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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1654 C78/, no. []
1654 Hilary term William Gale and Katherine Gale, infants by William Burton v George Payne & Anne his wife; John Prescott Bequests from will of William Gale, payable from his personal estate. C78/553, no. 10 [2]
1654 (a bill of revivor) Hilary Term _____ v. Godfrey Lee of London, merchant C79/, no. [3]
1654 4 Jan Edward Webb Clarke v William Moore & Mary his wife; Thomas Webb Clarke Marriage settlement and mortgage of messuage in Newington Bagpath (No county given). C78/590, no. 5 [4]
1654 9 Jan Robert Smyth of Killingholme, Lincs v Henry Aiscough of Halton Holgate, Lincs; William Donoby of Momby Chappell, Lincs Discharge of bonds. C78/474, no. 2 [5]
1654 9 Jan William Harris of Ashby St Ledgers, yeoman v. George Harris the younger; and John Boys C78/1009, no. 7 [6]
1654 10 Jan Robert Randall of Langley, Norfolk youngest son of Gregory Randall decd; Elizabeth Randall the only daughter of the said Gregory v John Randall the elder Legacies payable from lands in Bynfield, East Hampstead and Wokinham, Berks by will of Gregory Randall C78/524, no. 7 [7]
1654 19 Jan Mark Hawkins of Dartmouth, Devon v. John Plumleigh; Thomas Leigh; and John Spurway C78/1283, no. 2 [8]
1654 23 Jan Governor and merchants of East India Company v Dame Rachel Cambell; Sir Thomas Abdy; James Cambell; James Martin; Anthony Bateman; John Holloway; Peter Thorneton; Samuel Gott; Richard Batson; Susan Turges; William Courteene; Peter Farneden; Thomas Kynnaston Disputed estate of William Courteene, including 9000 duckets of barbary gold and 2 brass guns. C78/548, no. 10 [9]
1654 24 Jan Thomas Randall of London, grocer and Myles Briggs executors of William Bury late citizen & tallow chandler of London decd v John Bury; Thomas Whitebread; William Pargiter; Thomas Knight; Humphrey Louthe; Henry Colborne Debts payable from trust of lands in Mounden and Purley, Essex C78/521, no. 6 [10]
1654 26 Jan Dame Katherine Vanlore, widow v Francis Williamson the elder; Francis Williamson an infant by the said Francis Williamson his father; William Lloyd Stewardship and trust of the manor of Tilehurst, Berks C78/632, no. 17 [11]
1654 26 Jan John Gimber & his wife, and others (not named) v Thomas Thorpe and others (not named) Legacies payable from personal estate of Henry Thorpe late of Leicester. C78/638, no. 18 [12]
1654 28 Jan John Wilkinson an infant by Alice Wilkinson his mother v William Wilkinson; Phillip Wilkinson; Alice Wilkinson Possession of messuage in Skelton, Yorks, formerly the estate of Robert Wilkinson the complts grandfather. C78/632, no. 18 [13]
1654 28 Jan Thomas Wild & Anne his wife v Elizabeth Taylor; Jeffry Fox; John Fisher Marriage settlement of tenement in the manor of (left blank) in Duddenbridge, and house & land in Dalton (no county given [?Cumberland?]). C78/632, no. 19 [14]
1654 30 Jan Nathaniel Drinkwater v James Simpkin Bonds re delivery of pewter at Dublin to be shipped to London C78/548, no. 12 [15]
1654 30 Jan Daniel Bough v Richard Baldwere and William Baldwere Possession of copyhold pasture land in Gedney, Lincs C78/632, no. 20 [16]
1654 31 Jan Tristram Taylor, gent & Mary his wife, sole daughter and child of William Watson v. said William Watson, esq Jointure of the manor of Awstwicke[Austwick], Yorks C78/1241, no. 10 [17]
1654 3 Feb Thomas Tuson executor of Anne Hawes, widow decd, late executrix of Thomas Hawes her husband also decd v William Hawes and Francis Hawes Legacies and debts payable from profits of sale of Marshlands in Erith, Kent, by will of Thomas Hawes C78/548, no. 9 [18]
1654 4 Feb Henry Holles; The Lady Cowert his wife; Henry Foyle v Dame Seymour Hastings; George Morgan; Walter Edge; Ralph Edge; Jonathan Langley; John Langley The estate and debts of Sir George Hastings of Woodlands in Dorset. C78/532, no. 11 [19]
1654 4 Feb Francis Lowe of Grays Inn, Middx; Thomas Randall of London v George Garth & Anne his wife; John Stone & Katherine his wife; John Goldwell; Cresheild Draper an infant and others (not named) Mortgages of lands in Holcombe, Oxon C78/540, no. 11 [20]
1654 4 Feb Sir William Sedley son & heir of Dame Elizabeth Sedley decd; Charles Sedley her second son; Edward Atkins; Sir Thomas Dacris; Sir Anthoine Aucher; Edward Wright; .... Burges, clerk (since decd), executors of the said Lady Sedley v Sir Myles Sandys. Mortgage of manor of Stretham, Isle of Ely, Cambs C78/569, no. 15 [21]
1654 4 Feb William Peirson; Jane Peirson; Richard Peirson v Ralph Allenson Mortgage of 4 beastgates in Camden Oxclose, Co. Durham. William Peirson late father of the complts William & Richard C78/632, no. 16 [22]
1654 6 Feb Henry Billingsley & Sarah his wife; Ellen Rodway, widow; William Barker & Katherine his wife one of the daughters of the said Ellen Rodway; Mary Rodway an infant another of the daughters of the said Ellen; Henry Billingsley; George Billingsley; Richard Billingsley; Robert Billingsley; Mathew Billingsley; John Billingsley; Thomas Billingsley, sons of the said Henry Billingsley & Sarah his wife; Sarah Billingsley daughter of the said Henry & Sarah, all the said sons & daughters being infants by John Barker v Dame Mary Rogers, widow, relict & executrix of Sir Richard Rogers; George Martin; Thomas Boyland Legacies payable from personal estate of Robert Rogers, alderman of the City of Bristol C78/482, no. 14 [23]
1654 6 Feb Thomas Moulton v Thomas Copplestone; John Copplestone; Mary Moulton, widow now decd Title to lands in Collompton, Halberton and Bradwinch, Devon C78/500, no. 8 [24]
1654 6 Feb Geffrey Minshall gentleman v. Sir Richard Minshall knight C78/2020, no. 3 [25]
1654 7 Feb Sir James Thyn and Sir Thomas Thynn administrators of Sir Thomas Thyn their father decd v William Harris. Consideration payment due for lease of rectory, tithes and glebe of Imber, Wilts. C78/645, no. 9 [26]
1654 8 Feb Elizabeth Havers of Greate Witchingham, Norfolk, spinster v Abraham Grigg. Mortgage of tenement in parish of St. Gregory, London C78/524, no. 6 [27]
