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1631 7 C78/ , no. []
1631 (bill) 24 Jan 6 Edward Watt of Blakesley, Northt, esq v. Mountague Wattes Marriage of complt, son of William Wattes decd to Elizabeth one of the daughters of Sir Raph Coningsby. Manor, rectory & tithes of Blakesley. C78/1272, no. 1 [2]
1631 25 Jan 6 Robert Ramsey of Grays Inn, Middx v John Gostlinge. Title to lands in Hethersett, West Dereham, Tilney, Tirrington, Clench Wharton, West Warton, West Lynn, South Lynn, King’s Lynn, Hardewicke, Sechy, Wignall, Ridlington, Bacton, Bromeholme, Keswicke, Walcott, Paston, Witton and Edingthorpe, Norfolk. C78/273, no. 3 [3]
1631 25 Jan 6 Arthur Pilkington v Thomas Walmesly Debts for manufacture of clothes. Complt dwelt in Yorks C78/408, no. 4 [4]
1631 25 Jan 6 Stephen Gurney v Richard Freeston; Thomas Freeston Trust by surrender of copyhold lands in Needham, Norfolk C78/462, no. 7 [5]
1631 26 Jan 6 Thomas Atwell, clerk v John Ackland, executor of Sir John Acklande decd; John Ackland, mayor of Exeter; Ignatius Jorden; Hugh Crossinge and others the Citizens & aldermen of Exeter. Estate of Sir John Ackland: manor of Columpe John, and property at Thieldershe Marshes. Use of issues for charitable purposes and the erection of a chapel. C78/292, no. 13 [6]
1631 28 Jan 6 Rt. hon. Margaret, Countess dowager of Nottingham, late wife of Charles, late Earl of Nottingham decd v Rt. hon. Thomas, Earl of Arrundell and Surrey; William, Earl of Pembrooke; Charles, Earl of Nottingham; Anne, Lady Howard of Effingham; John, then Lord Mordant now Earl of Peterborough & the lady Elizabeth his wife; Sir Edmond Carey; Henry Lovell; Richard Holman; Richard Colvile; John Aylard Bill re marriage settlement of priory of Reygate, manors of West Humble and Kingswood, Surrey. C78/240, no. 7 [7]
1631 28 Jan 6 James Man of London, draper; Edward Bostock of London, merchant v George Marler. Rents and services due from tenant of the manor of Newberry and lands in Crayford, Kent. C78/312, no. 15 [8]
1631 28 Jan 6 William Aiscough of Woodland in Kirkbie Ireleth, Lancs, husbandman; John Aiscough of Grofocragge in Lowick, Lancs, husbandman & Leonard Aiscough his son; John Coward of Grofocragge, husbandman & Elizabeth his wife daughter of John Aiscough decd; Henry Hunter of Kirkbie, husbandman & Margaret his wife daughter of Isabell Aiscough, sister to the aforesaid William Aiscough; William Coward & James Coward both of Lowick, husbandmen, sons of Jennett Willson daughters of Agnes Aiscough decd late wife of Rowland Willson decd; Anthony Willson of Lowick, husbandman son of the said Agnes & Rowland Willson decd; Roger Parker of London, carpenter, son of aforesaid Isabell Aiscough; John Loggan of Bloweth in Furrneys, Lancs, husbandman, son of Margaret Aiscough decd late wife of Richard Loggan decd & sister of the said Agnes; John Towers of Knapperthall in Lowick, husbandman, son of Ellen Aiscough decd late wife of Myles Towers decd sister of the said Agnes; Allen Penny of Lowick, husbandman, son of the aforesaid Elizabeth Aiscough decd late wife of Martyn Penny decd & daughter of John Aiscough grandfather to the aforesaid John Aiscough v Francis Slater; Anthony Slater; Thomas Slater; Roger Alderson Legacy payable from will of James Aiscoughe late of St Lawrence in the Jurie, London son of Thomas Aiscough, brother to one Rowland Aiscough & Hugh Aiscough both of Gofocragge, of whose bodies the said complts are descended. Personal estate and lands in Nutthall [Nuthall], Notts, Wigtoft, Lincs and Milkstreet, London C78/412, no. 12 [9]
1631 28 Jan 6 Thomas Whally v Anthony Ward; James Warde; Richard Hide; Thomas Hide; Anthony Hide; James Hide The settlement of a suit pending between Whalley and Hide, concerning land at Winterborne, Devon. C78/498, no. 3 [10]
1631 29 Jan 6 John Cadell; Thomas Luton and others (not named) v Thomas Brightwell and others (not named). Debts in connection with Grocery trade. C78/301, no. 1 [11]
1631 1 Feb 6 John Bridges of the City of York, an infant, by Richard Bridges misnamed John Bridges, his father v John Middleton; Jennett Bridges, widow; Thomas Harrison; John Bryan Trust settlement of lands in Hatfield, Yorks. John Bridges late of Sykehowse, Yorks C78/286, no. 6 [12]
1631 3 Feb 6 Richard Atkinson of Isl...., Middx & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of Thomas Layte then late of St Clement Danes, butcher decd, a citizen & freeman of London v Thomas Kent als Smith; Margaret his wife, before the wife of the said Thomas Layte; John White; Ambrose .... Harris; Thomas White the elder; Thomas White the younger; William White the elder; William White the younger; Robert Piland the elder; Robert Pyland the younger. Inheritance of personal estate of Thomas Layte. C78/274, no. 1 [13]
1631 3 Feb 6 Sir John Cotton v Vernon Bower and others (not named). Testamentary dispute over personal estate of £6,000 of Robert Cotton late Yeoman of the removing wardrobe of the late Queen Elizabeth and of her standing wardrobe at Whitehall C78/274, no. 3 [14]
1631 3 Feb 6 Mary Redferne daughter of John Redferne late of Badbury, Wilts decd v Thomas Redferne and Fardinando Hughes Annuity payable from manor of Badbury, Wilts C78/338, no. 5 [15]
1631 3 Feb 6 Sir Euball Thelwall, now lately decd v Sir Hugh Middlcton and Hugh Parrie Fraudulent use of funds paid out under a scheme to recover lands from the sea at Bradinge, Isle of Wight, Hants C78/394, no. 10 [16]
1631 3 Feb 6 Anne Buckley, widow v Josuah Butler; Hugh Lloyd; James Kent Mortgage of tenement and stables in Grays Inn Lane. C78/433, no. 13 [17]
1631 5 Feb 6 Samuel Moore & Elizabeth his wife v Sir Edward Zouch Trust settlement of the manor of Grevell or Greywell, Hants C78/712, no. 23 [18]
1631 7 Feb 6 Richard Chambers of London, merchant v Anthony Abdy; Thomas Soames; John Langham; James Dale Accounts of trading voyage to Turkey. Ship called the 'London Merchant' of 260 tons. C78/332, no. 1 [19]
1631 7 Feb 6 Thomas Creeke the son of Thomas Creeke; Thomas Lilly & Margaret his wife; William Miller; John Waller & Amy his wife; Thomas Ashwell; Margaret Ashwell an infant; Ambrose Creeke; William Creeke, Thomas Creeke the younger & Margaret Creeke, children of the said Ambrose Creeke v Mathew Lancaster; Silvester Strutt; Anthony Smith; William Griggs; Anne Ashwell, widow; George Carter, clerk Legacies to be paid from profits of mortgaged lands in Bury St Edmunds and Great Barton, Suffolk. C78/280, no. 4 [20]
1631 7 Feb 6 Richard Mountford of London executor of Thomas Challoner late of Lemfield/Lemdfield, Sussex decd v Thomas Foster and Francis Towneley Trust of lands in Walstead, Sussex. C78/289, no. 4 [21]
1631 7 Feb 6 Thomas Wharton of Helthwaite Hill, Yorks v William Blakeston of the City of York. Conveyance of lands in Pocklington, Yorks to pay for debts of Alexander Scarborough. C78/358, no. 3 [22]
