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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1670 22 C78/, no. []
1670 11 Jan 21 Alexander Crudge and John Crudge his son and heir apparent v William Visick and Elizabeth his wife, then late Elizabeth Wallis Mortgage of lands in Tolver, Cornwall. C78/725, no. 11 [2]
1670 17 Jan 21 William Metcalfe, esq & others v. Sir Thomas Remington, knight; and Thomas Crompton, esq C78/1293, no. 12 [3]
1670 24 Jan 21 Laurence Carter; Luke Parrott; Wolfrine Cooke; and John Mansell v Mary Weston; Richard Plowman als Thompson; and John Evans Bonds and debts of John Church payable from trust of lands in Hartwell and other lands in Bucks and Northampton C78/691, no. 6 [4]
1670 27 Jan 21 Edward Bampfield of Hardington, Somerset v Warwick Bampfeild; John Buckland; John Hippesley; John Harrington; John Tretheway; George Bampfeild; Melior Farewell; Henry Fisher and Katherine his wife; Mary Bampfeild; Elizabeth Bampfeild; Alexander Popham; Henry Rogers; Edward Phelipps; and Robert Phelipps Payments due from lands in Hardington and Hemington, Somerset C78/700, no. 11 [5]
1670 28 Jan 21 Samuel Barlowe v Sebastian Watts and Robert Mills son & heir of Thomas Mills decd Possession of moiety of house in Portsmouth, Hants. C78/681, no. 3 [6]
1670 28 Jan 21 William Kenwricke of Boughton under the Bleane, Kent v William Reede Assignation of lease of the rectory of St. James in the Isle of Grain, Kent C78/713, no. 11 [7]
1670 28 Jan 21 Richard Smith and John Marshall v. Mary Seignior; Joseph Thompson, clerk; Alleyn Read; Roger Lambert; Robert Rodway; William Lee; Ralph Forster; Thomas Malchar; William Leake; Henry Dorsett; Abell Roper; and John Barwell, trustees of the vicar and inhabitants of St Dunstans in the West, London; and Thomas Warren; and Henry Austen C78/856, no. 6 [8]
1670 29 Jan 21 Francis Williamson and the Lady Christian his wife v. Robert, Earl of Londonderry; Sir Richard Temple; and William Denton, doctor of physick Marriage settlement of Weston, Earl of Londonderry, the complt Christian's father, and Frances daughter of Sir Peter Temple C78/1425, no. 2 [9]
1670 29 Jan 22 Sir Jeremy Whithcott, baronet v. Sir William Domvile, knight; and Roger Turnor, gent C78/1012, no. 16 [10]
1670 1 Feb 22 Mayor, community and citizens of London v Olave Bucke. Rents and payment for repairs of tenements near Charing Cross, St. Martins in the Fields, Middx. C78/738, no. 16 [11]
1670 4 Feb 22 William Cambridge, Phillipp Cambridge and Richard Cambridge executors of Francis Cambridge decd v Ralph Cooper and Anne Cooper Bonds for debts of Francis Cambridge. C78/681, no. 5 [12]
1670 7 Feb 22 Richard Silverlocke v. Judith Robinson; Simon Jacob; and John Fowke Mortgage by John Fowke to the plt of lands in Staffs, and the plts kinsman Robert Robinson, citizen and clockmaker of London acting as trustee. C78/1412, no. 23 [13]
1670 8 Feb 22 Sir John Winford v John Holmeden and John Wintle Extents on lands in Crowle, Upton, Warren Elmebridge and Cookesey, Worcs C78/687, no. 3 [14]
1670 8 Feb 22 Francis Flexmer and Susan his wife the relict and executrix of Henry May decd; Francis Withens; George Browne and Anne his wife; John Wilson and Isabell his wife; and John Tenender administrator of Margaret his wife decd v Sir Thomas Cotton and Kelloway Guydott Mortgage of lands in Landwood, Fordham and Barnell, Cambs and in Exminge or Ixminge, Suffolk C78/1212, no. 1 [15]
1670 8 Feb 22 Francis Hall, citizen and apothecary of London v. William Burroughs, sr; and William Burroughs, jr C78/1003, no. 5 [16]
1670 8 Feb 22 John Ball; and James Young, executors of Anne Young, widow v. Thomas Longueville, baronet, son and heir of Sir Edward Longueville C78/1271, no. 8 [17]
1670 9 Feb 22 Richard Shilston v. George Pyne; and Nathaniel Hoyt C78/859, no. 7 [18]
1670 10 Feb 22 Paul Pinchbecke, brother and heir of Edmund Pinchbecke, an infant by William Shepley, gent, his guardian v. John Wilby & Elizabeth his wife, relict and executrix of said Edmund Pinchbecke; John? Pinchbecke, Jeremiah Briggs; Andrew Burton; John Burton; John Ampleford; and Leonard Bowtree? C78/856, no. 13 [19]
1670 10 Feb 22 William Tate, esq v. Edward, earl of Sandwich; Mawrice Tresham, esq; Sir Thomas Crew, knight; William Mountague; John Crew; Anthony Collins; Francis Bagshaw, esq; Katherine Tate, widow; Katherine Tate; and Elizabeth Tate, spinsters C78/1002, no. 9 [20]
1670 10 Feb 22 John Hayward of Queens Charlton, Som, gent v. William Hayward C78/1003, no. 4 [21]
1670 11 Feb 22 _______ v. John Lee; Henry Peake; Benjamin Peake; Barbara Peake; and Elizabeth Peake; Daniel Witherly C78/975, no. 11 [22]
1670 11 Feb 22 David Jenkin and Jenkin David his son and heir apparent v. Edward Lloyd C78/1280, no. 4 [23]
1670 12 Feb 22 Margaret Tayte of London widow v. Thomas Harris C78/1913, no. 7 [24]
1670 12 Feb 22 Peter Bonne, & Mary his wife v. William Ullock, an infant, by Prudence Ullock, his mother and guardian v. Prudence Ullock; and Anne Aldrich; and Thomas Tayler C78/1559, no. 8 [25]
1670 12 Feb 22 William Newstead, gent v. Richard Bescoe C78/, no. 14 [26]
1670 15 Feb 22 William Preston, Susanna Preston and Frances Preston son and daughters of Nicholas Preston doctor of divinity infants by William Clarke, Dean of Winchester v Anne Preston, widow. Legacies payable by will of William Preston from messuages and lands in Luton, Beds and Ashby, Northants. C78/741, no. 16 [27]
1670 17 Feb 22 George Ellis eldest son and heir of John Ellis and brother and heir of Thomas Ellis late eldest son of John Ellis; and Samuel Ellis third son of John Ellis v. Isabell Ellis and Thomas Ellis two other children of said John Ellis; and Tobias Ellis other children of said John Ellis and others (sic) C78/1941, no. 3 [28]
1670 18 Feb 22 John Smith v Paul Somerly; Mary Marryott and Thomas Marriott Title, free of encumbrances to messuage and lands in Great Doddington, Northants C78/697, no. 13 [29]
