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1608 6 C78/, no. []
1608 13 Jan 5 Sir Arthur Chichester of Sainte Brydes, Pembroke and Dame Lettice his wife, late the wife of Walter Vaughan of Golden Grove, Carmarthen decd, for themselves and for Jane Vaughan & Elizabeth Vaughan, daughters of the said Lettice v Thomas Parrye and Katherine Higgons. Title to tenements in town of Carmarthen. C78/168, no. 17 [2]
1608 20 Jan 6 William Noblett v Robert Leighton. Concerning the estate of Edward Leighton: case arising from the enclosure of the common land of the manor of Balsley (Montgomery). C78/134, no. 5 [3]
1608 1 Feb 5 Joane Rookes widow & executrix of Robert Rooks late Citizen & Alderman of the City of Norwich decd v Roberte Greene of Norwich. Bill re discharge of bonds. C78/170, no. 8 [4]
1608 4 Feb 6 Sir Edmond Morgan & Dame Margaret his wife v Henry Fortescue & Tristram Fortescue. Annuities payable from lands in Grinington, Netherex, Chinley, and Harecombe, Devon. C78/319, no. 11 [5]
1608 4 Feb 6 Richard Milles of Idstone, Berks. v Thomas Smalbone and John Smalbone his son. Refusal to accept repayment of principle to secure the reassignment to plt of a lease of the capital messuage of Idstone, Berks. C78/113, no. 4 [6]
1608 6 Feb 5 Thomas Goodier v Rt. Hon, William Earl of Derby, and Michael Dowghty. Goodier, a draper of Manchester, supplied the late Earl of Derby with clothes, and funeral attire. Seeks payment. C78/146, no. 15 [7]
1608 6 Feb 5 Gyles Tompson, Dean of the King's Free Chapel within the castle of Windsor v Thomas Burton and Richard Park Bill (no date) alleging illegal entry, felling of timber trees and partial enclosure of Codsall wood and loss of timber rights in the manor and prebend of Wolverhampton, Staffs. C78/166, no. 20 [8]
1608 6 Feb 5 Archdeacon & Chapter of Landaff Cathedral v Edmond Richard & William Harry. Title and lease of lands in the manor of Langoven, Mon. C78/319, no. 13 [9]
1608 6 Feb 5 Charles Earl of Nottingham, Thomas Earl of Arundell, Henry Earl of Northampton, Lord William Howard, Sir Thomas Challoner and Sir Robert Dudley v Sir Robert Sidney, Henry Harris and Nicholas Davies. Title to manor of Kennelworth, Warwick and lands in Balshall, Long Itchington and Radfen, Warwicks, Earnewood & Cleobury, Salop. Note the original Bill in this suit was exhibited by Sir Robert Dudley alone. C78/360, no. 2 [10]
1608 8 Feb 5 Richard Skynner of Birtons in the parish of Ledburie, Herefs and Stephen Skynner his son v Richard Skynner of the Hill, Ledburie. Title to intermingled lands in Heytrace and Ledbury, Heref. C78/230, no. 1 [11]
1608 11 Feb 5 Mary Coombes, then widow and executrix of Edward Coombes esq. and now wife of Richard Shute esq. v John Stone of the Inner Temple esq. and Philip Stone his brother. Recovery of £115 which plt paid to Philip Coombes and the discharge of two bonds made to him for £180 for the payment of debts allegedly owed by her husband on bond to Philip Stone. C78/130, no. 3 [12]
1608 12 Feb 5 Peter Danser v Anthony Harford and Eleonor his wife, Nicholas Garnons and Nathaniel Harford. Lease of the site of the manor of Bosbury, Heref. C78/319, no. 12 [13]
1608 18 Feb 5 Martha Mylnes, widow, late wife of Leonard Milnes, late citizen & haberdasher of London decd, and one of the daughters of John White, late citizen & draper of London decd v William Hollingshead, John Milnes. Marriage between Martha and Leonard Milnes. Dispute over settlement and portion, property in Thames Street, London and in the churchyard of Saint Pauls. C78/146, no. 14 [14]
