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1659 C78/, no. []
1659 4 Jan George Middleton of Leighton, Lancs v James Madeson; Robert Middleton; Jane his wife; Robert heblethwaite; Elizabeth his wife; Robert Westby & Lucy his wife Bonds in connection with trust of copyhold lands in Marton. [?Marton, Cumbria and ?Killington, Cumbria] C78/716, no. 17 [2]
1659 14 Jan William Heveningham of Heveningham, Suffolk, Lord of the manor of Hockwould cum Wilton & Ellinghams, Suffolk; Osbert Pratt of Hockwould, Lord of the manor of Carles Hockwould; William Smith, rector of Hockwould; Thomas Randolph, vicar of Wilton; Roger Fuller; William Fuller; Thomas Breckles; Phillip Paynter; William Gaines; Edmund Sutton; Thomas Watson; Clere Sutton; Osbert Wetherell; Robert Cheston; Henry Stolland; William Tompson; John Spenser; James Aylmer; William Ward; Ishinner Reve; Thomas Cadine; Osbert Bird; George Docking; John Newale; John Young; The master & Fellows of Ennvill & Cains College, Cambridge; Thomas Blomefield; William Bagly; Nathaniel Gold; John Whitebread; Thomas & Elizabeth Killringham; Mary Thurston; Edmund Smith; James Richardson; Osbert Pratt; John Dobbs; Edmund Mewale; tenants of the aforesaid manor v Elizabeth Spenser, widow; Thomas Spenser; William Segoe; Osbert Stalland Bill (Mich 1658) seeking ratification of agreement (14 June 1658) re general enclosure and allotment of 2400 acres of Marsh and fens in the towns of Hockwould [Hockwold] cum Wilton and Ellinghams, Norfolk C78/644, no. 18 [3]
1659 17 Jan William Singar and Hanna his wife; Richard .... & Thomasine his wife; William Clarke & Elizabeth his wife; Ellis Carter & Joane his wife v Alice Starr, widow; William Starr The will and estate of John Starr C78/555, no. 2 [4]
1659 17 Jan Daniel Seymore v Christian Aldridge, widow Bonds on security of lease of house in Chichester, Sussex. C78/575, no. 9 [5]
1659 19 Jan Edward Steyner v Edward Bathurst; Susanna his wife; Roger Farley Title to mill and land in Claynes, Worcs C78/671, no. 6 [6]
1659 19 Jan Edward Steyner v Edward Bathurst; Susanna his wife; Roger Farley Legacy payable by will of Thomas Rowland als Steyner (the complts father) from mill and lands in Claynes, Worcs. C78/671, no. 23 [7]
1659 24 Jan Arthur Chichester by Sir William Lewis v Arthur, Lord Viscount Ranalaugh; Lancelot Lake; William Domvile Marriage treaty of the manor of Dungannon in Tyrone, Ireland C78/572, no. 10 [8]
1659 24 Jan William Wither of Mannydowne, Hants son & heir & executor of William Wither late of Mannydowne decd v Thomas Levingston; William Collins Marriage settlement of messuage in Corhampton [in Hampshire]. C78/671, no. 11 [9]
1659 25 Jan Sir William Russell for Lady Anne Bodvell the wife of John Bodvell of Bodvell, Carnarvon one of the daughters of him the said Sir William v John Bodvell Alimony and maintenance. C78/623, no. 1 [10]
1659 25 Jan Robert Wilshire of Harborowe, Leics v Robert Whatton Debts and legacies payable from trust of messuage in Little Bowden, and tenement in Harborough, Northants C78/648, no. 17 [11]
1659 28 Jan Anthony Smith, esq v. Thomas Shudd; Henry Roaker; William Shudd; Henry Stovall; John Stilwell; Richard Stilwell; Edmund Yaloen; John Burt; Henry Petoe; Richard Boxall; Elizabeth Shudd; Edward Hiller; Richard Neale; Richard Wheeler; John Tuesly; Henry Tuesly; John Machwick; Thomas Matchwick; Thomas Paine; Henry Well; and Walter Francis; Thomas Patford; Thomas Chandler; Thomas Francis; Thomas Wooldridge; Richard Edde; Nicholas Pacy; Thomas Burle; John Barret; Thomas Foster; Francis Jenner; John Boxall; Simon Hardnat; John Coleman; Henry Matchwick; William Elliot, esq; John Welbrooke, esq; Rogger Heath, esq; Richard Smith of ___ ___; Henry Smith; John Edwards; John Smith of Culmore; Francis Deiner; Thomas Peytoe of Willy; Richard Smith of Purbright; Thomas Collier; John Jewer; John Chitty; John Lun; Thomas Bride; Richard Tickner; Henry Pacy; Richard Jackman; Richard Smith; Lawrence Tuesley; Francis Hooke; William Markes; John Roskoe; Thomas Petoe of Burcley; Marrian Burrell; Thomas Burle of Burtley C78/1009, no. 2 [12]
1659 29 Jan Dame Frances Weld; Humfrey Weld; Sir John Weld v William Small and Joane Small. Debts of William Small. C78/572, no. 9 [13]
1659 29 Jan Robert Danvers and Elizabeth his wife; Sir Henry Lee & Dame Anne his wife, the said Sir Henry & Dame Anne being infants by Sir Walter St John, which said Elizabeth & Dame Anne are sisters & coheirs of Henry Danvers decd son & heir apparent of Sir John Danvers decd v George Arnold; Edward Anthony; Rowland Jewkes the younger Interests in trust of manor, prebend and parsonage of Bishops Lavington, Wilts and manor of Stowe, Northants C78/646, no. 6 [14]
1659 31 Jan Thomas Walker cousin & heir of James Walker v Robert Walker; Sarah Walker Mortgage of manor of Linnsley and other lands in Cornwall, and of lands in Exeter, Devon C78/710, no. 11 [15]
1659 1 Feb James Stone v Thomas Sage & his wife; Silvester Highland Property in the parish of Brightling, Sussex, on the manor of Burwash. C78/555, no. 1 [16]