1654 8 Feb William Wollaston v Richard Creswell; Walter Moseley; William Chapman & Mary his wife; Thomas Lowe & Margery his wife; William Brigg & Margaret his wife; Elizabeth Cresswell Accounts of trust, and marriage portions from trust of estate of Richard Creswell the elder. C78/549, no. 12 [28]
1654 9 Feb Elizabeth Pope, widow, relict of Robert Pope of Tillingham, Essex decd v Elias Wright Arrears of an annuity payable from unspecified lands in Essex by will of Robert Pope C78/482, no. 13 [29]
1654 9 Feb John Hobart; John Tooley; Roger Mingay, executors of Anthony Mingay decd v Edward Mildham Mortgage of site of priory of Waybridge, Norf. C78/524, no. 5 [30]
1654 9 Feb Lady Katherine Brooke, Dowager to Robert, Lord Brooke decd; Fowke Brent v John Fowke; Robert Ducye; Sir Richard Ducy; Mary Fowke Redemption of mortgaged lands in Little Aston, Gloucs C78/527, no. 2 [31]
1654 9 Feb Lady Katherine Brooke, Dowager of Robert, Lord Brooke her late husband decd v Richard Brent and George Brent Trust settlement of manors of Ardington and Larkstoke, Gloucs. C78/527, no. 3 [32]
1654 10 Feb Robert Paynell of the City of Norwich; Thomas Crane of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk & Anne his wife v Anthony Hobart and James Hobart Legacies payable by will of Elizabeth Barney from lands in St Peters parish, Norwich, Norf C78/482, no. 12 [33]
1654 10 Feb John Stratford son, heir & executor of Edward Stratford of Nonneaton, Warks decd v William Howard & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Fromond; William Englefield & Mary his wife; Frances Hewett; William Lord Viscount Mounson and others The property of Bartholomew Frommond or Fromond and his wife Hester. Herston Grange[Horestone Grange], Nonneaton[Nuneaton], Warwickshire, and woodlands C78/581, no. 13 [34]
1654 11 Feb Edward Rich v John Abington the elder & Meriall his wife; Thomas Abington; Robert, Earl of Carnwarth; Katherine his wife; John Abington infant; Richard Berkeley; Sir Maurice Berkley; James Ingram Conveyance of encumbered manor of Dowdeswell, Gloucs. C78/403, no. 7 [35]
1654 11 Feb Henry Houghton of Exwiste, Lancs; Grace Houghton; John Wood; William Mitchell; Robert Smith; Lawrence Spenceer; George Lawes; George Bertwisle; John Ingham v Christopher Cuncliffe an infant Possession and mortgage of copyhold and freehold lands in the honour of Chederoe, Lancs. C78/522, no. 1 [36]
1654 11 Feb Thomas Harrison v Sir Thomas Danby; Francis Danby; Rosamond his wife; Margaret Danby, widow; Marmaduke Danby Sale of manor of South Cave, Yorks. C78/567, no. 11 [37]
1654 11 Feb Grafton Jackson of Southampton v Thomas Elliott the elder & Thomas Elliott the younger. Estate of Thomas Jackson, messuage and lands in the town of Southampton C78/588, no. 16 [38]
1654 11 Feb Thomas Pond, gent, & Anne his wife, late the wife and executrix of John Love v. Henry Ham, clerk, & Mary his wife; and John Ham C78/801, no. 3 [39]
1654 13 Feb Cecill Calvert, lord baron of Baltimore, Ireland, v Sir Thomas Reynell; Henry Sandys; William Sandys; Henry Swetnam; Roger Gourd; John Browne Debts of Thomas, Lord Arundell, payable from trust estate of lands in Semley, Wilts and East Pulham and Hanley, Dorset C78/521, no. 11 [40]
1654 13 Feb Sir John Smith; John Goodwyn; Robert Goodwyn; Francis Blyth; Raphe Farmer; John Clarke v Richard Compton; Richard Hopkins; Thomas Flynt; John ....; John Hynman; Eustace Cradock; William Lannder; Thomas West; William Jolliff; John Tayler; Richard Fox; Arthur Miller; James Jackson; Richard Russell; Richard Kymberley & Anne his wife; William Haken; William Jennyng; Richard Bolt; Jane Avery, widow; Clement Mason; Thomas Alford, clerk; Gregory Bacon; George Lannt; John Mouseley; Richard Eborne; William Wheeler; William Gryndon the younger; Thomas Abby Decree for the enclosure of the open fields and common pastures of the township and manor of Allesley, Warwickshire: scheme proposed in 1650 and affecting some six hundred acres C78/555, no. 15 [41]
1654 13 Feb Simon Spatchurch (or Spatchurst)and Elizabeth his wife, formerly wife of Thomas Eyre the Younger deceased, for selves and William Eyre infant son of Thomas and Elizabeth v Giles Eyre brother and Executor of Thomas Eyre the Elder and John Love. Portions payable from sale of parsonage, glebe and tithes of South Newton, Wilts C78/590, no. 3 [42]
1654 16 Feb The Mayor, Bailiffs, Burgesses, and Commonalty of the Town of Bedford, Beds v. Sir Thomas Fisher, baronet; Leonard  ; John Thompson; Sir William Brownlow, baronet; George Fetherton; Anthony Wright, gent; John Hooker, esq; and John Chaliner, two of the feoffees for the parish of St Clement Danes, Middx; The Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of the possessions, revenues, and goods of the Hospital of Edward, late King of England, the Sixth Christ Bridwell and St Thomas the Apostle; Thomas Rant, esq; and Ralph Wild, gent C78/1269, no. 2 [43]
1654 17 Feb Thomas Hanwell v Dorothy Smalbone, widow; John Smalbone; Thomas Smalbone; Henry Smalbone; William Wicks; Edward Gittins Possession of part of parsonage and glebe lands of Stephenton, Berks C78/486, no. 4 [44]
1654 17 Feb Lettice Banister wife of Richard Banester of Astham, Lancs v Richard Banester her husband Claim for alimony C78/524, no. 9 [45]
1654 17 Feb John Watson of Ampthill, Beds v. John Smith C78/1009, no. 5 [46]
1654 18 Feb Robert Chambers; Jane Chambers; John [?Cockson?]; John ....; John Stamper; John Neeshow for tenants of Raiby Grange als Raby Grange and Calver Grange in parish of Holme Cultram, Cumberland v James Winstanley; Edmond Winstanley; Frances Bullock an infant by Elizabeth ....., widow Customary rights and duties of hereditary tenants of Raiby Grange and Calver Grange, Cumberland. C78/596, no. 1 [47]
1654 20 Feb Thomas Fitzwilliam v Thomas Mauliverer; Dorcas Mauliverer, widow; Nicholas Mauliverer; John Mathewes Sale of lease of tenement called Bawne or Balnehall [Balne in Selby district], Yorks. C78/548, no. 11 [48]
