleby, Cumberland v. Richard Gilpin, gent, lord of the same manor C78/879, no. 8 [61]
1672 17 May 24 Sir Thomas Gascoigne, baronet v. William Ellis, esq C78/1266, no. 9 [62]
1672 20 May 24 Robert Danvers and Elizabeth his wife who was sister and one of the coheirs of Henry Danvers v Rt. hon. Anne, Countess of Rochester; Elianor Lee; Anne Lee; and Sir John Fettiplace Legacies, profits and rents due from testamentary trust settlement of the manors of Whitchurch cum Milbourne and Lea and Cheverton, Wilts. C78/727, no. 14 [63]
1672 20 May 24 Matthew Shepheard and Thomas Shepheard infants by John Neale v Anne Shepheard, the complts mother, and John Velan executors of Johanna Shepheard, widow decd, their grandmother Financial trusts C78/741, no. 3 [64]
1672 20 May 24 John Dorval v. Isaac Legay; John Jurin; and Joachim Maggervlees C78/1726, no. 1 [65]
1672 20 May 24 William Willoughby, esq; Charles Hall, esq; Robert Hall, clerk; Richard Hall, gent; Oliver Bellamy; William Eastland; Robert Cole; Thomas Fox; William Towler; Elizabeth Ruth; and Anne Simpkinson alias Simpson, infants by said Charles Hall their guardian v. Isabell Fox, widow; William Fox; Robert Stowe; William Leggatt; John Hinde, & Mary his wife; William Willoughby esq, the father; William Stowe; and John Stowe, esq C78/1723, no. 10 [66]
1672 21 May 24 John Hill, gent v. Simon Spatchurst, esq C78/1073, no. 1 [67]
1672 23 May 24 William Mildmay v Richard Clotherbucke; Sir Jeremy Whitchcott; Benjamin Whitchcott; and Dame Margaret Hungerford Testamentary trust of lands in Heyberry and Islington, Middx. C78/741, no. 10 [68]
1672 23 May 24 Abraham Chambers; James chambers; and Dorothy Chambers, infants by Barbara Chambers, widow, their mother v. William Chambers; James Hayes; Richard Duke; and George Lulls, gent C78/1723, no. 9 [69]
1672 23 May 24 John Bridges, esq; Thomas Martin, gent; William Pierce, doctor of divinity, & Mary his wife; Henry Foxwell; John Rush; Richard Poole; Jacob Rush; Robert Grimstead, jr; Richard Cope, sr; Thomas Haines; Henry Grimstead; Ralph Ironside, clerk; John Goslin; Thomas Brice; Thomas Cooper; Edward Haggett; John Peppitt; Stephen Hocler; Stephen Gregory; Alice Pearle; Humphry Ash; William Egles; James Witch; Ricahrd Day; Thomas Topp; Thomas Pippett; Hugh Adams; Bartholomew Tucker; John Morthewes alias Senway; William Walter; John Mann; Henry Gapper; Henry Bull; William Mogg; Walter Axell; Jane Baker; Nicholas Rush; Thomas Hawker; Stephen Savier; Cicily Cooke; William Chappell; Mary Smith, widow; John Hurd; Walter Tucker; John Tucker; John Tucker; Francis Brookes; Henry Lloyd; William Gootson; John Everard; Theodore Austin; Richard Mason; Nicholas Jones, & his wife; Ralph Chinocke; Elianor Fry, widow; John Walter; Jane Callew; Robert Mathewes alias Sandwayes; Gartrid Haynes, widow; and William Dove; John Bevill; William Megg; Edward Perry; James Pitney; Richard Luckier; Thomas Close; Amy Close; John Close; Gabriel Close; Pricilla Withers, widow; John Withers; Robert Fountaine; Mary Reamond, widow; William Pyne; Anne Rush; William Marsh; John King; Elizabeth Grimsted her son; Prescilla Knowles, widow; John Knowles; Anthony Ball; Arthur Good; John Jeames; Humphrey Dew; Jane Harper, widow; John Hooper; Samuel Quarriman; Martha Banton, widow; Robert Orchard; Edward Cary, & his wife; Nathan Perry; Ursula Haggott, widow; Sarah Smith; William Pew; Mary Farwood; William Dyke; John Cooper; Ambrose Uphill; Henry Pester; Agnes Hooper; William Nicholls; John Cooper; Barnard Cope; Christian Poole, widow; George Poole; Humphrey Coward; Richard Grimstead; Thomas Pester; and Thomas Hooper, parishioners and inhabitants of Baltesbury, Bradeley, and Lettesham in the parish of Dikthell, Som v. William Strode; and Thomas Burgis C78/1597, no. 1 [70]
