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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1663 15 C78/, no. []
1663 Hilary term 14 Margaret Morden, widow of John Morden the elder late of Exming, Suffolk v William Raymond and Mathew Rogers Assignment of lease of rectory of Exming, Suffolk. C78/699, no. 9 [2]
1663 3 Jan 14 John Rumbold of Weston, Herts son & heir of Robert Rumbold decd, who was son & heir of Robert Rumbold the elder, by John Woolf & Mary his wife and Nicholas Woolf citizen & vintner of London v William Rumbold; John Rumbold and Nicholas Honor Legacy payable from messuage called Kesses in Weston, Herts C78/1209, no. 18A [3]
1663 12 Jan 14 Mary Thomas, widow v Simon Adams the elder; Symon Adams the younger, malster & Mary his wife Mortgage of lands called Bilberges in Hadstocke, (no county given). C78/624, no. 8 [4]
1663 15 Jan 14 Francis Booth of Custlecamps, Cambs and Faith his wife youngest daughter of Jon Baker late of Bartlow, clerk decd v Thomas Puckering; James East; Anne his wife; Anne Baker since the wife of Blaze Pratt; Elizabeth Baker since the wife of Anthony Bettenham; Dorothy Baker; Theophilus Tyrrill and Richard Davy Legacy payable by will of John Baker from lands in Gifford, Redwinter and Bartlow Hall, Essex C78/1209, no. 15 [5]
1663 16 Jan 14 Robert Wish; George Potter; Robert Potter; and Andrew Wish v. Richard Pratt & Agnes his wife now the relict and executrix of William Potter C78/2041, no. [6]
1663 20 Jan 14 Sir William Denny v Robert Filmer and Dorothy his wife Possession and trust of the manor of Tremworth or Stowting, (no county given) C78/652, no. 3 [7]
1663 20 Jan 15 Peter Legay the elder and Peter Legay his son v. Thomas Phillipps; Richard Peckham; and George Coperthwaite C78/2027, no. 2 [8]
1663 24 Jan 14 Anne Woodcocke, widow v William Gratwicke; Francis Woodcocke; William Hartrich and Mary his wife Testamentary settlement by will of Roger Gratwick of lands in Pevensey, Seaford, Balsdeane and elsewhere in Sussex C78/607, no. 6 [9]
1663 24 Jan 14 Peter Cole v Henry Glemham and others (named, but faded) Annuity payable from mortgaged messuage in East Bergholt, Suffolk C78/739, no. 22 [10]
1663 24 Jan 14 Edward Denny of Bucknam Ferry, Norfolk v Sir Thomas Woodcock; Steward Walker; Nathaniel Axtell; and John Saunders Gambling debts. C78/1209, no. 14 [11]
1663 26 Jan 14 William Strode the elder v Thomas Holt, clerk, chancellor of the Cathedral Church of Wells and others (not named). Lease of parsonage of Kingsbury, Somerset. C78/668, no. 12 [12]
1663 26 Jan 14 Francis Martin of Ewelme, Oxon, esq v. John Croke esq now Sir John Croke knight; Sir Henry Corke, knight; and Richard Carsil C78/2032, no. 11 [13]
1663 26 Jan 14 Francis Martin of Ewelme, Oxon, esq v. John Croke, esq, now Sir John Croke, knight; Sir Henry Croydon, knight; and Richard Caroll C78/901, no. 1 [14]
1663 26 Jan 14 George Mayoe v. George Smith, Stephen Langham and Rebecca Vincent executors of Sir William Vincent decd C78/1299, no. 11 [15]
1663 27 Jan 14 Randle MacDonnell, Marquess of Antrim, Ireland, v George, Duke of Buckingham; Thomas Cox and Robert Castle Lease of the manors of Wragby, Uffington, Newstead and Tollington [Torrington by Wragby], Lincs. C78/608, no. 1 [16]
1663 27 Jan 14 Henry Ogle, esq; and Ralph Salkeild, gent v. Robert Fenwicke, esq 2/3 of the manor of Ellington, and land etc in Bebside, both in Northumberland, held in trust to pay the debts of Thomas Ogle who died in Ireland in 1642. C78/1258, no. 10 [17]
1663 28 Jan 14 William Browne; John Browne; Robert Browne; Richard Browne and Francis Browne; William Covell and Mary his wife; and Anne Browne (the said William, John, Robert, Richard, Francis, Mary & Anne being children of John Browne decd v Thomas Browne; Robert Browne; Mary Richards; Daniel Richards and John Browne Legacies payable from personal estate of John Browne. C78/624, no. 6 [18]
1663 28 Jan 14 Robert Constable of London v Josias Prickett; Robert Prickett and George Prickett Debts of Sir Thomas Metham payable from trust of the parsonages of Saltmarsh and Metham, Yorks. C78/1209, no. 7 [19]
1663 29 Jan 14 John Pengelley v Robert Poole; John Poole and Peter Young Possession and trust of the manor of Street Marshall and land in Tyrmynigh, Montgom C78/1204, no. 4 [20]
1663 15 Christopher Perkins of Pilson, Monmouth v Robert Jones; Jane his wife; and Edward White Mortgage and marriage settlement of lands in St. Brevills, Gloucs C78/674, no. 13 [21]
1663 4 Feb 15 Thomas Hartley, citizen and turner of London v. John Hosier; Hannah Blake, widow, administratrix of Robert Blake, son of of Hannah Blake heir of said Robert Blake C78/863, no. 4 [22]
1663 5 Feb 15 Isabell Ellis v George Ellis Cancellation of bonds C78/597, no. 3 [23]
1663 5 Feb 15 James Chamberlyne & John Ellis surviving executors of John Chamberlyne decd v Sir William Bateman & Hugh Bateman executors of William Bateman decd Debts, bonds and legacies claimed from estate of John Chamberlyne C78/624, no. 11 [24]
1663 6 Feb 15 Thomas Dodgson by Francis Bucke v Robert Brandling Bonds re mortgage of messuage in Leathley and Westhall Parke, Yorks. C78/610, no. 3 [25]
1663 6 Feb 15 John Stevens & Thomas Day executors of Richard Sutton decd; Richard Sutton, Mary Sutton & Sarah Sutton children of the said Richard Sutton v John Sutton son & heir of the said Richard Sutton by James Marriott Debts and portions payable by will of Richard Sutton from sale of lands in Little Ington, Beds. C78/624, no. 7 [26]
1663 9 Feb 15 Lady Mary St. John & Marke Arundell her son v Elizabeth, countess dowager of Peterborough; Sir William Brownelowe; William Chadwell; Francis Cornewallis; and Charles Arundell, an infant Debts of William Arundell, payable from the manors of Thornton, Dorset and Sutton Mandevill, Wilts. C78/672, no. 2 [27]
1663 9 Feb 15 George Tito; Peter Hall; Christopher Wareham; John Harding; Ursula Langdon; Jonathan Giear; Justinian Kingston; John Barnes; Arnold Desallanova; David Barker; Richard Yardley and Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Heane, widow; Dorothy Lowncan, widow; Barbara Gould; and Richard Peircy creditors of Robert Giear, merchant decd and Thomas Hide, merchant v Henry Cuttance and Robert Giear Debts of Robert Giear, payable from trust of lands in Weeke Regis, (no county given). C78/739, no. 16 [28]
1663 9 Feb 15 Mary Meux and Elizabeth Meux of St Martyns in the Fields, Middx, spinsters, sisters of Lewis Meux late of Newporte in the Isle of Wight, Hants v Richard Worsley; John Worsley; Thomas Worsley; David Wavell; [blank] Sutton; and George Bryers Lands in Newchurch, Atherton, Isle of Wight and Balden, Hants, used as security for debts. C78/990, no. 2 [29]
1663 10 Feb 15 Charles Byorley esq; John, lord bishop of Coventry and Lichfield; William Thursby esq; William Brewin; Frances Keene widow; William Moore; Henry Berridge; Thomas Stevenson; Thomas Warner; John Wilson; and William Sumner C78/2040, no. 7 [30]
1663 10 Feb 15 Edmond Prideaux, Attorney General, at relation of the Lord Mayor & four senior Aldermen of the City of London v Sir Garrett Kempe; Sir William Smith and his wife; John Hilton; Thomas Hollyman and Margaret his wife; James Temple (administrator to the Lady Jane Shelley); Anthony Maddison; Sir Charles Shelley; Benjamin Weston; James Baker; Hester Moncke; Robert Turbitt; Robert Hunt; Nicholas Sturt; Robert Doyley; Charles Whitmore; and George Whitmore Charitable bequests, by will of Henry Hilton, to poor of Durham and Newcastle, from lands in Hilton, Ford, Folansby, Great Usworth, Biddicke, Barmeston and rectory of Monckwarmouth [Monkwearmouth], Co Durham and manor of Easton Bassett, Wilts. C78/628, no. 1 [31]
1663 10 Feb 15 William Brownelow; William Chadwell; and Gabriel Beck executors of John Dutton decd v George Colt and Elizabeth his wife; John Dutton Colt; George Dutton Colt; William Dutton Colt; Henry Dutton Colt; Charles Dutton Colt; Thomas Dutton Colt; Edward Dutton Colt and Elizabeth Colt, children of the said George & Elizabeth Colt; William Dutton; Ralph Dutton; Thomas Roberts; Benjamin Billingsley; and William Bell Annuity payable by will of John Dutton from trust of lands in Sherburne, Northlatch and other lands in Gloucs, Worcs and Oxon C78/629, no. 13 [32]
