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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1606 4 C78/495, no. []
1606 21 Jan 3 Rowland Smarte and Nathaniel Tracie, executors of Edward Barker decd v Herbert Morley and Edward Alford. Debts of the Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas West and sale of the manor & park of Offingham, Sussex. C78/143, no. 17 [2]
1606 27 Jan 3 Margaret Songer of Denge, Essex, widow of Jeromye Somger of North Shoeburne, Essex and Henry Mott of Bradwell, Essex, executors of Richard Mott of Denge, former husband to Margaret Songer, decd v George Binckes. Legacies and bequests by will of Richard Mott. C78/156, no. 16 [3]
1606 28 Jan 3 James Nashe & Agnes his wife in her right as the youngest daughter of Richard Leche decd & youngest sister of Richard Leche also decd v Richard Venables, John White and Thomas Mathew. Inheritance of title to copyhold lands in the manor of Felsham, Sussex C78/157, no. 18 [4]
1606 29 Jan 3 John Jesopp infant son & heir of John Jesopp late of Compton, Hants decd by Thomas Jesopp, Doctor of Phisick & John Jessop, clerk, near kinsmen & guardians v Barnard Moore and Thomas Polewhele. Title to manor of Eastchickerell, Dorset. C78/159, no. 12 [5]
1606 30 Jan 3 Katheryn Powell, widow v Phillip Presser. Property in Aberisker, Brecon. C78/143, no. 18 [6]
1606 31 Jan 3 George Ognoll of Billesley, Warks v Otho Nicholson and William Allen. Alleged trust settlement of the manor of Cruellfeild, Warwicks. C78/157, no. 19 [7]
1606 1 Feb 3 Agnes Race of the City of London, widow, late wife of Richard Race late of London, baker decd v Abraham Hartewell. Estate of Richard Race. Three houses in the parish of Saint Buttolphe Without Aldgate, London. And other properties. C78/151, no. 9 [8]
1606 3 Feb 3 Thomas Dalbye the younger of London, mercer v Frauncis Aylworth, William Foster and Robert Mace. Possession of copyhold lands in the manor of Great Kington, Warwicks. C78/157, no. 16 [9]
1606 3 Feb 3 John Wright (in forma pauperis) v John Boothe and Thomas Gillett. Restoration of lands in Kerklington, Yorks, formerly the estate of Richard Wright plts father decd. Deft Boothe is plts uncle. C78/275, no. 19 [10]
1606 4 Feb 3 John Pechie v Edward Barnes. Properties in the parishes of Soham and Fordeham, Cambridgeshire. C78/151, no. 8 [11]
1606 6 Feb 3 Richard Catcher of Hoddesden, Herts v Jane Thorogood, Richard Wroth and John Wrothe. Lease from Lord Cecil to John Thorogood late of Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire of the mansions house called 'Hoddesdon Priory'. C78/155, no. 2 [12]
1606 6 Feb 3 Sir Richard Musgrave of Hartley, Westmorland v Henry Robinson, Thomas Sympson, Humfrey Bell, Henry Johnson and Bartholomew Scafe. Non-payment of fines and services by customary tenants of the manor of Crosbye Garrett, Westmorland. C78/157, no. 17 [13]
1606 6 Feb 3 Thomas Brereley and Thomas Baylie for tenants of Armyn, Yorks. v David Waterhouse, Stephen Waterhouse, ... Hemingwaie, Bryan Crowther and George Lawson. Nature of tenants estates and costs of repairs and rebuilding necessary because of constant flooding by River Ouse. C78/228, no. 16 [14]
1606 7 Feb 3 Arthur Halse of Plymouth, Devon v Anthony Floyer, William Floyer. Tenements and gardens at Efford, parish of Egbuckland, Devonshire. Conveyance of property to Anthony Fleare. C78/150, no. 5 [15]
1606 10 Feb 3 Anne Knowlman als Workman, widow, late wife of Richard Knowlman of Clench in the parish of Milton, Wilts decd v Sir Henry Baynton and William Kinge. The manor of Bromham Bamton, Milton, Wiltshire. C78/133, no. 18 [16]
1606 10 Feb 3 John Haysome of Chacombe, Dorset & Alice his wife v John Childes. Manor of Helton, Dorset, the property of Sir John Leigh. Sale of holdings to tenants. C78/136, no. 8 [17]