1670 18 Feb 22 Thomas Breton of Richkins, Bucks v Sir Charles Cleaver; Robert Child; Susan Salter the elder, widow; Ann Salter and Susan the younger, infants by the said Susan the elder Possession of capital messuage and lands in Iver and Langley, Bucks and manor of Potterns [Potterne], Wilts C78/1212, no. 2 [30]
1670 19 Feb 22 John Minterne and Emma his wife v Francis Favell and Nathaniel Osborne Profits of trust settlement of copyhold lands in Weeke Regis [Wyke Regis], Dorset, due to the poor Baptists of Osmington, Dorchester and Weymouth, Dorset. C78/726, no. 12 [31]
1670 19 Feb 22 Henry Poulton of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq v. Thomas White C79/13, no. [32]
1670 21 Feb 22 Robert Holcot v William Johnson the elder and Mary his wife; Robert Johnson senr; Robert Johnson son of the said William Johnson; Robert Knight; John Miller the younger; William Johnson the younger; John Brannston & his wife; and George Tilly Mortgage of lands in Saddington, Leics. C78/718, no. 15 [33]
1670 22 Feb 22 Edward Younger v Richard March; George March; John Fowke and Joyce his wife Rent arrears from lands in Stepney, Middx. C78/725, no. 9 [34]
1670 22 Feb 22 Thomas Hawles, esq v. Elizabeth Baskett, executrix of the Lady Katherine Hippesley, widow; and James Stedman, esq C78/1078, no. 14 [35]
1670 23 Feb 22 William Gremfield, gent, administrator of George Fettiplace v. Edward Birtby, gent C78/856, no. 12 [36]
1670 23 Feb 22 Sir Christopher Eyre, knight v. Charles Goode, esq C78/1003, no. 2 [37]
1670 24 Feb 22 Edmond Molineux v. Abigaile Harwell, widow, executrix of Henry Harwell C78/2027, no. 13 [38]
1670 24 Feb 22 Sir Algernon Peyton, baronet, lord of the manor of Doddington in the Isle of Ely, Cambs v. Roger Jennyns, esq; Lyonell Walden, esq; John Potton; James Granger, sr; William Padcum; John Knight; Daniel Newman; John Pitts; Benjamin Kyte; Gabriel Mobb; William Dunch; Robert Couledy; Mathew Thackery; John Barnes, jr; John Thompson, jr; Thomas Chambers; John Granger; Edwrd Robinson & Elizabeth his wife; Ellen Coles; Thomas Coles; John Groundes; Thomas Griffen, sr; Robert Eaton; Maurice Moore; Thomas Pierson; Robert Spolton; and George Read; Thomas Burgesse; Thomas Smith; Cornelius Grimwood & Elizabeth his wife; William Freeman; John Atkinson; John Dalby; Widd Ground; Judith Wade; Henry Wade; William Hinde; William Roberts; Thomas Mobb; John Pensson; Thomas Grounds; James Anderson & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Lusse C78/1293, no. 13 [39]
1670 25 Feb 22 George Copping, citizen and stationer of London v Sir Rowland Litton and Dame Rebecca his wife; Playters Lucy; Sir Kingsmill Lucy and the Lady Theophila his wife; Richard Lucy; Sir Charles Berkley; Sir Phillip Meadowes; Edward Atkins; and Edward Smith Shares in messuage and land in Soperlane St. Pancras, London C78/694, no. 6 [40]
1670 25 Feb 22 Edward Browne, gent v. Prudence Greene, the relict and administratrix of Edward Greene, citizen and stationer of London; and Prudence and Ann Greene, daughters and coheirs of Edward Greene C78/1012, no. 12 [41]
1670 26 Feb 22 Thomas Hackett of North Crawley, Bucks, esq, cousin and next heir of Robert Langford of Grays Inn, Middx, esq and executor of his last will (which said Robert Langford was cousin and next heir and executor of Nicholas Langford of Salford, Beds, gent) v. James Selby, gent C78/1002, no. 8 [42]
1670 28 Feb 22 Richard Conquest v Samuel Lee, clerk. Rent arrears payable from lease of rectory lands and tithes of Houghton Conquest, Beds. C78/728, no. 12 [43]
1670 28 Feb 22 Edward Mansell, esq, son and heir of Thomas Mansell, esq v. David Jenkins, esq, son and heir and also executor of David Jenkins, esq C78/751, no. 6 [44]
1670 28 Feb 22 John Cressett, esq v. John, lord Roberts; Robert Roberts, esq, & Sarah his wife; Charles Godvill Roberts, an infant by said Robert and Sarah Roberts his guardians; Sir Richard Wynn, baronet; and Henry Wynne, esq C78/751, no. 8 [45]
1670 (bill) Easter Term 22 John Manwood, gent, son and heir of Thomas Manwood, gent v. Thomas Woolward & Mary his wife C78/1262, no. 1 [46]
1670 2 March 22 Sir Charles Wheeler baronet; John Tregonwell & Mary his wife; George Holden; and John Swinglehurst v. Robert Roper gentleman C78/2040, no. 10 [47]
1670 3 March 22 William Spinola alias Espinola of London, merchant v. Ferdinando Mendez Decosta C78/1003, no. 6 [48]
1670 4 March 22 William Watkins v John Edwards the elder and Susan his wife; and John Edwards the younger Mortgage and lease of unspecified premises. C78/687, no. 2 [49]
1670 4 March 22 John Towne and Elizabeth his wife v Elizabeth Colston, widow; Edmund Inkersall; Christopher Greene; and Dorothy Hancks, widow Legacy and annuity payable from lands in Brant Broughton and Dry Doddington in Lincs and North Muskham, Bathley and Holme, Notts C78/692, no. 4 [50]
1670 4 March 22 Richard Edgecombe son, heir and executor of Pears Edgecombe decd v Thomas Stephens Rent arrears from lands in Impacombe in Mount Edgecombe, Devon C78/719, no. 15 [51]
1670 4 March 22 Sir Robert Shirly baronet second son of Sir Robert Shirley baronet deceased and brother of Sir Seymour Shirley baronet also deceased who was son and heir of said deceased Sir Robert Shirley being an infant by Sir Rowland Okeover his uncle and guardian v. Gilbert lord archbishop of Canterbury; John, lord bishop of Rochester; William Sancroft doctor in divinity and dean of the cathedral church of St Paul, London; and Katherine Shirley relict of said Sir Robert Shirley decased; Sir Francis Bardett; and Sir Edward Bugott baronets C78/2025, no. 3 [52]
1670 4 March 22 John Peirson, doctor in divinity, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and the Fellows and Scholars of the Same College; The Right Honorable Basill Fielding, alias Basill de Hapesburgh, earl of Denby; George Garrett of Lare; Richard Thomson; Thomas Garrett; Michael Poole; Michael Hudson; Mathew Poole; Richard Wallis; Anne Wallis, an infant, by her guardian; George Garrett; John Hurst; John Frear; Francis Izard; William Guilbert; Anne Kyne, widow; and John Sutton v. Thomas Bradgate, esq & his wife; Samuel Bird; Sir John Curson, knight and baronet; John Curson, esq; John Garret alias Cricke Garrett; Richard Garrett; John Garrett the elder; William Rases & his wife; Michael Perkins; Francis Perkins; William Howcott & his wife; Ricahrd Guilbert; John Garrett; George Cowdale; Thomas Lawrence; Thomas Pell; Thomas Patte; Frances Bradgate; Mary Marson; John Marson; Richard Procter; John Garrett alias Jones Garrett; Robert Patte; Richard Cowdale; John Brewis; William Marshall; Dame Elizabeth Bennett; Henry Burton; Charles Thomson; Henry Pearse; Thomas Morris; Daniel Bensheire & his wife;Henry Stambler; John Bennett; John Garrett; and Michael Carter & his wife C78/992, no. 2 [53]
