C78: 1552

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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
No date. 1552 ??? 9 Feb 6 ??? John Hethe v Richard Golborne of Overton, Ches. Detention of deeds and Golborne’s construction of a windmill in townfield of Overton in Malpas, Ches., in competition with plaintiff's windmill. Cf. 7 no. 2. Dismission. C78/8, no. 32 [2]
1552 2 Feb 6 John Lumner, son & heir of Henry Lumner v Miles Hubbert, esq. Manor of Thawet [?Thwaite] Norf. Dismission. C78/6, no. 57 [3]
1552 3 Feb 6 John Heth the elder of Hampton, Ches, yeoman v Richard Golborne of Overton, Ches, gent. Use of common field of 40 acres in Overton, Ches; defendant made an enclosure. Cf. 8 no. 32 C78/7, no. 2 [4]
1552 6 Feb 6 Isabell Barker, wid. of John Barker the elder of Dore, Derbs v John Selyocke, esq. Messuage called 'Lyrahall’ and 50 acres of land in Dore, Derb. C78/7, no. 19 [5]
1552 12 Feb 6 John Feld v William Stapulton. Lease of 2 messuages and 200 acres of land in Wing, Bucks. C78/7, no. 18 [6]
1552 12 Feb 6 Nicholas Cavell v Elizabeth Cavell, wid. of John Cavell the younger and John Asshecomb. Customary lands in the manor of Milverton, Soms. C78/7, no. 20 [7]
1552 12 Feb 6 Thomas Warner, executor of George Warner v Eustace Moone. Manor of Ash, Surrey. Dismission. Latin C78/7, no.21 [8]
1552 14 Feb 6 Robert Nicholls v John Goslinge. Messuage or farm called Hurstcourt in Slimbridge, Glos. Dismission. C78/6, no. 15 [9]
1552 14 Feb 6 John Godbolde v Thomas Rous. The publishing and speaking of 'dyvers and sondrie defamous and slanderous wordes’. Dismission. C78/6, no. 16 [10]
1552 19 Feb 6 William Johnson and wife Alice v Thomas Wynge and wife Rose. Copyhold land and tenement in Layham, Suff, held of manor of Netherburyhall. Dismissed to the manor court. C78/6, no. 12 [11]
1552 7 March 6 Mayor and Bailiffs of Coventry v Thomas Bonde, gent. Execution of testament of Thomas Bonde, dec. involving an almshouse in Coventry. Decree is arbitration by Chancellor, two Judges and the Master of the Rolls. C78/7, no. 1 [12]
1552 22 March 6 Stephen Trembley, merchant of Lyons (by his attorney, James Barro) v John Eston of Rye, executor of William Wymonde of Rye, dec. Debts of 1,300 crowns of William Wymonde, payable in Paris. Exchange rate ordered was 8s per crown. C78/6, no 3 [13]
1552 6 May 6 Thomas Rayner alias Raynam v John Bendon and John Muschampe. Messuage and 15 acres of land in Carshalton, Surrey. Dismission. Latin. C78/6, no. 17 [14]
1552 9 May 6 Richard Holmes & Johane his wife v John Mounforde. Two obligations concerning copyhold land in Hoxne, Suff. C78/7, no. 29 [15]
1552 10 May 6 Ralph Sherman and Thomas Sherman v Ralph Egerton. Parcels of land in Wistaston, Ches. Dismission. Latin. C78/8, no. 30 [16]
1552 14 May 6 Edith Brownesopp, wid. of William Brownesopp of Water of Oakley, Berks, esq. v John Stryngfellowe. Capital messuage called 'the Downe Place' with lands in Water Oakley, Berks, with 10 messuages and 67 acres of land. C78/7, no. 10 [17]
1552 16 May 6 Mary Bennett, wid. and William Bennett her son v Thomas Norton. Whether 3 closes of land in the manor of Isle Brewers, Soms., are copyhold or part of the demesne. C78/7, no. 23 [18]
1552 16 May 6 John Walter v Richard Hawkyns. Certain copyhold lands in the manor of Barrington, Soms. C78/7, no. 24 [19]
1552 17 May 6 John Spencer alias Beerd v John Thomas. Parcels of pasture, part of the manor of Banwell, Soms, on lease. C78/7, no. 26 [20]
1552 17 May 6 George Pontesburie v George Mericke. Messuage and 370 acres of land in Leighton, Salop. Dismission. C78/7, no. 33 [21]
1552 19 May 6 David Morgan of London, gent. v Richard John David Morgan. Lands of plaintiff's father, John David Morgan, in Loughor, Swansea and Ostermouth, Glam. C78/8, no. 31 [22]