1663 10 Feb 15 Robert Cooke v Anne Pile, widow, relict of Anthony Pile; Adryan Parmenter & Robert Utting and another (not named). Debts C78/690, no. 2 [33]
1663 10 Feb 15 Charles Byerly of Belgrave, Leics; John, Lord Bishop of Coventry & Litchfeild; William Thursby of the Middle Temple, London; William Brewin of Belgrave; Frances Keene, widow of Belgrave; William Moore of Belgrave; Henry Berridge of Belgrave; Thomas Stevenson, blacksmith of Belgrave; Thomas Warner and John Wilson of Humberston, Leics; and William Sumner of the Borough of Leicester, taylor v James Colborne and William Taylor, infants; Millicent Thistlethwaite, widow; Thomas Tompson; William Kins, clerk and Sarah his wife; John Fisher and Mary his wife; Sarah Johnson, widow; Richard Fowkes; Elizabeth Crosse, widow; Thomas Knight and Dorothy his wife; and Richard Ward Bill (Mich. 1662) seeking confirmation of agreement (14 March 1654) for general enclosure to improve farming and profits and appointment of a surveyor C78/1214, no. 5 [34]
1663 11 Feb 15 Henry Foster v Thomas Welbourne. Articles of agreement re conveyance of messuage and tenement in Would Newton, Yorks. C78/607, no. 3 [35]
1663 11 Feb 15 Jervas Price v John Sewell and William Cant Possession of tenement and lands in Basford, Notts formerly of Willian Price the plts grandfather C78/608, no. 5 [36]
1663 11 Feb 15 Mary Flatman of London, widow & executrix of Henry Flatman, scrivenor, her late husband v Humphrey Fox and Margarett his wife executrix of Anthony Flatman her late husband Lease of lands in trust in St. Katherines near the Tower, London C78/690, no. 5 [37]
1663 11 Feb 15 John Pettiward of London and Sarah his wife, daughter & heir of Henry White late of Puttney, Surrey v Sir John Beale Mortgage of tenement in Thomas Street, London C78/1220, no. 8 [38]
1663 12 Feb 14 Mary Wilson v John Seaward. Bonds and debts owed to estate of John Bedford. C78/635, no. 11 [39]
1663 12 Feb 15 Thomas Hobson v Samuel Ward and Abigail his wife Mortgage of messuage, garden and orchard in Gosford Street, Coventry, Warwicks C78/739, no. 17 [40]
1663 12 Feb 15 (Damaged, so tentative reading) Sir Edward Wingfield, knight; and Edward Wingfield son and heir apparent of said Sir Edward Wingfield and son and heir of Amice late wife of Sir Edward Wingfield and daughter and heir of Anthony Lucar, esq v. Charles Steynings, esq C78/902, no. 13 [41]
1663 15 Feb 15 Katherine Culwicke and John Culwicke by John Dade v Francis Nicholls; John Goodman; Humphry Grove; and Thomas Batch Disputed lease upon land at Kings Nordley, parish of Aldeley, Shropshire C78/583, no. 15 [42]
1663 20 Feb 15 Sir Henry Paulett and Hester, Lady Paulett his wife, formerly the wife & relict of John Miller v Thomas Jervoice; Henry Kelsey; Richard Stainsby; Daniel Wicharly; Sir Gabriel Dowse; Sir George Coney; Richard Kent; Johane Miller; Elizabeth Miller and Hester Miller Trust settlement of rectory of Nether Wallopp, Hants. C78/850, no. 9 [43]
1663 20 Feb 15 Sir George Sanderson viscount Castleton; Sir Phillip Constable of Everingham, Yorks, baronet; Marmaduke Constable esq son and heir of the said Sir Phillip; Anne Smith widow; and John Bromby her son C79/34, no. [44]
1663 23 Feb 15 John Spranger, Sarah Spranger and Anne Spranger infants by William Spranger v Isaack Foster and William Spranger Legacies payable by will of William Spranger, from trust of Great Wardens Farm in High Ongar, Essex C78/668, no. 10 [45]
1663 23 Feb 15 Andrew Baker administrator of Richard Baker v Thomas Bretton and Robert Bretton the younger Debts arising from trade in Canary Wines C78/690, no. 4 [46]
1663 23 Feb 15 Mary Panton, widow v John Bancks; John Ward; John Gerrard; Nathaniel Sreater and Sarah his wife Bonds in connection with marriage portion. C78/745, no. 9 [47]
1663 23 Feb 15 Francis Cheeke v. Francis Pratt; and Adryan Pratt C78/859, no. 18 [48]
1663 26 Feb 15 John Gray, Leonard Gray and Jane Gray the youngest sons & youngest daughter of Henry, Earl of Stamford and Anne, Countess of Stamford v Sir Martin Lister Debts and portions payable from trust settlement of the manor of Armtree [in Coningsby par.], Lincs C78/739, no. 19 [49]
1663 26 Feb 15 Thomas Jones of Morton Wallicorum, Denb, gent v. Francis Warner; Peter Smith; Christian Andrewes; and Elianor Andrewes C78/1257, no. 14 [50]
1663 2 March 15 Symon Marriott v John Socher the elder and Jane his wife; Elizabeth Shudd the elder; Elizabeth Shudd the younger; Richard Chalcroft; Thomas Chalcroft; William Roker; William Socher; Jane & Anne Socher Discharge of encumbrances on lands in Chiddingfold, Surrey C78/668, no. 11 [51]
1663 2 March 15 Thomas Sheepy of London and Grace his wife, grandchild and executrix of William Meller, late citizen and Leatherseller of London v Rowland Aldrich and Nicholas Wilde Rents and profits due from houses in Little Saint Ellins, London. C78/1220, no. 10 [52]
1663 2 March 15 Thomas Saunders late of Addington, Bucks v Thomas Duncumb; Thomas Whorwood; and Alban Eales Purchase of mortgaged premises at Oving, Bucks C78/1220, no. 11 [53]
1663 3 March 15 Robert Dingly and Rebecca his wife executrix of Susan Wich v Job Harby; Easmus Harby; Edmond Hoskins; Job Throckmorton; and Nathaniel Wich Debts owed to estate of Susan Wich from trust of manor of Walshall, no county given C78/556, no. 4 [54]
1663 3 March 15 Humfry Nicholson v Jane Todd, executrix of Thomas Todd; Oswald Matfen; Nicholas Fetherstonehaugh; and William Robson Debts of Thomas Todd, payable from manor of Westmorton, Co Durham C78/608, no. 4 [55]
1663 3 March 15 James Ravenscroft v John Milborne the elder and William Milborne Title to lands in parish of Monmouth, Mon C78/690, no. 3 [56]
1663 3 March 15 Sir Edward Hales of Tunstall, Kent v Thomas Bellingham and William Cleborne Accounts of factorship and fraudulent borrowing of money C78/745, no. 12 [57]
1663 16 March 15 Giles Litcott (son of Sir John Litcott) and Sarah his wife; Sir John Bancks; John Thurloe; and John Upton v Thomas Cullen; Thomas Hill and Elizabeth Hill Cancellation of bonds and mortgages relating to marriage settlements of houses in St. Mary Axe, London and lands in Gloucs C78/720, no. 19 [58]
1663 5 May 15 John Lister of Ovenden, Yorks; Susan Lister mother of the said John; John Bynns; Walter Butler; Anthony Garforth; and Joseph Lister v John Ashton and Katharine his wife; Katharine Lister an infant by Katharine Ashton; and John Lister an infant by Nicholas Browne Cancellation of bonds, re release of trust of unspecified lands in Yorks. C78/608, no. 2 [59]
1663 6 May 15 Abraham Nelson v Thomas Nelson & William Nelson Debts and accounts. C78/597, no. 1 [60]
1663 8 May 15 John Bilton v William Welch Bonds re payment of debts of Benjamin Bressey C78/607, no. 2 [61]
1663 8 May 15 Anthony Collins of the Middle Temple, London v William Jordan and Richard Rudyard Rent arrears from manor of Shalcome, Isle of Wight, Hants. C78/674, no. 11 [62]
1663 8 May 15 Edward Blurton v Daniel Baker; John Crompton and Anne his wife Bonds for debts and alleged encumbrances on 9 messuages in Blackhorse Alley, Covent Garden, Middx C78/739, no. 12 [63]
1663 8 May 15 Edward Husband, citizen & stationer of London v Thomas Newcombe, citizen & stationer of London Accounts re printing partnership in London C78/1204, no. 5 [64]
1663 9 May 15 Richard L... v. Edward Cooper, George Peirce, and Thomas Johnson Dismissal of plaintiff's bill seeking to intervene at common law against a trespass suit resulting from a breakdown of a "treaty" between plaintiff and Cooper concerning the making of a lease to lands in Slynfold, Sussex. C78/663, no. 9 [65]
1663 9 May 15 Richard Chamberlayne, esq v. John Chamberlaine; and Thomas Chamberlaine C78/1260, no. 19 [66]