1631 8 Feb 6 Thomas, Lord Arundel of Wardour on his own behalf and of the other creditors of William, Lord Eure of Malton v Rt. Hon. William, Lord Eure; Raphe Eure; Miles Phillipson; Robert Parkinson Unpaid marriage portion of £3,000. C78/273, no. 2 [23]
1631 8 Feb 6 Sir Robert Lovett of Liscombe in the parish of Soulburye, Bucks v Edward Merydale; Susan Merydale; Richard Meade the elder; Richard Meade the younger Dispute whether lands in Bragnam were held of the manor of Chelmscott, or of the manor of Soulbury, Bucks C78/286, no. 5 [24]
1631 8 Feb 6 John Brograve of beckenham, Kent v William Skippon; John Geaton; William Brograve an infant by Augustine Brograve Financial trusts of rents of lands in Over, Cambs C78/649, no. 16 [25]
1631 9 Feb 7 John FitzJames of Holnest, Dorset, esq v. Richard Bragg; Lawrence Patie; John French; and Joseph Hames Jointure of Jane Kelwaye, the complts kinswoman, who married Giles Phelpes of the Middle Temple C78/1156, no. 5 [26]
1631 9 Feb 7 John Robins of Westminster, Middx, chandler v. Nicholas Burnell; and Adam Rawlinson since decd Lease of house called the 'Antilopp' in Kingestreete, Westminster C78/1271, no. 4 [27]
1631 10 Feb 6 Mary Awbrey, widow, daughter of Marie Baylie & late the wife of Christopher Awbrey the younger decd v Christopher Awbrey; Thomas Awbrey; Robert Goldisborowe and Christopher Toogood. Settlement of a marriage between Christopher and Mary Awbrey. farm of Meere, Wiltshire. C78/441, no. 7 [28]
1631 10 Feb 6 Sir Edward Lewis, knight & the Lady Ann Beauchampe his wife v. Edmond Hungerford; James Jennynges; and William Walters Marriage settlement of complt Ann & Edward, Lord Beauchampe. Manor of Froxefield, Wilts C78/1156, no. 4 [29]
1631 11 Feb 6 David Waltham & Johane his wife v Charles Walgrave; Robert Biggleston. The property of Charles Waldgrove: the manor of Pinhoe, Devonshire. Disputed right to grant leases. C78/292, no. 14 [30]
1631 11 Feb 6 William Badger and William Broad v Thomas Mills and John Gilby Marriage settlement of lands in Mickleton, Gloucs. C78/433, no. 10 [31]
1631 12 Feb 6 Accepted Frewen, President of Saint Mary Magdalen College, Oxford and the Scholars of the College v Rowland Ainsworth; John Gawen the elder; John Gawen the younger; Rowland Gawen and Robert Alkington. Estate of Margery Pilesworth: property in Little Woodstreet, London C78/309, no. 3 [32]
1631 15 Feb 6 Robert Barker, Charles Barker, Francis Barker, Mathew Barker, Agatha Barker & Susan Barker six of the children of Robert Barker of Sowdley v Robert Barker the father; Christopher Barker eldest son of the said Robert & Sarah his wife. Estate and will of Robert Barker of Sowdley, provision for his children from first marriage on his marriage to a second wife. Case also touches the Office of Printer to his late Majesty, James. C78/298, no. 1 [33]
1631 23 Feb 6 Edward Thorogood of Tadlowe, Cambs & Elizabeth his wife one of the sisters of Abraham Buttler late citizen & clothworker of London decd; John Goodman of Badley, Northants & Sarah his wife another sister of the said Abraham Buttler; Mary Godbeare als Godby, widow, another of the sisters of the said Abraham Buttler v Richard Read of London, mercer; Elizabeth Dale, widow; James Rudyard; Charles Aty & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Butler. The estate of Abraham Butler, mercer of London. Debts and financial dealings. C78/263, no. 12 [34]
1631 1 March 6 Sir Raphe Freeman v William Wonham; John Spencer; Elizabeth his wife; John Arnold Purchase of encumbered premises in Betchworth, Surrey. C78/286, no. 4 [35]
1631 11 March 6 Sir John Trevor son & heir of Sir John Trevor late of Place Teage, Flint decd v Dame Margaret Trevor late wife of the said Sir John Trevor The will of John Trevor - property at Estyn Moulde and Treithm, Flintshire. Also property in the parish of Grefford, Denbighshire. C78/292, no. 12 [36]
1631 11 March 6 Theophilus, Lord Bishop of St Davids and Roger Oates v William Farmer of Hambleton, Yorks; Edward Rice of St Giles in the Fields, Middx Lease of 5 messuages and lands in St Clement Danes, Middx C78/483, no. 8 [37]
1631 26 March 6 Rt. hon. Horace, Lord Vere & the Lady Marie his wife v Thomas Gate of the Inner Temple. Mortgage of manor of Tortworth, Gloucs. C78/340, no. 21 [38]
1631 13 April 7 Degory Where, Principal of Gloucester Hall, Oxford v William Juxon, president of St John Baptist College, Oxford; Thomas Tuer; Thomas Harison; William Bigmore, fellows & scholars of the said College; Amy Hawley & Richard Hawley Detention of Principal's lodgings in Gloucester Hall, University of Oxford, by widow of former Principal. C78/410, no. 9 [39]
1631 21 April 7 William Manseigh and John Atkinson v Katherine Lucas, widow. Debts and mortgage of customary tenements in Natland, Endmore, and Preston Parke, Westmorland. Refs Council of the North, Henry Becke decd v the deft Lucas, late the wife of Robert Lucas decd C78/301, no. 5 [40]
1631 24 April 7 Isabel Peele of St Marie Savoye als Strand, Middx late wife of William Peele decd v Samuel, Lord Archbishop of York, and Dean and Chapter of Cathedral Church of St Peter, York. Lease of manor of Bridgcourte, Battersey, Surrey. C78/356, no. 5 [41]
1631 28 April 7 William Oxenbridge of Dinley, Hants; Thomas Hillyard of Basingstoke, Hants v Crescent Warner; Robert Warner; Denis Woodroffe; Alice Woodroffe Statute staple raised on lands in Kentish Town, Middx and in parishes of St. Thomas the Apostle, Holy Trinity and St. Faiths, London. Stephen Woodroffe, citizen & haberdasher of London C78/422, no. 8 [42]
1631 28 April 7 Edward Higham of Ecingham, Sussex v William Ladde & Rachel his wife; Rachel Glidd, Elizabeth Glidd, Susan Glidd & Perses Glidd daughters & coheirs of John Glidd late of Northiam, Sussex decd Estate of John Glidd, deceased. Property called the 'Borders' Sussex C78/461, no. 7 [43]
1631 29 April 7 Richard More of Lynley, Salop and Samuel More of Dow.., Herefs, executor of Sir Thomas Harris late of Shrewsbury decd v Rowland Smith; John Purslowe; Charles Hughes; Thomas Butts; Elizabeth Purslowe and others (not named) Jointure from unspecified estate of Arthur Purslowe. C78/303, no. 5 [44]
1631 29 April 7 John Webber; George Sheppard; Thomas Lenthall v William Freeman; William Pulman; John Craven Debts re hiring of ship "Increase", of London C78/433, no. 6 [45]
1631 30 April 7 Elizabeth Egerton, widow, late wife & administratrix of Edward Egerton decd during the minority of Raphe Egerton son & heir of the said Edward v Edward Lee Marriage treaty and encumbrances on manor of Chedulton, Shropshire C78/432, no. 5 [46]
1631 30 April 7 Walter Newburghe of Simondsbury, Dorset, clerk, eldest son & heir of Walter Newburghe decd; Robert Vincent, Joyce Vincent; Hercules Toby v Margaret Culliford, widow; Sir Thomas Freke; Richard Swayne; Roger Clanell. Estate of Sir Walter Newburghe, deceased. Properties including 'East Orchard', the parish church of Knowle, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, in dispute. C78/441, no. 6 [47]