1608 20 Feb 5 Richard Sympson v Richard Sheppard. Dispute over the sale of a part of the manor of Vaune, being in the parishes of Godalmynge, Hambledon, Chedingfold, Surrey C78/147, no. 2 [15]
ca. 1608 6 Edward Crowshawe and Elizabeth his wife late the wife and administratrix of Clement Moseley late Citizen and Grocer of London decd v John Moseley, John Lyon and Johan his wife. Will of Clement Moseley. C78/133, no. 1 [16]
1608 13 April 6 Andrewe Brome, son and sole executor of Andrew Brome decd, being within 16 years by Ann Brome his mother and Robert Fletcher his guardians v Henry Averell and Raphe Worthington. Assignation of residue of lease in Crooked Lane, London. C78/156, no. 4 [17]
1608 13 April 6 John Staple of Orpington, Kent v Peter Staple. Title to tenement and lands in Orpington, Kent. C78/157, no. 8 [18]
1608 20 April 6 Richard Rydler, Parson of Hampsted Marshall, Berks v Sir Thomas Parrye and others (not named). Bill (before this time) alleging loss of glebe lands in Hampstead Marshall, Berks as a result of general agreement (No date) to exchange plots with a view to enclosure. C78/174, no. 9 [19]
1608 22 April 6 The Master and Scholars of Queens College, Oxford, the Warden of the Hospital of Gods House, Southampton v Sir Edmund Ludlowe, and Henry Ludlowe. Estate of Sir John Dawtrey, property at the manor of Sherburne, Hampshire. C78/153, no. 12 [20]
1608 15 (month torn) 6 Sir Walter Ascough of Blyborough, Lincs & Dame Johane his wife v Zachary Scott. Arrears of rent given as dower, from trust settlement of lands in Eshetisford, Brensett Brokland and Merzam, Kent. C78/156, no. 1 [21]
1608 24 April 6 John St John of Liddyard Trigore, Wilts v Richard Blunt, John Warnefird, John St John and Richard St John. Lease of the manor of Bincknall, Wilts C78/159, no. 10 [22]
1608 25 April 6 George Gaywood of the City of London v Sir Nicholas Stoddard. Dispute over property at Barking, near Tower Hill, London. Also concerning debts. C78/154, no. 10 [23]
1608 25 April 6 George Gifforde of Muncton Deverell, Wilts and Margaret his wife late the wife of Robert Chamberlayne late of Imber, Wilts decd v Edmonde Andrewes, Susan his wife and John Ambrose. Bill re title to lands and fishing rights in Upton Lovell and Weste Water, Wilts, formerly the estate of Robert Stephens decd, the father of the complt Margaret. C78/160, no. 3 [24]
1608 28 April 6 John Aske of Aughton, Yorks v Robert Robinson, Henry Robinson and others the sons of John Robinson decd late Citizen of London and Merchant of the Staple. Purchase of encumbered lands in Bighton, Yorks. Originated as a petition by the complt to Queen Elizabeth, subsequently heard at the Court of Requests, and finally referred to this court following a further petition by the complt to the Queen. C78/156, no. 5 [25]
1608 28 April 6 Richard Waters late of the City of New Sarum, Wilts, Ironmonger v John Lunsford, John Paler and William Paler. Bonds and debts on security of lands in Lewis and ironworks in Horsted Kaynes, Sussex. C78/168, no. 15 [26]
1608 29 April 6 Edmond Willyamson of Tylgersly, Oxon v Thomas Boxe, Elizabeth Boxe and Henry Boxe. Payment of marriage portion from lands in Tylgersly and Berricroftes, Oxon. C78/156, no. 3 [27]
1608 29 April 6 Henry Gravenor v George Biller and John Ley. Debts on statute staple on security of unspecified land. C78/157, no. 6 [28]
1608 30 April 6 Thomas Neaste of Chaseley, Worcs v Henrie Poole of Mutche Markeley, Herefordshire. Debts on statute staple. C78/176, no. 12 [29]