1663 11 May 15 Thomas Loveday v Anne Rolt by George Gifford. Payments due on mortgage of messuage in Barenth, Kent. C78/651, no. 5 [67]
1663 11 May 15 Robert Savidge of Kingsclere, Hants and Margaret Riggs late wife & relict of Edmund Riggs decd v Richard Hooke; Eustace Hooke; Thomas Riggs and Constance Riggs, infants Lease of site of manor of Fareham, Hants. C78/710, no. 2 [68]
1663 11 May 15 William Stanley of Hooton, Ches, baronet one of the executors of the executors of Phillippa late lady Mosley and Mounteagle and administrator of Charlotte (?) Stanley his late wife and guardian of William Stanley; Henry (?) Stanley; Mary Stanley; and Charlet Stanley sons and daughers of said Charlett Stanley; and others named v. John Carill and others C78/2032, no. 9 [69]
1663 12 May 15 Elizabeth Harvey infant one of the children and administrator of Susan Harvey her mother and also administrator of Mary Harvey her sisten by Anne Harvey of London widow her prochein amye v Henry Hungate Legacies payable from personal estate of Robert Hungate and houses in Fanchurch Street, London C78/547, no. 14 [70]
1663 13 May 15 William Hall v Henry Bulstrode and Mary his wife; and Mary Hall the younger Testamentary settlement by the complts father John Hall the elder, of the manor and farm of Broms in West Deane and lands in Petworth, Sussex. C78/695, no. 14 [71]
1663 13 May 15 Thomas Middleton, esq, son and executor of Timothy Midleton, esq v. Braye Chamberlaine; and Franke Chamberlaine C78/998, no. 16 [72]
1663 14 May 15 Lancelott Pickering; Lawrence Croft; and William Barwick v William Emott the younger and Henry Helmeroe Bonds and debts C78/630, no. 8 [73]
1663 15 May 15 John Rack v Anthony Hall; Henry Fry; George Jolland; and Thomas Appleyard Bonds re purchase of 40 quarters of barley. C78/739, no. 14 [74]
1663 16 May 15 Leonard Scott v Robert Berryer; John Scott; and Barnard Scott Mortgage of part of messuage in Hull, Yorks. C78/622, no. 1 [75]
1663 16 May 15 Henry Sander of Ewell, Surrey; Richard Hunt; Henry Newton, citizens and mercers of London; George ...ney of London; Richard Browne of Ewell; and Josiah Priniate, citizen & leatherseller of London, creditors of the said Henry Sander v Henry Tulse and Elizabeth his wife Review of decree of 4 July 1655 re mortgage of manors called Bodelees, Upgroves and Skarlett in Lambeth, Surrey C78/731, no. 9 [76]
1663 16 May 15 John Fenwicke v Francis Nevile; Edward Fenwick; William Fenwicke; and William Rea Payments due from trust settlement of manor of Stannton, Northumberland created by William Fenwick the complts father, and the defts Edward (his son & heir) and Nevile C78/990, no. 1 [77]
1663 16 May 15 Henry Mills and Hugh Shattock v. Barbara Harvy widow executrix of Henry Harvy executor of William Harvy C79/185, no. [78]
1663 16 May 15 Samuel Hyett v. Henry Hyett; and Samuel Bobbyns C78/1260, no. 20 [79]
1663 17 May 15 Nicholas Charleton v. Peter Giffard; Walter Giffard esqs; John Giffard; John Tomlinson; William Greene; Thomas Greene; Edmond Ward; Walter Cruchley; Phillip Houghton; Stephen Cotton; Walter Lane; Francis Perton Francis yeomen; John Tayler and Thomas Leonell alias Lynall C78/2032, no. 10 [80]
1663 18 May 15 John Fryer of Arlingham, Gloucs v Walter Carter; Margery his wife; and Richard Yate Trust of lands in Arlingham, Gloucs. C78/673, no. 12 [81]
1663 18 May 15 Richard Grigg v Thomas Spigurnell and another (not named) Interests in forfeited estate of Sir John Stawell at Quantock Hills, Somerset C78/722, no. 20 [82]
1663 19 May 15 Rebecca Nuce, widow, relict of John Newce late citizen & grocer of London decd & also relict and executrix of Richard Smalwood, citizen & haberdasher of London her former husband v John Harding executor of John Nuce Administration of estates of John Nuce and Richard Smalwood C78/547, no. 8 [83]
1663 19 May 15 Thomas Ewer and David Ewer two of the younger sons of Henry Ewer the younger of the Lea, Watford, Herts decd, by Jane Bently, widow, their mother v Richard Bourcher Payments due under will of personal estate of John Bently C78/745, no. 10 [84]
1663 20 May 15 Charles, Earl of Ancram v Sir Thomas Hampson; John Grove; Mathew Grove; Richard How; John Beck; Christopher Andrewes; William Elweck; William Flatt; Henry Gold; Richard Flatt; John Chilberry; John Austyn; Robert Stannynett; Thomas Chipps; Richard Parker; Richard Carter; William Heyward; John Foster; George Webb; Robert Beck; Thomas Nevell; Henry Bolt; and Clement Milton Bill (Hilary 1658) alleging commons overrun by conies because of free warren rights and reciting agreement (7 Oct. 1658) to enclose 8 acres of common for conies. Taplow, Buckinghamshire C78/1220, no. 5 [85]
1663 20 May 15 Henry Tulse of London, gent v. Edward Lewen and John Lewen, gent C78/1014, no. 8 [86]
1663 20 May 15 George Smith, a poor mariner in the service of the state v. Robert Rydnall; Benjamin Harrison; and John Robinson C78/1124, no. 1 [87]
1663 21 May 15 Mary Lee, relict & administratrix of Walter Lee decd v William Paulet and Margaret his wife; William Sharpe; and Robert Hicks Trust and assignment of land and houses in St. Giles in the Fields, Middx formerly of Walter Lee late of the City of London, waxchandler, uncle to Walter Lee the complts late husband C78/655, no. 8 [88]
1663 21 May 15 Anne Angell, widow v John Acrod and Maurice Gething Reversal of decree (7 Nov. last past) re debts and bonds C78/739, no. 11 [89]
1663 22 May 15 John Anthony, merchant and Walter Strange v John Jermyn; John Mannaton & Agnes his wife; John Tucker and Rachell his wife; Mathew Skinner; Robert Parsons; Mathew Bennett; Thomas Moore; William Waters; John Stubling; and Robert Trott Lease of tenements in Southgate, Exeter, destroyed in civil war. C78/720, no. 10 [90]
1663 23 May 15 Sir Henry Frederick Thynn, administrator of Katherine Thynn relict of Sir Thomas Thynn v James Foster Trust and dower interests in manor of Froome and other lands in Wilts and Somerset C78/662, no. 14 [91]
1663 23 May 15 Seymor Bowman esq and Francis Yate an infant, eldest son of John Yate esq; and another named v. John Yate esq eldest son of said John Yate esq C78/2027, no. 3 [92]
1663 25 May 15 William Barwick; Christopher Richardson; and Henry Lumley executors of John Bell who was executor of Richard Bell, merchant decd; and John Bell & Johan Bell infant children of the said Richard Bell; and James Strangewayes; William Claxton; and Rowland Stewart creditors of the said Richard Bell v Thomas Dickenson of the City of York, alderman; Peter Calvert; William Knapton; Quinton Clay; Lawrence Carbutt; William Cooke; William Carr; Robert Barker; Thomas Sanderson; Thomas Lowther; William Savage; Isabell Camplishon, widow; Guy Foster; Robert Silverside; Guy Hare; Henry Hare; William Lockwood; Thomas Baynes; Richard Earle; Anne Marshall, widow; Anne Young, widow; Robert Burnett; and Elizabeth Gowland Rents and tithes due from lands in Rufforth, Yorks C78/630, no. 7 [93]
1663 25 May 15 Mary Hopgood v George Philpot and others (named) Settlement by surrender of lands in the manor of Swethling or Stoneham, Hants. C78/635, no. 10 [94]
1663 25 May 15 Nicholas Bond and John Pocock v John Gifford; John Becks & John Blaney Partnership in finding and making iron in New England. C78/699, no. 8 [95]
1663 25 May 15 John, Lord St. John, Earl of Wilts v Henry, Lord Pawlett; Sir Robert Peake; and Daniel Wicherley Title and interests in site of former friary in Broadstreet, London and Pamber Forests, Hants C78/720, no. 22 [96]
1663 25 May 15 William Cobb of Sanndringham, Norfolk, cousin & heir of Mary Kervile decd sole daughter & heir of Sir Henry Kervile of Wiginhall St Maries, Norfolk decd v Susan Gawfell; Sir Richard Braham; Hatton Berners; Francis Butellor; Thomas Botellor; Gregory Botellor; Elizabeth Botellor, widow; Edward Pratt; and John Pell Debts, mortgages and trusts of lands in Norfolk, Cambs and Isle of Ely C78/850, no. 8 [97]