1672 23 May 24 Richard Cutt, esq, an infant, eldest son and heir of Richard Cutt, esq, who was cousin and heir of Sir John Cutt, baronet, by Joan Cutt, widow, his mother v. Sir Thomas Allen, knight; William Bowyer, esq; Edward Pickering, esq & Dorothy his wife C78/848, no. 7 [71]
1672 23 May 24 Richard Cutt, esq, an infant, eldest son and heir of Richard Cutt, esq, who was cousin and heir of Sir John Cutt, baronet, by Joanna Cutte, widow, his mother v. Sir Thomas Allen, knight; William Bowyer, esq; Edward Pickering, esq & Dorothy his wife C78/856, no. 4 [72]
1672 (bill) Trinity Term 24 Sir Charles Dallyson knight serjeant at law deceased; Dame Elizabeth Dallyson widow; Sir William Thorold knight & Dame Anne his wife; William Braylesford esq & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas King & Mary his wife; Jonathan Kendar & Susanna his wife; and Dyana Dallyson v. Daniel Colwall esq; William Burnett C78/2061, no. 19 [73]
1672 Trinity Term (bill) 24 Sir Heneage finch, then knight and baronet and Attorney General, at the relation of Anthony Hamond, esq and William B___ late churchwardens of Somersham, Cambs?; and Roger Taylor and Richard Hobart, then churchwardens v. Nicholas Johnson; and Thomas Harvy C78/1011, no. 1 [74]
1672 7 June 24 William Munns brother and heir of Thomas Munns the younger who was son & heir of Thomas Munns the elder v Sir John Cotton and Dame Jane his wife Forfeiture of copyhold lands in Maddingly (no county given). C78/730, no. 11 [75]
1672 7 June 24 Henry Cooke late of Charing and then of Hothfield, Kent, wheelwright v. Mathew Bunce gentleman C79/38, no. [76]
1672 7 June 24 Sir Arthur Ingram, knight v. John Phillipps, gent, & Elizabeth his wife, daughter and administratrix of Henry St John, merchant, of goods not administered by Oliver St John her brother C78/1597, no. 4 [77]
1672 8 June 24 John Fryer doctor in physicke, Peter Hussey esq. executor of the Katherine Hussey widow, Mary Rowell widow executrix of William Rowell, Susan Mesey widow executrix of Michael Mesey, Dorothy Mann widow, Christopher Loeffs gentleman & Mary wife, Susan Bayly widow, John Eygevin & Sarah his wife, Thomas Bayly and Richard Bayly sons of the said Susan Bayly, Stephen Monteage merchant & Martha his wife executrix of Aristotle Grice, May Alcester alias Datron widow, John Gabry gentleman, and John Crutch executor of Elizabeth Dydit, creditors of the wardens and commonalty of the mistery of the orders of the city of London v. the Wardens and Commonalty of Grocers Loans under the bylaws of the Company of Grocers C78/895, no. 9 [78]
1672 8 June 24 John Dove, & Ann his wife, the daughter and executrix of Robert Johnson, doctor in divinity v. Timothy Johnson, one of the sons of said Doctor Johnson; John Thomas; and James Johnson C78/1592, no. 3 [79]
1672 8 June 24 John Fryer, doctor in phisicke; Peter Hussey, esq, executor of Katherine Hussey, widow; Mary Rowell, widow, executrix of William Rowell; Susan Mosey, widow, executrix of Michael Mosey; Dorothy Mann, widow; Christopher Loeffs, gent & Mary his wife; Susan Bayly, widow; John Engevin & Sarah his wife; Thomas Bayly; and Richard Bayly, sons of said Susan Bayly; Stephen Monteage, merchant & Martha his wife, executrix of Aristotle Grice; Mary Ascell alias Batron, widow; John Gabry, gent; and John Crutch, executor of Elizabeth Bydit, creditors of the Wardens and Commonalty of the Mystery of Grocers of the City of London v. the said Wardens and Commonalty of Grocers C78/895, no. 9 [80]
