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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1612 10 C78/, no. []
Undated. Huntingdon, heir & administrator of Henry, late Earl of Huntingdon v Waterhowse. Arrearages of rent upon a lease by the late Earl of Huntingdon to Phillip Smyth of London, haberdasher. Alum works and workhouses, “copperis workes" lands and wastes on the Isle of Broucksey, Dorset. C78/190, no. 11 [2]
1612? Francis, Earl of Rutland; Henry Sudley; and Edward Hungerford; Rafe Harrold; John Bradford; and John Burch, freeholders & inhabitants of the manor and borough of Hungerford, Wilts & Berks v. Sir Thomas Parrie; Sir Francis Knollis; John Wirroll; John Lucas; Robert Field; Thomas Carpenter; Raphe Mackerell; Thomas Sheffe; and Erasmus Webbe Purchase of the manor of Hungerford from John Eldred & William Whitmore of London. (possibly incomplete, no date given in finding aid) C78/1415, no. 7 [3]
1612 (Bill: Hilary 9 James I) 9 Francis Vernon of London, merchant & vintner v Griffith Hinton. Debts in connection with factorship and apprenticeship to vintner trade in London. C78/173, no. 1 [4]
1612 13 Jan 9 George Lynford late of Hornesey, Middx v Roger and Richard Lake. Dispute over property on the manor of Hornsey, Middlesex; fraudulent dealings. C78/152, no. 11 [5]
1612 14 Jan 9 Peter de Moucheron of Middleburgh in the province of Leeland within the Low Countries, merchant v Sir Oliver Cromwell & Dame Anne his wife. De Moucheron a merchant of the Low Countries. Trading activities of Sir Horatio Palavicine, sale of goods worth £100,000. Also mentioned is Gerrard de Malynes, a factor for Philippe Gorge of Antwerp. Lady Cromwell the executor of Sir Horatio's will. C78/191, no. 14 [6]
1612 23 Jan 9 Sir Richard Grobham of Great Wisheford, Wilts; Simon Courte of Christon, Somerset v Agnes Hawker and William Hawker. Rent arrears from tenement in Stathe and Saltmore, Somerset. C78/179, no. 6 [7]
1612 24 Jan 9 Henry Humberston of Furnivalls Inn, Middx v William Symcotte. Wardship of Richard Smyth and management of his estate of the manor of Bynbrooke [Binbrook], Lincs. C78/321, no. 7 [8]
1612 25 Jan 9 John Curzon & Millicent his wife v Frances Needham; Raufe Blackwall; Mary Blackwall, widow Property of Raphe Blackwall, manor of Alton, Derbyshire. C78/134, no. 4 [9]
1612 25 Jan 9 Thomas Fynch, one of the sons of John Fynch the elder late of Tuddenham, Suffolk decd, and brother to George Fynche one other of the sons of the said John, likewise decd v. Sir Michael Stanhoppe; James Caston and Susan his wife; and John Finch Will of John Finch the elder. Title to messuage and other lands in Tuddenham and Playforde, Suffolk. Refs previous cause Finch v. Wolferston. C78/1415, no. 6 [10]
1612 27 Jan 9 Sir Thomas Thynne of Longleate, Wilts son, heir & administrator of Sir John Thynne decd v Edmund Leversedge; Sir James Ley; William Ley; Thomas Andrewes Trust of wood and waste ground called Roddenbury, Little Roddenbury, Great Roddenbury, Roddenbury Hill, Hakehil or Buckhill, Whitmershe, Cockradhill, Crowemershe Mattockstacke, Deadman and Sandhill. No County given. C78/186, no. 6 [11]
1612 27 Jan 9 George Barlowe of Slebech, Pembs v Sir William Wogan Possession of lands in Kilvelgy, Martletwy and Burton, Pembs. C78/450, no. 7 [12]
1612 28 Jan 9 John Constable of Dromanbie, Yorks v William Marwood. Marriage settlement of lands in Nunthorpe, Yorks. Marriage of Henry Marwood, brother to the deft & Anne Constable, daughter to the complt C78/228, no. 15 [13]
1612 28 Jan 9 Richard Milton of Egforde, Somerset; John Webber of Luxboroughe, Somerset v Anthonie Crange and Agnes Crange. Cancellation of bonds in connection with rents due from lands in Exforde, Somerset. C78/182, no. 16 [14]
1612 29 Jan 9 John Mayne & Dorothy his wife, sole daughter & heir of Andrew Mannsfielde late of Wargrave, Berks decd v John Afford als Forde. Recognizances in connection with mortgage of copyhold lands in Slowe, held of the manor of Upton, Bucks. C78/317, no. 6 [15]
1612 30 Jan 9 Thomas Greves of Clarkton Well, Middx v Sir William Pope & [blank] Austen Estate of Dame Elizabeth Poulett, deceased. Dispute over the manors of Swarford and Southorpe, Oxfordshire C78/505, no. 7 [16]
1612 31 Jan 9 Edward Yorke of Franckton, Warks v John Temple and Edward Sheriffe. Dispute over an agreement with Thomas Leeson for the enclosure of several pieces of land in Franckton, Warwickshire. C78/194, no. 4 [17]
1612 1 Feb 9 Robert Abbott, doctor of Divinity, master & the scholars of Balliol College, Oxford v George Brome. Property of the Master and Scholars of Balliol College, Oxford. Land at Heddington, Oxford. C78/192, no. 10 [18]
1612 1 Feb 9 Richard Smalley of Horsepath, Oxon v William Napper and Edward Napper Properties in the parish of Horsepath, Oxfordshire. Dispute over woods, herbage and underwoods. C78/194, no. 8 [19]
1612 3 Feb 9 Maurice Carrant of Toomer, Somerset; John Moggridge & Margaret his wife; John Collyns v Richard Carrant; Thomas Jacobb; John Storke. Estate of Leonard Carrant: farm of Wilkinthroppe, Parish of Horsington, Somerset. Disputed conveyance. C78/186, no. 4 [20]
1612 3 Feb 9 Alice, Cicilie and Margaret Hooker, orphan daughters of Richard Hooker late Master of the Temple, London decd v Zacharie Evans, Edmond Calton, William Dalby and Richard Wood. Payment of annuities C78/179, no. 7 [21]
1612 3 Feb 9 Michaell Anne of London, clerk v Sir Basil Brooke. Title to the Estate of North Aston, Oxfordshire. Ancestry of parties outlined since time of Henry 8th & Queen Mary respectively. C78/194, no. 3 [22]
1612 5 Feb 9 Margery Linkinholte, widow, late wife of Giles Lynkynholt late of Barnewood, Gloucs decd v Joane Linkenholte; Richard Linkenholte; William Linkenholte and others (not named). Property on the manor of Barnewood, the property of Gloucester Cathedral. Also property in the City of Gloucester. Lease to Giles Linkinholte. C78/165, no. 5 [23]
1612 6 Feb 9 Cornelius Fishe; John Combe; Nicholas Farrer; Henry Walton; John Houghe; Thomas Underhill of London, merchants v William Beecher and Richard Hill & Elizabeth his wife Recognizances imposed on lands in Hadley and Eastbamett, Middx and Herts. C78/167, no. 7 [24]
1612 6 Feb 9 Richard Meredeth, Dean of Wells v Sir James Archiorlany; Dame Dorothy his wife; Edward Wymarke; Henry Sackford. Dispute over the Deanes House, Wells, Somerset. Erection of a new office and house for the Dean and Chapter of Wells. C78/131, no. 4 [25]