1654 20 Feb Governor and merchants of East India Company v Dame Rachel Cambell, widow; Sir Thomas Abdy; James Cambell; Anthony Bateman; John Holloway; Samuel Gotts; Richard Batson; Susan Turgis; William Courteene; Peter Franden; Thomas Kynnaston Title to gold and guns salvaged from ship "Little William" of London, off coast of Madagascar C78/665, no. 7 [49]
1654 21 Feb Amphillis Musters, widow, executrix of John Musters late of Deptford, Kent her late husband v Sir William Smith; John Clarke Possession and redemption of mortgaged rectory and tithes of St. Just in Penwith, Cornewall C78/665, no. 5 [50]
1654 21 Feb Cuthbert Winder of Wingfield, Berks v John Winder; Bartholomew Bromley; John Bromley Agreement re marriage settlement of house in Fleetstreet, London C78/705, no. 12 [51]
1654 25 Feb Robert Henley of the Middle Temple, London v Samuel Wightwick Trust settlement of manor of Bishops Coninge [Bishops Cannings], Wilts C78/482, no. 11 [52]
1654 26 Feb Thomas Lloyd of Llanhavon, Montgomery v David Thomas & Lowrie his wife Relief from an agreement with Oliver ap Evan for the sale of land. C78/588, no. 17 [53]
1654 28 Feb Edward, Lord Howard, Baron of Estrigge, Yorks for William, Lord Boteler (an idiot) son & heir of John, Lord Boteler decd v Henry, Earl of Monmouth and Lady Philadelphie Wharton Recognizances and extents on idiot’s estate of manor of Woodhall, Herts C78/521, no. 10 [54]
1654 28 Feb Hoo Steward of Grays Inn, Middx v Lewis Rosine and Eusebius La Hunt Bonds re debts incurred in raising ransom for men in the retinue of the Commonwealth ambassador to Holland, captured by the soldiers of the Duke of Lorraine C78/665, no. 6 [55]
1654 1 March John Ellis v Richard Elmehirst; William Platts; William Wright; Ann his wife; Thomas Thrift; Jonas Buckley Title to lands, and payments levied on estate in Spinckehall, Yorks. C78/540, no. 13 [56]
1654 1 March Gertrude Baron daughter and heir of John Baron v. Thomas Gosnold & Elizabeth his wife and Edward Colburne C78/1921, no. 10 [57]
1654 1 March Tobie Combes, esq, brother and heir of Francis Combes, esq, of Hemel Hempstead, Herts v. The inhabitants of St Albans and Watford, Herts C78/1009, no. 6 [58]
1654 2 March Katherine Eure widow & relict of Ralph Eure decd v Phillip Sherrard & Margaret his wife; Margaret & Mary Eure Debts and bonds. C78/632, no. 13 [59]
1654 2 March John Trott the elder; John Trott the younger v Thomas Willys; Thomas Agar; Thomas Gould; Christopher Milton; John Raven Sale of manor of Ash in Ashdeane, Polehampton and Overton, Okeley and St. Steventon, Hants. C78/632, no. 14 [60]
1654 3 March Dorothy Dodding v. William Lambe and Martha his wife Estate of William Dodding decd, the complts father. Messuage in Chivelston, Devon. C78/1414, no. 23 [61]
1654 4 March Thomas Fletcher v Henry Grove. Interests in testamentary settlement of farm and lands in Charlecott, Salop C78/478, no. 9 [62]
1654 4 March Margaret Morley an infant by John Firth of Cumberworth, Yorks and Abraham Haigh of Thornes within the parish of Wakefield, Yorks v Anthony Morley and Thomas Morley Legacies payable from personal estate of Thomas Morley late of Killingley, Yorks. C78/613, no. 3 [63]
1654 4 March John Lambe the elder and John Lambe the younger v. Nicholas Cholmely the elder and Nicholas Cholmely the younger; Francis Berry; Isaac Wright; Erasmus Snellinge; and Francis Cantler Estate of Henry Lambe, brother of the complt Nicholas Lambe the elder, and debt to Thomas Cholmely now decd. Messuages in St Giles in the Fields, Middx. C78/1414, no. 22 [64]
1654 9 March Edward, Lord Brabazon, Earl of Meath in Ireland v William Watts; John Coventrye; George Crosse, clerk; Henry Walker; Thomas Mowseley; William Heately; Thomas Ward; Henry Elliott; John Elliott; Nicholas Heyward Bill (Mich. 1653) seeking ratification of agreement (May 1653) to enclose common fields of Harlaston, Staffordshire C78/567, no. 11 [65]
1654 10 March Bartholomew Beale v John Clayton; Elizabeth his wife relict & executrix of Robert Eccleston decd; John Eccleston & Elizabeth his daughter; Gabriel Bonner & Dorothy his wife; Hugh Eccleston son of the said Robert Eccleston; Christopher & Rachel Eccleston infants, two other children of the said Robert As for 9 Oct 1654, C78/546, no 13. C78/546, no. 15 [66]
1654 10 March James Ravenscroft of the Inner Temple; .....; John Copley son & heir of ...... Copley decd; Thomasine Copley, widow late wife and executrix of the said ...... v Thomas Hornecastle and Thomas Creakill Redemption of mortgaged messuage in Skelbrooke, Yorks. C78/614, no. 1 [67]
1654 11 March Sir Humphrey Forster; John Davys; Edward Stafford an infant v Elias Ashmole & Dame Mary Manwayring his wife. Extents and statutes re covenants in a lease of unspecified lands. Edward Stafford late father of the complt C78/632, no. 15 [68]
1654 No decree date (roll incomplete). Bill Mich 1652 Mary Cogan by Abell Thomas v Robert Bowditch & Elizabeth his wife; John Cogan; James Baxter Mortgage of messuage in Lyme Regis, Dorset C78/486, no. 1 [69]
1654 [--] William Archer of Duxford, Cambs, clerk v Humphrey Gibbon and Thomas Collett Mortgage of interests in copyhold lands in Reath and Swaffham Pryor. C78/712, no. 7 [70]
1654 29 --- Thomas [?North?] of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk v. Giles Pooley C78/1921, no. 12 [71]
1654 1 April Jane Austen, widow, late wife of Edward Austen late of Tenterden, Kent decd & daughter, heir & Administratrix of Shemaiah Selhearst decd v Joane Taylor, widow and James Taylor an infant by the said Joane his mother Settlement of estate of Shemaiah Selhearst, consisting of personal estate and lands in Swargate, Warehorne and Tenterden, Kent. C78/478, no. 5 [72]
1654 10 April George Parker and Thomas Dumett on behalf of Mary Deacons then wife of Edward Deacons v. George Halfeheid; Robert Barrowes; and Francis Selby C78/2020, no. 2 [73]
1654 14 April Francis Vintener & Elianor his wife one of the daughters of Richard Pickes decd & co-administratrix of Alice Pickes one other of the daughters of the said Richard Pickes v Elianor Pickes, widow; Sir Henry Calthropp Testamentary settlement by will of Richard Pickes of lands and tenements in Tunbridge, Penbury, Dartford, Brayford, Rolvenden, Headcorne, Teatner and Ulcombe, Kent and Westfeild, Sussex C78/665, no. 4 [74]