1663 26 May 15 Richard Newman v Sir Trevor Williams & the Lady Elizabeth his wife; Edward, Earl of Clarendon; Sir Francis Doddington; Mathew Davis; Sir Baynham Throckmorton; The Lady Mary Hartopp; Katherine Wyndham, widow; The Lady Dorothy Dromond; John Caryll the younger & Margaret his wife; William Downhall; Hugh Halswell; Samuel Gorges; Posthumus Longe & Bridgett his wife, executrix of John Wyke decd Debts on security of Evercreake Park, Somerset. C78/547, no. 5 [98]
1663 26 May 15 Master and fellows of the College of Mary de Valencis commonly called Pembrooke Hall in the University of Cambridge v Richard Keble since decd; Francis Bacon and Robert Butt Trust of the castle of Framlingham and Saxted, Suffolk. C78/547, no. 9 [99]
1663 26 May 15 Thomas Pearce and Francis Pearce v Edward Blagrave; John Hobbs and William Burges Mortgage of messuage and lands in Greate Coxwell, Berks. C78/650, no. 4 [100]
1663 26 May 15 John Bartley & Agnes his wife v. John Ward, gent; and John Jenner C78/1013, no. 17 [101]
1663 26 May 15 Henry Beaufoy, esq, son and heir of Henry Beaufoy, esq v. Henry Beaufoy, gent C78/1260, no. 18 [102]
1663 27 May 15 Richard Adams v Ayleffe White; Elizabeth his wife; George White; and Walter Handford Arrears of annuities and jointure from trust, of manors of Wollaston and Nafford and lands in Eckington and Burlingham, Worcs C78/609, no. 3 [103]
1663 27 May 15 William Borlase of Great Marlow, Bucks and Henry Borlase of the same place administrators of Gabrial Hippesley late of Little Marlowe, Bucks v Frances Hippesley, widow; Kathrine Hippesley & Anne Hippesley infants by the said Frances their mother Debts and financial trusts, due to estate of Gabriel Hippesley. C78/624, no. 3 [104]
1663 27 May 15 James Birt of Thorneford, Dorset, miller v. John Stride, son of John Stride of Thorneford; Johan Stride, widow; Elizabeth Stride; and Martha Stride C78/1265, no. 6 [105]
1663 29 May 15 Margaret Henchloe, widow & late wife of Henry Henchloe v John Pococke; Robert Whiteing; Thomas Fisher; and Francis Gregg Rents and profits due from lands in St. Martins in the Fields, Middx C78/745, no. 7 [106]
1663 30 May 15 Thomas Strickland of Kensington, Middx & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Pyle; & Jane Pyle an infant by the said Thomas Strickland, the said Elizabeth, Anne & Jane being the daughters & coheirs of Sir Francis Pyle late of Compton Beauchamp, Berks v Sir Seymour Pyle; Gabriel Pyle; and William Whitmore Portions from trust of manors of Compton and Knighton, Berks and lands in Wilts C78/547, no. 16 [107]
1663 30 May 15 John Style the elder late of Lewisham, Kent and John Style the younger, son & heir apparent of the said John Style the elder v John Trist; Thomas Trist; William Lisle; Tobie Lisle; Richard Elmes; John Short; and Richard Trist Mortgage of the manor of Hoo or Howe and lands in Subberton, Meanestocke, Broxford and Hambleton, Hants C78/674, no. 10 [108]
1663 1 June 15 Robert Soutley of Soutley, Denb, esq, an infant, by Ursula Soutley, widow, his mother and guardian v. John Griffiths, gent; John Williams; John Roberts; Robert Owen; Edward Morgan; Thomas ap Shone; John ap Hugh; John Morgan; and John Griffith C78/1257, no. 13 [109]
1663 3 June 15 Francis, Lord Willoughby, Baron of Parham, Suffolk v Thomas, Lord Windsor; George, Lord Viscount Castleton; Sir William Hickman; and Willoughby Godfrey Debts payable from trust settlement of manor of Orby, Lincs. C78/1220, no. 7 [110]
1663 3 June 15 William Young, by Walcot Avington & Anne, wife of said Walcot, his guardians v. Susan Nicks, widow; Sir Ralph Sidenham; George Sidenham; and Hugh Hodges C78/1265, no. 7 [111]
1663 4 June 15 Lancelot Staneley, esq & Blanch his wife, the relict and executrix of Ralph Tooke, her late husband v. John Standish & Judith his wife; and Frances Middleton, widow; John Nodes; and George Nodes, executors of Charles Nodes C78/1014, no. 11 [112]
1663 6 June 15 Peter Harmer v George Woodward, administrator of William Woodward. Bonds and debts. C78/657, no. 3 [113]
1663 15 June 15 John, Earl of Mulgrave, an infant by Sir John Bennett and the Lady Elizabeth, Countess dowager of Mulgrave, mother of the said Earl v Sir [John] Munson the elder Maintenance from trust of unspecified lands C78/652, no. 1 [114]
1663 16 June 15 John Sayers of the City of Worcester, clerk & one of His Majesty's Chapel Royal; John Smith and Margaret Smith, infants, children of Thomas Smith by the said John Sayers their uncle v John Phillips Bonds re trust of copyholds in Sedgley, Staffs C78/673, no. 11 [115]
1663 22 June 15 Sir John Stonehouse v Cornelius Burton; Robert Parrott; and James Heron Trust settlement of the manors of Radley and Sugworth, Berks. C78/716, no. 7 [116]
1663 22 June 15 Samuel Boardman; and Sir John Cropley now knight and baronet by name of John Cropley, son and heir and sole executor of Edward Cropley of Gray Friars, London, esq v. William, marques of Newcastle; Henry Cavendish, viscount Mansfield; John Rolleston; and Robert Butler, esq C78/998, no. 14 [117]
1663 25 June 15 Samuel Lister and Hester his wife, sole daughter & heir of Isaacke Oates & Susan his wife, which said Isaacke was one of the younger sons of James Oates & Mary his wife decd, and the said Susan was daughter of Joseph Drake decd v Phebe Oates, widow, since married to Joseph Fournesse; James Oates & Phebe Oates, infants; James Sagar; Timothy Wadsworth; James Dickenson & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Drake & Mary Drake Profits and portions due from trust settlement of lands in North Owlome and vicarage of Halifax, Yorks C78/608, no. 3 [118]
1663 25 June 15 John Spendlove and Susan his wife one of the sisters of John Gilbert decd; Thomas Webb & Elizabeth his wife late the wife of Richard Becke one other of the sisters of the said John Gilbert v Samuel Wolfe Testamentary settlement of personal estate of John Gilbert. C78/716, no. 6 [119]
1663 26 June 15 Lucian Santicilia & Anne his wife v. Margery Niccoll now wife of William Hutchinson, gent; Robert Barker; Peter Niccoll; Joseph Clarke; AND also v. Peter Niccoll; and Edward Niccholl infants C78/902, no. 12 [120]
1663 28 June 15 Francis Thornes; Arthur Corbett; Sir Vincent Corbett v Dame Sarah Corbett, widow Jointure and marriage trust settlement of lands in Linslade, Southcott, Chelmescott, Solebury, Hallingdon, Gleedley, Braggenham and Leighton Bussard, Beds and Bucks C78/672, no. 1 [121]
1663 29 June 15 Michael Wythe of Ipswich, Suffolk, taylor & Alice his wife; and Thomas Colthurst of Bushmer, bricklayer & Margaret his wife v Sir John Rous; Thomas Blosse; William Gage Testamentary settlement of lands in Clopton (no county given), by will of George Yorke, late grandfather of the complts Alice & Margaret C78/652, no. 16 [122]
1663 29 June 15 John Pester v. Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Bristol; Henry Glemham, doctor of divinity; Richard Towgood; Richard Standfast; George Williamson; John Dashfield, clerk; and John Knight, esq C78/1014, no. 13 [123]
1663 30 June 15 Robert Daniel of Grays Inn v John Nabbs Settlement and reversion interest in lands in Hildolveston and Thirninge, Norfolk C78/625, no. 3 [124]
1663 30 June 15 Richard Lister v Abraham Holditch; James Turner and another (not named). Bonds re plate, jewels and household goods. C78/695, no. 17 [125]
1663 30 June 15 Thomas Bonham of Dagnaham, Essex v John Harding and Margaret Rose, widow Rent arrears from lands in Dagnaham, Essex C78/745, no. 11 [126]
1663 1 July 15 Guy Carleton doctor in divinity and Dean of the Cathedral Church of Carlisle; Lewis West, clerk; George Buchanan; Arthur Savage; & [blank] Canan, clerks, prebendaries and Chapter of the said church v Thomas Denton Disputed boundaries of piece of woodland in the manors of Sedburham and Ronchwait, Cumberland C78/547, no. 12 [127]