1672 10 June 24 Theophilus Smith, citizen and merchant taylor of London; Robert Bartlett of London, gent; and Thomas Pitt, mercer; and Bartholomew Pierce, innholder, executors of Martha Webb, widow; and William Harrison, an infant, by Richard Hall, gent, his guardian; and Elizabeth the wife of said William Harrison, executrix of Dame Gertrude Anderson, widow; and Elianor Smith, relict and executrix of George Smith of the parish of St Gregory, gent; Anne Richards, executrix of John Richards; Roger Reeve; Bridget Dumbelowe; William Dumbelowe; and William Walker; Dame Anne Ruse, widow; John Dawes; and Richard Heckett; Sir Gyles Swett; Sir Robert Hanson, executor of ___ Jones; Richard Fuller; Thomas Walker, executor of Edmund Waller; and Anne Wraughton, widow v. Sir William Bower of Denham, Bucks, knight and baronet; Humphry Weld, esq; Sir John Weld; Daniel Andrewes; and Thomas Herris, esqs C78/1078, no. 9 [81]
1672 11 June 24 James Johnson v. John Hobson; Robert Johnson; and James Barker C78/1590, no. 16 [82]
1672 14 June 24 John Singar alias Smith v. Thomas Blake; and Edward Blake C78/1044, no. 3 [83]
1672 17 June 24 Elizabeth le Squire, widow v. Scipio le Squire; Sir John Trevor; Caleb Veren; and William Spencer C78/1597, no. 2 [84]
1672 17 June 24 William Nelme v Thomas Cam. Possession of lands in Bredstone in Berkley, Gloucs C78/706, no. 3 [85]
1672 17 June 24 Peircy Goring of Maidstone, Kent, esq and Dame Elizabeth his wife executrix of Sir Thomas Taylor late of Maidstone baronet her late husband v. Thomas Fludd esq and Alablaster Fludd son and heir apparent of said Thomas Fludd C78/1930, no. 28 [86]
1672 17 June 24 Sir John Banckes of Alesford, Kent, baronet, executor of Caleb Banckes his father late of Maidstone, Kent, esq v. Thomas Fludd of Ocham, Kent, esq and Alablaster Fludd eldest son and heir apparent of said Thomas Fludd, esq C78/1930, no. 27 [87]
1672 17 June 24 John Paley v. Thomas Lawson; and Lawrence Lawson Marriage settlement of Thomas Lawson & Elizabeth Paley, the only daughter of the complt. Lands etc in Knight Stainforth, Yorks. C78/1266, no. 8 [88]
1672 17 June 24 Thomas Wilson, gent v. Laurence Burton; Christopher Burton; and David Dawbiggin Suits by the complt, proprietor of the rectory of Horton in Ribblesdale, at the Ecclesiastical Court at York against Thomas Procter decd & Francis Howson for withholding of tithes on claim that their lands were parcell of the late monasteries of Jerevaux & Fountains. C78/1266, no. 8 [89]
1672 18 June 24 Edward Wilford of Enfield, Middx and Priscilla his wife, sole daughter and heir of John Ferrer late of Shoreditch, Middx decd and grandaughter of Anthony Ferrers and Priscilla his wife decd, and administratrix of the said Prsicilla Ferrers with the will annexed of the said Priscilla Ferrer, and sister and heir of John Ferrers and Anthony Ferrers sons of the said John Ferrers v Elizabeth Ferrer the relict of the said John Ferrer and John Barlee the executors of the said John Ferrer Legacies payable by will of Anthony Ferrer from a brewhouse in Shoreditch, London. C78/1228, no. 10 [90]
1672 19 June 24 Edward Pickering v Sir Phillipp Parker Mortgage of manor of Stamford, Norfolk C78/724, no. 2 [91]
1672 19 June 24 __dith Lestrange, widow v. William Powle, Mary? Powle; and Thomas Powle C78/858, no. 3 [92]
1672 19 June 24 William Sandes esq & Philadelphia his wife; and Anne Uphill v. Richard Uphill gentleman surviving executor of Philadelphia Uphill C79/30, no. [93]
1672 20 June 24 Mary Hovenden daugher and heir of Samuel Hobenden gentleman an infant of about 10 years by John Tucker the elder of Waltham, Kent, gentleman her grandfather and guardian v. Charles Seagar C78/1930, no. 24 [94]