1670 26 March 22 Malachy Pyne, merchant v Lady [blank] Countess Dowager of Bath; Robert Halfyard; John Mathewe; and William Doleman Division of the manor of Southbrook, Devon between the joint-owners. C78/711, no. 2 [54]
1670 12 April 22 Christian Pigeon, widow; John Downer and Elizabeth his wife v Anne Livesay by the name of Anne Lucy als Luce; William Bird; and William Allington Interests in lease of an inn in Cheapside, London. C78/721, no. 2 [55]
1670 21 April. 22 Thomas Howard and the Lady Mary, Duchess Dowager of Richmond and Lynox his wife; Sir Phillip Howard; Reginald Grahme; Thomas Langley; Thomas Peirson; Timothy Wasling; Thomas Dodsworth an infant by Thomas Thompson; John Frear; Henry Rowsby; William Hardwick; John Ecclesfeild; James Ecclesfeild; and Anne Dodsworth v Richard, Archbishop of York; John, Earl of Bridgewater; and Clement Sanckey, rector of Settrington, Yorks Bill (18 March 1669) seeking ratification of agreement (12 Nov. 20 Chas. II) to have general enclosure of the common fields of Settringham or Settrington, Yorkshire C78/692, no. 6 [56]
No decree date (roll incomplete). William White, citizen and haberdasher of London v Symon Farmer and Robert Briscoe executors of Benjamin Farmer decd; William Thruxton and Thomas Coningsby administrator of Robert Yarway decd Mortgage of messuage in Durham Yard, St Martin in the Fields, Middx. C78/1215, no. 1 [57]
1670 23 April 22 Dame Elizabeth Morgan widow relict of Sir Anthony Morgan v Elizabeth Moore, widow; Griffith Jones; John Radford; and Bennet Hoskins Jointure interest in lands in Carmarthenshire. C78/687, no. 4 [58]
1670 23 April 22 Thomas Dixon and Thomas Atkinson the present overseers of the poor and residents within the Liberty of the Rolls in Chancery Lane in the parish of St Dunstans in the West, London; Sarah Mannder, spinster; Mary Symonds, widow; Susanna Hawkes, spinster, 3 of the poor inhabitants, on behalf of all the poor inhabitants within the said liberty v William Bacon and John Bacon Annuities to poor from trust of Newclose in Polott or Polett or Pawlett, Somerset C78/694, no. 4 [59]
1670 23 April 22 Thomas Chapman and Frances his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Gregory Stiles late of Werrington, Northants v William Mapletoft and Elizabeth his wife another of the daughters and coheirs of the said Gregory Styles Portions payable under will of Gregory Styles and marriage settlement of lands in Warrington [in Olney par.], Northants. C78/718, no. 18 [60]
1670 25 April 22 John Hiller v Henry Stephens; Margaret Pollard daughter and heir of Sir Hugh Pollard; Mary Roll since decd; and Roger Wollacombe Interests in trust settlement of Kensham watermill [in Bradninch par.], Devon, used as security for debts. C78/721, no. 6 [61]
1670 26 April 22 Grissell Toldervy, widow v. Henry Browne; and John Chettle C78/1003, no. 3 [62]
1670 27 April 22 John Keyle gentleman v. J. P____ & Isabell his wife; and John Hunt; and William Stephens C78/1926, no. 16 [63]
1670 27 April 22 Richard Cann, merchant v. Sir Robert Cann, knight and baronet C78/1012, no. 8 [64]
1670 28 April 22 Mathew Blucke v Dame Anne Crispe, widow; John Crispe; and Thomas Crispe executors of Sir Nicholas Crispe; Sir John Jacob executor of Sir John Jacob; and William Blucke Debts of Sir Nicholas Crispe. C78/681, no. 4 [65]
1670 29 April 22 Victoria Whitney late wife of Francis Whitney by George Wallis her guardian v Dame Anne Whitney and Thomas Whitney Jointures and annuities from unspecified lands C78/700, no. 10 [66]
1670 4 May 22 Robert Wrensford v. William Bandes, esq; and Moses Hackett C78/1262, no. 2 [67]
1670 8 May 22 Henry Tompson, clerk v John Willis and Thomas Gammidge Legacies due from trust settlement of money left by will of Dorothy Gardner to purchase property in Taunton, Somerset. C78/725, no. 13 [68]
1670 9 May 22 Humfrey Grosvenor v Sir John Lee; John Spratt; Thomas Weekes; and Nathaniel Potter Rebuilding of houses and shops in Cheapside, London. C78/740, no. 10 [69]
1670 10 May 21 Mary Wrixon administratrix of Christopher Wrixon her late husband v Richard Wrixon Income from lands in Yetminster, Dorset. C78/700, no. 12 [70]
1670 10 May 22 John Cripps, gent, & Leah his wife v. Jane Langford; John Ingram; William Ingram; John Bishop; William Harley; Henry Vaggar; Richard Jupp; John Gillam; and William Plumm C78/751, no. 4 [71]
1670 10 May 22 Sir Thomas Williamson, baronet, & Dame Dorothy his wife v. Elizabeth Graves, widow, executrix of Richard Graves of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq C78/751, no. 5 [72]
1670 10 May 22 Edward Browne, gent; and James Palmer, gent v. Richard Marlar; Christopher Marlar; and William Stratford & Alice his wife. C78/1021, no. 4 [73]
1670 10 May 22 John Davies of the Middle Temple, London, esq; John Wall of Russell Street, Middx, esq; John Drake of St Mary, Savoy, Middx, watchmaker; and John Haggais of St Martins, Middx, merchant taylor v. Daniel Skynner; and George Waters C78/1271, no. 7 [74]
1670 11 May 22 Sir John Musters and Edward Leigh v Sir Thomas Hatton; John Morris; and Robert Clayton Lease, trust and mortgage of the manors of Waxham or Waxtonesham and Horsey, Norf C78/701, no. 1 [75]
1670 11 May 22 Robert Danvers and Elizabeth his wife v Sir Walter Saint John; John Carey; John James; Thomas Gower; Elianor Lee; and Anne Lee Trust settlement of manor of Fring, Norfolk and lands in Chelsey, Middx. C78/719, no. 12 [76]