1654 20 April William Gaseley of Northcreake, Norfolk administrator of John Gasely decd his late brother and Katherine Gasely decd his late sister v William Armiger and John Armiger Legacies from, and accounts of, the personal estate of Katherine Gaseley C78/482, no. 8 [75]
1654 3 May Margaret Drake; Hester Drake; Sarah Drake daughter of Roger Drake of London by Phillip Chetwin v Margaret Drake; Roger Drake; Richard Drake Legacies from personal estate of Roger Drake, citizen & clothworker of London, the plts grandfather. C78/528, no. 13 [76]
1654 6 May Richard Browne v Roger Little; Edmund Butt; Thomas Langford; Thomas Leech; John Lane; William King; Robert Butt; Sebastian Angell; Robert Etheridge; Joane Milton Bill (Easter term 1653) reciting agreement (March last past), by tenants to enclose an area called Leyholme (formerly part of waste), alleging new opposition by defendants, and seeking confirmation and ratification of the agreement. Leigh or Ley, Gloucestershire. C78/403, no. 1 [77]
1654 6 May Thomas Vynor, Lord Mayor of London, Fenner Dixon, John White, Edward Osborne, John Rickman and Michael Hunt, churchwardens for poor of parish of St. Sepulchers; Thomas Pepworth and Yate Brackworth, churchwardens of Giles Cripplegate; Peter Eales and John Story, churchwardens of Buttolph Bishoppsgate; Robert Scale and [blank] Preston, churchwardens of Buttolphs Algate; Thomas Bishopp and George Kelsey, churchwardens of Shorditch; William Freeland, Thomas Harrison and Joseph Pilles, churchwardens of Whitechappell; John Nobb, Robert Parsons and [blank] Arup, churchwardens of Saint Olaves in Southwark; George Ewer, [blank] Hardwicke, William Crofts and William Rimmon, churchwardens of St. Saviours; William Williams and John Wright, churchwardens of Olaves Bermondsey; John Terrey, John Lamerton, William Locke and [blank] Bigg, churchwardens of St. Georges in Southwarke; [blank] Simcocks and Robert Hedden, churchwardens of Isleworth, Middx. v Dame Lucy Fenner; Phillip Warwicke; John Taylor Trust of funds, set up by will of Sir John Fenner, to buy Bibles, coal for poor parishioners and to redeem poor prisoners in prisons in London, Southwark and Westminster. C78/567, no. 10 [78]
1654 8 May John Mill of the City of Oxford v Warden and College of All Souls, Oxford Mortgage of land in Holcott, Beds. C78/712, no. 6 [79]
1654 13 May Mary Bourne, widow v. John Bourne C78/1009, no. 13 [80]
1654 26 May Richard Ganamon v Gilbert Bury; John Jones & his wife; Anne Salter Leases of freehold and copyhold lands in Westham and Eastham, Essex. C78/478, no. 6 [81]
1654 26 May John Tooker of Barnestaple, Devon, merchant v Richard Emott and Elizabeth his wife. Lease of lands in Bishops Tawton, Devon. C78/500, no. 7 [82]
1654 27 May Anne Sawkins, widow, the relict & administratrix of William Sawkins her late husband decd v Thomas Ryrmin Sale of lands in May Field, Sussex. C78/1150, no. 28 [83]
1654 29 May Sir John Hobart of Blickling, Norfolk v Edmond Bell; Dame Merryell Bell; Dame Mary Bell; Nathaniel Hobart; John Hobart of Elme; Phillip Wood; John Hawes; John Gallant; John Hobart of Waybread; Katherine Hobart Debts, recognizances and statute staple and mortgage of lands in Stowe Bardolphe, Norfolk C78/521, no. 7 [84]
1654 29 May Edmond Wynstanley of Westminster, Middx; Edmond Wynstanlet his son by Dorothy the late wife decd an infant v John Bland; Frances Bullock an infant now the wife of Abraham Molyne, merchant Mortgage of copyhold lands in Hampton Court, Middx. C78/521, no. 12 [85]
1654 29 May George Andrewes & Judith his wife; and Elizabeth Andrewes and Judith Andrewes children by said George Andrewes their father and guardian v. Samuel Feake & .... his wife C78/1921, no. 15 [86]
1654 29 May Henry Ham, clerk, of Chipping Sudbury, Glouc and now of Much Waltham, Essex v. Humfrey Herne; Elizabeth Herne; and Deborah Francklyn; Robert Clemence & Elizabeth his wife; Walter Morgan; Edward Morgan & ___ his wife C78/1009, no. 14 [87]
1654 30 May George Lowe of Calne, Wilts & Jane his wife late wife & executrix of Acton Drake decd surviving executor of Henry, late Earl of Danby decd v Thomas Henslowe. Annuity from manor of Netherdeane or Rookely and lands in Little Samborne and Crawley, Hants C78/637, no. 18 [88]
1654 30 May Sir Francis Wortley of Wortley, Yorks, knight and baronet lately deceased v. Roger Brettridge & Sarah his wife C78/1921, no. 11 [89]
1654 31 May John Day administrator of Thomas Roper decd v Henry, Earl of Kingston upon Hull; Sir William Playters; Sir Richard Onslowe; William March; Gabriel Beckingham Debts of Thomas, Earl of Arundell and Surrey payable from manors of Wenn, Loppington and Hinstocke, Salop. C78/569, no. 17 [90]
1654 31 May William Weston of London v. Sir John Gore; Richard Woodward; William Meggs; and Richard Woodward the younger Bankruptcy of Sir John Woolstenholme of London C78/569, no. 18 [91]
1654 Trinity term Thomas Carlton, citizen & mercer of London v George Carlton & Mary his wife; Thomas his son; Daniel Andrewes and Samuel Micoe, aldermen of London Mortgage of Cotismore Farm, Oxon C78/665, no. 3 [92]
1654 2 June Isaack Barton administrator of Katherine his late wife late the wife of John Godschalke; Elizabeth Godschalke, spinster, daughter of the said John v Abraham Cullen; William Rushout; John Caser; Elizabeth Rushout Profits from trust of messuage in Southwarke, Surrey C78/482, no. 6 [93]
1654 3 June Thomas Whitefoote v Thomas Dannett; Thomas Bartram; Johane his wife; John Bartram their son; John Higgins otherwise Rea; John Towne; John Coleman; John Jones; William Sheppard; Robert Chelmesh; Thomas Freeman; Edward Lloyd; William Mathewes; Thomas Bedford; John Hawkes Possession of the manor of Nether Lawton, Heref and lands in Moreton and Kingsland, Heref. C78/478, no. 8 [94]