1672 21 June 24 Marke Milbanke, esq; John Ogle, gent; and Dorothy Fenwicke, widow and relict and executrix of John Fenwick v. John Turner, Serjeant at Law; William Carr; Mary Fenwick; George Lawson; and Jervas Seaton Debts of Robert Fenwick decd, to the complts. Provision in his will to use 1/3 part of the town of Bedlington, Co. Durham [now Northumberland] which was recently awarded to him by decree of this court, to pay those debts. C78/993, no. 11 [95]
1672 22 June 24 Adrian Nosworthy v John Sweete Debts payable from trust settlement of lands in Blackawton, Devon C78/726, no. 4 [96]
1672 22 June 24 William Hill v John Browne. Redemption of mortgage of lands in Dartford, Kent. C78/730, no. 9 [97]
1672 24 June 24 Sir John Marsham v Sir Phillip Warwick and Richard Manley Purchase of fee farm rents of City of Rochester, Cobham, Maidstone and Gillingham, Kent C78/800, no. 2 [98]
1672 25 June 24 William Henman yeoman and George Pollen yeoman church wardens of Osprenge, Kent; and James Bennett yeoman; and Thomas Brigg, yeoman overseers of the poor of the parish of Osprenge v. Peter Greenstreete gentleman C78/1930, no. 25 [99]
1672 25 June 24 William Gould, esq, son, heir, and executor of William Gould, esq, who was son and heir and executor of William Gould, esq, the complainant's grandfather v. Dame Elizabeth Gould, relict and administratrix of Sir Nicholas Gould, knight; and John Young C78/1597, no. 3 [100]
1672 25 June 24 Grizell Grover, widow v. Joseph Witter; John Plumpton; Thomas Jackson; John Williamson; and John White C78/1297, no. 2 [101]
1672 26 June 24 Sir Theodore Devaux v Peter Calfe (since decd) and Alice his wife, now the wife of Sir Edward Greaves; and Edward Sparke Mortgage of messuage in Tottenham, Middx. C78/706, no. 8 [102]
1672 26 June 24 Alice Ridley of London, widow v. George Hetherington; James Cole; and William Marshe C78/1723, no. 11 [103]
1672 26 June 24 Rebecca Harlowe daughter and heir of Henry Harlowe who was son and heir of Richard Harlowe v. Anne Bull, Elizabeth Sweeting, _ Barnes, Phillip Bromfield & Mary his wife. Executor wife's refusal to pay bill under the will of Richard Harlowe. C78/895, no. 10 [104]
1672 26 June 24 William Turner, gent v. Jeremy Purland, gent & Bridget his wife; and Robert Purland C78/953, no. 8 [105]
1672 1 July 24 William Tibbs; Thomas Clarke and John Lawson v Sir John Pettus and Samuel Sandys Mortgage of the manor of Willingham, Cambs. C78/706, no. 6 [106]
1672 2 July 24 Sir John Knyvet knight of the Bath, John Fisher and Robert Tuthill surviving executors of Thomas le Grosse and Thomas Harman infant; John Lambert; Hamond le Strange; William Payne; Augustine Briggs; [blank] Gooch; Denham Hemlocke; and Thomas Gibbs among others creditors of the said Thomas le Grosse; Edward Barber; Charles Briggs; Charles Whale; Edward Beckham; Sarah Knight; Robert Hunt; and Andrew Symons among others legatees in the last will of the said Thomas le Grosse v Elizabeth Hamond; Frances Burwell; and Katherine Harman sisters and coheirs of the said Thomas le Grosse Portion payable from trust settlement of the manors of Croftwick, Lessingham and Smalburgh and other places in Norfolk. C78/718, no. 9 [107]
1672 3 July 24 Nathaniel Letten v Thomas Marden; Gabriell Marden an infant by Edward Watty; Constance Marden; and Tobias Garbrand Sale of lands in Durham Yard, Middx C78/730, no. 8 [108]
1672 3 July 24 Sir William Smith, baronet v. Symon Mayne, then an infant, by Elizabeth Mayne, widow, his mother and guardian; and the said Elizabeth Mayne; Alexander Crooke; William Beake; Thomas Bulstrode; William Wheeler; and Nathaniel Hardy, doctor of divinity C78/1591, no. 13 [109]
1672 5 July 24 William Smith v. John Tebb C78/1590, no. 17 [110]