1663 1 July 15 Richard Flude and others (not named), churchwardens and overseers of the poor v William Sanders and others (named), owners of ancient cottages Bill (1 Dec. 1658) reciting that in 1624 there was an enclosure of the common fields of Cole Ashby, Northamptonshire, by agreement (Oct. 1624) including allotment of 21 acres to the use of the poor, and alleging illegal entry by the defendants into that plot (May 1657). C78/662, no. 16 [128]
1663 2 July 15 Charles Brandling v William Armorer; Jane Claver; Mary Osmunderley; and Ralph Forster Debts payable from personal estate of William Armorer, related to suit at Northumberland Assizes C78/745, no. 13 [129]
1663 3 July 15 Thomas Peck and Anne his wife, one of the daughters of Sir John Phillpott decd v Edward Mileham since decd & Daniel Wicherley Recognizances on statute staple, in trust as marriage portion C78/547, no. 7 [130]
1663 3 July 15 George Walton late of Little Burstead, Essex v Dame Mary Harvey; William Theed, grocer; Jeremy Elwes; Henry Elwes; and William Comendale Possession of mortgaged lands in Barkhamsted St. Mary (or Northchurch) and Barkhamsted St. Peter C78/547, no. 13 [131]
1663 3 July 15 Thomas Lorde, gent & Jane his wife; Jeremiah Stephens & Mary his wife; Richard Lambert & Elizabeth his wife v. William Carpenter & Anne his wife C78/1014, no. 7 [132]
1663 4 July 15 Theodore Devaux v John Calladon or Colladon Management of trust estate of lands in Isleworth, Middx. C78/635, no. 12 [133]
1663 6 July 15 Sir Charles Harbord; Robert Butler; & John Hanson v Henry Dickenson, clerk Payment of tithe in kind to church of Frettenham from manor of Staninghall and lands in Horstead and Frettenham, Norfolk C78/547, no. 15 [134]
1663 6 July 15 Mary and Elizabeth Thomas v John Robbins and another (named) Testamentary trust settlement of personal estate and unspecified real estate of Robert Walker. C78/635, no. 9 [135]
1663 6 July 15 Richard Hutchinson of London, ironmonger; William Mullins and the Company for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England v Thomas Beddingfield; Henry Beddingfield; Sir Solomon Swale; Thomas Wharton; John Cheston; James Parker; Wilfrid Carbes; and Edward Yarmouth Lifting of encumbrances from lands in the manor of Erswell and Chamberlynes, Suffolk bought as trust to raise funds for the propagation of the Gospel in New England C78/648, no. 10 [136]
1663 6 July 15 Henry Muschampe v John Rey; Nathaniel Herring; and Hester Muschampe Mortgage of Fairleigh farm in East Greenstead, Sussex C78/704, no. 2 [137]
1663 6 July 15 Lewis Phillips one of the executors of William Bedall v Rt. hon. Edward, Lord Mountague of Coughton, Northants; Edward Bedell an infant; and James Ravenscroft Payments due from lands in Alconbury, Weston and Wooley, Hunts C78/720, no. 21 [138]
1663 6 July 15 Thomas Lassells, esq; Roger Fauconbergh, gent; Elizabeth Ogilvye, widow; Edmond Barstow, gent; Thomas Smelt, clerk; George Hall; Henry Powler; Thomas Lee; Francis Ridmaine; George Walle; John Abbott; John Whitehead; Henry Flower; Simond Prest; James Hocley; Luke Cust; Rowland Ammond; John Snawden; George Treuholme; Samuel Merrington; John Flintofte; John Hudson; Francis Key; George Dun; Richard Merrington; Marke Halle; John Skelton; Ellen Tayler; Richard Stringer; William Stephenson; Thomas Dunns; Edmond Wheelas; Thomas Thompson; Simond Flower; Thomas Man; Thomas Lowson & Elizabeth his wife; Luke Thompson; William Metcalfe, gents; Thomas Man, clerk; Charles, earl of Carlisle; Isabell Flower, widow; Simond Dun; Richard Shugar; William Harrison; Parcivall Robinson; Thomas Barstowe; Mathew Morley; Lancelot Fossuke; Thomas Kendrawe; George Tuke; Robert Robinson; John Skarlett; Mark Calvert; William Flower; Thomas Cape; Anthony Blakelocke; Mark Nelson; Thomas Wilson; George Wilson; Elizabeth Wilson, widow; Richard Meynell, gent; William Coates; John Lambe; Isabell Rymer; Ralph Todd; Christopher Lazenby; Richard Staynes; John Bayne; Thomas Marlyn; Cuthbert Hugemaugh; James Horner; Simon Meede; John Browne; and Thomas Whelpedale, the several landowners and terrtenants in the township or parish of Northallerton and in the lordship or manor of Northallerton, Yorks v. John, bishop of Durham C78/1014, no. 10 [139]
1663 8 July 15 Edmund Humfery and Bridgett his wife, executors of Katherine Payton, widow, who was executor of Henry Payton decd v Robert Peyton and Jane his wife; John Sanford and Mary his wife; Valentine Peyton; Laurence Peyton; John Peyton; Sandis Peyton; Charles Payton; Hoo Steward and Margaret his wife; William Payton the elder; William Payton the younger; and Henry Payton Legacy payable by will of Katherine Payton. C78/746, no. 11 [140]
1663 8 July 15 Thomas White of Pearton alias Purton alias Peirton, Herts, gentleman v. Benjamin Brand; William Poulton; Henry Poulton; Robert Nelson; and Ninian Cunningham C78/1912, no. 13 [141]
1663 8 July 15 Elizabeth Porter, widow, late wife and relict of Thomas Porter v. Francis Mulsoe C78/998, no. 20 [142]
1663 13 July 15 John Comber v John Doggett and Walter Woolsley Cancellation of bonds re sale of manor of Cackham, Sussex C78/739, no. 15 [143]
1663 13 July 15 John Hamby of Parham, Suff, esq v. Thomas Ogle; Bridget Read, widow; and Charles Read the son C78/1129, no. 8 [144]
1663 14 July 15 Thomas Danby son & heir of Sir Thomas Danby decd; Henry Best and and Katherine his wife one of the daughters of the said Sir Thomas Danby; and John Danby one of the younger sons of the said Sir Thomas v Sir George Savile; William Thorneton; John Spatchurst; and John Gale Testamentary trust by will of Sir Thomas Danby of lands in Thorpe Pirrow, Great Driffield and Little Driffield, Ilkton als Icketon in Masham, Yorks C78/629, no. 9 [145]
1663 14 July 15 Anne Pott, an infant, by John Pott, esq, her cousin v. John Wulfrys; and Anthony Broughton C78/1124, no. 2 [146]
1663 16 July 15 Charles Richard of London, merchant v Thomas Quick; Daniel Edwards; Thomas Morley; and Joseph Alston Bonds re Spanish trade. C78/662, no. 13 [147]
1663 16 July 15 Thomas Good v Thomas Penoyre and James Penoyre. Debts and mortgage of lands in Hardwick, parish of Clifford, Heref C78/704, no. 1 [148]
1663 16 July 15 Ellen Meade and Mary Meade an infant by John Bent, citizen & mercer of London v John Cave; Ayleworth Maior; Christopher Petty; and Charnell Meade Legacies payable by will of Charnell Petty from trust of the manor of Tettesworth and lands in Aston Rowant and Stokenchurch, Oxon C78/739, no. 10 [149]
1663 16 July 15 Thomas Davies v. David Morgan esq C78/2041, no. 7 [150]
1663 17 July 15 Peregrine Palmer, clerk and Mary his wife v Sir Samuel Tryon Annuity from unspecified lands C78/745, no. 16 [151]
1663 17 July 15 Henry Norris v. Clifton Hillard; Zachary Hillard; William Hillard; Johan Norris; Robert Combestock; and Marmaduke Worthy C78/1260, no. 17 [152]
1663 20 July 15 George Halfeheid v Patricia Halfeheid and Henry Stearne. Dispute over the recovery of debts. C78/855, no. 18 [153]
1663 22 July 15 Dorothy Wagstaffe by Joane Wagstaffe, widow, her mother v Thomas Dighton and Elianor his wife; John Moore and Mary his wife; and Mary, Thomas, Charles and Gartrude Spencer children of Anne Spencer Redemption of mortgage of unspecified lands in Warwicks. C78/629, no. 14 [154]
1663 22 July 15 Thomas Griffithes of Coome Gonrer, Montgomerychire v Charles Loyd; Edward Vaughan; and William Harris. Trust and timber rights in messuages in Garth, Montgomeryshire. C78/652, no. 2 [155]
1663 22 July 15 Chaloner Chute v Sir Thomas Daniell and Dame Jane his wife; Joseph Sheldon Mortgage of manor of Barlton or Barleton, Notts. C78/738, no. 8 [156]
1663 22 July 15 Anne Story, widow, relict of James Story late citizen and haberdasher of London decd; Harrington Capper and Elizabeth his wife the said Elizabeth being the only child of the said James Story; Thomas Starkey, Elizabeth Starkey, Richard Starkey and Anne Starkey grandchildren of the said James Story, that is to say sons & daughters of the said Elizabeth Capper by Thomas Starkey her former husband decd. the said Elizabeth, Richard & Anne Starkey being infants by the said Anne Story their grandmother v Robert Mallory Testamentary settlement of house in Greenwich, Kent and house in Lawrence Pountneys, London. C78/1209, no. 10 [157]