1670 11 May 22 Phillip Parr & Elizabeth his wife; George Gravenor & Katherine his wife; William Alsop, since deceased & Ellen his wife v. Robert Brindley & Anne his wife; Robert Meller; Ralph Roulston; Joseph Trueman; John Hall; Nicholas Dakeyne; and John Brindley C78/867, no. 11 [77]
1670 13 May 22 John Hopton v George Parker Debts payable from messuage in Ainderby Steeple and Northallerton, Yorks C78/694, no. 2 [78]
1670 13 May 22 William Trevill an infant by Nicholas Trevethan v Edward Champernowne; Arthur Champernowne; Richard Cable; George Reynolds; Edmond Pollexfen; Gawen Champernowne; Robert Savery; and William Savery Mortgage of rent-charge from lands in Slade, Cornwood and Plympton St. Mary, Devon C78/726, no. 9 [79]
1670 13 May 22 John Guilford, esq; and Thomas Blount, executors of John Farmer, esq v. Sir Richard Temple, baronet and Knight of the Bath, son and heir of Sir Peter Temple, knight and baronet; and Francis Duffield, esq C78/1262, no. 4 [80]
1670 14 May 22 Mary Fairebeard widow & relict of Robert Fairebeard v Dame Susan Crane, widow; and Robert Walpoole Mortgage of trust lands in Beamonds, Waldingfield and Edwardstone, Suffolk. C78/726, no. 8 [81]
1670 14 May 22 Robert Offley v William Tibbs; Charles Doyley; John Mascall; and Joshuah Pordage Legacies payable from trust of houses in Goulden Lane, London C78/741, no. 7 [82]
1670 14 May 22 William Bond esq v. Thomas Swallow; Thomas Gwilliams & Lovis Maria his wife; and Philadelphia Keepe C78/2027, no. 14 [83]
1670 14 May 22 Edward Walden v. Ralph Senic; William Langmere; Gervase Wawen; Felix Lewin; Thomas Francis; Thomas Throwsburdge; Cicilia Fox; and Edward Balderoe C78/1266, no. 18 [84]
1670 16 May 22 Thomas Cockman v. John Thomson & Sarah his wife administratrix of John Perkins her late husband C79/19, no. [85]
1670 16 May 22 Sir John Wroth baronet and Henry Thornehill esq v. Edmund Scott & Mary his wife C78/1930, no. 17 [86]
1670 16 May 22 Margaret Tayt widow v. Thomas Harris C78/1913, no. 8 [87]
1670 18 May 22 Elizabeth Goddard, widow; Elizabeth Barrett; William Disson; William Hughes; Thomas Webb; William Rawlins; and Richard Tomlinson v Henry Slingsby; William Gage; Walter Petre and others (not named). Sale of lands in Pitchley, Northants to pay debts C78/721, no. 4 [88]
1670 18 May 22 Richard Atkins of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, esq & Dame Martha Acheson his wife v. Sir Robert Pye; Petly Garnam; Edward Cowles; Thomas Sheapard; Christopher Lewis; and William Merry C78/1166, no. 11 [89]
1670 19 May 22 Richard Cooke v Sir John Corbett and William Langely, clerk Cancellation of bond re sale of right of presentation to the advowson and church of Stoake upon Tearne [Stoke upon Tern], Salop C78/741, no. 18 [90]
1670 19 May 22 Thomas Hackett esq v. James Selby gentleman C79/10, no. [91]
1670 20 May 22 John Harrison of London, merchant for himself and as administrator of Elizabeth Harrison late wife and relict of Thomas Harrison of Ipswich, Suff, mariner, and mother of said John Harrison and also as administrator of William Harrison his brother v. Anthony Lovelace, & Susanna his wife; Edmund Harrison; Elizabeth Harrison; Susanna Harrison; and Bridget Harrison, three daughters of said Edmond Harrison; Edward Dixon; Sarah his wife; Elizabeth Harrison; and John Harrison C78/751, no. 2 [92]
1670 31 May 22 Michael Shrimpton and Elizabeth Holdway, widow the son and daughter of William Shrimpton v Theophilus Holeman Interests in lease of the manor of Whitchurch, Hants. C78/711, no. 3 [93]
1670 20 May 22 Thomas Vachell v Sir William Leman and Rebecca Vachell, widow Possession of personal estate of Tanfield Vachell. C78/692, no. 5 [94]
1670 30 May 22 Arthur Bassett esq and George Langdon v. Thomas Colemore C78/1912, no. 1 [95]
1670 31 May 22 John Hooper v. Jeremiah Kenward & Elizabeth his wife; Nicholas Jefferyes; Thomas Yeabsley; John Buckham; and Peter Soame C79/13, no. [96]
1670 31 May 22 John Wise, merchant v. Edmond Fortescue, baronet, an infant, by Dame Margery Fortescue, widow, mother and guardian; said Margery Fortescue; John Fernelt, esq; John Glanvill, esq; and John Harrison, gent C78/859, no. 6 [97]
1670 4 June 22 Sir Humfrey Mildmay and John Mildmay v Gamaliel Capell administrator of Arthur Capell Mortgage of manor of Saint Cleers, Banbury, Oxon. C78/800, no. 8 [98]
1670 4 June 22 Lawrence Lambert v. Phillipp, lord Waineman, viscount Tuan, Ireland C78/1261, no. 6 [99]
1670 6 June 22 Daniell Westall and Elizabeth his wife one of the sisters and coheirs of Francis Heyward; and Francis Annison and Rebecca his wife another of the sisters and coheirs of the said Francis Heyward v Henry Carter; Robert Chettleburgh; and Christopher Ripingall Possession of tenements in Norwich, Norfolk. C78/691, no. 4 [100]
1670 6 June 22 George Staverton and Margaret his wife an infant v Robert Milward and Susan his wife; John Cock; and Edward Vyner Mortgage of copyhold messuage and brewhouse called Strangate in Hammersmith, Middx C78/694, no. 5 [101]
1670 6 June 22 Anna Burton, widow v Thomas Pishey and Bridgett his wife; Richard Wailesby; and George Pattison Dower rights in lands at Leverton, Leake [Old Leake] and Strubby, Lincs. C78/719, no. 14 [102]
1670 6 June 22 Anne St Amand the widow and relict of John St Amand gentleman; Anne st Amand their daughter as also Mary, James, Jane, and Walter St Amand the younger children of the said John & Anne St Amand infants by the said Anne St Amand their monther and guardian; Daniel Fox of the Middle Temple, London; Walter Vaughan gentleman v. Charles Chetwind C79/13, no. [103]
1670 6 June 22 William Lane of Grays Inn, Middx, esq v. Edward Hooker of London, doctor of phisick (deceased?) C78/1002, no. 10 [104]
1670 6 June 22 John Dicke of the parish of North Bradley, Wilts, gent & Elizabeth his wife v. Barnard Orchard, gent; and Elizabeth Orchard, widow C78/1078, no. 13 [105]
1670 7 June 22 Stephen Bridge v. Mary Bonner; William Bonner; Mary Bridge?; Dimocke Walpoole; and Thomas Barker C78/856, no. 7 [106]
1670 7 June 22 Edward Hearst v. John Goddard, widow; Richard Goddard, esq; Mary Carter, widow; and Elizabeth Goddard, widow C78/856, no. 8 [107]