1659 1 Feb Thomas Layton; William Robinson & Mary his wife; Gilbert Kirke & Margaret his wife; William Smyth & Anne his wife; Martha Bayton; Edward Tourney; John Tourney; Theophilus Tourney; William Tourney; Anne Tourney; Mary Tourney; Elizabeth Tourney; Alice Tourney and Jane Tourney by Edward Tourney their father; Edward Brawne and Edmond Brawne by Edward Brawne their father; Richard Brawne; John Brawne; Edward Brawne; Edmond Brawne; Elizabeth Brawne; Frances Brawne; Mary Brawne and Jane Brawne by Edmond Brawne their father; Henry Boteler; Edward Boteler; Thomas Boteler; Elizabeth Brewer; Dorothy Wharton; William Weeden; James Weeden; Mary Weeden; Jane Smith; Elizabeth Smith; John Farrer; Virgenea Farrer; John Thurlelye; Edward Jones; Christopher Jones; Thomas Arnold; Frances Squire; Barsheba Squire; Barsheba Owen; Mary Owen; John Owen; ?Peuix? Owen; Mary Owen; Susan Owen; Isabell Hamond; Thomas Owen; Anne Owen; George Owen v Sir William Martin and Mary Clarke, widow Legacies payable from personal estate of Dame Jane Fenn late of London, widow C78/575, no. 4 [17]
1659 1 Feb Samuel Bave v Henry Barnes; Hester his wife; Simon Barnes Marriage settlement of customary lands in the manor of Hornesey, (no county given). C78/667, no. 7 [18]
1659 1 Feb Robert Holden, gent v. Nicholas Willimott, esq C78/1294, no. 6 [19]
1659 3 Feb Stephen Wilkes v William Dalton; Nicholas Cowper; John Messenger; George Dawson; William Elsley; John Palliser; Edmund Jennings Discharge of statutes on lands in Ripon and Fountains Abbey, Yorks. C78/615, no. 2 [20]
1659 3 Feb Sir William Ogle administrator of Sir Thomas Phillipps unadministered by Dame Charity his wife v Bartholomew Smith and others (not named) Title to lands at Little Samborne (no county given). C78/710, no. 9 [21]
1659 4 Feb Walter Retoricke and John Allen v Edmond Whittington; Francis Kinnersly; John Wigmore Marriage settlement of lands in Lucton, Leominster and Kinsham, Heref. C78/671, no. 5 [22]
1659 5 Feb Edmund Dunch now Lord Burnell and Bridgett his wife v Elizabeth Eyre an infant Bonds re financial trusts C78/556, no. 8 [23]
1659 5 Feb Edward Calvert & Henry ..rigg executors of Marke Pepper decd v Richard Rawlinson; Robert B..kenham; George Harland & Sarah his wife; John Furth; John Mills Profits of messuage in City of York, owed to estate of Marke Pepper C78/600, no. 12 [24]
1659 7 Feb Frances Malbye, widow, late wife of Henry Malbye late only son & heir of Edward Malbye decd v Anthony Morgan. Testamentary trust settlement of lands in manors of Broughton Hall and Upston Hall and lands in Stopham, Aspall and Greeting St. Mary, Suffolk. C78/550, no. 1 [25]
1659 8 Feb Cuthbert Sisson v William Bowes; John Stout; William Crooke; John Wolfe Damage to tenement in West Rainton, Durham caused by sinking of coal-mines. C78/1150, no. 3 [26]
1659 9 Feb Robert Thurston, citizen and armorer of London & Mary his wife; and Joyce Deane of Milend in Stepney, Middx, widow, late the wife of Christopher Deane of Milend, gent v. Roger White & Mary his wife C78/1129, no. 1 [27]
1659 10 Feb Jane Hales widow & relict of Christopher Hales decd for self and Christopher Hales, George, Anne & Jane Hales four of the younger children of the said Christopher Hales decd & the said Jane v John Hales an infant by William Purefoy; George Purefoy; John Barnard; James Hales Portions and maintenance from settlement of lands in Coventry, Warwicks. C78/563, no. 1A [28]
1659 10 Feb Francis Savage v. Richard, Lord Viscount Lumley; and Harry Nevill als Smith legacies due from the will of Dame Elizabeth Lumley decd C78/1414, no. 40 [29]
1659 10 Feb Phillip Feare v Robert Feare Possession of tenement in Formonington, Dorset C78/575, no. 6 [30]
1659 10 Feb Elizabeth Browne, an infant by William Andrewes her uncle v Elizabeth Browne, widow Testamentary settlement by will of John Browne of the mortgaged manors of Shingleton and Kingeworth, Kent. C78/615, no. 1 [31]
1659 10 Feb ___ v. John Dixon and others named C78/2035, no. [32]
1659 11 Feb Sir Henry Yelverton of Easton Mawditt, Northants v The Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford Agreement for the exchange of lands on their enclosure, and after previous partition. Easton Manditt and Wootton, Northamptonshire. C78/555, no. 3 [33]
1659 11 Feb Richard Goldston of Amport, Hants v the Lady Jane Williams, relict & administratrix of Sir Maurice Williams; John Williams an infant, son & heir of the said Maurice, by the said Lady Jane his mother Mortgage of manor of Amport or Andeport, Hants C78/602, no. 10 [34]
1659 12 Feb Lady Cecill Delaware administratrix of her two daughters Anne & Elizabeth West; Jane West one other of the daughters of the said Dame Cecill; Peter Moyes; Edward Withers; Henry Woodman; Cecill Savage; Samuel Wade administrator of Anne Hodgkins; Katherine Hellier; Francis Earley; Martha Gaydon; Walter Kelsey; Margaret Roberts; Dorothy Bucke; Thomas Godward; John Booty; Robert Abbott; Thomas, Earl Brickenden on behalf of himself & his son Thomas Brickenden decd v Humfrey Osey Legacies payable by will of Richard Finch from messuage and lands in Longparish, Hants. C78/590, no. 11 [35]
1659 12 Feb John Osborne v Haynes Barlee; William Banson; Thomas Nottage Lease of messuages and lands in Clavering, Essex. C78/621, no. 3 [36]