1607 6 Feb 5 William, Earl of Pembroke v Richard Seys; Edward Deere; John Sherrey; Edward Prichard, clerk; William Stephen; Griffith William Hyett; Rees Portrey; Phillip Walter; Harry Nicholl; Griffith John Hyett; Hugh Griffith; Edward Carne; Alexander Wilkin; Mathew Vosse; Anthony Powell the younger; Leyson Portrey; Edward Lewes; Robert Walter; Iltyd Nicholl; Donett Vosse; John Stephen and others (not named) copyholders of the manor of Boverton & Lantwit, Glamorgan Abitrary fines and customs for customary tenants of the manor of Boverton and Lantwit, Glam. C78/319, no. 1 [26]
1612 7 Feb 9 Sir William Deier of Stoughton, Hunts v Sir William Fitzwilliams; Sir Edward Carr; Godfrey Robinson Debts, annuities and jointure payable from trust settlement of manor of Colneworth and rectory of Dunstable, Beds and manors of Greate Paxton and Eynesbury, Bewchampstead and Haleweston, Hunts. C78/184, no. 11 [27]
1612 7 Feb 9 Sir Henry Hawley of Buckland, Somerset v Robert Cuffe. Dispute over a water mill called 'Ham Mills' in the parish of North Curry, Somerset. The property of the Cathedral Church of Saint Andrews, Wells. Disputed water courses. C78/186, no. 5 [28]
1612 7 Feb 9 Thomas Disney; John Halinge; George Marshall; William Abbott; Thomas Dalton; Robert Andrewe; Bartholomew Marcall; Anne his wife; Ellen Burkett; Edward Warde; William Knight; Edward Prigeon; William Clattercoates; William Watson; John Holwell; William Warde; Effam Johnson, widow; Thomas Nottingham; William Sutton; Edward Sutton; Robert Gibson; Elizabeth Frothingham; Thomas Prigeon; Thomas Greene; Bartholomew Martyn, on behalf of themselves and the other copyholders of Carleton in Moreland, Lincs v Sir Phillip Tirwhitt Settlement of the fines and customs of the manor of Carleton in Moreland [Carlton-le-Moorland], Lincolnshire. C78/343, no. 12 [29]
1612 8 Feb 9 Thomas Luffe & Elizabeth his wife late the wife of Barnabe Knapman v Alexander Knapman and Francis Knapman. Leases and marriage settlement of lands in Chagford and Levaton, Devon. C78/182, no. 2 [30]
1612 8 Feb 9 Phillipe Turner, son & heir of Edward Turner late of Sainte Edmondes Burie, Suffolk,clothier v Jeremy Stammer. Trading debts of William Webbe, of Ipswich, merchant. C78/191, no. 11 [31]
No year given (Bill 1608) 8 Feb John Hitchins of Rowhan Lanyharn, Cornwall & Johan his wife sole daughter & heir of Raphe Penrose late of Penrose Esccaels, Cornwall decd v Johane Jones, widow Title to lands in Tredynny or Tredene, St Semiyan and Brewe, Cornwall. C78/186, no. 7 [32]
1612 8 Feb 9 John Heywoode of Brayton, Oxon & Alice his wife v Robert Whistler; Richard Norcott; George Lasonbye The estate of Richard Pawlinge, former husband of Alice. Land at Brayton, Oxfordshire C78/496, no. 9 [33]
1612 10 Feb 9 Richard Smoote of the City of Oxford v Edmond Reynolds; Henry Jackson; Sir Thomas Pullison; Thomas Sharpe & Elizabeth his wife Debts and mortgage of house in City of Oxford. C78/166, no. 10 [34]
1612 10 Feb 9 Johan Whitney, one of the daughters of Eustace Whitney decd v Sir Robert Whitney, brother to the complt. Portion payable from lands in Whitney and Stowe, Heref. C78/166, no. 11 [35]
1612 10 Feb 9 Henry Sacheverall v Thomas Fulford & Mary his wife; Thomas Gibbons the younger; Humphrey Westwood and Edward Yorke. Estate of Thomas Gibbons of Ditchley, Oxfordshire. Manor of Newhall, Sutton Colefield, Warwickshire. C78/252, no. 21 [36]
1612 11 Feb 9 Dean and Commons of St George's Chapel, Windsor (not named) v William Haye and Robert Haye. Title to manor of Monckland, Heref. C78/159, no. [37]
1612 11 Feb 9 Sir Richard Conquest the younger of Houghton, Beds v Sir Robert Newdigate. Title to manor of Hawnes, Beds. C78/181, no. 9 [38]
1612 12 Feb 9 Nicholas Luke; Richard Edwardes; Edward Cowper; Michael Cowper; Hugh Squier; John Sandon; Richard Sandon; William Haggas; John Haggas; Robert Tilley; Henry Berrey; Thomas Berry; George Berry; Leonard Bonfielde; John Reddington & Johane his wife; Richard Parker & Elizabeth his wife; John Isack; William Barbor; Agnes Gardiner, widow; Johanne Gyddyng; John Gydding; John Tilley; John Sandon the elder; WilliamCox & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Ravens; Edward Bickerstaff & Elizabeth his wife; John Bickerstaffe & Rose his wife; John Younge; Mathew Cherrey; Henry Farne; Samuel Simpson, tenants of the manor of Henlowe, Beds v Thomas Clarke Ratification of agreement re fines and customs in Henlowe manor, Beds, formerly parcel of the possessions of the late dissolved monastery of Lanthonie, Gloucs. C78/173, no. 8 [39]
1612 12 Feb 9 George Huntley v John Osborne. Bill re bond for performance of covenants in lease of manor of Boxwell, Gloucs. C78/180, no. 3 [40]
1612 12 Feb 9 Griffith Harry John of Cladocke, Herefordshire v Sible Watkins, widow, Thomas James and George Watkins. Mortgage of unspecified lands, and bonds. C78/311, no. 19 [41]
1612 12 Feb 9 Henry Mellsoppe; Thomas Mellsoppe the elder; Thomas Mellsoppe the younger; Robert Groome; Richard Crabbe; William Crabbe; Thomas Wright; Thomas Daye; John Harris; Thomas Love; John Payne; Richard Cobbe; Mathew Cooke; Thomas Jefferson; Thomas Lame; Thomas Toppinge; John Harvye the elder; Clement Crabbe; William Cooke the younger; Thomas Smithe; Thomas Painter; William Cooke the elder; Mathew Lowe; John Lame; John Harvie the younger; Walter Alderton; John Clarke; Robert Woodcock; John Brigges; John Smithe the elder; Robert Caseborne; John Gosseline; John Alman; John Willson; John Crabbe; William Hardyman; Thomas Crabbe the elder; Thomas Crabbe the younger; Robert Crabbe; Nicholas Chalkeleye; Jeremie Simes; George Duncleye; Richard Bowden; Thomas Hardman; John Wyndall; Richard Johnson; Robert Alexander; Thomas Neale; Robert Aspland; Roger Collen; John Mobbs the younger; John Hardyman; Richard Broughton; William Taylor; John Toppen the elder; John Painter; John Lame; Thomas Alderton; Francis Spencer; Thomas Waddlowe; John Burgoyne; Thomas Plumbe; William Goates; Richard Smithe; Thomas Ribshe; Elizabeth Waddelowe; Thomas Scotte; Nicholas Crabbe; Margaret Woodcocke; John Ayer; Peter Craye, tenants of manor of Littleport, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire v Sir John Payton the elder and Sir John Peyton the younger, his son & heir apparent Bill (Feb. 1611) alleging disputes about whether the marsh was held in common or not and outlining agreement (2 Nov. 1611) to divide fen and marsh between tenants and lords to be enclosed as they wish. C78/318, no. 11 [42]
1612 13 Feb 10 John Sampson of Colliton, Devon v Sir William Pole. Purchase of messuage and lands in Coliton, Devon. C78/182, no. 17 [43]
1612 14 Feb 9 Sir Nicholas Heyghes & Dame Martha his wife, late wife of William Cary one of the sons of the late Henry, Lord Hunsdon decd v Sir Robert Carye another of the sons of the said Lord Hunsdon. Jointure out of manor of Collumbine hall or Thorneyes Columbyrs. (No county given). C78/172, no. 1 [44]
