C78: 1551

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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
1551? Thomas Hendle v Thomas Culpeper and wife Ellen; George Fane & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Conert & Anne his wife, daughters of Sir Walter Hendley. Manors of Corshorne and Anglyngly in Cranbrook , Kent and other lands left by an enfeoffment of Sir Walter Hendley in 1548. C78/6, no. 72 [2]
1551 Hilary Term 5 George Gyfford, esq. v John Wylson, clerk, vicar of Youlgreave, Derb; Ralph Yardley; William Or... Tithes in parish of Youlgreave, Derb, between incumbent and purchaser of rights of former abbey of Leicester, appropriator of the rectory. C78/6, no. 80 [3]
1551 4 Feb 5 William Cade v John Griggis. Messuage, 2 gardens and 11 acres of land in Hornchurch, Essex. C78/6, no. 66 [4]
1551 4 Feb 5 Thomas Battell of Farnham, Surrey v John Bristowe. Messuage with appurtenances in Farnham, Surrey. Dismission. Latin. C78/6, no. 69 [5]
1551 4 Feb 5 John Alyngton of Grentham, Hants v Richard Frelond and wife Margerie; Richard Frelond their son. Lease of certain lands in 'Grentham', Hants, granted by defendant. Dismission. C78/6, no. 83 [6]
1551 6 Feb 5 Launcelott Middleton of Silksworth, Durh v Richard Say Capital messuage called Pepers Green with 140 acres of land in Tilney, Norf. C78/5, no. 74 [7]
1551 12 Feb 5 William Messenger, gent. v Mayor and Burgesses of Gloucester. Messuages and lands in Gloucester. Latin. C78/6, no. 26 [8]
1551 12 Feb 5 Robert Branston v Thomas Wenyff Messuage and 12 acres of land in Brettenham, Suff., and 40 acres of land there in copyhold. Decree uses the value of £2 10s per acre in assessing a settlement. C78/6, no. 67 [9]
1551 12 Feb 5 Thomas Colepepyr the elder of Bedgebury, Kent, esq. v Warden and Scholars of Winchester College. Manor and parsonage of Enford, Wilts. Involves lands formerly held by an attaintee and false inquisitions by Wilts escheator. C78/6, no. 68 [10]
1551 12 Feb 5 William Braborne v William Councell and Thomas Froste. Messuage in Castle Street, Farnham, Surrey and a copyhold messuage and land also in Farnham. C78/6, no. 81 [11]
1551 12 Feb 5 Baldwin Wood & Elizabeth his wife, John Bee & Alice his wife, and Joan Franke and Agnes Franke v Humfry Franke. Estate of John Franke, dec. in Sandford and Cudworth, Soms. C78/6, no. 82 [12]
1551 26 Feb 5 Arthur Langton v Robert Styrley, esq. Lands in East, West and Thorpe-Langton, Leics. and certain marriage covenants. C78/5, no. 75 [13]
1551 Easter Term 5 William Meger & Agnes his wife v Simon Arter. Two messuages and 12 acres of land in Bideford, Devon. Dismission. Latin. C78/6, no. 30 [14]
1551 20 April 5 William Blounte, gent. v Alice Nele. Two closes, 4 messuages and 12 yardlands in Osbaston, Sutton, Leics. C78/6, no. 70 [15]
1551 23 April 5 Katherine Agard, wid. of Edward Agard & daughter of Thomas M..e the elder decd v Edward Warre; Thomas Kempsall; Richard Nele; Thomas Brookes Lease of 2 messuages and 200 acres of land in Burton, Bucks. C78/6, no. 65 [16]
1551 24 April 5 Richard Beltost/Beltoft of Sabridgeworth, Herts v Thomas Westwood of Magdalen Laver, Essex. House, garden and 2 acres of land in Sawbridgeworth, Herts. C78/8, no. 28 [17]
1551 ? 27 April 5 ? John Bake of Landrake, Corn v John Robertes. Bargain and sale of tithes. C78/8, no. 29 [18]
1551 1 May 5 Andrew Bedolff v Elizabeth Bedolff, wid. Two messuages and 480 acres of land held of the manor of Keele, Staffs. Decree follows mediation by the Master of the Rolls. C78/6, no. 13 [19]
1551 1 May 5 John Taylor, Dean of Lincoln and Kellam Watson, gent v John Ryppyngale alias Ryppyngtcn, late parson of St Peter's, Stamford, Lincs. Appropriation of church of Hambledon, Rutland, a £1 p.a. pension from St Peter’s, Stamford to Harabledon, appropriated to Lincoln. C78/6, no. 62 [20]