1663 24 July 15 John Briscoe, citizen & fishmonger of London v Thomazine Earle, widow; John Earle; Samuel Sellwood; and Humphrey Sellwood Discharge of mortgage on messuage without Ludgate, London. C78/738, no. 4 [158]
1663 28 July 15 Dame Frances Brooke, Lady Cobham late wife of John, Lord Cobham; and George Bamfeild v John Lord Roos; Emanuell Gee; and William Savile Mortgage of manor and rectory of Heckington, Lincs. C78/695, no. 18 [159]
1663 28 July 15 Sir Chichester Wrey v Rt. hon. William, Earl of Bedford; Baptist, Viscount Cambden; Warwick, Lord Mohun; and Sir Bourchier Wrey Trust settlement of part of estate of William, Earl of Bath in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wilts, Staffs, and Berks. C78/720, no. 20 [160]
1663 28 July 15 John Paschall; Edward Picks the younger and Anne Picks, infants v Henry Wilford Possession of mortgaged manor of Albury and Dacres, Herts C78/739, no. 13 [161]
1663 28 July 15 Elizabeth Cramlington, widow; John Peircy, esq; Francis his wife; John Hamerton, gent; Anthony Lorayne, gent; and William Fenwicke v. Mary Younge, widow alias Dame Mary Younge; Thomas Thwynge; Robert Swinburne; John Blunt; Richard Lambert; Mark Maylard; Edward Nicholson; Robert Ewre; and Sir John Fenwicke Complts inheritance from Sir Andrew Younge decd. Includes manor of Barne, Yorks; tithes & rent charges in of Brayton, Yorks and messuages in Burne Haddlesey, Yorks. Also manor of Cambois, Co Durham [now Northumberland]; rent charges in Sedgefield, Co Durham; and lands in Cambois, Bedlington, Sedgfield, East Sleekburne & West Sleekburne; North Seaton, Northumberland; rent charge in manor of Walker, Northumberland; annuity out of lands in Ellington, Northumberland; messuages etc in Newcastle upon Tyne C78/902, no. 11 [162]
1663 13 Oct 15 Mary Bennett; Martha Bennett, an infant, by her guardian; Robert Stapylton; and John Maddon v. William Christmas; and Thomas Worsley C78/1260, no. 16 [163]
1663 16 Oct 15 Jonathan Jennings v Sir Edmund Jennings; Elizabeth Hodgson; Charles Walmesley; John Preston; Francis Wade; Rosamund Wade; Alice Wade; and Mary Wade Debts and legacies of Samuel Wade, payable by his will, from lands in Addingham, Yorks. C78/631, no. 4 [164]
1663 16 Oct 15 Elizabeth Wivell of the City of York, widow v Langdale Sunderland and Thomas Romans Jointure from moiety of manor of Bromfleete and South Cave, Yorks due to the complt, former wife of Abraham Sunderland, father of the deft Langdale Sunderland. C78/631, no. 10 [165]
1663 16 Oct 15 Robert Wiltsheire v Robert Whatman Profits due from lands in Litle Bowden and Harborough, Northants C78/745, no. 3 [166]
1663 19 Oct 15 John Graunt v Calib Steephens and Daniel Spencer Payment of debts of Mathew Herbert. C78/648, no. 9 [167]
1663 19 Oct 15 James Fitz and Mary his wife one of the daughters of Thomas Thetford v Thomas Thetford, son of the said Thomas Thetford Legacies payable from unspecified lands in Norfolk C78/720, no. 8 [168]
1663 19 Oct 15 Jasper Windle; Samuel Welch; Thomas Nourse; Arthur Prout; John Packer; Giles Jenkins; Roger Butt; Daniel Blanch; John Hall; Jeremiah Ockold, all of the county of Gloucestershire v. John Rodway; Thomas Hackway; Robert Malbott; and Thomas Hoare C78/1014, no. 5 [169]
1663 26 Oct 15 Thomas Ford v Richard Moore; Robert Moore; Greenway Jolliffe and Joane his wife; William Sansome; and John Bunter Trust of profits from pasture land in Candle Bishop, Dorset C78/739, no. 6 [170]
1663 26 Oct 15 Ralph Stockton v. Robert Layton, esq Title to lands called Baggett Holme in a pasture called Cow Close in Hutton nigh Rudby [Hutton Rudby], Yorks following partition of common lands of the township, and defts responsibility for costs of fencing & enclosing C78/902, no. 10 [171]
1663 27 Oct 15 Joseph Brand v Edward Legg the elder and Edward Legg the younger Marriage treaty re two tenements in St. Martins, Colchester, Essex. C78/631, no. 13 [172]
1663 27 Oct 15 Henry Jones and Elizabeth his daughter and heir of Robert Reeve who was son and heir of Thomas Reeve v. Roger Reeve sr, Roger Reeve jr, Thomas Lucas, Richard Freeman, and John Gibbons Elizabeth's father was seised of tenements in Whilton, Northants. by the will of Thomas Reeve. Roger received only one tenement for 20 years, reversion to Robert Reeve. Defendants fraudulently got the instruments and fraudulently made others to prevent Elizabeth from taking. C78/663, no. 14 [173]
1663 29 Oct 15 Armiger Warner of London, merchant v. John Lockey Costs for freight of tobacco from Virginia to London on the ship Alexander of London, and counter claims for damage during journey. Refs suit at Court of Admiralty. C78/998, no. 19 [174]
1663 29 Oct 15 Bridgett Bracroft, spinster v Edward Ayscough. Debts of Theodocia Ayscough payable from her personal estate C78/648, no. 8 [175]
1663 30 Oct 15 John Hunwick v Thomas Clarke Quiet possession of messuage and lands in Earles Colne and White Colne, Essex C78/657, no. 5 [176]
1663 30 Oct 15 Sir George Crooke v Sir Richard Onslowe; Arthur Onslowe; Henry Onslowe; John Skynner Settlement of mansion house of Waterstocke, Oxon. C78/738, no. 7 [177]
1663 3 Nov 15 William Love; Thomas Bretton; Thomas Pearle; Symon Delboe; Martyn Noell, since Sir Martyn Noell; Francis Dashwood and Martha his wife the relict & executrix of Nathaniel Temes; Edward Peirce; James Clitheroe; Abraham Sayon; John White; Edwyn Browne; Abraham Bush v George Oxenden, since Sir George Oxenden; Jane Noke, widow, executrix of William Noke; Elizabeth Dallison, widow, administratrix of Christopher Oxenden decd Trust for joint stock in trading venture to Machaw in China C78/800, no. 11 [178]
1663 4 Nov 15 Walter South, esq v. William Due; John Vincent; Joseph Best; Mathew Bealing; Mary Burton, widow; William Harwood; John Thomas; and Henry Verett C78/1270, no. 4 [179]
1663 5 Nov. 15 Thomas Colepepper since decd and Mary his wife, daughter of Henry Austyn late citizen & fishmonger of London decd v Edward Austen Administration of personal estate of Henry Austen including interests in ships and unspecified lands in Middx and Essex C78/695, no. 16 [180]
1663 5 Nov 15 Richard Temple, baronet v. Thomas Blount; John Gilford; Anthony Turbervile; and Francis Duffield, esqs; and Richard Croft, gent C78/1277, no. 7 [181]
1663 6 Nov 15 Thomas Lanier v Frances Foch; Francis Heyton; Robert Thurlby; John Thurlby Cancellation of bonds. C78/631, no. 3 [182]
1663 6 Nov 15 William Boulton one of the aldermen of the City of London; William Turner, citizen & [blank] of London; Thomas [?Simly?]; Samuel Hinton; Thomas Deane; William Gawton; James Bradshawe; George [?Nodes?]; Henry Marwood; Robert Clarkeson; Samuel Howard; Samuel Taylor; James West; William Goslin; Robert Gilbert; Edmund Forteskew; John Porter; Jerome Haffhid; Ed... ....; Hugh Parker; John Whyte; Richard Althorne; Mathew Smyth; Hercules Horsley; Peter ....; Henry Woster and Roger Fisher, creditors of John Wolstencroft late of the parish of St Dunstons in the West, London, citizen & merchant taylor v Zurishaddon Lang; Thomas Coppin; John Sharpe; Mary Wolstencroft, widow; Charles Wolstencroft; Edward Greene; John Greene; and others (not named) Debts and legacies payable by will of John Wolstencroft from his personal estate and lands in Westcourte, near Fleet Street, London C78/648, no. 3 [183]
1663 6 Nov 15 John Eversfield, esq, son and heir of Sir Thomas Eversfield, knight, an infant, by Edward Eversfield, esq, his guardian v. Maurice Tresham; and Edward Badby, esq C78/998, no. 17 [184]
1663 6 Nov 15 Thomas Ashmole v. Thomas Flint; Henry Hardwell; George Pasfield; Ambrose Flint; John Plover; Stephen Mitchell; Margaret White; Phillip Munns; and Peter Sparry C78/1013, no. 16 [185]
1663 9 Nov 15 Thomas Whitebread; Thomas Greenewood; John Wolfe executors of William Whitebread decd for all creditors of Robert Owen v Frances Owen, executrix of the said Robert Owen; Elizabeth Owen; Thomas Bayly Debts of Robert Owen payable from mortgage and sale of lands in Abergely, Denbighshire C78/695, no. 7 [186]
