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1640 16 C78/ , no. []
No decree date [Bill: Trinity 1639] 16 John Baxton, citizen & mercer of London & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Watson & Rebecca his wife; Robert Brett & Mary his wife; Edward Sparkes & Sarah his wife; John Glover & Anne his wife; John Shorte & Magdalen his wife; John Edwards; Richard Edwards; Adam Edwards; Isaac Edwards; Elizabeth Edwards mother of the said John, Richard, Adam & Isaac and of the said Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah, Magdalen, Joane, Rebecca & Mary being then most of them infants and the sons & daughters of Richard Edwards the father late citizen & draper of London decd v John Walter; George Thorowgood; John Taylor Testamentary settlement of tenements in Ilsallet, Vydulas, Kenmarch, Crithlyn, Shapon and Denbigh, Denbighshire. Incomplete and annotated "brought in imperfect". C78/735, no. 14 [2]
1640 24 Jan 15 Evan Lloyd, clerk, vicar of Holliwell; Thomas ap Hugh & Nicholas George, churchwardens, for poor inhabitants of Holliwell, Flints v David Hughes executor of Ellis Parry late citizen & weaver of London decd Legacy of bread to poor, by will of Ellis Parry, from profits of lands in Bagillt, Flints. C78/479, no. 27 [3]
1640 25 Jan 15 George Southcott son & heir apparent of Richard Southcott of Caverlye, Devon v Charles Vaughan; John Vaughan; John Davye; Richard Sowthcott & Marie Sowthcott his daughter Trust of rectory of Bampton, Devon. C78/463, no. 6B [4]
1640 27 Jan 15 George Pudsey one of the sons of George Pudsey of Langley, Warks decd v Michael Pudsey one other of the sons of the said George the father; Jane, wife of the said Michael; George, son of the said Michael; Fulke Grosvenor. Lease of messuage, farm and lands in Wisshawe, Warwicks. C78/626, no. 7A [5]
1640 29 Jan 15 Richard Clarke v Robert Berrie; Robert Bladen. Concerning the estate of Dr. Robert Berry. Expenses incurred by complt in journeys to Yorkshire about prospective marriage of Dr Berry to Elizabeth Wright & marriage of complt to Elizabeth daughter of the deft Bladen. Advowson of Hunsworth, Yorks C78/373, no. 5 [6]
1640 30 Jan 15 James Neve of the Borough of Bostowe, Lincs, woolendraper & Anne his wife late the wife & administratrix of Edmond Pacye of the City of Lincoln, fellmonger decd v William Taylor. Financial trusts. C78/377, no. 1 [7]
1640 31 Jan 15 Alice Mercer als Owen of Monmoth, widow v Thomas Williams. Jointure from customary lands in the manor of Monmoth, Mons. C78/617, no. 11 [8]
1640 6 Feb 15 Richard Musgrave son & heir of Sir Thomas Musgrave decd; Simon Musgrave an infant, younger son of the said Sir Thomas Musgrave by Sir William Wentworth; Francis Monncton of Cavell, Yorks v Henry Blackstone; Nicholas Herne; George Langton; Christopher Dighton; Edward Taylor; Humphrey Wilson; John Gedny; Robert Thornell Withholding of possession of manor and lands in Ashby Puerorum and Holbeck, Lincs C78/443, no. 4 [9]
1640 6 Feb 15 Dorothy Leonard of Fovent, Wilts, widow, executrix of William Leonard decd; John Leonard, William Leonard & Cicely Leonard three of the children of the said Dorothy & William Leonard v William Baron. Purchase of lease of messuage and lands.in Fovent, Wilts. C78/444, no. 8 [10]
1640 7 Feb 15 William Squire v Humfrie Randall. Possession of mortgaged tenement in Kentisbury. (No County given). C78/384, no. 5 []
1640 7 Feb 15 Thomas Winton & Elizabeth his wife v James Pybus & Anne his wife Disputed second will bequeathing brewery house in Saint Olaves, Southwark, Surrey. John Waltby decd, father of the complt Elizabeth and former husband of the deft Anne. C78/660, no. 12 [11]
1640 8 Feb 15 Marie Marston, widow; Edward Wilcockes v Thomas Marstone and William Snape Possession and jointure interest in lands in Coventry, Warwicks. C78/379, no. 2 [12]
1640 8 Feb 15 Hugh Boscawen of Tregothnam, Cornwall; Christobell Greby, widow v John Tredinham and Nathaniel Trevamon Dispute over land in the parish of Veryan, Cornwall. C78/499, no. 1 [13]
1640 8 Feb 15 Katherine Yeavely, widow since decd; Thomas Yeavely v Anthony Yeaveley, clerk and John Yeavely Division of estate of Thomas Yeavely of lands and mills in Chappell in the Frith, Bagshawe and Glossopp, Derbys C78/558, no. 9 [14]
1640 10 Feb 15 Francis Vernon of London & Anne his wife late the wife of William Welby of Gedney, Lincs decd v William Wise of Lincolns Inn, Middx Jointure and dower interest in lands in Gedney, Holbech [Holbeach], Whapled [Whaplode Drove] and Fleeke [Fleet], Lincs C78/603, no. 7 [15]