1631 2 May 7 William Tregosse, Marie Tregosse and Grace Tregosse v George Kensham and others (not named). Estate of William Tregoffe of Trewthacke, Cornwall. Land on the manor of Rosemorsen. C78/292, no. 11 [48]
1631 5 May 7 Thomas Akehurst son of Edward Akehurst late of Willingdon, Sussex decd v Robert Levett the younger; John Earle & Johan his wife Mortgage of lands in Willingdon, Sussex. C78/280, no. 3 [49]
1631 5 May 7 Edward Whittingham of Court Calmore, Montgomery v Gilbert Jones executor of Gilbert Jones decd Possession of house and lands in Montgomeryshire. C78/312, no. 8 [50]
1631 5 May 7 John Lethbridge; Richard Brocke; Christopher Hollomore; Anne Dennis of the parishes of Nymett Tracy, Oxborne & Martin in Devon v Christofer Tracy; Phillip Rowcliff; Dame Elizabeth Monke, widow; Thomas Monke; William Gould Possession of messuages in Martyn and Dolton, Devon. C78/302, no. 9 [51]
1631 5 May 7 Robert, Bishop of Bristol v William Davys, clerk; Thomas Jefferies. Tithes of the Chapel of Elverton, Gloucestershire. C78/364, no. 6 [52]
1631 5 May 7 William Swayne of Hackney, Middx; William Riplingham of London; Elizabeth his wife late the wife & executrix of Richard Weston decd; William Prior of Islington, Middx, innholder v Nicholas Turbervile, an under clerk in the Court of Exchequer; George Gelder; George Turbervile Title to tenement and lands in Islington, Middx. C78/340, no. 1 [53]
1631 5 May 7 William Gyles of Wrotham, Kent v William Gesling and Cornelius Berisford & Dorothy his wife(2 bills) Debts and bonds re lease of water cornmill and houses in Otford, Kent C78/518, no. 9 [54]
1631 7 May 7 John Greene of Oxford, woolen draper; Peter Butler & Giles his wife, the said Giles being administratrix of Edward Sutton her late husband decd v Giles Morgan; Thomas Reynolds; Richard Jones; George Thomas; John Price; Judith Catchmay; Thomas Jones; John Jenkin; Thomas Phillippes; John Phillippes; John Bland; John Walter; Bridgett Walter, widow; John Morgan; Lewes John Payments due from lands in Llantrissente, Trelegge and other lands in Monmouthshire. C78/284, no. 9 [55]
1631 7 May 7 James Desborough of Warmington, Northants v Thomas Elmes. Customary fines and usages for copyhold tenements in Warmington, Northants. Refs former bill in Sir Thomas Clarke; Ismael Blofield; Robert Orme; William Smith; John Edus; Humphrey Maye; William Edus; William Berridge; Richard Barton; William Trewe; Robert Harrison; Nathaniel Cathbert; Robert Presgrave; Mary Everill; Henry Andrewe v Thomas Elmes the elder & the now deft Thomas Elmes the younger C78/439, no. 1 [56]
1631 9 May 7 William, Earl of Exeter v Sir Edward Coke & Lady Elizabeth his wife late wife of Sir William Hatton decd The property of Sir Christopher Hatton: manors in Northamptonshire and Dorset, and also property at Holborn, London. Hatton’s debts to the Crown. C78/267, no. 2 [57]
1631 9 May 7 Robert Parkehurst, alderman of London v Richard Huett; Andrew Smith; Andrew Prestney; Thomas St Laurence Possession of messuage called Bassetts in Willingall Spayne, Essex. Richard Lynne of Little Harkesley, Essex C78/1206, no. 6 [58]
1631 10 May 7 Rice Edwardes of Hope, Flint v John ap David; David Lloyd; Gwen his wife; Richard ap John ap Hugh; Edward ap Richard & Margaret his wife; Henry Davyes Marriage settlement, leases and mortgage of messuages in Gope, Hope and Mould, Flints. C78/302, no. 8 [59]
1631 10 May 7 Elizabeth, Countess of Winchelsie, widow, late wife of Sir Moyle Finch of Eastwell, Kent decd v Sir Humfry Tufton; Thomas Tufton; Henry Clarke; Raphe Fetherston; Richard Layne; George Taylor; Edward Cropley Assurance, without encumbrances, of messuage called Itchingtons in Icklesham, Sussex C78/410, no. 8 [60]
1631 11 May 7 John Colte of Rickmansworth, Herts v Richard Goltye. Trust settlement of manor of Bentlye Howse or Bentlye Priory, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middx. C78/338, no. 7 [61]
1631 12 May 7 Arthur Stevens & Mary his wife v Thomas Broome; Alice his wife; Anne Annesley Disputed marriage settlement: Willowes Hall in Car Colston, Nottinghamshire. C78/267, no. 1 [62]
1631 12 May 7 Thomas David Morris of Lampter, Pembs; John Heately of Landway Welfrey, Pembs; William Jermyn of Roberston, Pembs, for all (three or four thousand - not named) freeholders and tenants of the lordship of Narbert, Pembs v George Barlowe Claim that Cainston, the reeveship of Welfrey and Roberston were separate manors, not part of manor of Narbert, Pembs. C78/302, no. 7 [63]
1631 12 May 7 Sir John Drake of Aish, Devon v William Vinycombe. Shares in rectory of Axminster and manor of Prestalier, Devon. C78/442, no. 11 [64]
1631 13 May 7 Richard Standishe of Moreton Pinckney, Northants, shoemaker v Erasmus Cope; Anne his wife; Michael Cope; Theophilus Cope; Paul Cope; John Baylie & Sarah his wife Dispute over the sale of properties at Moreton Pinckney, Northamptonshire. C78/341, no. 7 [65]
1631 13 May 7 Henry Coxe of Bourton, Berks, administrator of Henry Coxe his uncle decd v William Dixon & Nathaniel Blake Lease of messuage and lands in Ogbome St. George, Wilts C78/410, no. 10 [66]
1631 14 May 7 Katherine Dudley, Anne Dudley, Duglas Dudley & Francis Dudley daughters of Sir Robert Dudley; Thomas Bonde v Robert, Earl of Leicester; Lettice, Countess Dowager of Leicester; Henry Bressey and 102 persons named in the said bill (but not named here), undertenants of the manors complained for. Title to castle and manor of Killingworth and manors of Ballsall, Long Itchington and Rudfen, Warwicks and Earnwood and Cleobury, Salop C78/473, no. 1 [67]
1631 16 May 7 John Bird & Peter Hawkins of Midgham, Berks for tenants and inhabitants of Thacham, Berks v John Bradley; Nicholas Hunt; Roger Pigeon; Robert Bassett; Giles Hatt; John Winchcomb; Vincent Knight; Richard Carter; William Waller; William Sotwell; Roger Knight Rating and taxing of tithings to repair church in Thacham, Berks. C78/307, no. 6 [68]
1631 17 May 7 John Sandford; John Beale the younger; John Mason the younger, for all copyholders & customary tenants of Hartpury, Gloucester v William Compton & John Lane Customs of the manor for copyhold tenants. C78/313, no. 4 [69]
1631 17 May 7 Sir George Crooke and John Downham, overseers of the will of Thomas White sometime vicar of St Dunstans in the West decd v John Keeling and John Simpson, clerk Legacies from manor of Bradwell iuxta Mare, Essex, given by will of Thomas White to provide a college for ministers, vicars and curates in London. C78/340, no. 20 [70]
1631 18 May 7 John Durnford; Thomas Kelway; Thomas Young; Robert Gawpin the elder, for tenants & inhabitants of Marnhull, Dorset v John Hancock, clerk, parson of Marnhull & William Glisson, farmer of the parsonage of Marnhull Discontinuation of annual distribution of bread, milk, cheese and beer by vicar on Easter Sunday. C78/432, no. 6 [71]