1672 5 July 24 Leonard Staunton; George Staunton; Francis Staunton; Bridget Staunton; and Dorothy Staunton, children of Francis Staunton, late doctor in divinity v. Sir Thomas Beverley, knight; Thomas Homersley; and Venables Staunton C78/1012, no. 1 [111]
1672 7 July 24 Thomas Fyfeild of the City of Oxford; Richard Pratt of Oxford; and John Pratt of the Inner Temple, London v. Thomas Tesdale and Sarah his wife Premises in Abingdon. Marriage portion of deft Sarah, daughter & executrix of her father Robert Pratt/?Wyatt? late of Standlake, Oxon decd. C78/1452, no. 6 [112]
1672 11 July 24 Thomas Veele & Amy his wife v. William Barker; Thomas Pearle; Thomas Williams; and Humphry Gifford C78/996, no. 7 [113]
1672 12 July 24 Jane Burleigh widow v. Abraham Jaggard and John Jaggard. Lease of a wharf and quay from the Company of Cordwainers, London. C78/895, no. 8 [114]
1672 13 July 24 Dame Frances Wortley widow one of the daughters of sir William Fawnt knight v. George Fawnt esq C79/30, no. [115]
1672 15 July 24 John Robinson, gent & Susan his wife v. John Naylor; William Naylor; Mary Naylor wife of John Sabsford; Abraham Naylor; Edward Naylor; Esther Naylor; and Sarah Naylor C78/953, no. 6 [116]
1672 15 July 24 Jasper Eve and Simon Eve executors of Simon Eve decd v. Edward Birtby and Anne his wife, daughter and heir of John Dakeyne decd C78/1297, no. 1 [117]
1672? ?16 July? 24 Elizabeth, countess dowager of Arrundell and Surrey v. William Williams C78/856, no. 1 [118]
1672 16 July 24 Edward Pickering, esq & Dorothy his wife v. Sir William Bowyer, knight and baronet; Humfry Weld, esq; Sir John Weld, knight; Daniel Andrewes, esq; and Thomas Harris, esq C78/953, no. 7 [119]
1672 23 July 24 David Yale the elder, gent v. Sir William Peake, knight; Thomas Fitch, gent & Patience his wife; Elizabeth Nowell, widow; and Everard Exton, gent C78/1261, no. 1 [120]
1672 31 July 24 John Welles v Magdalen Devaux, widow; Sir Theodore Devaux; John Wells the younger and Hester his wife Marriage treaty and settlement of lands in Covent Garden and Isleworth, Middx and Heath and Rach and Leighton Bussard, Beds C78/741, no. 4 [121]
1672 8 Oct 24 Abigail Felton relict and executrix of John Felton late of London clothworker; and John Felton an infant v Symon Edolph and Thomas Edolph Mortgage of lands called Poulton near Saint Radagoods, Kent. C78/729, no. 4A [122]
1672 14 Oct 24 Henry Upton v Robert Wood. Mortgage of lands in Hemyock, Devon. C78/719, no. 6 [123]
1672 14 Oct 24 Deborah Borrett, an infant, by Joseph Sheppard, her guardian v. Thomas Bayly, & Elizabeth his wife C78/789, no. 4 [124]
1672 14 Oct 24 Deborah Dorrett, an infant, by Joseph Sheppard her guardian v. Thomas Bayly & Elizabeth his wife C78/1192, no. 9 [125]
1672 24 Oct 24 John Bellinger v Thomas Treswallen; John Baldwyn; William Cawthorne; and Edward Garrett Redemption of mortgage of tenement in Woxbridge, Middx C78/800, no. 1 [126]
1672 25 Oct 24 William Hill v. William Moore the elder; William Moore the younger; and John Batson C78/1266, no. 4 [127]
1672 28 Oct 24 Thomas Helliwell v. John Haigh C78/1266, no. 1 [128]
1672 29 Oct 27 John Godfrey, gent, administrator of Richard Godfrey his son v. William Waller since deceased & Anne his wife; Mary Waller; Thomas Waller; Dudley Waller; Gilbert Lovell; George Keene & Lucy his wife; George Dixon; John Marrion; and Edmund Hawley C78/857, no. 5 [129]
1672 2 Nov 24 John Heath v. Gayen Spurle; and Richard Ingram C78/996, no. 5 [130]
1672 4 Nov 24 Frances Codrington, widow, relict, and executrix of John Codrington, esq, her late husband v. Alexander Dyer; William Shalmer; Katherine Wallis; Samuel Spalding; Augustin Spalding; John Spalding; Katherine Spalding; and Allott Spalding C78/1044, no. 4 [131]