1608 2 May 6 Thomas Thomlinson and Cicely his wife, sister and heir of Thomas Tasker decd v William Clopton, Brampton Gurdon, John Duke, Henry Sands, Thomas Coe & William Wilson. Title to lands (named in detail) in Walthamstowe, Essex. Estate of Roger Tasker late of Walthamstow, father of the complt Cicely. C78/173, no. 13 [30]
1608 2 May 6 Jean de la Fin v Lady Dowglas Sheffield, widow, late wife & relict of Sir Edward Stafford. Debts. C78/178, no. 18 [31]
1608 3 May 6 Christian Aske, widow of John Aske, Esqr, decd v John Robynson and Thomas Holmeden. Marriage portion given by complts father Sir Thomas Fairefax, and settlement of Rither Parke, Yorks. C78/227, no. 10 [32]
1608 7 May 6 Margarett Songer of Deanegye, Essex, widow of Jeremy Songer, late of Northshewberry, Essex decd, on behalf of herself and Edward Kynge, Margaret Kynge, Richard Mott & Mary Mott her children v George Bynckes. Payments due to complts children from settlement at marriage to Jeremy Songer. Legacy due from will of Richard Mott. C78/156, no. 2 [33]
1608 7 May 6 Sir Arthur Hopton of Wittham, Somerset v Humfrey Pipe. Bonds and debts. C78/227, no. 9 [34]
1608 7 May 6 Francis Whitmore v Peter Whitmore, clerk and Alice his wife. Mortgage and entail on lands in Staffs. Estate of Thomas Whitmore, Gent decd, grandfather to the complt. C78/177, no. 4 [35]
1608 9 May 6 Nicholas Mynne of Greate Fransham, Norfolk v Richard Beckham, Anthony Cockett and William Raynoldes. Cancellation of bonds and receipt of rent and profits from mortgaged premises in Greate Fransham, Norfolk. C78/158, no. 3 [36]
1608 9 May 6 Sir Arthur Maynwarynge v William Wright, John Lowman and Ann Pike, widow. Purchase of encumbered tenements in Fewter Lane, Parish of St Andrew in Holborne, London. C78/168, no. 16 [37]
1608 25 May 6 Richard Hodges of Burford, Oxon., yeo. v Richard Wenman gent, Mary Hodges, widow of plt's son Richard, and others (not named). Division of lands in Burford and a hamlet called Field in Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxon., settled on Richard Hodges decd, between plt and Mary Hodges. C78/114, no. 7 [38]
1608 27 May 6 Thomas Saunderson, parson of Great Alhallowes in Thames Street, London; William Hunter; Christopher Shackston, churchwardens of the parish; Thomas Baker; Richard Beale; Richard Cooke, clothworkers & William Dupper, parishioners of the said parish; Abraham Campyon, citizen & clothworker of London v Thomas Spencer and Mary Smith. Estate of Thomas Kiddye, 'plumer' of Barking, Essex. House at Goodmin Street, and other properties on the manor of Barking. C78/133, no. 5 [39]
1608 31 May 6 John Newlyn and Robert Turner v Henry Campyon and Richard Craneley. Lease of tithes of Hawkeley parsonage, Hants. C78/177, no. 6 [40]
1608 31 May 6 John Newlyn and Robert Turner v Henry Campyon and Richard Cranleye. Bill re tithes of parsonage of Haukleye (or Newton Vallence), Hants. C78/220, no. 5 [41]
1608 3 June 6 John Flower the elder of Edyweston, Rutland and John Flower his son & heir apparent v Myles Forrest. Dispute over a loan of £500; payment of an annuity out of the issues of the manor of Hambledon, Rutland. C78/133, no. 6 [42]
1608 3 June 6 John Smithe of Penn, Bucks., yeo., whose dau. Ursula married the dft's son Thomas v Thomas Hunt. Performance of a marriage settlement made in 1593; dft's disinheritance of his son Thomas in favour of his children by a second wife. C78/114, no. 8 [43]
1608 6 June 6 Jane, Lady Cheyne v Jonas Hatton and William Hardinge. Dispute over the title to the common lands of the manor of Harlington, Beds. C78/143, no. 1 [44]