1612 18 Feb 9 Hugh Parry of Denbigh v John Huxley and John Heaton Title, under trust settlement, to lands in Ystradcamian, Denbigh and Llewenye, Denbighshire. C78/161, no. 2 [45]
1612 24 Feb 9 John Bartram & Margaret his wife one of the daughters of Francis Chamberlaine of Woodstock, Oxon decd v Sir Phillip Scudamore, Sir Robert Chamberlaine and Alice Chamberlaine, widow. Legacies payable from estate of Frauncis Chamberlaine of Woodstock, Oxfordshire. C78/228, no. 11 [46]
1612 4 March 9 Edmond Winter and Richard Croncke, wardens of the town of Sevenocke, Kent, and of the Free School of Queen Elizabeth in Sevenocke; Sir Raphe Bosevile; Richard Milborne, Dean of Rochester; Robert Warcoppe; George Johnson v John Porter, citizen & fishmonger of London. Annuity from lands in Seale and Birling, Kent, given to maintain grammar school in Sevenocke, Kent. C78/183, no. 6 [47]
1612 5 March 9 Mary Locke als Loughe, widow, administratrix of Edward Barton decd v Sir John Spencer; Sir Thomas Smith; Sir Thomas Lowe; Henry Lelly; Robert Sandye; Nicholas Salter; John Eldred; John Banning; Governor and Company of Merchants Levant. Non-payment of salary to Edward Barton for his services in Turkey. C78/181, no. 15 [48]
10 William Steede of Hillington, Norfolk; Jeffery Norris; Cornelius Lawrence of Castle Risinge, Norfolk; William Platfoote of Hillington; Thomas Bracke; William Tooley v Richard Hovell. Dispute over an agreement concerning common lands at Flitcham, Norfolk. C78/194, no. 1 [49]
1612? Date obscured 10 Margarett Goddard, widow, late wife of Thomas Goddard late of Standen Hussey, Wilts decd v John Greeneway. Estate of Thomas Goddard, deceased. Messuage called 'Childs Crofte' Bagshott, Berkshire. C78/186, no. 1 [50]
1612 30 April 10 William Mawborne, an infant by Francis Bacon v Peter Langdale and John Hamond Title to rectory of Holme in Spalding [Holme-on-Spalding-Moor], Yorks. C78/228, no. 13 [51]
1612 30 April 10 John Cornelius,citizen & merchant of London v John Broade; John Cottsforde; William Laborer Dispute over dealings with the Mineral and Battery Company. C78/496, no. 4 [52]
1612 30 April 10 John Cornelius, citizen & merchant of London v John Braod; John Cottesford; William Laborer. Dispute over dealings with the Mineral and Battery Company. C78/496, no. 10 [53]
1612 1 May 10 Marten Evett of Ballsall, Warks & Katherine his wife v Isabell Ebrall and John Evett. Profits due from settlement of copyhold lands in Balsall, Warwicks. C78/184, no. 10 [54]
1612 1 May 10 William Whyte & Dorothy his wife, eldest daughter of Ambrose Phillipps late of Byrmingham, Warks decd v Thomas Jenyns, John Jenyns. Estate of Ambrose Phillipps of Byrmingham, Warwickshire. C78/252, no. 20 [55]
1612 4 May 10 Nathaniel Still of Hutton, Somerset v Nicholas Payne and William Locke Purchase of encumbered lands in Hutton, Somerset. C78/168, no. 7 [56]
1612 4 May 10 Sir Robert Brett of St Martins in the Fields, Middx v Sir Thomas Gerrard; Thomas Gerrard his son & heir apparent. Estate of Sir Thomas Gerrard, deceased. Manor of Dalburye, alias Dalburey, Lees, Derbyshire. C78/132, no. 2 [57]
1612 5 May 10 Roger Jones of London v Robert Harrison; Edward Paltocke; Charles Bostock and others (not named) Suit of Roger Jones for Elizabeth Bostock, widow. Execution of the will of the late Peter Bostock of London, scrivener.(see also C78/335, no. 17) C78/195, no. 7 [58]
1612 7 May 10 Phillipp, Lord Wharton v Nicholas Curwen Rents due for fishing rights in Darwen River at Workington, Cumberland. C78/228, no. 8 [59]
1612 7 May 10 Jasper Sellwyn of Lincolns Inn, Middx & Margaret his wife v Henry Jernegan. Title and timber rights in Salridgwood, Cranham, Gloucs. C78/179, no. 3 [60]
1612 7 May 10 John Duport, Master of Jesus College, Cambridge for fellows and scholars; William Smyth, Master of Clare Hall for fellows and scholars; Samuel Harsenett, master of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge for fellows & scholars v Edmund Marshall. University scholarships payable from lands in Brantingthorpe, Leics and rectory of Blewberry, Berks, by will of William Marshall. C78/181, no. 18 [61]
1612 9 May 10 Marmaduke Wilson of West Tanfield, Yorks v Robert Garnett. Estate of John Wilson, property at Marton upon the Moor, Disford and other places in Yorkshire. C78/152, no. 10 [62]
1612 11 May 10 Sir George Southcott of Buckland T... Saints, Devon v Walter Wootton. Title to lands called Little Sterthaie in manors of Stockfleming and Southtowne, Dartmouth, Devon. C78/228, no. 12 [63]
1612 11 May 10 John Agard of Marketon, Derbs v Thomas Walker; Margery Agard and William Walker Marriage between William Agard and Mary Walker, disputed property at Marketon, Derbyshire. C78/134, no. 3 [64]
1612 11 May 10 Henry Clark of Abington, Hants v Sir Phillipp Scudamore and John Waller Ownership of sheep. C78/179, no. 5 [65]
1612 11 May 10 Francis Cheyne of Chendith, Herts & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of Edward Wright late of Kingsey, Bucks decd & of Dorothie his wife one of the daughters of Richard Beake late of Huddenham, Bucks v Simon Mayne, Colliberie his wife (administratrix of the goods of the said Richard Beake) and John Buckner Estate of Richard Beake. C78/496, no. 3 [66]
1612 13 May 10 William, Earl of Bath v Arthur Buckley and John Buckley. arrears from lands in Longesdon, Staffs. C78/182, no. 10 [67]
1612 14 May 10 The Rector & scholars of Exeter College, Oxford v Sir James Harrington & Lady Anne his wife. Dispute over the lease of the parsonage of Merryton, Oxfordshire. C78/192, no. 8 [68]
1612 16 May 10 William Beste of Waresly in the parish of Hartilbury, Worcs v Charles Harward; John Pooler; Humphrey Pooler Title to lands in Wareslye, Worcs. C78/169, no. 11 [69]
1612 16 May 10 Robert Engleberte of Lawrenny, Pembroke v Hugh Engleberte; Jane his wife; John Phillipps; John Butler; William Barlowe Title and interests in lease of tenements in Lawrenny, Pembs. C78/174, no. 4 [70]
1612 14 May 10 Edward Owen v Richard Daye Title to land called Picked Ride (no county given). C78/310, no. 18 [71]
1612 18 May 10 Richard Lazenbye of Swanwicke, Derbs v Humfrye Alsoppe. Lease of lands in Swanwicke, Derbys and trust of Codnor Castle, Derbys. C78/167, no. 6 [72]
1612 18 May 10 John Sparke & Anne his wife v Otho Mawditt; William Woodwarde; Richard Mawditt; Arthur Mawditt Estate of Alexander Cote, deceased. Rectory and parsonage of St. John the Baptist, Chester. C78/252, no. 13 [73]
1612 18 May 10 Henry Hardy of Eggerdon, Dorset; Richard Hardy of Eggerdon; Elizabeth Hardy, widow v Wolfran Hardy; George Hardy his son; John Hardy Interests in a lease of the farm of Eggerdon, parish of Litton, Dorset. C78/314, no. 8 [74]
1612 19 May 10 Cuthbert Proctor of Newcastle upon Tyne v Thomas Proctor. Bill re disputed marriage settlement of lands in Shawdon, Glaunton, West Lilburne and Warke, Northumberland. C78/180, no. 1 [75]