1672 4 Nov 24 Thomas Brooke of Ipswich, Suff, gent; and Thomas Love of Needham Market, Suff, gent, executors of Thomas Scotchmer of Bramford, Suff; and Thomas Sheppard of Earlstonham, Suff, yeoman v. Stephen Trappe; Margaret Johnson; and Anne Scotchmer C78/1124, no. 8 [132]
1672 6 Nov 24 Richard Prowd; and Edward Wood of London, merchants v. John Staley; Oliver Dumont; and William Addington C78/1266, no. 7 [133]
1672 7 Nov 24 Katharine Skinner widow relict and one of the executors of Nicholas Skinner her late husband; Matthew Skinner, Nicholas Skinner, Benjamin Skinner; Sarah Skinner sons and daughters of the said Nicholas by a former wife; and Joshua Skinner, Caleb Skinner, Samuel Skinner, Katharine Skinner and Elizabeth Skinner, infant sons & daughters of the said Nicholas by the said Katharine v John Skinner; Thomas Skinner; Edward Hooper; and John Bury Legacies payable from personal estate of Nicholas Skynner. Division of the estate according to the custom of London C78/741, no. 2 [134]
1672 8 Nov 24 Sir Thomas Strutter knight; Abraham Nelson esq; Richard Nelson gentleman v. William Watts C79/42, no. [135]
1672 11 Nov 24 Sir James Langham of Cottesbrooke, Northants and Thomas Langham citizen and apothecary of London v Lady Lucy, Countess Dowager of Huntingdon Mortgage of Castle Dirge, Omagh, Ireland and lands in Fermanagh, Ireland and Loughborough and Barrow-upon-Soare, Leics. C78/880, no. 3 [136]
1672 13 Nov 24 Giles Powell v. Joan Powell; William Powell; and Elizabeth Bratye C78/2022, no. 7 [137]
1672 13 Nov 24 Elizabeth Furley; Mary Furley; Anne Furley; Susan Furley; Margery Furley; and Thamaris Furley, by Stephen Furley their father and guardian v. Samuel Reynold, esq C78/789, no. 3 [138]
1672 14 Nov 24 Thomas Buck v. Robert Wolley; Robert Osborne; Alexander Signett; Daniel Rawlinson; and William Wight C78/2028, no. 1 [139]
1672 15 Nov 24 John Crispe and Thomas Crispe, esqs the surviving executors of Sir Nicholas Crispe, knight and baronet v. Mathew Blucke, esq, one of the Six Clerks of the same court C78/764, no. 4 [140]
1672 15 Nov 24 Sarah Skipp, an infant daughter and heir of Sarah Skipp, coheir of Esa Risbey & Elizabeth his wife, by George Skipp, esq, her father and guardian v. Thomas Goodwin, an infant, by Nicholas Cutler his guardian; and the said Nicholas Cutler; John Howland; William Whitfield; Jeremy Gay; and Edward Curtis C78/1061, no. 2 [141]
1672 15 Nov 24 Richard Malham, esq v. Robert Wilson C78/1266, no. 2 [142]
1672 18 Nov 24 Henry Currer & Jane his wife v. John Garforth C78/1266, no. 6 [143]
1672 20 Nov 24 Sir Robert Baldock; and Dorothy Brampton widow and relict of Gandy Brampton v William Watts; Thomas Holmes; and Robt Osborne son & heir of John Osborne Interests in trust settlement and mortgage of manors of Bromhall, Brendhall and Seymours, Norfolk. C78/725, no. 3 [144]
1672 20 Nov 24 Mabel O'Bryan, widow, administratrix of Sir Luke FitzGerald, knight v. Helen, countess of Clancarty; and Gallaghan, earl of Clancarty C78/1590, no. 18 [145]
1672 24 Nov 24 William Holt; John Holt; Rebecca Holt, sons and daughter of Edmond Holt; and Richard Howlett & Mary his wife, one other of the daughters of said Edmond Holt v. William Bagges; William Crewe; and Noy Bell C78/1013, no. 7 [146]
1672 26 Nov 24 John Goddard and Sarah his wife v Elizabeth Bennett, widow Marriage settlement and financial trusts. C78/730, no. 6 [147]
1672 26 Nov 24 John Jegon; Samuel Killingworth; Elizabeth Jegon widow; Mathew Jegoe; Thomas Jegoe; James Osburne; Henry Hurrell; Jacob Chandler; George Cooke; Nathaniel Bateman; and John Mosse C79/19, no. [148]
1672 26 Nov 4 Henry Thompson the younger, esq, & Frances his wife, infants, by Sir Henry Thompson v. Robert Buck, esq, executor of Dame Elizabeth Buck C78/1592, no. 4 [149]