1659 12 Feb Richard Wynn of Pentre Morgan, Salop v Thomas Lloyd the father; Lettice Lloyd; Thomas Lloyd; John Lloyd; Richard Lloyd; Owen Barton Possession of mortgaged lands in Dudliston, Salop C78/644, no. 16 [37]
1659 12 Feb Gilbert Eveleigh v John Cutteford; Sir Richard Greenvile & Dame Mary his wife; Anthony Shorte; Grace Cuttiford; Anne Robinson; Phillip Halse; Elianor Crymes; Dame Elizabeth Glanvile Lease of capital messuage and demesne lands of Walreddon in Whitchurch, Devon. C78/646, no. 15 [38]
1659 12 Feb Mary Austin, widow v Michael Denn and David Denn Mortgage of messuage and lands in Littlebourne, Kent. C78/653, no. 2 [39]
1659 12 Feb John Viccars of London, merchant for self and James Viccars, John Viccars & Mary Viccars the sons & daughter of the complt v Nicholas Thurman and Mary Viccars Legacies payable from personal estate of James Viccars. C78/702, no. 6 [40]
1659 12 Feb Mary Allen one of the daughters of Edward Allen decd v William Haymer and Anne his wife Legacies payable from unspecified lands in Suffolk and Essex C78/716, no. 22 [41]
1659 16 Feb Richard Heywood eldest son & heir of Richard Heywood decd v Peter Stoneman; John Martin; John Barber; John Heywood; Peter Heywood; Jeoffrey Heywood Leases and marriage settlement of lands and woods in Nether Netherton, parish of Combintonhead, Devon. C78/621, no. 4 [42]
1659 17 Feb Susanna Nicks, widow, one of the daughters of John Young decd v Sir Ralph Sydenham and William Young Maintenance and marriage portions payable from trust of lands in Trent, Somerset C78/645, no. 1 [43]
1659 19 Feb Thomas Greenefield, clerk; Humfrey Capell; Dorothy Godwyn, spinster; Michael Paxton; Edward Chamberlyne; Thomas Symes; Jeremy Halfehead; [blank] French; Margaret Stocker, widow; George Wild; Dorothy Josselyn, spinster; Margaret Greenefield, spinster an infant; on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Anthony Stocker decd and of John Stocker decd son of the said Anthony and legatees of the will of John Stocker v John Harrington; John Buckland; John Hippesley; John Trethewy surviving executors of the said John Stocker; and William Stocker brother & heir of the said John Stocker Legacies and debts of Anthony Stocker and John Stocker payable from trust estate of lands in Gorton, Dorset, Childcompton, Avell, Hinton Bluett and Midsommer Norton, Somerset. C78/572, no. 8 [44]
1659 19 Feb William Harris; Richard Harris; Mathew Robinson; Christopher Wilson; John Gill; Stephen Gill; Christopher Scruggam; Henry Hudson; John Hudson; William Johnson; Simon Whinney; John Allason; Jennett Harris; William Fisher; John Robinson; George Fawcett customary tenants in the manor of Graysothen, Brigham, Cumberland v Christopher Curwen and Henry Curwen his son Ratification of agreement re fines for customary tenants of the manor of Graysothen, Brigham, Cumberland C78/601, no. 1 [45]
1659 20 Feb Mary countess dowager Rivers; Peter Savage esq her son by her the said countess his guardian; John Ware; and Richard Savage esq younger son of John late earl Rivers v. Thomas, earl Rivers; Richard, lord viscount Lymley; Henry, lord ____; Lady Jane Stendoys; the lady Katherine Savage; ___ Savage; Sir William Russell; Sir William Parton; Sir Francis Petre; Henry ____; Humfrey Whitgrave; John Buckley; Edward Cherry; George Massey; and others C78/1919, no. 28 [46]
1659 21 Feb John King v Hugh North; John North; George Pettitt; William King Debts and bonds re drapery trade. C78/575, no. 5 [47]
1659 22 Feb Thomas Micklethwaite & Elizabeth his wife; Cornelius Prole & Elizabeth his wife v John Boateman, clerk, now decd; Anne his then wife; Christopher Legard; Robert Legard. Testamentary trust, by will of James Brampton of personal estate and leases of lands in North and South Kelsey and Caister, Lincs. C78/554, no. 1 [48]
1659 22 Feb Robert Anderson, Edward Stanley, Augustine Payne executor of Richard Stanley; Mary Turner, widow, administratrix of Robert Tayer; Peter Bettisworth & Thomas Bettisworth executors of Thomas Bettisworth; Thomas Fowler administrator of Nicholas Wolfe v Samuel Moore; Thomas Moore and Thomas Wolfe an infant by his guardian Estate of Richard Stanley, settlement of debts and sales of property, including the lease of the manor of Gralingwell C78/587, no. 9 [49]
1659 23 Feb William Churchill, gent & Grace his wife v. John Crooke, esq C78/1294, no. 5 [50]
1659 26 Feb Sir Thomas Soames of the City of London administrator of Richard Miller late of the City of London decd; Ann Henshawe the relict & executrix of Benjamin Henshaw late of the City of London decd v Patrick Lord Baron of Kerry and Lixnawe in Ireland Assignment of rectories and tithes of Jeripont, Ballyhinch, Legan, Blackwath, Disert begg, Pieberstoren, Kiltroly, Garrandarragh, Ifilstowne, Donbill, Beallaghtobin and Donnamogan, Ireland. C78/671, no. 14 [51]
1659 26 Feb John, Lord Hobart v Sir Myles Hobart and [blank] Barnes Mortgage of messuages and lands in Canston, Norfolk. C78/671, no. 15 [52]
1659 26 Feb Robert Grey of Little Langton, Yorks, clerk v Henry Chayler; Margaret his wife; Thomas Dodsworth an infant; Raphe Hebborne his guardian; Edward Hebborne Mortgage of rent charges issuing from manor of Little Langton, Yorks C78/716, no. 21 [53]