1631 18 May 7 Margaret Owen, widow; and John Owen, an infant of about 4 years, by said Margaret his mother, tutor, and guardian v. Owen Griffith & Francis Myngay, esq John Owen the complts grandfather. Mortgage of lease of manor of Estymannor (county not stated) C78/1271, no. 6 [72]
1631 20 May 7 William Turbutt of the City of York v Hillary Beverly & Anne his wife Trust of lands in Crambe, Yorks. Robert Wilson of Crambe C78/307, no. 7 [73]
1631 20 May 7 Humphry Southcott v Richard Gover; Samuel Luxton; John Moore; George Luxton; Peter Pyne; Sir Simon Leach Annuity from Barton of Coddiford, Devon. C78/468, no. 9 [74]
1631 20 May 7 Lady Jane Phillips, widow, late wife of Sir Thomas Phillipps of Barrington, Somerset decd & mother of Sir Thomas Phillipps likewise decd v Robert Hillyard Debts of Sir Thomas Phillips, payable from sale of manor of Odcombe, Somerset C78/513, no. 1 [75]
1631 21 May 7 William Harris of Okethorpe, Derbs & Lucy his wife; Alice Darley & Edith Darley daughters & coheirs of Francis Darley late of Kilnehurst, Yorks decd & the said Lucy v Robert Ellis Payment of portions from lands in Kilnehurst, Rawmarshe, Overhaulgh, Swinton and Hooton Robert, Yorks and City of York. John Darley late of Kilnehurst, father of the said Francis & grandfather of the complts Alice & Edith C78/286, no. 2 [76]
1631 23 May 7 Thomas Harrison of Asheley, Staffs; John Thorley son & heir apparent of Richard Thorley of Woodhouse, Staffs v The said Richard Thorley. Marriage settlement of tenement in Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffs. C78/400, no. 8 [77]
1631 23 May 7 Anthony Wagstaffe of Hasland, Derbs v Sir Francis Foliambe; Sir Peter Fretchvile; Godfrey Harvey Trust settlement of manors of Walton, Callowe, and Tiddeswall, Derbys., Aldwarke, Dalton and Rawmarshe, Yorks, Croxden and Ecclesall, Staffs C78/483, no. 7 [78]
1631 25 May 7 William Davis of Basselden, Berks v William Yonge of Whatcome, Berks; Richard Allen of Streatley, Berks Possession of lands in Streatley, Berks. C78/338, no. 4 [79]
1631 25 May 7 Thomas Phillipps of Corfe Molline, Dorset son & heir of Richard Phillipps decd who was son & heir of John Phillipps decd who was son & heir of Thomas Phillipps late of Monntague, Sonerset v Elizabeth Phillips, widow, late wife of the aforesaid Richard Phillipps the late father of the complt; Hugh Strode; Sir Robert Phillipps son & heir of Sir Edward Phillipps late Master of the Rolls decd Estate of Thomas Phillips - properties at Monntague and Odcombe, Somerset. Also on the manor of Stoke Dennis. C78/441, no. 5 [80]
1631 27 May 7 William Alston; William Leman, citizen & fishmonger of London v Robert Offley. Lease by the City of London to Sir Henry Monntague of warehouses, and other properties in the parish of Saint Buttolph, and Saint May Hill, Billingsgate C78/390, no. 2 [81]
1631 27 May 7 Sir Henry Roe of Shacklewell in the parish of Hackney, Middx v Dean and Chapter of St. Pauls Cathedral, London; John Barkeham one of the prebendaries of the said church; Dame Sarah Kempe, widow, late wife of Sir Nicholas Kempe decd Admission fines for copyholds in Browneswood, Middx C78/393, no. 4 [82]
1631 2 June 7 Sir Robert Heath knight attorney general v Sir William Walter; Samuel Armitage The will of Richard Walter, bequest for the building of a school at Thingdon, Northamptonshire C78/411, no. 4 [83]
1631 7 June 7 John de Greenes, merchant stranger v Thomas Adams and others (not named) Debts of Richard Husbands of the City of London, merchant C78/408, no. 1 [84]
1631 8 June 7 Sir Philip Cary of London esq v. Henry, viscount Falkland and Edmond Pye, gentleman Mortgage of manor of Aldenham & other lands in Herts C78/1928, no. 7 [85]
1631 10 June 7 Mary Jacob sole daughter & heir of Sir Robert Jacob decd & Dame Mary his wife also decd v Samuel Brooke and John Brooke Portion payable from houses in Chancery Lane, London and personal estate of Sir Robert Jacob. C78/409, no. 8 [86]
1631 10 June 7 Thomas Morrice, master of arts and bachelor of law v. Richard Raworth, gent; and others (sic) Detention of complts house & goods after the death of his wife, formerly Martha Marston of Breadstreete, London, widow & relict of Roger Marston, citizen & haberdasher of London C78/1271, no. 3 [87]
1631 11 June 7 Elizabeth Pening of Ipswich, Suffolk, widow, late the wife of Anthony Pening of Ipswich decd; Thomas Edgar of Glemham, Suffolk & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of the said Anthony; Thomas Pening, John Pening, Nicholas Pening, Robert Pening, Henry Pening, Francis Pening & Susan Pening sons & daughter of the said Anthony v Nicholas Revett; Francis Croftes; William Pening; William Blomfield Portions from, and possession of manors of Beddingham, Kettleborough, Easton, Earlesham, Bondesey and Ipswich, Essex & Suffolk by testamentary settlement of Anthony Pening C78/453, no. 3 [88]
1631 11 June 7 Sir George Henneage of Hainton, Lincs v Sir Francis South; George Fanthorpe; Martin Wood Rent charge of salt from lands in Warholme, Gamethorpe [?Gainsthorpe in Hibaldstow par.], Lincs C78/472, no. 5 [89]
1631 11 June 7 John Barron, gent, son and heir of John Barron of Layer Bretton, Essex, gent v. Robert Stainsby of Wallingfield, Suff, clerk; and William Hobert Lease of messuage from Master & Fellows of Katherine Hall in Cambridge C78/1156, no. 3 [90]
1631 14 June 7 Richard Skillinge & Margaret his wife; Edward Nicholas & Sarah his wife; Ambrose Prowett & Katherine his wife; John Walker & Mary his wife; Anne Barkesdale, widow v Alexander Walker; Thomas Drake & Helen his wife; Peter Noyes the elder; Peter Noyes the younger; Henry Osey & Elizabeth Stanford, widow. William Noyes late of Ramridge, Hants & Joan his wife, lease and other interests in lands of the manor of Blackwell in White Parish, Wilts. Marriage of William Noyes, son of William Noyes & Helen one of the daughters of the deft Walker C78/284, no. 8 [91]
1631 14 June 7 William Davison; William Gilberthorpe and Leonard Cressey v William Cressey and Arthur Dickenson Obligation for William Cressey by William Davison, debt to Gilbert Halaby C78/498, no. 1 [92]
1631 15 June 7 Sir Henry Wotton v Edward Morgan. Demise of the manors of Goldcliffe, Nashe, Goldrye, to Morgan by the College of Blessed Mary, Eaton. C78/387, no. 6 [93]
1631 15 June 7 Henry Chowne, citizen & grocer of London v George Chowne; Robert Chowne; Edmond Chowne Fraudulent lease and trust of farm in Hambledon, Bucks. C78/432, no. 4 [94]
1631 15 June 7 Jeffery Whitaker v John Greenehill & Elizabeth his wife executrix of Walter West (late of Imber, Wilts). Bond of the sons of John Greenehill and Jeffery Whitaker to William Whitaker C78/441, no. 4 [95]