1606 11 Feb 3 George Councer; Thomas Councer; Edward Busbridge; [blank] Blount; Thomas Huckell; William Huckell; John Huckell; John Eaton; Thomas White; John Hilton; William Churchill; Thomas Churchill; Richard Gaskyn; Robert Lovell; Robert Samon; John Samon; William Baslye; John Samon; Richard Cooke; Thomas Bennett; Griffith Gennans; Richard Meryvall; Peter Steynton; Richard Kendall; Henry Kendall; Christopher Pytts; Richard Dalbye; Thomas Kendall; Mathew Andrewes; John Hitchman; William Belcher; George Gyles; Thomas Nicholes; Thomas Gaskyn, the copyhold tenants of the manors of Bloxham Beauchamp and Bloxham Fiennes, Oxon. v Richard Lord Saye and Sele; Thomas Chamberlayne of Wickham [?Banbury psh], Oxon., esq.; John Duncombe of Chipping Norton, Oxon.; and William Downes of Banbury, Oxon., gent., lords of the manors. Ratification of a confirmation of customs. C78/114, no. 15 [18]
1606 13 Feb 3 Robert Rowdon of Combe Raleighe, Devon, miller & Jone his wife v Michaell Sandeforde. Dispute over a water gristmill, in the parish of Combe Raleigh, Devon. C78/143, no. 6 [19]
1606 15 Feb 3 John Lee v Rowland Helyn; Thomas Beale; Edward Beale; Nicholas Bowyer; Andrew Fulham; William Porthowse and others (not named). Dispute over property at Rygat, Surrey, called the 'London Lands.' C78/133, no. 19 [20]
No Date Francis Manners v Phillipp Bevill. Jointure and leases of lands in Trevelwth Pengellyn, Trereven, Cargello, Rosenonon, Carlogas, Tregasewth, Truroe, and Bodmyn, Cornwall. Jointure of Dame Francis Manners decd, late wife of the complt C78/162, no. 5 [21]
1606 13 May 4 Robert Newhall of Townehouse in the parish of Rachdale, Lancs v William Deane of Elandhall, Yorks. Title to lands in Northowrome and Shibden, Yorks. C78/227, no. 12 [22]
1606 17 May 4 Henry Leighe of Shawell, Leics; Thomas Phippes, parson of Shawell v William Hodgkinson. Contested incumbency of church of Shawell, Leics and rights of presentation. C78/162, no. 4 [23]
1606 20 May 4 Dorothy Kirkeman v John Kirkeman and Thomas Curteys Land at Broughe [Burgh le Marsh] and Winthorp, Lincolnshire C78/495, no. 6 [24]
1606 26 May 4 John Kirkman v Dorothy Kirkman, widow, executrix of William Kirkeman her late husband decd The estate of William Kirkman (inc. lands in Burgh le Marsh, Ingoldmells and Orby). C78/495, no. 7 [25]
1606 27 May 4 Leonard Fishe v William Fishe and George Perient. Concerning the parsonage of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. C78/133, no. 10 [26]
1606 31 May 4 John Greene & Francis his wife the daughter of Sir John Russell late of Strensham, Worcs decd v Sir William Russell, now Lord Russell & Edmund Coles, executors of the said Sir John Russell; Thomas Russell, son & heir of the said Sir John Russell Trust settlement of manors of Strensham, Burlingham and Defford, Worcs. C78/162, no. 6 [27]
1606 31 May 4 Mary Lewys of Marr, Yorks, administratrix of John Lewys her late husband decd v Sir John Savile. Rights in a lease of the rectory of Adwicke in the Streete, Yorks. C78/275, no. 18 [28]
1606 6 June 4 George Poulton of Desburrowe, Northants & Johane his wife late the wife of Edward Michelborne late of Clayton, Sussex decd v Henry Michelborne. Annuity payable from lands in Pycombe, Sussex. C78/157, no. 13 [29]
1606 6 June 4 Sarah Brereton, widow, late wife of Owen Brereton late of Borrasham, Denbigh decd, & sole daughter & heir of Edward Eyton decd, son & heir of James Eyton late of Eyton, Denbigh decd v Anne Brereton, widow; Thomas Stringer; Robert ap Harrie; John Frannces; Reginald ap Randall; John Griffith; Ellis ap Lewys Possession of house and lands in Eyton Parke, Denbighshire. C78/157, no. 14 [30]
1606 6 June 4 Raphe Butler and Richard Butler v William Greenewood; Winifred his wife; Thomas Butler Title to manor of Alrewas, and lands in Edingale, Staffs. C78/158, no. 7 [31]
1606 13 June 4 Sir Goddard Pemberton v Reginald Scriven & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Foulesham of Lincolns Inn, Middx Title to advowson of rectory of Hatfield, Herts. C78/157, no. 15 [32]
1606 23 June 4 William Rutter clerk, citizen and dyer of London, grandson of William Rogerson decd and Alice Thompson of Hull, wid., dau. of William Rogerson decd v Adam Birkedale. Possession of copyhold lands of the manor of Tupcoates cum Myton in the county of Kingston upon Hull late of William Rogerson. C78/114, no. 14 [33]