1659 27 Feb John Penny of Ottery St Mary, Devon, yeoman v. Christopher Westcott the elder; and Christopher Westcott the younger C78/1241, no. 1 [54]
1659 4 Mar Henry Mellor v Nicholas Willymott; Daniel ..atson; Gervase Bennett; Robert Mellor; John Mellor Trust settlement of houses and tenements in Derby, Boylston and Loscoe, Derbys. C78/575, no. 8 [55]
1659 16 March Abraham Bigge v. William Jefferies Complts obligation as surety for payment due from Charles Atye for a delivery of 412 kintalls of dry Newland fish. Partially unpaid due to the insolvency of Charles Atye. C78/1414, no. 38 [56]
1659 Decree date eroded. Bill. Easter 1659. Ralph Gregg v Edward Filkes & Anne his wife; Jane Filkes an infant Bonds re marriage treaty. C78/667, no. 1 [57]
1659 Date eroded Robert Reynolds v Sir Francis Bussell otherwise Lord Russell; Dame Katherine his wife; Sir James Calthorpe; Dame Dorothy his wife; Dame Sarah Reynolds the late wife of Sir John Reynolds decd; William Russell Marriage portions payable from lands in Ashden, Essex and Tipperary, Killkenny, Watterford and Dublin, Ireland. C78/650, no. 1 [58]
1659 20 April Richard Morden & Margaret his wife, being the sole daughter and heir of John Green, gent, & Judith his wife, since deceased v. Edward Bushell, esq C78/1009, no. 1 [59]
1659 21 April Nicholas Lawrence and Jane his wife v Charles Bentley Trust surrender of copyholds in Kington, Warwicks C78/564, no. 2 [60]
1659 22 April John Lyde alias Joyner administrator of Richard Lyde alias Joyner his brother v. Rebecca Child widow; Dame Rebecca Gardner; John Stowkley; Dame Cary his wife; Margaret Gardner; ..... Gardner; Hugh Audley; John Audley; Robert Harvey; William Harvey C78/2035, no. 20 [61]
1659 25 April Markham Haddlesay v Richard Levitt. Jointure from lands in Mayborne and Mooreby, Yorks C78/599, no. 7 [62]
1659 26 April Mary Shapcott, widow & executrix of Henry Shapcott decd v Mercy Hole, widow relict & executrix of Nicholas Hole decd Bonds and debts C78/639, no. 3 [63]
1659 27 April Henry Coxon son of Katherine Coxon late of Wisbech in the Isle of Ely, Cambs v Alexander Coxon an infant; John Cromer; Edmond Cromer; Edmond Cobb Profits due from trust settlement of lands in Walsoken, Norfolk and Eline, Isle of Ely, Cambs C78/716, no. 15 [64]
1659 27 April Samuel Kevett in his own right and as administrator of Alice, Prudence, Mary, Edmond, and Katherine Kevett brothers and sisters of George Kevett knight deceased; Katherine Silton (?) widow; and Abraham Borne (?) and Mathewe Stace gentleman C78/2036, no. 1 [65]
1659 28 April Edward Lightmaker of London, brewer v Edward Michelbourne; Mary Boord; George Boord; John Boord; Herbert Morley; John Pay Mortgage of messuages and lands in Horsted Keines, Sussex C78/702, no. 5 [66]
1659 29 April Martha Scroope of Lowth, Lincs, widow & administratrix of William Scroope late of Cockerington, Lincs decd v Adryan Scroope & Jane Gibb Bonds and debts due to estate of William Scroope C78/542, no. 6 [67]
1659 30 April Andrew Beech of London administrator of John Leach unadministered by Elizabeth Leach, widow, late wife of the said John Leach decd v Richard, Lord Lumley and Henry Nevill Debts payable from lands in the Pound, Essex C78/644, no. 19 [68]
1659 30 April Elizabeth Lucken sole daughter & heir of George Lucken, by Ralph Skinner v Alice Findall; Thomas Findall; Humfry Findall; William Findall Trust of tenement called "Old Swan" in Earith, Kent. C78/702, no. 4 [69]
1659 May Clement ?Kinkid? & Margaret his wife late wife & executrix of David Ramsey decd; Isabell .... daughter of the said David & Margaret by John Hamilton and the said C..... Kinkid her guardians v John Johnston Estate of David Ramsey C78/583, no. 1 [70]
1659 2 May Edmond Izard; William Izard; Harvey Izard; Francis Izard; Charles Izard; Mary Izard; Elizabeth Izard v John Izard son & heir of John Izard late of Beckley, Oxon decd, the complts late father; William Adams; Francis Hervey; William Izard; Anthony Izard Settlement of manor and rectory of Beckley, Oxon, and division into separate holdings among co-owners. C78/594, no. 11 [71]
1659 2 May Theodor Haake of Westminster, Middx; Marmaduke Rawden of London, merchant; John Clarkeson of London v Katherine Bowyeare, widow & William Boyer the son Portions payable from profits of trust sale of lands in Blackfriars, London and Carleton, Wymott and Sandlinton, Yorks. William Bowyeare late of Layton Stone [Leytonstone], Essex C78/644, no. 20 [72]
1659 3 May Francis Rockley v Thomas Westbye and John Carrington Lease of lands and coal-mines in Ravensfield, Yorks C78/667, no. 5 [73]
1659 3 May John Potter of Burnham Overy, Norfolk v John Symond. Mortgage of lands in Anmer and Great Bircham and Bircham Newton, Norfolk C78/750, no. 16 [74]
1659 4 May George Lewen, merchant v Sir Edward Radcliffe; John Wildman; John Rushworth; Samuel Foxeley; Robert Delavale; Edward Delavale; Marmaduke Tunstall; John Barron Lease of manor and coalmines of Throckley, Northumberland C78/667, no. 6 [75]