1654 3 June Sir John Weld the elder of Willey, Salop & Dame Elizabeth his wife; Richard Ferrand of Mycham, Surrey & Dame Susan Carew his wife late wife of Sir Francis Carew decd which said Dame Elizabeth & Dame Susan were the daughters of Sir William Rumney late of London and of Dame Rebecca his late wife also decd and administratrices of Joseph Rumney their brother decd v Rt. hon. Henry, Earl of Kingston. Bonds for payment of debts C78/712, no. 5 [95]
1654 6 June Robert Cogan v Robert Mallock and Thomas Crewe Reassurance of mortgaged castle of Wycrofte, Devon C78/486, no. 3 [96]
1654 6 June William Greene v Walter Butler and John Holbech Title to messuages and lands called Hardins als Kelsey House in Fillongly, Warwicks, formerly of John Greene the complts late father. C78/563, no. 15 [97]
1654 6 June Thomas Atkins; Dame Anne Moulson, widow; Ralph Bovey; William Boothby; Thomas Weld, grocer; Maurice Griffith; John Bludworth, clerk; Thomas Bludworth, merchant executors of John Bludworth; William Osborne administrator of Dorothy Osborne decd; William Beale, merchant creditors of Sir Henry Boothby & Robert Boothby his brother both decd v Mary Boothby, widow, by the name of Dame Mary Boothby then late wife and executrix of the said Sir Henry Boothby; William Boothby son & heir of the said Sir Henry Boothby by the name of Sir William Boothby; Thomas Boothby brother of the said Sir Henry; Robert Needham; Robert Bosterne; Lawrence Baily Debts of Robert Boothby payable from trust of Hanson Grange and lands in Thorpe, Derbys. C78/548, no. 7 [98]
1654 6 June Thomas Armistead v. Roger Pepys, esq; William Armistead; William Carr; and Anthony Lister C78/1241, no. 7 [99]
1654 8 June Thomas Spence, Anne Spence & Rebecca Spence by Edward Thorowgood of St Giles Cripplegate, London v Charles Spence; William Dawes; John Watts Mortgage in trust of tenement in St. Bartholomews, London. C78/528, no. 12 [100]
1654 8 June Nicholas Greene of Brooke Place, Wilts v John Awbrey; Jasper Bannister; Thomas Bingham the elder; Thomas Bingham the younger Lease of Meere Park in Meere, Wilts C78/645, no. 11 [101]
1654 9 June Lewis Barlow v John Barlow of Slebech, Pembs; Nicholas Lewes of St Essells, Pembs Debts on security of lands in Slebech, Pembs. C78/675, no. 12 [102]
1654 10 June Lucy Fotherley daughter of Sir Thomas Fotherley late of Rickmersworth[Rickmansworth], Herts v John Fotherley and Thomas Marsh. Concerning the properties of Lucy Fotherley in the parishes of Colton Mosse, Slasthwaite, Frier Mosse, and others in Lancashire, and Northamptonshire. Disputed conveyances C78/491, no. 30 [103]
1654 10 June Henry Branson son & heir of Thomas Branson decd v Ann Chamberlaine, widow, relict of Sir Thomas Chamberlaine; Thomas Chamberlaine son & heir of the said Sir Thomas Chamberlaine & others (not named) Mortgage of manors of Barford and Sawleford (no county given). C78/712, no. 12 [104]
1654 10 June C78/1921, no. 13 [105]
1654 12 June Thomas Whitehead v Arthur Cockrain; Mary Danser; Garnous Danser; Peter Danser an infant Sale of encumbered estate of the prebends of Morton Magna and Little Morton and 2 prebends of the Cathedral of Hereford, Heref C78/712, no. 17 [106]
1654 13 June Richard Moore otherwise Walker; William Alcocke; John Fellowes; Anthony Russell; Anthony Dickings; Thomas Fellowes; Anne Fellowes; Joseph Stretch; Joseph Moore als Walker; Ruth Moore otherwise Walker; Hester Moore als Walker; Mary Davis; Hannah Davis; Anne Davis; John Cockrell; William Cockrell; Richard Cockrell; Frances Cockrell; John Hitchman; Hannah Hitchman; Hester Hitchman v William Moore otherwise Walker; Elizabeth Moore otherwise Walker; Mary Moore als Walker Debts and legacies payable from lands in Broadway, Worcs, by will of Thomas Walker C78/403, no. 4 [107]
1654 13 June Sir James Thynne and Sir Thomas Thynne administrators of Sir Thomas Thinne their father v Andrew Rogers and Edmond Baylye executor of Zachary Bayly Lease of rectory, parsonage, glebe and tithes of Froome, Somerset. C78/645, no. 10 [108]
1654 13 June Dame Frances Lake late wife of Sir Thomas Lake of Cannon, Middx, knight v. John, earl of Rutland and Robert Sutton C78/1921, no. 14 [109]
1654 13 June Thomas Bayly v. Jeremy Webster; Richard Kinge; and Robert Whipp C78/1241, no. 8 [110]
1654 14 June Richard Whitney son & heir of Sir Robert Whitney decd; Henry Williams & Susan his wife one of the daughters of Sir Robert Whitney; Elianor Whitney one other of the daughters of the said Sir Robert; Elizabeth Whitney youngest daughter of the said Sir Robert; Sir John Cave & Bridgett his wife; Thomas Onely; Mathew Hulme son & heir of Thomas Hulme decd; Moses Cave; John Barford; Johnson Higges; Richard Lea; Thomas Hewett; John Perkins v Christopher Harvey, clerk. Bill (6 June 1654) reciting agreement (6 years before) and articles (1 May 1648) to enclose the three common fields of Clifton [Clifton-upon-Dunsmore, Warks], and new agreement (1649) and alleging refusal by vicar to accept his new plot. Decree ratified treaty and made arrangements for another plot to be set out for vicar. C78/478, no. 1 [111]
1654 14 June Katherine Hawkins v Francis Page and John Richardson Conveyance in trust of lands in Hearnehill, Kent. C78/653, no. 13 [112]
1654 16 June Thomas Bennett, esq & Mary his wife, executors of Elizabeth Munke, widow, natural mother of said Mary v. Sir William Portman, baronet, an infant; Edward Seymour; Robert Wallopp; John Syms; Pierce Edgecombe; Hugh Windham; Wadham Windheim, esq; and Alexander St Albon C78/1269, no. 1 [113]
1654 19 June William Fitzherbert; John Fitzherbert son & heir apparent ........; William George, alderman of the City of ?Bristol? ............; Edward Morgan; Alice Player relict of Arthur Player decd v Josias Dolling Debts payable from trust of tenement in Stapleton, Gloucs C78/580, no. 1 [114]
1654 20 June Mary Browne, spinster v. William Sallowes Will of John Browne of Beddriffe, Surrey, the complts father. House or Lyme wharfe near the Tower Docke C78/1414, no. 25 [115]
1654 22 June Thomas Spooner of Seething, Norfolk, son & heir of Thomas Spooner the elder late of Seething v Edward Osborne. Title to lands in Seething, Mundham, Kirstead and Langall, Norfolk C78/523, no. 1 [116]