1670 8 June 22 Thomas Brown v William Rymes Delivery of deeds of messuages and lands in Old Street or Old Field, Finsbury, Middx C78/687, no. 5 [108]
1670 8 June 22 Elizabeth Beardesley, widow, executrix of Richard Beardesley; Job Beardesley; Thomas Beardesley; Samuel Beardesley; Richard Beardesley and Theodosia Beardesley sons & daughters of the said Richard Beardesley; and Elizabeth Samuel Langley (sic), minister of Tamworth, Warks; George Antrobus; and Nicholas Parker v George Beardesley Disputed testamentary settlement of lands in Tamworth, Solehall, Glascott, Amington, Wilriecott, Pooley, Polesworth, Avercott, Kingswood and Baxterley, Warwicks C78/740, no. 1 [109]
1670 8 June 22 James Filoll gentleman v. William Filoll gentleman; Richard Kiddar clerk; Richard Betts; and Elizabeth Moore C79/13, no. [110]
1670 9 June 22 Chaplain, Corporal and old servitors of Coningsbyes Hospital, Hereford v Humfry Coningsby and Lettice his wife; Thomas Coningsby; Phillippa Langhorne, widow; Richard Orton; John Stansburye; Walter Hill; Thomas Callow-hill; John Seaborne; John Pateshall; John Gittoes and Margaret his wife; Roger Cox; Charles Jenning; John Ward; Thomas Jones; Hugh Winde; William Powell; Margery Jones; John Jones; John Davis; Thomas Smyth; Thomas Fearmeley; George Fearmeley; Edward Fearmeley; John Heane; Robert Harrison; George Harrison; William Sheldon; Richard Bull; Thomas [blank]; Henry Henton; Richard Warren; John Hubbert; Thomas Towne; William Smally; Francis Smally; and John Ellyot Payments due, by will of Sir Thomas Coningsby, from lands in Leominster, Langton, Stockton, Moreton, Hanmash, Kisburye and Newton, Heref, Thrushington, Bantby and Chalcombe, Leics, to maintain the hospital. C78/687, no. 1 [111]
1670 9 June 22 William, lord Grey, baron of Warke; Sir Charles North, son and heir apparent of Sir Dudley North, lord North, baron of Kirthing, & the Katherine his wife, late the wife of Sir Edward Mosely, baronet, and daughter of said Lord Grey v. Sir John Maynard, knight; Joseph Maynard, esq, & Mary his wife; Nicholas Mosely, esq; Oswald Mosely, gent; Anne Moseley, spinster; Edward Mosely, esq; Thomas Lee, esq; Anthony Elcock, doctor in divinity; Ralph Lownes; and Edward Mosely, gent C78/751, no. 1 [112]
1670 10 June 22 Richard Edlinson v. Ellenor Phillipps; Owen Ellis; Christopher Farrington; Lucina his wife; and Lucina Ellis C78/1262, no. 2 [113]
1670 11 June 22 Sir Phillip Monnckton and Sir William Wentworth v Richard Berkhead Mortgage of lands in the gravelshipp of Stanley and lands in Alverthorpe, Yorks. C78/691, no. 3 [114]
1670 11 June 22 Thomas Joyce v. Edward Nicholas, esq; George Cooke, gent; and William Wardour C78/856, no. 11 [115]
1670 14 June 22 Richard Gamon gentleman deceased an infant by Jeane Kilbert widow his guardian v. Edward Turner gentleman C79/13, no. [116]
1670 14 June 22 Milchesideck Alford clerk; John Vaughan esq; Christopher Gover; Thomas Morris; and George Axe v. William Wyott C78/1913, no. 9 [117]
1670 16 Jun 22 [Alice Gifford], widow v. Robert Burgoyne .... ..... John Chamberlayne since decd Complts jointure on marriage to Roger Gifford her late husband. Manor of Tiverton, Devon. C78/1416, no. 1 [118]
1670 17 June 22 James Murgatroid, gent, son and heir of John Murgatroid the elder v. Henry Murgatroid; and James Murgatroid his son; John Murgatroid the younger; and Thomas Murgatroid, his guardian; William Murgatroid C78/1276, no. 5 [119]
1670 18 June 22 Anne Skynner widow; Bridget Skynner; and Mary Skynner infants and daughters of the said Anne Skynner by the said Anne their mother and guardian v. Humfry Cornwall and Cyriack Skynner C79/13, no. [120]
1670 18 June 22 Edward Backwell of London, esq v. Thomas, earl Rivers; Robert Hide; and Andrew Wharton C78/1262, no. 3 [121]
1670 19 June 22 Nathaniel Rutland of London v. Margaret Rutland, widow C78/951, no. 1 [122]
1670 21 June 22 Sir Francis Roll v Thomas Eyre the elder Mortgage of messuage in Bromham, Wilts C78/684, no. 1 [123]
1670 16 June 22 William Harte v Percival Hart, William Ebbott; Thomas Kingsland; and George Gifford Accounts of rents, profits and cutting of timber from lands in St. Mary Cray, Kent C78/719, no. 10 [124]
1670 21 June 22 John Fry als Urch son and heir of John Fry late of Nash, Dorset, an infant by Richard Cruch his grandson (sic) and Joseph Hobbs of Deverell Longbridge, Wilts v William Adlam; William Fry; Jane Fry, widow; and Elianor Fry Debts and other incumbrances on lands in Nash, Dorset C78/700, no. 4 [125]
1670 21 June 22 Mayor, burgesses and commonalty of Wareham, Dorset v Nathaniel Child Non-delivery of securities and town records by retiring mayor. C78/740, no. 12 [126]
1670 21 June 22 Peter Hiley; John Hiley; and Charles Hiley, infants and executors of Haviland Hiley their grandfather, by Peter Hiley their father and guardian C78/1292, no. 6 [127]
1670 22 June 22 John Ball, clerk v William Leigh; Robert Leigh and Anne his wife; Thomas Atherton; Phillip Atherton; William Searle; and Edward Bickley Mortgage of interests in lands in Holse, Somerset. C78/719, no. 9 [128]
1670 22 June 22 John Lacy v. Henry Murgatroid; Jane his wife; James Murgatroid of Newland, Yorks; and James Murgatroid of Hollyns, Yorks C78/1276, no. 3 [129]
1670 24 June 22 George Littleton of Shuston, Staffs v Joanas Astley Delivery of personal estate of Edward Littleton C78/713, no. 2 [130]
1670 27 June 22 William Bullivant, executor of Peter Rogers youngest son of Richard Rogers v Elizabeth Rogers, widow; and Richard Rogers Annuities due from trust settlement of freehold lands in Edmonton, Tottenham, High Crosse and White Chappel, Middx. and copyhold lands held of the manors of Tottenham Rectory and Paulhouse in Edmonton. C78/719, no. 13 [131]
1670 27 June 22 Duncombe Colchester, esq v. Edward Trussell, esq C78/1258, no. 1 [132]
1670 28 June 22 John Wolston, gent; and Peter Ilbert v. Richard Eales the elder; Avis Eales; Richard Eales the younger; Charles Eales; William Jesse, clerk; and John Blackler C78/858, no. 14 [133]