1608 6 June 6 John Dunch, bachelor of Divinity, William Piggott, Jonas Dunch, Robert Lyle, Luke Dunch, Robert Piggott, Stephen Dunch, Thomas Dunch, Edmond Tompson, William Bridgman, Marion Thornton and Henry Dawe, for themselves and other copyholders of Stuntney in the Isle of Ely v Sir Simeon Steward, lord of the manor. Ratification of an indenture between the parties of 30 April 6 James I [1608] for the division and enclosure of the fens, moors and commons of the manor. C78/130, no. 2 [45]
1608 7 June 6 Francis Holte of Sutton in Coldfield, Warw., gent. and Faith his wife, a dau. of William Bradborne of Tapton, Derb., esq. v William Bradborne esq. (plt's father), Sir Humphrey Ferrers and Raphael Yardley. Performance of an undertaking by William Bradborne to his daughter to pay £500 at age seventeen: bonds made with plt's grandmother. C78/114, no. 6 [46]
1608 9 June 6 Calcott Chambre of Williamscott, Oxon and Mary his wife v Edward Saunders, William Goffe, Robert Steare, John Calcott, Richard Goffe, John Marryatt the elder, George Blysse, Richard Blysse, William Marryatt the younger, William Muscott, Edward Shortland, William Wilson, William Muscott the elder, William Marryott the younger, William Muscott the younger, Henry Bullocke, William Clarke, Vincent Shortlande, William Triste, Magdalen Midleton, Nicholas Midleton, John Wilson, William Sharpe, Thomas Leeke, Henry Haddon, Thomas Gare, Robert Rowlidge, William Dunckley, Peter Edwardes, Giles Brookes, Richard Folwell, Lawrence Eaton the elder, Henry Keminge, Henry Dyxon, John Rowlidge, William Marryatt and Robert Marryatt. The lease of the farm house and manor of Flower, Northamptonshire, by Clement Villers to Robert Saunders. Disputed rights of common. C78/153, no. 11 [47]
1608 10 June 6 William Weekes, William Wilson, Nicholas Sharpe, Stephen Pylgrym, Thomas Prowde, Silvester Strutt, Thomas Fenn, William Martyn, Jeffery Garrett, Roger Barrowe senior, John Stevens, Lewys Mortlocke, Robert Hilles, John Taylor, Thomas Payne, Zachary Pollard & Johane his wife, Robert Pottowe, John Ruste, Susan Fryer widow, Dorothy Adger widow, Margaret Crispe widow, Elizabeth Ravenscroft orphan of Edward Ravenscroft, John Fryer orphan of William Fryer, Thomas Pollard John Pollard & Anne Pollard orphans of George Pollard, Tobie Adger Hester Adger Susan Adger & Judith Adger orphans of John Adger and others (not named), for tenants of Erbury or Erbury Hall, Suffolk v Sir Henry Bromley, John Smyth, Randall Wolley, Thomas Dodde and John Moore. Bill re security of tenures and continuity of rights following change of ownership of the manor of Erbury or Erbury Hall, Parish of Clare, Suffolk. C78/160, no. 2 [48]
1608 11 June 6 William, Earl of Pembroke v William Morgan als Gwyn, Evan Jenkin, Rice Jeffery, Lewes Thomas Ythan and others (not named), the tenants of Neath, Glamorgan. Concerning the Lordship of Neath, and the customs upon the inheritance of a new lord of the manor. C78/509, no. 5 [49]
1608 13 June 6 Silvester Leeke, Anne Leeke and Catherine Leeke, children of John Leeke of Astrop, Northants., gent., decd v Thomas Robinson and Robert Pargiter, executors of the will of John Leeke. Execution of the will of John Leeke; payment of bequests to the plt. C78/114, no. 5 [50]
1608 14 June 6 Robert Calvyn son & heir apparent of Robert Calvyn, called the Master of Calvyn, heir apparent of James, Lord Calvyn of Colcrosse, Scotland an infant by John Parkinson & William Parkinson v John Bingley, Richard Griffyn. Messuage and garden in the parish of St. Buttolphe Without, Bishopsgate, London. C78/133, no. 4 [51]