1640 10 Feb 15 William Glynne v Gwynne ap Humphrey [parties illegible on roll] Lands in Carnarvon, held by complts grandfather William Glynne and his wife Lowrie C78/1323, no. 1 [16]
1640 11 Feb 15 John Pym of Brymour, Somerset; Martha Gray daughter of Sir Raph Gray decd v William Huddlestone. Concerning the debts of Martha Gray. C78/372, no. 8 [17]
1640 11 Feb 15 Sir Henry Sedley son & heir of Sir John Sedley decd by Dame Elizabeth Sedley his mother v Richard Sedley. Rent charge from messuages in Southfleete and Longfield, Kent. C78/479, no. 28 [18]
1640 11 Feb 15 Walter Mason & Mary his wife; Thomas Fenning & Johan his wife; Henry Nottingham & Katherine his wife; Dorothy Cooke; Anthony Nicholas, legatees in the will of Gregory Cooke decd v Robert Jenner; James Ashfield, executors of the said Gregory Cooke; Brian Broadsheafe supervisor thereof Legacies payable from profits of sale of lands in Tattingston, Suffolk by will of Gregory Cooke C78/543, no. 1 [19]
1640 11 Feb 15 Lancelott Ogle of Darras Hall, Northumberland v Mark Errington. Assurance of messuage called Darras Hall, Northumberland which the complt leased from Sir Francis Brandling for the lives of Thomas Ogle, son & heir of the complt, and Susan his wife, the reversion of which the deft purchased from Sir Francis. Refs to trial at Northumberland Assizes, the arbitration of Sir John Fenwick, Sir William Widdrington & Sir William Carnaby & also to suits at Westminster. Also a rent charge payable from manor of Felling, Co Durham C78/617, no. 7 [20]
1640 11 Feb 15 John Nye & Marie his wife v. Brian, bishop of Chichester Rights of the complt Marie to copyhold tenement called Woodhouse in the parish of Billingshurst, Sussex C78/1083, no. 5 [21]
1640 12 Feb 15 Susan Francis v John Francis. Legacies payable from will of John Francis the elder and interests in marriage settlement of lands in Garvestone, in West Buckland and Wellington, Somerset. C78/476, no. 6 [22]
1640 12 Feb 15 Henry Billingsley & Sarah his wife; Ellen Rodway & Mary Rodway by the said Ellen; William Barker & Katherine his wife; Henry Billingsly, George Billingsley, Richard Billingsley, Robert Billingsley, Mathew Billingsley, John Billingsley, Thomas Billingsley & Sarah Billingsley by the said John Barker v Dame Mary Rogers relict & executrix of Sir Richard Rogers her late husband; George Martin; Thomas Boyland Legacies payable from personal estate of Robert Rogers. C78/708, no. 1 [23]
1640 14 Feb 15 William Tailor of Shewstocke[Shustoke], Warks v Francis Blith. Annuity from lands in Shewstock, Warwicks. C78/446, no. 9 [24]
1640 14 Feb 15 John Mayne of Elmedon als Ellmeton, Warks; John Mayne son & heir apparent of the said John Mayne the elder v William Jesson of the City of Coventry, alderman Title to manor and advowson of Elmedon or Ellmeton, Warwicks C78/473, no. 16 [25]
1640 15 Feb 15 Richard Overie of Keymer, Sussex v Thomas Moore. Re-assurance of lands in Radwell and Ilford, Sussex C78/379, no. 1 [26]
1640 15 Feb 15 Robert Whipp of Little Hinton, Wilts, gentleman; William Heath of Little Hinton; Thomas Loveday; and Daniel Heath both on their own behalf and on behalf of all other inhabitants, parishioners, and tenants of the manor of Little Hinton commonly called East Hinton and West Hinton v. William Keate gentleman Common grazing on Little Hinton Marsh and Lemslade within the manor of Little Hinton, Wilts and agreements regarding the responsibilities for building an enclosure and hiring watchmen. C78/1920, no. 18 [27]
1640 18 Feb 15 Mary Church, widow, administratrix of her late husband George Church decd; George Miybill; Robert Seath v Anthony Roper and Robert Evans Bonds of George Church. C78/446, no. 10 [28]
1640 18 Feb 15 William Lang, clerk v Tobyas Cooper. Judgment given in Stannary Court. re debts and bonds. C78/511, no. 3 [29]
1640 19 Feb 15 Sir Thomas Cotton v William Noell. Partition of lands in Hinckley, Leics. C78/397, no. 6 [30]
1640 20 Feb 15 Frances Barnesley of Greenewich, Kent, widow v Richard Mills Redemption of mortgaged lands in Newington and Stockberry, Kent. C78/626, no. 6 [31]
1640 24 Feb 15 James, Marquess of Hamilton, master of the horse to His Majesty; Roger Fielding; John Hamilton v Robert, Earl of Carnewarth; William, Viscount Mounson As also against Richard Gurney; John Gay. Lease of mansion called Chelsey Place in Chelsey, Middx. C78/479, no. 25 [32]