1612 19 May 10 Thomas Proctor of Shawdon, Northumberland v Cuthbert Proctor; John Proctor; Rowland Proctor; Cuthbert Chesman Bill re disputed marriage settlement of lands in Shawdon, Glaunton, Westlilburne and Warke, Northumberland. C78/180, no. 2 [76]
1612 19 May 10 John Ticknor of Haldersber, Surrey; Thomas Godhelpe of Wonnersh; George Bicknold of ...; Walter Astreet of Sm..kham in the parish of Wonnersh; Thomas .... of Strowd in the parish of Wonnersh; Thomas Astreet of Constables; Richard West of Wonnersh; John Kitchin of Wonnersh; Richard Hamond of Albery; Reynold Cottman of Albery; John Hamond of Albery, blacksmith; Richard Aston of Albery; Walter Astreat of Skinge in the parish of Wonnersh; Thomas Astreat of East Shalford; William Ticknor of Wonnersh, weaver; Thomas Astreet of Farnehill in the parish of Wonnersh, weaver; Thomas Shewell of Bownes in the parish of Wonnersh, tanner; William Hayes of Wonnersh; Phillip Gosden of Wonnersh, cooper; Thomas Ticknor the elder of Wonnersh; Elizabeth Ellyott of Shalford, widow, late wife of Gregory Ellyott; Lawrence Astreet of Plonks in the parish of Wonnersh; Thomas Astreet of Ploncks & Margaret his wife, sister & heir of John Baker decd; Henry Ticknor of Wonnersh, tailor; Peter Cornelius of River Parke, Sussex; Thomas Greethurst of Wonnersh; Thomas Whitmore of Wonnersh; Richard Farley of Wonnersh; Thopmas Harper of Wonnersh, weaver; Lawrence Harper of Wonnersh, weaver; Thomas Hewett of Wonnersh; John Cheynell of Pitthowse, Albery; John Ticknor of Wonnersh eldest son of Henry Ticknor late of Francklins in Wonnersh; Zelotes Parson of Guilford, shearman; Henry Ticknor of Francklins son of Henry late decd; Richard Astreet of Gilford, draper; William Gaston of East Shalford; John Ticknor of Pound in Wonnersh; William Astreet of Wonnersh son of John Astreeet late of Coppatte in Wonnersh decd; Thomas Ticknor of Yealdhowse in Wonnersh; Thomas Cheynell of Lee in Wonnersh; John Keyne of Bury, Sussex v Anthony, Viscount Monntague Customary holdings in the parishes of Wonnersh, Albery, Shalford, Surrey. C78/533, no. 22 [77]
1612 20 May 10 John Turvin of Tickhill, Yorks v Nicholas Saunderson of Fyllingham, Lincs and Robert Turvin Title to lands in Tickhill, Yorks. C78/179, no. 2 [78]
1612 21 May 10 Thomas Knowlis v Frauncis Knowlis the complts kinsman and Thomas Hetley Reversion interests in lease of lands in Brampton, Hunts. C78/184, no. 8 [79]
1612 22 May 10 Henry Halfehide of Whaddon, Cambs v Thomas Taylor; Elizabeth Barwell; Geoffrey Nightingale; Thomas Nightingale Possession of lease of manor of Braches in Kneesworth in Bassingborne, Cambs. C78/179, no. 4 [80]
1612 22 May 10 Thomas Coningesbie of Hampton Court, Herefs v Paule Tracy and Sir Richard Tracy Interests in a marriage settlement of manors of Hasfield and Church Stanway, Gloucs. C78/311, no. 9 [81]
1612 23 May 10 Bridgett Hooper of Odyham, Hants, widow v Richard Godfrey, Michael Mackere, Edward Hooper, and Thomas Hooper. Trusts and incumbrances on houses and lands in Salisbury, Wilts. C78/159, no. 4 [82]
1612 23 May 10 Rt Hon Phillipp, Lord Wharton v Sir Richard Molineux and Thomas Molineux Bonds and profits from trust settlement of manor of Carrington, Beds. C78/228, no. 3 [83]
1612 23 May 10 Thomas Dennys of Crediton, Devon v John Tuckfield of Crediton, Nicholas Warde of Crediton, Richard Reede of the City of Exeter, John Bond of the City of Exeter, Tucker & Mary Bond his wife and Charity Turbervile of Crediton. The estate of Elianor Marshall. C78/187, no. 12 [84]
1612 25 May 10 Walter Peacocke of Redborne, Herts v William Edmondes & Joan his wife. Estate of Roger Peacock of Redborne, Hertfordshire, deceased. Property on the manor of Redborne. C78/148, no. 7 [85]
1612 23 May 10 William Horne one of the almsmen of the newly erected house in Crosbrooke Street in the parish of Chesthunte, Herts v John Gregorie, Francis Gregorie and Henry Horne. Estate of Roger Horne: properties in Hordley, parish of Wotton, Oxfordshire. Also property on the manor of Woodstock. Disputed customs of the manor. C78/194, no. 5 [86]
1612 23 May 10 John Tregonwell, son of John Tregonwell late of Milton, Dorset v William Waller. Marriage settlement of the manor of Milton, Dorset. C78/437, no. 2 [87]
1612 25 May 10 Christofer Knowles of Swafham, Norf., draper, William Folkingham, and Peeter Capon v Thomas Vincent. Cancellation of honoured bonds. C78/174, no. 2 [88]
1612 25 May 10 John Lewes als Davyes of Hankerton, Wilts v John Clarke. Estate of Thomas Lewes of Wanborrough, Wiltshire. Disputed tenement. C78/186, no. 3 [89]
1612 25 May 10 Henry Collynge of Wendlinge, Norfolk v Sir Robert Jermyn; Sir John Heigham; Robert Ashfielde; Robert Golding; Robert Maw; John Nonne; William Cooke; Richard Walker; John Mallowes; John Hill; John Baldero; George Boldero; Thomas Bright; Francis Pynner; Robert Sparke; Bennett Barker; Charles Derby; John Revell; Thomas Barker; Stephen Ashwell; Henry Gippes, feoffees of lands belonging to town of Bury St Edmunds. Lease of land called Salters lands in Forneham Suffolk. C78/318, no. 8 [90]
1612 26 May 10 Elizabeth Sherhey, widow, late wife of William Sherhey the younger decd v John Minterne and Henry Steer. Possession of copyhold tenement in Yatminster inferior, Dorset. C78/182, no. 8 [91]
1612 28 May 10 Henry Kinge v Elizabeth Bostocke and Zacharie Bostocke. Dispute over shops and tenements in Turvill Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex. Debts to Peter Bostocke, scrivener. C78/154, no. 7 [92]
1612 28 May 10 John Browne, master of the Free Grammar School in Stafford; John Wayte, usher of the same; John Wakering v Thomas Worswicke & the other Burgesses of Stafford and diverse others (not named). Dispute over the free Chapel of Saint Leonards, and the prebend of Marston. Provision for King Edwards School, Stafford. C78/165, no. 1 [93]
1612 28 May 10 Robert Churchman v Thomas Levett. Payments issuing from trust settlement of lands in Blackwall or Poplar, Stepney and Enfield, Middx. C78/166, no. 8 [94]
1612 28 May 10 Jane Younge of the City of York, widow v George Kynaston. Dispute over the parsonage of Ryton alias Rayton, Shropshire. Lease to Kynaston. C78/192, no. 7 [95]
1612 28 May 10 John Browne, schoolmaster of the Free Grammar School in Stafford; John Wayte, usher of the same; John Wakeringe v Thomas Worswicke and the other burgesses of Stafford, and diverse others (not named)). Investigation of value of estates in Leadall, Rickarscote, Dunstonne and the hospitals and chapels of St John Baptist in Forbridge and St Leonard in Rowley, Staffs, given to farm free Grammer School in Stafford, by Edward VI. C78/450, no. 2 [96]