1659 5 May Mirabel Heydon daughter of Sir John Heydon decd by Henry Nevill v William Wood Waste committed on trust settlement of tenements and lands in Bromley, Beckenham, Eltham, Lee, Mottingham and Chisellhurst, Kent. C78/594, no. 9 [76]
1659 5 May Laurence Atkins v James Hunt & Mary his wife; Thomas Norton Title to mortgaged lands in Chillenden, Goodnestone and Northbourne, Kent C78/651, no. 10 [77]
1659 5 May William Smith, clerk; Anthony, William, Thomas, Benjamin & Elizabeth Smith children of the said William Smith v Thomas Smith Trust of lands in Rattlesden, Thorpe, Moryeux and Drinckston, (no county given C78/658, no. 4 [78]
1659 6 May Sir John Wray; Anthony Thorold & Criscilla his wife v Sir William Thorold; Dame Anne his wife; John Thorold; Robert Thorold; Thomas Thorold; Elizabeth Thorold, widow; Thomas B....m; William Berisford; John Oldfield Marriage treaty and trust of manor of Graingham [Grayingham] and Waddingham, Lincs. C78/646, no. 4 [79]
1659 6 May Henry, Lord Arundell of Warder surviving executor of Thomas, late Lord Arundell of Warder v Marke Arundell; Dame Mary St John; Francis Cornewallis; Sir Henry Titchborne; Dame Mary his wife; Elizabeth Arundell Title to lease of rectory of Tisbury, Wilts. C78/671, no. 4 [80]
1659 10 May William Meeke & Jane his wife v Thomas Philpotts and John Tovy Marriage portion of Elizabeth Philpotts and provision for the children of Edward Tovy C78/587, no. 2 [81]
1659 16 May Nicholas Opy; Richard Harvy; Abraham Holditch executors of John Harvy decd; Richard Harvy son & heir of the said John Harvy v Joshua Greene; Sarah his wife; Thomas Partington lately decd; John Perrymont Mortgage of messuage, farm and tenement in Shippdham and lands in East Bradingham, Norfolk. C78/639, no. 1 [82]
1659 17 May William Portington v John Castle Property in Long Acre, parish of Saint Martins in the Fields. Redemption of a bond. C78/587, no. 8 [83]
1659 17 May William Lenthall v John Cotton; Wyatt Perkins; John Hobson Lease of lands in Whaplode and Holbetch, Lincs subjected to trust to raise portions and debts by will of Sir Robert Carr C78/643, no. 14 [84]
1659 17 May Christopher Wood v Peter Delapiere; .... .... & Isabell Delapiere daughters of the said Peter Possession of manor of Gore, Tunstall and Sittingbourne, Kent. C78/653, no. 3 [85]
1659 17 May Sir Hugh Stewkley of Hinton Anmer, Hants an infant by Sir William Ogle & Dame Sarah his wife mother of the said Sir Hugh v John Fielder; Dame Katherine Hippesley; Nicholas Love Purchase of incumbered manor of Hinton, Anmer, Hants. C78/710, no. 7 [86]
1659 30 May Michael Talbott v John Pearson Bonds and debts of John Talbott payable from lands in Ottrington, Yorks C78/572, no. 7 [87]
1659 6 June Robert Henley, Anne Henley, Sarah Henley & Elizabeth Henley infants & younger children of John Henley decd by Henry Henley & Roger Hill their uncles; John Henley eldest son of the said John Henley decd; said Henry Henley & Roger Hill on behalf of Anne the relict of the said John Henley, now wife of the deft Edward Butler v Edward Butler Legacies payable, by will of John Henley from trust of the manor of Chardstock, Dorset and Sunderford farm, Devon C78/668, no. 17 [88]
1659 9 June John Grant of Clavering, Essex, yeoman; and Samuel Turner of Thaxstead, Essex, yeoman v. Thomas Webb; and Henry Webb C78/1009, no. 18 [89]
1659 10 June James Mayo v John Piggott and Edward Harrison Financial trusts. Estate of Talbott Leigh (now decd) then or late of Stoke Newington, Middx, widow (sister of the deft) prior to her marriage to the complt C78/559, no. 14 [90]
1659 10 June John Newton & Welthyan his wife daughter and heir of Nicholas Watts v. Christopher Sandford the elder; Christopher Sandford the younger; Francis Sandford; and Richard Sandford C79/177, no. [91]
1659 11 June Henry Boulton v Richard Dryhurst the elder; Richard Dryhurst the younger; William Bulkeley; Richard Boulton; Thomas Michaell; Arthur Michaell; Ann Williams Estate of William Lewis: property called 'Tythyn' and 'Tythyn Morris' at Llanbadrick, Anglesey. Disputed will or pretended will C78/588, no. 1 [92]
1659? 11 June George Cornish of London, salter v Dorothy Cornish, widow and Gregory Brookes Title and lease of tenement called Howden in Tiverton, Devon. Decree dated 1649, but bill was dated 1656. C78/639, no. 2 [93]
1659 14 June William Barrett v Joseph Nevill; Peter Barrett; Sir John Dethicke; Sir John Wollaston; Thomas Andrewes; Francis Allen; Samuel Foxley; William Clayton Lease of the manor of Clipston and Clipston Parke, Notts C78/632, no. 1 [94]
1659 14 June Thomas Timperly son & heir of Michael Timperly late of Hintlesham, Suffolk decd; Sir William Doylie; Henry Darley; Samuel Smith v John Keble and Joane Timperley, widow Possession of manors of Kinpsoe, Dregory and Baynards, and lands in Tillingham, Mayland, Lawling, Latchington and Althorne, Essex and Suffolk C78/731, no. 1 [95]
1659 15 June Thomas George v Anne George, widow; Thomas Addison; Richard Kent; Richard Mayow & Joane his wife Estate and will of John George, father of the complt. Messuage in Retyn. Marriage settlement of the complt & Margaret Edwards daughter of Richard Edwards C78/587, no. 3 [96]
1659 15 June Anne George widow relict and executrix of John George the elder v Thomas George & Grace Angelly Possession of messuage called Retyn in Enodor, Cornwall. C78/594, no. 6 [97]