1640 12 March 15 Valentine Saunders of Sutton Court, Middx since decd; Robert Edgar of Clemham, Suffolk; John Crewe of Lincolns Inn v Edward Hunt since also decd; John Child of London Payments due for purchase of manor and rectory of Lynden, Rutlands C78/603, no. 8 [33]
1640 19 March 15 Reinalde Goodman & Anne his wife v Thomas Childe. Payments of legacies and portions from profits of leases of lands in Waybridge, Surrey. C78/660, no. 10 [34]
1640 16 Miles Watts & Elizabeth his wife v Edward Gawdie; John Browne the elder, guardian of John Browne the younger,infant; Thomas Seaman & Margaret his wife Bill: Mich., 15 Chas. I Marriage settlement of lands in Reedham, Norfolk. C78/656, no. 1 [35]
1640 21 April 16 Sir Stephen Scott v George Morgan and Edmond Scott of London, merchant Bonds re trade partnership to Low Countries and refining of sugar C78/489, no. 13 [36]
1640 24 April 16 John Raven of the Inner Temple executor of John Raven of Christ Church, London doctor of physick his late father v Jane Raven, widow; George Pitt and Edward Trussell. Estate of Edward Trussell, clothworker of London. C78/372, no. 14 [37]
1640 27 April 16 Edward Lavington of North Newnton, Wilts v William Lavington; Jane Lavington, widow; Richard Lavington; William Chamberlaine; Richard Chamberlyn Bonds re portions from trust of lands in Hilcott and Maningford, Wilts C78/649, no. 17 [38]
1640 27 April 16 Walter Godfrey of Lee in the parish of Romsey, Hants, gentleman v. Walter Dowse gentleman Lease of messuage with appurtenances in Lee and Wooles in the parish of Romsey by Thomas Stote, and of pasture called Haggen Hill by Andrew Meares, both to the deft (who was the complt's sister's second son) in trust for the complt C78/1920, no. 16 [39]
1640 28 April 16 James, Lord Stanley and Strange, son & heir apparent of the Earl of Derby v Peter Wynn and William Lloyd Purchase of lands in Mold, Flint. C78/660, no. 4 [40]
1640 30 April 16 Richard Libb of Hardwicke in the parish of Whitechurch, Oxon v Toby Martin & Dorothy his wife; George Snape Estate of Richard Libb the complts father: cottages and messuages at East Hampstead, Berks. Also meadows and woods. C78/369, no. 2 [41]
1640 1 May 16 William Style of Greate Hampton, Worcs & Sarah his wife v Richard Scarlett; John Walsgrave and Thomas Nash. Estate of Richard Robert, deceased of Great Hampton. Several holdings of land. C78/372, no. 13 [42]
1640 6 May 16 Peter Wyard of St Martins in the Fields, Middx doctor of physick, son & heir of Elizabeth Wyard late of London, widow v Robert Morse. Loan by Elizabeth Wyard to John Wellington. Annuity payable from the issues of the lands of Wellington at Kynnersley, Herefordshire. C78/373, no. 4 [43]
1640 7 May 16 Richard Smith of Horne Church, Essex & Joan his wife late the wife of Robert Lyman late of Nokehill, Essex decd; Richard Lyman & Robert Lyman sons of the said Robert & Joane v Robert Lyman, Richard Valentine. Property of Margery Wilkes, and marriage of Smith and Joan Wilkes. C78/374, no. 2 [44]
1640 7 May 16 Morgan Johnson and William Panther v Thomas Robinson; Frances his wife; William Caldwall; Florentine Tainturier; John Richbell; John Marsh Lease by William Caldwell of Battersey, Surrey, of a messuage, orchards and lands in Kingstreet, Westminster. C78/617, no. 8 [45]
1640 8 May 16 William Culpeper v John Thorpe; Roger Smyth; Katherine Culpeper, spinster Trust settlement of manor of Maytham and lands in Sedgbury, Kent. C78/660, no. 7 [46]
1640 8 May 16 John Willowbie; Richard Bragge; George Snooke; Joseph Loder; Michael Watt and John Calpin churchwardens and overseers of the poor of Stalbridge, Dorset on behalf of the poor there v Francis Ancketill executor of the last w & t of Sir Ferdinando Tutchet Trust in the will of Sir Ferdinando Tutchet for the benefit of the poor of Stalbridge. C78/1323, no. 4 [47]
1640 9 May 16 Robert Hunt of Purbright, Surrey v John Fielder Custody of £200 by Anne Cox, and her loan to Fielder C78/507, no. 11 [48]
1640 9 May 16 George Waltham of Kenn, Devon, gent v. Edmond Fowell; Richard Ducke; Edmond Davyes; George Prestwood; and Peter Trosse, esqs; Thomas Waltham; John Newton; and Gregory Trosse Will of Richard Waltham. Messuage called Trehill & lands called Franckallers in the manor of Exminster, Devon C78/1083 no. 1 [49]
1640 11 May 16 John Goodhand v William Goodhand. Bond for debt due to William Goodhand, deceased. C78/425, no. 9 [50]