1654 22 June Nathaniel Hallowes of Derby v John Wiseman of Westminster; Rebecca his wife; Phillip Tilney son & heir of Phillip Tilney late of Shelney, Suffolk Sale of encumbered lands at Thorsett, Glossop, Derby and Mayfield, Derbys C78/870, no. 9 [117]
1654 22 June Nathaniel Hallowes of Derby, Derbs, esq v. John Wiseman of Westminster, esq; Rebecca his wife; and Phillip Tylney, son and heir of Phillip Tillney of Shellney, Suff, esq C78/1559, no. 10 [118]
1654 23 June Richard Morgan of Easton, Somerset v Samuel Gorges. Mortgage of tenement in Mayali, Somerset C78/482, no. 9 [119]
1654 24 June Martin Shaxton, clerk; William Wortts v John Aspray; William Scotterell Marriage treaty of land in Pinchbacke, [Pinchbeck], Lincs. C78/553, no. 1 [120]
1654 24 June Martin Shaxton, clerk; William Wortts v John Aspray; William Scotterell Marriage treaty of land in Pinchbacke [Pinchbeck], Lincs C78/553, no. 6 [121]
1654 24 June Frances Waze, widow, late wife of Thomas Waze decd; Anne Waze, Katherine Waze & Emme Waze the three daughters of the said Thomas Waze, infants by the said Frances their mother; Charles Halford; Jerome Rawstorne; Edward Hampson, creditors of the said Thomas Waze v Sir Thomas Hartop; Sampson Waze; Basil Berridge; William Guest; Robert Barnard Debts and legacies payable from trust of mortgaged lands in Rotherby, Leics. C78/637, no. 17 [122]
1654 26 June Lewis Darcy, executor of Dame Martha Belt v William Belt; Robert Belt; Toby Thurcrosse & Martha his wife Trust and testamentary bequests C78/540, no. 12 [123]
1654 28 June Hugh Hare, Lord of Colraine in Ireland v John Gorges; Robert Freind; John Wrenham Possession of the manor of Langford, Wilts C78/705, no. 10 [124]
1654 29 June Alice Ellyott, widow, the relict of Thomas Ellyott late of Staple Inn, London and Gilbert Havers, citizen & woolen draper of London v Phillip, Earl of Chesterfield; Sir Aston Cockaine; Dame Mary his wife; William Stanhopp and Francis Cockaine The debts of Thomas Cockaine of Ashborne, Derbyshire. Disputed properties at Lees, Ashleys, Hayes, Crumford, Midleton, Derbyshire C78/525, no. 2B [125]
1654 29 June Joyce Saunders, widow, daughter & administratrix of Anne [?Eaghsh?] decd v Walter Retorick executor of Christian Mathew decd Debts and legacies payable by will of Christian Mathew C78/607, no. 18 [126]
1654 1 July Thomas Gill v William Emott; Laurance Emott; John Emott; James Emott; Christopher Smith Extents for debts on lands and watermills in Colne, Lancs C78/548, no. 8 [127]
1654 1 July James Goffe citizen and merchant of London and other parishioners of St Botolph, London v. John Turner of Bletchingley, Surrey C78/1921, no. 16 [128]
1654 5 July John Windham of Felbrigg, Norfolk v Sir John Holland; Sir George Windham; Hugh Windham; Sir Robert Kempe; Brigg Fountaine; Thomas Rant; Elizabeth Windham, widow; Thomas Windham; William Windham; John Windham Marriage settlement of manor of Isacke and Marriotts and lands in Beckham or Little Beckham, Sheringham and Aylewerton, Norfolk C78/553, no. 5 [129]
1654 5 July Samuel Waddington, gent v. Joseph Turner; Thomas Hollins & Mary his wife; Thomas Bradley; and Agnes Hainsworth C78/1241, no. 6 [130]
1654 6 July ......... Deborah Sparkes, daughters of Phillip Sparkes the son of Michael Sparkes late of London, stationer decd, infants by Isabell Sparkes, widow, their mother v Humphrey Baskervile; Thomas Griffith; Elizabeth Bach; Thomas Roberts. Dispute over the conveyance of tenements at Greene Arbor, City of London, between Michael Sparkes and Baskervile C78/581, no. 14 [131]
1654 6 July President and scholars of St. John Baptist's College Oxford v Elizabeth Hampden, widow; Joane Hayward, widow Legacy payable to college by will of Dorothy Leach from 3 messuages in White Friers St. London C78/705, no. 2 [132]
1654 7 July James Clayton & Elizabeth his wife administratrix of Agnes & Sarah Hall v William Wheate. Legacy due to estate of Sarah Hall from personal estate of William Hall. C78/563, no. 18 [133]
1654 7 July Thomas Churchhouse & Elyanor his wife and John Luckis v. John Bolling alias Bonnyng the elder; John Bolling alias Bonnyng the younger & Julyan his wife; and Margarett Hacke C79/177, no. [134]
1654 7 July John Blount, second son of John Blount, an infant, by John Nuthall, his guardian v. John Crusoe, & Jane his wife C78/801, no. 2 [135]
1654 8 July Sir Robert Payne of Highgate, Middx v Olive Yardley, widow, the executrix of John Salmon als Salmond her former husband decd Bonds re payments due from settlement of manors and advowsons of Barton Stacy and Newton Stacy, Hants. C78/638, no. 17 [136]
1654 10 July John Osbaldson of London v Thomas Fowke; Thomas Dodd; James Smith; Hugh Morris Bonds re debts of Elizabeth Dod C78/523, no. 2 [137]
1654 17 July Frances Motham of St Andrews Holborne, London, widow, for Lawrence Motham her son v James Winstanley; Isabell Dixon; John Wheately; Joseph Godderson Claim for authorisation to receive rents of tenements in Holborn, London and Bramstone, Norfolk C78/524, no. 3 [138]
1654 18 July John Jackson executor of Sir Alexander Cave decd v Robert Osbolston; Lambert Hill. Debts due to estate of Alexander Cave payable from messuage and lands in Ashby Magna, Leics. C78/637, no. 16 [139]
1654 23 Aug Arthur Jenner v Sir Phillipp Knivett; Robert Knevin; Thomas Waldram; Henry Erskine; John Knevin; Dame Elianor Hasting the wife of Thomas Waldram; Thomas Walker & Lady Dorothy Walker his wife Trust settlement of lands in Buckenham, Norfolk. C78/398, no. 1 [140]
1654 31 Aug Master, fellows and scholars of Clare Hall College, Cambridge v Thomas Russell Annuity from lands in North Barsham and West Barsham, given by will of John Borage to maintain a fellow at the college C78/638, no. 15 [141]
1654 Mich. term Sir William Brownlowe & Dame Elizabeth his wife administrators of George Lowe v Thomas Sadler Possession of lands in Fisherton Auger, Wilts. C78/666, no. 22 [142]
1654 9 Oct Increased Collins of Sittingbourne, Kent and Thomas Collins his son v Edward Goniston and Thomas Carlile Purchase of encumbered lands in Ashe next Sandwich, Kent C78/528, no. 12 [143]