1672 26 Nov 24 Jane Codrington, widow, relict of Samuel Codrington the younger of Doddington, Glouc, esq; Anne Codrington; Mary Codrington; Elizabeth Codrington; Frances Codrington; and Jane Codrington, daughters of said Samuel and Jane, infants, by their said mother and guardian v. Frances Codrington, widow and relict of John Codrington esq C78/996, no. 4 [150]
1672 27 Nov 24 John Kent, gent v. Nathaniel Crew, esq; Ralph Brideoake, doctor in divinity and dean of Salisbury; Frances Barlows, widow; William Tatton, esq; Richard Ashton, esq, an infant, by Beatrice his mother, guardian; Robert Tatton, gent; Thomas Tatton, gent; Dame Anne Meredith, widow; Thomas Ashton, esq; and Peter Ashton, gent C78/1198, no. 8 [151]
1672 27 Nov 24 John Lenthall, esq; John Fell, doctor in divinity, dean of Christ Church in Oxford; The Rector and Fellows of Lincoln College, Oxford; The President and Scholars of St John Baptist College, Oxford; John Pleydall, gent; John West, esq; Henry Martin; Dorothy Martin, widow; Edward Dudson; John Stone the elder; John Stone the younger; Robert Southby; Francis Fairebeard, widow, late wife of Henry Fairebeard; William West; William Harris; Richard West & Jane his wife; Anne Banting; Thomas Greeeing; John Lane; and William Lane, his son; Stephen Prince; Edward Southby; John Quench; Simon Huckwell; Robert Gilkes; Richard Greenway & Joane his wife; Thomas Bedford; William Wright alias Plowman; William Pencott; Susanna White; Anne Fairebeard; John Hewett; Richard Silman & Alice his wife; Thomas Brabam; William Tirrold; Humphrey Dawson; Henry Banting; Mary Smith; Henry Argent; Thomas Smalbone; Richard Butler & Anne his wife, late Anne Walker; Anne Smart, widow; Henry Wheeler & Anne his wife; John Ferryman & Mary his wife; Thomas Holloway & Ellinor his wife; William Bedford; Jane Harris, widow; John Ferryman; John Smith, widow; Charles White, an infant, by Michael Mallett, esq & Mary his wife; John Combes & Elizabeth his wife; Martin Arnold; Simon Batten; Anne Champneys; Dorothy Champneys; John Hewes; Stephen Alder; Anne Dawson; Richard Dawson; Mary Smith; John Heron; and William Wright v. Edmond Warcupp, esq; and Edward Twyford, gent C78/1264, no. 11 [152]
1672 28 Nov 24 Robert and Sarah White v William Dawtry Marriage settlement of lands in Binstead Helion, Essex. C78/860, no. 8 [153]
1672 29 Nov 24 Sir Thomas Pelham baronet v. Sir Thomas Twisden knight and baronet and Philadelphia Pelham daughter of said Sir Thomas Pelham by Dame Margaret Pelham her mother and guardian C78/2022, no. 10 [154]
1672 29 Nov 24 Sir Francis Hungate, baronet v. William Hamond; Ingleberte Leeds, esq; Henry Bickerdike; Bryan Walter; Mary Walker; William Hudson; Joseph Hudson; Josias Turner; and Richard Bickerdike C78/883, no. 14 [155]
1672 2 Dec 24 Charles Terrell and Katherine Tirrell, children of Francis Tirrell, infants by Sir Peter Tirrell v Sir Thomas Tirrell; Sir Henry Blount; Sir Thomas Windebanck; Sir Robert Cotton; Edmund West; Robert Hampson; and [blank] Symonds Annuities payable from trust settlement of manor of Thornton and lands in Leckhamstead, Bucks. C78/880, no. 6 [156]
1672 2 Dec 24 William Fossey v. Frances Brudnell, widow; John Theed; Richard Wigg; John Kidgell; and John Marsh C78/789, no. 5 [157]
1672 3 Dec 24 James Yeavely son & heir of Anthony Yeavely decd who was son and heir of George Yeavley who was uncle and heir of Thomas Yeaveley decd v Richard Yeaveley second son of Thomas Yeaveley an Attorney, and uncle and heir of Thomas Yeaveley who was son and heir of William Yeaveley who was son and heir of Thomas Yeaveley the Attorney; Elizabeth Yeaveley and Anne Yeaveley daughters of the said Thomas the Attorney; Sarah Yeaveley relict of the said Thomas the Attorney; Judith Yeaveley relict of the said William Yeaveley; German Buxton; and George Morten Possession of messuages called Kirkestyle and Newhall in Bagshawe in Chappel le Frith, Derbys C78/706, no. 5 [158]