1552 23 May 6 Thomas Palfrey alias Laurens of Ilminster, Soms, yeoman v George Speke, esq., son & heir of Sir Thomas Speke decd Lease in reversion of a number of closes in manor of West Dowlish, Soms, for 3 lives. C78/7, no. 3 [23]
1552 26 May 6 Thomas Parker and wife Elizabeth, late the wife of John Stokisley decd & natural mother of Mary Stokisley (cousin of Bishop John Stokisley, dec, Bishop of London, that is to say daughter & heir of the said John Stokisley, son of Robert Stokisley brother to Briasn Stokisley, father of the said late Bishop) v Edward Spendlowe. Lands of Bishop Stokisley in Ufford and Bainton, Northants, and in St Peter's, Stamford, Lincs. C78/7, no. 7 [24]
1552 28 May 6 John Pope, clerk, Master of Mere Hospital, Lincs v Robert Brodbancke, farmer of manor and Hospital of Mere. Costs of maintaining almsmen in Hospital, and failure of farmer to support full quota of poor. Cf. 7 no. 35. C78/7, no. 22 [25]
1552 30 May 6 Thomas Seyntabyn & Agnes his wife, daughter & heir of Jane Copleston, daughter & heir of Jane Trevalscus, one of the daughters & heirs of James Lannerth, and William Luddre, son & heir of John Luddre, son & heir of William Ludder, son & heir of Margaret Luddre one of the other daughters & heirs of the said James Lannerth, and Everocke Power, son & heir of John Power, son & heir of Richard Power another of the daughters & heirs of the said James Lannarth v Richard Buller & Margaret his wife; John Vyvyan & Elizabeth his wife; John Tretherf Twenty-four messuages, 85 acres of land and third part of the manor of Hellyngton and Trevoward in 7 parishes in Corn. Dismission C78/7, no. 25 [26]
1552 17 June 6 Robert Fletcher v John Jeynes. Execution of an earlier decree of 10 Nov., 5 Edw. VI concerning manor of Sutton and lands in Little and Great Sutton and Bromborrow, Ches. C78/7, no. 31 [27]
1552 21 June 6 Edmund Baxter v Anthony Rowse. Messuage and 300 acres of land in Heveningham, Peasenhall and Ubbeston, Suff. Dismission. Latin. C78/7, no. 8 [28]
1552 21 June 6 William Rowse v Anne Towne alias Atowne, widow. Life tenancy in a farm called Addington's Farm in Whittlebury, Northants. C78/7, no. 45 [29]
1552 25 June 6 John [de Vere], Earl of Oxford v Edward Burges; Henry Foxe; John Millner; John Tellyat; Ralph Suson; William Derbyshyre; Robert Wilkynson; James Taylour; Thomas Stanley; John Morye; John Whithed; William Kery; William Taylour; William Hollande; William Andrewe; Robert Corff; John Hasker; George Hande; John Frannces; Thomas Whithed; William Dannett; Mathew Auguysey; John Corke; Richard Stanley; William Taylour; William Hey; Robert Hey; Henry Frannces; Danott Skynner; Robert Heye the younger Whether a close of 20 acres in Neston, Ches, is held as common pasture or in severalty by the Earl. C78/8, no. 35 [30]
1552 27 June 6 John Hall v George Rythe & Elizabeth his wife. Arrears of rent from land in Thorpe, Lincs, and fraudulent suits. C78/8, no. 33 [31]
1552 28 June 6 John Allen and Christian his wife v John Claydon and wife Katherine, wid. of Michael Raynolde; William Raynold; Richard Raynold one of the sons of the said Michael & Katherine. Lease of manor of Horesham Hall in Steeple Bumpstead, Essex, part of marriage settlement between plaintiff and John Raynold, dec. C78/7, no. 6 [32]
1552 28 June 6 William Egleston v George Donne and Jeffrey Whelpden. A messuage and 120 acres of land in Hunstonworth[Hunstanworth], Durh. C78/7, no. 27 [33]
1552 28 June 6 Joan Puxwell of Banwell, Soms., wid. v John Batteyne, Johane his wife and William Gorge. Manor of Bridecombe, Soms. C78/7, no. 28 [34]
1552 28 June 6 Ralph Naylynghurste of Willingale Spain, Essex v Lancelot Madyson of Sandon, Essex Sale and lease of manor of 'Frowellys’ alias Cobbes [in Goldhanger] Essex C78/7, no. 32 [35]