1654 9 Oct Bartholomew Beale v John Clayton; Elizabeth his wife, relict & executrix of Robert Eccleston decd; John Eccleston & Elizabeth his daughter; Gabriel Bonner & Dorothy his wife; Hugh Eccleston son of the said Robert Eccleston; Christopher & Rachell Eccleston, infants, two other children of the said Robert Eccleston Trust of tithes in Lavendon, Warrington and Owlney, Bucks, given by will of Robert Eccleston, to pay debts and legacies C78/546, no. 13 [144]
1654 17 Oct Robert Vilvaine doctor of physicke v Martin Whight. Mortgage of Barton farm and lands in Crediton, Devon. C78/500, no. 6 [145]
1654 17 Oct Anthony Nicoll & Amy his wife v Peter Speccott; Hugh Fortescue; William Morris Marriage portions payable from manor of Great Torrington and Barton of Gothcott, Devon C78/705, no. 3 [146]
1654 23 Oct John Watson v James Seele; James Watson; Phillip Watson Debts of cancellation of bonds re Irish trade. C78/546, no. 14 [147]
1654 25 Oct Margaret Charleton spinster; Jane Beban widow; and Joyce Beban; Edith Beban infants daughters of the said Joyce Beban by their mother their guardian v. Francis Vaughan esq & Mary his wife C79/54, no. [148]
1654 26 Oct Mary Morritt, spinster & Joane Tench, widow, sisters & coheirs of John Morritt, stationer of London who was son & heir of William Morritt his late father decd which said William was son & heir of John Morrett decd v Francis Hungate grandchild & next heir to Sir Phillip Hungate; William Stuthard; Peter Hamond; John Lee; Mathew Samson; Robert Somers, Richard Barkston; John Bywater; Thomas Johnson; William Johnson; William Halliley & Mary his wife; Thomas Copeland; Robert Stedman; Margaret Parkinson als Patricke; Christopher Gaton; Thomas Gaton; Christopher Browne son & heir of Edward Browne; Margaret Browne wife of the said Edward Browne; William Crosland; Thomas Backehowse; Allen Leatham; Tobie Leatham; Thomas Sawer; John Foster; Richard Parkinson; John Bell; Joseph Johnson; Leonard gaton; William [?Stalliars?]; William Tennant; Susan his wife; Thomas Tasker Inheritance of copyhold lands in Hudleston in Shereburne, Yorks. C78/613, no. 2 [149]
1654 27 Oct Jasper Clayton, citizen & haberdasher of London v Sir John Baker; Sir Thomas Hendley; John Hendley; Walter Hendley; Alice Hendley; Victoria Esbin; John Hanbrey; Richard Bower Mortgage of marsh grounds in Kenarton or Kenardington and Appledoore, Kent C78/666, no. 6 [150]
1654 28 Oct Thomas Butts of Mendelsham, Suffolk v Richard Newton; Anthony Blomfield; and the heir of Simon Tovell. Estate of SImon Tovell of Debenham, Suffolk. Debt owing to Butts - property called 'Great' and 'Little Gardiners' as surety. C78/475, no. 8 [151]
1654 31 Oct Symond Edmonds the elder of London v Alexander Popham; Nathaniel Smyth; Thomas Curtis; Thomas Rowe Sale of manor and advowson of Howell, Lincs. C78/398, no. 4 [152]
1654 31 Oct Henry Audley and Anne Bigge, widow, administrators of Bartholomew Bigge decd v Thomas Barnardiston and Arthur Barnardiston. Bequest of third part of personal estate by will of Dame Katherine Barnardiston the relict of Sir Thomas Barnardiston C78/548, no. 6 [153]
1654 3 Nov Anthony, Earl of Kent by Annabella, Countess Dowager of Kent his mother v William, Lord Marquess of Hertford; John, Earl of Rutland; William, Earl of Devonshire; William Peirpoint; John Selden; Mathew Hale; Phillip Powell Trust of Goodrich Castle and the manors of Goodrich, Irchenfield, Flansford, Eccleswall, Chappell Credenhill, Heref, and Lough or Huntley, Leigh and Westbury, Gloucs. C78/634, no. 5 [154]
1654 4 Nov Richard Hayne of St Mary Newington, Surrey v Symon Hayne of the University of Oxford. Trust by surrender of copyhold lands in St. Stephens parish London, held of the manor of Walworth or Newington, Surrey. C78/490, no. 28 [155]
1654 4 Nov Albinno Muston of Shafton, Dorset v Margery Hurman Marriage between the parties - payment of a portion by Richard Hurman C78/588, no. 15 [156]
1654 7 Nov Samuel Perry of St James near Taunton, Somerset & Amy his wife one of the daughters of John Simes of Pownsford, Somerset v Sir John Pole Debts due to estate of John Simes. C78/482, no. 4 [157]
1654 7 Nov William Sampson of Blackwell, Derbs; Hugh ..yers of London; John Younger of Walstropp, Lincs; John Greenham of Walstropp v Thomas Cam; Mary his wife; William Langley; Thomas Percivall; William Becke; John Thorpe; Robert Richardson Possession of the manor of Grantham, Lincs C78/637, no. 15 [158]
1654 8 Nov Oliver Partridge gentleman v. John Prettyman esq and William Prettyman C79/24, no. [159]
1654 10 Nov James Wood, master of Hemsworth Hospital, Yorks, and brothers and sisters of the hospital v William Blakeston Lease of priory and lands of Malton in Malton, Wickham and Howhouse, Yorks. C78/553, no. 3 [160]
1654 11 Nov Henry Edes; Cooke Edes; Jonathan Edes; John Edes; Hannah Edes now the wife of Thomas Browninge, all children of Mary Edes daughter of Robert Cooke and now the wife of Henry Edes of Bockinge, Essex v Robert Kinge; Thomas Kinge; John Kinge; Jeremy Clarke; William Gore Legacy payable from lands in Feeringe, Coggeshall, Earthorpe, Fordham, Colchester, Rayne Salinge, Much Tey, Little Tey, Markes Tey and Earles Colne, Essex. C78/398, no. 5 [161]
1654 14 Nov Robert Carr & Margaret Hunter v Ralph Maddison; Lyonell Maddison; Anthony Beddingfield; Robert Maddison; Robert Mitford; John Butler Sale of 400 tens of coal and lease of part of coal-mines called the Grand Lease Colliery in Whickham and Gateside[Gateshead], Durham C78/540, no. 9 [162]
1654 14 Nov William Knight v Oliver Pamplyn Trust surrender of copyhold lands in Earith in Somersam, Hunts. C78/569, no. 19 [163]
1654 14 Nov Henry Barker; William White v. Thomas Bagley and Adam Denton Litigation on a statute staple. Lands in Hurst in Berks or Wilts C78/585, no. 16 [164]
1654 14 Nov Thomas Bagley v. Henry Barker and William White C78/585, no. 17 [165]
1654 15 Nov William Goodricke of Tickenham otherwise Ticknam, Somerset & Elianor his wife sole daughter & heir of Rice Davis late of Tickenham decd by Mary his last wife and the relict & executrix of Nicholas Pointz late of Tickenham decd v Richard Browne of Blackwell, Somerset & Joane his wife; William Cox an infant Annuity and rents payable from the manor of Tickenham or Tickham, Somerset. C78/1150, no. 27 [166]