1608 14 June 6 Master and fellows of Jesus College & Magdalen College, Cambridge, Mayor & aldermen of Chesterfield, Martyn Bretland, Godfrey Heathcott, Thomas Rayneshawe & Thomas Clarke overseers of the poor of Chesterfield and Leonard Mathewe, Robert Shawe, Nicholas Turnor, Nicholas Watkins, William Heathcott, Rauffe Peniston & Robert Travys Churchwardens of Chesterfield, Derbys v Marie Ireton, Jerman Ireton and Sydney Zouch. Legacies to poor of Chesterfield, Brampton and Wingerworth, Derbys and fellowships at Cambridge University payable by will of Godfrey Foliambe from parsonage of Adenborough, Notts and glebe tithes and lands in Asheover, Derbys. C78/316, no. 1 [52]
1608 15 June 6 Valentyne Petyt v the Dean and Chapter of Christchurch Canterbury, Charles Hales and Anner Rogers, widow. Estate of Henry Petyt, land holdings upon the Isle of Thanet. C78/153, no. 14 [53]
1608 20 June 6 Richard Orrell comittee of the body of Gilbert Roos son and heir of Peter Roos Esqr decd and the said Gilbert Roos His Majesty's ward v Thomas Leake als Harrison, Gent. Lease of manor house and site of manor of Lowdham, Notts C78/176, no. 10 [54]
1608 27 June 6 William Burton als Phillip and Mary his wife, granddaughter of Alice Gawen and dau. of Thomas Gawen v John Lord Petre, executor of the will of Alice Gawen, Thomas Gawen son of the said Thomas Gawen, John Boden and Edmund Chadwell, overseers of the will of Alice Gawen, and Robert Gawen, son of Thomas the father. Legacy due to Mary Burton from the will of Alice Gawen; manors & land in Somerset, Dorset & Wilts; coerced release of her entitlement at the persuasion of Thomas Gawen and Robert Gawen. C78/113, no. 1 [55]
1608 27 June 6 Jeremy Bodleighe, parson of Whastone, Devon v Thomas Kerridge. Bond for debt between Samuel Godleigh and Arthur Weedes of Bristow, woollen draper. C78/344, no. 3 [56]
1608 28 June 6 Stephen Allen v Sir George Belgrave. Trust settlement of lands in Leics, Kent and Derbys. C78/167, no. 19 [57]
1608 16 July 6 George Lowe, citizen & draper of London v William Beecher, haberdasher of London. Bills of exchange and factorship in trade with Flanders. C78/167, no. 16 [58]
1608 12 Oct 6 Ambrose Aykroyd, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge v William Bethell & Elizabeth his wife. Jointure of lands in Bubwithe and North Duffield, Yorks, estate of John Aykroyd, complts father. C78/275, no. 16 [59]
1608 13 Oct 6 Henry Williams als Kynton v Henry Williams. Mortgage of lands in Runston, Monmouth. Leasehold estate of William Kynton, complts late father. C78/166, no. 19 [60]
1608 14 Oct 6 Thomas Adams v John Hellyer, John Goodinge, Edward Banyster & Edward Ball. Debts of John Goodinge of Wokingham, Berks. C78/319, no. 10 [61]
1608 19 Oct 6 Henry Hunlocke of Wingerworth, Derbs v William Knyveton. Encroachment on lands and iron and coal pits in Wingerworth, Derbys. C78/206, no. 4 [62]
1608 20 Oct 6 William Allen of London, Fishmonger and George Hubberstye of London, Leatherseller v Lawrence Edwards of the City of York, Grocer & bankrupt, George Bolles of London, Grocer, Humfrey Smyth, William Cheyney, Elias Woode, John Bolles & John Edwardes. Debts payable from profits of sale of manor of Kyrby Overblowes, and lands in Ripon, Yorks. C78/172, no. 13 [63]
1608 22 Oct 6 Edward York and Arthur Leeson gent. v John Addams and Mary his wife, sole daughter and heir of John Duke/Dewke decd. Possession of the manor and advowson of Frankton, Warw. C78/114, no. 4 [64]
1608 28 Oct 6 John Stafford of Huncote, Leics v James Meade and John Gregory. Bill re title to lands and common pasture rights in Huncote and Horborow, Leics. C78/170, no. 5 [65]