1640 11 May 16 Robert Gannocke v Rascoll Lougher; Mary Lougher; Simon Heyter; John Poulton; Sir John Asham; John Blinco; Robert Tanfield; Thomas Thompson Lease of manor and parsonage of Sibsey, Lincs C78/660, no. 9 [51]
1640 13 May 16 Nicholas Borlace of Treloddrowe, Cornwall v Ursula Victor; Elizabeth Victor; Humphrey Victor Disputed debts, and payment of an annuity. C78/381, no. 13 [52]
1640 13 May 16 Thomas Beake v John Roberts Bond for the repayment of a debt C78/584, no. 3 [53]
1640 15 May 16 William Stevenson and Thomas Medd v Rt hon William Lord Eure; Jordan Metham; Miles Phillipson; Robert Parkinson Bonds and debts. Castle & manor of New Malton, and manor of Old Malton, Yorks C78/446, no. 8 [54]
1640 16 May 16 William Wallis of Lanteglos by Foy, Cornwall v Phillip Wallis Estate of Richard Wallis of Lanteglos, messuages and properties in Cornwall C78/507, no. 6 [55]
1640 16 May 16 Robert Cartwright v John Webster; Anne his wife; Samuel Lightfoote Title to lands in Kingston upon Hull and Setterington, Yorks. C78/617, no. 12 [56]
1640 18 May 16 Robert Lee of Billesley, Warks & Francis his wife v Sir Francis Seymour; Sir Robert Jenkinson. Money in trust for the benefit of the complainant. C78/374, no. 6 [57]
1640 18 May 16 Richard Allen, parson of the church of St Mildred in the City of Canterbury; Robert Beake & John Dunkin, churchwardens; Charles Colse & John Adams, overseers of the poor of the said parish v Wardens and poor of Jesus Hospital in parish of Blessed Virgin Mary, Northgate; Stephen Meade; Thomas Gould; Bartholomew Fowler; John Gill; George Rooke and others (not named). Income from trust of 'The George' inn in Westgate near Canterbury and lands in Smeath, Herst and Folkstone, Kent. C78/479, no. 23 [58]
1640 20 May 16 Sir Henry Gibb v John Langhorne; James Rotheridge; John Merrick; Rowland Phillips; William Rogers and William Smallman. Rents and revenues of lands in Carmarthenshire. C78/425, no. 6 [59]
1640 25 May 16 Thomas Gwynn v Marmaduke Mathewes. Rent arrears of manor of Landaffe, Glamorgan C78/660, no. 5 [60]
1640 4 June 16 Mary Brett of Dimisdale, Staffs, widow v Sir Robert Vernon; Henry Bromley; William Cotton and John Terricke Manor of Knotton, Staffordshire, the property of the Rt hon Lord John Sheffield. C78/481, no. 3 [61]
1640 15 June 16 Henry Nicholson of London, vintner, brother & heir of William Nicholson late of London decd v George Duncombe; Martha Nicholson; William Wilding Shares in estate of Robert Nicholson, including messuages and water cornmills in Bramley, Surrey. C78/443, no. 2 [62]
1640 16 June 16 Joseph Hayworth, clerke and Robert Shawe executors of John Savile of Howley, Yorks late son of Henry Savile decd v Robert Rither; William Tirwhitt; Sir Cornelius Vermuthen. Trust and statutes levied on manor, of Anthorpe, (no county given). Jointure of Ellen Rither late wife of Robert Rither and formerly wife of the said Henry Savile C78/617, no. 13 [63]
1640 17 June 16 Henry Plumley of Eastharptrie, Som, gentleman and Richard Stacy of Welles, Som, gentleman v. John Vannam the elder of Markesbury; John Vannam the younger of Prior Stanton; and William Vannam gentleman Will of William Vannam, lease of farm of Markesbury, Somerset C78/1920, no. 15 [64]
1640 18 June 16 John Fownes; Thomas Fownes; Samuel Turnor; John Ledgingham; John Hamond; Edmond Harvey; Edmond Sleigh; Derrick Holt; Michael Lea; William Andrewes v Governor and Company of Silkmen of London. Payment of Company debts. C78/446, no. 5 [65]
1640 19 June 16 Henry Barnardstone v William Gery; George Barnardestone Assignment of lands in pursuance of a trust in Norill, Beds. C78/397, no. 3 [66]
1640 19 June 16 William Pedder of Dagmall, Bucks v William Higbed the elder; William Higbed the younger; Elizabeth his wife; Robert Halsey; Alice his wife; Thomas Carpenter & Elizabeth his wife Possession of messuage in Dagnall, Bucks. C78/480, no. 18 [67]
1640 19 June 16 Robert Bissell son & heir of Richard Bissell late of Pinchbecke, Lincs decd; Jeane Bissell & Elizabeth Bissell, infants by Thomas Rea v William Hetley Payment of legacies from trust of lands in Pinchbeck, Lincs. C78/660, no. 8 [68]
1640 20 June 16 William Holmes the younger v Thomas Holmes the elder and Thomas Holmes the younger Marriage settlement of lands in Atemson and Twyford (county not given). C78/397, no. 4 [69]
1640 20 June 16 Martha Gray one of the daughters of Sir Ralph Gray decd v William Palmer. Portion and debts due to executor of estate of Katherine Palmer. C78/479, no. 26 [70]