1612 4 June 10 Robert Jones of Christon als ....., Somerset v Simon Court; John Court Sale of the manor of Criston, the inheritance of John Court, Survey of the estate by Jones and Court C78/494, no. 12 [97]
1612 10 June 10 Hugh Barrett of Titherton Lucas, Wilts; Gabriel Farnewell als Gouldney of Chippenham, Wilts & his three children Gabriel, Henry & Anne v Henry Longe, Henry Sherfield, Thomas Atkins and Richard Sherfield Estate of the late Robert Wroteslye of Chippenham. Bonds for debt and disputed properties. C78/225, no. 9 [98]
Undated Sir Robert Strode of Parneham, Dorset v Sir William Strode and Sir Richard Strode his son & heir apparent Marriage settlement of lands in Parneham, Chalmington and Shaftesbury, Dorset, Salcombe and Northweeke, Devon and Sherberton and Somerton, Somerset. C78/167, no. 4 [99]
1612 16 June 10 Edward Leech and William Leech v Edward Dutton; John Littlar; Anne Moore Possession of messuage in Eastgate Street, Chester. C78/437, no. 3 [100]
1612 18 June 10 Hugh ap John Weberton of Connshill, Flints; Thomas Ap William Meredith of Mertyucheglan.., Flints v John Lloide; Thomas Mostyn; Ellenor Mostin, widow; Robert Griffith; Edward Griffith; Katheran vch Robert and Jane Pennant, widow. The estate of the late Edward Pennant of Holywell, Flintshire. Disputed tithes of Baghille, Vathan, Nether Brynford, Over Brynford and other places. C78/195, no. 12 [101]
1612 18 June 10 Walter Graye of Dorset v Henrie Wade. Sale of encumbered lands and watermill in Burporte, Dorset. C78/228, no. 10 [102]
1612 18 June 10 Sir Eusebie Andrewe of Charwelton, Northants v Marie Lee, widow; Thomas Lee Exchange of glebe lands of rectory of Wynwicke, Northants. C78/310, no. 14 [103]
1612 19 June 10 Robert Pigott of Tewinge, Herts v Elizabeth Pigott; Beckingham Butler; Elizabeth his wife; Henry Bull & Rebecca his wife; John Chapman the younger Title to lands in Tewninge, Herts. Marriage settlement of John Pigott (plts father)& Margaret Grainger (plts mother) C78/168, no. 3 [104]
1612 19 June 10 Edmond Phillips, citizen & grocer of London v Edward Mallowes, Francis Layton and others (not named). Grey Friars Hospital, Saint Bartholomews, West Smithfield. Grant of these and several other properties and tithes to the Corporation of the City of London, for the relief of the poor. C78/190, no. 10 [105]
1612 19 June 10 Alice Penton of Whorwell, Hants one of the daughters of William Penton late of Whorwell decd v Thomas Penton. Manor of Whorwell, Hampshire, the property of the late Thomas, Lord Loware. Dispute over lands held by the late Thomas Penton. C78/225, no. 11 [106]
1612 19 June 10 John Bulbrooke, vicar of Brent Ileigh, Suffolk v Samuel Colman. Reassignation of appropriated glebe lands belonging to vicarage of Brent Ileigh, Suffolk. C78/449, no. 11 [107]
1612 20 June 10 Roger Rogle, Richard Reynolds, Edward Salcock v George Rogle and Anthony Millington. Estate of Roger Rogle, clothier of Lavenham, said to employ one thousand people. C78/146, no. 1 [108]
1612 20 June 10 William Rushley v Henry Mansfield. Title to lands in Hatfield and North Myms, Herts. C78/181, no. 17 [109]
1612 20 June 10 Henry Fytz alias Fyce of East Pennard, Somerset; Johane his wife and Nicholas Fytz als Fyce their son & heir apparent v John Fytz als Fyce of East Pennard, brother of the said Henry; Johane his wife and Richard their son Estate of John Fyce, messuage and tenements at East Pennard, Somerset. C78/190, no. 6 [110]
1612 22 June 10 Gawyn Baker of Dawlish, Devon v Richard Cole. Title to lands of the manor of Branscombe Sydbury and Dawlishe, Devon. C78/168, no. 6 [111]
1612 22 June 10 Thomas Gibbes of Hodnell, Warks and Margaret his wife one of the sisters & coheirs of Robert Wilks decd v Sir William Kingesmill and Dame Anne his wife; Erasmus Dreydon and Frances his wife; Sir Henry Kingesmill and John Dreydon. Partition of manor of Hoddenhall als Hodnell, Warwicks. C78/173, no. 4 [112]
1612 22 June 10 John Cooper for burgesses and poor of Malmesbury, Wilts v William Seriante; William Webbe; William Hobbes Profits due from leases of 300 acres of land given to the town of Malmesbury by King Athelstan. C78/174, no. 5 [113]
1612 22 June 10 Thomas Allen of London, haberdasher v Sir George Southcott, Franncis Bullingham, Elen his wife and Humfrey Thomas. Legacies and debts payable from estate of Willyam Lynacres, late of London, Haberdasher. C78/228, no. 9 [114]
1612 22 June 10 George Frohocke; Henry Ellys; Henry Fromonte; Henry Townsend; William Crispe; Thomas Brasier; Henry Crispe; Richard Peirson, customary and copyhold tenants of Willingham Cambs v Sir Miles Sandys Ratification of agreement re rents, fines and customs in Willingham, Cambs C78/450, no. 1 [115]
1612 23 June 10 George Littleton of the City of Coventry, since decd & Margaret his wife; John Ferrour of Grays Inn, Middx & Amphillis his wife, daughter of the said George & Margaret; John Litteton son & heir apparent of the said George & Margaret; Gilbert Littleton; Walter Litteton; Francis Littleton; Edward Littleton; William Littleton; Humphrey Littleton and Bridgett Littleton, children of the said George & Margaret v Meriel Littleton, widow and others (not named). Estate of Sir John Littleton of Hagley, Worcestershire. Disputed will. C78/154, no. 2 [116]
1612 23 June 10 William Snowe of the Inner Temple, London v Thomas Kirkham. Lease of the manor of Southwicke, Northants. C78/173, no. 6 [117]
1612 23 June 10 George Baker; Jane Goad, widow, late wife of George Goad; Thomas Sadler v Richard Gwyn. Recovery of copyhold lands in Clewer, Berks C78/181, no. 16 [118]
1612 25 June 10 William Wilkey of St Kewe, Cornwall v Nicholas Dagge the elder; Nicholas Dagge the younger and Richard Dagge. The debts of Wilkey to Thomas Warne, property at Saint Kewe, Cornwall. C78/187, no. 11 [119]
1612 26 June 10 Henry Longe of Southwicke, Wilts; John May of Charterhowse, Somerset v Sir John Horton; Sir Francis Popham; Jeremy Horton; John Sachfield; Robert Chambers Legacies and bonds in connection with will of Edward Horton. C78/174, no. 6 [120]
1612 26 June 10 Thomas Minatt of Grays Inn, Middx v John Wright, Robert Maisters. Estate of the late John Snow, haberdasher of London. Outstanding debts to his estate. C78/194, no. 6 [121]
1612 26 June 10 Thomas Appleford of Ramesbury, Wilts v John Gilmore; Agnes his wife; Edward Gilmore Title and lease of parsonage and prebend of Ramesbury, Wilts. C78/310, no. 16 [122]
1612 27 June 10 Robert Parmeter of Moorton, Essex & Alice his wife, sister & heir of William Stratton late of Moorton decd v William King; Thomas King; William White Testamentary settlement by will of William Stratton of lands in Moorton and Fyfield, Essex. C78/323, no. 19 [123]