1659 15 June Phinees (surname eroded) v Richard Master and James Hasler Waste and spoil committed on manor of Denton, Kent. C78/646, no. 2 [98]
1659 16 June James Clarke v. John Birdsall and his wife Money due to the complt from the estate of Edmond Gray his former partner, and whose executor was William Long the defts wife's former husband. C78/1414, no. 36 [99]
1659 16 June Francis Hotham son of Sir John Hotham and of the Lady Katherine his wife, an infant by ..... Hotham; Tristram Webster; George Wilkinson; Richard Wilkinson v Andrew Wilkinson Bill (Easter 1648) alleging interruption of enclosures made by agreement (10 years before the bill) because of dis-satisfaction with new allotments and disputed rights of way. Clayton, Yorkshire C78/598, no. 2 [100]
1659 18 June Bartholomew Smith executor of Andrew Atkinson v William Lamplugh. Debts owed to estate of Andrew Atkinson C78/556, no. 17 [101]
1659 18 June John Sambach of Ashton Underhill, Gloucs; Edwyn Baldwyn of Twyninge, Gloucs; Anthony Crompe of Bretforton, Worcs; John Crompe of Bretforton brother of the said Anthony; Thomas Ewens of Bretforton v Anthony Sambach and Anne Sambach his daughter; George Purefoy; Richard Franklyn; John Fettiplace; Knightley Purefoy Sale of farm and tithes of the manor of Bretforton, Worcs. C78/644, no. 10 [102]
1659 18 June John Wildman of Langley Place, Bucks; John Billingsley of St Nicholas Lane Cannon Streete, London, vintner; William Layton of the City of Westminster; Thomas Millward of Grays Inn, Middx; William Dickenson of the Middle Temple, London v John Hedges; William Hedges; Henry Hedges; William Warren; Thomas Plynnell; Henry Porter; Ellin his wife; Thomas Midwinter; Thomas Gearing; Thomas Smith; Oliver Pledell; The president & Fellows of the college of St Mary Magdalen within the University of Oxford; William Langton; Thomas Fettiplace; Mary his wife; Henry Warneford; Thomas North; Jane Stratton; Thomas Stratton; William Pound; Edward Prestwood; Char.. Blagrove; William Jenner; Thomas Anger; Alice his wife; William Batson; Henry Anger; Marryan his wife; Edmund Steward; Robert Steward; Richard Eylats; Richard Day; Robert Harding; John Harding; John Samon; John Day; Thomas Browne; William Day; John Tucker; Thomas Cox; William Fairthorne; Thomas Blagrove; Thomas Clarke; Margaret his wife; Thomas Jenner; Alice Ayres; Mary Ayres; Richard Ayres; William Naish; Thomas Hedges; Robert Southby; John Harding; Edmond Westwell; John Harris; John Hull; Henry Hedges; John Haggard; William Kent; Thomas Reade Bill (Trinity 1658) seeking confirmation of an agreement (no date) to enclose the common fields of Shrevenham, Berkshire C78/653, no. 1 [103]
1659 18 June John Holland, clerk v Nicholas Sharpe; John Plumtree; Leonard Chester Bequests and legacies payable by will of Nicholas Sharpe senior from the manors of Frisby and Affordby, Leics. C78/671, no. 13 [104]
1659 20 June Anne Girling the relict & executrix of William Girling decd who was one of the creditors of Christopher Fullwood of Middleton, Derbs v Mary Perkins, widow, formerly the wife & executrix of the said Christopher Fullwood; Richard & Elizabeth Bateman executors of Robert Bateman decd; Anthony Bateman Bonds and debts payable from lands in Middleton, Derbys. C78/990, no. 3 [105]
1659 21 June Frances Bell, widow, administratrix of John Bell; and Margaret, Frances, Elizabeth, and John Bell, infants, children of said John Bell, deceased, by said Frances their mother and guardian v. Richard Chapman, executor of Robert Bell C78/1009, no. 17 [106]
1659 22 June John Badghott and Elizabeth his daughter the said John being second son of Edmond Badghott decd late of Presbury, Gloucs v Edward Badghott and Thomas Lorringe Annuity from tenement called Overton in Prestbury, Gloucs. C78/556, no. 14 [107]
1659 22 June Bosvile Vesey son & heir of Ellinor daughter & heir of Thomas Bosvile, an infant by Mathias Vesey his father v William Taylor and Ellen his wife Mortgage of messuage in Nether Woodhall and Wombwell in Darfield, Yorks C78/594, no. 10 [108]
1659 22 June Thomas Peirce v Francis Hobman; Samuel Rayner; Margaret his wife; Frances Hobman her daughter; James Jackson; Nicholas Philpott Mortgage of messuage in Nyford, Hereford. C78/644, no. 14 [109]
1659 22 June Sir William Mann v Vespasian Harris Possession of unspecified premises free from equity of redemption C78/651, no. 11 [110]
1659 22 June Susan Steward by John Cannon v John Simcox Marriage settlement of lands in Heston, Middx. C78/710, no. 8 [111]
1659 22 June Joseph Freer of Aylesbury, Bucks, grocer & Mary his wife v. Joseph King and Henry King C78/2035, no. 18 [112]
1659 22 June Alice Brown of Brayle, Warw, widow the relict and administratrix of Richard Browne of Brayles [Brailes] v. Robert Burden and John Nicholls C78/2035, no. 19 [113]
1659 22 June John Mackell v. Edward Dening, esq, an infant by Thomas Budd his guardian; and the same Thomas Budd C78/882, no. 5 [114]
1659 23 June John Apsley of Grays Inn v Sir Thomas Rowe; Dame Anne his wife; Richard Peachall; Joice Blount, widow. Bonds C78/559, no. 8 [115]