1670 30 June 22 Mathew Blucke, esq, one of the Six Clerks of the said court v. Dame Anne Crispe; John Crispe; and Thomas Crispe, esqs; and others (sic) C78/764, no. 5 [134]
1670 July 22 Thomas Landon v Lancelott Cardiffe and Sarah Mason, widow Bonds and debts payable from personal estate of Thomas Cardiffe C78/697, no. 12 [135]
1670 July 22 John Kendall and Richard Wortham on behalf of themselves and others the creditors of Henry Somers the elder & Henry Somers the younger v Mary Somers, widow; John Whistock; Henry Somers; James Somers; Helen Somers, widow; William Chapman; Richard Skynner and others (not named) Debts payable from lands in Braintree, Essex C78/721, no. 5 [136]
1670 July 22 James Pearson v William White and another (not named) Annuities payable from marriage settlement of copyhold lands in Kempstone, Beds C78/726, no. 11 [137]
1670 1 July 22 John Carrington v Thomas Wynnell and Anne his wife; and Anthony Sturt Rents due from tenements in St. Martins in the Field, Middx. C78/740, no. 9 [138]
1670 1 July 22 Sir Goddard Nelthorpe, baronet v. George, lord Eure; Richard Bettinson; Vincent Amcotts; and George Eveson, esqs C78/1276, no. 1 [139]
1670 1 July 22 John Robinson; and Toby Woodhouse, gent v. Samuel Lawson, gent C78/1276, no. 2 [140]
1670 2 July 22 Thomas May v Robert May Shares in purchase money for manor of Charterhouse, Somerset C78/694, no. 3 [141]
1670 4 July 22 Thomas Hoskins and Job Hoskins, 2 of the sons of Sir Edmund Hoskins late of Carsholton, Surrey; Elizabeth Middleton, widow, one of the daughters of the said Sir Edmund Hoskins; and Robert Frampton of Mortlake, Surrey and Anne his wife, one other of the daughters of the said Sir Edmund Hoskins v Sir Thomas Twisden; Francis Coventry the elder; and John Hoskins, executors of the said Sir Edmund Hoskins; Nathaniel Hoskins; William Hoskins; John Hoskins; and Charles Hoskins 4 of the sons of the said Sir Edmund Hoskins Legacies payable from personal estate of Sir Edmund Hoskins. C78/1225, no. 2 [142]
1670 4 July 22 Samuel Roll, esq v. Jeonard Yeo, esq; Thomas Colley, clerk; Nicholas Dennis, esq; Henry Chichester; and Edward Pointz, gent, executors of Sir John Chichester, baronet; Sir John Maynard, knight; Samuel Royle, gent; and Sir John Chichester, baronet, son and heir of said Sir John Chichester, baronet C78/1594, no. 1 [143]
1670 4 July 22 Robert Pitt of Blandford Forum, Dorset; William Maior; Jonadab Savage; Roger Higham; and Richard Harris v. Robert Pelham; Mary his wife; and Mabel Sherley C78/1078, no. 18 [144]
1670 5 July 22 The Mayor, Bailiffs, and Commonalty of the City of Oxford, Oxon; and the Mayor and Burgesses of the Burrough of Totnes, Devon v. Maurice Edye, gent & Mary his wife; and John Harewell, esq & Mary his wife C78/1258, no. 2 [145]
1670 7 July 22 Richard Reeve & Mary his wife v. Essex Merrick esq C79/13, no. [146]
1670 8 July 22 William Wilson and John Wilson, infants by William Walters & Johanna his wife, their mother v James Ravenscroft; Harman Atwood; and James Perrott Legacies payable from personal estate of Sir William Drake. C78/713, no. 9 [147]
1670 8 July 22 Richard Lluellin and his wife; John Luellin and Sarah Luellin the only children of the said Richard and his wife; Henry Hatsell; and Allen Garway v Thomas Jacomb and Mary Woodroffe, widow Trust of messuage called "The Bell" in St. Paul's Churchyard, London. C78/741, no. 14 [148]
1670 8 July 22 Grace Bryan, widow, relict, and administratrix of John Bryan v. Thomas Moore; and Thomas Readle C78/856, no. 9 [149]
1670 9 July 22 John Archer for Rebecca the wife of Henry Bronncker v The said Henry Bronncker; Sir Thomas Trevor; Sir Allen Apsely; and Thomas Jermyn Sale of jointure lands in Broughton, Leics. C78/697, no. 11 [150]
1670 9 July 22 Anthony Mitchard of London, merchant v. Isaack Allen and Jonathan Botham C78/1926, no. 17 [151]
1670 9 July 22 Abraham Langford v. Henry Davis C78/856, no. 10 [152]
1670 9 July 22 Thomas Smalman, esq v. John Strangwayes & Abigal his wife C78/1261, no. 8 [153]
1670 11 July 22 Bridget Dennis, spinster, sister and heir of Edward Dennis decd, who was the son and heir of Edward Dennis late decd, and daughter and heir of the said Edward Dennis the father by Sir Alexander Frasier v Sir Thomas Badd; Thomas Badd his son; and Frances his daughter Possession of mortgaged estate of the manor of South Shorewell [Shorwell ] or West Court, Shancklyn [Shanklin], Holloway [?Hillway] and Littleton, Rue [Roud], Vintner [Ventnor], Bonchurch and Blackpann [Blackgang], Isle of Wight, Hants C78/692, no. 2 [154]
1670 11 July 22 William Mildmay v Richard Clotherbuck; Sir Jeremy Whitchcott; Benjamin Whitchcott; and Dame Margaret Hungerford Leases in Heyberry [Highbury] and Islington, Middx and money left in trust to purchase land C78/740, no. 5 [155]
1670 11 July 22 John Tirrey, clerk v. Humfry Saunders, gent; Lawrence Saunders, merchant; Robert Land; John Land; and Joice Gard C78/858, no. 13 [156]
1670 11 July 22 Oliver Osbiston v. James Osbiston & Deborah his wife C78/867, no. 12 [157]
1670 19 July 22 Lawrence Halstead v Sir Thomas Chambrelan Accounts of sale in trust of lands in Sunning [Sonning], Berks and Leadenhall St, London, to pay portions C78/721, no. 7 [158]
1670 23 Aug 22 Heneage, Earl of Winchelsea v Sir Heneage Finch, Attorney General; Nicholas Toke; and Richard Hulse Trust of the priory of Watton and the manors of Watton, Hooten Cranneswicke[Hutton Cranswick], Barnaby upon Done, and Kilnywick juxta Watton, Yorks. C78/1225, no. 7 [159]
1670 (bill) Michaelmas Term 22 James Huxley of Dornford, Oxon, esq v. Robert Hastings, gentleman; John Christmas, gentleman; and Robert Hoar, clerk C78/2027, no. 16 [160]
1670 (bill) Michaelmas Term 23 Ambrose Leay & Susan his wife v. Anne Heming widow C78/2021, no. 1 [161]
1670 (bill) Michaelmas Term 22 William Sarney v. Henry Pamphlyn & Margaret his wife late widow and relict of Robert Sarney C78/1928, no. 4 [162]
1670 12 Oct 22 Ebenezer Willingham, administrator of William Willingham (sic: better: Elizabeth Willingham?), relict and administratrix de bonis non during the minority of Anne Willingham as also administrator with the will annexed of said Elizabeth Willingham during the minority of said Anne v. Edward Nenet C78/1002, no. 6 [163]