1640 20 Jun 16 Mathew Field decd late administrator of the g & c of Mathew Field his father v Thomas Lord Viscount Savile; Anne Leighe widow; Robert Benson and Henry Shawe Debts incurred by Mathew Field the father as representative of the deft Lord Savile. C78/1323, no. 2 [71]
1640 22 June 16 Anne Turton, widow, executrix of William Turton decd and William Turton their son & heir v Tymothy Jones. Debts of George Robsart C78/480, no. 13 [72]
1640 22 June 16 John Waterhouse son & heir of David Waterhouse decd v Sir Arthur Ingram Re conveyance of 5,000 acres of Halifax Moore, in Halifax and Heptonstall, Yorks. C78/603, no. 5 [73]
1640 23 June 16 Sir Nicholas Halse & Dame Grace his wife v William Coriton; Ezechiell Crosse and others (not named) Reference to an earlier case and decree concerning the ownership of the manor of Fentongallan C78/507, no. 7 [74]
1640 25 June 16 Warren Ingrey of Shaprath, Cambs; Thomas Dunham of Shaprath v John Layer. Recovery of lands in Shepreth, Cambs. C78/392, no. 5 [75]
1640 25 June 16 John James of London v Francis Bendloes; Henry Nevill als Smyth; Edward Greene; Robert Kemp and others (not named). Estate of Martin James: manors of North Court Denton and Huntingfield, Kent. Disputed inheritance, leases and covenants. C78/425, no. 2 [76]
1640 25 June 16 William Smith of North Wheatley, Notts & Anne his wife v John Rogers and John North Rents due from lands in South Wheatley and Sturton [Sturton le Steeple], Notts. C78/510, no. 16 [77]
1640 29 June 16 Sir William Monson knight; Sir Francis Howard knight; and Sir ____ Smith v. Frances lady Brown widow; Blanch lady Bagnall widow; Edward Browne; John Browne; Richard Stevenson; Raph Corbett; and Samuel Ransom Marriage settlement of Sir Valentine Browne the younger & Elizabeth Monson daughter of John Monson. Manors of Crofte, Thorpe & Friskney, Lincs C78/1920, no. 19 [78]
1640 30 June 16 George Joce of Stoke Rivers, Devon v George Churchey Dispute over a messuage at Stoke Rivers, Devonshire, called 'Southbeare' C78/507, no. 5 [79]
1640 2 July 16 Richard Parry & Katherine his wife; William Parry & Thomas Parry their sons v Thomas Smith and William Page Assurance of inn 'Rose and Crowne’ in Kingston, Surrey. C78/443, no. 3 [80]
1640 3 July 16 Sir Thomas Allen of Finchley, Middx v Edward, Earl of Dorset; Henry, Viscount Newarke; Sir Thomas Glemham; Henry Murrey; Henry Glemham; Chaloner Chute; John Salmon Mortgage of houses in Westminster, to pay for purchase of manor of Gosfield, Essex C78/603, no. 9 [81]
1640 6 July 16 William Starling; William Goymer; Jonathan Goffe; Isaac Beamishe and others (not named), tenants of the manor of Langham, Essex v Josias Clarkeson; Edward Ditchfield; John Highelord; Humphrey Clarke; Francis Mose Dispute over the purchase by the City of London of the manor of Langham. C78/375, no. 9 [82]
1640 7 July 16 William Leigh of London, vintner & Elizabeth his wife, executrix of John Hewitt late citizen & merchant taylor of London; Peter Lennard of London, brewer; Peter Paggen of London, brewer executors of William Paggen late of London, brewer decd; Mary Savage of London, widow; John Walker, citizen & ironmonger of London, creditors of the said John Hewett v Katherine Allenson, widow, executrix of John Allenson; John Allenson her son being likewise the son & heir of the testator John Allanson. Estate of John Allenson: properties in Roase Alley, Golden Lane, parish of Saint Giles Without Cripplegate, London. Also property on the manor of East Greenwich C78/425, no. 8 [83]
1640 12 July 16 Henry Porter of East Deane, Sussex & Mary his wife; Edmund Attree & Elizabeth his wife; John Lobdell an infant, son & heir of Dorothy Lobdell decd; Dorothy Higgenbottle an infant, daughter & heir of Jane Higgenbottle decd by Thomas Baker of Mayfield, Sussex; Henry Porter of East Deane, executors of Judith Porter, spinster decd; Dorothy Luxford an infant, daughter & heir of Anne Luxford decd by Thomas Luxford of Wivisfield her father v John Porter. Portions payable from sale of lands in Battle, Sussex. C78/459, no. 8 [84]
1640 15 July 16 Thomas, earl of Arundell and Surrey; Sir Robert Cholmeley; Sir William Hewitt, knight; William Cholmeley; William Platt; John Bond; William Cooper; Robert ___; Richard Sprignall, esqs; Nicholas Wigmore; Henry Draper; Edward Emerson; Richard Smyth; and John Witherley, customary tenants of the manor of Cantlowes alias Kentish Town, Middx, for themselves and the other customary tenants of said manor v. John King, doctor of divinity, lord of said manor; and Edward Smyth, esq his steward of the said manor Customs of the manor of Cantlowes C78/1232, no. 20 [85]