1631 15 June 7 Sir Peter Bettesworth, knight v. Peter Bettesworth, esq; John Osborne; and Jane his wife Regards judgement obtained by the said Peter Bettesworth on a bond of £100 against the complt C78/1167, no. 8 [96]
1631 16 June 7 William Winter of Clopton, Somerset v John Barker; William Thorne; John Thorne Lease of lands in Clopton, Somerset. C78/280, no. 2 [97]
1631 16 June 7 Rt hon Francis, Earl of Rutland & Lady Cicely, Countess of Rutland his wife, late wife of Sir Edward Hungerford decd v Sir Edward Hungerford, the adopted heir of the said Sir Edward Hungerford decd. Jointure interest in the grange of Hinton or Henton, Somerset. C78/312, no. 13 [98]
1631 16 June 7 Theophilus, Earl of Suffolk v Sir Richard Greenvile & Dame Marie his wife; George Cuttford Payment of jointure and performance of marriage treaty C78/462, no. 2 [99]
1631 16 June 7 Sir Thomas Mansell v Sir Thomas Awbrey. Annuity and maintenance payments due from marriage settlement of unspecified lands in Lincs. C78/473, no. 2 [100]
1631 18 June 7 Sir Thomas Lake of London, brother & heir of Anne, Lady Roos late wife of William, Lord Roos decd v Sir Arthur Lake; Sir Nicholas Fortescue; George Rodney; George Evelyn; Paul Dewes; Robert Henley Trust settlement of the manors of Walthamstowe Tony, Highall and Lowhall, Essex. C78/432, no. 3 [101]
1631 18 June 7 Sir Simon Leach of Cadley, Devon v John Barker one of the aldermen of the City of Bristol Apprenticeship of Nicholas Leach in the trade of merchandize, residence in Spain and France C78/451, no. 3 [102]
1631 20 June 7 Dame Elizabeth Dale, widow, the late wife & sole executrix of Sir Thomas Dale decd v Governor and members of East India Company; Sir Maurice Abbott; Christopher Cletherowe, alderman of London; Robert Bateman; Thomas Stiles; Robert Bell; Nicholas Leate. Payment of salary and profits from investment in company stock. C78/307, no. 8 [103]
1631 20 June 7 Edward, Earl of Bath v Richard, Lord Roberts and Walter Kendall. Dispute over the ownership of the manor of Boderdell, Cornwall. C78/346, no. 2 [104]
1631 23 June 7 Sir Christopher Yelverton of Easton Mandie, Northants executor of Sir Henry Yelverton v Ralph Allen of the City of London. Debts payable by will of Otho Nicholson from house in Hackney, Middx and personal estate. C78/340, no. 15 [105]
1631 25 June 7 George Channdlor v Henry Lumly and Richard Lumly Annuity from lands in Wintershull, Surrey. Richard Lumly father of the defts C78/339, no. 5 [106]
1631 25 June 7 Arthur Robsert v Sir Edward Mountford; Robert Stanford; George Byrch; Ambrose Byrch; Thomas Hadley; Thomas Derbye; William Collins; William Meaneley; William Turton; Francis Symcox; Robert Smalebrooke; Edward Banburye Claim for stay of execution of former decree for sale of manor of Oldbury and Langley and Wallaxall, Salop, to pay debts of George Robsert. C78/400, no. 10 [107]
1631 25 June 7 Thomas Ellis and William Fynny v Nicholas Grannt. Validity of deed of mortgage of lands in Ruckling, Kent C78/433, no. 8 [108]
1631 25 June 7 Sir Thomas Metham; Jordan Metham v Robert Thorneton. Marriage between Thorneton or Thornton and Dorothy Metham, disputed portion C78/465, no. 13 [109]
1631 27 June 7 William Tull; Francis Hobbes; Robert Evans and others (not named) the inhabitants of the borough of Malmesbury, Wilts v Robert Arch Rents due from former monastic estates in Malmesbury, Wilts. C78/284, no. 10 [110]
1631 27 June 7 Francis Chenye of Chesham Boyes, Bucks v Thomas Rowe. Leases of rectory and tithes of Tringe, Herts. C78/286, no. 1 [111]
1631 27 June 7 William, Viscount Mansfield now Earl of Newcastle & Lady Elizabeth his wife sole daughter & heir of William Basset late of Blower, Staffs decd v Rt. Hon. Theophilus, Earl of Suffolk; Katherine, Dowager Countess of Suffolk; Sir William Howard; Sir Thomas Gardiner; Thomas Gifford; John Bullock; Henry Bullocke; William Cornwell; William Humfrey; John Webb; Thomas Johnson; John Stiles; John Pollard; William Sturgen; John Mott; Allen Hamme; John Machyn; Fardinando Clarke; William Thurgood; John Thurgood; Peter Thurgood; Godfrey Tanner Estate of William Basset, father of Elizabeth, wife of the Earl of Newcastle. Manors of Salcote, Essex. Also Abbe, Wigborough and other manors, fulling mills, water mills, windmills, pescaries. woods, underwoods and other properties. Also Tolbury manor. C78/315, no. 2 [112]
1631 27 June 7 Thomas Whistler of Wyndsor, Berks v Anthony Cage. Alleged forfeiture of copyhold lands in Caxton, Cambs., surrendered in trust. C78/337, no. 5 [113]
1631 27 June 7 Michael Waring; George Porter; Francis Blezard; Thomas Dodson v Richard Leigh; Henry Lee; Humphrey Slaney; William Willes; William Tompson; Richard Archdale; Thomas Jennings; Henry Lea Loss of trading stock (cloth) on voyage to the Western Isles with the 'Plaine John' of London & the 'Little Anne' of London C78/406, no. 6 [114]
1631 (bill) 27 June 7 Raphe Delavale; Thomas Delavale; John Delavale; ___ Delavale; William Delavale; Katherine Delavale; Isabel Delavale; Margret Delavale; Martha Delavale; and Barbara Delavale younger sons and daughters of Sir Raphe Delavale late of Seaton Delavale [Seaton Delaval], Northumberland knight; and Charles Killowe & Jane his wife; William Turner & Anne his wife daughters of said Sir Raphe Delavale v. Francis Reade esq & Dame Jane his wife; and Barbara Rent charges on the Manor & Lordships of Seaton Delavale & Hartley, granted by the late Sir Raphe Delavale and his late father Sir Robert Delavale C78/1919, no. 27 [115]
1631 28 June 7 Phillipp Rooper one of the younger sons of Thomas Rooper late of Eltham, Kent decd v Sir Anthony Rooper and Anthony Rooper Annuity and jointure payable from lands in Eltham, Ledbrooke, Berkesley, Broomeby and Lee, Kent. C78/312, no. 7 [116]
1631 29 June 7 Sir John Lee of Woodford, Essex; Elizabeth Gunston of Radcliffe, Middx, widow; Emanuel Finche of Radcliffe & Rachel his wife; Jersam Holmes of Chigwell, Essex; Sibill Winche of Woodford, widow; Robert Winch of London, draper; Richard Foster of Woodford; William Swift of Bermondsey Street in Southwarke, leatherseller v Barnard Whetstones. Customary fines and services for copyhold lands in the manor of Woodford, Essex. C78/303, no. 9 [117]
1631 29 June 7 Edmond Duncombe of Lambeth, Surrey & Hester his wife late wife & relict of John Theaker late of the City of London decd, guardians of Diana Posthuma Theaker an infant, His Majesty's ward while she lived & sole daughter & heir of the said John Theaker also decd v Sir Henry Burton Rents and profits of trust settlement of manor and castle of Craike, and lands in Stockton, and Norton, Yorks and Durham C78/410, no. 7 [118]
1631 29 June 7 Thomas Phipps of East Stratton, Hants v Margaret Phipps, widow; Thomas Cobb & Elizabeth his wife Debts and legacy from personal estate of John Phipps C78/513, no. 6 [119]