1606 25 June 4 Raphe Denton of Skillington, Lincs v Richard Allen, Richard Denton. Estate of Richard Allen of Skillington, Lincs. . Rowse manor and other properties. C78/143, no. 11 [34]
1606 1 July 4 William Goodwin, youngest son of Henry Goodwin late of Darking, Surrey v Mathew Cooke & Rose his wife. Title to copyholds of manor of Westcolt (No County given). C78/164, no. 9 [35]
1606 2 July 4 Edward Only v Sir Thomas Mansell & Dame Jane his wife. Title to manors of Ullesby [Ulceby], Claxby, Bouthby [Boothby], and Welton [Welton le Marsh], Lincs. C78/319, no. 15 [36]
1606 3 July 4 Jane Morley, widow, executrix of Henry Morley decd & Morley Allen an infant, son & heir of Edward Allen & Mary his wife both decd, by the said Jane, his grandmother v Henry Allen. Dispute over a marriage between Edward Allen and Mary Morley: property on the manor of Willesford [Wilsford], Lincolnshire. C78/133, no. 9 [37]
1606 3 July 4 Henry Aldred and Anne his wife, [step]dau. of John Bartlett v John Johnson esq. and Richard Walker, executors of the will of John Bartlett. Administration of the will of John Bartlett: freehold and leasehold lands in Bury St Edmunds bequeathed by him to plt Anne when she reached her majority. Peculation by Johnson of testator's leaseholds, failure to pay maintenance to plt. C78/113, no. 6 [38]
1606 5 July 4 Gryffyth Briskyn of Beford in Holderness, Yorks v Anne Fremlyn, widow & Thomas Fremlyn her son. Estate of Margaret Fremlyn, late of Wandsworth, Surrey. Property at Wandsworth. C78/143, no. 16 [39]
1606 7 July 4 George Chennell & Robert Chennell v Henry Heather & Charles Arnold Title to lands in the manor of Westcote, Surrey. C78/319, no. 16 [40]
1606 8 July 4 Richard Willes of Chiselbrough, Somerset v George Lane. Mortgage of tenements in Chiselborough, Somerset. C78/164, no. 12 [41]
1606 9 July 4 Sir Edward Coke v John Trewman The manor of Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire. The intent of Trewman to overthrow the copyholders and to depopulate the manor. C78/133, no. 14 [42]
1606 9 July 4 Richard Phelippes and Edward Rutter v Richard Madox. Breach of undertaking by John Lyngen gent. to convey a third of the manor of Westley, Staffs. to plt, making in place a conveyance to the dft. C78/113, no. 10 [43]
1606 10 July 4 James Kevelyn, administrator of Margaret Kevelyn als More late of Newington, Surrey, widow decd, an infant by John Hoye v William Otley; James Warr; Robert Smyth; Stephen England; Lawrence James; John Bigges; Thomas Rolfe; Johane his wife; Robert Shawe; Richard White; John Newton; John Mortymer; Mathew Prichard; Walter Rogers; Thomasine Browne; Isabell Sara; John Cole; Rose Frannces; Robert Downyng; Richard Poore; John Wescott; Richard George; Henry Brandon Recovery of tenements in Kent Streete, Newington, Surrey. C78/156, no. 15 [44]
1606 10 July 4 John Buck als Bucknell of Framlingham, Suffolk v John Brookes als Mooks, clerk. Title to lands in Wynwicke, Hunts and Northants. John Bucknell father of the complt C78/164, no. 11 [45]
1606 11 July 4 Rayneborne Durham & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of William Seager late of Charing, Kent decd, administrators of goods unadministered by Margaret his relict & executrix v Fynch Dearing & Nicholas Dearing overseers of the same will & John Seager their uncle Estate and will of William Seager: parsonage of Charing, Kent, and the chapel of Egerton. C78/143, no. 15 [46]
1606 29 July 4 Richard Jacks the younger of Hogstowe in the parish of Worthen, Shropshire v Richard Maddox Dispute over the township of Westley, Shropshire C78/495, no. 4 [47]
1606 30 Oct 4 Martyn Billingsley and Henry Billingsley of London, merchants v Robert Herne, citizen & silkman of London. Bonds and debts in connection with setting up in silk trade in London. C78/162, no. 3 [48]
1606 3 Nov 4 Henry Goodere, son and heir of Thomas Goodere late of Collingham, Notts., whose eldest brother was Sir Henry Goodere decd v Sir William Goodere, youngest brother of Sir Henry Goodere, and Sir Henry Goodere. Possession of the manors of Polesworth and Baginton, Warw., the estate of Sir Henry Goodere decd, entailed on plt. Cf C78/114 no. 1. C78/114, no. 13 [49]