1659 23 June Grevill Verney by Thomas, Lord Viscount Wenman his grandfather v Richard Verney; Robert Peacock; Elizabeth Peytoe an infant by Elizabeth Peytoe late wife of Edward Peytoe decd her mother; John Benbowe & Francis Benbow, children of Frances Benbow by her former husband William Benbow, by Robert Turbervile; William Bradshaw Profits due from lands in Bromshall, Coppinghall, Littywood, Robaston, Peakeridge and Peakeridge fair, Staffs C78/730, no. 17 [116]
1659 23 June Duncombe Colchester v. Edward Trussell C78/1298, no. 1 [117]
1659 25 June Katherine, Countess of Pembroke and Montgomery v Phillip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery her husband Maintenance for rejected wife and children. C78/671, no. 16 [118]
1659 27 June Elizabeth Porter, widow v Francis Mulso Estate of Thomas Porter, leases, lands and tenements within the Borough of Leicester C78/587, no. 4 [119]
1659 29 June Phillip Read v Richard Dawson Debts and bonds C78/594, no. 5 [120]
1659 29 June Roger Price v William Humble & Nicholas Charleton Trust of lands in the Sanctuary, Westminster and in St. Margarets Church Yard, and Tothill Street, Longdith, Kingstreet and Tuttlestreet, given to maintain school and Almshouse at Westminster C78/594, no. 7 [121]
1659 30 June John Shelley of Sullington, Sussex, gent & Bridget his wife v. Dame Christyan Earlsfield; Sir Robert Napper; Sir Richard Napper; John Earlsfield; Thomas White & Grace his wife; and Ambrose Browne C78/1294, no. 1 [122]
1659 July Roger Mallacke since decd v Sir John Poole; William Starre; Robert Moxham; Andrew Metyard; Christian Dard; Robert Dard; Agnes Moxham; Alice Starr; William Ford; John Whicker; Walter Wood; William Pound; Philip Searle; Dorothy Starr; John Stockman; James Starr an infant by the said Alice Starr his mother Annuity from lands called Southdowne and Hookin and stone quarries in Beere, Devon. C78/594, no. 4 [123]
1659 1 July Roger Stoughton v Thomas Gerrard the elder; Thomas Gerrard the younger; Roger Bradshawe; Francis Pockley; Myles Turner; William Turner Mortgage and trusts of Ince manor and lands in Wiggan, Lancs. C78/730, no. 19 [124]
1659 1 July John Graunge; Robert Graunge; Richard Graunge; Elizabeth Graunge; and William Graunge, infants, by Elizabeth Graunge, widow, their mother and guardian v. Richard Meade C78/1009, no. 16 [125]
1659 2 July Mathew Clift and Margaret his wife v Susan Blithe, widow Accounts of estate of Thomas Tickeridge and alleged legacies payable from the "Whitebeare" inn in Gravesend, Kent C78/559, no. 15 [126]
1659 4 July Vernon Browne executor of John Polkinghorne decd v William Williams, Humphrey Williams. Estate of John Polkinghorne, bonds for debt. C78/587, no. 7 [127]
1659 4 July John Marshall; Joseph Gillman & Anne his wife one of the daughters of William Morden decd; Mary Morden one other daughter of the said William Morden an infant; Anne Gillman the younger daughter of the said Joseph Gillman an infant; John Page v Lionel Morden; John Gillman; John Morden Debts and legacies payable from trust sale of the manor and advowson of Papworth Everard, Cambs. C78/667, no. 4 [128]
1659 6 July Stephen Hodges administrator of Joseph Hodges his late brother decd v Theophilus Hodges and another (not named). Bonds re debts due to estate of Joseph Hodges (chaplain in house to Henry, Marquess of Dorchester) from the deft, his brother. C78/594, no. 8 [129]
1659 6 July Richard Sheppard of Peasemarsh, Sussex v Anthony Norton of Rye, Sussex, beer brewer Bonds re accounts for beer C78/644, no. 11 [130]
1659 11 July Peter Carleton by his guardian v Stephen Colson; Gabriel Wilson; Inego Stobbo; John Toward; Edward Hall and his wife; William Colsonan infant; Jane Maxton, widow; Thomas Bowes & his wife; Joseph Craddocke Mortgage by surrender of copyhold messuage and lands in the manor of Wolsingham, Durham. C78/616, no. 1 [131]
1659 11 July Elianor Goodrickes an infant by his guardian sole daughter and heir of Ellianour late wif eof William Goodrickes and formerly the wife of Nicholas Poyntz v. Richard Browne & Jane his wife; Roger Williams and Elizabeth his wife; and William Coxe C79/177, no. [132]
1659 11 July Anthony Thorpe of Etchingham, Sussex v John Badgin of Newdigate, Surrey & Thomas Smallpeece of the same place Possession of messuage called Wrights Farm and lands in Newdigate and Charlewood, Surrey C78/644, no. 15 [133]
1659 12 July John Johnston of London, merchant v John Bland; Andrew King Merchant factorship re trade in French canvas with Spain C78/559, no. 16 [134]
1659 12 July John Danvers son and heir of Sir John Danvers decd and nephew and heir of Henry, late Earl of Danby decd by Edward Atkins the younger v Sir Henry Lee and Dame Anne his wife; Robert ..lier and Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Coppin; Thomas Gunter; Nathaniel ....; William Baxter; Thomas Estconet; William Yorke; Rowland Jewkes; Robert Atkins; Richard Salwey; Thomas Yates and Thomas Baxter. Trust of the manor, castle and forrest of Danby, Yorks, manors of Stowe Magna and Stowe Parva, Northants, Dantrey, Smithcott, Christmalford, Bremenham, Brokenborough, Merden, Melsham, Hilperton, Morgames and Milbourows, Wilts C78/646, no. 5 [135]
