BL MSS Cotton Caligula b. ix, 74

From Waalt

BL MSS Cotton Caligula b. ix, 74

Wright Vol 1, 7 Page 18

Sir Ralph Sadler and Sir James Croft to Sir William Cecil, Berwick, Oct. 27 1559

Transcribed by Thomas Wright, ‘Queen Elizabeth and her times,’ London, 1838

Yesternight we receyved letters in cipher from Randall, with others from therle of Arrayn, alias Beaufort, (1) to the Quene's Majestie, to you and to us, and also certen other writings which we send you here enclosed, prayenge you that uppon consideration of the same, we may be directed from thence with spede, how we shall answer their desires in such sorte as to your wisedomes there shal be thought convenyent, for now you may see great lykelihood what this mater woll growe unto.

We have in the meane season thought good to put them in some hope of suche reliefe as with honor and secresie may be ministered unto them, and also have given them such advise as you shall perceyve by the copie of our letters presently written in cipher to Randall, which you shall receyve herewith. But surely we thiuke if they be not relieved and supported by the Quene's Majestic, their povertie being suche as they alledge, they must of force desiste and leave of their enterprise to their owne confusion. And if by her Highnes ayde they may prosper and achieve the same, yet in th'ende, as far as we can see, her Highnes must either manifest herself on that syde, or els they shall not be able to stryve and wrastle with the power of Fraunce. Wherin we be bolde to say our poore mynds as men which from the bottom of our herts do wyshe and desyre th'establishement of this ileland in perpetuall unitie and concord, the lyke oportimitye whereof, that is now offered, we thinke we shall not lyve to see, if this be pretermitted, the consideration whereof we referre to the wisedom and depe iudgement of those to whom it chiefelie appertayneth, which can more depely wey it, and decerne and see further in the same then our poore witts can arreche. So we ende, commytting you to God, who directeth all to his pleasure. From Berwyck, the 27th of October, 1559.

Your assured poore frends,


Postscripta. You shall receyve amongst the rest, a letter from Knox to Mr. Rayleton, (2) who before wrote to him to gette some knowlege of the greate scale which you lately willed us to inquire of, that should be sent out of Fraunce into Scotlande. And now you shall perceive what the said Knox writeth of the same, which, as he termeth it in his said letters, he calleth a Jewell, and by the things ingraved in the staff he writeth of, sent to the Regent from her sone and doughter in Fraunce, he meaneth the armes of England, Fraunce, and Scotland.

(1) The feigned name which was given to the Earl in his passport, which is printed in the Sadler Papers, vol. i. p. 21.

(2) Alluding to the letter of Knox which is printed at p. 12.