1608 29 Oct 6 Anne Willey of Henton St George, Somerset, widow and Thomas Drew & Johan his wife, Anne & Johan being the sisters & heirs of Christopher Baker late of Henton St George & Hugh Baker both decd without issue v Sir Frauncis Popham, James Clarke, Amyas Clifton, Henry Kelway, Henry Pearce, John Godsell, Bray Vincent & Joane his wife and Francis Baker, widow. Trust settlement of lands in Churchtaunton, Devon. C78/164, no. 10 [66]
1608 30 Oct 6 Nicholas Mynne of Great Fransham, Norfolk v Richard Beckham the elder & Richard Beckham the younger. Estate of Edward Mynne, grandfather of the complt. Manor of Fransham, alias Cannons, Little Fransham, Norfolk. C78/165, no. 6 [67]
1608 5 Nov 6 Willyam Brasyer of Lewknor, Oxon v Christopher Kendall and William Wetherhead. Bill re trust in copyhold lands in Blackethorne, Oxon, late the estate of William Brasyer the complts father. C78/160, no. 1 [68]
1608 7 Nov 6 John Rowden of ...., Wilts v John Carpenter the elder and John Carpenter the younger. Title and possession of farm at Barford, Wilts. C78/177, no. 7 [69]
1608 8 Nov 6 Walter Master of Bisleigh, Gloucs & Jane his wife administrators of Henry & Johane Compton of Bisleigh, parents of the said Jane v William Sewell, Richard Sewell, John Hancock, John Sewell and John Gryffin. Profits and tithes payable from trust settlement of rectory and lands of Bisleigh, Gloucs. C78/157, no. 7 [70]
1608 10 Nov 6 Thomas Hulme of Grays Inn, Middx v John Goddard, Henry Goddard, Thomas Goddard and Anthony Blagrave. Estate of the late Henry Goddard of Calthorpe, Berkshire, a tanner. Property at Watehowse, Aldermaston, Midgham, Wolhampton and Brympton, Berkshire. C78/134, no. 2 [71]
1608 10 Nov 6 Lestrange Mordant of Little Massingham, Norfolk v Francis Kent, Edward Harper and Robert Manknall. Property of the late Francis Kent of Wallpoole, Suffolk. The messuage called 'Saint Georges Entry' at Kings Lynn, Norfolk. C78/185, no. 2 [72]
1608 19 Nov 6 John Poole of London, mercer v Richard Burrell. Property of William Danby of Ewell, Surrey. Tenement called the "Bull" at Maydenhead, Berkshire. C78/147, no. 4 [73]
1608 21 Nov 6 Sir Hughe Owen of O...... & Dame Lucy his wife; Richard Percy; William O.... v Sir Barnard Whetstones; Robert Ratford and others (not named). Annuity payable from manor of Woodford, Essex. C78/172, no. 15 [74]
1608 24 Nov 6 William Dale, citizen & grocer of London v John Smyth. Arrears due on lease of lands and iron—mining rights in Nanney, Merioneth. C78/158, no. 2 [75]
1608 24 Nov 6 John Bagott of Stretforde, Herefs & Margaret his wife, daughter & heir of Thomas Lawton decd v William Lawton, William Eardley, Jane Lawton, widow. Manor of Lapford, Devonshire, the property of the late Alexander Arundell. C78/165, no. 7 [76]
1608 24 Nov 6 Thomas Hutton of Hutton John, Cumberland v William Atkinson, Robert Atkinson since decd. Manors of Hutton, Skewche, Little Staunton, Cumberland. Obligation in debt to William Atkinson. C78/133, no. 2 [77]
1608 26 Nov 6 Edward Piper of Woodchurche, Kent and Jane his wife v Thomas Austen & Johane his wife, John Taylor, Christopher Luck and John Oly. Interests in a testamentary settlement of copyhold lands in Hamerden and Tisherst, Sussex. C78/157, no. 4 [78]
1608 26 Nov 6 Anne Cage, now wife of Robert Barker, late wife & executrix of Nicholas Cage late of London decd v Uriah Verney & Edmond Verney his son. Debts of Sir Francis Verney of Penley, Herts. C78/166, no. 19 [79]
1608 29 Nov 6 Christopher Tamworth of Grays Inn, Middx v John Deane the elder & Alice his wife and William Sanders. Contested will of Henry Tamworth, complts brother, bequeathing lands in London and Mattingley and Heckfield, Hants. C78/171, no. 16 [80]