1640 22 July Dame Mary B....., widow v Richard Thomas and others (not named). Arrears of rent from lands in Landilivawne and Pembrey, and town of Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire. C78/640, no. 1 [86]
1640 30 July 16 Sir George Morton v George Horsey; John Freke; James Walker; Raph Horsey; Raiph Freke; Joas Godschalke Sale of manors of Horsey and Pegnes, Dorset to pay debts and replace jointure lost by sale of manor of Clifton, Dorset. C78/446, no. 7 [87]
1640 6 August circa 16 John Crumpe of London, haberdasher & Sarah his wife the daughter of Ann Sutton late of St Martins Ludgate decd as well for themselves as Susan their daughter an infant v Thomas Clarke. The will of Anne Sutton, provision of a portion for Sarah Sutton. C78/372, no. 9 [88]
1640 6 August 16 Sir William Cooper; Samuel Carleton of London; William Reignolds of London, clothworker v Solomon Smith; Francis Thriscrosse; John HUdson; Edward Webster; Richard Parsons; Elizabeth Reason, widow; Robert Reason son & heir of Robert Reason decd Debts of Robert Reason of Hadley, Suffolk, clothier, payable from lands in Hadley C78/603, no. 6 [89]
1640 15 Oct 16 William Heslerton an infant by Isabell Heslerton of New Malton, Yorks, widow, his mother v William, Lord Eure; Thomas Heblethwaite; Alexander Orrocke; William Mawe; Marmaduke Thorpe; Richard Fisher; William Tayler; Thomas Makepeace; William Carlile; James Tyson; Mary Coates, widow; John Stockwell; William Hardwicke Title to manor of Weaverthorpe and houses in New Malton, Yorks C78/617, no. 6 [90]
1640 19 Oct 16 George Hopton v Richard Dawes; Margaret Dawes; William Dawes and Humphrey Price. Manor of Orleton, alias Overton, Herefordshire. Also dispute over the manors of Acton Burnell and Hopton, Shropshire. C78/374, no. 4 [91]
1640 19 Oct 16 Richard Dawes of Ludlow, Shropshire v George Hopton; William Walter; Thomas Leeke. Disputed purchase of the manor of Acton Burnell, Shropshire. C78/374, no. 5 [92]
1640 20 Oct 16 Richard Winwood son & heir of Sir Raph Winwood v Thomas Throckemorton; Robert Throckemorton; John Throckmorton younger sons of Sir George Throckmorton. Discharge of annuities from manor of Fulbrooke, Gynscram and Fulbrooke Hewetts in East Claydon, Battle Claydon and Granbrough, Bucks. C78/444, no. 9 [93]
1640 22 Oct 16 Robert Swaine v Ralphe Arnold; Sir George Horsey and William Collyer. Debts of Ralphe Arnold due to the complt, who had borrowed the money from William Blacke a scrivener in Fleetestreete. C78/425, no. 7 [94]
1640 24 Oct 16 James Sterry v John Snowe. Agreement re sale of lands in Ruerdine, Gloucs. C78/480, no. 15 [95]
1640 24 Oct 16 Edward Walls and George Hunt v Hugh Hodson; Humphrey Slaney; George Atkins Delivery and cancellation of statute levied on lands in Hotfield or Hothfield, Westwell and Asherford, Kent C78/510, no. 13 [96]
1640 26 Oct 16 Joseph Davies of London merchant, executor of Anne Davies widow and administrator of Robert Davies esq v Henry Wade; William Sterr; Maximilian Wade The will of Anne Davies: settlement of suits between Henry Wade and Anne Davies. C78/584, no. 4 [97]
1640 31 Oct 16 Richard Oxenbridge of Leatherhead, Surrey, gentleman v. George Shiers esq; Edward ____; ____ Lambe; and Alexander Thomas Debt of the complt. Messuages etc in Letherhead, Thames Dytton & Fecham C78/1925, no. 6 [98]
1640 2 Nov 16 William Clobber v James Leach Alleged mortgage by surrender of customary lands in Leighton Bussard or Groveburye, Beds C78/656, no. 3 [99]
1640 4 Nov 16 John Rose of London, cordwainer v Lawrence Blomley; Richard Crowdson; Hugh Floyd; Hugh Parry; Thomas Hollyes Title to two messuages in Westmorland Court, St Olaves parish, London. C78/459, no. 11 [100]
1640 4 Nov 16 Robert Dixon of St Martins in the Fields, Middx v Anne Bold, widow, the relict & executrix of Strelly Bolde late of London decd. Discharge of obligations and bonds of Strelly Bolde C78/463, no. 5B [101]
1640 6 Nov 16 John Rombold of the University of Cambridge, son & heir of John Rombold the elder late of Manewden, Essex decd v George James. Rights of way in Manewden, Essex C78/392, no. 4 [102]