1631 2 July 7 Rowland Heylyn, alderman of the City of London v Edward Harrison; Sir Henry Fynes; Barnard Hide; Henry Skipwith; Benjamin Hide; David Woodrooff Properties of Edward Harrison at Burton Stather, West Halton, Thealby, Couldby [Coleby], Belchford and other places in Lincolnshire. Statute Staple for debt with Sir Henry Fynes. C78/292, no. 10 [120]
1631 2 July 7 Arthur Pilkington of Stanley, Yorks v Thomas Walmesley of Fulwoods Rent in the parish of High Holborne, Middx, taylor. Debts for clothing. C78/302, no. 12 [121]
1631 4 July 7 Sir George Horsey & Dame Elizabeth his wife v Sir Thomas Freake & Dame Elizabeth his wife. Payments and jointures raised by a marriage settlement of lands in Horsey, Peignes, Clifton and Thorneford (no county given). C78/284, no. 2 [122]
1631 6 July 7 Sir Edward Fisher v Susan Fisher, widow since decd; Francis Tyndall; Benjamin Valentyne Trust settlement of lands in Blackborough and Grand Court, Norfolk. C78/273, no. 8 [123]
1631 7 July 7 Baldwine Whitney of Middlewood, Herefs v Lison Thomas; David Thomas; John Williams; Henry Williams; Alice Williams Marriage and trust settlements of lands in Clifford, Heref. Thomas Whitney late of Castleton, Herefs & Elianor daughter of David Thomas late decd & sister of the said Lison Thomas C78/1207, no. 14 [124]
1631 9 July 7 John Greene of Oxford, woollen draper; Peter Butler & Giles his wife of Ireland, administratrix of Edward Sutton her former husband decd v Giles Morgan; William Morgan since decd; Thomas Reynolds; Richard Jones; George Thomas; John Price; Judeth Catchmay; Thomas Jones; John Jenkin; Thomas Phillipps; John Phillipps; John Bland; John Walter; Bridget Walter, widow; Lawrence John; Lawrence Phillip; Morgan Morgan; John Morgan; Lewes John Estate of the late Thomas Williams: properties in Llantressent, Llandegveth, Llangebby, Tredenocke, Saint Arvans, Monmouthshire. Statute Staple to Edward Sutton. C78/465, no. 9 [125]
1631 25 July 7 Elizabeth Marsh of Darkes in South Mymmes, Middx, widow, late wife of Thomas Marshe late of Darkes decd; Thomas Marshe son & heir of the said Thomas Marsh v Sir John Cage. Rent arrears due from lands in Bulbecke, Cambs. C78/393, no. 3 [126]
1631 Mich. term. 7 William Thomason & Elizabeth his wife v William Radford And another bill exhibited by William Radford an infant by William Radford of Hailesham, Sussex his father Interests in will of Miles Hodgson late of Westham, Sussex, clerk, whose estate included manor and parsonage of Peeling (no county given). C78/454, no. 2 [127]
1631 6 Oct 7 Phillip Cary of London, knight; and John Williams of London, esq v. Henry, viscount Fakland and Edmond Pye, gentleman Debts of Lord Falkland C78/1928, no. 9 [128]
1631 12 Oct 7 John Greenebancke son of George Greenebancke of Twisleton, Yorks; Richard Battye & Leonard Procter of Twisleton customary tenants of Twisleton and Ellerbecke, Yorkshire v Richard Shereborne; William Lowther of Ingleton, Yorks; Richard Lowther his son & heir apparent Bill (23 Nov. 1630) seeking ratification of agreement (5 Oct 1 Chas. I) to improve and enclose the common wastes of the manor C78/483, no. 2 [129]
1631 13 Oct 7 William Cockett of Westminster v John Gibberte; John Meeres & his wife Debts and bonds C78/284, no. 3 [130]
1631 13 Oct 7 Thomas Russell of London v Edward Russell; William Hay; Nicholas Durrant Inheritance of copyhold tenements and watermill in Franckfield, Sussex. C78/307, no. 10 [131]
1631 14 Oct 7 George Nicholls v Johan Nicholls, widow; William Nicholls Possession and marriage settlement of lands in Longhope, Gloucs C78/1207, no. 13 [132]
1631 18 Oct 7 George Stoford v John Berryman; Arthur Champernowne; Humphrey Smith; John Pearse & Abigail his wife Sale by John Berryman of closes on his manor of Colbrooke, parish of Colompton, Devonshire, to Thomas Littlejohn. C78/346, no. 1 [133]
1631 18 Oct 7 William Swetnam of Bath, Somerset v Dorothy Eastmond, widow; William Swanton; Nicholas Daccombe; Thomas Newman; Elizabeth Archer; John Cox Debts of Richard Eastmond late of Fished, Dorset and mortgage of farm of Fishead Magdalen, Somerset C78/410, no. 6 [134]
1631 20 Oct 7 The Master and Members of the Stationers Company of the City of London v Thomas Symcocks. Dispute over a grant of letters patent under the great seal to Symcocks to undertake various forms of official printing in breach of the Stationers Company privileges. C78/295, no. 4 [135]
1631 20 Oct 7 Mathew Whitfielde of Whitfielde, Northumberland v Francis Whitfield. Estate of Raphe Whitfield of Whitfield, Northumberland. Four farms at Parmontley, purchased from Sir Richard Musgrave of Hartley. Also the church of Whitfield. C78/305, no. 3 [136]
1631 21 Oct 7 Thomas Payne of Uplamborne, Berks v George Garrard; William Morse & Johanne his wife Bonds for debts on security of lands in Bewcott, Shryvenham and Stawpitt, Berks. C78/338, no. 3 [137]
1631 21 Oct 7 Edmund Parsons v John Richards, Charles Collard, James Dale and Thomas Richards. Dispute over property leased by the Hospital of Saint Katherines, within the parish of Saint Katherines, town not given. C78/461, no. 9 [138]
1631 22 Oct 7 Dame Agnes Snagg, widow, late wife of Sir Thomas Snagg late of Marston, Beds decd; Raph Snagg younger son of the said Sir Thomas Snagg & Elizabeth his wife v Thomas Snagg and George Earswell Jointure from trust settlement of the manors of Marston, Marteyne, Lidlington, Kempston and castle of Bedford, Beds. C78/351, no. 3 [139]
1631 22 Oct 7 Richard White of Hatton Hall, Essex v Bridgit Eyton, widow Release of rights to jointure in manor of Eyton, Salop. C78/410, no. 4 [140]
1631 25 Oct 7 Nicholas Harman of Chelsey, Middx v Ursula Farmer, widow; Edward Farmer; George Farmer Debts, and lease of close in Ibstocke, Leics. C78/433, no. 5 [141]
1631 26 Oct 7 Griffith Hughes of Skiviogg, Flint, gent & Ellin his wife; Hugh Jones of Kelliloveday, Flint, gent & Jane his wife; Meredith Lloyd of Llanrhavad, Denb, gent & Katherine his wife v. John Jones, gent Will of William Jones decd, father of the complts Ellen, Jane & Katherine. Two messuages etc in Tenraith & Hendregaer, Flint C78/1271, no. 5 [142]
1631 27 Oct 7 John Maine of Elmdon, Warks v Edward Hawes. Trust settlement of the manor of Elmdon, Warwicks. C78/302, no. 1 [143]
1631 28 Oct 7 Elizabeth Richards, Jeffry Richards & Margaret Richards three of the children of George Richards citizen & grocer of London by Raphe Willet of Icomb, Worcs, clerk; William Richards v Luke Niteingale & Isabell his wife; William Wastall & Margaret his wife; William Lyons and Elizabeth Stretton Estate of William Fysham, the "Starre in Eastcheape" and other properties. C78/299, no. 5 [144]
1631 31 Oct 7 Bartholomew Cotton v Thomas Skinner & Jane his wife Financial trusts. Thomas Cotton the complts late father C78/407, no. 6 [145]