1672 3 Dec 24 Dorothy Colston, spinster, one of the daughters of Thomas Colston the elder, gent v. Edmund Inkersall, & Elizabeth his wife; Christopher Greene; Dorothy Hanck; Elizabeth Colston; mary Colston; Thomas Hodgson; and durand Alsopp C78/1600, no. 7 [159]
1672 3 Dec 24 Dorothy Colston, spinster, one of the daughters of Thomas Colston the elder, gent v. Edmund Inkersall, & Elizabeth his wife; Christopher Greene; Dorothy Hanck; Elizabeth Colston; Mary Colston; Thomas Hodgson; and Durand Alsop C78/1590, no. 19 [160]
1672 4 Dec 24 Elizabeth Throckmorton; Anne Throckmorton and Sarah Throckmorton daughters of Dame Alice Throckmorton, widow by Sir Bayneham Throckmorton v Elizabeth Throckmorton and William Throckmorton Portions payable by will of Anne Throckmorton from personal estate and lands in Hewesfield, Gloucs. C78/706, no. 1 [161]
1672 4 Dec 24 Richard Cooke v. Edward Bampfield; George Bampfield; John Duncombe; James Ashton; James Forster; and Henry Rogers C78/993, no. 9 [162]
1672 5 Dec 24 John Hillersdon an infant by Thomas Huxley v Sir William Beecher and Dame Elizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Huxley, widow; and Thomas Hillersdon an infant by Sir John Huxley Maintenance and portions payable from trust settlement of unspecified lands in Beds. C78/733, no. 9 [163]
1672 9 Dec 24 William Barrett, gent v. Daniel Dunn; William Fox; and Samuel Thornton C78/1600, no. 8 [164]
1672 13 Dec 24 David Collyvaulx and Edmund Lee v Sir William Hayward of Tandridge, Surrey Mortgage of lands in Tandridge, Surrey. C78/1228, no. 6 [165]
1672 13 Dec 24 Susan Nodes, widow v. Hoo Steward, esq C78/789, no. 2 [166]
1672 13 Dec 24 Robert Robey; Edward Robey; Nicholas Robey; Dorothy Robey; Katherine Robey; Sibil Robey; Elizabeth Robey; and Mary Robey, all of them infants under 14, by Robert benett, gent, their guardian v. Robert Willimott, esq; Nicholas Willimott, gent; and Thomas Roby, gent & Dorothy his wife C78/867, no. 5 [167]
1672 14 Dec 24 Edward Bampfield v Warwick Bampfield; John Buckland; John Hippesly; John Harrington; John Trethewy; George Bampfield; Melior Farwell; Henry Fisher and his wife; Mary Bampfield; Elizabeth Bampfield; Alexander Popham; Henry Rogers; Edward and Robert Phelipps Possession of Hemington Farm [?Somerset]. C78/732, no. 13 [168]
1672 16 Dec 24 Peter Stubber of London v Samuel Wilson; Mary Wagstaffe, widow and relict and administratrix of Henry Wagstaffe; Henry Wagstaffe, Margaret Wagstaffe & Lemuel Wagstaffe infants by the said Mary Wagstaffe their mother Accounts in connection with financial trust and payments for jointure from lands in Grantham, Fursney [?Fulney] and Swinshead [Swineshead], Lincs C78/713, no. 4 [169]
1672 16 Dec 24 John Wiggett v. Thomas Appletree C78/849, no. 6 [170]
1672 17 Dec 24 Francis Ward; Sarah Johnson, widow, executrix of Richard Johnson decd; Richard Johnson son and heir of the said Richard; Rebecca Mulsoe, widow, executrix of Francis Mulsor decd; Robert Greene; and Thomas Cradocke v Robert Lowe and John Norris; AND against Thomas Stringer son & heir of John Stringer decd Trust settlement of mortgaged lands in borough of Leicester. C78/718, no. 6 [171]
1672 17 Dec 24 John Gaffaway; Robert Restian; and John Norris v Edward Wigley son & heir of Anthony Wigley decd; and Alice Wigley widow & relict of the said Anthony Wigley Title to interests in mortgaged lands in Cold Newton or Newton Burdet, Leics C78/718, no. 8 [172]