1606 7 Nov 4 Dame Mary Cholmely, widow, late wife of Sir Henry Cholmeley decd v Sir Thomas Hamner; George Holford; Richard Hanmer; Anne Hanmer; Thomas Randoll Inheritance of messuage in Hamner, Flintshire. C78/319, no. 8 [50]
1606 10 Nov 4 Robert Williamson of Minster Lovell, Oxon., Edmund Williamson, George Burrington and Francis Williamson gent. v Sir Henry Guylford, Sir John Carrell, Edward Gage esq., and William Tempest gent. Detention of a bond, an annuity of £50 and a lease of a farm called Twelve Acres in Eynsham, Oxon., which with other things was security of a loan of £500 from Edward Gage to Robert Williamson. Cf C78/114 no. 3 C78/114, no. 12 [51]
1606 13 Nov 4 William Smeare of Gislingham, Suffolk v William Alfrey. Rent charge issuing from lands in Gislingham, Suffolk. C78/162, no. 2 [52]
1606 18 Nov 4 Edmond Pigott of Loughton, Bucks v Mathew Knyfton of Loughton. Estate of Valentine Pigott: manor of Loughton, Buckinghamshire. Dispute over pastures. C78/151, no. 6 [53]
1606 18 Nov 4 William Whittering; Thomas Smithe; Robert Lawton; Robert Alseger; William Browne v Thomas Peashall; Edward Eccleston; Richard Biddolfe and Walter Fowler The estate of Mary Lawton, lands and pastures in Shrewsbury, Calcote Shelton and Mounforde, Shropshire: Hampstall Bedware and Prestwood, Staffordshire C78/495, no. 5 [54]
1606 19 Nov 4 Humphrey Levett of Swaffham Market, Norfolk v John Halman; Margery Halman; Robert Halman Estate of John Levett, deceased. Bequest for the building of an alms house at Swaffam, Norfolk. C78/151, no. 4 [55]
1606 20 Nov 4 Sir Walter Aston, Sir Walter Leveson, Humphrey Welcs, and others v Rt. Hon. Willyam, Lord Pagett. Manors of Cannocke, Rudgley, Longden, Heywood, Staffordshire. Terms of copyhold tenure of the manors and other fines and customs. C78/165, no. 8 [56]
1606 20 Nov 4 Anthony Edmondes of Ropley, Hants., gent., younger son of John Edmonds of Bayles Courte, psh Little Hampton, Sussex, gent. v Walter Edmunds of Bayles Court, gent., eldest bro. of the plt. Conveyance of the estate of John Edwards in Chiddingfold, Surrey: question of whether dft should have conveyed it to the plt in fee simple or fee tail in accordance with the will of their father. C78/130, no. 8 [57]
1606 26 Nov 4 Anthony Fareley & John Troite of Coddington, Herefs; William Broy of Bosbery, Herefs v Robert Walwen; Richard W..... Misappropriation of trust lands in Coddington, Heref. C78/450, no 15 [58]
1606 27 Nov 4 John Elvered als Skynner, John Lovett, Thomas Wilkins and John Morley of Shropham, Norf., in their names and on behalf of the other inhabitants of Shropham v Henry Branthwaite esq., farmer of the manor of Little Beccles in Shropham. Right of the dft to common of pasture in the commons belonging to the inhabitants

of Shropham called Sowemeares, Brackenhill and Shropham Moore adjoining to Great Beckles, [Great] Hockham and Stow [Bedon], Norf.

C78/130, no. 7 [59]
1606 28 Nov 4 William Marwood of Little Busby, Yorkshire v Thomas Cole, Parson of Stokesley & Richard Bogge. Lease of the tithes of the church of Stokesley, Yorkshire. Claimed to have been leased to complt in 1590 but subsequently leased to the deft Bogge. Dismission C78/151, no. 5 [60]
1606 28 Nov 4 Christopher Anckettle of Almor, Dorset & Christopher Anckettle his son & heir apparent v William Courtney & Dame Jane his wife. Marriage settlement of lands in Combe Aimer, Sturminster Marshall, Mapercombe, Parley and Lytchett Minster, Dorset. C78/159, no. 13 [61]
1606 2 Dec 4 Raphe Freeman, citizen & merchant of London v Ulricke Harse of Hamborowe in the parts beyond the seas, merchant stranger Factors accounts of cloth trade with Hamburg. C78/161, no. 4 [62]
1606 2 Dec 4 John Younge of Roxwell, Essex v Sir Anthony Everard; Katherine Younge, widow; Robert Younge; John Meade; Henry Glascocke Testamentary settlement of lands in Muche Bennyflett and Little Bennyflett and Stebbing Essex. Thomas Younge late of Roxwell, complts late father C78/161, no. 5 [63]