1670 19 Oct. 22 Samuel Barlowe v Sebastian Watts and Robert Milles nephew & heir of Thomas Milles decd Possession of moiety of messuage in Portsmouth, Hants. C78/697, no. 9 [164]
1670 19 Oct 22 George Stile v Peter Hoskins. Unpaid legacies C78/740, no. 13 [165]
1670 19 Oct 22 James Burvill, clerk; and John Casier, gent v. Thomas Gibbon the elder; Thomas Gibbon the younger; and Edward Gibbon, gents; and Valentine Jekin C78/1258, no. 3 [166]
1670 24 Oct 22 Henry Hall v William Burroughs the elder, William Burroughs the younger; Stephen Phesant; Christopher Goodfellowe; Edward Chard; and Robert Lant Mortgage of lands in Burrough, Leics C78/740, no. 11 [167]
1670 25 Oct 22 John Wise, merchant v. Sir Edmond Fortescue, knight and baronet; Thomas Trowt; and Robert Cutland C78/859, no. 8 [168]
1670 26 Oct 22 William Culler, esq v. Sir William Ruder, knight; Sir Richard Ford, knight; John Buckworth; and Richard Bayly C78/1602, no. 10 [169]
1670 26 Oct 22 John Lake; and Thomas Lake v. Stephen Tomlyn; Henry and John Tomlyn, infants; Richard Allen since deceased; Thomas Cordwell; and John Sauninge C78/863, no. 1 [170]
1670 28 Oct 22 Sir Phillip Parker of Wenham, Suffolk; and Henry Parker of East Bergholt, Suffolk executors of Dame Mary Saltonstall, widow decd who was the relict of Sir Richard Saltonstall v Richard Serieant of Dinton, Bucks and Jane his wife; William Harrington; Simon Mayne; Elizabeth Browne; and John Thompson Legacies payable by will of Dame Mary Saltonstall from her jointure lands in Aston Mullins, Upton and Dinton, Bucks C78/1227, no. 4 [171]
1670 28 Oct 22 Francis Moore; and John Noddere the younger, executors of Gervase Harstaffe, gent v. John Cart, gent; James Holmes & Comfort his wife C78/867, no. 9 [172]
1670 29 Oct 22 Sir Thomas Proby, baronet v. Robert Mawer the father; and Robert Mawer the son C78/867, no. 10 [173]
1670 31 Oct 22 Thomas Greene als Bockett; Edward Bistow; and Harrington Capper v John Hayward and others (not named) Debts in connection with wood and timber trade. C78/721, no. 3 [174]
1670 31 Oct 22 Thomas Bayly of Diss, Norf, hatter v. Margaret Algar, executrix of John Algar C78/789, no. 9 [175]
1670 4 Nov 22 Thomas Moulton of Donington, Shropshire and Anne his wife; Robert Trueman and Dorothy his wife; and [blank] Meares of the Kingdom of Ireland and Mary his wife formerly the wife of Peter Newton decd v Francis Eld. Disputed testamentary settlement of the manor of Seighford or Sedgeford, Staffs. C78/713, no. 7 [176]
1670 4 Nov 22 Thomas Paske, executor of Anne Paske, widow, who was executrix of Thomas Paske, doctor of divinity; Theophilus Dillingham, doctor of divinity, & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of Doctor Paske; Theophila Paske; Judith Paske; and George Paske, children of Doctor Paske and Anne his wife, infants, by said Thomas Paske their brother v. Joseph Herne; Lawrence Parsons; Sir John Lewis, knight and baronet; and others (sic) C78/789, no. 10 [177]
1670 5 Nov 21 William White executor of Anne White, widow decd v Richard Breach; William Steere; Edward Eldridge; and John Pottinger Bonds and debts C78/700, no. 13 [178]
1670 7 Nov 22 Mary Bettiscombe the widow and relict of Christopher Bettiscombe; Peter Bettiscombe; Mary Bettiscombe; Grace Bettiscombe; and Elizabeth Bettiscombe children of the said Christopher Bettiscombe and of the complainant Mary his wife being all infants by Mary Bettiscombe their mother v. Christopher Bettiscombe an infant son and heir of the said Christopher Bettiscombe; Andrew Bettiscombe; Robert Bettiscombe; Johnb Thompson; and Henry Hardwell C79/13, no. [179]
1670 9 Nov. 22 William Chislett v John Rickman; Lancelott Johnson and Mary his wife Mortgage of tenements in parish of St. Brides, London C78/700, no. 9 [180]
1670 10 Nov. 22 Robert Salvyn executor of Rebecca Salvyn, widow, his late mother v Sir Cuthbert Heron son & heir of Cuthbert Heron decd; Cuthbert Collingwood son & heir of George Collingwood decd; Thomas Carnaby and Dorothy his wife; and Richard Turbut Annuity payable from capital messuage of Pigdon, Northumberland C78/691, no. 2 [181]
1670 14 Nov. 22 Christopher Burley and Alice his wife administrators of Thomas Rundall not administered by Alice his relict v John Rundall; Daniel Beale; and Thomas Beale Lease of land in Milton Abbott, Devon. C78/726, no. 6 [182]
1670 14 Nov 22 Oliver Crosfield; William Barker; John Lucas the elder; Thomas Green; Lancelot Fell; Roger Lynde; John Lucas the younger; John Jackson, hatter; William Dickinson; Robert Hutton the younger; John Robinson; Ann Sill; Ann Thexton; John Newton; John Jackson of Churchbancke; Richard Cocke; Christopher Beecham; James Barker; John Whitehead; Robert Claughton; Anthony Crofte; Robert Saule; Christopher Guy; John Rawlinson; William Thompson; William Thompson the younger; Margaret Preston; Robert Hutton the elder; William Labora the elder;John Jackson of Clathropp; Ellen Lucas; John Cocke; John Thompson the younger; John Wadeson; Thomas Sheppard; John Eward; John Pearson; John Jackson of Docker; William Labora the younger; Edmund Burrowe; Edward Cumin; William Thompson the elder; John Dickinson; William Fell; Henry Pearson; William Addison; Christopher Turner; George Jackson of Hutton; Robert Foxall; John Gibson the younger; Robert Gibson; James Jackson; George Mayor; Thomas Robinson of Hutton; Thomas Robinson of Dalton; John Gibson the elder; William Mansergh; John Hobkin; Richard Pearson; Tristram Lucas; John Tunstall; Thomas Pearson; Richard Jackson; Henry Cooke; Daniel Rimmington; Thomas Claughton; Thomas Pindreth the elder; Richard Wadeson; William Jackson of Clathropp; Richard Hest; Isabell Edward; Edmund Gell; Thomas Jackson; Robert Franche; Richard Curwen; John Atkinson; Thomas Causfield; Thomas Rawlinson; John Saule; Richard Turner; and William Thompson, all of them customary tenants of the manor of Burton, Westmoreland v. Sir George Middleton, knight and baronet; and Somerford Oldfield, esq & Mary his wife C78/878, no. 7 [183]