1612 29 June 10 Mathewe Watts of Aldburye, Herts, clerk; Thomas Pierce of Wiggington, Herts, administrators of Robert Hyde then late of Aldburye decd v Sir Nicholas Hyde; Dame Bridgett his wife; Thomas Hyde; George Weale Withholding of personal estate and lands in Albury, Herts from executors of Robert Hyde. C78/167, no. 3 [124]
1612 29 June 10 Robert Pierrepont of Mannsfield in Sherwood, Notts & Gertrude his wife v Sir Thomas Holcrofte; Thomas Holcrofte & Marie his wife Title to rectory of Wathe and lands and watermill in Moncke Bretton, Yorks. C78/228, no. 7 [125]
1612 29 June 10 Sir Edmond Carey of London & Dame Elizabeth his wife v Sir John Danvers. Property of John Thornborough, Dean of Saint Peters, York. Church and rectory of Pickering, Yorkshire. Sale of property to Thomas Scudamore and Thomas Smeaton - disputed leases. C78/225, no. 12 [126]
1612 30 June 10 William Roffye of Harley, Surrey v William Phillipps, Thomas Phillipps and Arnold Phillipp. Debt owed by Robert Evelyn of Godstone, Surrey and the deft William Phillips to one Richard Hayward. C78/225, no. 10 [127]
1612 30 June 10 Sir Edward Randill of Albury, Surrey v Richard Ellyott, now decd. Unpaid rents and mortgages of lands of the manor of Albury, Surrey. C78/310, no. 20 [128]
1612 July 10 Thomas Whitfeilde of Mortlake, Surrey v Frances Whitfeilde. The estate of Raphe Whitfeilde, manor of Whitfield, Northumberland, and several other properties - Whitewawes, Over Owston, The Millstone and Tesdalles Farme. C78/192, no. 6 [129]
1612 1 July 10 Mathew Staynes; Stephen Nightingale; John Cockett; John Langham; John Trigg; John Bucke; John Alderidge als Beadle; William Sydaye; Jonas Nightingale; Mathew Pratt; Nicholas Staynes; William Scott; Robert Howlande; Richard Springoll; Thomas Wood; John Isacke; Thomas Kinge; Jeremy Clarke; Robert Milton; Henry Rookes; John Stanes; John Thurgood; Vincent Seley; Thomas Hall; Robert Tottenham; Jonas Tottenham; William Nightingale; Martin Scott; John Fletwell; William Bageley; Edward Seman; George Bottrell; Christopher Mansfielde; William Bull; Richard Austyn; Thomas Brande; Robert Harpye, tenants of Newporte Ponde, Essex v Rt Hon Thomas, Earl of Suffolk Bill (Easter term, last past), alleging previous enclosure of 40 acres of waste, and seeking ratification of agreement (no date) for all tenants to have pasture rights after first crop of hay. C78/168, no. 8 [130]
1612 1 July 10 Thomas Barmynge of Feversham, Kent and John Welles of Porchmouthe, Hants v John Fynche, William Fynche & Gertrude his wife and William Hilton. Debts and obligations of Bartholomew Dane to Elizabeth Barmynge. C78/192, no. 5 [131]
1612 1 July 10 Henry, Lord Berkeley v Thomas Purnell; Edward Hill; Robert Atkyns; Thomas Watkins; John Knight; Thomas Smith; John Mason; John Cole; Richard Hayman; Richard Crome; Thomas Bowser the elder; Thomas Hughes; Richard Freeman; James Baylie; Gilbert Freeman; William Curnocke; George Crome; Thomas Gibbins; John Barnsdale; Richard Bagg; John Smith, taylor; Richard Hurne; John Osburne; Henry Somers; Richard Freeman; Thomas Moore; Nicholas Trottman; William Trottman; William Trottman; Mathew Legge; Mathew Skull; John Smith of Heathfield; Edith Jobbins; Agnes Hill, widow; Richard Smithe; Thomas Parslowe; John Greeninge; Thomas Eddis, copyholders and inhabitants of Alkington, Gloucs. Bill [17 June 1612] alleging inconvenience caused to tenants by deer straying from park in Micklewood Chase in Alkington and seeking ratification of agreement (25 Sept. 1611) to enclose 400 acres of the Chase as a deer park and leave rest of Chase as free common and pasturage for tenants. C78/206, no. 7 [132]
1612 2 July 10 William Evans of Uske, Monmouth, one of the executors of Henry Morgan of Uske decd v Andrew Powell and Matthew James. Administration of estate of Henrie Morgan of Uske, Monmouth. C78/166, no. 7 [133]
1612 2 July 10 John Smyth son & heir of John Smyth of Nampwood, Somerset decd, by Robert Perrie v Valentyne Babb & Dorothy his wife; Elizabeth Hicks, widow; Thomas Moore & Marie his wife; Thomas Keene & Elianor his wife; Christopher Worrell & Jane his wife Title to tenement and lands in Cerney, Trull, Somerset. C78/182, no. 7 [134]
1612 2 July 10 William Exelbye v Francis Kempe. Property at Fleet Street, Saint Dunstans in the West, London, held by Samuel Glover. C78/195, no. 8 [135]
1612 3 July 10 Margarett Stoakes, widow, late wife of Robert Stoakes of Dilham, Norfolk decd, eldest son & heir of Thomas Stoakes late citizen & alderman of the City of Norwich also decd,for herself and for Elizabeth Stoakes sole daughter & heir of the said Robert v Robert Kempe; Mathew Stoakes; John Mingay; Nicholas Reve Interests in estate of messuages and lands in Slolie, Tunstead, Scottoe, Warsted, Westwicke, Dilham, Smalboroughe, Gorleston, Filby, Cossey and Norwich, Norfolk. C78/318, no. 10 [136]
1612 29 July 10 Richard Cartwright v John Wright and Mathew Parris. Property of Edward Walsingham, Tenement at Cheapside, Bow, London. Disputed leases. C78/145, no. 16 [137]
1612 4 Oct 10 Anthonie Collyns of Enborne, Berks v Robert Shawe, William Kinge and Thomas Browne. Concerning debts and loans. C78/132, no. 1 [138]
1612 7 Oct 10 William Carus of London, goldsmith v Edward Brandon; John Booth; Edward Harvest; Charles Topliffe Lease of lands in Peckham and Camberwell, Surrey. C78/161, no. 1 [139]
1612 10 Oct 10 George Leicester, citizen & haberdasher of London v Dame Francis Chandos, widow, late wife of Giles, late Lord Chandos decd. Assignation of lease of manor of Pindeswell, Gloucs. C78/167, no. 5 [140]
1612 13 Oct 10 William Allen v Sarah Burton. Estate of Zacharye Burton, late of Surflete [Surfleet], Lincolnshire. Dispute over the execution of his will. C78/192, no. 17 [141]
1612 13 Oct 10 John Pell of West Winche, Norfolk; William Hooe of Kings Lynn; Thomas Baxter of North Runcton v Sir Thomas Cave; William Cave; Thomas Hunston and Marmaduke French. Estate of late Nicholas Brooke in West Winche, Northe Rowneton, Seche Southlynne, Middleton and Tilney, Norfolk. C78/201, no. 17 [142]
1612 14 Oct 10 Thomas Bennett of Pilboroughe, Sussex v Giles Garton Estate of John Garton, late of Rudgwick, Sussex. Holding of woodland at Billinghurst, Sussex. C78/196, no. 4 [143]
1612 15 Oct 10 Anthony Millington of St Clement Danes, Middx & Prudence his wife v George Strelley; Henry Goldsmith; John Strelley; Raphe Bennett Title to site of late monastery of Felley, Notts. C78/228, no. 1 [144]
1612 16 Oct 10 George Berney of Ludham, Norfolk and Grace his wife, former wife and administrarix of Richard Barker late of Ludham decd v Margarett Wright, widow, now the wife of Valentine Whiting. Profits due from financial trusts to benefit the 5 daughters of the decd Richard Barker & the complt Grace. C78/171, no. 1 [145]