1659 13 July George Ellis second son of John Ellis decd & brother & heir of Thomas Ellis decd who was eldest son & heir of the said John Ellis v James Lowde & Isabell Ellis daughter of the said John Ellis and sister to the said Thomas Ellis and the complt Legacies and portions payable from manor of Brampton Hall, Yorks. C78/598, no. 1 [136]
1659 13 July William Pitt; Robert Osborne & Dame Elizabeth his wife v Sir Francis Anderson; Charles Brandling; Robert Carr; Margaret Hunter Interests in marriage settlement of the manor of Felling, Durham with the Ballast Shore and coalmines there, Alnwick Abbey, and lands in Shotten and Shottenedge and Plessey and tithes in Long Hawton [Longhoughton], Lesbury, Shilbottle, Bilton and Haucle [?Hauxley?], Northumberland. C78/646, no. 14 [137]
1659 14 July William Quarles v Frances Longe, widow; John Hodges; Paul Priaux Bonds for debts of Farnham Beamont. C78/671, no. 7 [138]
1659 7 Oct Elizabeth Underhill (wife of Samuel Underhill of Idlicott, Warks) v Samuel Underhill Alimony and maintenance for children payable from marriage portion C78/735, no. 2 [139]
1659 17 Oct Roger Havard v Henry Mellyn; Richard Bevan; [blank] Higgins Mortgage of manor of Wilier in Willersley and Eardersley, Heref. C78/671, no. 2 [140]
1659 18 Oct Thomas Mudd v Henry Moore and Nicholas Proddy Profits due from lease of messuage in Hooton Lockerowes [Hutton Lowcross], Yorks. C78/735, no. 1 [141]
1659 19 Oct Rice Dey v John Dey & Margery his wife Trust settlement of lands in Athropp, Fakenham, Thorpeland, Penstropp, Snoring and Kettlestone, Norfolk C78/599, no. 4 [142]
1659 16 Nov John Watson, Agnes Watson & Mary Watson all infants by George Gifford v John Watson and Richard Emery Trust of lands in the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, London and in Ampthill and Milbrooke, Beds C78/653, no. 4 [143]
1659 17 Nov John Skelton v Samuel Skelton and Hester Harrison, widow Administration of personal estate of William Skelton the complts & defts brother. C78/616, no. 3 [144]
1659 18 Nov Christopher Robinson; Robert Harrison; Hugh Ireland; Mabel Fleming; Richard Kirkebridge; Richard Olivant; Mungoe Bewley; James Horneby; Richard Harrison; Richard Browne; Elizabeth Browne; Daniel Cowper; Clement Harrison; George Harrison; Randolph Hodgson; Christopher Slacke; John Slacke; John Head; Cuthbert Head; Edmond Rumley; John Lowther; Christopher Kirkebride; Edward Farlam; John Olivant; John Dixon; David Stevenson; George Harrison; Rowland Olivant; Henry Dufton; Cuthbert Harrison; Christopher Robinson v Thomas Plampine, merchant Ratification of agreement re firm and secure settlement of tenements for tenants of Itemfield in the forest of Inglewood, and manor of Heskett, Cumberland C78/616, no. 2 [145]
1659 19 Nov Elizabeth Mordant and Anne Mordant sisters of John, late Earl of Peterborough decd v Ursula Orlebarr, widow & relict of George Orlebarr late of Harold, Beds decd; Richard Orlebarr an infant, son & heir of the said George Orlebarr; Daniel Towers of London; Henry Goodlad of Grimdon, Northants. Trust of messuage called Hemwick Hall, Beds. C78/572, no. 6 [146]
1659 19 Nov Grisegon Bassill, widow v Tobias Weaton; Nicholas Bragg; Thomas Lucas Marriage and trust settlements of messuages and lands in Colchester, Essex C78/698, no. 2 [147]
1659 22 Nov John, earl of Thanet v. John Michelborne, gent; John Newnham; Richard Copperd; William Copperd; Richard Copperd the younger; Richard Newnham; Thomas Copperd; John Pierse; Robert Jarrett; Elizabeth his wife; Sir William Ford; John Hayward; Richard Carpenter; Michael Hesman; Elizabeth his wife; William Carpenter; Joane his wife; William Attred; Richard Coperd; Alice Copperd; Joane Beecher; John Mathew; Thomas Kidd & Mary his wife; and John Rowland C78/882, no. 4 [148]
1659 28 Nov William Harrison v William Thory; Robert Stephens; George Noseworthy; John Corfield; William Robinson; Henry Rogby; William Myles; Robert Keymer and Mary his wife Interests in trust settlement of lands in Walsoken, Norf and Wisbech, Isle of Ely, Cambs C78/702, no. 2 [149]
1659 28 Nov Benjamin Deicrowe v. James Mayo gentleman; Ralph Hartley; and William Newbold C79/18, no. [150]
1659 29 Nov John Layre & Sarah his wife late before Sarah Leech, widow; Elizabeth Woolhouse, widow; Edmond Paston and others (not named) v Ralph Baech and Edmond Atkins and another (not named) Manor of Stanstead, Hertfordshire. Other property in Essex and Lincolnshire, the estate of Sir Edmond Baech. C78/587, no. 6 [151]
1659 6 Dec Arthur Inglett v Charles Vaghan; Gyles Inglett; Elizabeth Whiddon; Ursula Austin, widow; Agnes & Wilmott Ebsworthy Marriage settlement and mortgage of part of manor of Watervall, Devon. C78/564, no. 1 [152]
1659 6 Dec Denner Strutt v Robert Pory, clerk; William Adams; Solomon Swale; John Pory; William Turney; William Justice; Robert Swan Marriage Treaty and trust of lands in Hackney Middx, Gilde Morden, Cambs and Sandon and Ashwell, Herts C78/572, no. 5B [153]
1659 10 Dec Mary Toft, widow v Benjamin Baker and others (not named). Redemption of mortgaged tenement in parish of St. George of Tomberland, Norwich, Norfolk C78/559, no. 7 [154]