1551 2 May 5 William Pennyngton and wife Joan v Joan Walter, wid. and John Walter the son of William Walter decd. Messuage and 1 acre of land in Salisbury, Wilts, and title to 200 sheep. C78/6, no. 14 [21]
1551 8 May 5 Robert Pese of London, merchant tailor, executor of Edmond Pese late of London decd v Sir Nicholas Lestrange. Messuage in parish of St Matthew Friday Street, London, purchased by plaintiff's father from defendant. C78/6, no. 36 [22]
1551 8 May 5 Thomas Holydaye, cousin & next heir of Thomas Holydaie late of Dunwych decd v John Proctor, clerk and William Clape of Dunwich. Two tenements and 5 ‘tacle houses’ in Dunwich (Suff). C78/6, no. 84 [23]
1551 10 May 5 John Marmyon v Katherine Marmyon, plaintiff's stepmother. Farm of manor or farm of Grove Court, Glos, on lease from Thomas Lord Berkeley. Cf. no. 64. C78/6, no. 56 [24]
1551 10 May 5 John Marmyon v Katherine Marmyon, his stepmother. Manor of Grove Court, Glos. Cf. no. 56. C78/6, no. 64 [25]
1551 11 May 5 Francis Bukenall, clerk v John Gardyner; Richard Bukmaster; Richard Lane, now decd Messuage and 200 acres of land in Great Missenden, Bucks. C78/6, no. 27 [26]
1551 11 May 5 Edward Trevor v Edward ap David ap Edward. Water mill and 86 acres of land in East Lusham and Uch Ichlawth, Denb. Case already heard by Council in the Marches of Wales. C78/6, no. 77 [27]
1551 11 May 5 Richard Tanner (by John Cooke) v Michell Goddard Farm of 2 messuages and 300 acres of land in Houghton, Hants. C78/6, no. 85 [28]
1551 12 May 5 Francis Rede, one of the younger sons of Richard Rede, esq., dec. v William Craycroft Messuage and 180 acres of land in Leake, Leake Homes and Leverton, Lincs. C78/8, no. 23 [29]
1551 19 May 4 Thomasyn Thomas, wid., late wife of Alexander Thomas decd v Bartholomew Sandford. Lease of a messuage and lands in Cullompton, Devon. C78/6, no. 37 [30]
1551 18 Oct 5 Dame Elinor Kempe, wid., da. of Robert Broun v Sir Mathew Broun. Possession of a third part of the manors of Westbury [in Wateringbury], Kingsnorth, Yeffing, Womenswold, Brokehills, and Moryscourt [in Bapchild], with 43 messuages, 3 windmills and 5000 acres of land in 20 parishes of Kent. Dismission. C78/6, no. 87 [31]
1551 26 Oct 5 Henry Yong v Caroline Whytyngham. Messuage and pasture in Eaton, Ches. Dismission. Latin C78/6, no. 75 [32]
1551 28 Oct 5 Richard Spittell v Hugh Spittell. Lease of Lutley Wood in 'Endfelde, Staffs. C78/6, no. 71 [33]
1551 28 Oct 5 Henry Albright the elder v Thomas Horne. Messuage and 60 acres of land in Kensworth, Beds., and 80 acres of customary land in the manor of Kensworth, Beds, [Herts]. Dismission. C78/8, no. 25 [34]
1551 31 Oct 5 Thomas Bocher v Richard Berdon alias Verdon. Two messuages and lands in East Rudham, Norf. C78/6, no. 7 [35]
1551 Nov? 5 Thomas Westwood v William Gyrton. ?Sawbridgeworth], Herts, in farm. C78/6, no. 76 [36]
1551 3 Nov 5 William Hill v Edward Hill and Alice Hill, wid. Dismission. Latin. C78/6, no. 8 [37]
1551 3 Nov 5 Creditors of John Johnson late of Bocking, Essex, clothier (being now decayed & fallen into great poverty) v Robert Wolmer and William Venyall. Debts of John Johnson. Cf. no. 1. C78/6, no. 28 [38]
1551 9 Nov 5 Edward Waters, gent. v Richard Tunkes [?of?] Kynnaston and Richard Mylleward alias Marchaunt. A fishing or 'standyng water’ at Eyton next Baschurch, Salop. C78/6, no. 79 [39]
1551 10 Nov 5 Richard Standysh , LL.D v Robert ap John ap Jevan and Edward ap Jevan ap Tuder. Land claimed for the prebend of Llannyth, Denb: land in parish of Dyfforth, Flint. C78/6, no. 59 [40]
1551 13 Nov 5 Dame Barbara Cokeyn, wid. (now decd), late wife of Sir Thomas Cokeyn, also decd and Vincent Lowe, esq. v Dorothy Cokeyn, widow, also decd, late wife of Francis Cokeyn. Chattels of Sir Thomas Cokeyn, dec, worth 1000 marks. C78/6, no. 29 [41]