1654 16 Nov William Sedgewicke of Linbrough, Lincs v Walter Baker. Debt of Sedgewicke. C78/475, no. 9 [167]
1654 17 Nov Nicholas Towers v Christopher Breary Houses in City of York & closes etc in Dringhouses, Yorks used as security for debts. C78/540, no. 10 [168]
1654 17 Nov John Hamerton; Nathaniel Hamerton; Richard Hamerton; Elizabeth Hamerton, sons & daughter of Degory Hamerton late of Marham Chursh, Cornwall v Mary Pearse, widow Legacies payable by will of Degory Hamerton from tenement in Bridgmill, Cornwall C78/712, no. 20 [169]
1654 20 Nov John Dixy; Walter Rolt v William Sheffeild; John Alban; George Fage; Anne Fage Title to mortgaged lands in Clifton, Beds and Herts. C78/569, no. 20 [170]
1654 20 Nov William Draper v. Thomas Croydon doctor in physicke Jointure. Margaret Draper, widow, the relict of Robert Draper decd who married the deft. Messuage in Crayford & lands in Erith, Kent C78/585, no. 18 [171]
1654 21 Nov Thomas Bateman, merchant; John Crowe, dyer; Richard Venn v Thomas Overman & Richard Overman by John Tivell Lease of messuages in Whitton, Middx and Southwarke, Surrey. C78/490, no. 27 [172]
1654 21 Nov John Saintbarbe of Broadlands, Hants v Gilbert Lambell Assault by sword and maiming of horses C78/521, no. 5 [173]
1654 21 Nov Thomas Purchas, citizen & apothecary of London v John Wells Debts and bonds C78/521, no. 9 [174]
1654 22 Nov Katherine Kempe, spinster, administrator of Robert Kempe; Humphrey May v Hugh Boscowen since decd; John Trefusis since decd; Andrew Ley; Richard Penrose also since decd Mortgage and lease of farm of Trewinit, Cornwall C78/482, no. 5 [175]
1654 23 Nov Michael Old v John Old Trust of lands in Rowton, Burwardseldy or Broseldy and Bridgnorth, Salop. Thomas Old, grandfather of the complt C78/486, no. 2 [176]
1654 23 Nov Warwick, Lord Mohun, Baron of Okehampton, Devon; William Godolphin v. William Keigwin son & administrator of John Keigwin A loan made to King Charles I C78/585, no. 19 [177]
1654 24 Nov John Dale one of the Fellows of Magdalen College, Oxford, son & heir of Anthony Dale of Gilfield, Yorks decd v Sir William Huddleston; John Appleby Possession of lease of messuages and lands in Gilfield, Yorks C78/634, no. 4 [178]
1654 24 Nov Joane Arden the relict of William Arden the younger decd; Joanna Maria Arden daughter of the said William & Joane, an infant v Richard Best & his wife; William Arden; William Slaughter; William Radbred; Richard Buscall; Thomas Searle; William Merchant; William Dodsworth; Richard Dickinson; Richard Baddard; John Povey; John Dethicke Jointure from marriage settlement of messuages and shops in Newgate Market and Holborn, London. C78/666, no. 21 [179]
1654 28 Nov Master, fellows, scholars of Clare Hall Cambridge; Thomas Goad; Thomas Bucke v Charles Paris; Samuel Mills, clerk; Jonathan Dickman Tithes due to parsonage of St. Johns in Duxford, Cambs, from lands of the four manors of Bustelers, D'Abernons, Lacy's and the Temple. C78/398, no. 7 [180]
1654 29 Nov Charles Chepman of Turnemouth, Dorset v Elizabeth Twynehoe, widow and Christopher Twynehoe Loan of money by Thomas Pitt of Blandford, Dorset to Christopher Twynehoe. C78/588, no. 14 [181]
1654 29 Nov John Newton son & heir of Sir Theodore Newton; Anne Tegge, widow, late the wife & executrix of Roger Tegge decd v Anthony Kingscott and Burnell Reade Cancellation of paid-up bonds. C78/1150, no. 25 [182]
1654 30 Nov Francis Rowth son & heir of Sir John Rowth; Edward Nevill executor of Richard Routh decd v John Harrington and Mary his wife Dispute over the management of the property of Richard Rowth in Aston Wales, Waldswood, Hardwicke & Todwicke Aston and elsewhere in Yorks. C78/491, no. 29 [183]
1654 6 Dec William Frye of Yarty, Devon; Alexander Hill of Taunton, Somerset v Dame Elizabeth Windham; George Martin & Lucy his wife; Emanuel Chappell Redemption of mortgaged manor and rectory of Michell Creech [Creech St Michael], Somerset. C78/645, no. 8 [184]
1654 8 Dec Robert Feltham v Fraunces Gourney, widow; Helen Gourney; William Davy; henry Gourney; Sir Nicholas Le Strange; William Barnes Title to manor of Sculthorpe, Norfolk. C78/553, no. 4 [185]
1654 12 Dec Daniel Banckys v Thomas Gaudy. Conveyance of property in the parish of All Hallows, Barking, in lieu of a debt. C78/555, no. 14 [186]
1654 15 Dec Sir Thomas Hord v Thomas Holt; Edward Twyford; Lancellot Grainger and John Gunn executors of John Palmer decd The manor of Aston Boges, parish of Bampton, Oxfordshire. Dispute over the management of the estate by John Palmer, deceased. C78/557, no. 9 [187]
1654 16 Dec William Poulton of Lincoln's Inn, Middx v Henry Poulton; Thomas Mourton & Francis his wife Legacies payable by will of Francis Poulton, father of the complt, and gifts from Edward Poulton, great uncle of the complt.. C78/490, no. 30 [188]
1654 18 Dec James Huggett of Southover near Lewis, Sussex since decd v John Worrall & Katherine his wife; William Dye an infant and others (not named) Redemption of mortgaged lands in Bromley, Kent. C78/482, no. 3 [189]
1654 18 Dec Richard Benyon & Margaret his wife one of the daughters & heirs of Thomas Foxall late citizen & grocer of London & Elizabeth his wife both decd; George Merefield an infant, son & heir of Anne Merefield decd late wife of George Merefield of London, one other of the daughters & heirs of the said Thomas Foxall & Elizabeth his wife; William Garnett of London & Katherine his wife one other of the daughters & heirs of the said Thomas & Elizabeth Foxall; Robert Stringer, citizen & grocer of London & Martha his wife one other of the daughters & heirs of the said Thomas & Elizabeth Foxall; Elizabeth Bancks, widow, one other of the daughters & heirs of the said Thomas & Elizabeth Foxall v Christopher Barrett; Abraham Constable; Samuel Maninge Possession of piece of land called "The Hole" in Lee near Blackheath, Kent C78/666, no. 19 [190]