1663 10 Nov 15 Thomas Hackett, cousin, heir & executor of Robert Langford decd who was heir & executor of Nicholas Langford decd v James Selby Rent arrears from farm in Stoake Golding, Bucks C78/547, no. 4 [187]
1663 10 Nov 15 William Seys of Kellan, Glam, esq & Mary his wife, wife and relict of John Hakewill of Heanton, Devon bachelor in divinity who was nephew of George Hakewill doctor in divinity also deceased v. Sir John Chichester knight; Arthur Chichester; Martine Blake clerk; John Bassett & Ann his wife; Henry Hearder; Michael Curry; William Bogan; and Walter Bogan C78/2041, no. 8 [188]
1663 11 Nov 15 Henry Lucas and Susan his wife, formerly the wife & administratrix of John Radley decd v Mary Radley Legacy payable from personal estate of John Radley C78/695, no. 12 [189]
1663 11 Nov 15 John Haviland; and Mathew Haviland, infants, by John Haviland, their father and guardian v. John Budd; and John Holworthy C78/1265, no. 3 [190]
1663 12 Nov 15 Roger Hall and Elizabeth his wife; Hester Martyn, widow, relict of Edward Martin decd, which said Elizabeth and Hester are executrices of Thomas Andrews decd v William, Earl of Bedford; Sir James Altham; Sir John Keyling; Sir John Gore; Sir Edward Turner; executors of James, late Earl of Carlisle; John Gobe and Bridgett his wife sole daughter & heir of the said Thomas Andrews Mortgage of manor and tithes of Sewardston or Sywardston, Essex C78/1204, no. 3 [191]
1663 13 Nov 15 Edward Rich and Peter Mills the surviving executors of Joseph Jaques citizen and brewer of London v. Joseph Jaques only surviving child of the deceased. Testator had had three children. The younger son and daughter married and had children. The testator advanced the defendant many times in brewhouses, a trading opportunity in Ireland, lands in Ireland, and work in the army, but all that had been wasted. The testator then made his will primarily in favor of his grandchildren by his two other children and obtained a renunciation of his portion from the defendant. The defendant impeded the executors by getting possession of all the written instruments and so sued in the Mayor's court of London, but the witnesses to the value of the estate lived outside London. Resort to the chancellor to provide process for depositions to allow the case in the Mayor's court of London to proceed. C78/663, no. 13 [192]
1663 13 Nov 15 William Mills v William Pinney and Honor his wife Annuity payable from personal estate of Thomas Mills. C78/695, no. 15 [193]
1663 13 Nov 15 Thomas Blenkinsopp, esq; and Francis Blenkinsopp, gent v. Samuel Davison, esq; the Lady Elizabeth his wife; and Richar Burton, esq C78/902, no. 7 [194]
1663 14 Nov 15 John Proud v Bartholomew Combes. Mortgage of messuage in Ax next Sandwich, Kent. C78/648, no. 4 [195]
1663 14 Nov 15 Francis James, gent; Susanna his wife, lately the wife of Anthony Dirling; John Collins, gent; James Davies; and Edward Collins v. Richard Tippette; and Stephen Dapwell C78/1260, no. 14 [196]
1663 16 Nov 15 Thomas Lanier v Mary Cornelius; John Bishopp; Thomas Love Bonds C78/631, no. 2 [197]
1663 16 Nov 15 Richard Barnes; Mary Barnes; John Farmer; Thomas Farmer; and Robert Farmer sons (sic) of the said Thomas Farmer; Anne Barnes; John Barnes; and Katherine Gregory of Great Marlow, Bucks, the poor kindred of John Farmer late of Great Bradley, Berks decd v John Guildford and Thomas Blunt Legacies payable by will of John Farmer from lands in Marlock, Bucks C78/699, no. 7 [198]
1663 17 Nov 15 Peter Heyman of Sellendge, Kent, administrator of Sir Henry Heyman late of Sellendge v Henry Cutts Bonds and debts. C78/746, no. 7 [199]
1663 18 Nov 15 Maurice Mathews of Arbistock, Denby, clerk & Thomas Mathews of Blodwell, Shropshire, younger sons of John Mathewes late of Blodwell decd, which said John also had issue Robert Mathewes his eldest son since also decd v Mary Mathewes, spinster Lease of tithes in Blodwellvaur and Blodwellvechan in parish of Lanym Blodwell, Salop C78/699, no. 6 [200]
1663 18 Nov 15 William Ellis son & heir of William Ellis decd v Edmund Fiddy teh elder; Edmund Fiddy the younger; Robert Fiddy; Richard Morris; Richard Gogney; John Rowmans; Christopher Waller; John Legate and Mary his wife Mortgage in trust of lands in Swants, Norfolk. C78/717, no. 5 [201]
1663 18 Nov 15 John Keeble of Stomarkett, Suffolk, draper v Bartholomew Nicholls and Elizabeth his wife. Legacies payable from personal estate of Anthony Keeble C78/1209, no. 8 [202]
1663 18 Nov 15 William Bransby, gent v. Thomas Kirby C78/992, no. 6 [203]
1663 18 Nov 15 Francis Morton & Grace his wife; and Richard Wordsworth, an infant, by said Francis his guardian v. William Wordsworth; Richard Leake; and Mary Armitage C78/998, no. 18 [204]
1663 19 Nov 15 Ralph Rymere v Dame Anne Osborne the relist and administratrix of Sir Edward Osborne decd Lease of Yafford Hall in Danby, Yorks. C78/609, no. 2 [205]
1663 19 Nov 15 Robert Rossington v Mary Offley, widow and Thomas Offley Lease of messuage in Leadenhall Street, London C78/695, no. 13 [206]
1663 20 Nov 15 George Wray of Bemish [Beamish], Co Durham v William Collopp; William Robinson and Jane his wife Cancellation of bonds for money borrowed of William Collopp of Newcastle upon Tyne, which had been repaid by Sir Francis Brandling of Alnwick Abbey, Northumberland. C78/648, no. 7 [207]
1663 20 Nov 15 William Lole and Mary his wife, administrators of Francis Gill unadministered by Augustin Gerrard, clerk decd v Joshua Larke Accounts of profits and redemption of lands in Whitefryers, London C78/672, no. 7 [208]
1663 20 Nov 15 Henry Mellor; Robert Mellor; and John Mellor, infant by Daniel Watson v Nicholas Willimott and Gervase Bennett Trust settlement of the manor and parsonage of Sibsey, Lincs C78/739, no. 7 [209]
1663 20 Nov 15 Robert Rowland als Steyner by Anne Rowland als Steyner his mother v Dean and Chapter of Oxford Cathedral & Francis West Quiet possession of tenement in Foregate Streete, Worcester C78/1228, no. 3 [210]
1663 20 Nov 15 Alexander Walthall, gent & Mabel his wife late wife of Henry Sanders v. Thomas Sanders, esq; Samuel Sanders, gent; and Samuel Sanders and Henry Sanders, infants by said Thomas Sanders their guardian C78/866, no. 2 [211]
1663 20 Nov 15 John Knapp v. St John Hazey C78/1014, no. 9 [212]
1663 21 Nov 15 Sir John Hotham, administrator of Henry Hotham his brother decd v Henry Anderson son & heir of Sir Henry Anderson decd; Dame Elizabeth Anderson the widow and relict of the said Sir Henry Anderson; Sir Walter Vavasour Profits of trust of manor of Long Cowton or East Cowton, Yorks. C78/609, no. 1 [213]
1663 21 Nov 15 Anne Wilson eldest daughter of Alexander Wilson late of Densworth, Sussex, esq v. Francis Hobson gentleman & Anne his wife C78/2027, no. 4 [214]
1663 23 Nov 15 Thomas Vane and Christopher Vane sons of Sir Henry Vane decd by Sir George Vane, Sir Walter Vane, Charles Vane & William Vane their uncles v Dame Frances Vane, widow; Sir Thomas Twisden; William Gay; Cornelius Holland Trust settlement of manors of Raby, Barnard Castle, Newbiggin and Middleton, Durham C78/672, no. 5 [215]
1663 23 Nov 15 Cuthbert Morley v Jeremy Elwes son and heir of Jeremy Elwes decd; and Henry Elwes Trust settlement and reconveyance of sequestrated estate of lands in Castle Levington, Seamer in Cleaveland, Braywith, Newby, Middleton upon Leaven, Hilton, Rudby, Petto [Potto], Newby, Normanby and Ellerbecke, Yorks; Barkhamsted, Herts and coalmines in Haraton[Harraton], Co. Durham C78/745, no. 5 [216]
1663 23 Nov 15 Sir Edward Niccolls of Faxton, Northants v Sir Justinian Isham and John Goodman, clerk Bill (Hilary 1662), seeking ratification of exchanges of lands and enclosure of 226 acres of common fields of Faxton, Northamptonshire, (including glebe lands of the church of Lamport Faxton and Hanging Houghton) made after verbal agreement (4 years past) and articles of agreement (Jan last past) between lord and rector C78/1204, no. 2 [217]