1612 16 Oct 10 William Carnabye of Portgate, Northumberland v Willyam Fenwicke and John Reade of Headon on the Wall Title to tenement in Horsley, Northumberland. George Carnabye late father of the complt C78/228, no. 6 [146]
1612 17 Oct 10 Toby Houghton of Kilthorpe, Rutland v Thomas Needham. Dispute over properties on the manor of Kilthorpe, Rutland. C78/191, no. 10 [147]
1612 19 Oct 10 John Pond of Great Marlowe, Bucks v William Palmer. Bill re bonds & debts to Toby Wood of London & Eustace Germayne, Joiner of London. C78/220, no. 6 [148]
1612 20 Oct 10 Sir Francis Barrington v Richard Chalke; Richard Mann; John Read; Thomas Speller and others (not named), commoners of the Forest of Hatfield Broadoake Disputes over estovers, woods and underwoods of the common of Hatfield Broadoak. C78/196, no. 5 [149]
1612 21 Oct 10 George Chaworth, son of Henry Chaworth decd v Sir George Chaworth the Younger, son of John Chaworth. Manor of Annesley, Nottinghamshire. Partition of the property. C78/146, no. 3 [150]
1612 21 Oct 10 William Waynewright of Hansworth, Yorks v Anthony Robertes the elder; Anthony Robertts the younger; Lyonell Robertts; William Lambertt Title to lands in Hansworth Woodhouse, Yorks. C78/168, no. 4 [151]
1612 21 Oct 10 John Maidon of London, clothworker v Nathaniell Tracey; Peter Cobb; William Noke; John Noke. Dispute over property in the parish of Saint Andrew Hubbard, Eastcheap, London. C78/201, no. 15 [152]
1612 22 Oct 10 Thomas Thorne, clerk & Grisogan his wife v John Hyde. Portion payable from lease of lands in Hadam Parva, Herts. C78/168, no. 5 [153]
1612 23 Oct 10 Michael Wilson v Sir Nicholas Parker; Alexander Thomas; Thomas Thatcher Exchange of small plots of intermingled lands in Willingdon, Sussex. C78/166, no. 6 [154]
1612 23 Oct 10 Thomas Saverye; William Belcher; William Wiblin; Edward Gering; John Belcher; Edward Newberrye; Edward Saverye, all of South Denchworthe, Berks v Sir George Hyde. Bill (4 June 1611) alleging illegal enclosure of commons of South Denchworth, Berks and exclusion of tenants. C78/181, no. 8 [155]
1612 23 Oct 10 Sir Oliver Cromwell v Thomas Stanley. Debt of Cromwell to Stanley, a London scrivener. Disputed accounts. C78/201, no. 18 [156]
1612 24 Oct 10 Ursula Seaborne, widow, late wife of John Seaborne the younger of Sutton St Nicholas, Herefs decd v John Seaborne of Sutton St Nicholas, father of the said John Seaborne decd. Jointure from lands in Sutton St. Nicholas, Marden, Bedenham and Sutton St. Michaell, Heref. C78/308, no. 2 [157]
1612 24 Oct 10 Edward Griffith, clerk, parson of Abinger als Abingworth, Surrey v Henry Spooner and John Lipscombe Payment of tithes from lands of Abinger or Abingworth, Surrey. C78/310, no. 5 [158]
1612 27 Oct 10 William Anderton of Anderton, Lancs v Sir Edward Stanley, Sir William Ingleby, James Anderton, Alexander Standishe and Richard Ashton. Estate of Sir Robert Langton, Baron of Newton, sales of property in Lancashire. C78/175, no. 13 [159]
1612 29 Oct 10 Richard Hedworthe of Pockerlye, Co Durham & Alice his wife v Richard Robinson, George Chambers, John Robinson, Barnard Robinson, Gerrard Archer, John Hynde & Elizabeth his wife and Richard Welshe. Testamentary settlement of copyhold lands in West Bolden, Durham by Thomas Robinson late father of the complt Alice. C78/181, no. 19 [160]
1612 30 Oct 10 Maude Tesdale, widow, late wife & executrix of Thomas Tesdale late of Glympton, Oxon decd v George Danvers. Dispute over pasture land in the parish of Ratcliffe, Warwickshire. C78/194, no. 2 [161]
1612 30 Oct 10 Mary Snelling daughter & administratrix of Thomas Snelling decd v John Bradd. Mortgage of lands in Woborne and Hedsore, Bucks. C78/323, no. 18 [162]
1612 3 Nov 10 Thomas Woodhouse v Sir Henry Gawdie. Mortgage and sale of manor of Shipdham, Norfolk. C78/310, no. 11 [163]
1612 9 Nov 10 Edward Milner of Covethowse and Mathew Awderson of Reeth in Swaledale in the manor of Helaughe, Yorks v Rt hon Phillipp, lord Wharton and Roger Belwood. Alleged gavelkind tenancies and payments due from them in manor of Helaugh in Swaldale, Yorks. C78/228, no. 5 [164]
1612 9 Nov 10 John Coote v Sir William Barwick; Francis Graye; Edmond Sergeante; Thomas Baxter Rents due from lands in Garboldisham, Uphall and Wiggenhall, Norfolk. C78/310, no. 19 [165]
1612 10 Nov 10 Sir Richard Gresham of Thorpmarkett, Norfolk and Elizabeth Gresham an infant, his daughter v Sir Thomas Beamonte; Sir Richard Beaumont; Alexander Redishe; Arthur Hilderson, clerk Legacy payable from rectory of Whitwick. Leics and personal estate of Dame Elizabeth Beamonte. C78/318, no. 9 [166]
1612 11 Nov 10 Anthony Mitforthe executor of Anthony Mitforthe his father by Anne Mitforthe his mother v Cuthbert Prockter & Ellenor his wife. Estate of Anthony Mitforth of Pontland, Northumberland, grandfather to the complt; manor of Pontland[Ponteland]. C78/192, no. 16 [167]
1612 12 Nov 10 Sir Leonard Hide of Throcking, Herts v John Goodman. Manor of Throcking. Issues of land at Rushden, Hertfordshire. C78/152, no. 9 [168]
1612 12 Nov 10 John Southbie an infant by Edward Keat, Francis Keat and Thomas Stratton v John Moore and Bartholomew Pisley. Rectory and Parsonage of Bampton, Oxfordshire. Disputed titles and lease granted by Saint Peters, Exeter. C78/192, no. 13 [169]
1612 12 Nov 10 Alexander Staples of Stoke, City of Coventry v Edmund Leversage, Robert Leversage (son & heir of Edmund) and Geoffrey Whittacre. Sale to Alexander Staples, father of the complt, by Edmund Leversage of Longmead Meadow, near Chocks Wood, and several other enclosures of meadow & pasture land in Westburye under the Playne, Wilts. C78/195, no. 11 [170]
1612 13 Nov 10 Humphrey Hurleston v John Hone. Property of John Woolrich, farm of Wastcourte in Ewelme, Oxfordshire. Dispute over lease. C78/145, no. 9 [171]
1612 13 Nov 10 James Rolfe of St Albans, Herts v Dame Judith Platt, widow; Sir Robert Alboine; [blank] Goar.. and John Crosbie. Dispute over properties in the parish of Saint Michaels near Saint Albans, Hertfordshire. C78/192, no. 11 [172]
1612 14 Nov 10 Thomas Stephens an infant by John Stephens his father v John Stephens. Inheritance of partitioned gavelkind lands in Marden and Staplehurst, Kent. C78/166, no. 5 [173]
1612 14 Nov 10 Edmond George & Margery his wife v John Yeo; John Gyrdler; Elizabeth Zeely Recovery of possession of copyhold lands in Somerforde or Somerfield Matrevers, Wilts. John Field, father of the complt Margery C78/174, no. 3 [174]
1612 14 Nov 10 Edward Kirkham of The Strand, London v Richard Burbage; Henry Evans; John Heminges; Edward Panton & Anne his wife Lease of the great hall of the Black Friars of London. C78/228, no. 4 [175]