1670 15 Nov. 22 William Blackett (for creditors of Edward Barber) v Thomas Marshall; Joseph Marryott; George Bamforth; George Coldwell; Roger Hellifield and Margaret his wife; Ellen Barber widow & relict of the said Edward Barber; Ann Jackson, widow; John Burdekin and Mary his wife; Edward Barber and Ellen his wife; Anne Waugham since the wife of James Evans; Andrew Moorewood; John Storey; and John Stainforth; and another (not named) Debts payable from testamentary settlement of iron forge in Turneholme and lands in Lee, Stubbing, Bradfield, Sheffield and Waddassey, Yorks and Derbys. C78/726, no. 7 [184]
1670 15 Nov 22 John Terry, clerk v. Isaac Terry the elder; Anne Terry, widow; and Isaac Terry the younger; and Abraham Terry infants; and Henry Jones C78/1073, no. 5 [185]
1670 18 Nov 22 Samuel Lamott v. John Goreing C78/1002, no. 2 [186]
1670 19 Nov 22 Richard Oldfield, administrator of Olive his wife, one of the sisters of John Dynely, esq v. Olive Croft, widow C78/1266, no. 19 [187]
1670 20 Nov 22 Edward Backwell, esq v. Paul Pawley, gent C78/1602, no. 16 [188]
1670 20 Nov 22 Andrew Hopkins v. John Lovering; and Christopher Wheeler C78/1012, no. 9 [189]
1670 21 Nov 22 Katherine Moreton, Mary Moreton and George Moreton infants by Theophilus Barnard of Silsly, Leics v William Leeke; Thomas Babington; Robert Barnard Legacies payable from personal estate of John Moreton. C78/713, no. 3 [190]
1670 22 Nov 22 Richard Canne of Bristol, merchant v. Sir Robert Canne knight and baronet; Roger King; John Clary; William Ashton; Ellis Richard; Lloyd Dudley; and John Smith C78/1930, no. 29 [191]
1670 22 Nov 22 John Fenne & Katharine his wife v. Robert Lambton C78/1266, no. 17 [192]
1670 23 Nov 22 Sir Christopher Clapham, knight, & Dame Margaret his wife, late wife and executrix of Robert Moyle, esq, late third prothonotary of the court of common pleas v. John Moyle; Thomas Moyle; Fabian Phillipps, & Margaret his wife; and George farmer C78/1594, no. 4 [193]
1670 23 Nov 22 Mathew Blucke, esq v. Gerrard Gore, esq; William Bagg; and William Fluellyn C78/1286, no. 3 [194]
1670 24 Nov 22 Hugh Norris v. John Lybbye C78/1912, no. 11 [195]
1670 26 Nov 22 Daniel Hudson and Thomas Bletsoe v Henry Raymond; Samuel Ekins and Alice Ekins Debts of Alexander Ekins payable from trust of unspecified lands. C78/741, no. 15 [196]
1670 26 Nov 22 John Wright v. Mary Swire, widow; John Gibson; Francis Wayneman; and Agnes Jennyngs, widow Sale of lease to encumbered parcels of land called Awood, Lamberthill and Stirtonbars in Skipton (county not stated, ?Yorks?) C78/856, no. 5 [197]
1670 28 Nov 22 William Vanbrough; William Hobbert son & heir of George Hubbart; Thomas Cooke; Mathew Carlton; Edward Ward, vicar of Rothley, Leics; Francis Nedham son & heir of Francis Nedham, clerk decd; William Watts; Francis Beeby; Thomas Black son & heir of Thomas Black decd; William Hardy; Dorothy Underwood, infant, daughter and heir of William Underwood decd; Anne Ireland, widow and relict and John Ireland son & heir of Thomas Ireland decd; Edward Hardy; Thomas Hardy son & heir of Robert Hardy decd; Robert Hardy son & heir of Elizabeth Hardy decd; Clement Nedham; John Burbage of Queniburough; John Burbage of Gaddesby, Leics; John Dand; Robert Thorpe; James Black; William Nedham; Henry Walker; Christopher Katherines son & heir of Christopher Katherines decd; Thomas Black son & heir of Daniel Black and Emme his wife; Anne Burbage, widow & relict of Robert Burbage decd; Anne Elliott grandaughter and heir of the said Robert Burbage; Ellen Black, widow & relict of William Black decd; James Freestone; Anne Buttlin, widow & relict, and John Buttlin son & heir, of Nicholas Buttlin decd v Edward Mountford and Margaret his wife; Anne Smith and Mary Smith, the said Margaret, Anne and Mary being the daughters and coheirs of George Smith decd; Humfrey Wharton and [blank] his wife late wife of the said George Smith; William Parlow and Anthony Maior executors of John Maior; Charles Boardman and William Barons Bill (Trinity 1666) reciting earlier bill (17 April 1651) of Samuel Boardman v George Smith reciting agreement (18 April 1650) for general enclosure of open fields of Gaddesby in Rothley, Leicestershire. New bill alleged that the plot allotted to George Smith had been taken by defendants during minority of his heir who now claimed possession of the plot C78/691, no. 1 [198]
1670 29 Nov 22 John Soame, merchant v. John Greene; and John Parker C78/1002, no. 7 [199]
1670 30 Nov 22 George Chute v Richard Tufton; Henry Fitzjames and Frances his wife Marriage settlement of lands in St. Margarets, Westminster, Middx. C78/730, no. 5 [200]
1670 30 Nov. 22 James Knuckle v John Clutterbuck and others (not named) Mortgage of leased tenements in Long Acre, St. Martins in the Fields, Middx C78/741, no. 8 [201]
1670 30 Nov 22 Daniel Waldoe of Harrow on the Hill, Middx, esq; and Edward Waldoe, citizen and clothworker of London v. Alexander Somer & Margaret his wife; and Thomas Somer C78/1003, no. 1 [202]
1670 9 Dec 22 Allan Bellingham of Over Levens, Westmorland, esq v. Nicholas Tunstall; Peter Platt; Richard Rawes; Robert Jale; Robert Holme; William Rowlandson; Richard Pearson; and Richard Stephenson C78/1602, no. 18 [203]
1670 12 Dec 22 John Morris and Robert Clayton v Sir Robert Howard and Dame Honoria his wife relict and executrix of Sir Frances Englefield; Brian, Lord Viscount Cullen; and George Ayliffe Trust of the manor of Wootton Bassett, Wilts. C78/696, no. 1 [204]
1670 16 Dec. 22 Dorothy Pew, widow & administratrix of Ferdinando Pew decd v Dorothy Cudmore and Thomas Cudmore. Legacies payable from testamentary settlement of lands in Coxshall, Essex C78/722, no. 3 [205]
1670 19 Dec 22 Robert Cary, merchant v. Abraham Biggs; and others C78/858, no. 12 [206]
1670 19 Dec 22 Leonard Robinson & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Buckle, which said Elizabeth and Mary are the daughters and coheirs of Thomas Buckle v. Ellen Poole; and Alice Poole, the executrices of Richard Poole; and Simon Scott C78/1266, no. 16 [207]