1663 23 Nov 15 Christopher Boone v. Milborne Williams C78/1014, no. 12 [218]
1663 24 Nov 15 Edward Nelson v Elizabeth Marshall, widow and others (not named). Testamentary settlement by will of Roger Aldridge of lands in Hampstall, Redward, Yoxstall, Morpey, Longden and Bancrist, Suffolk C78/689, no. 9 [219]
1663 24 Nov 15 George Prowse, administrator of Prudence Prowse his late wife decd who was one of the daughters of Robert Burges and Jane his wife decd, the said Jane being daughter of John Cooke also decd v Edward Herle; John Arundell; William Allen and Anne his wife; Joane Cooke, widow & others (not named) Legacy payable by will of John Cooke from unspecified lands in Devon and Cornwall C78/695, no. 10 [220]
1663 24 Nov 15 Thomas Gibson clerk vicar of Horncastle, Lincs; Thomas Hamerton; and Richard Cater churchwardens; and Joseph Butler gentleman; and Edward Mattris overseers of the poor of Horncastle on behalf of themslves and the rest of the inhabitants of Horncastle v. Robert Snowden & Dorothy his wife C79/34, no. [221]
1663 24 Nov 15 William Kinge, esq v. Margaret Lovekin, executrix of John Pay; Martha Lovekin, executrix of Thomas Lovekin; and Thomas Gandy C78/1258, no. 6 [222]
1663 25 Nov 15 Thomas Gathorne and Elizabeth his wife v John Angell; Richard Elmehirst; Hugh Everard; Robert Allott Encumbrances on tenement called Glewhouse in Worsbroughdale, Yorks. C78/631, no. 8 [223]
1663 25 Nov 15 William Barnes v Anne Emmans, widow and William Emmans an infant Debts on security of mortgage of reversion of messuage in East and West Stockwell Street, Colchester, Essex C78/657, no. 4 [224]
1663 25 Nov 15 Samuel Wightwick v John Winterborne; John Wright; Thomas Sherwith and Margaret his wife Payments due from profits of lands in Shadwell, Middx C78/720, no. 3 [225]
1663 26 Nov 15 John Angell of Crowhurst, Surrey v Edward Masters the younger; James Knatchbull; Francis Hall and Martha his wife; Thomas Knatchbull Debts on security of the manor of Hinxhill, Kent. C78/651, no. 1 [226]
1663 26 Nov 15 Edmond Ballard one of the sons of John Ballard late of St Johns, Worcs v Edward Solely and Alice his wife; Elizabeth Ballard; Richard Ballard her son; John Halsey; Thomas Taylor Trust of lease of tenements in Clethonger, Heref C78/673, no. 6 [227]
1663 26 Nov 15 Frances Driver of Leyston, Suffolk, widow, relict of Hugh Driver, clerk decd v John Salmon; Elizabeth Salmon, widow; Anne Driver; Elizabeth Driver Exchange of lands in Shrapham, Norfolk for lands in Wrentham, Suffolk. C78/1209, no. 6 [228]
1663 27 Nov 15 John Pyne of Curry Mallett, Somerset v William Justee; Lydia Justee; Thomas Swafield the father & Thomas Swafield the son Lease of lands in Little Windsor, Dorset. C78/547, no. 3 [229]
1663 27 Nov 15 Henry Norwood of St Martins in the Fields, Middx v Gabriel Berke & Charles Norwood. Mortgage of tenement in Leckhampton, Gloucs C78/648, no. 6 [230]
1663 27 Nov 15 John Rockett, clerk v. Gabriell Hopkin & Sara his wife; Arthur Gold; Mary Smith; and Henry Sherwyn C78/1260, no. 15 [231]
1663 30 Nov 15 William Thompson v Thomas Worlich Mortgage of messuage in Whickhambrooke and lands in Cowling, Suffolk. C78/631, no. 11 [232]
1663 30 Nov 15 Dorothy Birchenhead, widow v John Birchenhead and his wife (not named) Possession of Rowney house, Herts and lands in Walthamstowe Toney, Essex C78/648, no. 1 [233]
1663 30 Nov 15 Hugh Nanney and Sarah his wife v Thomas Barnardiston; Sarah his wife; John Martin Legacy payable by will of Martin Carricke. C78/731, no. 8 [234]
1663 3 Dec 15 Lewin Flood of Maidstone, Kent v Peter Philcott Mortgage of parsonage house, rectory advowson and tithes of Newnham, Kent C78/651, no. 3 [235]
1663 3 Dec 15 John Sampson of London, ironmonger v Christopher Allanson son & heir of Edmond Allanson; Henry Hethersall administrator of the said Edmond Allanson; Griffith Bodurda; Thomas Chrutchley; Robert Harecourt New buildings and repairs to houses and mortgage of premises in Fleet Street, London C78/1220, no. 4 [236]
1663 3 Dec 15 William Morgan the elder; Anthony Turbervile; George Morgan; Thomas S____; John Morgan; and William Morgan the younger son and heir of the said William Morgan the elder v. ____ Nicholas esq; Edward Nicholas & Judith his wife; and Robert Wil____ C79/34, no. [237]
1665 1 Feb 15 John Eastmont, gent v. Richard Chipper alias Colly & Mary his wife; Henry Rose; and Thomas Rose C78/855, no. 9 [238]
1663 8 Dec 15 Thomas Rolfe & Sarah his wife, Jeremy Asden & Mary his wife, James Haydon, Robert John Edwardes & Elizabeth his wife, Anne Haydon, and Thomas Haydon an infant by the said Thomas Rolfe his guardian v. Henry Weedon & Sarah his wife, William Haydon, Francis Haydon, and Nicholas Kinge Challenge of will of William Haydon concerning lands in Herts. Testator put two tenements in use to ensure that the eldest son (William, also one of the executors) would give the legacies appointed in the will. C78/663, no. 15 [239]
1663 8 Dec. 15 Allington Paynter the surviving executor of Margaret Wanieman, widow decd v John Dakeyne Investment of trust of money in lands at Madely Holme, Staffs C78/720, no. 9 [240]
1663 8 Dec 15 Robert Berry, gent v. John Stanbridge; and Anne Lowe C78/1265, no. 5 [241]
1663 10 Dec 15 Mary Bradrepp, spinster & Christopher Bradrepp, John Bradrepp, George Bradrepp, Katherine Bradrepp & Dorothy Bradrepp, infants v St John Stroud; John St Loe & his wife; Richard Bradrepp Portions and maintenance payable from trust of the farm and rectory of Sutton in Holderness, Yorks and lands in Devenock, Brecon, and Abervant, and Conwell, Carmarthen C78/625, no. 5 [242]
1663 10 Dec 15 Mildred Maxey of Bradwell Hall, Essex, widow v Orlando Gee and Elizabeth his wife Portions to be raised from profits of shop and lands at Stowe and Bradwell, Essex C78/750, no. 14 [243]
1663 11 Dec 15 Edward Price, an infant of about 15 years, by John Salisbury his tutor and guardian v. Edward Glynne C78/1257, no. 12 [244]
1663 14 Dec 15 John Tewe of Birchmorton, Worcs v William Thackwell of the City of Worcester Rents from lands in Birchmorton, Worcs C78/1209, no. 9 [245]
1663 15 Dec 15 Phillip Dallowe and Susan his wife; Robert Price and Elizabeth his wife; William Williams; George Williams; Elizabeth, Selina, Jane and Mary, daughters of William Denton decd, infants v Benjamin, Lord Bishop of Lincoln and Edward Saul, clerk Bill [before this time] seeking ratification of exchanges made after agreement (no date) for general enclosure of the manor. Bitchfield, Lincolnshire. C78/738, no. 6 [246]
1663 16 Dec 15 William Whitlock v Henry Bulstrode and Mary his wife; Mary Hall Title to lands in Hannsey, Sussex. C78/695, no. 11 [247]
1663 18 Dec 15 Edward Lawrance of Little Comberton, Worcs v Thomas Somervile and Mary his wife Bonds re payment of annuities. C78/648, no. 5 [248]
1663 18 Dec 15 William Hickson of Oldwoodhouse, Whitchurch, Shropshire and Margaret Hickson & Elizabeth Hickson his daughters v William Frith Rents due from mortgaged copyhold lands in Whitchurch, Salop C78/662, no. 15 [249]
1663 18 Dec 15 Judith Brewer of Kennington, Surrey, widow, executrix of Andrew Brewer then late of Southwarke, grocer and John Brewer, infant & one of the younger sons of the said Andrew Brewer v Richard Comport and Richard Hughes Rents due from ten acres of meadow in parish of St. George, Southwark, Surrey. C78/682, no. 8 [250]
1663 19 Dec 15 Sir Samuel Jones v James Thynn and Jane Done Debts of George, Lord Goring, payable from lands in Radmell, Rottingdeane, Seaming, Northease, Ditchling and Blechington, Sussex and profits of offices of clerk of the Council and Clerk of the Signet in the Marches of Wales. C78/631, no. 12 [251]
1663 20 Dec 15 John Collins of Chutt Lodge, Wilts v Thomas Goad and George Goad. Payment of profits of trust of personal estate of Samuell Collins, including interests in the manor of Brixton Deverell, Wilts. C78/682, no. 21 [252]