1552 28 June 6 Nicholas Brikilbanke and Thomas Parker, executors of John Brooke late of Manetre, Essex decd v Sir John Raynesforth Estate of John Brooke, dec. of Manningtree, Essex; plaintiffs are executors. C78/7, no. 34 [36]
1552 1 July 6 John Copland of Skellingthorp, Lincs v Agnes Bassett, wid. Revenues of prebend of Corringham and Stowe, Lincs, on lease from Lincoln Cathedral. C78/7, no. 13 [37]
1552 3 July 6 Thomas Foster of Saltford, Beds, esq. v Elizabeth Foster, his wife An annuity of £29 payable to defendant. C78/7, no. 11 [38]
1552 4 July 6 Robert Tytherley [?Tyderley] of Upton Knoyle, Wilts v Edward Twynhoo; Edith his wife, late the wife of Richard Milborne decd; Thomas Beket; Agnes Flower, widow Manor of Littleton Paynell in West Lavington, Wilts. Cf. 6 no. 89. C78/7, no. 30 [39]
1552 6 July 6 Edward Trevour v Edward ap David ap Edward. Watermill and 86 acres of land in E. Lusham, Denb. Involves a forged decree of the Chancellor; some matter on Chancery procedure. C78/8, no. 34 [40]
1552 26 Oct 6 Joan Alsoppe, wid. of Robert Alsoppe of Chislet, Kent, and John and Robert Alsoppe, sons & heirs of the said Robert by course of gavelkind v Edward Tanner and wife Constance of Sandwich. Messuage and 60 acres of land called 'Ailers' in Reculver, Kent. C78/7, no. 9 [41]
1552 26 Oct 6 Richard Barrowe v William Jumper. Lease of the site of the manor of Downton called New Court, Wilts. C78/7, no. 12 [42]
1552 29 Oct 6 Richard Jervys, Alderman of London v John Bradley & Johane his wife. Two closes of pasture within manor of Bedcott [in Old Swinford] Worcs. Socage tenure. Dismission. C78/6, no. 18 [43]
1552 29 Oct 6 Elizabeth Hawthorne, wid. v Robert Goodriche. Toft and 1 yardland in Northfield in Charlton Kings, Glos., of the manor of Cheltenham. C78/8, no. 37 [44]
1552 12 Nov 6 John Pope, clerk, Master of Mere Hospital, Lincs. v Robert Brodbanke & Dorothy his wife, administrators of Thomas Hall decd. Dismission. Cf. no. 22. C78/7, no. 35 [45]
1552 17 Nov 6 John Westbroke of Weddesbury, Suff v John Parker. Two parcels of land in common fields of Weddesbury, Suff. C78/7, no. 14 [46]
1552 22 Nov 6 William Muriell, son & heir of Edward Muriell, citizen & grocer of London v John Hether. Messuage and garden in St Peter's Derby. C78/6, no. 4 [47]
1552 24 Nov 6 Sir Richard Catesby, Nicholas Wilson, John Alcocke and John Woodshawe, executors of Richard Woodshawe v Thomas Bracebridge, esq. Dispute over a marriage covenant and bonds entered into by plaintiff. C78/6, no. 2 [48]
1552 26 Nov 6 Thomas Crakenthorp v Richard Payne. Ejection of plaintiff from his parcel and detention of his carpentry tools and boards. C78/7, no. 36 [49]
1552 26 Nov 6 Richard Wallinger v Thomas Harrisson & Agnes his wife. Messuage and garden in Navestook, Essex. C78/7, no. 37 [50]
1552 26 Nov 6 John Calway and Roger Tubbe v Laurence Courteney late of Ewthye, Cornwall decd and Dorothy his wife. Lease of capital messuage and cell of Montacute Priory called St. Carooke, Corn. C78/8, no. 36 [51]
1552 28 Nov 6 Phillip Thomas v William May, clerk, Dean of St Paul's Lease of a messuage, called the 'old palace’ in St Paul's church yard and of another tenement in Pater Noster Row, London, made in 1546. Tenant of the 'old palace' in 1546 was 'Polider Vergill’. C78/7, no. 4 [52]
1552 28 Nov 6 John Prestlande late of London v Richard Prestlande of Worldhull, Ches, gent. Estate of Richard Prestland, dec, grandfather of both parties, in Ches and Flints. C78/7, no. 5 [53]
1552 28 Nov 6 Rowland Browne of London, haberdasher v Lancelot Harryson of London, grocer; Richard Horton of London, fishmonger and Thomas Pyke of London, skinner. Lease of a house with shops in Fresh Wharf, Billingsgate, London. C78/7, no. 46 [54]
1552 23 Dec 6 Randolf Kenedon, clothworker of London on behalf of Amy Bedill, wife of John Bedill v William Chester, draper of London. Lease of a messuage and appurtenances in Poplar, Stepney, Midd. C78/6, no. 5 [55]