1551 16 Nov 5 Thomas Jerves v Robert Meynell, sergeant at law. Office of bailiff of manor of Normanby, Yorks, and certain leases of lands, part of the manor of Normanby, granted to Stephen Jerves the complts late father, by the Abbott of the Monastery of Our Lord in York, 2 Hen VIII. C78/6, no. 73 [42]
1551 16 Nov 5 John Succliff v Isabel Jopson, Joan Whythalse, widows and Robert Jopson. Capital messuage, 2 tenements and a fulling mill in Wadsworth, Yorks. C78/6, no. 90 [43]
1551 18 Nov 5 Robert Smythe v Thomas Lyster. Manor place of Mannyngham, Yorks. William Smythe, father of the complt. Dismission. C78/6, no. 10 [44]
1551 18 Nov 5 Robert Saunders v Robert Stafforde. Croft of pasture called Lymecroft and tithes of Ardington, Oxon [Berks]. Defendant is farmer of vicarage. Dismissed to the diocesan court. C78/6, no. 11 [45]
1551 18 Nov 5 William Saltford of Wolverhampton v Richard Hawes. Administration of chattels of Richard Saltford, clerk, dec. C78/6, no. 86 [46]
1551 18 Nov 5 Isabell Barker, wid. of John Barker the elder of Dore, Derbs decd v Sir John Folyambe. Messuage and 300 acres of land in Dronfield, Derb. C78/6, no. 91 [47]
1551 19 Nov 5 John Cresweller and wife Maude v John Lane of London, grocer. Parcel of 10 acres of land in Northgate, Chichester, Sussex. Dismission. C78/6, no. 74 [48]
1551 19 Nov 5 Richard Barton of St Jones Street, Midd, ropemaker v Blase Holland of Howell, Lincs, gent. Bargain and sale of 500 stone weight of hemp at £4 per 100 stone. C78/6, no. 78 [49]
1551 20 Nov 5 Richard Goodyer v. John Samborne A lease of the manor of Hemesworth [in Witchampton], Dorset C78/6, no. 88 [50]
1551 21 Nov 5 William Monkeys of London v Richard Orton of Wistaston, Ches. A tenement in Wistaston, Ches, with certain lands. C78/6, no. 63 [51]
1551 24 Nov 5 Richard ap Harrye v William ap Thomas Parcel of 120 acres of land in Penmon, Ang. Dismission. C78/6, no. 9 [52]
1551 24 Nov 5 Richard Yate of Buckland, Berks v John Cope. Gift of 100 sheep to plaintiff, under certain conditions. C78/6, no. 58 [53]
1551 24 Nov 5 Robert Tyderleigh of Upton Knoyle, Wilts, gent. v Edward Twynyho, esq., Edith his wife late the wife of Richard Milborne decd, Thomas Beckett and Agnes Flower, wid. Manor of 'Lytelton Paynel’ in West Lavington, Wilts. Cf. 7 no. 30. C78/6, no. 89 [54]
1551 24 Nov 5 Richard Conweye, clerk v Henry Conway, gent. Five messuages and lands in ‘Rothland’, Flints, estate of Humfrey Conway, dec. C78/8, no. 22 [55]
1551 26 Nov 5 Rauff Pryn of London, grocer v David Harrys of Bristol. Sale of pepper at Bristol's St James Fair to defendant, who bargained to recompense plaintiff with £10 worth of rhubarb. Plaintiff claims he received damaged goods. Cf. also C 1/1253/ 57-59, C33/7, f. 140. C78/6, no. 60 [56]
1551 27 Nov 5 Thomas Day v George Foxeroft. Messuages and appurtenances in Wakefield, Yorks, and enfeoffments of the same. C78/6, no. 61 [57]
1551 27 Nov 5 John Aller v William Aller. Messuage with appurtenances in St Andrew's, Guernsey. Latin C78/7, no. 43 [58]
1551 27 Nov 5 Dorothy Southeworthe v Margaret Ede and William Ede. Capital messuage called 'Studley’ and lands there: Warw. C78/8, no. 24 [59]
1551 28 Nov 5 William Monson v Katherine [Grey], Duchess of Suffolk. Lease of West Grange (300 acres) in Scampton, Lincs. Involves a conventual lease by an abbot attainted in 1536. C78/6, no. 92 [60]
1551 28 Nov 5 Henry Hall, clerk, parson of Styclond, Dors. v George Chalcot, esq. Debts. C78/7, no. 44 [61]
1551 1 Dec 5 John Johnson of Bockynge, Essex v William Kelke of London, mercer. Plaintiff's debts: subsidiary decree concerning method of payment. Johnson’s debts amount to £1,031. Cf. 6 no. 28. C78/6, no. 1 [62]