1631 31 Oct 7 Phillip, Earl of Pembroke & Montgomery, administrator of William, late Earl of Pembroke; Marie, Lady Wotton executrix of Thomas, Lord Wotton her late husband decd, who was executor of Edward, Lord Wotton his father decd v Sir Edward Zouch Legacies payable by will of Edward, Lord Zouch. C78/433, no. 4 [146]
1631 31 Oct 7 Robert, Lord Brooke of Beauchampes Court, Warks v Sir John Coke; Sir Francis Swifte; Michael Mallett; William Vyner Trust settlement of manors of Beauchampe Courte, Alcester als Almcester, Hazelor, Cester Over als Cester Waver, Warwicks; Clutton, Somerset, and Hackney, Middx C78/483, no. 6 [147]
1631 7 Sir George Wroughton v William Hunton and Henry Cusse. The debts and obligations of Richard Hunton of Bushton, Wilts decd and William Hunton his son & heir. C78/441, no. 1 [148]
1631 1 Nov 7 Thomas Scott of Otterton, [?Devon?] v Peter Scott Bonds for debts. C78/1206, no. 2 [149]
1631 4 Nov 7 George Gardiner v Christopher Marshall; Edward Marshall and William Lynne. Purchase of land from Francis Baxter by George Gardiner. 'The White Horse' — parish of Saint Martins at the Palace, Norwich C78/349, no. 4 [150]
1631 4 Nov 7 John Clotworthy of Meshawe, Devon v John Stewkeley the son and Hugh Stewkeley. Purchase of encumbered estate of the manor and advowson of Meshawe or Messeth or Meshwitt, Devon C78/476, no. 7 [151]
1631 7 Nov 7 Sir John Danvers of Westlavington, Wilts & Lady Elizabeth his wife, grandchild & heir of Sir John Dauntesey late of Lavington, ie daughter of Ambrose Dauntesey eldest son of the said Sir John Dauntesey v Nicholas Askewe, Master of the Company of Mercers, London; Roger Hemings; John Holland; William Lee, wardens; John Skynner, clerk of the said company and against the Master, Wardens & Company of Mercers of London in general Payments due from tenements in Christophers Alley and Cornhill, London and lands in West Lavington, Wilts to maintain almshouse and grammar school in West Lavington, by will of William Dauntesey. C78/313, no. 2 [152]
1631 7 Nov 7 Samuel Maynard, Richard Maynard, Barry Maynard, Boyle Maynard, William Maynard, Mary Maynard, Bridget Maynard & Angell Maynard, infants, by Samuel Nuse of London their uncle; Dame Mary Maynard, widow, the relict of Sir William Maynard of Curriglasse, Corke, Ireland mother to the said infants v Thomas Ball, Christopher Hutchinson. The estate of Sir William Maynard. Properties in Ireland, London and Middlesex. C78/315, no. 8 [153]
1631 7 Nov 7 Henry Mitton of Melton Mowbray, Leics v William Perkins. Tailoring bills due to the deft. C78/340, no. 19 [154]
1631 7 Nov 7 John Craford & Thomas Gardiner administrators of Bevill Lewes late of London, merchant decd, for themselves & the creditors of the said Bevill v Dame Mary Cockaine & Charles Cockayne Payments due for mortgages of land called Bleane and Walthamland in Kent C78/410, no. 5 [155]
1631 7 Nov 7 Robert Beale of Ickledon, Cambs gentleman son and heir of Edward Beale late citizen and Grocer of London and administrator of said Edward Beale his father unadministered by Edmond Underwood late citizen and grocer of London his late executor v. Rose Underwood widow administratrix of said Edmond Underwood; Gabriel Gorsuch; and John Gorsuch clerk Trust settlement of rectory & parsonage of Walkerne, Herts C79/48, no. [156]
1631 7 Nov 7 Robert Tiver, executor of Edith Shurvey v. Oliver Lambert, clerk Debts of the deft, parson of Fiddington, Somerset, due to Edith Shurvey C78/1156, no. 1 [157]
1631 8 Nov 7 Anthony Spyer of The Grainge in the parish of Dorcester, Oxon eldest son & next heir of Richard Spyer late of Wargrave, Berks decd v Margarett Spyer, widow and Richard Spyer. Title and division of fee simple and burough English lands in Wardborough and Shellingford, Dorchester, Oxon. C78/338, no. 2 [158]
1631 10 Nov 7 Thomas Taylor of Bradley, Hants v Rt. Hon. Lady Elizabeth Griffen, widow. Debts on security of copyhold lands in Yardley and Clothall, Herts. John Shotbolt C78/280, no. 1 [159]
1631 10 Nov 7 Richard Trimnell of Tibberton, Worcs son & heir of John Trymnell late of Broadwas in the said county decd v Charles Cratford; Richard Heminge, Margaret Perks; Thomas Perks Legacies, portions and maintenance payments payable from financial trust of estate of John Trimnell. C78/312, no. 2 [160]
1631 10 Nov 7 Edward Rice of St Giles in the Fields, Middx v Theophilus, lord bishop of St Davids; Alice his wife; John Dowle; Peter Heywood; Robert Mould Lease of five messuages outside Temple Bar, London C78/407, no. 8 [161]
1631 10 Nov 7 John Stone, Theophilus Broome of London gent, and Frizworth Barrowe of London widow v Richard Lyndsey; Rowland Jewkes; Sibilla Lindsey Discharge of trust on manor of Bexhill, Sussex C78/513, no. 2 [162]
1631 11 Nov 7 Richard Moore of Linley, Shropshire and Samuel Moore of Downeton, Herefs executors of Sir Thomas Harris late of Shrewsbury decd v John Smith; Rowland Purslowe; Charles Hughes; Thomas Butts; Elizabeth Purslowe and others (not named) Portion due from personal estate. C78/286, no. 3 [163]
1631 12 Nov 7 Rees Jones of Garthgynan, Denbigh & Mary his wife infants by John ap Robert ap John natural father of the said Rees v Gabriel Goodman; Edward Price & Penelope his wife Marriage between Thomas David (the complt Mary's father) and Jonett, daughter of David Williams als David ap William. Conveyance of property at Bedlewith and Trewyn, Denbigh. Disputed settlement. C78/441, no. 3 [164]
1631 15 Nov 7 William Turner v James Harton. The estate of Lancelot Turner, manor of Ruston, Yorkshire. Dispute over a lease to James Harton. C78/465, no. 12 [165]
1631 16 Nov 7 Sir James Bagg of Plymouth, Devon v John Shapley and Robert Shapley Mortgage of lands in Milton, or South Milton, Devon C78/394, no. 11 [166]
1631 18 Nov 7 Sir Francis Steward; Sir George Abercromye; Francis Butler v Sir William Mounson. Trust settlement of personal estate and plate of Charles, Earl of Nottingham. C78/433, no. 3 [167]
1631 18 Nov 7 Francis Ryvett & Elizabeth his wife late wife of Charles Bludder decd v Sir Thomas Bludder; William, Viscount Castlemayne & Margaret, Countess of Nottingham his wife The estate of Thomas Bludder, late of Flanchford, Surrey. Property on the manor of Rygate, Surrey. Also disputed marriage settlement between Sir Thomas Bludder and Elizabeth. C78/455, no. 3 [168]
1631 19 Nov 7 Edward Trottman of the Inner Temple; Samuel Bridger of Dursley, Gloucs; Joseph Bridger of Slymbridge, Gloucs; Edward Trottman of the Slepps in the parish of Cam, Gloucs; Thomas Davis, Robert Frape & William Taylor of Slymbridge; John Smith of Hinton, Gloucs v John Smith; Rebecca Gouldsboroughe; Rowland Gouldsboroughe; Vincent Rodenhurst Further assurance of conveyance of the manor of Gossington, Gloucs. John Gouldsborough late of Wemm, Shropshire decd C78/1206, no. 1 [169]