1612 14 Nov 10 Margarett Goddard, widow, late wife of Thomas Goddard late of Standen Hussey, Wilts decd v John Greeneway. Lease of messuage, wheat mill, malt mill and lands in Bagshott, Berks. C78/186, no. 1 [176]
1612 16 Nov 10 Sir Peter Leigh & Henry Mainwaring, executors of Thomas Venables decd v Sir Richard Gargrave and Dame Anne Gargrave, widow, his mother. Execution of the will of Thomas Venables. C78/146, no. 7 [177]
1612 16 Nov 10 Sir Gedeon Awnsham als Agmondesham of Istleworth, Middx v William Stere. Dispute over property on the manor of Isleworth, Middlesex. C78/190, no. 9 [178]
1612 16 Nov 10 Richard Pollard of Kilne, Somerset v Jane Pollard, widow Estate of Lewes Pollard, deceased. Leases granted by George Saffyne, of land in the parish of Bicknaller, Somerset. C78/196, no. 9 [179]
1612 16 Nov 10 Sir John Ackland v Elizabeth, Lady Periam. Profits due from manors of Northpetherton and Essebolyn (no county given). C78/311, no. 8 [180]
1612 18 Nov 10 Richard Daston of the Middle Temple, London v Sir Charles Percy, Lord of the manor of Dombleton, Gloucs; John Dobbins; John Diston, two of the tenants of the said manor Bill (no date) alleging loss of common pasture rights by enclosure of piece of common called Arrason in Dombleton, Gloucs and seeking compensation for this loss. C78/173, no. 7 [181]
1612 19 Nov 10 Henry Gascoigne of Thorpe on the Hill, Yorks v Richard Tempest of Tonge, Yorks; Michael Gledhill of Barkeslande & Dorothy his wife Profits from trust settlement of lands in Thorpe on the hill and Northfall, Yorks and Rodwell, Burghwallis and Shadwell, Lincs and coalmine in Gresebrooke, Yorks. John Gascoigne the complts late father C78/184, no. 7 [182]
1612 19 Nov 10 William Beste and Thomas Stocton, administrators of Nicholas Robinson decd v Cuthbert Taylor, George Taylor and George Hall The estate of Nicholas Robinson: money, gold and several leased properties. Allegation of theft of money and gold from the body of Robinson, found in a field. C78/505, no. 8 [183]
1612 21 Nov 10 Edward Bunn, citizen & salter of London & Agnes his wife late relict & administratrix of John Hellier late of Wokenham, Berks decd & guardian of William Hellier her son, the heir of her late husband; Thomas Goswell of Checkenden, Oxon, brother of the said Agnes v Jone Curtys; Robert Curtys the elder; Robert Curtys the younger; William Hide, Mathew Colborne Estate of John Heilier, late husband of Agnes, property at Wokingham, Berkshire. C78/201, no. 16 [184]
1612 22 Nov 10 Roger Brett an infant by John Hamond & Martha his wife, mother of the said Roger v John Wrenham. Trust settlement of land in Skerning, Norfolk. C78/310 no. 17 [185]
1612 23 Nov 10 Francis Throckmerton, widow, late wife of Thomas Throckmerton late of Ladbrooke, Warks decd, sister & sole heir to Sir George Wawton of Great Stoughton, Hunts decd v Sir Oliver Cromwell. Dispute over the manor of Great Stoughton, Huntingdonshire. Also the rectory. C78/192, no. 15 [186]
1612 23 Nov 10 Walter Dennys of Barnestaple, Devon v Richard Ley, Robert Lawne and Henry Hartnoll. Lands and houses in the parish of Winsford, Somerset. C78/533, no. 20 [187]
1612 24 Nov 10 Henry Yaxley of Bowthorpe, Norfolk v Nicholas Bedingfield. Marriage settlement of land at Bickerton, Yorks and East Hall, Norfolk. C78/310, no. 15 [188]
1612 25 Nov 10 Sir John Windham of Orchard, Somerset v John Bartram, clerk. Dispute over properties in the parishes of Metton, Susted, Fellbrigge, Rowton, Norfolk. C78/154, no. 1 [189]
1612 25 Nov 10 Thomas Offley, citizen & merchant of London v Sir Baptist Hicks, citizen & mercer of London. Corn trade with Italy. C78/181, no. 10 [190]
1612 26 Nov 10 William Bostocke, son & administrator of Lyonell Bostocke decd v Alice Buttle, late wife & administratrix of William Buttle decd; William Boswell; Edward Buttle; Richard Buttle; William Buttle; Robert Buttle Mortgage of rectory of Santon Harecourte and chapel of Southlye, Oxon. C78/159, no. 5 [191]
1612 26 Nov 10 William Christopher of Heckington, Lincs, son & heir of Katherine Christopher late of Heckington, widow decd v Gilberte Coxe; John Coxe; Alice his wife; Thomas Wilkinson; Joice his wife; William Everett; Anne Rastridge; William Coxe; Michael Ridall Title to lands in Winckhill, Heckington, Soughton and Litle Halle, Lincs. C78/184, no. 9 [192]
1612 26 Nov 10 Thomas Holmes; William Tatham; John Guye; Rowland Mason; William Hall; John Gibson; John Siggeswicke; Lawrence Knowles on behalf of all the tenants of the manor of Ingleton, Yorks; Marmaduke Redman; Thomas Butterfielde for themselves and the tenants of Calcoates, Yorks v Gerrard Lowther. Partial enclosure of the commons and wastes and other lands by Lowther after several long and expensive law suits. Disputes over the rights of the tenants and their inclosure and improvement of the cow pastures. Manors of Ingleton and Calcoates, Yorkshire. C78/192, no. 14 [193]
1612 28 Nov 10 Adrian Gilbert; William Stephens; Geffrye Bowman; Alexander Tapeley v Sir Walter Raleigh; John Shelbery; Phillip Ley; Cicely English Interests in a lease of farm of Sandridge, Devon. C78/233, no. 5 [194]
1612 30 Nov 10 John Brock & Anne his wife v Randolphe Edowe, Richard Edowe. Estate of Richard Estwick of Malpas. C78/146, no. 6 [195]
1612 1 Dec 10 William, Earl of Bath v John Wedgwood and Timothy Egerton Stewardship of manor of Harton, Staffs and loss of court profits and customary dues and diversion of watercourses. C78/182, no. 11 [196]
1612 2 Dec 10 George Prestwood of Whetcombe, Devon v Marie Fountaine; Hugh Fountaine; William Fountaine; Walter Hele Possession of Enyton Downe in Ugborough, Devon. C78/182, no.14 [197]
1612 2 Dec 10 Sir Robert Brett of London v William Riche and Edward Beecher. Estate of Falke Cartwright of Mallinge, Kent. Properties at Most Mallaige, Ditton and Birling, Kent. C78/187, no. 10 [198]
1612 2 Dec 10 Cecill Hall of Grantham, Lincs v Richard Burrell, citizen & grocer of London. Dispute over debts and bonds. The manors of Londonthorpe and Tothorpe, Lincolnshire. C78/192, no. 12 [199]
1612 2 Dec 10 William Bostock of Abington, Berks son & heir of Lyonell Bostock decd v Michael Kemble and John Kemble, executors of William Kemble and George Kemble. Statutes levied on manor and parsonage of Rodbume Cheney, Wilts. C78/437, no. 4 [200]
1612 4 Dec 10 Richard Miller of London, mercer v Sir Thomas Bendishe. Parsonage of Haverhill, Suffolk and Essex. Also the Shambles and other properties at Haverhill: disputed sale. C78/175, no. 10 [201]
1612 11 Dec 10 John Fisher of Longworth, Berks & Edward Fisher his son and heir apparent v Edward Fisher of London, Merchant. Numerous debts including purchases of "Danske Corne & Iron" & Oade. Also the lease of the Manor of Longworth. C78/146, no. 5 [202]