1640 7 Nov 16 John Langley of Alisbeare, Devon v William Force; Elizabeth his wife; Samuel Braddon; Phillip Force; Thomas Force; James Watson, clerk Jointure interest in 2 tenements in Aylesbeare, Devon. C78/463, no. 6A [103]
1640 7 Nov 16 George Hawe of Calmore, Staffs v John Whitby; Alice his wife; Gilbert Gallimore, clerk Performance of marriage agreement of Thomas Whitby, son & heir apparent of the said John Whitby and Mary Hawe daughter of the said George Hawe. C78/480, no. 12 [104]
1640 11 Nov 16 Edward Delacre clerk rector of Houghton cum Witton, Hunts; Thomas Delacre son of the said Edward; Anthony Godfry clerk; John Chard gent & Anne his wife late wife of John Clement gent; Edward Clement son and heir of the said John Clement; William Clement gent; Robert Durant gent; Richard Durant gent; John Perry gent; Thomas Bradway gent; John Godfrey gent; John Baresley; Jeremiah Baresley; William Smith; William Tompson; Thomas Cox; Phillip Stoughton; William Plowright; Robert King senior; Robert King junior; Thomas Key; Henry Atkins; Thomas Broadway senior; John Barneby; William Bransell; Richard Burton; John Cox; Thomas Hawden; Simon Johnson; Paul Kinge; Richard Key & [blank] his wife; Robert Key; Thomas Lacke; Simon King; Robert Loveday; William Masters; Richard Otey; Robert Offley; Thomas Robinson; Thomas Randall; Robert Smith; Jeremy Scott; Roger Wilson & Mary his wife; Clement Tompson; John Tubbs; John N..re; Thomas Sandefer; Mary Godfrey, widow; Ellen Barker; Elizabeth & Alice Harris; Francis Masters, widow; Grace Masters, widow; Mary Rolt, widow; John Jackson; Alice Scott, widow; Mary Stephenson, widow, tenants and copyholders of the manor of Houghton cum Witton v. Henry, Earl of Manchester lord Privy Seal Agreement concerning entry fines. C78/497, no. 15 [105]
1640 12 Nov 16 William Strode v John Newton Marriage between the complt and Francis daughter of the deft. Payment of marriage portion. C78/1323, no. 11 [106]
1640 16 Nov 16 Sir Walter Deverux; James Rodd; Phillip Winston; Thomas Taylor; John Marshall the elder; John Marshall the younger; Henry Hill v John Weedon; Wallopp Brabazon & Anne his wife Annuity from manors of Stoaklacy or Over Stoaklacy and Nether Stoaklacy, Heref. C78/480, no. 17 [107]
1640 20 Nov 16 Francis Hanford of Wollashall, Worcs v Sir Thomas Russell; John Jennyes als Jenninges; William Thornebury; Thomas Thornebury; William George; Richard George; Richard Taylor; Richard Henley; Robert Wheeler als Philtoe; Thomas Wormington; John George of the Grove; John Georg of Churchstreete; Thomas Sowle; Thomas Woodward; Richard Woodward Disputed enclosure, breaking down of fences. Manors of Wallashall and Eckington, Shropshire. C78/381, no. 11 [108]
1640 20 Nov 16 Sir John Honywood executor of Sir Thomas Honywood decd; George Coveney; Thomas Wanstall; Anne Wanstall; Anne Edmonds executrix of Thomas Edmonds decd; Simon Goldhill; Thomas Brett; Elizabeth his wife; Edward Goldhill; William Epps; Thomas Cuckoe; Giles Andrewes & Anne his wife, creditors of George Masters decd v Thomas Masters; Edward Masters; William Hart; John Finch and others (not named) Debts of George Masters, payable from his lands in Sevington, Kent. C78/479, no. 24 [109]
1640 21 Nov 16 John Jenkyns of Llandugwy, Cardigan v Edmund Mortymer Rent due from messuage etc called Kilvawir als Killeawre in Mainidyvy, Pembs leased by David Roger, son & heir to Roger Prees ap Howell & Nest als [blank] his wife in 4 Phillip & Mary. Boundaries of intermingled lands. C78/443, no. 1 [110]
1640 21 Nov 16 Henry Ludlowe gentleman; William Ludlow; and George Ludlow both minors by said Henry Ludlow their brother and guardian; Anne Jewell widow late the wife of Jeyson Jewell late of the Middle Temple, London, esq; Lettice Ludlow; Bridget Ludlow; and Katherine Ludlow minor by said Henry Ludlow her brother and guardian, also being all of the younger sons and four of the daughters of Henry Ludlow late of Tadley, Hants, esq v. Edward Ludlow esq the eldest son of said Henry Ludlow Payment of annuity. Manors, lands & woodland in Wilts, Somerset & Hants C78/1925, no. 7 [111]
1640 23 Nov 16 John Fountayne of Lincolns Inn, Middx; Richard Woodward of London v John Gascoigne. Mortgage of manor of Oldhurst, Hunts and manors of Amphey St Peter and Estington, Gloucs and Wilts. C78/459, no. 9 [112]
1640 23 Nov 16 Sir John Savile; Francis Tyndall; Edward Lowden; Cotton Horne; William Paulden; John Story; Joseph Marshall; Thomas Crosley; John Marsden v Sir Gervase Clifton; Robert Leake; William Swinscoe Regulation of fines and customs for copyhold lands in Wakefield, Averthorpe, Staveley and Thornes, Yorks C78/538, no. 8 [113]