1631 20 Nov 7 Peter Bonyngton of Barrowe Coate, Derbs one of the sons of Dorothy, one of the daughters of Elizabeth, Lady Booth late of the City of Bath, Somerset decd; Francis Peares & Elianor his wife; Edward Walsh; Edmond Walsh; Henry Walsh; George Walsh; William Basnett who was also administrator to Elizabeth Birne his decd sister; Thomas Basnett (the said Elianor, Edward, Edmond, Henry, George, William, Richard, Thomas & Elizabeth being sons & daughters of Elizabeth one of the daughters of the said Lady Booth); William Booth, George Booth, Robert Booth & Mary Booth, children of John Booth one of the sons of the said Elizabeth, Lady Booth; John Bonyngton, William Bonyngton, Henry Bonyngton & Peter Bonyngton administrators of Raph Bonyngton decd; Humphrey Bonyngton; Robert Bonyngton; Thomas Fish administrator of Dorothy Fish decd; Mary Bonyngton; William Bonyngton & Katherine his wife (the said John, William, Henry, Peter, Raph, Humphrey, Robert, Dorothy, Mary & Katherine were the children of Dorothy one of the daughters of the said Lady Booth); Edward Warren, Thomas Warren, Ratcliff Warren, Raph Warren & Elizabeth Warren children of Susan one of the daughters of the said Elizabeth, Lady Booth; Richard Booth, William Booth, [blank x 3] Booth, infants to Elizabeth Booth late wife unto Richard Booth decd (their mother) one of the sons of the said Lady Booth v Arthur Ducke and John Warburton surviving executors of the said Lady Booth Legacies payable from personal estate by will of Elizabeth, Lady Booth C78/307, no. 9 [170]
1631 21 Nov 7 John Fletcher & John Wardall of London, merchants, executors of Magdalen Stokes late of St Dunstons in the West, London decd v. Robert Holland of London, scrivenor Reconveyance of mortgaged premises in St Dunstons in the West, London. C78/313, no. 3 [171]
1631 24 Nov 7 John Deane of Southmolton, Devon, whittawer & Alice his wife & Robert their son v Robert Dodderidge and Penticost Dodderidge. Lease of lands in Southmolton, Devon. C78/332, no. 3 [172]
1631 24 Nov 7 Sir William Blake of Kensington, Middx; William Rolfe of the Inner Temple; George Lowe of London; Richard Gurnard of London, clothworker; Henry Jackson of London, grocer, executors of Henry Smythe late of London v Sir Cristopher Yelverton; Richard Amherste; John Middleton Trust settlement of lands in Longney, Gloucs. C78/288, no. 2 [173]
1631 24 Nov 7 Judith Gresham, widow v John Gresham Interests in a trust estate of free and copyhold lands in Fulham, Middx and Tetney, Lincs C78/407, no. 7 [174]
1631 24 Nov 7 Mary Coleby of Nappey, Yorks, widow late wife of John Coleby late of Nappey esq v. Sir John Calverley knight; Katherine Calverley; Ellen Calverley; George Cole esq One third part of the lordship, manor or forest of Wensladale, Yorks C78/1919, no. 26 [175]
1631 25 Nov 7 Sir John Fynnet; Laurence Whitaker; Frances Muskett, widow, executrix of John Muskett her late husband v Elizabeth, Countess of Winchelsey; Sir Humphrey Tufton; Thomas Tufton; Henry Clerke; Raphe Fetherstone; George Taylor; Edward Cropley Tenement and lands in St. Warburgh or Hooe, Kent, used as security for debts. C78/307, no. 11 [176]
1631 25 Nov 7 William Brounker v Grace Kington, widow; John Lowe; Walter Church; Robert Flower. Estate of Francis Harding: a farm at Orcheston Saint Mary, Wiltshire. Conveyance to John Lane. C78/441, no. 2 [177]
1631 26 Nov 7 William Drake v Gilbert Sweet, Thomas Blackaller & Hugh Crocker of the City of Exeter, merchants; Johanne Tailor, widow, late wife & administratrix of Stephen Taylor her late husband decd Allocation of prize taken from captured Spanish ship 'Nostra Senora de Bona Franca' by the ship 'Willing Minde' owned by the defts. C78/442, no. 9 [178]
1631 26 Nov 7 Thomas Woolhouse, gent v. Raph Bullocke, gent; Thomas Barnes; Francis his wife; Anthony Eyre, esq; Maximilian Waterhouse, esq; George Poole, gent; Thomas Alsopp, gent; Sir Edward Osborne, baronet; and Thomas Boulton Marriage of complt & Mary Chaworth daughter of John Chaworth & niece of Sir George Chaworth. C78/1243, no. 16 [179]
1631 28 Nov 7 William White of Towersey, Bucks v Sarah Heyward, widow; Robert Heyward; William Woodward and Edward Heyward. Lease by the Earl of Berkshire to Sara Roase of land at Towersey, Buckinghamshire. C78/342, no. 1 [180]
1631 28 Nov 7 Richard Edwardes of Henlowe, Beds v George Edwardes. Title to copyhold lands of manor of Henlowe, Beds. C78/351, no. 12 [181]
1631 28 Nov 7 Bartholomew Dobson of Welsborne, Warks, clerk v Robert Mordant Bill (29 April 6 Chas. I) reciting agreement (70 years past) to have mutual exchanges and enclosure of plots in the common fields of Walton Devile, Warwickshire, and alleging that glebe lands allotted to the rector at the time of the enclosure were subsequently claimed as demesne and the boundaries broken. Court appointed commission to investigate. C78/422, no. 6 [182]
1631 29 Nov 7 Thomas Estcourt, citizen & leatherseller of London administrator of George Rogers late citizen & clothworker of London decd v Sir Anthony Thomas. Debts re trade in "cullen gould, copper gould and silver", promised by bond to be used as marriage portion. C78/432, no. 2 [183]
1631 6 Dec 7 William Foster of Mastingham, Norfolk & Dorothy his wife v William Burgis. Arrears of portion. C78/312, no. 1 [184]
1631 6 Dec 7 Walter Ward of London, merchant v Richard Harris of London, merchant & Zachary Dike Pawning of cowhides and 1,633 buffalo hides at Naples. C78/340, no. 18 [185]
1631 9 Dec 7 Robert Bower of London v Raphe Watson & Alice his wife. Trust settlement of lands in Waltham Abbey, Essex and parish of St. Michael Bassishawe, London. C78/356, no. 4 [186]
1631 9 Dec 7 William Peacock of London, merchant & Anne his wife late the wife of Weston Glascocke decd v Henry Glascock; Ignacius Glascock; Thomas Glascock; John Haddisley Legacies and jointure from lands in Purley, Haseley, Woodham Mortimer and Danbury, Essex. C78/361, no. 6 [187]
1631 10 Dec 7 Sir John Ashfield; Lady Elizabeth his wife; Dame Magdalen Hide; Robert Bacon; Dame Cordelia his wife; Ursula Sadler, widow; John Gill; George Gill; Whetell Awdley; Nathaniel Styles; Francis his wife; John Camock; Elizabeth Bonner v Morrice Llewellyn The estate of Edmond Spencer of London, bequests of money and bonds C78/341, no. 6 [188]
1631 19 Dec 7 Richard Lea of Thame, Oxon, mercer v Joseph Stacy and Thomas Long Accounts of debts re mercer's shop in Thame, Oxon. C78/432, no. 1 [189]
1631 20 Dec 7 Cornelius Morrison Hobbe v Nathaniel Hall, Edward Cocke and Adrian Anthony. Dispute over the ship 'Golijah' of Amsterdam and its use as a privateer. Voyage undertaken by several Dutchmen. C78/345, no. 1 [190]
1631 20 Dec 7 Rt. hon. Thomas Lord Arundell of Wardor Castle, Wilts v Thomas Arundell; William Arundell; John Foyle Marriage settlement of castle and park of Wardor, Wilts, and lands at Shafton or Shaftesbury, Hanley Thornton and East Pulham, Dorset, Socke Dennys, Somerset and Tilsbury and Swalecliffe, Wilts. C78/348, no. 4 [191]