1640 25 Nov 16 Andrew Bennett of Pewsey, Wilts v William Rolfe; Robert Blake and George Dyer. Lease by the Dean and Chapter of Winchester of the manor of Longstreet Nigh Enford, Wiltshire (?). C78/373, no. 2 [114]
1640 25 Nov 16 Catherine Luscombe, widow & Christian Lee, daughters of Richard Lee decd, infants by Henry Luscombe & Christian Peter, widow v Philip Holditche; John Lynn; Richard Martyn; Sibilla Lyde, widow of Alan Lyde decd Legacies payable from personal estate of Richard Lee C78/538, no. 7 [115]
1640 26 Nov 16 William Bowyer of Denham, Bucks & Dame Anne Herris late the widow of Sir Arthur Herris of Woodham Mortymer, Essex decd v Sir Cranmer Herris Possession of manors of Crixey or Crixeth and Crixey Parke and Stokes, Essex C78/558, no. 8 [116]
1640 26 Nov 16 Thomas Snagg and others (named) v Dame Agnes Snagg and another (named) Conduit houses and conveyance of water to the manor house in Marston, Beds C78/656, no. 4 [117]
1640 26 Nov 16 Sir Robert Mansell and others (not named) v Sir Symon Archer; John Whitwick and Francis Grainer Debt C78/1323, no. 7 [118]
1640 27 Nov 16 Thomas Barkley of Kingston, Devon v Henry Barkley; Thomas Southcott; John Reynell Trust settlement of Great Scobscombe farm in Kingston, Devon. C78/476, no. 5 [119]
1640 27 Nov 16 Charles Cornewallis v Sir Thomas Littleton. Title to tithes of corn and grain in Ouldbury, Langley and Walloxall in parish of Hales Owen, Salop. C78/480, no. 16 [120]
1640 27 Nov 16 Henry Murrey & Anne his wife one of the daughters of the late Paul, Viscount Bayning decd v Robert Ladd als Baker and Henry Deereham Portion payable by will of Paul, Viscount Bayning, from trust of lands in Terrington and Stradsett, Norfolk. C78/603, no. 2 [121]
1640 28 Nov 16 Robert Howcott v John Bourne. Redemption of mortgage of lands in Kelmarsh, Misterton and Poultney (no county given). C78/397, no. 5 [122]
1640 30 Nov 16 Thomas Bamford of Brewood, Staffs v John Coleman. Title to Ironworks called Lower forge, Upper forge, and Cannocke furnace, in Brewood, Staffs. C78/480, no. 19 [123]
1640 2 Dec 16 Michael Denne of Littleborne, Kent v John Denne the father; John Denne, Henry Denne & David Denne sons of the said John the father; David Denne the elder; William Toomes; Richard Playne; John Stone; John Smith; John Lyne; John Everden Marriage settlement of messuage and lands in Littleborne and lands in Ickham, Kent C78/573, no. 12 [124]
1640 7 Dec 16 John Ley of East Downe, Devon v Edward Lutterell; Jeremy Harvy. Estates of Richard Ley, and Margaret his wife. Several properties at Eastdowne, Devonshire. C78/381, no. 12 [125]
1640 10 Dec 16 Gattacre (?), widow v Thomas Fletcher & .... his wife; James Grove; John Grove and Henry Grove, infants. Mortgage of property at Alveley, the estate of William Gattacre, deceased, the complts late ?father?. Complts could not redeem mortgage due to the death of James Grove the elder, and the minority of his heir C78/374, no. 1 [126]
1640 11 Dec 16 George Daniel, vicar of Steventon, Beds; William King, churchwarden of the said parish; William Dennis, for parishioners of Steventon, Beds v Thomas Berridge; Phillip Owen; Mathew Billing Legacy by will of William Berridge, given to build almshouses for the poor of Steventon, Beds. C78/603, no. 1 [127]
1640 12 Dec 16 John Pearse of Bradninch, Devon, butcher; Johane his wife late wife of William Earle decd; William Earle & Henry Earle sons of the said William decd v John Hill; Robert Salter; John Forse Profits of lands in Bradninch, Devon C78/476, no. 4 [128]
1640 12 Dec 16 Sir John Thorowgood v Thomas Earl of Cleveland and Sir Thomas Wentworth his son and heir apparent Lordship of Harlingdon als Harlington, Beds, security for a loan of 2500 pounds C78/1323, no. 14 [129]
1640 17 Dec 16 Francis Baber v Francis Baber the Younger; William Blanchard; Nicholas Locke Manors of Chame or Chene, Chene Magna, Winford, Felton and Regelbury, Somerset. Provision made for the settlements of the complainants’ debts and for the care of his children C78/425, no. 4 [130]
1640 19 Dec 16 Walter Hill, citizen & goldsmith of London; John Parker, citizen & cordwainer of London v Robert Fage the younger of Duddinghurste, Essex. Loan by Hill, a goldsmith of London, to Fage. Property at Shenfields, Essex as security. C78/374, no. 7 [131]